Two Outs Ep. 23: Britt McHenry defends tweet blasting Redskins cheerleaders for complaining about sleazy work environment

Thursday, May 3rd
It's a meeting of the infamous on "Two Outs" this week, as Reimer welcomes ex-ESPN reporter Britt McHenry to the show. McHenry and Reimer argue over the New York Times story outlining the sleazy atmosphere around the Redskins cheerleading squad, including a trip to Costa Rica in which they were forced to pose topless for an audience. McHenry says the cheerleaders put themselves in the situation, whereas Reimer says they were professionally pressured. 

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And read where it's got two outs podcasts would. Curry the rambunctious way China coast they call me the phenom Alex rare. And the old time baseball do the six people who don't know what I'm getting the sixty who didn't know what before I'm gay priest is definitely wanna. Couple Macy's definitely two outs which Buddy Roemer. Welcome me into another edition of your odds podcast or to dedicate this week. I'm meeting of the infamous that's because for. McHenry formally habeas Pia and in ample time to order bomb tots are joined the showed talked about this Washington Redskins cheer leading story which. Police nationally is the biggest sports story in the country. For the last day or so I'd just give you are some quick background New York Times published a piece Wednesday afternoon deep telling odd sleazy atmosphere. Around at the Redskins cheerleading squad in how lot of these young women say they've been treated over the years odd pieces Saturday. Are out just when he thirteen trip to Coastr wreaked guy. In which just some of the cheerleaders say they where I'm need to pose topless on the beach in front of these mail sponsors. Accompanied them on the trip. And then I think the CD ST now is that be on then we're told you escorts. The male sponsors they're male strangers. Guy the better term for them. I to a nightclub after after the day's events and die every story like dot. I read some of the quotes in there you know one of the cheerleaders on the trip about the nightclub eyed about the nightclub says there weren't putting again to our heads but it was mandatory for us to go. Lauren asked we were told. There's also a story in there about this wild and crazy boat party in 2012. With male sponsors where I as a shooting lectured cheerleaders announcement Turkey pacers just like a real a real fat fraternal atmosphere not really what. I would consider to be a professional appearance or anything like dot. One of the girls on not a trip says that was not for me. And a lot dispel the same way but we were you scared to complain we felt their place on the team would be compromised if we did they read story like. More importantly I read quotes like those from some of the young women who were involved in these guys. Who were involved in these events and I say. Could defend their Redskins look at that and this Costa Rica trip this wild frat party who could defend nest. Incomes Briton Andrea the top rap sheet two weeks later Wednesday night. I'll get crust for this but let's be serious. These women dancing glorified bras and underwear on appeal to male entertainment. If you don't want to be treated like sex object perhaps bumpy one for money wow ads and street could desperate been taken it. Pretty hard on social media for the last 24 hours or so so I said let's invite her on the podcast let's have a conversation. I think it's a pretty good one spirited debate. About this Redskins story and then at the end Britain I talked about the Eric Reed collusion case against the NFL. And he agrees with me yes she dies she started interviewers and Coulter. And he ends as rates from out now that's my power its Q that's episode number 25 episode number 23. Again thanks for listening in Britain and is coming up on the others. Welcome back to the gym rats podcast today it is a meeting of the infamous Brittany Kenner welcome to the shall Harry you know. I'm doing well now bred out last night. Brought to my Twitter feed I noticed you I'd drop a bomb about this Redskins story let me just read tweet back for those that may not be aware of it. Outer crust for this but let's be serious that's our tickets started to be without. These women dancing glorified bras and underwear on appealed for male entertainment. If you don't want to be treated like a sex object perhaps don't be one for money my first question is as someone who also. And leases Twitter bombs from time to time after each week something like that dieters like step away from your phone before and busts. I hear you're checking dimensions that what's the process like back. Well actually it's my day don't matter just recently the month when it dance center on Twitter itself. They're a lot I don't see on purpose as to meet her. It vary at Ito pretty significant part and I might not. See it but quite. Or I mentality. You know that person has worked in the IT IMS Heidi you and so. When people. Say it ain't got a failure to agree with me at a US disagree a lot in the that went. It pretty right everything but win it. Really degrading an insult me when I IEA and I'll have a tendency it and if they'll they'll agree like getting along. I acted like the people really addicts. Work well so the people I see react or people that follow it. I track that Hampshire are less than that though that the great eight year limit that I LPL. We're like doctor out and IIIII. On his way it should work. It does yelling in the investment idea idea is to us so. I did like a sex object my question is how does signing up to dance on a football field where year. Protected by barriers security person all right there's no there's no chance you're going to be put an uncomfortable situation. And unsafe situation. How does that mean you're also signing up Q escort male strangers to a nightclub in a foreign country. We need to really well. Court the definition of OK and a lot correct it. Recently with the L a couple hours east bay and I don't airport dated Sunday when it well or is it. They released a statement that they're looking into. Or I want to be eager to hear it through additional cuts at all working locally working yet again and now local politics. I Ed the last person or are aimed it at Washington. Like literally kill or. They're pretty low and Morgan and hall. Yeah that baby. I've seen for Canada reporter how they treat the media. When eighty don't like this story. Actor and as well as one of my story they called in short order publicly. Doubted any other baby you park like. Acres the crowd from credit facility at leopard at the White House or their heads to. The a day it is typical art and about apple now but it. I backed up by eight that they were looking into at. Don't think you can really judge it might mean that. It it I think a decent QLLCDTV. You. Really our city called I don't see it that way. Any sort of sign they are really reaching. Out at billiards but how you're tweaked I like how do you again equate dancing on a football field to you again during escorting her accompanying male sponsors male stranger. I nightclub. I've optically. It looked at that point any. You will say and set to eat we eat the right it doesn't matter you're saying it shouldn't. Sort of indication of any city. Let's admit it got a clear out if they don't. Didn't get answered. That crap at it commands to Edberg a lot. I cannot believe any green to get her. Well there I raise an eyebrow in that. Either went. You don't hate acts need to but it nobody got hurt at a game you know it that I don't. And they laugh I I've locked I don't know that I report that it animal club and good argued some of them summed it looked like it where you're baiting and I happen. That's really don't mean there's something to do with them but the team about it yet. They act in more clothing odd that you made it very I agree adopt more. Yes but that's the team and dean anywhere that the games. But you don't think these girls will be made and I looked at. It ran out it. Unity they want to Ian Graham models probably helping make sure it's sort yeah finally yup yup sort it all plays an American roots mail. At all. They began posting a picture and instead Graham is different than going with a stranger to a nightclub in a foreign country without your passport night do you mean went situation. We're in letters to me the other. Well we're just sneaky. In fort work I work for the New York Times article and I mean like when people are. Quoting now. Can we get to the pod it's if I I would hope and it he. Said. The latest movie installment of take it with we and he said I would say. It would copyright C measured I'd find it very hard. That you'll want to 36 women can't. You take the doctor is sexy photos on the beach Alec at least you got it with more notes she's. The other cheerleaders you wish I mean girl you know Arquette and use their spot. At a podium very provocative. Like Hewitt how we don't act knowing in my heart OBI. Team. Widget in by eight total creep back at me I worked in player out there are allowed back day. These nickel he or are really imaging. To look at it that it in there were those those big article. I would say I mean any man responsible for violating orbit (%expletive) Sit in America right now all like I can't act by our. You believe it will bit you know what they're getting an old world number one right. The itinerary. Yes I I get reinsert. She wanted to wait well all. Activity currently out he went Italy. I think if your group Gailey knows your itinerary I would hope that I fly or actually I would know find it. But then why would the terror. They then loud when the cheerleaders New York Times about the nightclub says they weren't putting a gun to our heads but it was. Mandatory for us to go on where we weren't what they said we weren't asked we were told. So I mean that you and it's Accenture you've seen situations professionally and where you're asked to do things where. It's kind of an ass but not really writes it's if you want to move but you opted to use and you don't see how. They can have felt pressured to go to that nightclub proposed topless in France strangers on the beach. Well and help me get what you want I would be at a soccer I'd hear it. It was cold. Part of Reading your hear it network without it agents and he did. You need to go how the work day. I did and I felt very uncomfortable. One of the bargaining is apple it because it was right. Spring break and whose. Work. With in college. And I I decided we because I can feel comfortable there. And even though it was dedicated Alex you'd talk more and it rolled over heating up and I thought it was batter. You go and avoid something I was not comfortable at so I. There isn't that fourteen. You know locking problem much younger and I can understand but at T say. In use and now I want any humility that you need to hear and understand it. Not trying to diminish when it right if you don't feel comfortable don't do it. Yeah. If you are out now our but it seems like it seems like at least you know the five true leaders spoke to New York Times felt like it wise we had to do this or else. We would no longer be on the cheerleading squad. Well first the top. I don't care it's. It is the cheerleading squad or hear about could be mega Markel royal wedding you know if it you don't feel good at that something's. You're on integrity and my opinion. Means a lot more than dancing around it and accept Sunday the year but they. That's good that's easy to say now I mean you mean that you that you can be in situations where I am very. I actually just got things meaning what what what what these cheerleaders what do what do circles right they wanna become models are they wanna move up and not industry and you said yourself it's a high. Status positions so you know lot of I think a lot of them I get well. Now you can attract the falling now on and I think a lot of them played a professional ramifications vs their personal and your right in a perfect world that you can accomplish something. You wouldn't do it but I think a lot of these women who again where poster REIT income history no passport told to go to this nightclub mean Adams said we announced we were told. It was mandatory for us to go deep I'd feel like it felt like there are boxed in and had no choice in if they weren't comfortable. I think that the victim mentality because at the end of the day here over her eight he don't want it. He appeared to get exactly an accident when he of awkward. Uncomfortable situation Blackhawks aggravated Alec work in the event that all out and I thought well now one of the top eight. I think only because I don't want to get the typical of your ballot to elect. Good I hit it into 1 o'clock app with her body. Then go ahead I'm not saying he can't do it. You talked McDowell. The consequences that go. I mean you know pocket when I was and I don't look. Iraq ratio Miami Beach there's 300 people the crowd and all the history between adequate policy. Yet he admitted to change now I don't think that that's only isolated what he'd rather just. Yet they aren't comparable nobody fourth at the start forcing them. Think that you club and I. They say they know where is lady felt like they were ago. Where he sad it don't go out. Why this or not. And why limelight a lot of iRobot are the Bill Cosby stories under wraps for decades army winds to mean yeah I mean this stuff sometimes takes a lot of percolate to the surface. OK but there are few women often rocker quoted in the story saying that. At one point my different yesterday. When you're on your head on it or I'd sell enough amount. You have no repercussions that you could just purely arbitrary. And as we are. Not in a written report on. It yet. It's so deep he didn't have any me because it totally accurate Asian and they're within the and somewhere in allegedly in a statement by the red and completely contradict those sort. You'd think investigation needs to be handled. It yet wallet passport issue. Any concern. At the degree lap I. I can easily see somebody on the team you know one that the mom said the women organize as saying okay. We don't want any use to when the market you'll be happy all the paper clip that. And it hit me as a little bit more optional illogical your ear to in this sort of like you are. You understand. Right but then you know again they're out of our country out no passport they said that or asked for identification to an avid on the ride back so I mean as I've heard that argument is while but I just feel like they were put in. When that went to the girls said that I quoted saying they felt like they were forced to go to that nightclub by. I take him at the way and also the part in the boat and 22 while writing and you mentioned not. Cheerleading I don't know why you know OK so there's a lot of networking yes I'm sure they understand that's part of the gig but. Would going to a party where men are shooting with corn to your mouth with a Turkey baster that seems to me. To be outside the lines of you know what most people think of as networking in just doing events. In the lady though I like that update her age but like it is the summer boat party. And the way you're ever. Heard her on ecology now I'd make it yet at popular hot water or what ever or not. Can't really. Ship anywhere except held at the ballpark. Out to anybody you want to read it cheerleader. You go a lot you know it's due to meet a lot meet vote. I've been on a couple of deep but I know if he liked a couple of actually help the party. Accord and you know get it at the national interact with them that Enid. With dozens others are Ashton. Shooting the corn to Simmons now that the Turkey. Well well I think we all party week I don't think that early Eric I'd. Worker out our hot you'll not seek and I I don't I would teacher cute Easter shots anytime yes. But I agree that that's not know where it gets not a networking event that you know this is a professional in that argument there invited as Washington Redskins cheerleaders and they're put in the situation. I think let's not talking about how alcohol. And it EU art and alcohol Turkey basically shot it's been sipping your drinking again and on your knees and taking shots out of Illinois Turkey. Don't think he needed Wilfred Benin to its. Yet publicly medium to it and it actually. I I. Buy big crowds. Okay now I banged in the setting and not with the Redskins cheerleaders I see the Eagles. I curled where they call them. Rock you the Bruins back I even those kind of girls are both before. And I. It again it goes back to it there's a lot of chat in the world Alex I feel much more sorry we're at it. You wind made it really legal doubt I Georgetown art cry going I. But they may not know it may have not knowing that it would be to that extent it's like to Costa Rica trip I greed or worse atrocities in the world Buchanan's you know maybe he. I've added. This cricket coach you want to not get the LA Turkey basic defense. Like I wanna tackle the girls as they're told near times who are too scared to stick to complain we felt that are placed on the team would be compromised if they did clearly some of them felt like. There is professional pressure to do these things. I just I don't. He acts of sympathy speaks at the end of the shot that. Eight EU. Twelve under it and then I've looked into it while litter box but certainly I need to live right you can't. Walk off a hot. Like these this could be a virtual problems that you ought not. I go literally think you are it goes or it out right next to be vote. Many people around we're mapping and there's better know a lot of seniors earning up to acknowledge. Am ask hand went right. Back. Into the heavily populated area. You look at the will power walk away and I don't think any weather at twelve under a year or. Without. It you'd be a compromise. Ultimately you about the decision that you. Find it interesting. I got eye on getting it. Have been critical about our right is an opinion like any people stare at eight jet built for about that you like back to. Yeah I I always feel like I've known Twitter do we stop the conservatives like you want and nobody likes it considered a neat liberals hate me I am I am I've I've known Twitter on. The. If it's seen I was like public enemy number one to fill out. The last the last thing I do wanna ask you a crack in a got to run another an appellate you know we disagree I tapper and act but come on Erika Reid filed the police in case against the NFL yesterday. 26 year old Pro Bowl safety doesn't have a job come on Brit admitted with meat that is ridiculous Eric Reid is being black bought. Minute surprise you and actually said. I don't bloke in a bit from the conservative and seeking. I think when he beat some of the players currently or fat and eat dirt track action. Each man's belt and the publicly support IR. EE at a Al social media. Enter into that eleven point Pollard. Had EU he would bulked up and ex girlfriend. You Ernie and re not we eat eat eat at a he neatly org. And then he agreed to twenty. If you're old and aren't. Having a job. Got when. It really had to look at the situation and that it would completely. Well I. Don't agree I mean I I agree everyone has been at speeds. BP said I'll meet you attract a uniform policy and you wonder and I. Is it actually is like saying why as a business. You wouldn't want that distraction by. I think at this point. It is getting you are you turn it I can't wait. Lens on that note relented and an agreement McHenry high counter Fox Business Fox News on Twitter lighten things up over there Brit now is appreciated reflected online. At about. Other. Ali I'm sure you can it's crashes to it would deal and keep any time they would like. It out. Thanks again to Brittany Kendrick for joining me on the show this week guys announced that haven't been on curtain Italian for a few months not. Miss arguing with the crazy right Winger shockingly in the costing eight communities there aren't many out. Ardent right wingers for me to spark it's O. Never I can do that like doing it and separates a good sport preached year coming on and doing battle here and back up her tweets dot. As always we and every episode subscribe to two outs in the nineteen store that is the best to ensure. Any new addition of the podcast it's downloaded into your iTunes library. As soon eases policy cannot find it to its page and WEEI dot com I'd promise I will do an episode with Bok. In the very near future ones to get this one now with it because it's dumping it off my chest that mr. leaders story. I disagreed vehemently with their tweets and I said. After it and the podcast let's do podcasts so again thanks for listening. Thanks to Brit for coming on a promise but will be back he has not been oust is an op the next guy out and now tacky guys and thanks.