Two Outs Ep. 27: Cyd Zeigler talks baseball players' homophobic tweets and Daniel Murphy

Friday, August 31st
On the latest edition of "Two Outs," Buck and Reimer chat with old friend Cyd Zeigler from Outsports about whether the slew of old homophobic tweets from baseball players discovered this summer have a negative impact on the game's image. They also discuss the Daniel Murphy situation, and how he failed to properly address his previous anti-LGBTQ comments during his introductory press conference with the Cubs. 

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And read where it's got two outs podcasts would. Curry the rambunctious way China mostly taught me the phenom Alex a rare. And the old time baseball do the six people who don't know what I'm getting the sixty who didn't know what B forum gave precision definitely wanna. Koppel VCs are definitely two outs which Buddy Roemer. Hello gloves mentioned that it. To that podcast happy Labor Day back we need. Of minorities but the problem is you were never around you while the you don't have time what do podcast Tuesday no like football banquet. On down here in New York that would Oprah no way I am nowhere I'd take no vacation time I'm always here I am going to die in this studio and added the studio that studio over there I'm going to die here I don't know if we talked about this before we get to human nose on the pod today but I just wanted to say you have made. Quite a comeback you're the comeback kid I am. Like I cannot turn the radio and now that you. Pontificating about something and quarter of spunk to her reasons why the months ago that this would be to catch your reasons for that number one there is literally nobody else our bench yours offers short at WB I and number two on the not to pay me extra to come and indeed it's so and that explains a comeback I have seen. If people think like in this industry out top talent is like no way down on the list in terms of what gets you on the radio got to be able to work cheap. And be available. That's what I did hear the big discussion. The other day about they would outlining how much money but he makes yes to relic complaining about fifty dollars an hour which I know you make double. Now what he's. That's what I was getting he said it on the air today that I many times yesterday yes we mean not that upset him. Very much so yes and Abrams I told them when I first started here before he became full time I mean half of which expert sites that you complain about fifty bucks an hour dropped. He's complaining about. C'mon now not a good look for a while on the deuce is stuff that people notice you also point out about the Red Sox which if any if the greatest student moments are never outs in that why didn't you know it's there and you missed his book and a book of news does. It it's cute but hey I'm ready for the Leibovitz and a Republican Bob Woodward's as Estonia also ticketed Mike can be busy fall for me yes on. We do it since England shirt and breaking out Ellen reads books once I live my new a series of WEEI dot com reading with agreement. It's catching on like you when police psychics like hotcakes at that I did enjoy. Your latest media call thank you finally get one it was Beattie. It touched on different points it it involved scholarship. It involved traits writing questions and answers. It was a real good effort achy but yes don't think big chill appreciated very much now to spotlight its attempt the re interview requests and got the nine every so when he and I do have got a victory. Wanna take with you for which CS with the so we were on WEEI last weekend you and I after the Red Sox right inmate Red Sox rays they were swept and I was making a point he couldn't quite seemed rapper had the Red Sox are in trouble in the buyout right. But they will still win this division does the offenses to guide well I think my point has been proven no I realized I didn't argue that point. Yes he did not what you tried to sell and I heard you do recasting otherwise yes on the morning show yes which left out all my points. And if I'd let that happen is if that was and here's a question like a bug and called life. I don't want it you can't win when you call I didn't have this now on the phone has never won an argument and his so I wouldn't that learned over the years never call in the show an anchor now to an exhibit were able spindle mutilate Yale and then go and do the trick hang up. It's okay. Semi yeah I don't what I thought it would do that and they party a total would cursed out ever I don't think so princess that track is they party hung up on you. And then to the listener makes it seem like the caller was so forming he couldn't respond right not knowing that the party hung up on. So you'd try to say that David Price is postseason pitching out that is a quote unquote smaller samples I'm starting to Paris it is couldn't be staring into the entire career wise you have to measure it in a vacuum. And you you we've added five seconds later I said. Curt Schilling a great postseason pitcher are you suggesting of course is. And then I pointed out that Curt Schilling has made twice as many career starts as David Price so you're wrong. On one hand and wrong and Elena but I was right on my point of this Red Sox team I think already you're not narrow after nearly video invite me and to have this discussion. And I heard you you you miscast might view that knowing because you couldn't hold due to two ideas your head at once about this Red Sox team at the stop and is good enough to beat up on terrible Marlins bullpen. About White Sox pitching staff. But com the playoffs this pitching staff the bullpen it's not good either hold on one division there's no doubt about that but today. I told the people sit ziglar and we are dealing with that argument at that stopped Olbermann. At that yeah. Good conversation and said we go over the Daniel Murphy situation with the Cobbs which is interesting because Murphy of course a couple of years ago. I say has agreed to gay lifestyle came out today. Eight we'd we'd nominees for them and he came out as a guy who grew up eating the right side in the group Massachusetts. That's coming out announcement that is that I think bigger than is coming out as the game went again and also find out you can educate him about the beauty of baseball which is dead on the court yes we need that suggested they go about sports is on top of Daniel Murphy eighties that tweets we've been seeing in baseball over the summer a lot of young players from Josh catered retreat turn to Michael cope act in others. To talk without also I thought it was interesting asking about what's going on out sports about the approval rate the proliferation of stories this summer and you see it all the time on that website about. Young football players in high school and college to come out and accepted by their teammates in which is I think it's so interesting because we are a's view applause from the cheese and you know did. My show and how accepting it seems anybody level 'cause. Era in every other level on every level it's always been amateur athletes who look upon the Major League athletes as the role models so I was a kid before. I never really small before it was made starkly evident to me that I wasn't gonna play Major League Baseball with such as the prestook applicable with the ball that. That you aspired to be. Mickey Mantle when Yastrzemski in the guys who big step Colfax with a big stars with kid. In a twist today its Major League athletes looking at school athletes and I believe very strongly. That it's a major happy to lower closeted not going tomorrow because of economic and religious and club Allison all kinds of other reasons. That they that and I know it reading this stuff that they read about the stuff that Sid. Always writes about it out sports. Let high school college up to coming up and and I'm I know in my belly that Majorly gap it's reading that. Are impressed by absentee assisted Zynga formats where it's coming up on the other side too outspoken re Maru be right back which said. After this. And welcome back it's guts podcast always a pleasure to talk to our good friend buck Sid ziglar formats Melissa said how are you today. I am sent out another gorgeous. Beautiful perfect day in Los Angeles. It's a nice day here in Boston we've got like 95 with a 100% humidity for the bulk of August but we're going down so. But California like weather for us here today as well I like that it's very poetic Alex I pay very well done yes. I tried to help pay for central air conditioning I do I have central area in my around. All I mean you don't have central air unit over if you have a window unit in Bagram yes as your conditioning situation a year and your homes it. Yeah. Good. And yet it. Yes on so much and I've spent we did so on this a few weeks ago but in the meantime we had a Michael culprit tweets or two or discovered which are also. Racist and some homophobic sellers and there is well on just over the past summer of course ever since you go back to the all star game with that Josh hater. We've had a slew of baseball players are not screw bees I mean these are up and coming guys hater tree turn to shine nukem corporate and mentioned. The most recent wind got a big picture speaking no said. My take is I don't think this is great for the game of baseball it's not a great block. You know to CDs tweets get resurfaced or what's your overall take on how this reflects on the game and dollar Eric you think reflects on the game. Kids there it is it's right and they say things that are idiotic. And that they don't think about and they have all of these words put into their heads by. They're big Brothers and better idiot coaches in Little League. And all of a sudden they get Twitter account. A state like most kids. These key hate baseball players don't say before today. Six. Typed something on their phones so. I've I'd be shocked if we weren't seeing tweets from 2012 when these kids were. 161718. That he idiotic things there's stupid kids. Yeah you know my take on this is that an idol giving you this is scrubbing. EE if they're gonna get embarrassed in a public form and then sort of right. But at the same time like I couldn't agree more in that. Are you don't look in your mirror. I I go back to not be so I didn't have the benefit what do we barely had it was collapse that was close to coming out injured seventeen T. And I noticed I was seventeen years old in 19870. Something. And I was in high school and I I know for a fact that I'd said and did stupid things now I was left leaning even then. But at the same time I I was seventeen years old now once a year maybe twice a year. Is part of my job Arab I have to interview high school quarterback a basketball player at the annual Thanksgiving game in the state basketball term and so forth. And I'm not saying any of these kids says anything to me that's preposterous least stupid. That I can't use in the paper but you know it's in the oven you know it's it's there and just just from the general conversations so. So now when these fully formed big league athletes. When these things get on current I'm willing to say OK that was stupid but no they shouldn't be. Held up to you know suspended have to apologize and all that stuff so well. Well I bought a mission policy. Yes of course but. But you know when I talk to professional happy to talk a lot about language in the law. And almost to a man. They tell me that they heard a lot of holes apple looks and apt word when they were in high school and in most. They hurt. Little or some of the college. And by the time guys get the pros that language is just erase their professionals. They're adults. They've figured out that these words are not appropriate to be say eight. In front of but the people so. I don't think that because he's to use these words and I remember when they. Same sex marriage wasn't legal. Acceptance was. You're way it is today so to take these tweets in these Major League Baseball has a problem days. Op I've certainly not. Making that we. Yeah and not also comes the point Q where you know if you're 1718 years old chances are these kids probably have never had never met an openly gay person you I think Andy if you grew up in an all white suburban town you may have not even come into contact. With many people of color you know growing up scene on a certain other contexts. These racial or so I agree can do lots of growing up from 1617. Today you know he early to mid twenties. I think today I think every every kid in high school has hesitated in high school but don't close I think it's. I think there are few and far between and frankly I think that most high schools today have. Gay athletes. That are that are out so. As you keep reminding us adults with stock come. I'm not a prospective for the plug IN TS I five or six years ago I would have said that but today. I talked to these kids. It's. There are so many out kids in middle school and high schools today I I think if you went to likely probably about. It is incredible because I graduated high school and 2011 not ancient history but even go back and casual homophobia was you know you heard lots of homophobic slurs at the once table you know at recess certainly in the locker room that you're saying that even in. Such a short Spaniard do you think it's changed considerably. I think it still hear those things you know. But what kids are coming out in in the middle of that and and tight because they think they have some coal bed the role model on television and it they have so many examples of people who are living their lives openly. And I think that their parents are just. Just more openly accepting as they're growing up. And they see more acceptance going up big just to deal with a much younger age that they can ignore the nonsense that the once stable and because they aren't as beat everybody does it is like a lot more that that we adults realize or believe that. Sydor is wondering I was talking to a coach who'd put a year ago and whose cross country. Any had an athlete that that never came out because it was just always understood like from the sixth seventh grade. That that the student was gay and was the outspoken about it but just like William Gay. And as the coach put me in general was a coming out announcement there was no rally that was ever speech there was never an email. It was just oh yeah we get a kid the cross country team its gay. If you run into that too that that that it. The coming up crisis is so muted as to be. Just buried in a day. I mean maybe a little bit but I I I I think it's. People still the expectation from the day you are Bullard on. Virtually every TV commercials for every article you read virtually every movie for every TV show. Most of the things that your parents say you're friends say your teachers say tell your straight. So there is this. Indeed I think that which people have it will have. For ever just say well no that's not I'm actually differed from. So are there kids who you know I remember Johnny Weir right Johnny weird. As early as 2006. Was the day as things EU had ever seen on ice gates and that's saying a lot and people are still waiting for him to make the big announcement and then when he finally did five years later he's he's said. And why on earth that I have to make this announcement did it the did did you choose I was wearing and the help locating allocating a tank top say that forming. I have a in when I was in junior high school eighth grade I was playing baseball how long to go up as well know what happened was Ethel Merman was signing. Copies of an album. As you would march in downtown Boston that was a big theater guy. So after the baseball practice I get on the Red Line at Harvard Square into what was called Washington street stock back in those days to Jordan marsh. And bought the album and at the government signed. And years later I tell my friends that story and they all say to a man they say you didn't know then. And so maybe I could save myself years and years and years of ideas produce this album next day class and got an oval with. Well I think you know and Allah when I was young QB if if you listen to Madonna and I listened to Madonna I mean it's getting guess what I can't speak I was decked. So I guess they did I could just about them because they'll. I was I was Brittany has a Britney Cairo on maybe that's and erase Noel. Daniel Murphy situations that you write about this a few days ago article title is Daniel Murphy makes things worse for this new message to gay cubs fans this is in reference to. His press conference he was oust his message to gay cubs fans who may feel. Apprehensive but really affirming he just said oh dear rates are you referring to and I what do you make of the overall Daniel Murphy situation. Don't go first of all I you know I I've I've never advocated people should be able to have a job to work or played baseball. Or coach or any of this stuff if they think that they have. These beliefs that they've been told since the day they were born. All by a bunch of people in a row. That that gay people are sitters in and blah blah blah blah and love the sinner hate the sin blow it. My issue with Daniel Murphy is. Yeah I'd bet that that press conference. Was just such. Hander. You know it here he is pleased that he's been been acquired by the and in four days is going to be a couple of big LG BT that was the first LG BT at longest running elegy beats it in all the Major League Baseball. And he gives this can't answer about inclusion which yeah I mean he must've been rehearsing with his publicist in the locker room before. And then when he says something up a copy just completely mocked the concerns. That people that gay people have. From a guy who contributes to beat the atmosphere in the United States that lead to LG BTQ suicide suicide rates. It's so it just it just did it is it just you're he would need all all he had to say it was. You know listen we all have differences of how we look at life and and you know we're all welcome to baseball in. I would hope that we would be able to you know. Cheer for the same team even if we look like to. But no he EDT he basis mocking. God little comment and so I just I just. Didn't. Billy dean in mirth have a little sit down a couple of years ago as he did his friend that that produce good results. I don't know what good results it is. It is produced data birch trees still has not talked since. Well let me let me jump in after that let me rephrase it at the time. I believe. Said at the time Billy said. Although I have a new Fred has named Daniel Murphy and he's been you know not a bad guy. In an am sometimes speaking strictly to that you're you're obviously updating us of what's happened since that I'm speaking to the moment. And that at that moment I'd I believe they're producing a good result. And at that we wouldn't let it be right I don't expect that Murphy is going to be and in pride parade on the on a float down the road. But I I didn't expect this to happen is what I'm saying. I have utmost respect for ability. He has we get better our hero of the year out sports a couple of years ago. We have covered extensively like I've said over and over in the most important thing to any league is done. Basically based well hiring Billy Beane. But I don't called Billy having it chit chat with Daniel Murphy and and then calling each other acquaintances or friends. As any kind of development I just don't and I did then. I don't now. That's that's the question I had is how you felt then recessed type feel now. And you this question it's fun. Yeah I yeah I just I I just don't see that as as progress and I just I just deal would mean yeah it's better did not. It's not getting anything back by the progress. But you mentioned you found to press congress to be pandering in canned answers a wet Daniel Murphy deep down still believes that homo sex Roddy is this an an as he putts and I don't agree. With the lifestyle did you wanna got to go up there and why how do you think that should be handled. But no lol first of all he clearly does metals. Up. No but there are there are ways you can say is that the question was all which use shape to gave up stands. Who are I think you're having trouble. You know rooting for the all he had to say it was you know I totally understand that that that my perspective is different from lot of cuts. And you know I hope that we can all cheer on the same team I really hope that I can subway represented everybody's cup again. Even if we just look like the but instead. He he did did you see his comment I delivered yes. And it was not the right yeah. There's a two year. Old GO easy Markey used even. That he and the way that it did just that boat to hear what it was a year duke went. So how it goes getting used to read on. Europe ought to be right so he uses its word that after what did you read you and I both associated. With the it elderly woman. Cute cute to mock the people legitimate concerns of gay thing. Yeah no absolutely did he did not handle itself on the gap and catch the elapsed dean's interview on six and you scored Chicago this week repeal was talking about how he understands the concerns the cubs at. You know some people may have by -- he really you know I'd had a look Daniel Murphy in the I news about inclusion did you have a catch saddened him what do you make of that to some GM covering. I didn't see yeah I mean. It's really hard you know it itself. Some point people will look at what Daniel Murphy says the same way they. Look at racism think yes it they will eventually. Say you know what the Bible isn't. But good enough reason. To say somebody is is is less. And view and that the Bible was you have been used that way to beat down women. Did beat down racial minorities to beat down all the religions for centuries and gay people would just get in the front. What that oil that's appoint a wandering up to like what if Dan humor between fifteen and say I don't agree with the African American lifestyle just don't agree with that lifestyle it's basically Sam McKee people and you're born into secure porn sting collars here right that's. To get analogy. And I you know I don't think there should be all the WNBA we have been you know according to my religious belief women should be at home and they should be in the kitchen. He'd be fired he would be in Major League Baseball right now becomes. The is Theo Epstein comments through we're interesting because he obviously chose he diplomatic path I guess would be the best way to put it. In day in day we're trying to win a pennant path. Now anybody in Boston knows that the ozone is is Dave is a real progressive movement born and raised in Brookline and and the whole bit and I came out those phone call I was attacks to that was a see at Fenway tomorrow night let's say hi at that once the whole bit. Seoul. EE definitely chose the eight diplomatic path here with mark these are at Merck provides offense for a team that needs some thump and is trying to win its. World Series again so. Well and they brought a guy who's. The may be the biggest choke artists in the history of the world and you and I guess the World Series we are screwed up you thought yeah. Let's just what that one game. It was an unmitigated. To factor is that what he's the number one reason the Mets did it with the world. Listen I have. I follow the Mets and today they were Mike has why because he picked them to win when you're in a dead no because I'll let you know it's not because in 1969. I rooted for the Mets because they reminded me of the Red Sox and I've been following them every sense of the excitement. And and I did pick the Mets the nose Ozzie gets a mean I thought I did pick the Mets to win the World Series in 2015 and they did go to the World Series. When everywhere it's a note and I didn't make the playoffs so that's the govern yourself accordingly Alex. But I also and I have two witnesses to this that in June or July of that year I said these eggs that an an a or beat number appear that wasn't my intent. But my exact words were you know Murphy's going to get the Mets the World Series and he's gonna cost the Mets the World Series I spoke those words. Three months before the World Series and that's eggs. I won't happen. The tape I want to tape. Now I said they pocketed Dan what she's and it buddy said in a damn right that's ceramic on my rate correct predictions too and I do have guys that can back up your predictions I saw what. Although I can predict I have I don't have to sit and hit it on the Italy yacht on this AE ST gray were of course that's ports or your lying any particular stories this summer any coming out stories you'd like to a director listeners towards. I you know I IIA I think that the stories we have about. Guys and in football is it in the United States football game it is it is going to be king for as long likens the and it's still is still the you pitted yet masculinity and and so of those guys that air force and and the power player talked to the these guy at the ballot in in college football in big time college football. You know I'd like to those those stories. Excellent Sid ziglar format support our way one would think a certain city or by you Red Sox dyed his World Series prediction comes true I'll be seeing you in October what's. I well I don't know who have moved there the Dodgers but it is. Our. It really you born and raised in new England and you've you've become one of those like this is well I don't I don't talked a new team. All I have it and I I have become bored though. All when I was kid I I hated the Red Sox can do a bunch of choke artists. And I would never going to bed. About hitting number six in the 1986 World Series game six. Is assuming that I was gonna catch hell the next day. And in school and to my wonderful surprise the Red Sox for the Red Sox again I I hated the Red Sox. Now we're you know well that. But the date date date they've. They've broken all that so I don't I don't clients and. They've done since that bottom tunnel where you war and three championships come off with pay. I don't I don't I don't hate them I don't I don't recollect what that title of baseball so it is a but city eulogy bass boat. We we must have a little sit down and need to educate you abused a baseball at some point. Yes to go. Always nice to put all the weaponry so like it when this never mind that by our rights said great to catch an episode is a fact you sued him sort. I. And thank you again to Sid ziglar for joining us on the show this week it was great to catch up with him and it was great to catch up with puck was kind of the giants another fantastic addition of two outs as well. You want to. Listen to the show each time it's put out the best we do that as you subscribe any iTunes store. And then a new addition of the two it's podcast it's downloaded into your iTunes library and numbers posted in the lead they review when you're there as well we also are on WEEI dot com slash. Two outs for puck a dreamer so long talked decent.