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Sunday, March 18th

The guys discuss the latest offseason story of Rob Gronkowski and what it means for his future in New England.


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Yeah. Coordinators were plotting. Dissent in separate. That would be part of both defense imported about a month to. It's okay. Let's get more Tom Brady from wait wait don't tell me. Defensive coordinators are not Smart. He also. Peter Steagall the host there at. So what ignoble moment when he asked about priest celebrating something after he scored the goal. Which Brady all at all we scored touchdowns our health. It's like hitting every NT ER ROK. Possibly think it's which is of course the preeminent one is the anchorman the NPR in the gap in the big fight yes exactly yes there public radio taking a break from its pledge drafted fifth. No commercials over there isn't a pipe involved is not brilliant idea that's fair Arabia trident. And couple text you're 379370. Guys buy into the fact maybe breeding gronkowski in the Super Bowl hangover. As a band that was devastating loss can only imagine how they feel the problem your bumper to out eat the time you're back in football mode I agree that. To a certain extent wealth of the it's a product of the bean got a loss is devastating but every year with the with the patriots there which unique to the patriots. Is that every year they're in playoffs and have multiple playoff. Games they play longer seasons and everybody else I mean. Policy of burnout factor began eating it is sort of reset recharge after the season makes a lot of so what you're saying is it Tom Brady isn't running around Costa Rica right now with shoulder pads helmet I wouldn't be if I were him that's shall not too warm. Another text to hear it nope can't talk but the nuances within the Super Bowl is the anti agree. She's Brady the greatest of all time meat cases that's at all times can't talk about how different the Super Bowl is reading the op and had their acting god like first minute. And don't waste the opportunity is the first half done out. Reading the greatest of all time. Anthony's Els can't KN ET a fair critique is performance of the big picture no I don't know. Does give those final stats can't talk about the actual game with in the game and how to pack before it before rail on him my World Series not the worst misspelling I've seen in the last two days that would come from my son. Who when he filled out hesitancy bracket in picked Oklahoma as one of the top teams yet abbreviation. Was OHK. Yet out. I Bill Clinton I could convince him otherwise so whatever will get there we'll get there to Leo yeah you see that Twitter account right the WEI typos. I'd do I'd never seen it is there there was just think his Twitter account deficits voted to yes I am Tuesday is devoted to multiple news out. At Philly mostly W yeah I love the ones I have my picture. I'd like all the W because I don't think honestly if I've said this before it free it's free editing so thank you. Thanks thanks for the outside the strike a nerve I sit I said thank you thanks for just the look on your face that sound like it struck and those of us at the look at MySpace sounds like its record exactly running that account crystallize in mixing my eyes and it's and it's that they it's out there I I had heard a lot of time on their visit to my burner account which is kerosene can overly. Pedantic in Picayune perhaps unlike Twitter it's weird that never happens never happens at all I was against all of a railing on this guy who say you know how the year we criticize Tom Brady. I'm all for that is creepy when he goes on water slides and things like that what's the criticism the Super Bowl audience for a touchdown every time and the whole. It passed for over 500 yards right yeah. Ari that's the criticism I guess they didn't score a touchdown every single time spree he had the ball out that's fair at this ouch. That the worst of all people are going to be in anybody who. Doug don't appreciate robberies is slim slim slim film group. Like slim I don't mean light weight and one lady Z yeah but not a lot of people. And if it went into Brady's gone this is gonna be slap in the face everybody including Bill Belichick. Bill Belichick Matt Cassel good for you you won when Matt Cassel. Good job Bill Belichick. But this week more than average don't you think is about quarterbacks and you can say the Philadelphia eagles' one with nick foale's all the one with Mick fools they won with a really really really afternoon. That was indeed the typical backup quarterback he also played out of his mind and he didn't play well in all of the the post season games of the games down the stretch play out of his mind and super bull there's no doubt about that might. He was also guided big to a one playoff game in the past so wasn't your typical it was like going from Brady to order it would be and made this analogy going into the Super Bowl imagine if Brady gone down grapple those still on the team. Which patriots fans of what doubted that while he's just a backup quarterback now he's not Tom Brady but he's also digested backup quarterback they get that Eagles Feldman with a lot. Would would you think that Brian border group ever on his best day played his wells that folds and now. Right you know that's the point one guise of a starting quarterback in the NFL the other guys and that's the point so in this day and age there is more than ever we have to realize this game is driven by. You'll be quarterbacks and you look at that trade yesterday. The jets and colts holy mackerel of that trade from the jets' perspective you do yes for moving up to get number three yes great trade. Graham I'm OK they went for sit all the way area yet they gave up thirty like 37 and 49 or something like chatter you're the vast. Mine are and then as I don't understand those people. I don't owners wealthy people because the jets. Edgar line. Let's see you do the fifty years Ford was less energetic what I'm not talking Chad Pennington or Mark Sanchez the last time they legitimately a quarterback. They think maybe it's Allen's probably knocked Arnold key I would imagine he's gone first. But they were gonna get one of those three guys hanging at number sick it wasn't going to happen so you get aggressive. You taking a risk you go up to get your guy it's exactly and for the patriots fans who want to criticize that that's exactly the kind of move. The Bill Belichick would make may be on terms of the volume picks in the NC met to trade up to number three at any point. But to making eight potentially risky move to trade up and get your guy because you think he's your guy. They didn't have to trade up to get to the use their pick but they got Jimmy garrote blow in the second round. Pretty high tech given the fact yet Tom Brady on your roster because they felt like he could be the next guy if the jets are are targeting and identifying somebody. Go up get on nobody could remember pick number 39. In. Five year old whether or not it I don't remember that he did what you're right but here's the biggest difference in the analogy with the patriot the page with the move patriots might make you right. But here's the difference benefit of the doubt. They did jets when the patriots do it they have enough cash say they have enough history to say this is probably going to work out. With the jets do it it's this is I think in the flood of people who said what did I don't move it was is because the jets screw it up but there also basing it on other and ended patriots have had essentially the same guy calling the shots. For one year Iberia Batman is this might be tagged indicted. Benefit of the doubt and I love how all this go to record and all this is a sunny we've heard it's what he's also not sudden Weaver junior trek but he doesn't exactly what they're going to take a fullback in the first round I mean the jets. Bundles up to this point do not necessarily reflect and I had I had great and that but still until they prove otherwise the story to be labeled as this organization. What are you doing and and and I want you I'm what do you like if you have to do this is why the Jimmy drop below. What you would give up for Jimmy drop vote discussion is ridiculous to me. I would of course I would give up a number three. Overall pick. For Jimmy grappled because he is at least looks like a guy who can be a franchise quarterback in what can't you win without. The guy who can at least play at that level right and so of mission should be Hinske. When you draft him. Cain you moved up you've got to meet the quarterback. How many times have we seen this is not easy to get these guys but at least they're trying to do he's doing knowledge. That you cannot win without this guy which so many other teams. Still aren't acknowledging. Right. Yes and there's that the only thing and sort of piece it together or figure it out I mean need at least he competent quarterback at the very least I'm talking about. League average or better so fifteen an op. Is what you're looking for nick falls right into that league average cap when we're late Leo what a lot better the league average right but but the I guess the way the you have to phrase it is the the ability to play at that level I said Brian word doesn't have the ability to play at that level. As in Udall need to have the ability to play at that level I haven't really seen him play the level to make full stated. Now so. Yet fight that guy that can do that that is the most important in more than any other sport. With all due respect the 41 year old happy birthday Zdeno Chara. Right that you. A happy happy birthdays dude with the all due respect to that key defenseman. Did the eighth starting pitcher. The point guard for NBA team. The quarterback is unlike any other player aren't any other team in any other sport right there are currently do whatever you can't get that guy. You have to take some chances so in the matter of the last ten minutes you have convinced me that might take of like what a stupid trade is of my ticket for the jets. Happy for her happy for the Barnicle got nice alternate. It's great but you know if if if they must feel good about Ryan leaf. Even if they don't feel good about Ryan leaf the it was a stupid trade Andrew Luck. Let me about it Ryan leaf roaming outside of the one of us and nobody spoken about Brantley gently flowing macro. Accurate quick Google what is currently thought to. He was in jail cat now the motivational speaker you know I think he out of jail he may or may not be a motivational speaker in jail. Right to the number one draft bust in NFL history doing a quick. He currently works as program ambassador for the transcend recovery community growth of a group of sober living house is. In Los Angeles Houston and New York voted for him. And as seven years state prison sentence. I'm glad I I I know I ice singlehandedly brought him back into the public. Interleague any of his prison sentence or very little as prisons and certainly into the hole seven years but clearly because he's he's I don't think people still there all right -- about half that if I don't play out of my mind go there they're going to they've become the same sort of in the same numbers syllables in their name guys Brian Kennedy Andrew Luck I don't know. I enjoy it like nowhere near the bus or plane leave this now but he's getting there. Now and he got nothing if you got the lead in three guys right in line with him being literal I don't know robbed of our interviewer does your new legs through slim down personality persona results everything literally about me is change some very series this book empire by Edward fast guys every you always were and ask him that. I texture again on the Super Bowl the pats the give one of pats on the eagles' twelve points while says pints but it's the south saint Patrick sees networks. All of gaining 300 yards and a half you'd be lauding the great pats bend don't break. Defense apart proceed now incorrect in fact I just spent the last twenty minutes saying good bye bye biggest worry going into next year. Is having a defense they can't get off the field. In that big moment in that big spot a playoff game in the patriots were fifth in case we did hear it enough. Fifth in points allowed as a defense this year top five defense and Bill Belichick said points of the most important category and that's. Really hard to argue that because you score more points the other team you win the vast majority interest politics however. The defense gives up. Eight in ten and twelve play drives. Even if they are holding if they are doing that and that don't break and holding the the other team to a field goal. I can be six and a half minutes when Tom Brady standing on the sideline and when you have a close game as all of the Super Bowls of bad as many of the post season games have been and they can come down to who did Brady get enough possessions. And I worry about again being in a spot where. The pats are a playoff team next January or Super Bowl game next early February and Brady's got to do everything. He did he do it should pretend you don't get help a lot of political they're sure bull agreed and if we reach it for debt if they make one stop I mean one stop. On fourth down they went in at third down to. But on this idea find one that's on with the fourth down after the stop the Philly special yet fourth down those back end of that one yet nobody even more so that fourth down rolling outlander that that was the bad luck yet. The quarterback just standing out there and loyalty legal publishing credits yet that was what that was a Vermont the package as a yard analyzing and its eighth seeded yeah that was uniform that was it. Six what 77797937. He's rob Bradford and Chris Maloney wearing and how would you want a free Jed. Post Saint Patrick's Day Sunday morning Sheikh doctor hang over with us Sports Radio double. Blame Brad buzzwords radio WEEI. Sunday morning had celebrate Saint Patrick's Day last. It counts. As soon as. While per usual Canada writes not at the guys know where Reid has elected to its. Now it is I've pot of gold at the other end my wrist so much was this the first time I didn't have to be at football park in the last months ago it was just. Yes Saint Patrick's Day you were as a kind of of them of the law if it's funny because. A lot of times your spring training in the muted the green uniforms for Saint Patrick's Day yet. There are two moments this spring training I knew this with novices to come up and 10 o'clock hour sure. Two moments of spring training history that I remember this faith in Tuesday. Number one the most politically incorrect moment and I'd ever seen might lie careful now on a baseball field. Which they used to have. Vertically challenged small person work in the kitchen to bend spring training yet. And the players dressed them up with electric on how to run around the field. This doesn't ally you know they've got to go to send is that he's heard it dogs up with a bow well. A there's actually photos and you look it up is how long do we got him late last IR's ten years that Josh Beckett there so I don't know why in the latter July randomly bring him up behalf. Yeah it'll hurt you love me associated to the last ten years there's there's a photo AP to to photo of this guy. And he's going down the dugout high five in the guys that have might. All right can you could never do that now and again it was that long ago. So the other one is Grady Sizemore had an unbelievable like more game in Saint Patrick's Day news cry locker it's just when you wanna stand out. And if margins. That hey listen any degree get you through spring training absolutely so but the praise today right correct grades this afternoon so there you go ask don't know c'mon. On my wife's staff approach was that yesterday. Brad thought the air half an hour ago. All righty is oh legitimate question why you have to. The parade on today as it is the day floats the march 17 is not always on a weekend day you can adjust for rates. These keep an on site I I. I know it's the shortened route because of the snow and that's always controversial any time the mayor shortens the router changes the route it becomes a big perk up and sell someone whose adjusted many parades I can tell you praise can be adjusted. Yes you're OK apparently when did you producers Saint Patrick's Day has it ESPN fifth with everyone wearing green. I. I was wearing green area as the rain brings watcher. Are really the what's the it's. Is are we as you do the walk to Shane. It's the same green sweatshirt and on last night yes the SBA and want to change yeah that's what makes it infinitely more I am I am fascinated by so we we mentioned quickly earlier John breach. Who works for CBS sports I think and he's so he tweeted out this picture. He's a big wrong had. Handed. Crashes bachelor party. So he'll like be talking about. Wait so this guy John breed fuses the 5000 Twitter followers verified check mark worked for CBS sports. He says I think Rob Gronkowski just crashed my gosh party disguise not sure if he's going to retire but said he could be playing for the quote sixty niners' next season I love my job I love grant grant. And they post a picture of what sure looks like rock wearing a leprechaun out right correct. It does look yet it's a lot like Braga or whoever it is is obviously freaking huge and he goes on Jon breached goes on the say tweet. In addition drinking up my doubt for parties shall rule would this as you will McGraw was in the Booth next to me at the bar. Pull patriots fan he wasn't retiring. My dad all time leading score for Bengals own actually remembers that. Jim breech now anyway. Talked to him told him I was media instead TB DN retirement. So little we're taking a little hints here and there. Let that dampen looks like rod ever else on Twitter said they Clark was in Nashville this is where John reached lives so another piece of the puzzle comes together. It'd if here's the another guy. Who looks that much like Rob Gronkowski. Who's just hang out. Dressed leprechaun in Nashville and I would find that very high just 33 of the that we with a photo it is that for that's wrong I don't there's no question about it. And by the way how awesome is it. The beard is because he could he could not even crashed a bachelor party but when the factories watch you know this beard and it's. It's great and it looks like sunglasses to. The great story oh my goodness good for you you claim to fame I thought was going to be you'd be way that the son of a kicker for the Bengals and now here you are. Let the the news here is the second tweet. Is it you know I think idea told them out of the first ones got 500 or so or order so I re tweeted that the party picture ground anything's gonna play for the sixty niners. But the next one. Breach said in you discredit their told him I was media its aid TBD. On retirement. And I still believe I've always believed decried cuts in be back next year that's my guests tiempo you know one or the other missing grunts back by. The people who were like oh this is totally a media creation and it notes that. They are Ben and I ninety talking about grounded John breaches bachelor party but there have been so many opportunities. For gronkowski indoor Drew Rosenhaus the agent. To just completely squash this entire thing and they have not done that at any point and I think Rick this is a real. Right this is real and is based and as much as I think it partly based in the rarest stuff it's. The majority of it is based in money Leavitt writes I think the most of it it what is leverage. And they discuss that on the morning show up it's when you have a seesaw caps. See we you to eat normally you heard sees solid B on the ground and I would be up in the air but now we're getting closer to being able to balance that my friend is La difference that's got to leverage here if you define it. I don't think it's mostly money. I think it is more Guerrero no I I think it's more injuries I think it's more toll on the body. I think it's more and I wanna do this anymore is he's getting beat to hell all the time. We have a lot of surgeries to concussions the second one was nasty concussions we know about. Yeah by the by the here's the thing. After the year when he gets up after the year and and makes this vague statement and insinuate that he might actually go to Debbie Debbie whatever. I am with the and of the year your beat up he had a tough year physically. But then you have the stories about you know like current name and Daniels and Hannibal. About chronic actually start thinking this way before the year began. When there and when they're cruising around in training camp so that's to me. Now and I think it all factors in but I do think right now it's probably a little bit about leverage particularly when you have tied and signing. A lot of money it does kind of you know then beg the question of how much the patriots are willing to play ball. With Rob Gronkowski in terms of I guaranteed money as it sits right now is that the fourth highest captain on the team. Next year. And if you extend him. Which is what they would typically do to try to spread out the capital debate he set yourself up for a lot of potential dead money down the road as he can you count on him playing with a year. With two now no absolutely not but you can't you find some way to make him feel good about himself. What would like that what does that even mean if it means and it may be that he looks like he feels good about himself and a hat in the beard address what did I not Saint Patrick's Day induced. Feel good about yourself there it is and this is this is even though it's not the part of the main part of it. Okay well Hugh Grant this is the challenges we are facing with a salary cap. We're gonna try to work it out as much as possible. But in the meantime I'm going we're girl that you work with how's Guerrero because we like no you like working with them. But he humid office it would make all of you guys you Guerrero guys feel a lot better. You think that is that they get the deal the fact that he I would have had locked I think it's a deal 500 feet or whatever it is that thousand feet two guys are what it's about Chris c'mon it's not what it's about what's it about a value taking the nobody say that you work with them now it's about taking the guy off the sideline when he had Pitt on the sideline when he's walking off. At halftime with the guys on the team instead of the training staff is taking in it's taking its office out of the stadium. If that stuff but it hit I don't weighed by the way. I I don't put this all the patriots I put this on Guerrero to because clearly formal the information we've got and grow. If is saying hey yo to my way everyone do it my way my ways the best way. And when you have all these guys these medical men on the patriots who have gone through years and years and years and years of education and not just going to wait a place it's now defunct. And and saying I I don't researching this is the way to do it. When you have that dynamic what you two butting heads that's not a good one and Guerrero is doing nothing to to make that go away. If you believe Tommy current do you believe Tommy Aaron I do OK that's it. I he said to grow up is starting to have these. Feelings of not have a lot of five and in. You know not having the same kind of atmosphere. Or or feeling around team. Back at the beginning of that and the spits at spring training to pad in my mind fact being patriotic categories and Patrick and that was negative rating Patrick's day and that was before. Any degree or stuff happened out before the need season but that that's and he works against that point if it's Guerrero driven. All the seeds it seemed were were being its own. Before any of the old don't you think the Seattle but involving Guerrero so you think the seeds. Well in terms of the Guerrero conversation we're being sewn back then. Am. I I'm guessing it's like that was somebody popped up during the season. It didn't just pop pop iPod though it was hot it. There was no it was no this does not like a pop thing solid pop as like all sudden Bill Belichick woke up at that guy who's sort of been on the sidelines. Go to Q&A half of on the sidelines anymore. This is built not and I must say this is the biggest thing I do think if you go back. To the beginning wind current at the report when Ryan Hannibal had wrote the story about rock this look the same. In terms of having a good time and yet fun loving and Felix just the same when it comes as actual performance in the field right but he wasn't even an employee in you know yup matter. By I figured that was probably what you're saying is that this is mentally is worn me down because. He just seasons seems like a pretty fun thing for Rob Gronkowski doesn't. Which Super Bowl is that the a couple of days Larry you invade us the lawyers hurt one at La las the giants. Yeah it's no of the one you with dancing he was again on the stage today snow as it was it was that night. Is that there was a day after knowing that it would that. What else so he loves the offseason news flash Rob Gronkowski loves god loves it from the very second became an edge so if you can make 365. Day year. Things got blossom. That's maybe what he's thinking right now amid maybe gets a little deeper and I'm a tick appeared offering to take a leprechaun hat off a minute I wouldn't. Really you know time the beautiful but right I mean who can blame him rally right. But yeah A and affiliates it needs to be pointed out beat his. There is this year we start talking about the DNC in Vegas sword now apparently in Nashville yesterday dresses six foot seven inch leprechaun. There's this notion the grunt. You'd doesn't have all this focus on football. I don't believe that to be the case. When he's there you know way needs I don't think that when he's actually working what he's actually preparing for the I don't know there's anybody and teammate gets out of Brady who works harder I think there's a struggle or relation between. The best guys on the team and the hardest working guys on the team and Rob Gronkowski absolutely in that mix that said. If a life outside of football. And that's why I mean if I'm ground. I'm looking at this and what do I have looked approved in the NFL absolutely nothing. I got a room reserved for me can't and it is no question about that close to a once Super Bowls he's. Is he thinking OK I don't think there's a question about why he's the best trying to play the game by can he being can't like this easy and Trevor Hoffman axle. Is Caesar and I operate Keiko had completely overrated touchdowns on the other hand not elaborate saudis Al lot of OK so IE a eight. Don't. Completely dismissed the idea that he made look at this and say and that's why I don't think it's all about money now he sweeten the pot. Oh gold at the end it is up at the end of his rainbow here to keep the saint patty's day theme going. Does that move the need a little bit short I think he can. But I did a lot more. Going on here and I think Rob Gronkowski is a lot more layered and complex than people wanna get into Freddie. Very layered in comply this obsolete I saw that when I went to Fort Myers restaurant that has his Jersey up there any sign it for those nice people. From the clam bake restaurant is sides signed it to be claimed it. I'd I'd put ago lot of layers to that. Had meetings. I'm not lied about. When my favorite parts as you drink going to the claim there is more to ground the meets the I don't up blame them at all for I don't blame an offer if you want to step out. I don't blame at all especially. Chris. Because you look at that story relatives were in the globe and this is if these are a lot of new like oh my goodness I can well. It's it's a series of concussions series yeah Poehler and there is nothing new in the last one but now I guess again. What the last hostess is 44% of the patriots. Passed patriots Super Bowl. Team members were involved in this concussion CT lawsuit. Against the NFL so that's. Was last week to kind of just set out this week's every I've had a chance to really re employed focuses on Stanley Morgan running apparent which is you know two guys. You know I grew up watching him oh my goodness I can't believe. These guys are saying are thinking about suicide going on the record. And saying you know I'm I'm I think about suicide pact to sit in my room all the time like all the things that we've heard from these other guys. But if you're drawn. And you're reading a story like that forget about like that you know. Whether or not you have your kid play football. Rod. How he plays and how we will continue to play yet. He's he's still not to think about what is this the best thing for my life 27 or not. And the knee injuries and back injuries on a bleep rose on either. I know they're they're not kind of injuries that will have you thinking about suicide or have you not being recognized your grandkids in thirty years by. It's still surgeries it's still trauma on the body it's still something you have to deal with what do you think if if Crocs said this came out and said. Hey I'm retiring. And it's just peca is number one like you said I'm I'm beat up but also I'm worried about what's gonna happen. And do you think that people around here Vietnam known known known on all grown QB okay to keep plan a couple more years. Giving people because you know how we talk about patriots fans before. Oh no they're all in May want to leave okay you left the young Lewis deal later it's older you weren't that good. Jamie and Danny Amendola those guys going to different teams right now so by my question is if brought this said that if he was honest about it when would agree people saying no no to stay one more years to two more years. It wanted to stay but anybody day. They'd looked at that decision and couldn't at least to respect and understand where he's coming from is. So blinded. By loyalty to your football team and a desire to see that football team of Merrill wind yeah that you cease to become human. I think that that's how I look at I do you're the patriots and while on Gretzky playing us ally won their five more years let's do it. He keep a satellite open and keep this offense the juggernaut that it's bad absolutely but if you can't understand from his perspective. Especially with all of the knowledge these guys have now with looking at. Those retired patriots players down the things that they're dealing with and the concussion that he just got in the other factors that we talked about impact and not what it's about him. That I like the Brady too they have lives outside of football yeah I think that's a great thing they're still human beings they are people if you can't understand that. They yourself blinded by wanting this team to win. That you're you're no longer a person I don't and then I think it needs it's too you probably get a global reflections. I don't know I don't know the the euphoria and roll and everything else that comes with playing football in the NFL clearly. There's some we hear these guys say I would I'm I would I'm doing it and I know that is going to be ramifications for it by doing it because they love it so much I don't know that. But if I'm just if I'm trying to put myself in growing green shoes right now. I'm saying. Don't. If I'm wrong are probably. I am leaving the five picked up the globe today and I know he says the series and has been plenty of other stories about this. But if I pick of the globe just read that Stanley Morgan running a pet story of Mike. I'm Don. I'm see it and that's me I don't know again I don't know yeah thrill of of spiking a ball in front of 60000 people maybe 30000 but not 60000. Behind it but stealth. I don't know that yet those are the thirty by you have to get the having the proper perspective here I think gates you know this is war. You've done enough. Done enough ground I think so you've done enough and again patting him on the head you're reaching way out tonight and rich you're way up on patting him on the pointy hat yes 6177797937. Tex lines therefore you 37. 937. Commentary patriots heavy over these first two hours gonna lie to get to go between now and 1 o'clock Lonnie and Brad bow with a sports yeah. I would have Monday. Porn. Pages match yeah. I did a black man now. I'll tell them I did my thing. My legal mind. Lot of jokes and. That's crucial audience and not a thing. They got wild less than what you want from me. That's life from the street Patrick's day parade oh man that is Glen big baby Davis on ins to Graham. Are responding to his recent arrest with something along lines a 120 grams. Marijuana the is that the correct number. Sure something along those lines 92000 dollars in cash and apparently an Al Capone like ledger. They showed who load why. Or. Bury or what was the other strain there's another. You're either one of those who pulled up the stories that we do we're gonna talk about this. They're very much I was still up and threw hard from the its agreements the nation if you are having is to Graham explanation. From a private plane with the enormous vat of pot pies chicken on one side. And an enormous briefcase full of money. On the other I mean that's you know you are really trying to explain anything it's. So here's the story I'd Davis and back on February 7 data staying in a hotel in Aberdeen in Michigan Glen Davis of course the Celtics former Celtics. Superstar legend communities where it goes sometimes by the nickname of big pay should certainly had a cults. Hero quality to him. But he was staying at this hotel and Aberdeen Michigan where apparently Ty Andersen said he state wants a they wanted to get more on that story mysterious tirade on his way out the door. February 7 hotel owner picked up the center of marijuana coming from davis' Romney knocked on the door. And according to the police report which is obtained by WNAR. TV station in Michigan. Davis told the owner to quote leap off. Refused to answer the door so they called the police. In the S statement of probable cause the responding officer wrote the when they arrived at hotel owner gave the police permission to enter the round. W and they are reported police say Davis provided written consent to search the room. They discovered quarter pound of marijuana and 92000 dollars in cash and alleged the cops believe list names and amounts of money owed. By those people force said a week. After his lawyer Dave's maintaining his innocence also. Three mr. Graham Davis maintained is innocence and of course are all remember Tom Brady are Tom Ridge stomach mind. I Glen Davis from 2008 Celtics title team the 2010 team and then. He went to the finals. That year in and went to Orlando after that. And then Davidson is all through he's expected of Bel Air Maryland courtroom in April and he. This is often dead spin this is the means to gram up to eighty issued a response the charges. I yesterday afternoon telling friends don't believe all the bleep on the Internet and claiming the money was the product of a whole lot of. John should go to sex. Jokes. Ice I've taken a lot of jumped its I've never had my motel room broke and 92000 dollars in cash and that never happened. And it Aberdeen are limitless in Michigan tie Anderson's knock at Michigan who went bad that is as big baby Mets. I it's it's a tough luck I I know that he wants Leno to jump shot. Excuse we all do. All right Jack who we always we always wanted to defer to jump shots but this is not a good luck forum now and I guess. If you're gonna handicap which Celtics player from the 2008 team was the most likely you arrested in a hotel room at Aberdeen Maryland for her. I don't know off a these types of charge guy. Celtics 2008 Celtics and a take a look at that roster we knock out all the superstars right away it's not gonna happen to gronkowski or arc cows got guys have the patriots in my mind. Paul tears tension and Joseph tell penalties it looks. Appears I have I don't want turnaround Ohio one of them again Eddie House. Scot Pollard. Now whole. Scott Pollard go down that road. I don't see anyway but I legally I don't see anybody down. But it where you for your power right guys yeah like in some trouble. Both. And it seemed like a pretty upstanding young men who were young man Brian Scalabrine is on the list yet not a chance know the whole show. All a jump shot if I were you by an a hole a jump shot available celebrity shows up at Boston. NBC sports Boston with his briefcase full of money. Doesn't shape there's a whole lot of jump shot 92000. Dollars in cash oh man. So we'll see what happens there again he's expecting courts. Coming up in. He'll be arraigned in face the charges are maintaining an instance of the case for Chris Lonnie light. Up and I. But in legal mind a lot of jobs act of lot of jobs. Me and had data barrel a dollar a barrel and a thing there I think is striking which is. Besides the data Popeye tick Popeye sticky on the lat. On the right. And they didn't take showing the case of money on the left right which you might want to lay low they did maybe just a little bit in in. The ticket doesn't matter but the case of money showing the case of money I'm not sure that really goes to his defense well. But it's even without the case of money and we'll say this it's hard not to think that you throw around a lot of money he's on a private chat. Is that if he's. News flash he's not doing this in a row. Ten at ten EP. And self last. Which you wanna sit next to a parallel at these giant guy with a lot authorized to. Dogs seem weird things this year on is to grant from from commercial flights worst way to spend a flight as opposed to get chicken. So. The obvious something drumstick did not not a good not a good rebuttal the error. You arrest so far he's not playing this right I won some better legal representation for big baby. Well saves to kind of maturity date to make a lot of money in the NBA it's Alan Keyes I don't believe that any money he's made after the fact is in the the product of marijuana enterprise he signed the lease on the deal wasn't the only sign with the clippers. Was your or the matter landowner a tragedy after 2000 does that feel for. Money. I mean if you let these guys doing live dolphins endorsements I don't know that he was quite that level not like gronkowski but. Yet rough look for Glen Davis again arrested February. Quarter pound of marijuana. 90000 in cash that was strange is that is the strangest. Private jet in Ingraham explanation since. Might win and ski when he said he wasn't staring at the flight attendant. Going down street bonuses at all I don't 14 million and now footage of organized that you may be as the case may be maybe I'm wrong. Maybe he does he's legally he's doing the right thing or maybe it was the most bizarre since John Dennis flying down spring training deprived. Spent a lot of private jet moments that did on the eye and this is the latest we should get one meddling. To ROW Riyadh private tell you don't think we have hunt. No I do not out of the aisle talk about corporate the corporate all right sounds good 6177797937. Phone number get two hours to go up till 1 o'clock. I'll take some your phone calls and get back into the patriots as well in the next hour. And they get the complete spring training breakdown Ol rob Bradford. WEEI dot com as we have just a week away from the season's starting which is crazy to think about. Little more than a week away and weasel I can tell you everything that's awesome Austrian trade. Can't wait and about 36 where it's all that coming up with your calls and text bigs did a lot of you Brad those sports hernia WB yet now. And I. Might be legal minds a lot of jobs act. Lot of jokes.