Villani and Bradford - Reacting to Kevin Cullen's suspension 6-17-18

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Sunday, June 17th
HOUR 1 - Chris Villani and Rob Bradford begin Sunday morning by reacting to the suspension of Globe writer Kevin Cullen as well as a piece Bradfo wrote about the subject.

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Sports Radio WEEI. Well once again we failed to get the entire band together. Once again rob Bradford fails to get his head phones together that maps. Anyway yeah other words all wrapped around us I don't care if it's that. The that the although on second and I usually do me. Me show pictures but that's what this picture worth a I don't know what the hell's going on there at. I don't know I don't know about pundits have it out here I'm supposed to be the one that was is I don't know are all last night and you borrow wedding over letting your. Played the role of ever grow it crystallized that's right big congratulations to Amanda Roosevelt and see amber I mean I their nuptials souls will leave stars and I think if Sandoz are the WGBH. About exotic or talk to your word yet if it was the penny bar a cash bar. Yeah no media stuff that he's getting now now not any chances for you good for you for bouncing back. And and coming in here ready to go X prize. It's easier to say somebody 75 years old all of that at all I heard you look Zuckerberg what are what they say I look at her seven year old man you look pliable. Always reliable are always. A question about that he had just and you headphones I think by the way oh that's right garment covenant headphones or are. I bought your face that and I can fix this if I'm OK I'm all right story of my anger ideological. I've responsible for the headphones. They don't work those don't work so anyway go ahead anyway continue. You know we have we have we have a lot of momentum continued I was not getting a media star has aperture in the Kevin column the Boston Globe and arrives you wrote about this and that. You he had dot com late last night it was good to see our you're spending your Saturday night based on what time that thing was pose no here's a here's a little behind the scenes I'll take you behind the scenes is that so. I'm sitting around and I'm looking at tweets and everyone's tweeting about why get a good way to spend a Saturday night well as this beyond us is how we spend every waking moment Afro lives was looking at tweets. And so. I'm looking at threes a lot from our station and and talking about this in. In obviously in case they don't know the dealer came here and there. At the switching headphones now it's a radio professional folks are right. That is my. Marketing and yeah brought somebody in here by way shadowing the see how this is supposed to be done we're not setting is a glorious examples so far anyway. So I'm looking at three this story came out Friday from the Boston Globe explaining that. They had they are suspending Kevin Cullen for three months on paid after being suspended. While getting paid. And they were going to explain and we can pick through it that's fine I did the other night on Friday night. I'm just thinking and really it bothers me is when the reactions. Date came off of it was. The the reaction we get a lot of times and it's Sports Radio. Which is while you guys did this so why. You guys did this so while I'm like what cart did in he's wrong about a lot of things like my talent like he's wrong about how talented items available. By. But one of the things is. What he did was so so important and I even had this argument with my sportswriter for and for the exact same reason all you know. Many hands you jerk for whatever it's just bluster it's in Sports Radio well. This separated. Because what he did was really really important which was because it three know that if if he doesn't do that Kevin Cullen still working. That all the things that the globe found in this two pronged investigation. We never find an though the heart of what I wrote today it was really. That we are everyone thinks it's worth radio is that you view reports something and you have this sort of old well. Fill things like that Portnoy thing if the grind at least he was out there right you said. Are reporting that grunt might be traded from right to be credit if I'm wrong that is doing it tongue in cheek. He has that right he's right because that's what bar stool is it is the oh well mentality. And let's be honest Chris Sports Radio is feel well mentality when it comes this stuff. The globe. Is. Is pretending like they don't have that all well mentality in everything about this thanks to Kurtz reporting. Everything about this continues to be oh well. Oh well whether it's the actual what Kevin Cullen was doing which would well what's the big deal I'm. I'm two faced in making stuff up. On the radio all but oh well it was on oh Arabia. And or this actual this this punishment in this explanation from the globe. Which Roy is a three month suspension without pay and he'll go on and he'll keep writing and all while wait we have to get we have to get past. This yells out to come back and work as a general assignment reporter which by the way that's where you're real journalists are on the general Simon I will wait for him to cover the government to a field hockey game in September oh what reality and combatant go to like a house fire somewhere and and write about that. I just don't see. And I'm not one that calls are people lose their jobs left and right. And I didn't Regan before. And I talked about this at you in the past and the declining influence of the sports columnist and I think this goes sort of hand in hand with what you're talking about. Where radio can do in the war. They just entertain any can do more than just. Opera he means in bombast in in sort of drive conversation. We can also do journalism as it did in this particular instance with many and it also with Chris Curtis. I went yeah that's right this let's be clear that that's still the priorities portrait you sure we're we're. The thing you can do more than one thing absolutely and and that's the lesson that we should learn year which is. That are paid Boston Globe is not just you okay and Kirk can do this. Curtis can do this Chris you can do this. Everyone can do this if they put in the work and approach it the right way I said this the other night when Kirk was taken enormous. I was we have to run stuff on the website the company is is. You know beholden to making sure there is nothing libelous or anything else. No doubt that Kirk with doing the right steps I know duck I know how he gets when he when he digs into the stuff I have no doubt. With a global liked the global I have doubt about everything. And so to your point. Number one priority for Sports Radio remains be entertaining. Being gauging all of that and they're still is that. Well we'll throw some stuff out there oh well ask you instincts yeah estimate as many as three Boston Auburn when the Phillies. This lets be honest we love you yes this is this beyond its Christmas right now that's still a sports radio and I I as I put my peace. I have to explain that the players a lot where they said hey you know what the talking about their so Ron micro. That's not their the program director is never gonna come down and say although you get that you RA Iran by in the. And it's aren't they did this is somewhat tangential but aren't you the guy that was excoriating Tony Mazur Roddy because everything he says is rock hi I'm right drug involved. Our I'm saying and here's my point which is if you have the option of number one being entertaining and engaging. And being right and they Baltimore and Baltimore all have a big thing. Instead of death defaulting to law I'm gonna throw this out in and say something about it which is you know again. You let some people have that talent to do better on Sports Radio but nothing to back it up arms genius comic genius. They would that's basically why I'm getting too but so I think there were on the same train chorus that. This is an example. That Sports Radio not only Sports Radio blogs. And everywhere else came to the right thing can. It can have journalism. Can be PV can hold these people accountable. Where is the globe though the one place what you think is going to be that the standard bearer when it comes to this has failed miserably and continues to what the story of. And they certainly do have backing tell you how many times countryside to Europe Harold how many times or apparel and read. Break a story and then some days weeks in some cases months remember there's a story about that and get into the details about it but involving sex offenders that. Bob McGovern and I broke months. Ahead of it when the globe did of the globe finally wrote the story is that our story never happened is that it never was. And and we beat them by so much actually the editor at Harold. Forgot that we had doubted it was mad that we didn't have it when the globe came out others like that we did back in December dude we ate there once on this but what can never ones. Because that's how it is the you know it's been that high and mighty perch where right. Everybody else is sort of nipping at our heels and they are still the big game in town at least for now we'll see how long that last at any newspaper. My thing is with with Colin in particular. I can't read anything he writes ever again and take seriously. And at the very least anytime he cite somebody. No it's many fits the poly none of that now it better be full Christian name on every single citation and hence more. And also I wonder. In the story wanna know why it is what he's blowing on the sobriety test. Right I mean this is one of this as. This is one of the best as they exit came out of what I am looking at that story the other day. You have in fairly high in the story. This quote saying everyone we talked to you know say that you are applauded Kevin Cullen for being. This guy who did his research and did his homework and everything else. And then eleven paragraphs later eleven paragraphs later you have the quote of what Colin told them. Which was you know that he's blaming this radio interview because he'd been drinking all night was not taking care of myself as not eating right was drinking too much. And this and this goes back to another problem I have and I think that you and maybe people won't agree with that spot. I don't care that's a radio interview there's a reason why he's on the radio. And that is because he's representing. The biggest paper. And he's the most important voice at that paper for this most important subject which was the Boston Marathon bombings and you wait we made it up you blatantly made this stuff up. Because. You work either not sober or hung over or whatever. Community that's the fact. So and the other part about you talk the high and mighty the globe stuff and I wanna make this clear the globe does a lot of dead shark. And the and you know they do good and bad we do good and bad. I'm not to say that the globe everybody at the globe is terrible and they're taking their contact in this case if we're talking about this case. Then there is major major problems again under gets under my skin. And you talk about the high and mighty part of it well how well the news dump on Friday being as I put in the story. At a news dump on fri that's not tolerated to print out at 2001 anymore. Like this are you candidates so. People don't even care anymore about how transparent how obvious that is it's despite acquire LeBron aggravate and we people do if we could fight a holiday weekend that would be great I'm shocked it didn't come out the Friday before Memorial Day weekend I guess they just didn't have it ready to go at that point. Or that they didn't wait until fourth of July week. Which is also a great time to dump it Tuesday with July's on Wednesday it is we have this year so Tuesday evening. July 3. Out of a great time as soft on these people her. I was it was a hard down that big out so they they. Be put it out at that point while people are gone for the week or leave. Unity take Thursday Friday up after that they've gone that would have been a perfect time to do what I'm shocked they didn't have transparently. Obviously gains. Barry this year you'll notice right. But you have to have the gumption. To to do it would like you said everyone knows like what they're doing and this is. It may be back in 2001 that people would go oh wait I put this together or what a good time to drop the story oh. We haven't talked about this for three days oh all right what are what are genius move by now what do they think that Perkins Jerry we're gonna forget no I don't know. It hurts to say you know we start with a recap this Red Sox heroes what they do it against me it looked like on Saturday night. Six why does that does that add that if I had that in ninety three's that but I think it's ugly it's so what they're doing that is the risk reward. Your reward is why because the reward isn't dumb forgetting about it. On Monday odds one more thing the pylon. He exactly it's it's another example how misguided you are when it comes to the delivery in the investigation and everything that goes live this. Like I I was to put some story and I mention the other night I mean full disclosure. We rehab we had an apology block from out streamer earlier this year. And you know I have both these are things like this one had to be vetted through people Allen is actually as I understand that blog is written. Like weeks before well it was it was right and then and then was picked apart and they were apps Fridays and eight others were guys that same thing that's. Yes he would be vetted through people. And so they the intention was Friday morning Friday morning v.s out I told I said we cannot do this Friday. Well late afternoon early evening because for data correct reason. But it gates caught up in things and get tied up and when it was finally get the go ahead it was 5 o'clock on Friday and again I you know what I am moaning that. I honest re now let me ask her own that was there a thought to you to say let's wait until Monday. Now now wanna. Because we had waited so long in in your right in the what's good morning M maybe it's a good point but still it's always sort of like. I'm like OK let's get it over to skip this hope for ways. And I'll take the slings and arrows and because. It's risk reward I I know that the risk in that case. Along with whatever criticism you're gonna get for from whatever people you're just added another thing and that's exactly what the globe did here. It's just the whole thing is just baffling about come back to my original point which was. Chris you're you're journalists you do a fine fine job. And and bite you can in men like in journalism in the world that we're living in right now. The acceptance of this oh well mentality oh well we got a wrong oh well we got a wrong we're just moving on. Is prevalent all over the place is just some places like bar stool will like OK this is what it is generally Sports Radio this is what it is. And the globe are saying we would never ever be that way. It's not just the perspective though of the media outlet it's also the perspective of the consumer if you've noted the important way in bar stool. You're going for entertainment you're going for something it's gonna be funny. AG. It make you laugh at me or my pride. You don't go win it seemed referred to occurred in Cali and you go in expecting entertainment you wanna laps you have fun you don't go in expecting Woodward and Bernstein and now that doesn't mean they can't. Work their way into that mold once in awhile as that happened in this particular instance with with cart and again Chris Curtis who deserves a lot of credit for this to. So it can happen when you go to the glow. When you go to Harold when you go to a reputable news outlet and a lot of people wanna put that word reputable air quotes. You're expecting a different level of scrutiny for what's it what gets published. You're expecting a different level. Back checking of having all the facts in a row of having. Eyes citations for what you are in who said this where did you get this information how do you know this you're expecting that. As a consumer. Now there are some that I think can play the two and expect every single thing we say on the radio to be 100%. God's honest truth and that's fine but I think by and large. The consumers understand too. That when you go to. Whether it's the view about the globe to Harold the times the post the Wall Street Journal whatever whatever you read whatever you Fox News CNN. You're expecting different levels depending on what it is. Of scrutiny of fact checking of of having all your ducks in a row before you actually go and put something on the air or put something in print yet when that doesn't happen. That's when. Somebody needs to command as that as a sort all right Jack because people are gonna be able to do it themselves in the same. Conversely. When when that check does come from and a weld done Jack come from sports for a person on Sports Radio. Then we have to brace ourselves for the a lot of the reaction is a while it's Sports Radio all while the into the due diligence of the globe would have done northern Harrell would have done or print journalists. Would do. That's that's our lot in life right Chris I mean that is just how what is. Sports Radio is is gonna as much as we came we can hang our hats on its entertainment and once in awhile we'll will actually break some things could have packed. Yeah that's a good happened right. And it's an easy one but we also have the lay in the bed of a you know what when we do do with the right way in this case. There is that we're going to be open to criticism more or scrutiny. That. You know one there's going to be some doubt did we do the right way because there's a lot of things that we throw out there it's a non talk about Sports Radio across the board where it's entertaining it's engaging blah blah blah. But if for Wright were right if not but this in this case like I said before that there was no doubt that Kirk with doing this a right way. Doing this how the globe should have done it how Kevin Collins should have done it. The Kevin Cullen that went to journalism school all these other places. That they preached this that this is how you do journals and think about it Chris think about these kids who are in journals and little wanna be journalist I am all about the kids you what I know you have someone shadowing you correct. You are US the Molder of young minds. The scary thought the next generation but yes yes don't get this this should be in you can like Turkey you don't have the light hurt you can say he's right about this wrong about this. But when you take this in a vacuum if you take this moment this instance. You should take this to journalists. Journalism classes in journalism students. And say this you do in this is why what you wanna do so and by the way. And I mentioned this tweet you off the air I don't know a lot of people sought. But this is mind boggling to me and accounts from Adam Reilly of WGBH. Who works with beat the press and some of those other shows over there is a reporter. And he said we asked the globe two times this on Friday we asked the globe two times about the Colin investigation before tonight's beat the press. They responded nonsensical Lee by pointing us to court documents involving Hillary sergeant. Should that a big clue something was brewing given the globes aversion to questions from the outside part to say. Mean that is again yeah if you're answering in that way year you're taking people for fools you're picking their stupid. If I ask you question about the Celtics can you give me an answer about lollipops writing what what's even happening here. It's 08 guys is when I check in what's what's up the column investigation is very thing and yet tonight well as you can see here in this. I Hillary sergeant court filing where what now. That's nothing will vote let's try this again again pointed to a good for Adam for saying not say it was nonsense right complete nonsense here's something completely over here. You didn't well look here and that. Didn't that the entire story of the entire explanation and in I mean we're talking about this was the guy who wrote that Michael Levenson. Both the glow yes yes yes OK coach I you know on summer I don't know I mean. I'm not ready to shoot the messenger there I reporter and gas and I don't think that. That was constructed the right way like pointed out before when you have the drunk part way down and story in the praising part way up in the story now I wonder how heavy the and it was that might hell I can and that's why I'm not ready to say how dare you Michael you guys. But it's it is unbelievable that story. What you're talking about it just keeps going with these guys and that's the latest example of the atom Riley tweet and what he's saying they. How can not see you this how can not see the terrible terrible looking you know I know the answer to this. Because what you said before because the globe has done this forever like I know they covering sports like it had people cover sports. And we're sitting in your ear scratching clawing for good stories and stories are gonna stand out and they do what's right in front of him that well that's okay. Because it's not until we write it and that is yeah that is the reality. Oh it has been reality for the Boston Globe for a long long time. Seaport gobble story. Wrote that thing way over a year ago and now I see it in the globe every other day. Who's going to be gondola. It's a brilliant probably. Before and that's what a great idea but about the way its aid is the case you missed it stirring it sleep through the air. Laid back kind of a dog well how I'm going to be under the water. I thought Eumig picturing like in Venice where you're paddling down the road a guy singing to you is you like go down and see I'll hard. Oh. I thought to what other evidence having my Father's Day as to Rick lying who's spending Father's Day where he wants to which is. At cape on the golf you wanna bring him in the shadow now announced he shadowy days our eyes are on our bill Bradford in the shadow. I run it was no time for crack particulate. It's just tell you how you listens to the radius or is that takes on the column goes down dude Dunkin' Donuts and Essex works out a copy of deep drive to my global ought to all of this right well. My son don't be put it out all that it had no idea agree sir I actually didn't say anything to you I'm not sure I am addressing your happy happy for August 6177797937. We get a pick through these these actually two separate. Reports or investigations that were done by the globe's will take into that a little bit. I gets on your phone calls and text masters as well 37937. A lot in grapple with you on a Sunday morning it's Sports Radio WB yeah. You EE. We don't know win. The actual report will drop out today athletes and the third week that it takes a little bit of time it going for various reasons. So you I don't really get in full swing what the last two weeks. We don't know it could be as early as next week that we have no certainty about that so. That's called me from Nebraska. It's quite confident you know they're. You graduation is this weekend during his asking you reform people investigating so I would guess before. I realize the time what it impact your graduation. Being complied but asked Tom Fiedler was one of the and that's parade along yeah I mean Carol we'll also there was too as they point out in that piece there were two investigations are whom there was one with the Mueller and what was that Kathleen Carroll Carroll and they were sort of perceived as the outsiders. And they really dug into but the radio what he said content alone set on the radio they did and we'll get into more they did a much better job than all the other well the other one as a joke the other ones so the the the second investigation was done by exclusively people affiliated with the Boston Globe. And they found some spellings and they found some names that may be where variety and but by the way by the way. The aisle and across the board people were praising Kevin Cullen that that was it was really embarrassment and and I think day in Kuerten cal and obviously I don't do not think they will talk about weight look like tomorrow I'm not. Pozen that'll be our one hour two is going to be possible quiet Leonard destiny maybe but if they do. Altered release spin into this hour three patriots secondary a valuation. Buying or selling. 6177797937. Mount Rushmore. That not used to that from 9 o'clock money our own economy than the bigger they're gonna do a mount Rushmore of Bruins defenseman not named Bobby your nice it's gonna be exciting all lost or how radio forty year old athlete in Boston scoring. There you count. But I would imagine when if they do stumble on this story they will they will pick it apart and you'll say it is more there's more this more. You're right I mean the two investigations. The one with the one which was the globe and bid globe affiliated people really. Bay it was sort of embarrassing we really do to a half pages we didn't find anything of note they sent out just a few ms. spellings and things like. They take and our Sports Radio approach they take it all well approach. Two investigating the accuracy of their own journalism like is that you on the spelling here and name is placed there back Ron here oh well. Right that was it right that was the the upshot of their investigation so that to me though the most important couple paragraphs was. The the quote from Colin saying that. He he could be that you listen I was I was up ball drinking all night so that's why I made up these things on the radio. That came from. Who was I'm sorry the feud alert and now Carol that we can yes. That that came from that investigation but the next paragraph the next paragraph goes into something that he broke in the Boston Globe which was. That. That mark Richards dad would do not run the marathon. And after explaining that he hugged his son. And that none of that happened that was written in the Boston glow yet and so that was buried after weighed down in the story. And. It was it was also remember wasn't written in the original. 88 edition of Collins comment wasn't in the first wrapped it was updated 12:37. AM. April 16 he was at. The eerie pub or JJ Foley's one of them and that's supposedly when he got. That. That tidbit that's when he got that story heard that story from quote unquote from firefighters. In the other and so in the explanation of it in this piece on Friday. They said they blame the globe editors is much is the blame Colin now. It we've been railing on the globe in for a lot of reasons. By really no really I'm not gonna go down that road as much as maybe your Gerry Callahan well. Because if this is relieved columnist at this is the guy that you trusted all these years. But you have to trust you you have to trust that he's not making up someone who loves who's not there. This is from the this from the report again when they say the report and generally referring to the thing that actually resembles a report not the other thing that there was two pages from the glove that was oh well that's gonna be the oh well report. So from the actual. Report here. He meeting Colin. That he doesn't work I'll which editor handled the insert although metro editor Jennifer Peter told to separate interviews she took the call. She said to mister Collins quote was quite insistent. This had to get him I notice she quoted mr. Collins saying I don't remember pushing back he was really certain excited. That bill Richard had run America okay so if you're the editor and use your you relied on this guy in his pool surprise winning guy this guy who's been. In the marquee guy for you for so long and he's insistent. If you're the editor OK you know bid doesn't seem like something that anybody would make up forget about someone of that stature but anybody. So I get that I understand that but my point is is it that was buried in this report or this this piece on Friday that was buried so. Are down. And it was it was part of the investigation done by the globe people. And it's once again it there is no better way to explain it is via all well mentality picked it permeates this entire thing. Oh well all well in the glow is the one place in this whole world. That we live in. Bars told us. Across three you know a lot of blogs everybody else they understand that part of our existence as a well. The gloves and we would never ever ever do that well just own it because you just did it more than anybody did it. The other big part of the this investigation that they Carol and dealer investigation. The writing is an eyewitness and this is what triggered all of this because it was the five heard. Yeah five year anniversary bring that point in my years here but five year anniversary column that Colin wrote that started. Many handing Curtis looking into all of this where Ike in. You're right and smell. Patriots state 2013. I can taste it all representing that he was there are imagery in this is where. They they kind of go half way at taking him to task and say that this can be misleading. Because he paints a picture as if he was there he paints pictures that he was there on oil and street. At the moment they'd that terrible event happened that is what he says and he. It was alleged is what they write a report is alleged. By radio personalities for WE EIMR Colin deliberately sought to mislead readers into thinking he was on Boyle and street. They go through this action and Collins says the image is that I referred to were iconic images they were shown over and over again. I would have been aware of the initial scene of the scramble to get to victims and all of our readers. Would have had that same experience mister Collins said he can't explain why didn't attribute the images to what he and countless others saw on television. Other than it never occurred to him that a reader would be misled into thinking he was an eyewitness. We find no evidence to support the allegation mr. Colin intended to mislead readers with the choice of words. To the contrary to our knowledge he's never claimed to been on the scene either in the hours or days after the bombing you early with an heir to a few days later. Which is different than what he represented. To. To Kirk right when they had that phone conversation Kirk said that. Colin Teddy bear like a few hours later something like that. The lesson. Would be let's take away would be too we've been such narratives a few words attributing the sources to the images the television and. Other media so they can take it all well approach to this and he does mislead people into thinking he was there he does seem to want to put himself there. And the issue that that I have with that not to turn this thing into a four hour creative writing seminar but. You'll have the ability. To use. The images attributing and its images to other people's words that he did talk to his any journalist did. How many hundreds of people who were there who directly side were eyewitnesses. You can use their words to paint a very powerful narrative. Without putting yourself there without it being misleading. You we do these things The Herald that as they are we. We call them first persons also heard him call as told to where it's just their words it's just the and those can be very very powerful. You don't have to do that necessarily bet to that level you can. You know we've ended vivid narrative in the way you wanna tell the story that it just being in a block of quotes that you're transcribing. Using back. It paid a very powerful picture it's not misleading at all and it seems like they just totally given a pass work. There's that well yeah we can see how it's misleading by. Well to maybe this is also. He always says he's sedated negate that. Do they went half way they're going halfway in and and all the points you brought up or valid ones the the most obvious one of them going halfway was the punishment. Right and three monkeys and in part yes. Yes I don't tell you can never get any reader and here's and here's my thing okay. If you're gonna do the globe if you're gonna if they are going to hang their hat on the globe part of the investigation. Where they said there's an just a few transgressions and that's from that and whatever. The most important part of this is on the top and when he went on the radio and OK went on the radio and he said made up some things in. And it lists it was because he's up all night ranking. Well the way I look at it once again it is. The reason he's on the radio city he's representing. The biggest paper he's the biggest name he's the guy that is representing. In the biggest moment in the Boston Marathon bombings. So I don't care if he's on the radio I don't care he's on the radio somewhere else. He's basically. Putting words to paper in the Boston Globe with his words on the race that's that's made me you might disagree with it other people might disagree with it but you'll be in that moment that's how important his words. Are you think the people who disagree with that we disagree with that if you were on CNN. Saying those exact it's still an interview with still an inner beauty different medium. I don't know sought out they had to agree with you I mean if you are representing your organization. In some sort of of radio interview. It's not exactly the same as if you were written it down in the paper but it's still a representation of view as part of that. Journalistic institution. Also we have to look at yes I agree in policy we have to look at the the level of importance of the subjects in the time right. This like so so win the great Bob Bryan get suspended for a month. For the demonic a kid thing right he he misspoke he apologized it was terrible whatever. By it wasn't that isn't the level that's mean that's that's miss speaking on I think it was on sports final on channel four's suspended for. But in this case this is in the heart of one of the most important moments in this city's history. And you are representing. The the the outlet or the organization is supposed to be the voice of everything. So I don't know how you can tables no big deal he was on the radio three month suspension and your back because those wells I do Chris. It will reveal a wealth thing it will be. Don't come back in you'll say I can't read anything without a weary well you know what oh well because he's still gonna get paid he's still gonna right. We think is first stories GA reporters and I called sir it would feel like my office. You have the ability to be sports. Yes that would put him there a big you be the third sidebar writer on for the Saturday game against the royals are very old school. Six led 777 diet 7937. Bible eggs in one of the re tweets that you got on yer and I feel strongly about that so I wrote it. What he's talking about its entire topic. Was from can die yeah I saw that Tim Donahue is the wife of Dick Donahue we shot during the the firefight in Watertown a couple of days after the marathon bombing prematurely knows that story but. Ken said thank you those of us impact on April 13 do not need. Added falsehoods to you what was already an unimaginable weak. Legs to feel good out that it's. You know that's part of it through its. The globe. What the globe is doing in what Kevin Cullen was doing is it was awful. Was awful and I'm not saying it like oh well he's just he added journalistic. Misstep. Now what he did was awful. And to lean on. To make things up at as they said the most important time all you have to do is read that creek from Ken Donohue to get a taste of what is going on what it means to these people and how important is how important that moment Wallace. And to go on a radio station and just as. Use that example there's others but to go on the radio station and make things up and then say oh you know what I'm sorry I was up all night and I was drinking. As an excuse in the globe thing you know what that's worth that's worth three months and then coming back and keep doing the same thing. So you ask the question to Ford to I think you should be fired. I am absolutely. Not back guy who says fire this guy part of that guy because you're always one of you don't want people lose their jobs but in this case. I can only put myself in management issues. And I think that you probably do the same if you are the management of that company what would you do it that situation and I can say you say well you know what. As painful as this might be this is going to be a fire wolf cents. By the way techsters Chiming in on the mount Rushmore burdens defenseman yet we an article about the forty year old athletes we are. Restarting with ray Bork and will go from there. Six what 77797937. Sunday morning bothers Dave aligning Brad Ball hanging out with you Sports Radio WEE act. Blame Brad does portray a WPI is 6177797937. I should be pointed out by the way to relic was at a wedding this weekend also. You were you what to a wedding I'm here. And astrology but we c'mon I mean we're comparing work ethics. In fairness I'm not here the next few weeks ago where you have a good excuse gambled away. You know I hear the next few weeks I yelled wedding next week and I'll be Canada. I want to thank fly by the order Airways of course do the vast Billy bishop airport authorities are taking and allow actually. I want to thank you you'll multiple things. And they all happened within a half hour of each other this morning no last Sunday so I had the honor row once again and seeing the Cape Cod league managers Bryant added Jim Kelly Joseph oh Joseph Kelly Jo didn't go so well. It's by rebounded rebounded nicely always have been just to VO reference in the back pocket at the break it out about three or four time what was the joke. With the jets could be a lift up the hotel now is more of like so Joseph Kelly you know the story that did. Well a jump through it thank you for the media star you're welcome yes I got a media star for the Joseph Kelly story that I wrote or Joseph Kelly talked about being. Kevin Collin ask for our fifth floor. Approved phase right now for. Story first burst that first 21 birthday which fell on the drafting Newt draft. And the angels his hometown team which was five minutes from his house called in the second round. Instead how much would take their side view and he was sold liberated. That he just gave like that a billion dollars to a home. They didn't draft them it is peaceful be faulted the next round and they drafted Patrick Corbin in. So we constant self hundred in 9000 dollar signing bonus. And the opportune to play for its hometown team because he is celebrating its 21 birthday at his draft day party. But he went on the record whether I thought it was you know good for him for doing them Dahlia in. So anyway. But the point why I brought it up the Kigali measured blood that was the joke now you know what's really joke but it was. They've missed addict now the eyes when he was just like what they the house mothers Joseph Kelly's house mother of the Kate misses congratulations she's going into the Cape Cod league Paul fame so. Knowing I was tying the whole thing together and evidently you know when you. Unfortunately. When you bring in new creation in two an area managers fronted. There's always a Dicey part idea like I said I'd mention just to be just in a summer league heard kids that are under L enamored I mentioned Jessica Biel get things back on track but I want to thank you to kids for the media star. And four that I was listening driving back from this. But also for leaving Atlanta and Evan have the last two segments by itself. Because it was so off the thoughts of Eric and I could tell it's a rock I didn't like clearly I don't Ryan his anatomy for I don't know if it was. I don't I don't know if you are planning on this but I felt like you're trying to help govern like you're chide me at all. He would he would do it well what do you think about this and I go out and blah blah blah blah blah expert diver have a conversation in and that didn't happen he teaches. He was obviously some nerves you just look at the clock in like. When I got so what's coming out naturally don't just listen to me fine no big deal EDI. A hasn't so it takes it takes quite a while actually get from the center field studio you know all the way around ready elevators are on the first base side. So yeah I had days ago. I tell I thank you for going to throw that vote for allowing me that I miss the entertainment though because I was in transit siding catch ahead of that deadly attack retain doubted it saves to shots of world yeah no ego. So yeah so the whole thing was so great I thought it'd be a little Mac it. I did listen to a lot of the show I looked forward to. Caring to show next week music festival London Ontario I had on there usually is passing or who isn't I have confirmation that my dad is coming back from breakfast and he appreciated the well which city have the book with. Miami Heat and you kidding me. I did so I did one of these I was gonna do one of these videos that we've been doing about explain stories though. I did in my basement on Mike what is missing what is missing of course what's missing is any time anybody does with the pro moved. This to have the librarian back right right back side propped up chasing started rent and I. I guess and or self important moved to spew out that was basically the Friday news dump breaking up it'll how obvious could you possibly make it a law. Anyway I digress perils father once wasserman. With everything that last week. I don't know anyway remembers John Harold that a lobster and the highest rated Monday night we've gotten some time out the Wednesday night Monday night right it from Baltimore gas and we had Evan on and it 730. And I asked I was asking questions. And I don't know if you noticed this Ryan like he'd try to pivot to this oh you US yeah I heard this news outlet like what you signed Chris Sale to an extension and like. Well let me ask you this. I would certainly John Farrell in 2013. Ask him about being thrown out and thrown out of game of you who I was. Quorum no it's not a story are quick I'm OK and then just completely took a left turn to a cornfield. It's. And that was part of the highest rated Monday night of all time but I'd once again his status for second time I digress. You on this Kevin Collins situation you had another thing to get out. You remember what it yeah I do it is no great way to transition from that and now into its entitlements marathon. Story but one of the other things that I was curious to hear the explanation for because this is the only thing that. When curtain Callahan were talking about it I was. Listening and they will wait a minute is this this might not be quite on the mark so columnist died about hearing crystal Campbell's that we. Remember that yeah that was one I forget which interviewed as one of the interviews. There was a ton of Adio. And in in video and different things meet you remember that was how they caught these guys are under surveillance video down there and are able to find him. But there was a lot of stuff plea in court until wasn't out of the realm of possibility. That they know exactly when he gave that interview. I again. Was he misleading potentially representing the views there where it happened yes that's a hold separate part of that was the one thing like. What are the explanation for that. Didi hear it in court custody hearing that's nowhere to be out tonight. And other Leslie gray point because you would imagine the globe you know that's ammunition for the globe right I mean if if that is the case where it was. That was played in court at what he wasn't saying is there. Then that's in munition for them and eight and two in that ought to say contrary he what was said they can to say in. Four and just to make this clear this is that we got it because that's a paragraph I mean that's that's a paragraph you can throw in there absolutely and I don't know it just it was it was just such spot covering the entire the entire post on Friday in this so home death so own depth. Like we said before so tone deaf to the the obvious example of dropping unit I think it was 630 or 645 on Friday. It was you were just about Gilani Eric yeah Abbie we were we're there were reading through it and it wasn't hard to pick through even wider trying to. Through an awesome highly rated Monday night and media wasn't it wasn't difficult it was like well this isn't adding up the sand adding up why are they doing this. Why are they doing that I would encourage people I. Always encourage people to do this I would encourage people to not. Rely just on the second hand reporting whether it's the story in the global reach the actual reports read the act that it's not that long. The globe wanna take you. Two minutes it's three pages it's not exactly heavy lift the other 116 pages but reading through those those documents team with you by the excuse. I think there's way too much of that we keep using that kind of the phrase in the morning that oh well mentality of gather something's wrong here but oh well. Eight in in that is a that is frustrating what I'd I'd make mistakes certainly I it was not perfect tonight stories that Harold. But I never tried ever set out to intentionally mislead anybody. And that's bothersome to me when that when that happens to my new job now. I know exactly every mistakes I make because they didn't in May be more place you should do this they make you fill out a form. If you make a mistake if you have to put a correction to rise the level of corrections are not like act you don't typo yaks and was all the word robber calm was in the wrong place but something that is. A substance. You have to fill out a correction for. I do you find it how do you find they were mistakes have been picked somebody alerts you to I know but no that's the thing and this goes back of the the big picture here. No I don't know it was oil or anybody to Kevin Cullen and if it's not an altitude but a lot of places that it's an online source instantly alerts you mistake what do they do. They fix the mistake and that there rush. We get a fix in the state correction AK this story been updated in this way. And then they'll out of form with a laundry list of you know how did this happen why did it happen. How did it make you feel are you looking yourself in the mirror every morning which is the greatest checklist. Yeah they have really taken very very. There's a parity Twitter accounts viewed forests are you guys. They were getting you know I've that's that's pretty a bit I'm not a lot of it that's pretty good so it's at and for people you know maybe just tune in which it opera or are saying right I don't I don't on his way to. I know you are or our destiny and getting you know the Gatorade in their system yet. It's all YE we talk about this well. You know number one what are your time we knocked the Red Sox this been the most mundane Red Sox games of all time the last couple Steven Wright and the guys on its air great pit Wallace and ran. And we do have some topics along the of the baseball lines that we're gonna get to later. By number one. If this has to do with our organization huge part of our work organization though we're gonna talk about it. On number two this is journalism this is really as a reason we have the media awards because journal whether people like it or not. This is a big part of any conversations why we talk about the SP and that's why we talked about. A lot of different media effects. And this is a pretty important this one you can say that. Asked to do with the globe asked you with chemical angles on fourth well okay there if you once put it that way I have to do with a Boston Marathon bombings we already saw the Tim Donahue you know example this tweeting out this morning. You know that this is exhibited what the Boston Marathon bombings meant to this city. And anything related to that we should be talking about and this is purely related 6177797937. One hour down to get three to go Gilani grapple with in a Sunday morning sports are UWB yet.