Two Outs, Ep. 17: "Gay Pat" from Barstool Sports Interview

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Wednesday, November 15th

In this episode of "Two Outs," Reimer and Buck chat with "Gay Pat" from Barstool Sports. They discuss the reception he's received at Barstool and whether the company's brand of humor is homophobic. Reimer also goes after Buck's Herald colleague, Michael Silverman, for putting down bloggers on Twitter. 


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And read where it's sure outlooks quit talking Raymer. The rambunctious way China mostly coming to phenom Alex a rare. And the old time baseball do the six people who don't know what I'm getting the sixty who didn't know what before I'm gay face it's definitely want not. Koppel Macy's definitely two outs with what you Roemer. It is episode number seventeen of the few odds podcast buck episode seventeen wow what a run we were on here. Attacked the oh my god I'm ready is that too loud and very loud but I think understand always the same things that is up by Alex Yad and I'm gonna review because that's something innocently use it all will be the spike. I'm always being caught after the general Michael Silberman I am back I am I I think this act to say I did what I did it publicly did it on Twitter. Take me through this okay. So Michael Silberman your longtime colleague Harold right on the baseball look at what stories new lover ever read I'm sure he had he tweets out last night. A hot stove shout out. To the reporters who possibly report verse aggregate and refrain. And reframe. And I read that personally jump up and down Connecticut. It's like an arrogant like he waited it's a pity tweet it's great that the tweet I'm a hot stove shot. For as hot stove shot at all the hot stove writers who are breaking stories all year Karl stand but what was it in crossed and report yesterday that he. He has in mind open minded to the residents of three delicate double negative which he hasn't expressed unwillingness to go to the Red Sox I'm not not on will make OK great so this is this is the hot stove shot at these reporters breaking news. It's not to sell him and he tweeted it's like to we'd backed out of the sentiment now in and defend you here. You don't have the sentiment you've been very welcoming the mean you went on thirteen year old Red Sox podcast you can change in the eight I think it's has a very vain you you're from desperate for attention not from fourteen to 1213. And seven. And because you email me like two points you're dead right why we bodies to do that ways to book guests from red sex podcast is I would email. That if the email went unanswered I would FaceBook message. That I would the times I'd multiple email address is for you folks so I would. Email your your working offers it tried to be polite but then I would infiltrate your personal inbox. Your FaceBook the answers to before Twitter and Paris are would've really hounded you want knack. But just that whole attitude just real quick to sort listeners know what's at hand here shot McCadam. Then all of The Herald of the project needs important project yes was the first to take the bait. And an eagle on your show yeah. And we gut sound of that and we ran that breathlessly and endlessly polite to him at making push on because. Signs got it while Alex is that the deep voice that you of course sound like IQ now you do not the same thing with areas. Seats Diego C now not a lot of people who only know me through the I'd probably will be shocked to hear that shot. Item is the first meeting guy who got on me because mean him couldn't be any any different now really in terms of what we do that's true you couldn't finds two more opposite personas. To people would be surprised to hear that despite read that sentiment from Silverman are others. So arrogant to me I mean journalism school cost to go to top journalism school conflict to enter grand over four years. Nobody is paying that kind of money they can sit on their house and aggregates stories on. But sometimes. Often times there's a the only jobs available mr. Buckley C you have no choice. The poor young writers out there we don't want aggregate we don't want every frame story like Nikki do when he happened you know destroyed. And we have no choice and I think you you don't like doing. And what happens if you've got a guy like Mike Silberman. We broke the story about the Red Sox considering a name chains on yawkey way. A nationwide story that only Mike muscle. That one idea that seize up this when an epic acts interview people colleagues is is making phone calls. Developing a reputation as a dogged reporter. And he writes this story that everybody's talking about. And you come rolling in at 10 in the morning with a cup of coffee and and you do what all you guys do you go. And I'm gonna do and that you're right 250 words. With some Smart he'd take you need to feel to get into Google news center in magic number and got Weis said you've got a few words as arts arts. And you you you broke once it was not to comment steal somebody else's work and Roland outage. But what if so I've worked at places Nike -- dot com robber act begins this part of your plenty room to breathe. Aggregate by choice now open used to be and I am. I've written for web sites where editors tell you we need for stories out of you today. And it is impossible to hit that benchmark without doing a comedy was work. Short without doing some dealing but that's what's up but how. But look at what makes a point now this government is claiming a writers and he should be blaming the business. 'cause let's say what I think what if an editor goes to you insist Steve and need five posts saudis today. You're not gonna have five original stories my coat on loans to make you know you wouldn't you tell me how and an eight hour day you're gonna write five original stories. You you can't Nancy now now you have that smile you're facing no I have you have you cornered. That's my issue Mike's right. The news breakers say the engine all runs on the newspapers we all know that you guys still drive the ship if you will but so this can happen when you. Collectively reach your goal of who's breakers out of business. And it's only real fake news that's out there the onion. The residency could put the union business because the but the real news is so preposterous sleep. Unbelievable. By headlines. That all of this is how many times you see that line but for a quick second of the night you know Alec even today like it like even a minimal story that has a shelf life of a couple of minutes in the trump Arie your equation is the real thing and appetite upset college basketball plays didn't tank Olympic getting my Chinese prison like dubbed the united mine reads it might wanna lightly it's today for a mighty stolen blog posts was. President trump the challenges. UCLA shot so you see up like UCLA players who shop lifted to thank him after he got them freed from China and it's like let's. It's a real thing that's happening but it is and I said it is the greatest diplomatic achievement of the trump air. By the way. You say that. Ironically no I really think this is his greatest diplomatic achievement getting these three UCLA players Leigh Angela all scorers at the end of it put this administration it's yes it's eight left and competence. We here's my thing to sit there decrypt the entire campaign tried having him with faint praise trump talked all this tough tot the Chinese are keeping us they're manipulating currencies there you know killing us on trade. It goes are his best pals with them. Pals get these will use the sport utes. Did you want me until got to stay in China to learn a lesson not to you do not like Allen of Allen and Austin. And off him to go down that at the cool opening this it's right of more people will agree with you agree with me. Now in this is like the run up to this discussion chore. I think people need to be aware were going to another country you've got to play by the other teams rules. I mean are an authoritarian country each ballpark at the bit that don't go to the authoritative country okay. Each ballpark has its own ground rules correct that's right so if you play in this ballpark. But the bonuses while this is there. Don't complain when something goes on in yes it was a cubic keen to visit Singapore like 1015 years ago. In any spray painting cars something that was a big deal. Don't do that in another country and that you're willing to don't do the crime it there's a line now I'm seats seat you're saying that ought to warm beer deserved it I am not no I'm not I'm not I'm not what he desired so you're saying about how people get in trouble. We're doing now. Oakmont you wiping your hands frequently and I had the auto wannabe and he got what they deserve it announces that. I would never see you are an authoritarian country like China. I would be afraid to even sending email text message I'd be scared like somebody is watching what they say the right thing. So for the topic ought to go into we've time stored shoplift. My mind some colonies on the ball on the ball boy stupid it was reckless. I wouldn't have cried myself to sleep at that time in prison I understand that. At the end of the day. All seriousness Austin arc put aside for a moment because I don't want that story. A great are using a tough you know like it at I would Aaron on C we Angela ball rotten some Chinese prison. Others hope his father can go acted out that the worst on the ball does in the NBA maybe that will make Lavar ball more and more relevant because I am. Beyond port of our ball beyond bored with that it was fun for like a couple minutes last year that's pop a beer that's different yet. But that's been poor. You are you going to take the whole all men being in busted but the kid yes the kids are gonna pay for the sins of their five that the that's that's the way I am going. Yes so that these Chinese prisons elect the Star Trek it was either way it opens now on the ticket and all of neglect led the worst places to be in prison probably been. God my money's on the East Europe Eastern Europe really in 20:17 yeah fingers and Eastern Europe the old the old Soviet blog my Czech Republic. Even for that like Azerbaijan IKEA follow. Maybe not now then those kind of liberal place is now I'm used Pakistan what's not there Turkmenistan about Brazil. Being prison -- they'll you know so small so let's but the mix up but any south American country about public app equity fund Latin as attractive. Don't think it's a question of lead by an attractive you know really bad prison now Africa or edit your younger man of the world geography. Stephen following the had a coup in Zimbabwe amen and Robert Mugabe being 93 outs is out my favorite now he was always in my opinion he must underrated dictator we had in this as he has to go as dictators gas rights he was brutal up. And that didn't did not mean to name problems out there are certain qualifications and he meets most of them right so just hey man I I think gets set on the air you on Sunday when I was younger I can name every flag in the world at the international formula the more disappointed to hear this why. I used what used to be really Smart it's as bad as me having visited all the president agrees that favorite. Presidential presents a grave site with the best gay community around. In the Gasquet town. I can tell you this there's one president to great site with they gave black rainbow flag wow. In Tyler's entities there is tell us why the fact eight presidential great site. That the building on which it's it as a gave remote what does that. It is the unitarian church in Quincy where it in the basement John Quincy Adams and John Adams and heard team. I'm used. A ride a place where they are very and is a rainbow flag the army about what is there for the chair it's not for the items it embraces the gay community and it is the burial site of two American presidents. I. US his stats and it's not gonna get treachery act like you with that is like absolutely you also listen this podcast being guess we have on this week we have on that's a pitcher and market that's. We have on gate hot. Yes that is its name from bar Stosur or that way the year right here is they're gays he's the gay blogger dot blogs about socialist he's gay issues and a fun conversation with him he offered it before you go to that coming in Europe assign them the opera to make out on the Zamboni with the witch and that was very nice of them did no word on whether you know take him up and so offers sold. I at he he used to write Simonyi Easter is him out. And as he's ever made out and Zamboni as Rob Lowe did in Youngblood. Again we've got a manually moving on in the past without even rising to all the considerations said. Yes sir many questioned me after the interview. Me. Ultimately save valuable means making him. He asked me he did that he hinted that you know and any DM to me after the interview and asked if you're day suggests. Steve his game yes he schism assuming that he has among them like a part Stuart says they limit the understating straight guy you usually with the year now. It's there now yeah our allies well you. We are usually the most famous gay person on the podcast you know Jason ponds few weeks we've told them all about all the interviews you were doing and what now when he came out. You're Sports Illustrated board alongside his stop and we just look at the top pay a case before we get the interview I had to tell listeners that it will ardea app by the time by drops. But he is now folks corporate Alex me you're wearing me by a thousand votes to that's right night. In Boston you are appearing at Ernst and young of the biggest accounting firm's plan. To speak to suits mean amana for about her I thousand dollars suits. This year you are your calming experience. With a lot of powerful CP yes I'm very excited about that I'm hoping to meet a husband's potentially is well. So yeah that's why this lab my five dozen are seen on that this for the speaking at a time and attend the summit if they gal agony again and cheer me on classic course radio. Yeah well it's very touching just. Say your mother asked you. It's a mother asked you out soccer we are gaining any girls and and you finally cannot terror after that I'll let it touching moment. So much so much conflict. Are rights that I and I should tell people that Alex is coming out story includes the follow. Gotti re dinner. You'd yeah tells me what that that you're one of the last people in my life like not two but you told me. When you came out to me right you said that my parents it says the TARP in the Cayman we drove in from Natick innuendo somewhere around the U yet. And in the industry as summits and I got to again. And to get a free dinner having met your match you out of Cuba my dad did you might have and it was like. At six they'll burn as opposed Collins at that point so it's something that I first came that's about Buick had no reaction Erica. A packed. Because I I genuinely didn't concede view. Is it's. Candidate departures C thing Q. And Jerry in Kirk always say that they can't imagine that's true they always say I go beyond the dynamic really that you never said I'm gay you know he said. With an insect I've been on to grind you do you Citic casually you you've for an Kyle was talking about tender. The usable and tumbling when I'm going griner on global Bobo and Sydney. As night waited subtly fitted into a conversation. That was my way so yes so I think that's an animosity when meeting my husband hopefully next time we speak together on this podcast I'll be booed out so hope you enjoyed singled out. Marrying my CPA next rights to gay pat from bar stool coming up next and then now we'll wrap things up after. And welcome back to two odds podcasts is we have on AS special guest. Otherwise known as gate up from bar stool joins the show are in my front. On the day that I had no. So you get mail delivered to you're you're like PO box is is it gay comma pat is that how it works Manila. But that the day you think I think they can appeal while here. They're calling. Attention. Or discredit my arm actually being gay was my first name. And. Think how that works out okay India say cancer some in the 21 names that news out there you can. So here's my first question like most are still contributors you do not a traditional backer in the journalism not fool like me you spent like 200 gland. And I'll blog you blogs are coming from the Zamboni I'm being a Zamboni driver. So my question is not as our Teddy go from driving around Zamboni tech writing for bar stool. All the it was a direct jobs that would send and dreams. Can. Not a straight out there but I like. All college. Portly and high school. In Franklin mass is that your lead up. And apple got a rule to New York. Pursue a career in television I would throw our David letter and a few other late night show. And from there I kinda partly battling to bar stool just sent law. An article in key contents. It. Give a make out with a guy on Zamboni like Rob Lowe did only with it was is open. Has had you know the government has you know they got it W not yet. It burst. And lenient number. It's a little too dangerous for me and now. It. Look at it that quickly. No doubt I'm going to tell how big video. I would like Lee zip drive that my right side. I think I wanna get back up. IC if you never forget it. It's just have been received by the bar Stowe community be on the other reputation in the arsenal comment is sexist homophobic. That misogynist stick opt for get into whether or not how true that is as a reaction been out by the stool leads towards deep pat. But I'll do it opens up that you write about it day by day. The top accurate technical sound byte write an article like. For example I wrote one yesterday at one date subject matter that they ate up the I. Wrote something on. You know Alec transgender. Politician that got elected Virginia like that that might not like that but it's important to remember that. If they articles. Arsenal at you know 40008 use or whatever maybe and there's only. 25 comments what percentage of your reader is. And is that even accurate representation. The way people feel about you reading until it. It's tough to read it on the somewhat. I don't get it out of one in reading at but it's just torture fabric that they don't represent everyone but there. You know I as the same thing McKee yeah I'd dot com I get a lot of crap but in my equation it like 20000 people read this article fourteen people left to comment so what. What kind of percentages have also auntie pat you know I'm openly gay obviously. Put a lot and out the shot. But should they get on. I had a lot of (%expletive) I get is because in my political beliefs not. My sexuality to actually buy and refreshing that they really they're attacking me over my my subject matter instead of who I am about your political. Beyond that liberal beyond the left to. To let the one and. Well let's look like it's actually on board who is incredibly. Shock. It could but let me just interrupt for saying is isn't it generally conservative any where and he now. Would wouldn't you agree that most people leave comments anywhere. Tend to be with the right. Yeah Milan. Ottawa. I think that the people would allow Detroit on the end that art typically the the ball below the war to be the largest flight as the large like a. I agree sizzle let me ask you this in you probably have no way are answered this but only answer I'll ask it anyway. Give any sense at all on what you're gay audiences never mind. Heterosexual. Or. Hatteras distant OK secret you've got rolling guys. Who go to bars though that's kind of like my stereotype of a Boris to crowd the Coachella crowd there yet and so I'm trying to get my hands on like how many what percentage do you have a gay audience. Do we edit alien. Is it because you can't get our audiences I don't care about that but it did you think you have brought a gay audience or was there there and already that you tapped into. I think the little ball I think very odd oddly attractive. More. Gay readers who are in all I think the big audience there to begin with that was bombed out. It was legal lawful but my experience and guys that I know that there there's a lot of gay guys out there to be able. All that they don't have anyone currently do in the sport globally in the media and what ivory Bartlett is sort of a record. You know every day approach. Who are involved or controlling that. You know we can be laughed that we can evade our market like the straight guy. Right absolutely because you know I says it Alec your name rights or gay pot obviously right then and there you wire you wrote an article yesterday. Categorizing which bar stool writers you know. With it being gay community prize daddy makes sense at any acts he. You know there are going down the line. Do you ever it's more about the sometime with meaty economic security eEye especially tricky cal and I talk a lot about my sex life what they do on weekends extender. And is just me over thinking it but sometimes I go wait a minute demise here. Because of my ability or is it because I'm kinda like that gates spoke knew we can laugh not and have fun with the guys on the latter but I don't and probably the latter always the last. Did I ever cross your mind that all pavlik weighed in my here because. There are likely content or my here because well I'm an easy way for them out and make fun of gay people make fun of mean kind of be the butt of the joke. I don't know if it's all said. If that that's the keys to I don't expect it at all because these guys what they want that now in the. While they said because I've been here. I mean I would I would greatly blah they had. Obviate all of you why you were turning very lonely out before he became part to get rid of the. There is announced so I'll call 800 people spending that got him blog which. Should every day that get it as separate. And we've been marginalized for so long we have the right to play date that's a nice. Divot and let me throw this at this Travis is different. And not. Exactly and so he's he's played the chair of baseball game impart every year on not a bunch of times I'm a big Jerry. Now I should say that I think he people approach me a lot but a couple of people at that Iceland in the radio and TV for obvious your buddy buddy with them. At the home public website so much my witty comeback that. Is if you make fun of everybody and everything. And it's then it's not a fence YouTube's going with that. Yeah I completely I agree with but you're saying people can't Parcells all of that that. A couple of people because of the they'll they'll cherry pick one particular item and say how hot my attitude is and listen. Are still isn't aimed at me that's fine near Edmonton I for 85 thank you very much we'll talk later. And it it I just in the audience seemed and that's why. But is you make fun of this is what I tell people it if it is across the board mockery of every single thing. Then it's fair and balanced in a perversely do agree with it's totally 100% so angry and. Yeah and I agree with that killer and no one and no one should be off and no one should be. And people should be uncomfortable to go there with people no matter who I feel like at arsenal. And they didn't do a good. You know poking fun at reliable power. I mean spirited. You know be watching and help people are leaving right instrument that there is not. I've never seen that never seen any parts to contact. Me personally. That that falls under the purview over a seeing comments. That duke but comments to meet him BJ's juvenile Crandall and that doesn't bother me. It has now plus Lou is the opposite of hopefuls are delighted. I've worked a lot of if I were a lot of different places a lot of history a lot of different job I can say that without a doubt bar stool and then. The most supportive and the most accepting quake that network. I had I was comfortable being myself you know the banana or. Yeah I I think people out preconceived notion this on the ocean to preconceived. I think people have an in their heads because it because it. It's it's it's guides it's bros at that kind of thing people just assume it's a certain thing that may not. It's my two cents. Yeah I think that it's just like every one or two bad apples will you know make people think we'll get around pressure an entire group. Yeah what if there's a lot. I. Do you sag went up about a longer walk into that bluntly Bartel. Well people like that that in the pot but I'm sure you guys are up to you about it a lot by lately I've looked up what club. Yes about a mean for me it to go back to your point about intense it to me it really is all about intent because you know eloquent when I'm with my gay friends we make. On wolf we make jokes and homophobic slurs we say things that some might find offensive and I know that. The intent isn't Daryn you know I think the issue is on line it happens to security eEye people take stuff. Out of context I think that's the real bombing white watch these organizations are store included might get labeled with that. Homophobic label is because people don't understand you know intent context setter. Yeah I completely agree and I would just. Ever. Yet you necessarily have anything that tactic Vanilla at this at all want to read get upset about. And so you know where you're able or whoever they operate like a bunt our. If you don't bark like tackle mark who. Not you know what a lot of people think it is actually opera so wonderful and the work apple got the people. All you trickled to pop out in America. Yeah. And that kind of you know the culture of Alex I think it will pull out everything there. We have to get there. Some ask a question that isn't really deepening and all your Boston guy living in New York how is that working out. And taking it back to the gate thing isn't there a big gay sports bar in Manhattan now. But both personal. New York. My husband buck and fill out. I've heard about the New York is the war as reason though that I cannot treat. Others. Your target (%expletive) terrible at like Hugo loudly. There's a lot to do what they're up. And other is eight. There's a sponsor like gay sports like I don't think I've spent a lot but there's box there's which in the case. Yeah I was thinking yeah. Doctors. We gathered to vote there's a lot of it's like they're back on the west side it's like it though. As a gazed with our boss Alex isn't allowed to go to it makes one of the two of them. How easily adapted your air he government and now I'm kidding I like LA what he calls to collegial as the eagle cathedral Alex thinks that all eight year old guys now separating the sixties. Check it out I feel like that's your type. Totally why like I like this over Fox's which I could go in your apartment at her oh yes of course he's the be alternates Arafat's would you categorize yourself as by the way knows your post yesterday. I you didn't include yourself. I don't like that category. At all. -- likely ovals now Monty that I could get what you don't tell you are innocent people but then happily the phrase itself. I don't ally. It never thought about what you why it's what I think about it. Pretty much every minute and every day how does put everything sound so often do you sit out my little extra straw yeah on the job. And it's like we got to do you think the world. I will I will say no I I think to wink and I notice that text messages or prompted your post yesterday about whether tweet is a derogatory term. I think it is for Watergate people on the if you agree back I think what older men especially if they go off I don't wanna go there to some budget winks and could season a derogatory fashion. Com. Yeah I can see that I think I think guys older guys who say that that's not always saying. I'm not gonna go that it's a merchant account bingo we say about your great. I don't think that the parent club again and pat I got to like your you know to blanket the night. Stuck up arrogant. And about. Yeah I guess trying to do she cannot come to honor the. And you don't want is a a two a a dormitory at former too and yes you graduate all our. I think so yes I you know used to be that kind of a hunk but you still love that. Interesting C I was I was at one point has been twenty keys to be between deny you're transforming. Into hunting going from twenty honked and talked and since two want. I don't know but maybe it is maybe this is the mostly to how how long does one get to the cart carrying two point. And how do you think where is the limit for for two point. I don't now I'd probably say late twentieth Aussie. Like even that. As has the boys faced a comedic Kerry didn't and a thirties they can't be atomic daisies and there. Not gay pat from our store gay comic cut from bar stool in the second on the back except to join to us spot doesn't hang with does have lots of fun and I'm sure we'll talk to you sometime soon. Digg I think so much ground. Art does episode seventeen of the two rats podcast again thanks god to gay pat from bar stool sports for joining us on the program today as always listen to us WEI dot com. In subscribe to show in the nineteen story that is the best way to ensure that in new addition of the podcast it's downloading your iTunes library funny biweekly basis we come out. Every Wednesday well people coming out all the time but this podcast comes out every Wednesday and as I mentioned please USC review in the nineteen stork is that is. Really great right folks thanks again for was staying things into gave pat and you talked to you in a couple weeks.