Two Outs - Ep. 18: Christian Fauria recounts his wild times in Provincetown and West Hollywood

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Thursday, November 30th

In this episode of "Two Outs," Alex presses Christian Fauria on his claim that he was sexually harassed in West Hollywood and saw two men having sex on the street in Provincetown. Alex and Buck also speak with the Washington Post's Chuck Culpepper, who talks about his coming out story and covering sports as a gay man in the Middle East. Culpepper also discusses his most recent column on Tennessee's ousting of Greg Schiano, and why he finds it both charming and chilling.


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And read where it's sure outlooks quit Akinori are. The rambunctious two way tie your mostly taught me the phenom Alex a rare. And the old time baseball due to six people who don't know what I'm getting the sixty who didn't know before I'm gay face it's definitely want not. Koppel DC is definitely two outs with what you Roemer. I want to mention another attempt at due out and out Ricky Bobby Whitfield. Not bucket. That's or meteors this became a little bit my name goes first on the podcast by. At a certain I noticed that I notice that yes named whispers Jimmy Jam packed show coming up tonight. A few moments we'll speak with what you're good bye Easter Culpepper. Writes for the Washington Post chuck and I have been friends war. Almost thirty years these two were together at nationals with the elite. College sports guy from the get it's always the main thing. He spent a lot of time in Europe Lotta time in Asia regional around the world. And now is the Washington Post and he's always gay and we're gonna talk about that is coming experience but also. He wrote a if your big shot penalty when he came out he did and that was I was very heartwarming but. He also wrote a really good piece on immigration on the Ohio State coordinator who was hired. Not hired. As the head football coach at Tennessee because the Tennessee athletic department. Cowards of the masses and some. Rock him you know Tennessee. Now Tennessee's the looking for football coach at. Think jackass delegate thoughts on him which I enjoyed is Thomas very indefinite adding it's so true that you upgrade Gionta was his legendary college football coach. Second hand air say probably would not been enough to do you know stoke via ire of the Twitter masses but because. He failed a foul one game but 500 at directors army people excited about hiring to begin with. And that that kind of fueled the quarterback I think it's that sinking about a culture as well also would do that. But beforehand mr. Barkley. We've gonna have Christian Fauria colleagues I've had bone to pick with M I heard and running around couple months ago on the air your outrage he claimed hee-seop people having sex in the streets of Provincetown. Which I've been to pizza on a few times. You've been more than a few times. There's lots of the bottle goes on and two times you've been there certainly makes you an expert absolutely three times actually thank you very much but you've been many more times yes. There's lots the bot tree I've never seen anybody having sex on mr. Crist as he described I'd. Don't think social confront him about that. He also said that he was. Hot sexually harassed in West Hollywood a few years ago he showed us on the air couple days ago on a lot of little wink. You know he I think he made that. Al that you're now getting a little better doing this slate teaser depending Maclin would wait to view and good I learned by the past and aren't happy medium Glenn Orton I wouldn't it make any I weren't like wars is restored so up Fauria. Colin rip firfer summit apps and now don't get to chuck Culpepper. Another sighting was what the people to know about mr. Buckley that I have a great Thanksgiving current high school football. What where we got a scare. Baker and let's get real reality that the glass at his house and it was covered is the football on Thanksgiving it's always beat the enemy and he loves football is such a big deal. In the commonwealth not to me and IC is going to and because the blues hoping it was gonna say in the puberty you want to talk over me. A I say I'd never really enjoyed going to high school football games to be that never was that they you know. You'll have now it's. Not a lot of friends that's the that's out so you enjoyed that I yet what are your favorite you've got to know also used as you said it's many times it's sort of year. Favorite assignments of one school. Amy year it's on Thanksgiving. Everyone goes to the ice cool game to deceive buddies you haven't seen which had nobody's in school right before a year ago sir and and and this was a cool thing because the went their revered game was played at them rebuilt Miller field and went to what makes that significant. Is it Winthrop I was invited to play at Fenway Park as part of a football at the only series we're calling it and these seniors turned it down because it was only chance. To play they'll feel as it was finally ready for football but Thanksgiving and they turned out Fenway Park played the outfield with a putt that was a cool story that's why I was there that's just. Only story that Steve Buckley so outburst coming up Fauria and chuck Culpepper in Washington Post certainly an action pacs are today. Thanks that was hanging with us and two outs iPod it is AS special edition of the two rats podcast today because on the phone and right now we have the host of not only the most of sex CO WB yeah I want math. But I think now the most homophobic show Christian Fauria how are you welcome to Q outs. I. About the now. Under surveillance and I'll so do you say so there's been a lot of that really emotional meet you stories over the last couple months but you had one the other day he said you went to. West Hollywood and guys were nice to you and as a result you feel as if you harassed. I don't know I don't let it. Eight. Why I'm so I wrote about it urban you with a value could put a whole like city to bail. I'd never win over the over the you know which is LA with LA let's look at. West LA although it never went there my whole my dad. What we worked bites he worked he worked at street that are all. So so people it would probably go out in public. So I would I would do my normal deal. It was it country. Really wants. Would I. Wouldn't tell you. How Mexican open now quite. I felt a little trouble sometimes I've got a really good opens. So Christian Christian let me into rough which are we winning with tellingly. But I don't let. Bart after it launch. So like a lot of merit leaving this leaving the building. Went editorial what do you mean you with their point why only straight people go to these bars legislate the gays c'mon at night I do not know is again neighborhood also. Or law. And and they're gonna help you. Or me or. You remember like a lot of attention and attention. Okay. I may take on the ballot but how do you not know the West Hollywood is like the most the most famous in Everett in the country. I didn't want to know I would like outside. Where I want I don't know that I had an impact outlet like twenty years. Elect a like I'll guess I asked you what it's like you know build on the air. Among other big like I don't know right. Senator singer in a store and people and I students and grab your house is that is that correct. Don't look quite open would be my normal well I'll do it we're all shouldn't insult like deck area on 300 pound got a lot now my. Quite. Oh yeah I'm like never complete it actually happened and Arnold. Well I don't. I mean I don't care. The storm was good doubles so unaware. Of my round. That would look right now I want now. And I I was like oh. Go ahead of all other car. You should take a compliment that they're being nice to unity called the model that they would have apologized profusely. Don't look at it. I am. But I figured out. To meet guys like. You'll. Bought back to what it wouldn't work out what it sure ought to tell. Myself. I know that the bridge but I like how wide. Protesting too much and to get plenty of attention of mall on both sides of the Iowa Christian won one last question here Chris and I heard a couple months ago as well I think it treated you about it too sick to repeat time with your kids. Use our guys having sex industry that is not true they don't sex. And it. They'll ask other Lebanon middle and I'll. Let me probably. A little bit or he might want now. Well locked up like we are objecting to it's all you had. Arab satellite. Whoever it I'm. Not at all. I might. Are we don't. Property. We want to have it out to other public street right now I'd like. A lot. Of people. Like all our restaurant. So where they render at the side there like at the side of the street. There and didn't bite. Popular spotlight all that the bill really well together yeah search area like. I don't know like you don't want our rise up and the global never quite are you might look like the track and work. Our guys. Know why that's the big deal. Is that his Ike is I think MP talkers and the Dick doc is where they bang publicly Pete's not I've not witnessed anybody else. Banging on the street at that that was an exaggeration but maybe not maybe you seem they haven't seen shot. Make up I. I look incredible story. That I'll blue. Anything else firm backer you're not out there to witness and I Christian I'm I'm I'm glad you enjoyed West Hollywood and Provincetown of imported to new gamer zone and trusting everyone on both sides of the we think your race itself. Hey Al the Packers in CF bank you on the phone line we have us a bit like calling FOB a friend of buck. Chuck Culpepper rights throughout the Washington Post of course used to work together. Military many years ago I won't need to use some years ago Abbott dot. We we were together that we were on the same masthead but I don't think we have worked together on the story because truck was doing this is the national sports daily the late lamented. And chuck was doing college basketball and football college sports and I was doing extra be based on that it was the Boston columns still have that right chuck. I believe all of that would factor increasingly. Will be gone Agassi and Elena policy front they are running for all but you'd. They will be cute cute or you absolutely have but has a lot of political pull around here is allows the got to get on yeah. Check I think you off the I reject from and clauses on a regular basis now remember yours a couple of years ago and won the first question is about your coming out process in the coming out story that you wrote for sports on merit them. Let's get a caught my attention might as you said the climates in specifically to climb in sports was hard to every 2013 you returned from living abroad that it was a new laughs you know 67 years ago. My question is after reading that was there like a particular moment. That caused you to feel this way like I wasn't comfortable coming out publicly professionally before but now I am or was it a variety of things. I probably would have done it sometime within six or seven years and I looked in the US I think in you know. I don't think it would be the whole idea of it ever came up while I was abroad and so we're not just back to cut back six months the the Ford did that and actually it's buck. Who was B main. Problem person who helped me who made me decide to go to school it gave you know. It then what is helped them with the decision not the writing in my head. With a yes and on and it was. You know it was a kind of thing also where it's startled me because I had not been in the state very much and you can't really get a grasp of the climate is like. Within a play that you're not there you know we just by walking around the plate and given day we get so much. We collect so much. You know information and so many sites and so on so yeah I think it startled me because I hadn't spent much time in the US how much really and changed. And I think one of her but the thing that happened after. After I wrote them but I can't quite remember that. He's the head of US seat gain a light went and they wouldn't discriminate because we we like we have good people here in the idea that. You couldn't be a good person and you know be anti gay. Much different now than used to be startling. I do remember that. Truck to illustrate to listen is just how much traveling you've done your lifetime how many of the 2.4 time zones of you physically and and. Our reporting for. That there was a time there was a and which I went up and went back in town today. In a 133. Day span I was on also. Inhabited. Continents. So without much safer. They're out there. You know to tell you I am assuming that's not an issue with the. Not usually. I did not visit an article in there. Our acted of countless times so concealment. On. You know I. Still keep a running list in my head of five places right. Desperately want to do was slightly. Or right now or Lebanon. Cambodia allow Vietnam which I guess those. Those to preempt for those looks like trivia yet do one trip yet. I did independent I did India for two weeks in March. He got very sick after he got very sick afterwards but the crest probably is better means Bristol numerous well we're just eleven days were pretty awesome I got through the title that meant toward the end got a little. Got a little irritable that I that I did all right it's. I want you been to India of course if you're there and a place like Penn Station is not very well you know it's been like lately. I just look around and go this. People here. But but Alex was give me a hard time. He continues to do so on many fronts but. The fact that it is as much as I trumpet myself was being worldly. Having been there and everywhere. I I'm like little Nell in the foreign computer all the that was you've done. But I didn't start out that way in north startup to want to come in New York. That the independent but it just kind of happened and you know the whole thing. So for me the opening of that you know we were. My other half an hour love X-Files for our only when I moved abroad screaming I didn't have any meaning that he's. From a foreign countries from Colombia to there was no. Method by which. We didn't count as efficiently and in terms of immigration purposes for a sort of defined a country where. We did countless of at least we looked in the UK. And I'm you know we had to go to elect a list of countries where. You know they might admit me and then they would. Say bring your family along and he would Carol honestly there which was not true here until after all the notes that though. I don't think that was the Supreme Court decision in the defense of marriage act on June 27 twenty. You mentioned that. I mean you were working abroad for as between a six and thirteen how come you didn't consider coming out a column that you were overseas and saved it from what you can act the states. I didn't have a column a cat was one of the things. I and I didn't work for the Los Angeles Times out of London or what and I never. I never pitched in the united is basically I never even thought about the truth we were just trying to make it all work and I just never even thought about him in the second place and it was in the Middle East where you know they just couldn't have done well with its first newspaper. Copy. We did you feel a lot. And safe at all and your working in Abbott tablet where you did you make the Big Three did you where you I mean we you restore your partner but even like communicating with their partner in a in a place like that did you. To feel unsafe at all working at Abu Dhabi. No not having it blow for its. You know just general lies it's one of the safest places in the world right but then in terms of gay is yeah sentiment is just as long as Saddam. You know it's just it's just the sense where you don't. Publicized. You know you'd you'd just stuck in you don't feel unsafe but there's nothing and think about it very streets at Google or they play in this world. Yeah the typical top. I mentioned it to my ball before it moved there he goes no no no he's fine that you just he has bilk. You know you don't publicize its total to require wind that would act under not publicized on the. So chuck we wanted to get you on the show for sometime now and we're coming episodes that we can now tell us that eighteenth seed they said we would last. And the news over the last couple days inspired us to have you on for a couple of reasons hey we want to have you. Just abbey but beat the column you wrote on Greg Schiavo. At Tennessee and Ohio State and all of that with a it was a great read I agree with a 100%. The fact that Tennessee basically coward to public sentiment and its own memory very very clumsy fashion. Scares me because we may never get inspired. Choices for top positions it if people go this route to see what I'm going with this. I do. Purdue scares me to a network. You mentioned that. You know at Rutgers. You've called his 6867. Record records when agrees football achievements the last 100 years. If not one of the greatest achievements in the history of mankind. Which is more of a dig at the record's program. Than a plotted directed it you know. You also pointed out the letters to the editor of the rain in the LA times after USC or Pete Carroll. Because in I wouldn't have known this but you would because you're you're more close in a very college sports. Apparently USC fans were not happy with Pete Carroll being hard. Votes if I remember it as a full page of them. It might have been full page it was a it was tea. Well multiple emails saying you know that the easy with the retread that the time it would seem that the uninspired. It would not the first sort of forgotten. Outlook towards where they're not the first. But the LA times readers in general and the people who supply letters to the effects and are. Off the charts do it just unreasonably good and it's it's also really. Fun read in an even if you while it was their floppy even if you happen to get back within. But there are a brilliant cycle really funny and it would really. Disgruntled with the idea of Pete Carroll coming to Chicago. Yat and into the like that Shia thing and Yasser Brad ballot checkered they get to get parallel I mean it's so scary because obviously in this new culture. We want to believe the victims we should believe the victims but something like she Otto is that's like second hand hearsay right mcqueary says. I Tom Bradley told me despot and Bradley denies that she un denies it some trustees have looked into it went there at the same time Edwards there at the same time so it just dot and it just is scary to me edit Twitter lynch mob can you know it used negatively speaking of course a Twitter mobbed and you know really driving institution to a decision like this it's in you know 45 days later still having trouble processing. What kind of charming and filling it with things and it was willing in this case but I do believe it. Bet if the public got it right. In the case and they may in. We don't we'll never know for sure probably if they did and it takes we sit in and week and agreed that there was not enough. Evident further reaction that app and apple would agree with that but. There there can be a time when they get. And Wednesday actually stopped something that. That undesirable world war in the and the whole idea that they have a if I don't know why we all love to be an we lost the Internet and rightly. You know and Twitter and so on so. I could see it and you know and that thing it was there without a distant hint of that trash. There was. There's by the it would fishy I don't have this great record in the NF now he came with lots you know he came plot supposed as the Tennessee people are fired up about higher. From football perspective op on the chair to would've been this kind of backlash so I get your point that it's charming but it seems like it's selective backlash right in the fact is she on a just. There's never been a track records that you know to overcome whatever baggage he may have. On that where we get and that's where we've veered into the hole. You know that the whole mainstream of their home in spring point which is that there tomorrow. In the column and their morality for twelve and they're the morality 66. And the bigger the overriding. Morality of of so very many of these fan bases is always. You know could you please go beat the stuffing out of those people we don't like we're just down the interstate highway or whatever that's the biggest you know and if you can meet that. And if he had met that it's fair. And SEC school Laura. A big big program. You know if you if you can meet that standard. They were gonna figure out you know it does that then they would have been on the opposite type that they would accept. What we just which is. You know we can't be completely sure that seeing on the blacks gonna actually. Do you know anything opposite dusty we can't. We can't be sure that they could have easily come up with the opposite argument if they thought he was and they want. One thing I would say is that you mentioned toward the end of the call and whenever from something on the lines of the art of hiring coaches fans are uncommonly loud as you may not be getting their word for word. But but I would say turn the guns and I just for a moment that sports writers could also be culpable for the same charge. In that and I just go back to my own history environment on the red sex I Jimy Williams is manager. Back in the ninety's I thought it was a horrible choice and row with rape fervor that this is just a calamity. And he turned out to be a very good manager and and I great respect for Jimmy then and now but I was cloak clearly wrong there but I think. You don't always understand. We're hiring people coming from minute to give you another example was so a lot of people down in the Red Sox hiring Terry Francona in 04 out there aren't that he had a terrible this is part of my column at the day in this topic that that he'd had for five consecutive losing seasons with Philadelphia Phillies. And then danced around a couple of bench coaching positions and so forth and then get tired by the Red Sox and people are saying this is the Boston red side is the best we can do. Well now frank Conner is. Clearly establishing hall of fame credentials. Including his two World Series championships with the Red Sox and mentioned Bill Belichick. I covered the Francona hiring and also covered the Belichick tiring and that people went all the get a crazy about that because. Again he had one tenure as head coach five seasons with the Cleveland Browns won playoff game. One play a victory against the patriots oddly. And if any was seen as a Korea lieutenant and not head coaching material of course we know how that turned out so. I think fans and media and and I'm not trying to. Let the fans in Tennessee off the hook him returning the weaponry and a split. It it does turn into a case where sometimes you just don't know what they're looking for. Yen and also you don't know what the chemistry of the situation it's going to be. You know when you're talking about Francona wasn't it kind of similar with Torre to the Yankee. I want our laboratory up that is really he was Christ and the by the end I worked out OK continuously. Yet while the end the go ahead. And and Harold to Carol and Southern California were just. It was beautiful to go there during the year I mean it's just a beautiful combination that makes so much so. Didn't seem like it at the time member of the unit at USC Oregon State game. In in the year 2002. And thinking about it and this is a war clearly and then. And it did you know and so you just don't know what the chemistry is going to be your ballot good. Work in a certain situation then you have those guys who are great. Managing talent. Carroll in that category obviously Torre in that category. And then you have those guys to. A great minutes as with less power you know you have a guy in you have got a around the how well you could. Chemistry on their sheer chemistry is a good point because they think that's one of the reasons the patriots don't go Belichick knew there was a history here he had been an assistant coach in the patriots team in 96 and the Super Bowl. The crass clearly knew him they felt comfortable with him. Tents tents chemistry. I think the main that was bouncing around and I don't know how serious it was I don't know if they interviewed him exiting go that deep into it but Marty Schottenheimer was available. And Chris he went on and coach several seasons I think is seen you after that of course he had helped his right Iran but at the time he was a viable candidate to be in an affiliate coach and and I think might have been a shiny or Bobble on the tree. Then Belichick would have been back and but again clearly they made the right choice. Well there are we get into the whole idea of the the splashy hire or the sexy hire whatever you call you know and quiet but important. You know idol I don't. I don't get at all I get decreasing why that support. The but the buzz is danger right people went by as they want instantaneous excite collects clicks right. Well they want they went out Livan in the UK to. That the brits used to say about Reid ever allows the Americans are so that it Grassley. And I look more thought about that. We are gutter rats task and we're also addicted to it. And so the idea that you have to have a you have to quote Allah that phrase wouldn't oppressed country. You know and and look at Clinton right now back in. At the stat spin as spectrum masterful coaching job. And apple and I took the competent adult Sweeney at the time. What the general Cote he'd never even been a coordinator. You know coach in the position coat. There coach eagle on four and two they beat South Carolina that helped and then they hired him in and the reporters at the time we're asking. Recently was this just to save money that you hired the guy didn't go to. Some splashing and he is ready he's actually operate in and so. They're they're another eight to go Pete Carroll. You know you just don't know is still though we do know that Tennessee. Mr. Putin now that probably make total desperate acts. Greg Culpepper and FOB tunnel that chuck Culpepper was critical but I my brother. David Odyssey at a chuck Culpepper and FOB a friend of Buckley now spread of the two that's pot yes Diego I takes about your coming on and I really appreciate it. Great so thanks can go out to chuck Culpepper of the Washington Post and Christian Fauria from all the math here WEEI for joining us today on the two rats podcast as always we subscribe to us in the nineteen stores that as the best three to ensure. And in new edition of the program it's downloaded in your iTunes library. Every other Wednesday when we usually are published Nazi detects that we ever on page and WEEI dot com and muscle but for the archer they need. Might thirty seconds of glamour so here was a countrywide they can resort to listening to talk to you again and a couple of weeks see.