Uh-oh, the NFL has a ratings problem

Mut at Night
Thursday, October 19th

Mut and Keefe are talking about the report by Albert Breer that a topic at the NFL meetings was the declining ratings, which are down even in comparison to the 2016 ratings. So what is causing the decline in ratings and how could the league stop or slow down the decline?


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She's mod nine. We know how important this responses from our licensees. It's important for us also so we don't hear back. And we certainly are great comfort understanding issues. We want to make sure they understand our perspective what we're doing an effective if they can help us we want them to help us we. Yeah. Hello Ali shell off the plane went to did touch vehicle punch in the numbers. This wouldn't put into the penalty for it. First down at seven. The latest games and this. It's now here's my. Talk Sports Radio W we. I've ever done a cut up on an I football a year ago remains one of the few if not the only national announcer who is that dared to talk about the ratings. In the National Football League during one of the games and I think that's in general I don't think you're getting. Jim answered Tony Romo are these guys talking about the ratings are off the broadcast they are once again. Front and center are in our lives for a couple of reasons Mott at night's Sports Radio WEE I rich keep it here. And you guys spent a lot of time talking about this today credit. The latest version of this side never ending saga of the NFL and their ratings not to Donald Trump in this case but Albert freer. On the and then QB he has a long story posted today at that website of victory here to second. Which essentially reach details of knowledge that ratings are down. They're down pretty good here in New England they are down significantly in New York, New York to Jersey for those teams. And it's not just here this one time slot is down. It is 22 of the 36 broadcast windows they've had their six weeks and NFL football. Are down I'm not great at math that's a pretty significant number and a I think people are getting to the point now where the conversation will turn to once again it. Is this and it must be more than just Donald Trump vs the NFL this. It is flashier they're talking about while it's the election and yet though that's going to be distracting. I was saying that last primary night and that's a reality you know that was something that people were were doing especially for Taiwan Thursday one it was a one of the third that I games was directly against a debates like I was allows him to lose we went and I got him indexes it either way you're you're gonna lose out on but this year. Not all are all those different time slots down but the majority of the local markets are down as well also it's what they talk about. Nationally televised games can Zack gets into. All the different things that people are doing all the different options they have and you know Thursday football over saturation. But locally that it'd be more scary because they're talking about at the very least people are gonna love their team there while watching their team. But it was a 2531. Visit to the chargers get 25 of the 31 are down some more drastically than others but I think that's got to be. Probably their biggest concerns are we can even when these. You know improve upon or state you know maintain where we were a year ago would these local market and all start there and won't injure your phone. Calls throughout the next a couple hours ironically up until Thursday night football which they good games here and thirst at a football really is not the issue will get to that here. In a second per prayer writes today and MM QB either or sixth time related viewing windows on the NFL they measure every week my guess is. That's early. On Sunday late Sunday Sunday night Monday night Thursday night and I I think they probably use that. European window as the six window maybe I'm missing a window here. But I think that covers the six different viewing windows you have early if it's a game in England. 1 o'clock 4 o'clock 8 o'clock on Sunday Monday night and Thursday night. Package of six are preacher of the take your word for I'm guessing that if they get a so at the witching hour is heard about it I'm sure it is he loves the witching hour it's just 36 of those the first six weeks. Six times 636 I can do the math that's why two with a 36. Are are down from a year ago now last year was down from the year before and last year was supposed to be. The election year last year were supposed to be able to watch and try opera watching cable news and Fox News and MSNBC and that's why it's down. Well turns out the fact that a year after they were down because of the election they are still going down. On the NFL's average household rating 25 point one that is down from 26 point nine over the same period last year. And somewhere around 287. Two years ago. So views those who raw numbers from two years ago you don't like I some pretty significant amount. Just from two years ago 25287. Down to 251. I'm 25 a 31 which you just talked about the different teams are local teams are drawing local numbers worst local lowers it did last year. Nineteen of drop 5% or more that includes brand name teams cowboys down 7%. Patriots full circle back and is down 8% Steelers down 6% bull New York clubs. Dodged tight down seven. Jets down almost 40% that's why which is a monster numbers are conversely three teams cheese box and line's improved more than 5%. I mentioned vigil streaming and I'm sure you'll hear a lot of this from people I watched the games on TV or watch my phone. Are those are all but not the same rate. The TV numbers are far it's also easy way to handle up its ACC people are streaming at their house or street if you can always streaming your house a lot of case lets you pay. To stream them out of your house. I ESPN counts the string crowd is 3% of its viewership on the night football which is best of all three. Of the game carry networks quote from John Meredith no question. The protest in in the NFL's an impact on our business but this is an important social issue. And sometimes get the put the interest of the business behind the interest of issues there are more important than that it's an admiral fought rewrites it's also not exactly NFL's. End game here there are name is business and these numbers here which the pages numbers here in a second. This this. Story and an always highlights in and numbers this is why the NFL's holding these fake meetings. Between the players and of the owners about. Making changed they they want the the the kneeling out of it yet it's affecting their numbers and it's gonna eventually affect their bottom line if it hasn't. Already you know through these for six we agencies topic that's their only. Issue either. Brad every year yet Sean McDonough talking about you know some of the penalties in games I think Thursday night football even if the game doesn't that's really suck every week it does most weeks. But just over saturation novice and out three of the seven nights. You're watching football all day Sunday watched the balls I just think. There's a lot of other issues bad quarterbacks across the league that there's a lot of reasons why. Numbers might be down it's easy to point to. The nailing and I think their week we heard from a lot of people today that that say that that's why they're watching not watching her they're watching it last that's simply a real thing it. But as you can see the numbers were going down a bit again I understand the election was was part of it but. It feels like there was a bit of a you know what downward spiral for the for the ratings regardless. And this is just another reason why people are tuning away. You mentioned Thursday night football I thought that would again be the big Browner on this but Briere followed up a couple of tweets today. Said that obviously twenty through 3661%. Other viewing windows are down and he's only fourteen are up six of the fourteen. Are Monday night and Thursday night football and in fact he sites Monday night and Thursday night. As the only two windows that we talk about here that have improved in the first six weeks from a year ago so that would play into a year ago during prime time. People or watches much because of Monday and Thursday nights they are watching the election coverage there were watching and the other stuff but it means they're not they ever come back on Sunday afternoons at one. Sunday afternoons at four and Sunday Night Football if they're only setting Monday and Thursday see that. That surprised me I thought if if okay five those who come back a little bit. But so would that the Sunday window or so would that the Sunday night window. But it's only goes to the only two windows up from a year ago yet but I as a speaks at T cable TV news. Not be the same factor was during the elections get out that's true but I also think it. Just because people are watching Thursday and Monday it doesn't mean it doesn't affect the overall product being. You can go through it just watch primetime games you're still watching three full football but if those are up and is still down 8%. There were down 8% a year ago then that means that with the pulpit Sunday slate in here that a lot of daily fancy that that's still bound. That is more for those those that want to Thursdays in spotlight by time Sunday rolls around you're dying to watch football so 1 o'clock I got to sit down watch football and your he wants the full game. And you say I'll get out of the night game and I'll watch tomorrow night's deterred to wrap up the week. Ed so maybe you're not as desperate to watch the Sunday doubleheader. I hit as much as the national stuff. Surprises me. The local stuff for the patriots I have to admit rage is a much bigger surprise than nationally because I spent weeks. Mocking Susan keys in the Lincoln six and that dead ridiculous Charlotte while the article a year ago that said things like because the patriots were tied to trump. All of Susan p.s warning or watch these games anymore. And I mock that idea the real patriot fans would. The you're gonna turn off near the patriots all side ya gonna watch the Super Bowl. I don't know what your team play because the owner voted for trump or the quarterback voted for truck and head coach or letter for trump. Captured on 8% local. They're coming up a Super Bowl they had that huge banner game week huge bin that there was much as much talk about. I'd give Dell showing up in and to be dealt towels and what. Gonna happen that was about the patriots playing that opening night another undefeated at the wagon and a team exhibits that and everybody else that and maybe. Some of it is art all of this team bull you know. Wake me up for the playoffs on hurdle that has a mean thing to do that why people are gonna watch the regular season although that hasn't been the case they they clearly seem like they're more. In that group of teams now. But it is weird because every week it would or get those emails during the pre season. This game just set a new record here in new you know new local record they whatever he's crazy hours locked on and there are three season and then now it seems like they're they're down now and still that's a high number this is what the NFL's sorted out today there are responding I saw Brian McCarthy's image and I did attend top shows there are still FL football games and neck yeah OK but that doesn't mean you guys don't have a bit of a problem here. And so for the patriots the coming up this big Super Bowl battles build up the banner game and as pointed out to me by Chris Curtis the hampers the morning show. If Brady last year. They do a Jeep eagle dropped logical we percent for four weeks you've read re eighty. Author everything from a year ago ready to go game one like I would expect it honestly. The patriots to be upkeep flashy from the run they had beginning of last year the interest in a rock blown percent. This is pretty intrigued by the quarterbacks last year though not as much I am excited about watching at one of the best quarterbacks of all time now like and plus. What once crumple went down a quarter six. You sort of knew 0% ones rookie being thrown into what he saw the offense with a shell of itself with percent a quarterback like OK fine of if you drop we'll open it all four games it played it goes for six quarter against Arizona in Miami. Right in the it's a body ports down a bit don't understand. But this was the build up for Brady and a scroll you gay del and all this. And they're still down 8% would Brady banner game to prime time games that the Thursday night including an and it's still about 8% maybe I can't explain that other than. My mocking of season peace in the Lincoln six. My off base here that maybe there are enough people in a very odd democratic state. That it decided not to watch the patriots because their association with trump and there's enough of April. Trop crowd that is not watching football. Because of the knee. Although he's a combination of those two things at once is that why they're down 8% when they should be up. We're pretty playing quarterback maybe though licked at six says they ratings box and that's all these years of one of those they've not watching anymore bove there's your difference on I don't know what are I don't get it may be it's I don't get tight you know went out the window week one and then people or were tuned out or I mean I guess is that he's wanted to patriots ultimately fair weather fan base that they don't. Well especially given that they eat every fan base is a little bit again later and knock off on a percentage. They get to the walks in the game you saw a rating that. Every other sports team and every other network TV show would kill fully understood that we we've done segments in years past where we would say. Well once sports is immune to all of baseball ratings are down to old tiger is not often a tigers out of the PG Cornel watching golf anymore. RE NHL raced all watches those games that NBA regular season out rates the Stanley Cup finals. Football invincible untouchable machine I'd settle Mark Cuban hundred billion dollars of revenue the pats with they're pushing for. And now you see that's why at XYT story again tonight as I'm sure there people saying will this seems like this comes up every couple months it does because the two things. One it's such a dividing topic and people live very strong opinions on why there watching while they're not watching how dumb it is to not watch. The other one. Is that Opel as invincible it's not baseball it's not gold it's not boxing it's not emanate rightists are supposed to be Teflon no matter what else happened. And apple ratings always be king and if you if you wanna read. McCarthy great they're still doing well. But down 8% from a year ago with a pitch was the -- percent is the election. They're down almost 20% from 2015 the raw numbers 818 point 7%. From two years ago that is significant maybe we should receive a common maybe we should know that Mark Cuban was on to something would be you know pigs get fat hogs get slaughter. Just the over saturation by having you know all of that taking on Thursday night. But I think when the numbers go down even just a a couple of points. You can look at all these different reasons and that it have to be some combination of people are annoyed by the kneeling. People don't like the officiating people don't like the the lack of you know good quarterbacks in the league. Maybe some of the rule changes that they've made every game is it's still violence yes but it's not what it once was so there's there's all kind of different changes and then on top of all that. 2017. Sunday afternoon at one. If a thousand choices if you're actually watching TV and a weekend now you're familiar choices worth of power he had a million choices say five years ago. Well I hit a little bit it was still a little bit different I think there's just there's still more I entered. Every day there's more crap whether it's Netflix or Amazon prime Hulu there but here's the but okay. That crap you're talking about I can watch that crap any time I want to watch it at night may not quite 6 the morning there's stuff I iced they'll watch. I don't watch it consistently but their shows I watch I never watch them rich when their line at the time that they lied I have two young kids I have a job as night hours and so. The idea on the watch anything lied besides sports. Doesn't exist in orbit balls at the same thing with the exit some people do the same thing or and I guess some of that is factored into the ratings but they'll watch it later in the DVR native passports in the commercials are built to. Do whatever or you know anybody who DVR is reds owner football games I don't pay a lot of said that he does sometimes they give the pictures are playing a one and yes the do something he'll. He'll avoid what are you'll avoid talking of people you know they'll go and start the game late. So yeah we'll what I acts I personally don't I watch I want to live. But I have done that I've also had an eye on its I've not avoided I don't wanna I don't need the surprise factor like I I I you watch report says I'll go watch it live yeah it's late but also monitoring Haggis and help the ratings. But I am not hurting on Twitter at that point and I adds some sort of whatever app you want to use to scroll through of the score is a live updates but. I guess that might my brother in law does do this season he he'll start the game half hour late. Actually ironically Dili east to do this used to brag about he figured fast with all the commercials I can't as. I wanna watch the game with social media I like the Twitter action under McCain yeah that's why can't do it that way but I guess there are some people that they don't need to. You know seat a bad Boland tweeting during the game. And be interactive and that's that they could dvi I'm not. Hello again I'm not gonna missed that become so as they as no surprise I knocked him up the phone number yet we talked about the NFL we dug about ratings. Are you guys are lined up there as one open line at 6177797937. Is the phone number wanna start there. With the league and the against the league numbers okay sort of cut again it. Patriots being down 8% of Brady back in the banner night everything else. That one I don't quite understand the wanna start there I wanna get to later on this hour very. Sneaky might she RD story today who over NBC sports Stockholm worries takes couple shots that Bill Belichick. But it met and the patriots for the way this team has been put together gives loans that Anelka Butler. And us Stephon Gilmore will get an apple get show up until third tonight football which is an hour applause from now. It's a pretty important game chiefs and rate usually here right here on WEEI your phone calls next. I understand where our kids about this issue that we feel the same way about the importance of life importance of patriotism and I believe our players you. They will speak to remain as it is to everyone publicly they are not doing this in any way to be disrespectful. To fly. But they also understand how you interpret and that's what we're trying to do those underlying issues. That's the pitcher. Kind of put it spends on on this thing because. Point. The league is under siege at some level ratings. Attendance is down the jaguars have their lowest attendance is 2012. On this past Sunday were only 55000. Fans. Showed up there it is not a great spot at least compared to where they were Rich's right. Compared to other sports mean that the NHL would kill to get a sniff what the NFL has right now when he compared to what they have and what it had had recently. It is a weird spot for league in such as we are led to meetings in New York that are about. In the best nicest way they can league saying please please please please please players. Stop kneeling during the camp 6177797937. Is your phone number bradys in hand and leads off tonight on WEEI Brady good evening. Payout on a Brady. The hearing yeah yes. Our. That they got a lot of people are so about the process and everything I. From my respect that these what's more I guess upsetting news second and it to me that having that we did not really. Do anything. So that there's consequence interaction. So what are you guys. The possibility. Of either did well or individual and so owners and are you guys that you're throughout yeah you'll surgery at some. You can get it aptly you're gonna get excited that you get when you get I don't take that money audit the club activist group. Who are actually put in actions toward that you guys are trying to say bite you know. I think if you do that a lot lap you're and he'll announce that he. A prime minority Brady but if the league individual teams wanted to fine players for kneeling during the anthem I'd be OK with that. The league that the one ruled out the in place right now as he got to be on the field. For the anthem the pits first I don't understand line. I because they they wanted to make a big deal out of post 2009 and there or definitely as we know from dead spin. There were sponsorships tied into some of his pregame stuff that wanted to look good responses were gonna pay at the US army was gonna pay to be on the field for the at them. They wanna bowl teams to be out their site and I think that's where it started. General Pittsburgh Steelers get final the it's a good question I don't know what the punishment was for them not being out. Are on the field for that game up in the trump week. But I'd be okay if of the players were told by the teams in the league. Here's the punishment going forward now audio the rule it's up to you to decide whether or not you one who are abide by without wasn't always. Right now that we know that the owner has said you do it and you're not planning. And so that's not finding amounts of spending on but the army and waited spending and actually we're gonna see if they do LC Alice how he exhibits that fails the other respond that we've had other players speak out and say even if there is a fine. I'll pay yeah we know so I don't know if you're gonna scare players away with a with a fine. I think what you would do and why they haven't done yet addicted to answer the callers point is because the league knows the minute they do that. On the players will respond. And mosques and they'll be nailing down a lot like that trump weeks of that that's what these meetings are I guess supposed to be about how to we find a middle ground where. Which it eventually. Get an agreement a verbal agreement from the players' association. We lot our players Neil any more but here's we're gonna get return they don't wanna make the rule be dealt with not wanna make the rule because filling that hole look like the bad guy he doesn't want like. And what happens if you have how's the team taken this fellow of the night that's what it yet half the team. Doing damage or done that you guys are client that wants. And the other guys that didn't load floor deli in my tip of the other fields are equally literally need more guys than your doctor real play. It's that they could put owners since property. It Dicey situation as good. If they wanted to. They are also they also know that this is their salaries their revenue or tied the league's revenue and at that revenue being up is good for them Evans and a car. On WEEI Evan. Hey guys thanks revenue on. I it's so hard then to make it a bit of two partner but all I. Honestly I don't see all this PR stuff affecting the rating nearly as much as they'd. Whether or they've decreased or whatever. Who give us your theory let's go through an admitted that people don't stop watching football and just do not. Big big buck had something better to do it and content match. Right what I'm gonna look at it this way interpreted. What we've got with new media and on the young side I am contended that it now. Let's take a good example for like. Exports videogame rock at beauty of it's got a market that it quiet from a few out and you're a decade ago to multiple millions of viewers. Don't ignore our comment from somewhere and their young did. Off the bat. That's what you're seeing the. Constant growth in this lot want the viewers. The number two thing is that I think. People are significantly underestimating. The impact of illegal shrink. Armed. Being not not paid or not an NFL out not a officially move like and street. I like that one and I idol extra where they are there is a website can find and every single week and I just seconds. That's right up there I don't care I do every week I don't wanna pay the door exorbitant cable bill so you wanna pay. I'd get every game free in HD. Port streaming that good if not better quality than the official NFL stream. And there are going to be millions of people doing that they're still watching all but they're not showing up on the numbers in any way. I Arnold it's millions but I I don't knock that theory Evans there's somebody that you are free streams and and just watching whenever you want to go back and for that that that's some that's some part of it. I look I don't I I think it's that savvy young crowd with a combination of the free streaming and it just. I mean there's so much war blog at why did competitive event on television in their word and your big. Yeah what's it's what the dialogue on muscle and I'm with you and you make some good points from. What's on at 1 o'clock or 4 o'clock and Sunday that's a lie that he could watch at different times about his mobile and what major. Who you signs Alan and Alan is a. All week one but they're why a lot lot of them are weekend event. On the final and it really it began in Friday's EU's. Exactly like Bartlett about what Gartner. On the net and couldn't dark and they're cute they're pretty important and every weekend and there are. Counterstrike online game that have. Many millions of viewers. I'm not all of them are American so not all of them are. Are being yeah we care about the Nielsen rounds yet at a worldwide say he obstruct Evan offs when it's on the phone calls your site I am willing to accept that the that that is part of it but with like say for example the the you could easily have that on on your laptop why you're watching football on a on TV like a lot of easy once finals are being streamed online and on a broadcast TV and element week in and week out and part two I want peace we duties Borchardt these where little overwhelmed with it reflects the I don't know I have no idea what language you guys is speaking it's like it's a great time doing their orchards which handle it wants to play whatever you need to do. But I also wonder. We're some of these specific ratings like what the demographics are. Because you know for radio for example we care about 25 to 54 from knowing that there are people older and you were younger that also listen it's over some of these NFL numbers I think they're looking allotted just. And you know. Everybody is a total viewers but a big part of volley also point five to 5418 to 25 they I know is down that's that's got a guy really and and that right there are speaks to both the you know illegal streams or maybe watching video game whatever whatever got to be doing that makes more sense that very young them and it's we will a couple of years ago we try to find the game and I knew this I went through this because as a UConn fans are certain times the games were on pierce went fine a stream and it would suck to be terrible and would crap out. Now all. You could find a stream anything you want. Almost at any time and I'm sure the FCC and and at the they'll come down in the crackdown on months on point. Right now rich it is so easy a supply us whatever you want it say it's a great time you don't wanna pay an hour ago and things on your streaming term I'd Dennis is in Charlestown tonight I dense. I don't go to great. So all I used to love until you know with larger adults he waffled. On this issue. And you know I think he's sure. You know K I think she should just came right out said. You have to stand there in the anthem. This guy's been so hired are on every other issue she's ready to suspend the Brady reported. So that all the way to the Supreme Court. The DJ Ollie at the same thing I mean he's coming down sodomy decision. And the only blob of Byrd and he's generating revenue with this issue he's gonna lose revenue. Because you're speaking to myself until my friend I'll watch the patriots are you still watched the picket the 4 o'clock game and in the game at night. Now I want to pick it and I trying to to a halt. The judge I'm not. You know I hardcore. You know Lara Gerry Callahan haggard millionaire shout out that they don't stand for the anthem. But I do feel that they should and did a slap in the face to. The military. In the country. So you enjoy the game did you enjoy the game because of what they do. No that's not sure I can enjoy the game tonight is I do and not being old you ask these players. Well you protests. Now an independent Kenya and articulate really what I protest the Apollo. Incidents happened and if that racial inequality like what is it like. You know also this is doing it because they're not a guy until there are so I don't even know. You know they can't even tell you why did dornin Morgan will. And I think if you Scott fining them. Bart are you shouldn't not a game trying to regain check they get sixteen game plan to gain check starter got a couple million ball. They they they could do that Dennis the repercussion is that did the day it I don't I don't think he's refiner and tired. OK it was some sort of punishment wouldn't suspend a guy. For not if were kneeling down during the anthem I would treat it like the tree always other things retrieve find out so insult put eye black under his eyes. And put his mom's initials and yeah and the league said you are fine point 5000 dollars and that. So you find these guys some amount for doing it all all fort full game checks and suspensions like Donald Trump said. I find coastal ridiculous I would treat it like to treat everything else you you punish over the ultimately why can't. That is shirts on talks you can find for a run Sox their own video and those leads the exact without the ethnic. He says I still I don't understand and I've we've been talking about it now for for several weeks off and on. But how somebody can do something that you don't like they can quietly protest before kick off before kick off. Nothing happens during the three hours that in your face politics or in your face disrespect the flag burning like that. And here is seen that thing I'm not watching anymore I. Honestly don't get well. And Tomas is the wrong guy exit to paint that. Appear to that corner he stopwatch because of the brutal nature that was a big part for him and is that all capsule is for at all as to general that's it for him. So he stopped watching it I I'm with the U it's this it's. I would take it enough calls where. This one particular target and they were Sony rug rolled phone calls like this where I thought last Cherokee people are these these people can't be tell the truth we've gotten. I'd say his last all year hundreds of the radio station I still yet so I I would view and I. I guess that can be part of that someone else brings up red zone here on Sundays the NFL has never ever. Allowed Nielsen or anyone else to release the red zone ratings I wanna of that is also part of their shall go out watching that the it would the network would would. Flip the F out if the how many people that are watching their games one and four on on fox or CBS. Or watch in our reds 617779. 7937. The phone number more your poll calls I can't get through keep on trial get them between now and third tonight football. Come back I want regional couple lines from white she RD storied NBC sports boston.com we're used. They shot a Nobel checked and the DNA of this current patriots team heading into week seven. That's next here on WB yeah. What Freddie OW BI brought to fire friends at Honda north visit them at Honda north dot com 617779. 79837. If your phone number mutton people view. I'll still. We'll keep your cup more minutes we'll take you up until thirds that I football chiefs and raiders pretty decent Thursday night games a figure patriots fan. This Kansas City Jean's got a game lead on you were so for the top spot in the AFC maybe Derek Karr back maybe Oakland. Get themselves back in Phoenix at the other chiefs respond to their worst game of the season last week new terror Lou that there are that the team in the AFC and then poor performance those the others are not mentioned the story it's up on NBC sports boston.com. And it's from mom like she RD in the headline is patriots team personality change by offseason moves. And not for the better it's a lengthy piece about this current page your roster. We're in the midst of it might she RD writes last offseason eternal over. May have done more harm than good at least at this point in the year yes the patriots have shown a toughness and an ability to overcome adversity. You start against the jets in the comeback in the Texans but there are clear indicators this group is he getting it. Like Belichick believed it would. I talks about the out of your usual approach this offseason. I'd dumping guys that players like with Garrett won and others. I'm in exchange for high priced guys late Gilmore and first round picks traded for reining cooks. On he writes about knock on Butler in the midst of this. On butler's anger at the decision assigned cooks this offseason has been well acknowledged in the space mean what Omar Gilmore is our. Our board hasn't been acknowledged in many other spaces. Is it still wears on Butler to this day so might Girardi would have you believe that heading into week seven. After all this stuff. Butler still pay next. I don't plotting Gilmore got the money you should repent at this week's exercise I mean you gotta you can't be paid out next year they will but I doesn't mean property pests. He's look at over there especially Gilmore has not played very well now he's hurt. And that kind of money that he got the guaranteed money that he got. They're different tests but hopefully he could use it as motivation and we've seen good and bad from Boller so far this year. But that's fine he's he's fast he's plays back on the uptick GRD writes after reduction in snaps and we too but Butler. Explain what this one means. Butler has always been a player to whom the team has devoted extra attention to get ready week to week. That may have factored in the patriot decision only go so far contract talks. So it. There are suggesting that things like coach him up more idol week I have a huge question mark on II that's what it sounds like demeanor that might she RD is saying that. The ethic that he's either east Eddy Cue doesn't get it week to week he's too slow to get so they. There's little extra attention to get ready week to week and that's one of the reasons why they only go so part contract talks. I I've heard that an amount combine standard view is down. I don't that got outraged that while Colorado voters there and that that I know I've done yes I know that for fact and that reads like hey. Malcolm Estes state for. Texture like tutoring. Like it might lead to bring out I feel like if he says after school for two at bats but he needs good that it's worked in the last couple years to a normal whatever takes why Dan Girardi rights would Belichick assumed ball will be the perfect professional when Gilmour gets well Butler believes is his money. The fought seems to one count or with the argument against keeping bought long term in the first place it's it's. It's jumbled maybe on my reading comprehension that great of a paragraph and in in total. It wound odd that is weird that you would plug in there that he needs extra attention went to. Generally get that part now he was a guy who we thought was going to be gone number we did on who knows what's apple above and while this is our victory oral and your first round pick back. And use and be out the door and you know maybe was going to be able to respond ball in this whole contract thing. Now hopefully he can talk with some really Donta hightower who they made play out his tired deal. Well there's been guys. Not a Vince and Logan Mankins or are no longer here but a Malcolm butlers the only player who was bad the better than his rookie contract awarded but yet they still made him play out the whole deal. So I understand if you want to take it personally but. That's how they've done business for a lot of different guys over there all the different speed dating glut signing high price linebacker right though isn't it Donta hightower position. In fact that trader blown away a victory at Honda also would have gotten in this case they spent the money they would spend on indefinitely they differ with Gilmore yes. Let's get John in Medford and I like you'd be here for John John it's Alex core rumors there right there are partly the job done what is the latest and Alice score out there now what our industry. Being network yeah that it close hit. It's buying into it could be done by Kamal what Ian. Yeah lead and then it happened guys John Carlson yeah. If you if you had a key he he's presented a list. The alma on the important want to be traded to I would like to get them except for number one on the list who want to go to a team that's right wing now. Love it. Wow I love it would you give up everybody form John. I don't know what I'd give up but I mean if I mean he gave did and that is that what would you rather deal with the giants he believes calculated one. Would you would you wouldn't want to hear him if you look at end up. With the Yankee yeah. Of course that one I wanna hear. Yeah I'm at a point with with stand in a John as always on point with the the MLB released these constant watch the Allenby network nobody more clued in. Amongst our callers the John meant for John thank you. Are out there outscored thing was reported by. Major League baseball's Spanish. Twitter account las manpower then deleted afterwards they since deleted that so Woolsey and I think it's pretty clear at one guard how argued the tigers' job. They'll they're gonna hire Allen's sports a matter outlet or weigh our very own heats weeding out that it would be Cora so I don't know about breaking news this afternoon or not. What no no letter and now better than Glenn about when everyone else knows it's court break that new sort east north and credit WEEI Oakland or went one for a year I would either talk about the Red Sox loving counseled a lot of analysts. That's the difference between you guys that Glenn is known for that really take it once fancy our our fan no sense at all for Glasgow. On stand for as we assay to moderates Keefe. I'm not going crazy trade from given his salary you're gonna have to eight eats about salary Derek Jeter and be given his contract. And given how out of whack it's going to be compared other contracts going Fordham baseball. I'm not. I'm not gonna bend over backwards to wired nice player but the contract is an albatross anybody about pets I'm in that's dumb take it to save for a different time by rich Isiah. Rich back tomorrow to get you set for the afternoon on Friday we'll get back to your phone calls next here at 617. 77979370. Is your phone number on Twitter at much and UT. WEEI. The NFL and their ratings front and center once again.