Two Outs Ep. 26: How should we view baseball players' old homophobic tweets?

Thursday, August 2nd
In the latest edition of "Two Outs," Alex and Buck talk about the recently resurfaced homophobic tweets from baseball stars Josh Hader, Sean Newcomb and Trae Turner. While Alex and Buck both believe the players shouldn't be crucified for ignorant statements they made as teenagers, they also don't think the words should be dismissed as "harmless." The boys also speak with sports writer Kelly Wallace, who engaged with Jon Lester in a productive back-and-forth on the topic.

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And read where it's got two outs podcasts would. Curry the rambunctious way I am mostly coming to phenom Alex rare. And the old time baseball do you think of the six people who don't know what I'm getting the sixty who didn't know what before I'm gay priest is definitely want not. Koppel Macy's definitely two outs which block in Roemer. This is another rousing edition of the. I've podcast which we're just a little streak of quite known or cutting ideas. Hello everybody yeah and don't tell I think that's an inside joke as the fact that I'm listening to there was an excellent got you don't quite know when we're coming out you over the summer you know but you guys as as stars Steve we take a lot of vacation time you know our all around the world. They are up with something that has nothing to do with like a fine please you've got a bit of a plus an accident you think I DO. Yes when did you first pick up it. Sama. The Sama. Is this little things that you say and and yet this like nice suburban boy who worked him good school you know it's supposed to have a Boston accent I paid EU approximately 750000. Dollar dollars. And it couldn't fix my accent so what's going on. Yeah its the other cap. I don't have time now I don't know about a lift every no I don't I don't think I have. It comes out at times on but I don't have that exit on the Internet I think you had a heavy accent you said you had a bit of traceable what you more than trees that must accept only when I'm tired and it. And let's edit that. So man in the Yankee Stadium press box. Thirty years ago were made reference to an outfielder on the Cleveland Indians. And Murray chess who's I yes who lives his original Kermit who lives his life to be offended by things. Came up to me because I said Joseph cada. Came up to me and set his name. Is still. Carter. He really any like offended by it really. I don't marry just because he is when he the original column income margins and voting for anybody kinds you know or steroid use in the eighty's and ninety's that's why don't married you lose like that thirty years agree so it's it's these the more things change these meanwhile. Meanwhile. We decided this was a good week. To do a podcast given how what's going on around Major League Baseball the last couple weeks that Josh hater name's John Newcombe entry turner and you wrote I think an excellent com thank you even better than it is now I did you seldom between good actress got them from out -- Bostick balloon calm there what he replies to it's we ignore that there hitting on me it and on and you got hit by shrapnel flying out about it for anybody like I can meet you Andy you're gonna hit it it buys a exactly. And we talked to a woman named Kelly Wallace it was a sportswriter who's going back and forth to Jon Lester. A couple days ago Lester weighed in on this and busters overall technique wise guy is first street was if you're on Twitter. We spend five minutes it takes describe your talent and anything you went on plastered next year based on the front page of the newspaper. Better yet don't say stupid things the first place to me and as getting burned. Passing the more you know choice point to a discuss the selling the power. Is that she thinks that Jon Lester originally was focusing more on the fact that between two sides are as tweets were discovered and left out there. Rather than the words that horse that night that you actually had a productive. Back and forth which was a refreshing to see Epoch given on our acrimonious political quick. Gripping and Jon Lester I have I came out as you know in January of 2011. And I've been around baseball for forty years and I have a mica like an informal list in my head of athletes. Who. Treated me completely. The same afterwards. Eight list which is great. I have a list of people who seem to go out of your way to engage me in it didn't have to say Acer today. It just just wanted to engagement than people I felt nobody ever treated me portly ever there are people that just to distance themselves a little bit little bit. But Jon Lester first day of spring training 2011. Saw me I don't walked up pat Meehan. It never said a word about the column above me or anything just one it took a mop and that's all and am I really appreciate. No it was a thoughtful exchange it was a good back and forth. Yes there's a lot to get into you covered on the cob covered oh Cali does that mean to us every gets real quick might equally would be that I don't want these guys in its course he aided. For tweets that they were sent that percent as seventeen regular. Kind of surprised me and you and it didn't surprise me I I thought I actually thought about you because I was wondering if you might go. Hardcore left pianist I mean given all this stupid crap that I've sat on the air I would be a little hypocritical for yourself accordingly. I have to change my perspective little bit but no I mean I think we posted steep crop and we were 1718. Just happened and almost putted on Twitter I think when you're eighteen like Josh Peter you go to suburban I'm assuming largely all white high school you don't necessarily know the context of the white power kkk. If your tree turner. And you're going to North Carolina college North Carolina are you'd never meet Matt and openly gay person so you don't know the effects of gay sellers I think there is it could do lot of growing. Between 182425. So I totally agree dot. Despite thing is I just think to brush it off as a harmless talk. Is wrong because like an apparent homophobia as we've discussed on the show it's a big reason why I for example staying the cause I was almost 21 like used in a closet for a long time so many people do do well I really don't they like him once you're there for you were pioneer in the IP address we always give you credit for that. So just dismiss this as heartless can stop is also because these words do you have meaning attached. I simply lost a good conversation. Big Yankee Red Sox series for you to this weekend as well Bok I is going to be a frequent flyer at Fenway gonna go for all four nights. I'm not going tomorrow because this them. Tidy up I need to do down at Foxboro patriots move. So ask ballot check of our Urban Meyer will be around practice more often I think I may ask him that really and I hope. Still no I. I'll be at Fenway most. I get to most Sox yankees games it if you were to. By Google. Steve Buckley such yankees it's like to me it's it's it's the deal it's the best thing that I copper. Yes Christmas morning for every yes. Our rights as Steve we thank you for coming in Kelly Wallace is coming up. Under says break it's another addition of two outs. And welcome back to the show two outs on the phone mine right now we have Kelly Wallace she's the editor in chief of expanded roster Kelly how are you. I am doing well so why you came to our attention this week with your back and forth to Jon Lester each weeded out. Responding to the shot nukem entry turner. Resurfaced tweet saying appear on Twitter we spend five minutes it takes describe your counter anything you wouldn't want plastered. Next year face on the front of a news paper better yet don't say stupid things in the first place too many young guys getting burned. Hash tag the more you know you not a lengthy respectful exchange or John but what was the app primary issue that he talked with a tweet he sent out the. Yeah look the problem I had that but he said originally on and I look at it. I agree the ass out why. They actually but. The issue I have is that it that. I had problems aren't that people were getting client or is that yet it was to prevent people from. Trapping her statement duck out or Scott as opposed view the problem being the fact that what state that was actually incredibly well. I'm. Not that needy approaching it in and all herbal respectful way. I. You can see what the actual issue was I try to grapple without a little bit but I I ago. Expectations. Honestly. Any day responded you're at repetition sect come in a distant second as far as I'm concerns though he didn't seem to he seemed to see your point. Yeah I. Pretty shocked to be honest with you I mean it's not I think most is that expect saying it's not there on anything and I are really. Am I went over it after I bought that thing is he and going back and forward with a lot of people said that Leon that point especially. On herb dean or Pratt. The act that. Well it take credit. Criticism in the back and forth. On all that it would be someone like John pastor who pat that's our Asia and in the ball really a market Thatcher and meet our that it would be him to go and they are acting particularly. So tell I ate rig your tweets back and forth and I mulled the very point that you're making an error column about this herald a couple of days ago. The exact same point I mulled it I I turn the box a couple of different ways. And I considered it and I ended up reporting Lester is original tweet in my column. But didn't have an issue with it right and again I am not disagreeing rejoice your perspective. But what I determined at the end it was Lester was speaking. A buyout. Two different kinds of people. The area's 1617. Year old show on new government in entry turner and in Josh theater and so forth and and they are the people they are now. And having once been seventeen years old and have been guilty of all kinds of reckless and stupid things. As seventeen year old will and my dad died when I was fifteen so I would do a couple of years in which things are pretty easy for me so. I'll look at it through that lands on but. Those three guys were reprehensible as stupid and dumb and arrogant. And all of that. When they when they broke the tweets. And I'm trying. As best I can't give them the benefit of the doubt that they and I don't know that they have because it's easy when you get to a certain point is they all. I'm sorry I got caught so I get that but I'm trying real hard to give them the benefit of the doubt I think that Lester was doing. Was speaking to the people they are now as opposed to the kids that they weren't easy might look at this. Sure and I say that you know court people are able change I don't think most people are a person they are. When they were seventeen years salt content and it that we are caught saying things like that aren't you need that they're they're bigoted and rate. OK but we got our technology I agree. But I will say that I think than it up you. People the person you are now I'm and I think they all have a great opportunities that I thought treat turner but that the league gave. Great apology. I've seen indicate that he intended to work toward. Doing more for the communities that you spoke pick up that was really wonderful. I think I think yeah considered that they could be different people Allen. And that they might be great people now they might have learned from what it I think incompetence on that. It showed that to people not for us to. That app trio. In just be clear I'm not making that assumption I'm I'm I'm sitting back in my chair. Focused on all three of these guys in other guys moving forward because I think. All three of us are adults here and those listening. I think we all know this is going to happen again and because partly because of hubris people are gonna be naive to discredit. And not remember or forget an eye care or whatever what they've done in the past but. This is big jumping off point to what's going to be an extended discussion. I mean I would hope that it you know it you're out there and yours or conversation. Week wait I want to believe that. At least some people would be Smart enough maybe to go back and look. And made that I don't have tremendous act for any player. Went back and bouncing back and that it without being caught. I think that was. Yeah I was older brides actually the only cannot tell it probably I would absolutely not happy that it. But I I think that that happened I would have been bent it back or it. I tell you mentioned about the apologies Learning Tree turns in particular it was a good line guy is it's so I guess the question is what's the next step for Josh hater. Or shot Newcomb 'cause I'm kind of from box perspective where you know like you I think just saying no. The words are harmless is completely missing the point because the words are not promised harmless I mean I was closeted. And ties almost when he won that exact reason and resisted the feeling is that isolated right exactly like her we. All heard homophobic language and it's a big reason why wasn't who I am today you offered a large duration of my life and childhood. But I'll. Willing to saint now. Like Josh hater so appears to support his teammates seems like he's change what would you like to see that what would you like to see him do for you to say. It seems like they've they've changed his people. Com or I think the different between Craig turner apology. And say. Are all. Is that tree turn that it didn't matter and I that would make that the problem is that. Panic that's it I think it's different is recognizing. Obviously we don't know how all we don't go. That you young when your younger sometimes things are people ignorant in the eagle polygraphed. Saying. I'm but then again please tell us. And at different than just saying it what I that was not. Hey I was at different person went. On here is that you understand why the work and not like he caught. And let me repeat the out sports Stucco on peace this is ignored a couple of years ago was a College Baseball player. He. Was on gluten is the way I've raced it by the casual homophobia in the locker room. He he was battling with a sexual orientation he was closeted. He was grasping at how to deal with it when it c'mon how to come out in yet in his own locker room he was hearing. Again it's it's term casual full bureau workplace. And it got him to a point where he mulled suicide so. Amplify your point anyone who would say well that's his kids in its arms language and should use that language over time. Well yeah and they always use the example of patty wagon which was a derisive term. For the police wagon used to drive. Roundup the drunken Irish hooligans back in the nineteenth century. What that did the charm is offensive now. And you you can't use it in it we think common parlance back in the day well this isn't back in the day is this 21 century people have to understand. What those words harmless though they may think they are. Could be doing to someone's closeted in dealing with all kinds of issues. Clay and they are read about in the Washington Post out neighbor the article about trade tweet that typically was bad. Or about the impact that and baseball player are unique position of being well models but. Seen high profile presence that the public sphere so. The standard in terms of behavior and in terms of the level of impact your work on other people are certainly different I mean. You know went straight turner set up like at how many band the kids are get a company and our gay you know what to expect you to people who work at trying to it's our support him. Or you know to enjoy based. Off by the way how many teammate. And a teammate day. Exactly can we don't know what you're seeing me yelled out at you don't know how baseball players are closeted you don't know. So I heard language like that to just treat it that casually within Major League is all I keep that in reference the article and the on our sport you know we have no idea how severe the consequences could be potential. Yeah I mean that's the more I think about it the DOV CNET Josh Peter received from the largely white male crowd in Milwaukee which is a big point and hammer home is just so. The white they met more upset that makes me it's it's like he's treated as that act like you're the one who went there every as stupid tweets you sent for doc out that's totally the wrong mentality by. The way a lot of people have it if I get an aura if you. Zinni went out did George Streeter distanced himself from the applies I was looking for a I don't I don't think he did. Now he hasn't commented on it at all. As I was looking good doing it I was looking him say. No that was wrong I I I I I don't accept the stadium the ovation that I received in. It would that would have been appropriate yet speaks that mentality to victimization you're the victim because your tweets are the ones that were done purses you know focusing on what was actually set I tightened my must cause you would be. We go to baseball we spent a lot of time on this radio station talked about baseball popularity and how indeed reach other people all. I don't think these tweets help I mean Anderson there are made when these players were in their teenage years when you have a sport that lets face it has an older. They had peace you know largely a white fan base here and here in America up. I don't think tweets like these help what's your take on all that you think it matters. I do you think it matters aren't acting that well continues this great you know we want to bring in younger people wanna bring and you know like feel we want to bring in a new audience and the reality is that. You know people art that hurt and part of that audience and includes people of color is an include gay people and if you make a whole lot of the population feel unwelcome by not. Addressing something as simple as a pretty blatantly homophobic week you're doing a bit herbal cure all mention to expand the floor. It absolutely packed everything I think that. While the current Iraq situation being sort of the old boys club and seeing their sake. You know being buried at these app maybe in its. General they're so. I'm thinking that. Mr. it was getting hot. Look at the changes they don't wanna make it popular relevant. To people who were my major people there and. Kelly Wallace thinks that the coming on the show really appreciate it. Sure no problem and I think you. So thank you again for tuning into they know their wonderful addition of the two cuts podcast. Thanks again to Kelly Wallace editor in chief. Expanded roster for taking the time coming on the show today an elite been a little erratic this summer. With the schedule we'll get back on that biweekly schedule come the fall that you on the one month in the meantime. Find as WEEI dot com two outs we have her own page or the best way to find the shallow. Is to subscribe to our podcasts in the nineteen stores dive that means any new addition of the podcast. Look at downloading track teams library whenever it is posted are right for buck I'm Reimer sun and off to acting as soon.