Villani and Bradford - Celtics have an interesting offseason ahead of them; Here come the Yankees, Astros 6-17-18

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Sunday, June 17th
HOUR 4 - Kawhi Leonard wants out of San Antonio and the Celtics could be poised as a landing spot. And don't look now, Sox fans. The Yankees and Astros stand to make the race for the A.L. a good one.

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Sports Radio. You we EI. Spot please read my question thanks few extra planes music now you have to tell you need to know note to introduce this first. Chris lining rob Bradford. Odds of the music came on these are dancing. Did you did last night that's what I did and this is the one complaint small complaint. That I ads so at the reception was at the the Somerset club. Over a Beacon Hill it was right down street from the state dinner bills and they have the a rule there. And this is like the two months out of the year when dressing. Nice is a more challenging for men and it is for women. It's war. And you have a jacket on and ruled areas yet keep the jacket not really at all times at all times. And I was looking around on you was one other person one other anybody. To take his Jack tell you the blazers signed the Italian that would that would is there is actually an email that was sent out with all of the rules and regulations prior oh the nuptials yes to say. No cell phone use either you take pictures with it that's it. Really yet that rules violated the effectiveness for the open bar yes right. Looking at every are letting you really wanna be any phone take some pictures that's fine but. It it's it NFC more people they they don't want their pictures taken because they just have. You know 55 people at their cameras out there brides walking down the aisles I understand that but the jacket on dancing situation led to you. I look let's just say that jacket the shirt in the uninsured are gonna need at least a week or senator Cochran has got to be some area there I did there there was this. You're beyond me I'm having a hard time envisioned you'd dance now I know like I don't know is is so obvious yesterday. Are you like me where the all league in play always at all the only only he's the only place. You'll ever see me dance is that away because my wife making me. How many other situations you walking as it is like we're living in High School Musical idea is spontaneously brought out of the day and I told the story of low. When I was in the cape last weekend. There's dancing at the breakfast went to this. They put me out there are very nice but yet before the Cape Cod league mean interest Bryant's okay the night before so I go out the the black cat Hyannis visited the bar love the black cat yet so glad you know he's got a lot will be our outside it's like our younger crowd right. And yes so you bring it up and let me know and I had a lot of attractive people like that right and so. But I'm sitting there by myself. And this girl comes up the doors it right next to me and Chico's Tucci terrorists receive a 2526. He says you know a good place to go dancing around here. Police she'd markets around lake and I mean it's either sort of things went the way ahead like thank you for asking me that have taken. I. I don't have an answer no but I appreciate you asking yes electric slide. It. I'd execute the job yet. But our instructions are right there in the work soak the IAM I am I have that the kind of did you vote someone who gains as the law. Plus in truth be told I would olympians the wedding and I am asking you would not the only place. Yet the vast majority of any dance you do is going to be okay I'm good. I may vary and I hero I don't want that yard. I'm not on the brags. You know that any sort of some purple lists bragging here I don't do that. I'll lay it on deck when I'm good at something I will tell you I negate what's your whole. Admitting. Let's see one moved please who does one move about the lawn mower or not the sprinkler the sprinkler shopping cart this go download at the discount items like not let up in the throat like footloose many that many whose turn it doesn't really. What's your gym I do a nice little half circle turned out really military style it's nice yeah let's get to new floated sleight allegedly slowed it gets you do college junior highs slowed dance. What when I reach out what my hands on her head yeah reaches out and get it to whether people in the main thing I tips on national yeah exactly I can legitimately slowed Disney kid you envision Chris dancing. Ryan I yet sort of like when Alain was that the wedding aisle nothing like that it has not thinking about arts its allies are kinda how I wasn't ill full body dry you know what Elaine was having. One as long as Chris having obviously but that's what weddings I think there's the judge is a judgment free zone at weddings else they've. Planet fitness of social yeah. We've picked them up from put them now it's well I think it is is when it's understood that. That people only gorgeous yeah weddings that's the only time the average in Sonoma. Well here it is but that's a if I would. When that putt and thought he would Eddie Bane to suggest that you can. Like we are not equipment for him round I don't know who's mentally. Is good for the radio. Odds over eighty billion dollars for ego that you put an end of the year and you started like waving what. They witness straight there is very similar to be in the Fred Astaire most people know there are similarities between that and in what I was your jam what's who was legit one what are you going up to the DJ you saying this is what I want you to there's a deejay or band while there what word to the the instrumental up John I like cupid shuffle because all of the instructions are right there on the oval left to the left to electable have to mean. That's the one right. Or is that Vietnam to get the other one was well bought the cubic double in the other one they've got the instructions that are right in the electorate shuffle not a lot that's electric slide. You read it read it at all the electric shock. Yeah electric slide. The thing. Yeah this one that that's the market that you're jumble of different affiliate. Of gum on the raid on a Google. It. Oh. Otherwise goes into the crowd full white men over mine right. Oh are. Keep keep this thing for a few seconds. Brandon could choose a isn't this the man that won't she didn't. Politically to break. Did and bump up of a aren't those things. This is I I understated its radio and me laughing hysterically isn't really salad with the law I'm trying to paint a picture with words what are you you guys you're good at bat. Doing dancing a patent pitcher what you do you like illustrates. I'm of ethics I don't let it beyond just excellent bond auction. This fantastic. Great. People know we're appreciated out dancing yeah I did hear that and agree on this morning absolutely the mockery that's back when Roberts is on the Internet speaking of things that are fun. After the great at it this way or the clutch out. Home why it equalize Leonard rumors rob are figured dancing. As we get dancing class letter apparently dancing with a number of different teams are according to various reports he's been linked to U. Bunch Eddie wants out of San Antonio we know that San Antonio express news reported that earlier this week. He's apparently uncomfortable with the spurs. Once it did. Play elsewhere and since that San Antonio express news report came out major awards announced he would ESPN has been saying the lakers are the favorite. The clippers are also apparently in the mix and his. Leonard is originally from Los Angeles so hence the attraction played there. The knicks and the Celtics. Are also teams that are potentially interest in this according to words and ASCII rob Bradford should they be interest or no. I don't want it now in the more I thought about it I have been wishy washy on the whole time like if you just did. You can make something work pre deceptive trade Jalen brown but I've I've worked myself up until like no no no no I think. Part of me working want to work myself up into it. But because you want something to house I'm watching myself dance now I'd really can't focus as soon. If you wanna you wanna keep. You wanna keep your take the year good dancer yes cell of black dot. Double down a hole and that's I'll. So. Yes so I don't want now I I did get a lot a big part of me. I wanted to you'd be a good dancer and I won the Celtics who do something in the off season. And I'll think either both of those things are just not sure the doctor is this going to be boring you know you drive grace and Allen or whatever and there you go in but I don't think you might replace Aaron Bain I don't think it is boring you know this round at the Celtics are are adding back two all stars. In carrier dried out a yes but they would be less. The newbie EV less boring. Is itself they traded him. My thing with with Cole lie and this hold. Thing is this these obviously quit on one team in San Antonio and I do buy into the idea day. Change of scenery. Different circumstances there a lot of different things they can make player work in one area after he has not worked in a another area that is. Something extra. That said. When you look at where the Celtics are. Not only positioned for this coming season but potentially long term and a lot of it hinges on signing carried a long term deal. It's not a risk they need to take like there are moments where you've got to take that risk and say all right we're gonna go for broke and try to add this player mortgage part of our future to do it but we need this guy we get the big big wholesale changes in this way is the the ages philosophy. Two years ago after they are riled playoffs. By the cavaliers who they are right out of a playoff spot warriors. They looked out and say we're not good enough we need to make massive changes to these team that same circumstance does it exist now. And for why wondered as talented as players he is even though he may very well succeed. Once he's outside of San Antonio out of this situation it's obviously untenable for him. It's not a risk the Celtics need to take given how their position again now and. With a few boy and also this isn't tire re where you had there is some semblance of a new problem but it's okay. You talked about risks we live choir Leonard. This about three pretty big ones right you have the unknown injury that weird injury. You have why he was sitting now. And you have a big 11. Year contract yet one year one and done. A those three things are pretty powerful to me. To this suggests that you I was gonna players he is I think I agree with the abusive why why bother why take the risk in this is comes to. Is not apple Apple's but the DeMarcus Cousins remember that will be off the awesome. Slash awful the markets cousin yeah conversation we had for about two years. But it is the same sort of thing but I. There were points though and that stretch relief to the Celtics and said. This is a risk that they're not good enough right now maybe it makes sense but. That below par is different at that point that it is at this moment yet yet applied by what you get the markets cousins you were basically gonna half to. Give up any hope both of the other way of getting get which is how they end up getting good round draft pick and treading graphics. And all of that. So. But it does it reeks of the same sort of thing to me where. Where I into your your. You're seduced by the talent but you're not looking at this clearly not counting on you here find it thank you. But having people are looking at this clearly that there's this. Risk outweighs the reward not even close and you may already have while Leonard any roster. He just might be a couple of years away from being quiet Leonard Jason Tatum looks like a potential top ten player in league. Jalen brown may not be far behind. And these are guys that you have that right now are under your control the relatively inexpensive. I still do believe signing carrier being is a possibility despite the blatantly misleading headline that was out there are few days ago about he says it makes sense to buy a Celtics on top you don't. Play. He didn't say that at all that was completely take back contacts. As was the comment about my we go to we wrote a headline about the mid flight. Iraq and a so it was therefore by a double negative property or something like that yes he properly. Leading him absolute sure. Hash tag journalist hash tag journal. And indeed and this is just a a another example of how this team to set up. Long term required under what's quite Leonard for a couple of years and leak and you got guys that are media ahead of where he was at this stage of their development. Maybe they'll continue to get better mean it will be a leveling op at some point but I wanna see. What the Celtics were intending when they put this team together last offseason we never got C because they Hayward injury I want to see that team. In the post season that we never got CB has retiree injury down the stretch and unlike. Two off seasons ago. I'm not going into this year with the feeling that the Celtics are not good enough I don't know if they'll be favored wouldn't be favored probably and ended seven game series against the warriors. But that the team it's been increasingly beat up as well over the past couple years that is dealt with the toe injury situations at eighteen that the sultan matched up well. So I don't have that that that blanket feeling of this teams are good not I think they are good enough. Yeah and don't eat. Take that and the other part in the along lines of the risk. I never got these he's getting guys for one year deals when you get I read you gotta for two years here I don't LeBron. Yet now I don't I don't that would probably nobody Defense Secretary to your point about oh the minority have something on the roster aren't. In this you can talk about the Celtics or or something else that came up this week the minimum chuck stuff. When he'll rock feel betters his rock feel divers are going to be what meeting which out of its I don't know probably not who knows. But I do know this. Maybe China is not signing the extension with the Boston Red Sox. Coli Leonard is not signed the extension with the Boston Celtics. What we know. I think that's pretty sure that doesn't seem like Leonard if he's not Los Angeles this season will be in Los Angeles Jesse has no chance there's no chance. Much like I don't think I agree Irving is gonna sign an extension without losing the right at the data for two years. And if they traded Connery for something legit. When that along the lines of what he of the Isiah for ivory trade I wouldn't have a problem with a because you want to keep extending those years of control and commitment is so valuable you do not wanna do have to you mortgaged the future. For trying to hang on to a guy and that's what happens when. You you try to justify trading for a mini which shot up the marriage I don't thing it seems to really be grinding your gears is a war yes. Keep his dance wire had a test. It's it's I don't it feel Qaeda is baffling that like this stuff comes up in calm and quiet letter may be a little less so because the Celtics are. You'll we have five players on the team at once and you have such an impact but members channel is by any stretch of the imagination to guarantee you. A World Series. And and so to say oh yeah we'll take a couple years of mean which show we're gonna give up a guy we have control over all but two years along with some other pieces and mortgage our future and everything else. I doesn't make any sense to me. So yes that is I have a huge huge problem anytime any of this easy insert a the other part of it is do you feel like they're getting it's the beard. Under production or lack of production from Zander Bogart's. I don't know. But they're looking at one thing sort of you know you're looking at okay we're in the Red Sox substantially upgrade you'd probably say offensively that lineup is not and what we thought it might be in terms of 139 and sort of link in the lineup and all that stuff where their Lackey production. Is not from Bogart's rock field ever struggled that rabbit that's what people would say from the accident rate devers for both offer Machado. Who played third base and and edited by you heard it is wells cited. You heard this all trade for minimum child be at hillside OK here he'll see how much you love signal signings and you crazy. Are you not about the respect there's just not there yet you'll again yes. If the Red Sox went out if the president's command said mini game in which auto we're gonna. We know that we have Chris Sale coming out. We know that we have moved you vets coming up but we're gonna pay you 300 million dollars and maybe then maybe you would signs of a very rocketed the and historically taken discount because he likes the clubhouse so much for two months you. It worked that way and yet we still have people calling up all the time thing on don't know beloved here also an extension. Now say with quite Leonard but I think they like every. Are serving I disagree I think they can thank carrier into an extension because bullet IR firm and we can offer McConnell Monty government ton of money he seems like playing here seems to like playing for Brad Stevens I don't know that the other gazing at the landscape is a year from now I don't know that the other obvious opportunities. Are going to be opening up lakers won here for Leonard. And Los Angeles that that's clearly preferable for him. Compared to Boston I don't think that same set of circumstances will be there for carrier I still think is how the world works in professional sports anymore. You know resigned places so everybody just goes someplace else I mean yeah but you don't see it you are you'll see you admit as much as people. Suggest that it should happen again a case of name. Name that time where our guys signed to place because he liked it so much recently in the NBA. In the NBA. Marta rose in May be but they destroyed a bunch of money to pay more money. That's it always comes down to is that that's. Supposedly this system to it to try to keep guys there encouraged that he stayed there yeah and although they did they'd yell back in the data to sign and trade and I'm glad that I guess the answer that question I would have is like when there's a guy you date ticket it'll take a little less money. The state of play because they really love it there Ray Allen took less money to get out of here and they're excellent example. Michael took less money you know last year to stay here that that Hulu did you me being the last example like he did that's stuff of the book right there. A lot we and it. It's nervous moments because if you left he was not write the book that was a big swing in the Bradford checking account there you go out and how many conversations started by bill Bradford copy shops on any Greater Boston area Aronson we would never our lives would have been dramatically different. By the way as semi that's where here are responds last move pretty sweet. Real that's right I could tell you sort of lasso is great he has some weeks. I have power to go his government won again Dickerson here and marketing Dickerson Mark James comes your way at the top of the hour Gilani Brad the with the Tillman. Well the over Iraq. Let's play this bad bet that if you play a guess as sound so. Anyway is. A me going about them. Be. Reacting to crystal Lonnie dancing. Or see how awful the volume of it it. Lady yeah. It's a if you guessed the reaction to. Me rob Bradford. Reacting to crystal Lonnie dancing while taking your videos of dancing which you can find in my Twitter account right now I'd Brad. Which is. One of the best I've I've been on fire with that you villas lately to go one other woman in this in this stands at Camden yards securely in the air yes that mimicking the network pitcher is doing now without Hughes had a crazy idea over thousands and for that yeah I did this one this one has everything this one as the video and the idea. Which is. Delightful but what they had in realizes he can't hear the music and dancing to duplicate here as you doing that's where sound good lies. The it. Puts glad so. It's totally take the video of it that's all that people had it right they got their cards and their like what is going time. And not what I was doing is watching you I was living every single moment with you. Like agonizing every move like law you don't have split those of the moves that last that the water and that's. That was your reaction everywhere at the wedding. Com at the bit a little more constraints that we're that stupid jacket intact and blood. Next morning and going tears at the jacket requirement I've got multiple shirt changes ready to go all that stuff is necessary when you work and on the dance floors much what you got to their wedding seasons under way gap and I feel like you've hit the ground running in terms you'd dance and build absolutely so it's going to be the summer Kress is look it's always summer workers that can store all of Chris at the winter of Chris might ignite period between The Herald the minute. Yet and I I gave my two weeks notice that a guy call me an hour later from The Herald that don't bother her company that they're Peco. You don't have to come back ever again being so what do you want me to do with Evan next week. So I we had a unionized who has and I nobody maybe you check on twelve Q you also had done and then run around around Fenway Park yet but as they do anything heal nicely you'll realize Evan Hadley this child bearing hips and realized that when I saw you follow me as a very odd body yeah. If it's good for about. I shape or not I guess TV like if a little Mac if you took him from the ways a waist up like you like all that that he the guy and you know he's. Clearly it's smile. But I but he he's gutsy sorted yet searching more and more buzz. Is he childhood here and guys like forest company get to the braces. So right before the advice but I will ask him to do something good is always Avant go do this and using no no no no in the audio and yet immensely doesn't so maybe we'll have him dance next week. Well for today and will compare compare that yeah. It. It's the attack. It's your family to hang over brunch. On Sunday but I may catch a little bit of cash. The Brad following drone strikes again with showtime you know and it quickly are we we ever really. Talk much about the Red Sox and it toppled about baseball and the declining attendance and whatnot. Not much to take from last night's game other in the fact that they couldn't hit. Wait a blanket that was that was in the Red Sox had not been great against Latina pitching in general. But. We look at this team now borne at third way through the season. EC what they're doing easier the Astros are doing. I feel like the Yankees may be aren't quite getting enough attention around here produced how well they're playing is the Red Sox are 21 in nine. Over their last thirty games so they've been outstanding in the started the year on fire had a little stretch there about 500 team and then they've been our role since then. And the Yankees are had a. I think it's been totally under sold. That the how good the Yankees are. And I think I saw that ESPN stats and info to weed out. Yesterday. This is the best start they've had since nineteen and eaten world public epic yankees team right and so alarm. In it's weird because. You look at the Yankees and us Severino is awesome only Severino gets the credit he deserves and by the way Pedro Martinez who's on the Red Sox payrolls to credit for some of that which still bizarre situation for me. But your Severino and then one name their number two starter. I did a team to have to 146. Games 46 and winding. Nick and number two starter and that's should make. Red Sox fans nervous because you know they're getting somebody to the trade deadline you know getting Cole Hamels or someone like that. Bill Scott Garrett coal can you imagine and the second best starter. And to knock it hurt that have been him before. It's been it's been a combination of the that is begin well not he was good early years really good early and he was really bad. But in years sunny day. But it. Is bizarre and rates any great movement were star now in so policy game started so you have Severino is until her mom is now they Severino has a 209 year in January and those who think he's. Top three starter and Yale and I he's been out there it is yeah half step behind Verlander okay so the next. Best you are day is he sabathia. And he's 327 by the but he said he's he hadn't been good Furl off pretty good stretch and then you go from there Jordan Montgomery's out. Mom. And Arquette has a 458 ERA tonight is out of Sonny gray has a 4980. This team this team that is so good that is beating the Red Sox are good Red Sox team. Has no number two starter in his that's what this whole thing is supposed to be predicated on who is the best starting pitching that's why I think Houston still the best team. In the Yankees are does roller. Kennedy you know what the Yankees have that used and doesn't have is a really good bullpen. I mean the Astros right now have a a mediocre closer you look at their record one run games. The number times they've just coughed it up happened the last time they played the Yankees made the gave up a lead they did the same thing in the Indian series before that. I still think even is as good as that starting pitching is the Astros that's something that Achilles. Evidently and that led till they're gonna go out it's the same thing you have two teams that few teams and you talked about the Red Sox when the Red Sox need. You have two teams that the Red Sox competing with war the royalty of American late. And those two teams are very very defined in what they need. And they have showed no reluctance to go out and get things at the trade deadline Houston you just mentioned it. Kelvin perera. OK you're on the Astros and once they do get that. It's a whole new ball game. Yankees are right call him a Mickey mentioned Cole Hamels as other people that possibility because as we said before there's so many bad teams will be selling off. But they go and get somebody are right. The Red Sox. What is it. What it what is what is the thing is going to say. We're this is going to put the red sock at this time this is where the match out of pain comes and sits back you'd think it's another bat by but it is not feel good about the request are words that they can win without. Without me this despite would have what Barnes the other night you'll find about the Red Sox bullpen. Well this is this is in ephedrine was he would be yelling and screaming about this. By this and he's right to censor if you wanna identified one place that it might be the bullpen but it's not. You're giving up the farm to go Gatt and Addison reed type indoor Kelvin horror type. You need it because you might already have that people don't wanna hear this but you wait. You wait to see what you haven't Tyler Thornburg you wait to see if true polymers can actually be an effective guy in the bullpen when he comes back so you wait it's fine. But it's I think it they are good enough so the answer to meet isn't so much. What you go out and get a few of the Red Sox it's make sure that David Price if the David Price that we saw the other night. Make sure the report sell low is that good reports oh may shorts Steven Wright and Eduardo Rodriguez did. That's still to me is the biggest difference maker and it didn't break get on your hands and knees appearance like friends and pray that Jackie Bradley had enough just freaks somewhere a. We we said this since the beginning of the season though especially the price because he draws so much backlash would you like him or not and a lot of Red Sox fans don't. This is a championship team it's because David Price plays a big part. Period our criteria I said this before or if you agree with a budget. I think that he may be he's definitely on the top three most important players the American only. Yeah I can tee the wind being guy like he's he's somebody that can sort of swing things one way or another he had bad price. This is not a team that's why you call it the iron the American League you could price the short series. Red Sox Astros ALCS Red Sox yankees ALCS serial DS whenever I tee it up your shot. Yeah and in I'll take my chances much like that's why the asterisk scared me more than the Yankees. Because I'll take my chances going up against the series going a series even with a all the home runs that the Yankees had. If you have the better starting pitching if you okay US Silgan Severino. Drop. But if you have a really really good David Price against whoever they Tanaka but yet yeah ticket price now the caveat to that is. It's David Price against the Yankees and that's why this series arriving at the end of the month. But this is going to be huge because all David Price has to do is go out and pitch well against the Yankees one time that's all you have to do. Actually number one pitch and number two pitch well. So that's going to be a huge huge series at the end of the month 61777979837. The phone number in his will hold onto it for James and Dickerson are either one of those guys here by the way I haven't seen him attack while traders are doing her own. They are not. I know you sold that well let me I didn't you know I don't know I know everything that happens that your genius after all I know act but sat on the path in the world and everything no aggregate of an youth on the Green Bay but and a day in a year genius and emigrate to answer you'll will hold on to both of those things has that the governor he's like he criticizes me here of becoming. He criticizes Tom Brady for saying that you know how dare you don't say you're the best of all time and when I say I'm the best of all time and I opponent what do you think is the different sides it's the difference there there's absolutely no difference between one open with hardware guy it's true. Lot of it I'm sure you'll break your equally is as humble I am I text my liability this morning and I have Tom Brady asked I'm place. No I tested and tested at the easy text and then I taxes. I think you waited to sort of makes sure you know how I bodies they'd I imply a guy. My kids got reply ability for Father's Day thanks kids are or wrap things up to him that I to Dickerson Jane's next. WEEI. Are both Greg Dickerson in Martins joins us here in the studio by double barrel crossover way. Difference between now shaved and here consultants from my diet and it's something different about I had like fifty pounds of eyebrows. Did you lose weight in here that you lose when I I I you're totally right now I'd like your commercials for them. So you did lose weight lower world losing weight together. I was playing this war and say one week and I go I want a guy I play. Yeah this was. It and this is supposed to be spontaneous in constant AI now while. We have a TV commercial shoot that you didn't show up for no my son hurt so. He's just the other side I thought I saw these are there others that the program like the other island yeah did you guys see the Lonnie dance studio and oh yeah I heard you talking about that you have the odds that the odds. Amid the you need to hear it again Y four we on the career early as this star of our company here every hour and it. A she's a bullet that hit was hit my outlook that is not probably that is not what you got from one have heard it I know I don't go. And content that is everyone's reaction to crystal on the dance all of the balls to plug him we finish up we can wanted to know. 32 pounds and suddenly none of my breath you would re yes NIC I am not lawyer. Oh wait yeah fifty. Well it's been more than had rob know when you're fifty and we did the show on at the ivy I mean maintenance fifth. I've played reaching almost capacity of these problems on the view again if majority tasty burger pound man yeah that is going to be whatever they told me the other day was. Like I said to them so what about going to the gym and everything that I did did five miles yesterday. And consistently well. On that got a little bit make like thirty minutes on the trader bill we don't want you do five miles like. Yeah. Honestly I like honestly the one of the biggest takeaways and whenever. But one of the biggest takeaways beard when I don't want to know what the biggest takeaways are always so it took me like three and half months. Into to lose a fifty pounds. I exercise like five times. I like I like that but that's yeah yeah got to tell ya talk as you burn out and are you kidding aren't you on this month because you burned and muscle blood it but all these years of like argue lose weight onto exercise I'll do liquid crystal on he's doing with the riding the bike for the yes people and people with or dirt trades have never been attacked like they were behind me that you can write read because you know exercise into one neat that by whatever so anyway aren't you look great on the credit well it's where we all a great job. They've robbed I mean yeah I eat like I I think you lost more than fifty I don't know what to tell you we've there was a scale right here are cheaper and yeah I'd like those looks he back it's not a light that's rob Bradford like you know I want to see probably what you look clearly this spirit. At that that's sort of what I do exactly can we do some Milford talked down. NASCAR and I I am I'm sure they're all you float. There's another milk for guy back there. Studio we get to rebuild our nice guy right here is the planet I know that this came out that maybe he'll gonna be that will be Kevin Collins first general Simon reporting job with the world. All old. Oh yeah comrades and liquidity problem but not gentle wind whereas whereas the Mike I just. That never in my life one wanna get up at 6 o'clock in the morning here on the right on it tomorrow I'll want to tomorrow I will mark. James great Dickerson are coming out next rob Bradford. It is fifty pounds of weight loss demoralized by the way Evan journalists put the big fifties I think that it was about out Hillary's night probably pop I assume a lot of hurdles that would I will miss Hughes well. Yes I'm not going to miss you guys been having quiet afternoon I'll enjoy it I'm Chris like dates Brian Garvin fantastic job as always stick around. Dickerson James comes up next.