Ty Anderson's Bruins Breakdown, and we talk some Winter Olympics

Mut at Night
Monday, February 12th

Villani and Ty Anderson kick things off by talking some Bruins hockey and the playoff outlook, coaching, and we get into hockey in the Olympics, as well as curling, snowboarding, skiing and more.


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Final hour Chris quiet time Anderson with take him until 10 o'clock in the late night. I feel your body mind on FaceBook kind of describe ally in the hurling watching hurling it like the first minutes and a doll. By ten minutes in its ad he put too much spin on that rock. By thirty minutes and it's you get three and a house that tiger to protect you though year right for his role. And the nine empowering you to screw screaming sweeps. And it's. Pretty much. It also modular. I'll watch hockey team which is kind of weird is known and talk but now it's funny punishment and that you wanna talk a little hockey you're obviously. Erstwhile gumshoe on the Bruins beat four WEEI dot com. I was at the hockey hall of fame for the first time about a month ago will last month ago actually. And I was talking all kinds of trash to the guy who is selling in taking the tickets at the turnstile there the front gate. For no reason whatsoever he seemed like a perfectly nice gentleman in did not instigated whatsoever to be being obnoxious American. And I told him the Boston Bruins this year right here now are Stanley Cup contenders. And I think used to too polite to these Canadian argue with me but do you buy into that notion third best team or terms of points. Third highest point total in the NHL team gets in games that he and on Tampa. Do you buy into that notion. I do I do you buy in because I think the east is so I hate that can't get the best of yeah and I you can't have. I think he says so. Average at best that. There there are few teams I really think the Bruins struggle against an a seven game series and by that I mean they would meet them it would be deeper in the playoffs I think. Look lightning big matchup well against them so I'm not we're lightning leader not a lot of people aren't the best team in hockey. Rightly so but I think the Bruins have historically matched up well against him today so I don't worry about them. Of the team that scares you would beat the Pittsburgh Penguins and Washington apples to teams that bad. It played all the capitals destroy the Bruins are trying to play them and that the penguins are looking like the penguins of the last two years or one cent a cup final and was that they have their footing again. You wouldn't face those teams theoretically until the third round of the playoffs which if that happens this season is a success no matter what right. So but with all that nine A do you think that in seven game series this team has a scoring the depth and right now the biggest thing the goaltending to take him far. Looking at the trade deadline you know it's easy to say. This team should be a buyer because if you're believing in them as a Stanley Cup contenders I think we should be at this point then you should believe in them to the point of investing in a team I mean that's what it's all about you get to this point is UT good enough to investigate or not. In the knee jerk reaction is yes they are. The Dniester republic around the roster. And you start to look at. The lines that you're not gonna touch and the guy is that your going to keep intact you know the you know Ari made clear that. Certain young pieces that have been integral parts already this season are unavailable. Is there any realistic move to be made. Without completely upsetting what has brought the Bruins to this point of being worth investing it. Went and got the big question that Sweeney has sort of wrestle with here for the next few weeks I think. That if you're looking at 88 actual upgrade for this team I think it has been left side of their defensive unit. In a grizzly has been good Torre crew has been great and char is is chart. You know but and I think that there's a little bit of concern in the back of their minds that they may need another guy there and come playoff time. When teens become more physical when the in the action you know sort of heats up if you will I don't know necessarily want to five foot nine defenseman in there and I think grizzly and crew of an amazing. But I do think there is that philosophy in the back of their mind and and when you think about that the one player that readies her pop so to me is. As Ryan McDonald New York Rangers the Rangers are obviously selling. Be done as a captain. As a lefty left side defenseman yes yes turn left on his current contract so so he can he'll he'd be here more than just a rental. The same time. He's a very wanted man this yeah woody woody apartment exactly that's thing at eight you would have department won a high standard Heineman and ordered brusque not out exactly and then you talk what I wanted to happen. He talked about a first round pick which is whenever. It's the bruins' win it sent late twenties first round pick anyways to have an prospects for a deal. But then I think you're talking about one of your high end defensive prospects I'm not Mac VoIP obviously but you're talking about. The moral. Or Jerry meals on they have some that's not a guys as well it would not not in the the pro hockey rink set when it's rinds and Otto. Or outright Fredrik you're talking about significant pieces. No matter how you slice it and also trying to bidding war I know the Maple Leafs have looked at a time and a lightning able pennant on as well. I mean this is a bidding war dealing an Atlantic Division that's in drive drive the price. And it's for the Rangers you know Jeff Gordon you sort for the Bruins I don't know if it is really wants to help out his old team that kitten of the curve repeater trailing back in 2006. I don't know if that's case I gonna sound surprised and this kind of goes back to your point about just getting say you get into the final four you're looking at this is a successful season. How quickly this team. Has come together and they're doing it so you know so much under the radar relative to the Celtics it seems like are in the spotlight constantly. And we give Brad Stevens a lot of credit for the way that he was able to. Integrates and young pieces of really remake the team I mean the Celtics. Los all the four players from a team that won the key three games last year including your driving force that got its quick thirty point game. And they're better and building for the future. The Bruins have done a lot of the same things but in a different way than have a massive roster overhaul. But integrating. Some of these young guys with Chara who speedy guys in other sports it's Graham Brady gets a lot of credit for being a forty year old Eagles wondered what we're seeing that from Zdeno Chara as well. Could the Bruins. Had a lot of parallels. To what we've seen with some of these other teams. Are definitely and I and I think the biggest thing here is that. They had a point where they realized they couldn't continue to surge is buying and by and by and essar at a certain point had to say okay. You know or gonna play the young kids and if they if they suck they suck and we'll figure out from there I think I got us an Aries a little bit reluctant to do in the past. And also their prospect pool wasn't as strong as it is now and that's that's a big in this that are recognized name address has been Sweeney's sort of number one birdies this took over as GM is is fixing the prospect pool tonight racing these players and I think at the same time. You know Cassie had a summertime meeting with all of his leaders he had meanings of Bacchus and preachy and Bergeron he said listen. You guys may have to take a young player under your wing and and might not be the best thing. You know for the first month or two of the season but you have to trust me that's going to work and that we're going to find places for these kids. And I think you've seen that crickets and a great job with the brass. I think back this place a pint and really really well I think that these players they dinners they didn't receptive to the sort of challenge from Cassie that could be. To be leaders in every sense of the word and I think right now Irish net pay off on all four lines for this team which makes you sort of hesitant. Are reluctant to make of massive shake up and really change the picture of the steamer out. By the way just they had a quick College Hockey note the northeastern Huskies twenty minutes away. Three goal lead 41. A three power play goals in the second period that is a pretty good period the do you penalty kill is not getting the job done let's go to the phone 6177797937. Chris in plain bill. Wants China and on the Bruins it's possible post season thoughts guard Chris. Hey guys basically it has to do with the Bruins really. Pleasantly surprised that fact well they came out of the game indicate with the new kids. Barry even mostly has to do with the fact that they've been able to play. Hockey at both ends of the guys even the new kids one of the things that bothers me and it's time. Wearing it had a little bit about as a team because they're young and they have little undersized in every light on their stick. I know that might sound like a weird statement but you can see at along the boards sit in there there is at the puck stick and not expect fairly easily. If they're not running lake a bunch of bugs look at satellite. They're they're gonna struggle that every team except that play it become more physical. And these cute I don't know they have physically that next level maybe speed wise but not physically and and and having a light stick in the class citizen is not that aspect took arrest the other final thing as. He has had trouble raising the levels hit game and the play ask. He's got an amazing regular season he's one of Batman before it's not about out of the plays when everyone else is just hanging out. It's when the race the play and anyone else phrase is can he raise says. I'll have respectfully wait for this end of the season but that's just what a sight I hope they do that thanks guys. Appreciate phone congress. So go and that's what he's saying about that as Khaled I think that there're there're certain players they have that are built for that. I think to brusque as one of them had a shift against that the sabres last weekend where he. Straight let me read just. Physically donning plays to keep the puck in the attacking zone. Throughout the rest the roster though he has appoint a sense that that you're talking about players to please their speed or smarts. To get the puck and recovering go that way so that is one of the things that I think is a real threw for this team. I'll add that with that mine and in the game is getting faster I think we look at sort of who their project a playoff opponents would be the Maple Leafs are speed based team they have some grip and the Bruins can't match. As fashion their bottom six I would say. And had a band in this team. You know they have Ryan Callahan and Chris cannons but for the most part there a sort of skilled based team as well is there anybody in the conference any mention you mentioned Pittsburgh at the beginning but he just feels so wide open it does it does I think I think that Pittsburgh they have to defeat it right now simply because it doesn't before talent the patriots surplus you'd patients and to be sure. Until proven otherwise you know I think that's the way it is Angel and a lot of ways for the penguins so. I look at baton. I think that they are the biggest challenge that it's in their way. I didn't talk much heavier teams though the Bruins wouldn't theoretically run new problem in the Eastern Conference with such and such a situation until. The second finals which would be against the Anaheim Ducks and in at the doctrine make it because I think that's a team that plays a really heavy game that's tough for the Bruins play against. I will say that's the Bruins have allowed a lot of high danger scoring chances lately. Which may come back to your defense not being that the toughest if you will or the year before it's not supporting them. As well as they should allowing seven power play opportunities as they did last night is probably the best way to go about an hour now and that created AK kill the Moffett yes Bart but. You know there's something about he needed sniper out on the way to Billy about the exact in there helped Drew Stafford flat. 96 for four is a big guys from the net he can kind of do what he had with Leach teach not is not a stronger as physical as Lou teach but he can do that he. Good majority Aries if you will score some some greasy goals. The same time though I I do think that they liked what they have right now and I think I would be hesitant to add another big bruising Biden's line up. Because oddly cast he wants to play casting is very up tempo likes is his office Jared from the points it's tough for me add another sort of marker prior to the Nixon from the Bruins. I just see too many. Things that I don't wanna break out here in ally and look at the way the first lines playing legally the third lines playing. You know you're getting more on that fourth line and you had been a long long time. I'd just unwilling to. Take the U wanna ponds on any opportunity away championship especially just said in the conference is so wide open. Like you look at it team that is not only playing well now looks like it is is building towards something going forward to next year so. Well not dismissing you know opportunity to it to make some noise and you know who knows maybe make a surprising run this year. I wanna see them do anything that takes them out of that long term focus matter. Yeah I think and that's a big events are considered here I think the Bruins windows truly a year to two years away I really do I know char is getting up there. Bergeron only if a few more years left of his absolute Ryan you imagine. But at the same time I just think that you have to sort of Davis. Delicately if you allow I don't wanna shorten the window and found on Sweeney I don't wanna look at and say OK well our window is really about three to five years. But we should go for now on make it you know two to four instead I think that's a little slow tricky I think it's especially now hard cap legally NHL. You know you gonna have to pace and these young kids eventually they keep playing like his have to move some guys I think they're very much still in the phase of figuring out who was part of their future core. Who is potentially going to be the odd guy out by trade like Blake Wheeler wasn't 2011. You know eat you need to sort of see this play out with some playoff experience some these young guys so. I don't wanna touch it I don't want to take minutes away from from Nebraska Heineman to play Patrick maroon or play. You know Michael Ratner Rick Nash and these these trade deadline positions are these players rather be you have to be aware position and and what the opportunity in front view is at the same time even that Akio and by the way. I'm not an urban taught you not been occupied her answer on how well Elliott problem I've always been a Montreal where it's men's power around most of the time it's yeah right up there. And in. Into rock fun place although Bruins fans of a certain age. If you are. Maybe a little bit too young to remember the Celtics. In the sixties. The most dominant franchise you'll ever know probably. Is the 1970s Montreal Canadians. And there's an entire room and tired dressing room which is devoted to. The Canadians and if you are again go late early fifties you know grown up hockey in around here they probably ruin your childhood. And you'll just relive that will be a flashback to all of that because it's a huge room and it's nothing by. Kitty stuff and racquet you know the banner is in Philly they lost three times the entire decade since there's a lot of honoring of the Montreal Canadians there but it's great Peru and stuff too and I quickly found. On the actual the Stanley Cup the little on the lower. Its depend on what side you're on whether it's on the right left it's on the towards the bottom of the 2011 Bruins. It names carved into its articles of clothes I'd happily like go to Toronto you guys see you out there to do that now begin August. The restaurants are off line Porter airlines I've no idea how maddening why Porter airlines Porter airlines by the way should take an at this point it got so much advertising in this slot because Gil right. He's actually on Gilroy is on a Porter flight right now it's about the touchdown from Toronto to Logan that's no lie on his way back right now to come and host the show. By Porter airlines they fly the those old school they're not old but their Q4 hundred bombers with the propellers on either side the kind of fun. And yet the Porter lounge. All the food and beverage at any kind that you would like and then once you're airborne although it did why in the Beers they are flowing they are all included all free. You just help yourself I mean I had a pilot's plane since 2000. Then this is the purple entirely ours if he had that plane into Ireland you while you can. Take a boat I guess the Titanic turn to a solid might. And we got here all kind of going backwards and forwards lol well yeah it is a good one to also dipped their toe back in the water because you've lied about when he 5000 feet these planes can't go much higher than it had. And it's like an. Our two point after considerate that's not considered Porter airlines man if they don't take out if they don't start sponsoring money at night I don't. Don't know what's wrong with them there in plenty of free pub as it is all right 6177797937. New business venture bird Tom Brady would get it back coming up next mixing your phone calls as well between now at 10 o'clock. Chris Ronnie Tai Anderson with due for another half hour until 10 o'clock do we get to this new apparently. Is this venture bird Tom Brady in a mutual partnership with not one would have guessed the first. Jonathan Karl what's chime in on Porter airlines and party it for me to. Take away any airtime from future sponsors so John go ahead. Kurt sorry can do woman. While the Porter airlines sought and got down seasons and once in awhile and what you described. Actually 100 and century to. 1950 lounge. Of course URL on the airplane bomb here is what the airplane. Okay I'm at the Bob and everything got the drop the bombs out of the bomber. I'm just won't vote what I read on ya and structure manual and it's you know Dunham. She advisory that was the case Evernote. You never know what yeah it. It is it that airport is the best airport editor in chief quiet ride to downtown Toronto. And you're literally five minutes away from our policy in the point it's ink I only watch if you wanted to. It's it's unbelievable. My question Christians I've never been there but my wife says it bought senior experiences in Toronto. Well it is a place where my karma coming out called the rapture now. I'm out there. Now I've not been there I've bend to a few spots around Toronto and I've not been there. It is by the end of Q4 hundred bombardier he was ranked about that PM on Porter airlines and the Porter lounge. If he's alive or affable guy now we're talking more about it at all my goodness began yeah that's Wayne's saw. That's a cool like you bomb planes I was on the nicely since 2008 no. No I don't have you flown recovery Bruins games. Now just in the car we don't gas up the WEEI jet to send you anywhere now now we just flew Bradford got a spring training all the units playing catch. Listen I got henin made his case come on a billion preacher of the choir dagger that aren't there and I am wrong guy right now well if you don't like that maybe could jump in with Tom Brady in Michael Strahan because they have. A brand new start up media company this according to report on techcrunch. They're new media companies call the religion sports hopes to raise three million dollars in venture capital with the goal telling sports based stories. They can challenge ESPN in the battle to produce original contents are reading this from WEEI dot com to techcrunch. Was the first one to reported they're gonna be joined by none of the Gotham Chopra. Who is of course producing Tom vs time and by the way the whole way the approach that commerce is time thing they weren't even. Thinking about the idea that the patriots might not win the Super Bowl. They they delayed parred six because Gotham Chopra said they had parred six ready to go but it was based upon the patriots winning the Super Bowl. Don't like the rest of us basically what they abouts against Jacksonville. Allison and they were losing in the first half wasn't out of the realm of possibility managed and you know you can't you can't just win every game imported nothing would they had to redo the entire series at apple like what do they. What are what are they lost in in the first round of the playoffs and may be delayed it has been delayed legged like it is now. We never thought they would lose ever so we passed a do you think there are those ever know but if I were producing late for example. When I was on the real post game show right after. You had the you know the rejoin those things here like calling now that the line. Whatever story line is going on Josh McDaniels the rivalries back on this things you hear all the time new cheesy they usually poorly written but we love them. There was one immediately ready to go the patriots ball to the Eagles in super why because you do it ahead of time. Yeah and somewhere presumably there. Wherever the in patriots Super Bowl championship T shirts get sent. There are also some liners at the your home of patriots Monday and Friday and a six time Super Bowl champion. And you have those ready to go in advance why would you just produced two episodes. Or two birds agreed to retire get episodes which is. Endings are versions of it and just work in that footage at the end one if they win when they lose. I guess probably. Space on. I think there is a message that it's the Tom Brady controlled message if you will save par after every shoot some of the things they're gonna say or do and and you go from there I mean it is as it is it's it's his endeavor you know means I plays a leagues you know the league could. Legally happy to show you know might dub version of history losing his mind but you know it is a brief producing he's gonna wanna try to limit that. Yeah a little bit more buttoned up I suppose but anyway Gotham Chopra is going to be joining the Michael Strahan and Tom Brady it sounds like an odd. Partnership. But the Jesus over the quote I think our very first meeting he shared with media idea of religion of sports and I was hooked immediately. Brady wrote with an exclamation point over the next few years got the ninety T the conversation that friendship evolve very naturally from there. This is a funny and you pointed this out tighter in the the break Strahan who works as a cohost at Good Morning America told techcrunch traditional networks are dying breed. In my checked for your dying hand of like biting the hand that feeds him. And down Brady a valid today challenging the networks is gonna take time it's that are that are that are. But he said in general I think the most authentic and emotionally engaging storytelling. Will rise to the top and one of the things that you think of the players' tribute for example. These first person accounts. You know you can uses a platform to break the news is obviously you had a being the direct source before it's getting double Borges realm but you know. If you are the source you can go ahead and break the story yourself so there is eight draws the air and so opt in where kinda desperate for that peek behind the curtain as that's why the Tom vs time thing does so well because you're getting. Sort asides and images of Tom Brady that you didn't get. That's why something like this has the potential to work it does appeal to me though the more that these build up the TB twelve brand Tom verses time now. The other religion sports this thing. Not the Brady's done but you can tell he has won I solemnly toward that post playing career I that's very much something it's on his mind now. In a way that wasn't even. Two years ago. And it's just an interest eSATA Brady it's it's he's kind of gearing up it's almost like he wants he softer landing when he finally does decide to walk away from this. By having all of these ventures to maybe take attention away from the fact that he's accurate up to the jets at the golf. On Sunday and that's a real pain he's Kemp talked about that the pre answer poll shows he's talking like regional what is what's gonna drive you after is that I'll. Yes I think he has you know he has hands intended from highs basically trying to figure out what it is that he's gonna wanna do I mean. And business idea I mean it makes sense Scania as a way. Again kind of controlling the message if your player and now on I got a certain story out there that means something to you this is an avenue which you can do that you know I think that's. That's something that a lot of these players and he's attribute for the players reunited so. I I like it. I don't know how successful and indeed because of the players Venus sort of already known and established yet in and I think at the same time you're seeing ESPN is trying to do their part to kind of keep up with this for the sixties and more the behind the scenes if you will. And ounces of what a player doesn't and who he is so. They got competition here you know this is can I join in the party few years late in my opinion so. Listen there's if there's a guy can make it work its product I'm very happy now yeah well you know dying breed it's one of these things threat I do you think that he could make it work. Just a matter of on account of time can you truly devote to this given. The fact a year age still playing the NFL and be you have year you had your TV twelve sports senator you have all these other things here so. AA could worded it could also just be a disastrous flop in ever now. Yeah and I don't think it's pretty clear outing Brady's on the verge of retired earning the expected impact I expect his contract will be extended this offseason it equals C. Money moved around the dissimilar fashion that tap in the past couple times we could probably sit out a routier's and what he's given Jimmy rap no kidding kidding kidding. Bill bill extend his contract and a similar fashion to what they've done a couple of times already allows teams save some money on the cap. Gives Brady a little bit more money in terms of salary is supposed to bonuses etc. and then you heard the other way actually but you. Get it all guns that everybody ends up pretty happy by the time all said and done here but it does seem like Brady has a pretty. Solid plan for life after football and I remember talking to some people over the past week that were saying well. Is there a deal in place where Brady will keep working for. You organization after the fact and that's why he's not taking as much money now to get paid to be a consultant or coach heard something for the team after. I think Brady is going to be a stranger in Foxboro ever obviously he's gonna identify himself as a patriot but. I don't see him as the type that's going to be clean to the sidelines after he's done with this it seems like he wants a very active vibrant. And diversified post football life. The at a fan and I think this sort of I don't see Brady ever being the front office guy. I mean I W I I never seen in jima the GM of the patriots now. So it's like OK got to find somebody I go to LA around exactly that's that that's exactly don't think I'm you know he's not that kind of guy. I don't know who wants to do TV because that seems almost Brady who need it and I would you rate. And in you would be terrible yes I honestly think you would be terrible attic because he is knee jerk reaction is to praise everybody. And you can't do that and any and that's not just him a lot of former players running into that challenge I think a Magic Johnson. Just soul. Unbelievable. League hat always smiling always around one of them and that's why he can be a personality. But at some point you gotta criticize somebody and he's not the only wanna watch and Brady would fall in the match you know. Arab nobody will ever be is that Tony Dungy. In my opinion and in terms of guys who get this he's bad he's really bad out any EO's Larry you don't believe what he says because you know that he's not. I he'll never go against the colts no matter what might open up percent against the Seahawks and things like the colts and they did it is no possibly technicals this matter yeah. Those and all uneven playing as a matter like Dan Fox is also turtles well you know that similarity is that as those to play he wouldn't you no I agree and an oddest thing. Part you know I spent a portfolio make yourself an empire you know I mean it's funny things or it does and he's gonna have money coming in if football allies for the next hour to three years probably at least I think two to three years to say that. Two is it safe bet for me pushing it beyond that would be eaten. I would hesitate. Music barring. Barring a catastrophic injury. Are like torn ACL or torn shoulder at some point he's just not ambulances. I nobody he's so he's so damn Smart and he doesn't rely on the eighty yard bombs basically right I think he theoretically could be Vinny Testaverde planes and he's what 44 you know 45 any ably be as effective as he is now probably not but. I think that you still be capable you know I admitted that is a matter of you know you you're building your empire now before you you necessarily need to you always a Smart move just. Like I said I don't know if this is the right time to to sort of start this but. You know aside any bad. Are you wait another year bull you know the questions are going to be is Brady already setting up for life after football team is focused as he needs to be at setter it's that are. These are the kinds of things I'm worried about. I was getting worried about Brady skipping OTAs and I was only a real story for like eight hours. These are the kinds of questions I think it'll pop up with this new. Ventured out his religion is sports thing that he's gonna do apparently Michael Strahan is quote to from Brady traditional networks and brands have so much experience attraction in the storytelling space. I see most of them being major leaders for a very long time to come. I think some new players will definitely continue to push them exclamation point. Easily excitable lot and actually but that's the kind of analyst the Brady would be. You have some washed up over the hill player in front of him for some random you know browns jaguars game that he's doing on a Sunday afternoon. And you to say you know. Traditional players like whoever get there's still going to be they're gonna have a lot of traction experience and they've done so much in this space for a long time that's might be bad. Yeah everything to be positive they're gonna be good note that. You aren't positive and now I like it but I don't think it sells in terms it some poignant criticized. Mr. And he probably wouldn't be broadcasting for teams successful when he played for so therefore. You know and again at some point to say this is an edit the don't think he'd be willing to go there. I 6177797937. We'll wrap things up on the other side. And that take up to the start late night at 10 o'clock Chris Lonnie Tai Anderson with a sports hernia WB yeah. A few minutes left here. I definitely think the lose for solutions out come on ski jumping against over I think the woman from Germany one. She seemed happy used. Chemicals that make sense Belushi like a better spectator sport that's also I terrifying I think now. Yeah that that's let the bad guy you know like. I. Glad I was at a practice run that was in those of Vancouver games associate. That was think Hoover was associate meteor right effect that we don't know when someone died doing the sport tells me how terrifying it truly is that can happen any time in and it looks like and you're going eighty miles an hour. On a slant and you shoot half. And you Kenneth Starr yourself like your little kid in your backyard after evil that the snow pile up the back deck he can I get their hands going in the east air line. When one correct it was Vancouver was think Hoover was them from Georgia right. Is left seems like Camara touch ideally something along those lines exactly and that's what we're learning unrest he had not. I don't know liar and I mean he's very sad story gets that fire remembered by. Yet it's terrifying terrifying and always wonder how did you decide to do that a first time testing accident. You have to leg tried to work went into the icy make no such a lot of fun tonight can I make money doing this and in the speaker. How do you decide I always wondered now I've watched that woman at the garden who's writing the unit cycle and flipping the plates up onto her head. Think she's amazing and and that's incredibly hard but how do you find out you're good at that has a chance if they riding a bike how does any idea how does it. That that's the only way you're writing a unicycle. And somebody just shot an entire place that at you. And next thing you know your K again today a Seymour you know what there's a market for this act like halftime at TD garden. This could actually work some attractive physically harm you gonna turn into a career path there that you can't you call the bulls on your head I can't that happen to me Sonny tries to harm easily just get hurt. Yeah that's on current events that sound worse for most people and so are you going to be watching the Olympic hockey at all in your big hockey guy open net no NHL players out. You know mention Iowa team USA obviously because the Bruins angle with with the not a being there I'll also try to catch seventeen Canada games Chris Kelly is is the captain of team Canada former Bruin. Barbara and third liner to Muslims are there any other old timers that are out there. You know not it's not as many heat now. Younger I don't believe is playing Czech Republic. And then. Germans in low chain don't these guys armed and team can I was kind of hoping you're gonna see one of those players may be other be perfect ending for gamma. Obviously is not picket sign this year bank NHL teams though have been great to see him go off on the bases routine Canada. Obviously is a great Canadian Olympian for very long time but he's not doing it. Yes and I'll mind my interest is is rather low unfortunately and mine is non ID if you don't have you know on the best players out there I'm not. I would not watch the luge right now but I know those are the best hoosiers in the world. Dad they'd they do look like this is terrifying sport I could never I'm afraid for them yes it really looks terrifying at Emily Sweeney American right there. They got up so you know I would net I I just I. And it sucks to say because at the Olympics in such a huge part of hockey you know since I've. This the first without a pro players than 941 other thing by the way the hockey I'll stand and it's kind of weird actually they had these giants. Map on a wall and I'll. The concept is year in the future here in space or something like that. And they tell the story of hockey through the international game C click on your country or whatever country wants and then you can learn about. There's a whole section out in eats he all the teams that have are apparently one point hadn't. International Hockey League went to Mexico at a team apparently they did there is a Mexico Jersey with Thailand to really beat Thailand at a team. Apparently they did all of these lockers it's a really large part of it because. Unlike. The other three sports he basketball's becoming more global but hockey truly a global game and in so many ways its biggest moments of the find itself on the global stage. Maybe something unexpected happens in this turn meant that becomes and really memorable and something to look back on and I don't see TJ oh she moment or that that gold medal game that you referenced round two Olympics ago. Happening this time around it seems like it'll be very forget. Absolutely and especially I think that the time difference doesn't help. And as an doesn't help in these Olympics and sign in Helmand Tony's point to either so I mean it's financial players wanted to be there that are the NHL one of their guys there then yeah exactly exactly so I don't know I gonna happen accent the biggest market in the world and elite eight year clearly trying to get to you via. And I mean. Let's have a works it works but I got to release he would see I had a Jersey. It it cannot yell yeah there's a Jersey there are each on pace to be team Japan and NHL ninetieth Japan Asia and I feel like any country could think up. Had DA had a Jersey had something there I wanna say there's a South Korean team actually Eric Eric create folders every team in this Olympics ever he rocky I unified team yeah there's a North Korean athletes on their tail yet it was retirement alzheimer's I wonder I don't know if he has not that Richard part was and all the NHL players from South Korea ordered his plane I don't paddock how is it. All he supplant. Five at least 89 years ago I saw it and he would have to be I in his mid forties now clear that woman just went flying through the air terrifying. How is she even alive that it's awful. Don't like yeah achieve wiped out pretty good so hopefully I just go down the rest of the track is wiping out well in the day there's a lot of momentum there you know it's gonna stop on a dime so. Now looks like she's okay and then their right onto the next want to go just a shot plate when the valley steel Cameron's car ferry spew his day off yesterday. Can they kind of yet they kind of slow motive there were she's flying off the flat out misled yet yet she's dominated over the camera and just coming into frame it that cattle plate that. A quick call for yadier is Jeanette in Southampton wants to weigh in on the Olympics alleged that. I ally it'll. I want to touch base on you lump sum I sat gentlemen and I when he Vienna raft that was pretty add. I'm glad outside of the sports unit. I watched you on the black these are. NHL. Which I. The amazing. It was stupid or else plane Nike. Actually stepsister and want it than that and calculated that one yesterday. Like late at Korea Atlantic but USA and eat. Yeah I think it's us something about that and that's and that's really. What drives the Olympics right it's a sporting event but it's a giant pageant I just Billy you're more those great stories in the summer games to get a lot of rags to riches stories in the winter. Not a lot of impoverished kids grow ski jumping. But he nice they did though. Yeah it's not really one of those great includes sprint is that big hills right around it is go down. Rather trashy Arlene and had there only Ewing three bodies that try to bobsled you can be there right now. I watched core earnings once as a kid does that count and what did you make a last month accounts and contracts at underscore tie intercede and be sure to get the folly get a aberrant column coming up tonight Ariane touch on some more we talked about tonight with the trade deadline targets excellent and what they shouldn't shouldn't you are you check that out and WEEI dot com. I can find me on Twitter at Chris Maloney 44 I'll be back I think Friday night patio Dave fantastic job as always have a great night everybody we've got late night come anyway next.