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Sunday, March 18th

Chris and Rob kick off Sunday talking about the Pats' flurry of moves over the past week and the excitement of March Madness.


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WEEI. I knew that was coming. Think I gonna be the guys sheets the free throw late in the game and mrs. the back of the rim. Because you try to overcompensate that's a terrible analogy Arctic on fantastic analogy. One of many between now and 1 o'clock they are doing appearance that they expect Chris what's left of rob Bradford out here in the studio I was I hotshot and our excellent progress during the shows you'll be down four pounds by the time we got the year one absolutely no I'm doing it's good to be back to deceit I in the cross over here it's good to see you in person. We argued over the overview of the techno have you line and I actually see you slam your you know Australian that we had a weird thing is and so we had that conversation the good the Bruins Celtics late that's on which is good which is evil. Ran it and if they have to be yeah exactly and so it was a when it was like it was in the last hour of the show righty numerous scrambling towards the end yeah. And then it took it a whole week that's all anybody was talking about we set the congress they'll let us any we just what we do now. Yeah so it's that was good and I'm happy to talk about that going for. I'm happy talk about whatever you want Chris and very energetic. And by you you sewed this because I'm acting this way at the reason is because Chris said. Two times two times before the show I'm a little worried. Because your energy levels low and yet I feel lurid ye your power was consolidated in those pounds you law much like you know Sid Fernandez when Eli already rich Garces all of it I I understand that dynamic pipe. You have to also understand. I was relatively Iran this way when I was screaming yelling back in an empty broadcast Booth during an anti baseball field. Now as to each row that's true but now I can see you to yeah I walked him he's always been fragment. Iraq. Now it scared me and I'm happy to be home and I'm happy to be year we'd be happy to have you longer to be here till 1 o'clock Lonnie and Brad earlier in Sports Radio W yeah I. A lot going on it's been a busy couple weeks to the patriots in terms of the offseason not a lot of the news has been greats. But the past few days have been getting better at least some guys coming in Jeremy hilly green Claiborne now Patrick Chung is back. There's also the march badness even get into that all UND Martina that act Isa and really UN. You say your nine and so here's my thing was that it. I IE when a college basketball game comes up on the two during the year. I'm think I'm gonna watch this for a few minutes so I can be prepared for the March Madness and and and you know he has not. But it. You're forced to watch these games this because. They're the most exciting thing on TV right yeah because the Bruins are obviously evil and I will not accept that. Bay bay bay I watch these games in and you like the Loyola game. All right I understood the 99 year old nun I saw the interview before it goes only 98 to theaters well not rusher she looks 99 I mean he's politically I don't I don't I don't know I don't mean to criticize but you X-Men united. She by you have that story lines hormonal wash add that it's a good game you go from there and and there are teams that I desperately root against two but that's a time honored tradition Syracuse. And them I don't Rupp for Syracuse as it states going down to lose a look at 2 o'clock here to share broad do you feel like did you behind should be upset that it might suggest he stole zone. He still picked. It's still immensely. No one else and never will operate now that he's still his old Lee. See her as the announcer told me he says though they get together this summer and he taught him how to play zone Malaysia. Why I think that guy goes over there yeah I goes there is so it goes over there that short gathered him up top. Well I'm lost already professor think taking that as tough as like the hill and dale brown of them with the defense. Of so anyway by so I root against usually root against Kentucky. I'm who won big yesterday yeah dad they're better than I thought they would be for the better than buffalo. Yes well but they're better than I thought there would be diamond valued key to evaluate your town OK fair enough. And I love the I loved the buffalo coach to enact kelp are a little bit because Calipari on Mike and are you kidding me. Like health though you should feel bad for us because we're fresh related but. So is duke I think we we've lost 97.3. Percent of our scoring yeah that's what happens every year that's what happens with the fuel every year and be with Kentucky every year Saudi Arabia's your question I'm into it now. I don't you do practice. UN BC pulled me in on Friday. I'm big college basketball gags for whatever reason I was talking about this with the Lucy actually on Thursday Lucy now producer arguments that was here on hockey's a full time when so lotion display I have to adjust so well how accordingly she's there I thought I was wondered why she wasn't writing as much what's going on a full time or what he does running shows now. Oh we're talking about that it's. I just if delicate snuck up on me this year for whatever reason college basketball to snuck up the the NCAA tournament it would though it does show up at the starting your legal ramifications you can write him. I'll actually the FBI is has been investigating this for quite a bit hard work our play back. Legal ramifications to be written about but diet just got to delegates stuck up a little bit played at being gown and America east guy as you know power. Who doesn't make America these guys don't play by play in the conference now for several years since the America east team. Beatty first to pull off a 161 upset I don't think it's the biggest upset in sport's history and you've orally. Little over dramatic with particular loses determined the first two rounds rank you right Virginia losing the tournament makes it not and and this spread was only twenty and a half when it was a lot. But some of those 16 in spreads we've seen have been much much war. The miracle on ice and we can game we could start going through the whole you know mount Rushmore of great upsets or go to Alabama. Will do that coming up. But it weighs. Foreign to see the first 61 upset not just be. An upset by an ass kicking like they won that game. They they looked like the dominant team. And that was kind of fun to see and I do think that this is even though Virginia does have that reputation for choking. This is one it's gonna follow Tony Bennett paragraph one of his obituary. I no matter what he does indeed win the national titles will also be the guy was on the wrong end the first 61 upset at. Well you're too young for investment I'm being very New York Times three this out the shaman Ireland shaman I'd be Virginian bit about Virginia team. With Ralph Sampson now I don't think it followed around Ralph Sampson but Tony Bennett has a history of and on each bowl losing early make you think choking it's gas you buy when wells do you call that when you lose to a team your favorite beat by twenty. I yeah again at job sure mode you know at some point you can only put the players play as a great Kevin Kennedy once told me. Once the ball leaves the hand out of his control and now. So only a nice way to absolve yourself available spots tailback I'd be using it for years what was going through the player's mind before he let the blog a lot of these and Xena in good position to put the ball. Placed it where when it doesn't matter. But would you go back the US BC and the image I had beamed before the game was that the celebrating on the home court of Vermont. Patrick gym is. That this is big squeaked out in what they come back from against Vermont right yet they were down the entire game came back and won Vermont went like last eight minutes at a field goal yeah like oh parents Lyles that the reliever mind yeah good for you that's gonna highlight yet so anyway Vermont and lost in the American League that we've gone down this week we start out the show we're going on this rat hole breaking down the America he lets you conference that mean c'mon the UNH had a good guys airlines there Eva Camaro nod come back at once you -- there a while tiger's comeback this. The overall point is now a mall and I'm all and on the NCAA tournament. I because because the Bruins I can possibly watch the Bruins know of no possible way I can do its leases it forced some fun me like clockwork aren't. Well and I will safer for college basketball's sake. If he's good to anyone any good turn and after what happened in February after the FBI and I don't think there are a lot of people there were shocked by that might allow some of these guys get paid by. That fact that it was kind of laid bare there are so many programs that were tied to it with all the the reporting from Yahoo! ESPN that was out there. So to have addicts only the finish the Texas Tech and Florida had last night. I'm Michigan with a freshman Jordan pool hitting three to beat Houston so. You had a number of exciting finish is an additional Loyola early in the day that's your Cinderella team lets you NBC beats Kansas State and you don't ballots go sixteen to sixteen RA you know and I feel good for those guys that the NCAA offices because they they're so downtrodden and don't get paid merely as what there are there much like schoolteacher circling back is we will throughout the date the America east. They make over a million box. You know that win all of obviously being they are doing God's work from the works in those off as they say it's it's an equal share and like some of the goes to the school but the vast majority of it goes to the kind yes yes so good for the NCAA. Because not only did he get to determine that you just said by you get out the the only the only organization the only school that he would. Mean the air we know Arizona was the only school that cheated you want it or the other 38 were named in the and I hadn't really make a difference. So you got them out of the tournament you have the clean in the pure and all these teams in their planning great tournament nab these great finishes. So yes we are we feel we feel hum. What about these soft we feel pure was it nonstop Downey saw Downey -- county. To be that's the paper towel. I feel about you saw the need that to be softer you have do the same thing the downy does adapt socially as anyway its spirit and I'm joking about the Bruins I watch the Bruins of the Bruins. I'm much like feel of the Celtics BC's so. Coming off that argument that we dad yes. So I wrote this column about the most sensitive sports fans and mountain. You know outside you like hysteria this guy like you try to member downturn I think give way I would say is most sensitive you know it's guys between two don't know so so in peoples and why do you write that all mother reason I wrote it would seek to. Who got the angriest and yet your you exactly what exactly I read these people who initially said like what a stupid column how did like okay you're making my point you lose I win. It was a threat. So. But the reason was is because number one near the Bruins conversation was stale on time you pushed along in the podcast and then on the air. And then you had the loop baloney stuff way of bill Simon's right the average out but this may be thinking so what would be your power rankings. Red Sox are forced yet they have they have the best sensitive well by that I pay my point my vehicle that's my point was that was. Does not one single player on that team. Where if if people criticize they would jump to the defense no usually they would jump in with you yeah I'd say hey actually forgot about this other thing yes he did let out Tuesday yeah. As a Red Sox fans reports Celtics fans are third. And then I'm between the Bruins are now and on number one in number for the easiest number one's patriot yes and number two I guess would be the Bruins and then I think we I felt I was smear the Bruins by flip flop with the Celtics beat the Celtics dig in on their guys like the market's march in the Al Horford of the world on their guys keep changing like Isaiah Thomas is your guy until he's not Ray Allen and that's what I genre and as you guy until he's not yes but then they move on they don't get angry about it they're just sort of move on and adds I have been third. You but here's the thing with the Bruins. I will say this about Bruins and the Bruins fans circled the wagons right they circle the wagons like maybe no other group. But the other thing that they do when their team is bad they save their back. But that's that's not with a Celtic the Celtics fans don't do biggest goal way I think they acknowledged though that. When a team can't win a championship like they acknowledged the limitations of the team in in in realistic about browser itself I think the Celtics. He was yelling as they don't get worked out about the nature of hockey like you always have a chance if you get in. So I think sometimes that can lead you to engage in these deep playoff runs aren't all that likelier Arnold a possible in hockey. In basketball you have this general accepted that that can happen Golden State Houston are better than new. I Cleveland may very well be Toronto may very well be one way or another reality championship and the kind of move out by this day except that's what my point is that why to me that makes them not very sensitive I would that'll further analysts there realistic about what we've seen. Now I think it's view should get angry I mean I'm. That. It wouldn't I'd I'm giving this the lack of anger. Right that they are more sensitive because. When you're when you're angry you're accepting that the team you're actually acknowledging the team is bad. Because the whole premise here is how do you say our team is bad how do you say there's something wrong on that team. And with the Celtics fans they get really worked up over that right when they get really what worked up when you say market's smartest not going to be an all star. Now about serious. Right you you lived through that would mean right. I first couple years it sound like he was the a big part of your life and I remember it. Remember a lot of the maturity poitier twilight but I was going through college puberty that two years they said Marcus Maher would make an all star teams like the grenade envision it wasn't long her stomach grew goatee you have these are big Brad -- your smashed into fixed quickly. So anyway that was debt stems off of our cover a lot of things standoff are hard twelve the one conversation to. Three force Saturdays ago or Saturdays and Sundays ago. At the things that the agenda and any kind of go from there the the the veins keep going in different directions and different avenues and things like that lovely. So the patriots you agreed and already most sensitive yes you are and they're not happy right now and I don't an hour right now here's here's the thing crests the Matthew Slater thing visiting Pittsburgh I think it's epic. I think this is this a sort of litmus test for me right this is we have that narrative of things are like they used to be in everything else would you agree yes yeah I think it. As much as this year is the same light is off season is so similar to so many others in that. Everybody else is spending money everybody else is making says big splash moves in the patriots. Kind of sit back and occasionally that late last years to find Gilmore splash moves so they don't. Completely. Just absolve themselves from that but number wine just in the backs aren't they aren't I have a lot less cap room. This year than they did last off season. It's like fifteen million or something which is our third or less than a third of what they had around this time last year so that's a big part of it. And coming off the Super Bowl coming up the Malcolm Butler decision coming up the Barack below trade. All of the internal stuff in the locker room. This is a year more than any other as much as you noted Matthew Slater is just a special teams guy and he is quote on quote just to special teams guy but we know he's not. I was gonna say how good. You get to four now whatever you used again meaning get the four Al last year when that and indeed he railed that there's other gates. It does so by yeah he is we can agree that Matthew Slater if Tom braves looking around that locker room. You might not be sailors Dion Lewis we can replace dealing with Jeremy hill. But Matthew Slater for whatever reason was he staple was. It is it's a feel they if Matthew Slater should be patriots for life and good for him against forgetting the money. By this goes back to a conversation. Also we had I had a mutt. The patriots have to prioritize their guys you have to prioritize Brady they should be prioritizing. Ron into a much smaller extent QB Matthew Slater a little off right. All love. Well he's the could mean it was a visit. You know you need still to come and go attitude don't get out of doing then he could not leave fiber don't know again if you get in the car make the eleven hour relative. Of one the patriots is don't have a lot of space and even you know as well as I do the got to follow for for patriots cap information is Miguel. I act pats cap and he did a breakdown of it. And you get the ten highest players ten ice cap hit on the patriots right now taking up over 50%. Of the patriots cap first time this has happened in the last six years so you have a guy even though there's that narrative of the patriots don't pay their guys. They are taking care of a number of different guys that we can talk about how much the know how wisely some of the money is is spent but also a lot of cap numbers are going up. On Brady's cap number heard all the talk about restructurings contracts they forgot them both of them had significant. Increases to their capping it. Going into these years to these just not a lot of money with which to work so. You have heard the frustrated patriots fans in likened to pay Nate soldier you couldn't likens it to go with Danny Amendola got the one guy who left. That you looked at what he gotten said yes that they could have figured out when I would probably be Dion Lewis. But he is airline may begin debate with him until actually not at Saint Louis is the most easily replaced. Emma dole as other guys do what he does but his performance in the post season to be puts him. A little bit of a notch above. The fact is they don't have our unique you'd take care ground you wanna take care Brady you've got to makes an addition still. On this defense I don't think they're anywhere near good enough yet to sign you draft picks these these days. A lot that they have to do and they got to figure out a way to do it is right now they don't have the money. Yeah I don't I don't really have a problem when they made the Friday night will always remember that Friday night when they sign Tobin currently sign hill and they sign Nam Claiborne. So bull wall out is. I was fried rice at last Brad it was seized Friday I forgot about that it was a Friday news dump. Though if it's so. You know there's a lot of Saturday assignment editors they take that says stuff and ours is a very sensitive to their like the patriots fans of news channel that's their problem get out of Saturday mornings. So. We will always remember that so when they did that you like okay you're placing the Dion lewis' U replacing some of these guys this now works. But would Matthew Slater just feels different it just feels different and it's is it maybe maybe is he shouldn't. But it just feels different in terms of the conversation. That is the uncomfortable one. When art is the feeling in Foxboro different in in a when you are going on the list of things have gone wrong and why we may be viewing this. Differently unit matching gras having rockets a big one here. We feel differently this offseason in every time grunt tweets correct yeah so. And still drunk you get that thing settled. And and if Matthew Slater leaves I'm sorry this is going to be the continued conversation while what I want it bad. You Slater leaves your quintessential clubhouse guy so to speak and I you're you're quintessential locker room guy David Ross. Is that team does that speak to you some of the stuff that we have heard about talked about now in and the stuff from south quicker shammond Tommy current. About the state of the patriots locker room and about how people inside that locker room feel and more to the point. Because of more recent. Does that speak to how the players steel. About Bill Belichick in the wake of the Malcolm Butler decision I think your question and and if a guy likes later the consummate team guy. I mean if you wanna did talk about Sonny just embodied what the patriots are. You'd be Matthew Slater not a guy who's gets a ton of glory not a guy that is gonna break the bank in terms of his contract by. Somebody who you'd notice his absence when he's not there you know unit which is when everybody knows that is and how does it feel Dario does it. I noticed your absence when you're still there but you know you don't really know how much you miss him until he is gone if he is gone and if he believes. An especially good at someplace like Pittsburgh which is and always known is a great bastion of harmony. Is he just Hokies and you get paid get the money if that's the case in no problem with that whatsoever but is it more than that has. The the credibility of the reputation of the coach or just the feeling in that locker room been deemed a little bit this past Nazis in relative to the ones. I think it's a fair question now specially retard but the Malcolm Butler situation Malcolm Butler holy mackerel good job of handling all this in the press conference. He immediately after the game could job by you. Buy it. I think it's it's legitimate question because this is the one I think we've said this before this is the one instance. Well Bill Belichick. Bill Belichick can't just go up there and say I thought I did what was best for the team. There as a ton of guys in that locker room who feel you to the Super Bowl away from a few have to explain why you sat Malcolm Butler right maybe they know I don't know but doesn't seem that way with the what we're getting it trickles we're getting out there. The bit the feeling that I get more and more and more awful all the stuff chorus. Is that we talked about oh who's more important Bill Belichick actor Tom Brady who's gonna last longer Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. Talk Bill Belichick absolutely positively more than ever I am convinced is like I can win without Tom Brady. I feel like this is this all of this is going down that route I can win it without Tom Brady and part of that. The Tom vs time thing when you get beat his hand severed we saw that city and Bill Belichick saying it was solid it was open heart surgery. All my goodness are you kidding me it's not without it's it's not brits don't answer any of doing you're your quarterback. Is it you know what he's dealing with do you think got makes Tom Brady field. When your coach says. Probably not if so might think my thinking is hey you know what. Bill Belichick if we have reduced our Brian or whatever I'm a great coach. I feel that way more than ever the Bill Belichick feels like. He is going to be able to Celtic team to success without congress he might be a great coach he is a great coach team when Brian war. Just not Hingis is now is not winning with is not a win win most any other quarterback in the week. Got a one with a note at least one other guy did he go one way. Falls on the team real people always ruffle you know problem yet. Absolutely yes sure you don't you're not winning BG I think he feels he can win would with the Bryan orders of the world. I think he's wrong. And I totally agree adds someone with become very very close to Bill Belichick. Because they did a broadcast in the Booth next to him in Jupiter at politics it really affected Zorn I learned gates are would all have and is like we had a connection there is if Israel and he got did you businesses. As we heard you you seem much more effective when you at all that way but a little more low energy I think that is what was driving you would cells of that were axed annual Anaheim tapes have by have variety of made dirtier few years out the door here for the first segment are so good IPO goes that is a good point see moving forward listed for Davis did Wear down in the fifth alliance for excellent 77797937. The phone number to hang out you would till 1 o'clock. We're starting patriots this morning makes an old college basketball two of you to talk about that this is the really once I ended the year to do it 6177797. And 937 Chris body rob Bradford with you till one it's Sports Radio WB yet. How did available although I don't know fourth consecutive appearance in the HM. As first on WEEI. Sports Radio WTI 6177797937. His phone number for you guys Tex lines their week 37937. Get those in a moment. That's excellence turned awkward angle. Its service with such a travesty. The other times they come in and it's off to a Euro I want to do you recall that youthful lack muscle in movies as here in cheaper or vote right now workman's so let me ask this question does your is it's a purely diet based data program. They are doing so there's no exercise all there is actually I'm here is X results memorable. I can't exercise OK this one on one of the things I like about Veoh argued physically cannot I don't awaken 180. I have no energy because all the N I don't know I don't know that that is made clear that's when things I liked about it that I could actually exercise ideas. Choose not to shows nothing do with I played basketball wise down at Fort Myers tonight dominated. Because against. It doesn't matter. Some answers I was out the side yeah exactly. It's like my job shouted out some not so smooth. And then and I excited yesterday so now now I'm sort of pick it up again but so yet though but this told me this whole thing told me Chris Fulani. That we're losing weight is so much more about eating so much more about but he. Unbelievable isn't that pretty well this now by if you did what do you think the percentages. 88515. And it's probably. So you're somewhere in there on the trial at 829 eats and that somewhere and I was trying to do it the other way. Where I was the CI crappy I do it the other way yeah which is why don't lose weight protectionist. It's it's amazing site what he would I want the eventually some doctoral be like you know even though you could run a marathon and and lift a lot of way you're still gonna die because the crap you eat in the amount of vodka you drink on a daily basis so you may wanna think about curtailing both of those until that happens. I missed a roll the dice you know yell up now I Grasso as the saying years ago on us as you've as you well know I've run five marathons. And so I'm aware. It's one of the problems is when you do this in shout out by the way to all these people were listening to us who were doing the long runs it's probably like one last. Long after them. So I don't brutal boxed in training period as this and there's been worse anyway. If he says he's made a TV but when you're doing that you're hungry all the time yet when your hero that you hungry all the time so. I choose not to be hungry all the time and not really not exercise that I gates is saying about pan mass challenge train. They're hungry all the time yeah there you go burn more calories are marxists the fuel yeah it's got to keep fueling your body is not you though oddly did come in with woody and yet Tupperware there I had when I am tired I always said I was going to be the guy with a couple where you're that guy. He had AM and you know you wanna know what's in it now reveling not is it bad. Now today's game internationally well the little the things that you wouldn't you tell me on this yes I have attack dog to do it does taste it I went out with a friend last night. I met him at a bar and I had busy Buick maybe Yamaichi icu martians as he used bandage when I throw some of those together and and let me go to town cool stuff or. As it through the leaves her battle canary got two I metal I and I like those so yeah I grows up where full of cauliflower rice. It's better than mushrooms and spent enough for me. To me that seats at the rate I Alamos there might not like I'm you mean great awesome things did you he is much sushi is usually get out flyers get a rap and because normally you're running your level is about the same as yeah so advertisers are entrances the associate EB platter that's what he's yet. That's that the only gas that a little doubt that insulates us out okay and how good they don't live with that oh yeah jump aboard come on the trade traders rule of law and good at the moment card. I tech slide their 4837937. Detector they've been at Texas says I'm pretty sure they've given some quote unquote love to Slater. For about ten years they are in the business of giving some love. And again it's not about the you know it makes if they Steelers opera more money in their Wellington. It's of pony up. OK I can imagine the difference would be so dramatic it be like a neat holder thing reading Danny Amendola words is allocated an act and not to go their form. Or they could be more than Dion Lewis camp where you could make an opry could match but just the fact that he's looking. Elsewhere. It's indeed it feels a little tiff feels different now I can't I can't articulate it better that I'm sorry I wish I give you something more scientific and concrete. That's the best I can do you won't deals. If employ fewer power ranked fifth things that I do that make you a powering view this way and Rockies up there grunt I think his way up there. The Brady mystery the the end of Tom vs time and all that that's up there but with in terms of Slater. OK if he goes and gets his money that's fine. But if Tom Brady who walks into bill Belichick's office or Robert Krause office since that. What did we do everything that we possibly could under our restraints to keep Matthew Slater. And they're like and now he just you know he played a position that we value and we just and even make him an offer. The net that's a problem to right. Yeah I can imagine equate phrase it that way and media player position we in value could they do values that are open heart surgery and they value that more war. Then most other teams do you aiming most other teams don't put the priority on special teams that makes a difference in. I don't you don't guy named Chris price. I certainly do are you familiar with the network. I he tweeted this yesterday. And it kind of sums it up one of my favorite this is Chris tweeting when my favorites later stories in the press box this year two out of town writers wondering aloud. Why Slater is under consideration as a Pro Bowl special team her despite so few games played. Any downs multiple punts inside ten yard line and after the second one turns to the other and says oh. That's why there very you know so it's something they do value incident he does better in this Miami in the league. And your right they are going to prioritize that super great fine. But how much for the get a prioritizing in because we have to when we look at The Who you gonna give a little extra love to. Tom Brady. Lot of extra love. Crock you have solutions to actual active in slave here's another one of these guys in and Dion Lewis. I'm sorry Danny Amendola 33 years old that to me reeked of you'd just move it on you're getting out will too early rather than a little too late. Wealth of their dates older yet. Sure but again victim of circumstance. And you've got your money good for you. But Matthew Slater seems seems a little deaf I guess my concern is less than it is somebody just out bids of more so his mindset and we don't know this but he won a doubt. Yeah does he feel like it's different. That's the thing that it's any detector. Blog as it's along the lines went wide video you an explanation they don't. I don't care whether or eat here again explain why a lot for our bottom out and volley up I would like to get you know NHL they don't already know the players that's it yeah. You know the players. And in this isn't and don't say that they never give the players explanation and then when you have to Kevin Faulk. Fourth and two it his explanation was gonna do what's best for the team. This is unlike anything else that they have faced in your degree that yes I would agree yes and in so. It also comes the context of now Tom Brady's 41 years old. And you wanna squeeze every last drop every last morsel out of his Brady Belichick era that's gone on longer than anybody could ever imagine to begin with and I'm not satisfied with five Super Bowls I'm not. Yet at the get the potential to win more you could've won more already but you got the potential to win more going forward. And I want this team to be put in a position where. Every little step they could possibly take to get there. Is being taken every box they can possibly check is checked in. When worry about just from a roster construction standpoint he's going into next year and they still win twelve games at least. Maybe thirteen something like articles about the bridge area daily am assuming Brady's there and help the I worry about being in a spot in the post season we are playing the giant re not beating up on teams the ages better then. And being in a position Brady's got to do everything you can't win that way you can win a championship that way it is possible. But it becomes a hell of a lot more difficult your margin for error shrinks down to next to nothing case in point this passive. It Crist to me that's not maybe going to be an issue you're replacing these guys your placing in due like they always do. Now if you wanna allocate the money the funds do for defense I can look at the roster and with the sentimentality. Aside. You say Itanium and go see you later and may sold to steel later all of it we're now Neitzel there that that's a tough you know it I'll give them this is where maybe I will give them a little bit of the benefit of the doubt that they'll find a way to replace that left tackle. Okay but here's where it impacts the most. How long does Tom Brady play. All the stuff that we're talking about to meet the biggest impact is Tom Brady and we saw the Tom vs time thing. You know you wanna feel appreciated you all of that. Is that feeling of a not being able to go out to Montana would Danny Amendola and and it may be one of these new guys he doesn't get along with whatever doesn't affect what how long Tom Brady what might that is the biggest thing because to your point. Tom Brady if if he's there there would in thirteen games Turk so. But there winning the division probably getting the buy but if there if he's not there I get news flash for you they're not going to be good is that the the company's flashy ads and Pratt and Heidi yes it'd be. What Brady's going to be dot I agree bite you back about an injury now it is how long is he going to be there are dates older. If you're potentially impacts that. So I mean and that's that's why don't just gonna throw it as the soldier thing I'm not blaming the patriots he had sold are gonna help a lot of money you're gonna match I understand that that's fine. But the last time you switch left tackles you've got one in before the previous one last. That's not the case here and we've also seen. Even eat over the past couple of seasons. When that offensive line is not in sync when Brady is under siege he liked just about anybody like anybody becomes an average quarterback pretty quickly. And the the success the fortunes of that team change in the odds Cincinnati year. The the biggest thing they morphed over the the middle part of that season with the op Eds and I'm really starting to figure it out. And it'd Bryan stork remember that though rookie senator he was the guy who kind of solidified now line and eventually they figured it out. Brady was and we really get any kind of decent protection. He carves out every defense the leak for the most part you know why is defensive coordinators are not are Smart to everything that. I'll really Brady so all you have 10 yeah one of my one of my name. Favorite. Traditions in driving back in the middle of the night from ESPN. Is flipping on podcasts because I listen to music on who's gonna kind of zone out now one of you know drop why do podcaster so you'll die just so at that Brad podshows literally lights if you walk so one of the ones in addition to the Bradford showed that upon is the wait wait don't tell me. Yeah on NPR. Find did not use Tucker do you like I don't know dual. I've heard of I wasn't sure what he had. So Tom Brady was on. Used just on wait wait don't tell me they were in Hartford. And they wanted to get a great Connecticut based guests they went with Tom Brady. He's from California and plays and Massa to get so close it out those finest clothes and he's been to Connecticut and he said that defense coordinators and upper Smart okay. So there you go breaking news island down on with the podcast along with you on our along with you on four I had. She eight minutes Soledad eight to ten minutes yeah we have multiple cell was pushing now I mean is it just that there was that time the book. Gathered TB twelve method still he said he could help Tom but that. Okay great people let out for Tucker this is your. They're a heavy Ramirez's hollered so there's you know elbow that passed it and he sees it had 63 of not very athletic and adult like. I am missing my liability so I rated seems that I beat his approach to it though is like I don't care about the book is the wall now down that out here but the bullet but it's late. You know get the blood. Or don't. Like do the things in the book org you know you'll want it that's cool too. Because at one point they said William opted to remember tomatoes those are one of the foods that you're not supposed to. Sell well these strawberries we thoughts robbers are bad they were inflammation right. Was this Robert unlike right by you buy it we have uncovered that it was not. He did talk now does not eat strawberries not because of the health ramifications. It was AEC. The longest he actually talked. In a consecutive days in terms of consecutive words strung together is heats up talked about the fact that he is on its. When he's grown up in California. We drive by this strawberries stand. And you'd get eye she would get rather albeit this big like Trey strawberries bring him over to Tom Brady's house they put the strawberries in the fridge in east at every time. Day you open the fridge door the smell of strawberries just permeated the entire kitchen. Which to me sounds nice he apparently didn't like it. He said he beat him nauseous so he had that so he is strawberry. Opt for the first time late last week or whatever any city tasted late. Expletives and they noted it tastes like it he said likely if you say the most robber he does not like Strider but the and he said he did it taste lingered for like half and now you smell of Cahill walked did threw the kitchen and he loved it. But I guess so I guess sell 88 net as a were the defensive coordinator coming came into Brady said that if defensive coordinators were Smart. They weed. Like cover their defense. It's spray her body in strawberry tees back where they take that nobody said. Defensive coordinators are that's sounds a lot like well in the broadcast and that it should be letters on the back of users instant numbers probably what he wants to take there are letters on the back of Noah letter numbered and I like easy easy easy night instead of like fifty. Why I don't know. It was a long broadcast apparently ready if something is of this spring training right that's QB yeah it'll be long for the like for the listeners to think what 777 died 7937. I'll get some your phone calls coming up more your text messages as well Bologna and Brad Thor with these Sports Radio WB yeah. How horrible it strawberries growing health. Well that was the problem but I give that group in California and I had an AF that would in central California which drive up the PSU was stopped at the fruit stand on the side of the road that you teach me. Tree this strawberry. Think she brings a powerhouse but she was put him into our our refrigerator. In every kind of refrigerator door was open the smell of problems with permeates the room and I could not stand. And since then I've never even strawberry the thought of a strawberry is just is is terrible for me in. That fact that I can do feel that I couldn't believe it because of that book is full of surprises me. Tom Brady I'll wait wait don't tell me. We will see our news quiz if you like it was they do it with cans and strings there what was going there in an auditorium. That some heater would ever lied hologram of them buddy then why doesn't everybody that. As to whether you view auditory about why few ways Kiev to sound so dense I don't know I was very echo what he's on the phone but it's like a bootleg version of someone that's where you throw mud and five and with the Chris flawed he was he was on the phone that's why. It's public radio where you want to protect. It's all of perm held together as kids answering actually don't they get a surprise eggs he believes surprising about the funding. I don't you ever you listened to it. I don't I suppose it was like the NCAA I don't know what it was it was some public radio show and there's some woman doing a show and was fine and she pitches are shown. It's great as he's wrapping up here at the anchor producers that are staffed. I got school role unfurl some thirty people that she's talking about. Executive producer prices to producers producer to save the Indiana wait wait don't tell me is 35 people that Peter Sagal runs opting in. Years everybody that's involved the show this and I thought once a week we were Siva plays across the street here. Entercom yeah opponent of that the other GBH. Regiment the duke is that we say across the street across the streets now Erica. Or the Celtics are the Bruins yeah quickly they hung the shingle there I I haven't actually haven't seen this was going on that would William you know where it was CBS radio yeah now to America. Well the aero quickly went out there and high angle out front and hey this is Entercom radio where yes repeal on its territory absolutely. That's what it's that's what mergers all about. So forget it so yes you look much like the NCAA. NPR is getting a lot of money that they clearly don't deserve because they're not putting it to good use with good phone lines. Much like the NCAA that's exactly right they are spending quite a lot of money on associate partners. Here's a fresh take for you much like the fresh strawberries that Tom Brady does not like hockey not like this mouse and a baffling to me and it weird to before you get to the text I look at it am I wrong in part of the boards. Rodney part of the book I read the sparks Miller notes version guy once they cliff notes version but with the kids right. And and wasn't it strawberries you don't eat strawberries to that information wasn't that or is that acting I didn't read the book I had no interest in right and I'm sure it's great it's tomatoes. Tomatoes I know or Mendoza. A fellow ex drivers in the minutes but does the things Brady was even sued her. Sold on that beak is they asked him but the tomatoes the equity tomatoes and he said. But I've tomatoes you look all the tomatoes you watch our. Outfit with count as Captain Crunch on the matter may or not may not be code fresh take for you Tom Brady op and had over 300 yards in the first half the Super Bowl only scored twelve points you'd team again fell behind at halftime because the offense was slow. To get it going head to attempt three field goals the op and doesn't get it done didn't complete drive let's talk about that. Why it's the detectors and op and didn't get it done is so you're cherry picking or to strawberry picking AMR strawberry yes and active the militia. But you're you're doing that you're doing that awful that one game and didn't they come back in dominate the Philadelphia Eagles defense. Would you look at this we dominated the Eagles defense held on the I would look at this team right now you despite sold I don't care that I I still think they'll figure out left out I worry about that more than. Okay bye and so has been hurt before he's been out before they managed that that year that was the entire offensive line. The well that's part of it is. Is the replacement I guess later in waddle is in Foxboro today or yesterday I'm Mike Reid's reported that it sounds like. That may be going well in terms of on him being back at it and it's uniform black. If you're plucking from someplace else on the line and moving guys over do you risk weakening well cultivated as somebody and really get somebody else to get mets' opening it and you can. Whatever you can think what you want to vote by. This probably a reason they rule the identified him inside of this is where the benefit of the doubt comes in with a patriots that usually these guys work out. So might my point is that when you look at this team I'm still no word about the offense the offense is a championship offense. Across the board assuming Iran be it worse but a top three medal at a worst assuming grout comes back. But it the defense is an issue and so that's one conversation with the our offense the defense of weather team that it's a good team. The bigger issue is. How is Tom Brady feeling how is Rob Gronkowski feeling. Those two are up way up here and everything else about filling in these guys who have left their way down here. It can be get the other to the Brady in the grunt. That's what they haven't had to deal with before if you believe that Billy back air they they they may not be back right I think both of them are gonna be no I do but by. It's still it's beat the two most important issues facing the offseason if they're back they're gonna perform I mean even if you buy into the idea that gronkowski wasn't having a ton of fun this past year. He still worked as hard or harder and everybody else just to the pitcher a foot dikes have a lot of on decent pitcher to have somebody threw a picture of Rome says Rob Gronkowski this crash might that's a party. And as gronkowski and maybe this is a fake but it sure did look like effect appeared dressed up with leopard on it. It it's good to be ground it is his life he looks like he's got a lot of fun and he's the guy first guys in Shaq I think it just makes it look like he's having a tremendous amount of fun with what he's. I guess shock of that shack that. That whatever was couple weeks here our house as it was cooler along and that the it was an effort it was so glory when he first showed up I together part love was views on the air. With adding amended in jail holly whoever ran after he'd signed released its talking about his whole routinely query goes if you wanted to stock Shaq. He gave you the it's like why drive to this place in Concord and then I go over here where I drive over the years of waiting to hit the middle Harvard Square and pretend your stats show the hiding and only people well you know. The first and I I attempted to do the exact same thing I count. People looked at me. For me the defense. An and plugging in those guys replacing those guys. Kids are and I'm still count ingredient in ground is a check of the child but they're gonna be back here are high levels yacht there is gonna be a wagon. That's ahead. If you're in a spot where Brady rocket yacht and tasked to do everything you can't get stuck every time the patriots have lost in the post season. It's been because they couldn't get stops because the defense yes couldn't get off the field on third down because that op and that is so good. Is getting on the sidelines watching the game now there are also times where they had the guys the quote unquote play makers to use the cliche is. They can make a third down stop we could make the incredible play lake Butler didn't Super Bowl and are able to win championships that's the difference between winning and losing the patriots in the Super Bowl. I'm a long term guy in your are right on all accounts translations on fire by. I Milan turned right and when I look at the Brady grunt dynamic especially Brady when we have this I don't think he's not gonna play this year. But if he comes to training campus today guys you know. It is refusal different in this is gonna be my last year. Instead of riding the ride the train it is for the next three years which I don't think anyone would say he could do and really. It's very important that he does specially now that yet to find a backup quarterback. That is what concerns me crystal funny to me that's what keeps me up at night. That's takes seven melatonin jammies. That would you neared second down there that's it's actually not a pro and not. What's wrong I told the mossy I said you know. This is nothing wrong with giving your kids a little melatonin going to be it only cost you twenty years in jail do you get. To get cheap birdie cheat days are cheap meal mouse thing no men at the oats lifestyle. No man no it's a it's a very defensive front had apparently with the patriots it's a lifestyle it's a lifestyle. I'm gonna run a forty but the awaken 180 people slightly ahead of the patriots fans and it comes to most offensive yet I trust that much more than I trust Guerrero putting needles in the back in my hand a final cut you can't go out run a forty can't exercise. No I can't actually a very choosing not to use our shoes lakeside felt I choose not to arrive in fact it says. Our rights excellent 777 died said the that he three settle gets a vehicles is our promise Chris Lonnie rob Bradford hanging out with you till 1 o'clock Brad those already lost one pound. Is three more to go between now 1 o'clock can't wait to see how he does Sports Radio WB yeah.