Two Outs Ep. 25: Gay conservative columnist Brad Polumbo on why he's boycotting Pride

Thursday, June 21st
Steve Buckley makes his long-awaited return to "Two Outs" this week, where the boys interview Brad Polumbo, a young gay conservative columnist who says he's boycotting Pride. 

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And read where it's got two outs podcasts would. Curry the rambunctious two way tie your pros say probably the phenom Alex rare and the old time baseball due to six people who don't know what I'm getting the sixty who didn't know what before I'm gay priest is definitely wanna. Koppel Macy's definitely two outs which Buddy Roemer. We'll vote locally about. But that finds drugs podcast. There's actually judge podcasts and. Well you've you've been playing a little game in the last couple months if you pick up the paper and see them in Cleveland. You question the statement to a podcast. And you clock sparking committed to apply to us you know very important no doubt some in Cleveland. Oh pre shot the Dubai myself well that this will be tell me a broad and well this'll be our fourth podcasts and now you you know it's an intern and yes I agree with you and I got like that just desserts you're exactly yup that's been written down force and not in the first might be born assignment. It was Britain's Cadbury yes which was I want it which I could do anything about because they really wanted me to do it they said that you really want to do that's OK I did yeah I wanted to answer the something is my only my point being that you're text anyways. They want me to come in and do this. While it was a line at the royal yeah there really it's that we must get department generate it reemerge as you practice we must get that. Let's get to see it go back everybody two weeks ago we all wins it's him and anybody you the had little mister and a little high injury they had to be which it bought. It's a dithering but in the Harold the last couple weeks he's doing all the columns are not being able to see. Right that's pretty impressive is very impress pretty proud of muscle memory the keyboard it is it is it is and the like to work like to write like to get out about why I'm here today yes exactly hustle and in here doing a Red Sox. Eddie as well yes investment never stops but I so we have a good interview coming up in a few well I'll set the interview up so that I can they beat you all but there's a few. A human beat me up. I had that interview it's a brat who physically but I just want to get this legally come up and finally on the pride thing going on haven't beaten up enough that rag doll coming last I've been beaten up quite a bit I should point out that we are doing the podcast directly caused Martha hall. From the studio that Alex is not allowed to stand. I'm allowed to know I can stand anywhere off they go around the destiny of a face up against the glass that's why my last couple ones that recorded from Steve you hate it studio directly behind the mean ST yeah I second really elected and I do it during all ethnic on receipt calls it's all coming back. But so reits speak with Brad Colombo he's a young writer. For the young voices and these guys work is in national review in Washington examiner he's been on Fox News is the next Tucker Carlson but we got him on the ground for. Here at two outs but on you wrote a column in the Washington examiner. Last week titled I'm gay but I'll pass on pride month and I wanted to have a month to talk about not because that is of course anti that it ultimately that most of us think most of us love pride. And including yours truly let the beating up commenced because. We've been doing this for over you know over a year and one of the earlier podcasts that you and I did. Was built the framework of the podcast was Alex Ramon hates pride that lights. And I regret that take very so let's not beat up missed the wobble here over his take on cried because it's not. Too dissimilar. What you as was the well so this ticket USC was in the interview is is reasoned with arguments you can agree or disagree but he thought about it or Lyle. From my recollection I didn't like pride last year because they charge twenty dollars to block this guy his name on the line for worthy cause and your your argument was. Paying too much would be exactly and you've got you've that you comeuppance from a lot of people. Because he didn't realize that the proceeds from the beer seals we're going to like a good good like fighting aids it was a little tight it is stupid you know I think this last night last episode which I hear sports but the practice of repute for the listeners that's right and a birdie heard this people applying it to. Com. Stupid I would deprive an agreed time it's not like it's a nice day state drinking. It's a party is nothing habit too bad the only went to that one pride hi Alex I've been to Providence writes it would I have my credit I think I even better. Abbas a private I was going I was gonna set you up there. That's just the south's answer is just it would happen last year as it was also on the heels of maker and and so I think mentally I was and negative space as well. Which assault tumbled on SC. That's a strange as it. A great take the plastic on the on the on the wallet out streamer hot takes pride because the block party is too expensive. I wouldn't put up island. Are you Larry convert you I'm really virtuous crew am pro pride convert that it was nothing but polite. Iowa Pratt promises that are all but that's and theoretical and everything Brad on the podcast is not now how many pride that you've been through besides Boston. All you do know wanna go with me now in New York City this weekend Kansas City. Chicago. That's a great Toronto weakens him. And in I should point out that the the and we wanna actually get on the plane went to to be in the pride. Was Chicago pride because I did some stuff with our bodies to Ziegler of sports. That was two years ago. I happened to be in Toronto the Red Sox so like I part took them what to think in Toronto pride. I was visiting friends in Kansas City. 1012 years ago. I happen to be here in Kansas City pride of the instantly pride. I always win I happen you know I travel for Warrick agreed deal so and have also been to North Shore pride which is in Salem mass which is a a I guess what you Michael boutique pride it's obvious a lot smaller. It's it's a wonderful take. And they do really really good job it's. Not that that maybe five times while slide into it hoping. That list but it's appropriate convert him and try to convert Pratt that's among its. Also before it gets real quick break and be morning drive after. The idea cleric arm outlining possible career options for Tom Brady when he retires. And I cited. By sweeping dentist knowledge of on board and deal it is when guys. Going in the broadcast into this and I mentioned talk show and I said he's the reason he would fail with the talk shows is because. In order to be eight jock turned talk show you need to have a self deprecating sense of humor you need to say. Well not that I could ever play even though deep down these guys have reprisal. But you gotta kind of make money is so blue Maloney utility Lou right the west on the socket and Christian Fauria and Scott so ankle with the other station. And they'll kinda have a self deprecating sense of humor. When you are a go you cannot do that. You can't sit there when they get the quarterback on. He says on this that guy you can't say yeah I know if I know it feels as you don't you get a Britney is total incompetence but the producers that's completely. Because he. Ever and week. For me if we aren't. Anyway but I said in the column to go back to the point that you made. Although I don't think he'd be very good talks almost one has to admit. That radiant reborn as a nice entry that's a nice house Padilla for the reference. I won't share them with you because our. Dixon's answered treatment tonight to give away the lead here or at or it's not not too with a college in movies that are aliens. You know spoiler spoiler. Not to offer spoiler highlight interviews. He's very good job very very reason smarts. God. This guy just has a viewpoint with which you disagree and the ease he is a UMass guy. Which you can eat it sings you can you can hear. I mean humans that's that you see it did you guys have this kind of pride like nice enough to be you guys always hate their school writes why is that I ever do you guys know hates her school. Where is every amassed a view is Ari are you Matt's right if someone tells him going to be in my first my first reaction is why. Airport parents. Statements he has a bit better experience now to some weed we have once in from the chemo bullets maybe and shareware and palaces Michael Holley. Our good friend formally WE. Is going to be teaching journalism right fault in this fall at your alma mater yeah that's right and might we have a guest lecturer named Brad Brad announced Roemer. At PO yes exactly bead where all things went wrong. If you how you can fall apart and try to pick it back up ideas I think on tort. All right so I've Brad Colombo coming up next is box set but given against south to get interview and then and we wrap up after the and it's two outs too much too. Two hosts to openly gay ho yes you yeah you like that. And W the kind of morning I'll come more to come just don't schedule them when I'm not around from a past problem coming next. So welcome back to the two rats podcast or the next few minutes at 30 that's podcast we got that but we have Brad Colombo he is a writer for young voices. AI young political comment there you've seen him on national review Fox News grabbing in my eyes the next Tucker Carlson Tony's Jerry Lee he's a UMass student any growth of the majesty we can't wait those are important items to bring up here well elect him now but this is the title of his recent piece in the Washington examiner I am gay but I will pass and pride mentally you know Brad on to talked a little about that how are you man. It. Inkster coming on so actually courts read this article last week it's snipers got my attention I said I a given alternate headline saying. I'm day at but I hate myself and I hate fun that's vital like prides that Tommy Brad why do you hate why do you not like. Yeah I quote we buried Brett what the level civil or so attached to raise the bar and possible. Unquote soul not IP. That I actually want the other DC power and increased then I want to mark these are. I didn't pick up a lot of time. I was going on that. Is. Setting it back. House. Look the important you know there unfortunately there it portion of America. That is still Vegas or has burial an idea actuality if you. Yeah. More light now they're well I hit it over the group that. But if we want to be accepted by the water flop I did it. Great you're not going to be by streak into the street that the or this week ago. Bring Bo they'll go right out at all and I doubt they're incredibly different actual. It with a complete geek pride the sexual deviancy. The way to actually reinforce the real important about it these set of people stopped again. And not part of me I thought I'd move. Brad Steve Buckley here and I welcome of the show glad to have you. I actually agree with small doses of what you're saying. But I also feel that pride is is is a great the X relation people are exhaling. Lots of work has been done lots of where it needs to be done and I've always felt that some people go over the top but that you suffer fools gladly and let people exhale. And you just kind of grin and bear. Now that's been my take but what I wanted to ask you Bo was I read your piece. And I'm quoting here if anything real societal acceptance comes through assimilation after all that's how. We won public support for same sex marriage you go on to cite Joan Goldberg who writes about this in his book suit suicide of the west. Why did the struggle for gay marriage succeed now I I didn't read the soliciting that you present here it re joined Goldberg I did read what you wrote. I don't know that I agree that. Real societal acceptance comes through assimilation is assimilation to me means being absorbed. Into something larger. And you you would want all cultures all races oak trees all sexual identities. To maintain. Their identity while joining the groups DC where I'm headed with this. Yeah I don't disagree without pork thought that I believe in our of one I think there are involved as well the Malaysian. We're talking more about sheer vocal about an American way well that's and I think that would Jonah Goldberg and I would say it. Indicate the inherent rights activists urging there. Did not get. He did not achieve marriage equality I have been Jewish or the institution of there or Robert we will work well. As a they said no we wanna be our. I didn't want to complete them without you want to have our bad luck. I agree with dirt right but I I don't think that gay people fighting for marriage equality were doing so hat in hand. Dressing up for the Sunday social and putting on like gloves I I think that they were being gay people. And gay people tend to be over the top sometimes and certain stages and can be very activist yes. Well as the saying recommend it to Bostick tried a couple weeks ago he didn't Wear on answered you know I didn't Wear anything like that but -- as it was at the clean it is that was at the cleaners right it was dirty but you know I mean like I was shirtless for allotted day I was wearing a Bandana. I do that Brad and address more provocatively now that I was that I did my first came out because I feel liberated in essence they feel much more comfortable with myself. Than I did previously and I think that's the message that a lot of people app writers sending and they were harnesses your jock straps there you know whatever else. Yeah I mean I don't want a public. You know you walk on the Serb the it's. It's a tree. I don't know about that. So what I point it might have a greater. I understand. I understand that people want to let them because they had been a threat. Yeah to have been the track. I totally empathize. Oh. But I actually think it is counterproductive because you're not you are dependent. But the people down there or bitterly they were all but they. Well I always thought that I don't help people in our bail out on the it. They let the people that are not that you represented all that. Are written about. And there have been and that like I. Well it true there's a gay people by and large under normal people look at you now I think that all of wow what. Well they're more extreme pride marches. You would reach the conclusion. Not the problem in my. Rhetoric repeat again I dispute citing a piece that you actually attended a pride. I don't know that that's sided hearing. Local election boycott. Part of that part of the. I don't know what I Italian have been pre I understand that but my my point being that that. 41 to boycott something. Often that partly boycotting and events and it's actually in the event and then they make a decision. Like divided like something Major League Baseball is doing and I'm boycotting Major League Baseball. I would do so from the position of having been around baseball for one time so. And this this isn't like they got to question in my dad I'm just curious if prior to yours stand. That's brought about this discussion had you been no pride before. I'm article at well over all the now for a few years we'll look not a whole opportunity here and I never felt a bit late. Can serve right because the price movement that quote all the people who are now well we. No it never right. And now I'm not uphold from orders right but I. Put it on the end. But pride movement it is very close operate Charlotte pride movement being here he opposed term group. And end all right and let me jump in for a minute because that on this particular topic we're in full agreement Alex and I were talking off the year before we begin in the podcast and and it and again of course you apparently so caught advocates LG BT quality. Don't think the gay people incapable of supporting gun rights or president trump even though he went through you know and so forth. You go once mention Charlotte pride. Even went so far is too barring approach for an group deplorable pride of mentoring a float in the parade I'm gonna take you where that that was the case. And I would agree with you I would have allowed the afloat to be there tested have a different discussion on the table. And also because I thought the thing was clever deplorable pride as a nice ring to it and as a irony to it it's just it's good it's also so. So I don't know ID EE if you thought maybe we will definitely. Yell at you and Angela Brandt and all that this is an entirely the case. I might suggest to lighten up a little bit above private debts from the debts meat from the. Yeah they I mean I appreciate your perspective in my and I do think that. I don't wanna make it sound like I think all right the Arab. Why obviously I think their a lot of good there it could block the until I did think it should be done very definitely. And in its current form. And you think that it is ultra progressive. Civil way to match that people up there actually bought into our. You real proud that politically I mean the progressives are the ones who are fighting for LG BT rights. It is. A cat in my house how how is the Republican party of the modern age spots for LG BT rights. Quote Anthony Kennedy at the moment you order a decision. Is it a little bit but I. Guess I guess my question or rod Buick from my vantage points. Considering that such a large slots the Republican Party are so socially conservative and anti gay marriage anti LG BT rights. Out even really consider voting Republican and maybe that's me just looking at one issue but that's the most important issue to meet some I was curious. How are you able to look past. The anti Republican is you know I mean many are your log cabin Republican. I doubt eventually sure but I don't look at all the label or I'll argue that you ought. Quote is it will be fundamentally flawed assumption that because I did it. Ultimately the issue but what is more important is it. You know maybe aren't actually about abortion or immigration or remark that other thing everyone else in the world. If that I would that you are more informed them. But because of the close it out to do you right now. From the Republicans. For example that have made up my mind because of that I thought the only thing I hear I like that reduction. On them while they're all public I will agree with you Greg the champions but how did you quality sure. But I would disagree with you at all that the Republican. Most by and large Republicans. One more world are really. Ultimate all of out of you right I wouldn't agree at all. Like he's closer it is and it paid to do what a lot of. Which would you agree that the Republican and I'm sort of dating myself here who would you agree that the Republican Party by and large was a greater friend of the gates in the fifteen years ago than it is today. I just to declare just to be clear Braddock poses the question. I I didn't make as statement that element back in a corner but. As someone who's a left leaning Democrat has been there to Cambridge native comic comic comic came McClatchy a balmy economy. Cambridge. Let's not. Are encouraged. My event and will look the standard. I always tell you aren't I don't know so I was I was I undo some of when I was born in re I was at phony from central's wearing Cambridge thank you very much. And anyway. My my my experience has been. And eat you for your correct me if I'm wrong. My experience has been that I feel the Republican Party in general. Would it was a greater friend of the geek community. 1015 years ago that it is right now NC pence in the White House and on and on and on it goes. A couple pop on the it didn't really the I think the public opinion that contradict our public it and it you know. I think. You're seeing the number of Republicans who support been like they're our hope that people. I don't know about the outlook and I don't anchor it in current thing. Friday did not entry. And then Donald Trump was the first Republican candidate for president to run on the well not all of our whole political editor. Are they may jet sessions the top law enforcement official in the country picked my against these VP. You. Yeah obviously Mike and does not LQB he's friendly but you know about. Brad Brad Brad Brad Brad Brad Santa Mike Pence is not LT TT friendly. Is is success is really jumping over a couple of ponds here. I would go so far as to say he he he is he is an enemy of the he'll be TT community I mean let's face it let's look at what he tried to do as governor. But Indiana. I sessions as attorney general is it it's it's great dead dead. Trump as candidate may have made a sweeping view on same sex marriage. But. You judge people by who they surround themselves with this is not a good situation for the gay community. Well I I definitely gonna challenge you log who is he is out and buy an album of the issue I'm an obvious and Barca challenger. Well I will outlawed that is. How would be with one notable exception that the transgender military dad with a record overnight article about it. With that one exception. There's really dead and no concrete backlash from consequent I think from the administration. You ought to be people out to be cute right. And regardless you know. There's not necessarily the most important thing every ought to be bolder what altitude you people get how they're job. In manufacturing disappear. Or feel like they're region are more or any one of the reasons. That people voted for local Republicans can be true or is currently there. Is ever more important. He's a Brad Colombo he is a writer for the young voices and the author of the piece in the Washington examiner this month I'm gay. But I'll pass some pride meant rowdy good stuff man thanks for coming on hanging in and Cheryl to acted on the line. I. It's thank you for listening to another episode of the two rats podcast and yes it lies the two sides podcaster Reimer but backed out at the things go to Brad Colombo writer for the young voices and his peace. After Washington examiner I'm game but I'll pass on pride at definitely provocative reading period you're. Check that out to as always if you subscribe to the podcast the best media got is in the nineteen story that's the testing to ensure that. A new addition of two rats it's on the need your iTunes library whenever is published in are also available on WEEI dot com we have our own page it's out. Very very fancy stuff so thank you again for listening thinks about coming and Brad Colombo for coming on attacking Jackson a couple weeks see.