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Sunday, March 18th

The guys reflect on Dion Lewis' teary press conference and what triggers the waterworks for them.


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Right out of him as little Sunday morning here at and back we'll suddenly see. The group. The brass. Who. Because it was a well Lou the Roy Moore late sell the pro war tour ever since slow way I can't get enough. That's monster tock or some movie talking that I would lose two birds needed you Ali act will be good to tap here in the the introductory press conference for Dion Lewis. I I intend to read and read some on our we have putting Kyra spike we get the introductory press conference for Dion Lewis the emotional introductory press conference. While that the two that really stood out this past week and you're in the same place but. Yet Malcolm Butler. Who was asked during didn't act be asked actually just sat down and play and no none of you. Wanna hear about just how lovely it is to be in Nashville and how go to Tatis later in. Can't wait check out the grand Ole opry yes you wanna hear about Super Bowl 52 and what happened in. He sounded like an innocent whereas I re I always push back in the people at that allow. You know Butler is like Jamie Collins that he was just get a free Lance and in free wheel and had really body and he sounded like he was still. Guzzling the patriots cooling Edward or I guess still fully body it nailed that Prescott was perfect job. Now I mean I hated it from the perspective I would love to have got a little more insight into what he's actually thinking. And we do believe that he believes any of that stuff really Lola. And then he actually even started going. Back toward the patriots way of thinking but he supported the patriots in the sense that ago something about along the lines of I wasn't toll fogel maybe I wasn't wholly Foley once someone totally focused. I wish there. So. Yeah like he wants. Let's like why are you giving them the out messed no don't do that idiot the one line to where he was like you know they want everybody to be folk are 100% dialed in I said yeah I was talking and I know you think you're saying I should focus like five times suddenly you're here I was not focused. If they want every dialed in and I certainly was not but Dion Lewis Eddie's introductory press conference actually wept. And any was very emotional and what we were talking about is what makes these he went zero to sixty in nothing flat. Just no emotion at all to. The waterworks and I'd I'd known no problem with that it was a real rob a motion a moment from human being and that is any any issue with that all what makes you go from. Zero to sixty. Weeping and would lose you know obviously came back to animals. Or anything involving animals in movies or commercials are not chosen things like that as an animals will never make you weep will make you weep. You know what you don't like always pulls the heart strings is the father son dynamic. By Quin Rudy would Rudy father sees Rudy on the field. Yeah but he wouldn't fire exercise things these guys have never ever seen a rat on damage it was. The classic the infield dreams dad when at a catch it and that's that's a little to talk to me it's just by that moment. Sorry man I can't breath I can't pick and choose what gets me gallon. Tomorrow so if I guess some of the dog in a homeward bound does nothing no Marley and me know a Dodd's purpose. Now. So you guys are these guys and it's OK so now I it for me to answer your question is the father son dynamic is the father. Having pride in this. And indicates that that's kind of odd doesn't matter to offer and it was I've been this I don't bother yes and that's goodness Ethier when your father heard you were on today this morning. That palace if I think the novelty for him more awful result but happy. I'm right that first time little does learning says similar to Rudy remember your first time on the big station here passports by as a sports last okay Sunday morning sports really well that's with a topics. I is remembered and immediately after I was holders by server immediately after I was done. John Wallach calling me. Like the second and had figured that was it and as discreet something out yet you finished in this town Gilani. And now you of that one bull pointer that good old Todd wallet given the sports flash point once he was in charge he was he was the sports flash units in charge of the last guys back when it was back there was a flash it was outsourced. Yeah two metro networks yes. So ET outsourced a guy sounds like we had a bunch of people in New Delhi to basically go. 103 cents an hour which is there may not a latter part wasn't terribly far off. But he was used to charge. In two so that was different about the first time you're your own show on on the show until one hour show eleven to midnight. After Mike he has in my he went to eleven and they wanted to go to midnight because the hub was going to eleven. It was like a LeapFrog situation when we're gonna go to midnight by yourself and has bound Sofia on ago when while I remember we blew up one collar. OKMR. Gilani you he these figured out he's probably brilliant and with I remember that and in the first time is on the station. Will is it's swelled always tend ceramics. It's their attempt at nation yet head nation but the first Syracuse when you're a leader called in to do the big shout analysts that was it that Adam Dallas. I was the was the cat's pajamas Todd felt the first time I pinch hit on what Bradford will be and a day that. They only give us a chance Chris they gave you Chancy right every Saturday and Sunday more right and then we showed up in the schedule literally said next week you're not on my Dolan told a senate but he got a chance. If we had a chance yeah. These that if they only gives you direct every Saturday and Sunday more outdated degrading show that that I have no idea not definitely get a chance right. And we took advantage of that chance. And teach because that people because seven people. Who'll listen to Muster Johnson have typewriters and they piped in these letters saying we want our guys back Andy Mill the good Jason wolf. I thought the letters on top of his death has poured them out and also well there you go with must be at the end of the month Bradford. Texas says you must not have a daughter. I don't while neutralizing him as my father like Indy might fox and decided in the sexist to basically singer bad father I'm an excellent father. I'm the by I agree with that I'm instantly detects that you must have adopt a knife at the birthday I said when I hate when I talked about. The late animals do it for me and everything assembly must not have children we now I don't have kids. And I like animals better than people. So there you got shooter shooter and hoosiers. With a kid grow on the picket fence and you did dad. I'm like tennis great hands and ask science. Six what 7779793750. Dartmouth is gonna father son crying story apparently all of that the. The Motorola and its. On years ago. What were sort of Earl will movies. Champ John Lee Schroeder puzzles analysts believe that yeah. That's old school but it was a first time that I ever had a immediately began you know to check pitched. Eastern we're starting on Ricky Schroeder's although lung chair you know stupidly and I I went so we're Hershey was all well. I guess this is a march. And now and some of that are under certain conditions are international. Get to me and a cheater is currently purchase quality guys took at a opium. Yeah at a couple good ones I wanna know what did she go out with you again. So I'll wow. They are a joke. It's okay because you should wide issue should one of those appreciating your sensitivity you depth I think. This is back to shut these over and Earl didn't want any of that religious and I suspect narration auto answer. Yeah I know the feeling being one of those guys now David they yesterday difficult be one of those tough bad if a vial of live in the seventies mom. You know I'll I'll be honest are you. I almost teared up when loyal and last night. As a sister Mary whatever and a whole thing. Like you he does such an emotional thing this week yeah in in in when you show that the parents in the stands. Like the kid who hit the jumper to win the game. He's coming off and he's given that I assume it was that is a big hug. Every it'd you have sister whatever name what's her name I forget who stood for 98. So he's not yet okay so. That whole thing. I mean I didn't break down but that's the type to think about the as just remember the names here is then. City Johnson the rumor city Johnson from Princeton. He's the coach fear feel now and hear the lobster in the tournament the conference tournament the Mac title game. I Iona so they're not going to the dance and an all time leading scorer for that program Tyler Nelson came off the floor. Eight he and Johnson this year this high density Johns is losing it is balling his eyes out on the sideline. That one gets it I don't remember that it happened lately the week ago. They'll remember that that was remember that movie from nineteen that that was that was that was right in the heart of David prices for earning. And I mean Johnson his his his ball. Dissent in another actually Bob Huggins had I'm blanking on the player now we got hurt but he ran out onto the court. When they indicate was hurt and kind of creel limit his arms as they tender moment to Bob Huggins had. At a moment he did that was I'd almost like a father silently Algeria and many icici on the bench of of the Bob Huggins game once. That was I would never think you'd ever had a moment after witnessing that might use boy he had a tender moment. But so peace figures still are going to bat with the dogs dogs dogs cried more than human being way more than human beings and I well I don't know at the I don't know what the counter for that just the animals in general. They love you unconditionally. I like the animals yet repeat could do I do yes I like animals like human beings even better. The argument out of spring training quite a sane and you brought this up throughout week I didn't mean heads to a compliment but and you brats up a little bit during the break. You've seen it up close and personal more so than most adults some Red Sox fans diehards have been locked in sit. Watching number 72 pitch against big number fifty over Minnesota whatever nobody exceeded more than me so you've seen a lot have you come away. How optimistic are you when you look at the Red Sox were really talking about is in relation to the Yankees in the American League east. How confident do you feel about the Red Sox after. Going through this after did they JD Martinez signing relatively quiet. I'm pretty pretty tough. ID go out and take state I am going to the I'm fairly adequately confident. I'm I am going wildly I am going to within a week ago week and a half ago I am going to pick them over the Yankees in his division. Crystallize news flash I am picking them over the yanks and I think in three weeks ago but that is. Can a person repeat not yet. Wow like butch did yes I didn't know that. Why don't I mean maybe maybe I never did take that some do with LeBron today Lou if LeBron with Tom Brady. If we were talking about LeBron doing a FaceBook things that of Tom Brady would we feel the same way we've been repaid LeBron yet how we are hated I I don't think Brady's got as much backlash because I think most people aren't that interest it'd just ignored it. And on FaceBook talent he's and he did one media tour the last one but it sounds you really shut it down enemy's throat it's as if he wanted to ignored it was pretty easy to you want my Red Sox take from other Bryant I don't know nowhere ago I don't know ideally go either way I will go out continue in the Red Sox do it we come back LeBron. After if you like but the Red Sox. Chris Sale David Price. Dominant. If that's the case. They have yet and knows yankees. Today I agree and and I think the lineups are held a lot close to the people perhaps soon and adding. John Carlos Guillen and having aaron's judge there is a wow factor there. But if you look at. First of all mean you can do the whole position by position thing if you want to and that there's a few spots and adding fuel that I wonder who's gonna hit how well they're gonna hit the Yankees. And just relative to where they were last year who stands the better chance of taking a step forward. I beat the Yankees got. A lot out of what they had last season I don't feel the same way about the Red Sox hitting JD Martinez especially in that lineup. Changes a lot of that. Because now McKee that's doesn't have to be. One of year your best power hitters. Zander Bogart's has some of the heat take up to him Hanley Ramirez has a lot of the heat taken up to him so Martinez changes that and contrary to what people might think. Every. Judy Martinez is every bit the power hitter that Jon Karl stand yes well when they're both odds are you'll they would get their numbers are pretty simple. I now odds came out and you know I'm a slave to the ball via our meal they it they had T Martinis I forget what the exact numbers were but significantly lower than stand in terms of winning the home run title and why that's why. Why he Ugoh Christie decided it. It but if you talk about the Red Sox. Number one the starting rotation right now to me is better in the yankees' number two their bullpen and could be as good as the Yankees. Even though they yankees have been named right now. They'll line up I think across the board from one through nine may may be better and I think they're more depth than lineup. That thing it is the reds as it because I've watched peaks these and it. An unbelievable amount of meaningless innings. Out of exhibition baseball I can tell you the biggest concern with a thread size team. And his defense infield defense. Devers Nunez at second. Bogart's you know he's okay sort. Haley's plan first the ego not a sexy take but a very realistic one bomb it's more loans to get tough I am not worried about first from talking about you have two positions really should bring in defense replacement. Rock field devers in general wondered. I do worry about saddened. You know that that's a concern and his is ranges of liquidity hands when nick and cables that we'll see how that plays out. Yeah that's legit and that's legitimate then puts it this they'd flip side of that that was our fuel defense they can be outstanding became will be because it was last year yes. Slate is of the union the yank the infield defense outfield. Vets like you know you're asking me. It is to talk about this Red Sox team where it can fall apart. It's. Obviously if one of the top two guys get hurt that's it that's a huge issue. But if if you have an infield you if you will Cordero in the if you did it defense all over eight out yes wolf Prado. If you have that dynamic all over again is is not a good luck. It's not a good luck it justice and that he scenic route field devers and indicates he could take me yeah or defense yes I have by it you know every time we are let's say he'll be fine admitted after sale at the big or I don't will be fine down the road but every you'd you'd take the step in and you take two steps back. The what thing that I wanna see him do a better job of is staying condition. Last year when he went at from the beginning of spring training the end of spring training this from Frankfurt. Yeah they'll catch up Tia. To get Purdue does not awaken 180 right DW yeah I've heard him now when you're down its return now. Bye bye I've stated the company ton of money by a thread because he legal ladies are providing life exactly exactly. But. In this you know what I got a race noting the trickle down exactly everything works Terkel down Brad Owen comics it's. It's. I'm looking at rock field devers and omelets he gonna get better option. He's fast going forward once you go line by you know the moving side to side yet again if you're 21 years ago this day yeah alien. That's what you said to me. Four I ticket the heart. Robby 21 years I mean if if the rough devers to 220 right now. SC defeated he has to work out though. He that's even better. He so he can't work out he'll lose even more you'll be hungry all the time warning now it's now I really am understanding how this program works I'll tell you the brand okay. By if you started right now he could be down to like one point any. I'm always with one idea that is what you want from a guy we have Italy might look at as your number two or three power hitter in the lineup you wanted to be it will be a single that are about cell lines duties we have 42 ounce bat but that little I don't know level and alive. The idea if they'll they go infield defense can be real Red Sox on that are pretty cute. I think they are in their very good team that beat the B right there at the Yankees even though the Yankees made so it was a good busy slash. And the Red Sox being good is infamous dollar yankees being news for the outs for. Elected this is old school man this is going back way today. They days of yore like 2004. I mean this is going back to Red Sox and yankees separated themselves in the American League east that was either team as good as the Astros in the whole other conversation a little different kettle of fish but. When you're looking at just matching up with them in the division and a lot of fun yeah well. Especially is good for business when the Yankees are slightly perceived to be had in the Red Sox. That's good for this rank Cashman said they're the little engine could and it bears certainly they sure. That's that's that's great. By the way how many so you'll be part of the Red Sox broadcast this year yes everybody's part of the Red Sox it's just a fixed. Like White House I don't we just keep rotating people in and out it's pretty good read structure view I think politics is doing opening if it's possible. That's what we are happy to welcome you back to Gary Cohn weak from says going to be very exciting it should be good guy I've got that second or third game of the year thanks so much will be doing a handful of the gains in between his morning show an afternoon show duties of the squeeze in some of that. Myself. John Ryder yet to Ryder yep nice I ride practice are rather last night Bristol be. I commute and eight and would again. Of course can kerosene can. You do wanna do any spring training broadcasts I did I would love to dance in spring training broadcast the baby next year they the thing next year much like a phobia about it. I do like legal week. OK but heavy enough right to take some of the heavy lifting are like are you kidding me again dual week. Merely NAFTA through a couple days nine days including well adjusted terms the time being OK how many games would figure that out that. I could do like a nine day stretch you know fly down on. On Saturday and then fly back the following site there are a lot of fun a lot of sort of fill ordinary time. Of who fit exactly. Eight you get the sixth inning of those games. They just can't wait for the old Allman you do you go with your watched play enough it is on lots it's and we had we would get a game in Jupiter. And actually was a good game was a quick game Chris Hill Patriot Act on for couple innings. And Bill Belichick thankfully was in the box next to us and four innings seven through nine. Every other than what they'll both victims and with no body to promote her mom brought we tried. Didn't know where did you not get past his people did get to Belichick to ask and Linda with a holiday Q writer who known around now not happening now an app. Get a gap so anyway you get to the yet so you'll learn next yeah I look for an actress out to pressure to downer for Alitalia will will get together much like John Wall elected with a sports flash give you some tips I would give you some tips and advocates about you but I play and I thanks apple sauce does but any they go boom sauce which they get the runner on second ruled off terrible. That's pulled on 1131. Runner on second roll I saw that it was that's Steve. So for people that missed it Minor League Baseball. And starting this every level the miners yes all the literature like yes once you get to the eleven. Pass eleventh and now right away it's right away the ten yes that's. Yes after the eleventh maybe as little as we've had are those runs gonna be here and if so where they charged him. There in charge so there are on that there is a guy yelled convoluted. Explanation for I don't know. But this has gotten us through meetings seventh through nine many many time. The pace he gave conversation which always the respective almighty god is so stupid they don't put in which clocked. By all this other stuff doesn't matter. Well just the amount the baseball just by this rule. It this minor league rule shows how little baseball gets. But you don't understand your problem is not fourteen inning games that's not your issue. Teams might have and it seemed like a Red Sox had a few of them last year. Michael what entire season without having to fourteen or fifteen inning game if it happens it happens like twice. Your issue is the nine inning game. It takes three hours and 45 minutes how can they not figure this out. Or even that even if you have a nine inning game goes over three hours just do one that doesn't feel like it. And that's where the pitch clock comes. You watch any of those games you don't notice it and pitchers stop whining about it holy Mac like Matt Barnes is pitching the other day. We're going to lose game Chris Sale was pitching. And. Forget who came in after him then mapped part of the game is flying by its that you're not actually looking at your watch like you normally are but Matt Barnes came. I actually said on the LE Obama could pick up. You know and in math he pitched well that day. But you got a runner at second also and everything slows down at the buckle to that same thing yeah if you pay it it'll make you a better pitcher. Stock this mile run law. It did help buckles at the but that one year where they were telling him he's had to pitch it would be doing a bullpen it's everything pitch now yeah well tell it like it helped him. Pitchers pitch better when they are working quicker I think everybody's better at any rate down the umpires sounds weird by. If there's just no reason to the game in the defense is better your war does ready for the next pitch next play to happen. Everything improves when pitcher moves quickly and Donna hitter to get to get injured security here. All I used money David Ortiz at the weekend analogy for the eighteenth time this spring. Well if you understand nobody heard the pre I said I am aware that tired doing right now because I I couldn't if you paid me I could not figure out how to get to our each Deaton signal ever achieved if Ortiz did Ortiz de Vega. So Ortiz you remember when he freak now when that rule that says that rule about keeping one foot in the bot Vietnamese lost his crap yet. And so we go through that whole year and in this week or weekend with trying to Monty he said in hindsight you mean you'd better hitter. Do having now rule and I shouldn't freak out. There may be better hitter because I just moved on the next pitch same thing with a pitcher's right saying they with a pitchers. Mitt it will make them better get over yourself I do think it's one of those things you fear until it happens from a player's perspective and then once he do it for awhile like okay this this is exactly. You fear that sports flash and then after doing it you became one of the best of all by the way at Texas as I agree if lining animals and humans. There's the debate raised animals open carry. Humans that's how I feel about it since what 77797937. Lonnie Brad polling you know would you honey say a day after Saint Patrick's Day. Sunday morning they said were shaken up the hang over till 1 o'clock sports are UWB. There's not lean muscles so no matter what happens and how bad things may maybe at the time. Always leave myself so I don't really think we'll have been bothered me nuts keep working and I know that I hope and anything. Because you know I've overcome a lot of things that many people came over to overcome so. So I don't no matter how bad things get on the net. For the fifth ahead in the belief that must have a goes turn things around. Is that. And I'm up. I'm here. It's only zero to sixty they're quickly for Dion Lewis that was introductory press conference last birds. And it Thursday yet there's in Tennessee and he. The emotional there I liked it. I emotionally raw emotion mean we can't forget these guys they're getting paid gays and we always ago what's wrong with the patriots and and why are they leaving in why they they sitting and another team's hat man had all. They have lives. And they also I do buy into what he's saying. LD he probably feels like he's been past Torah law yet you have the pictures he's been passed over a lot out there have been times. But Dion Lewis reason why isn't too young to was playing well it felt like he was treated like every other running back around here and relatively interchangeable they gave him a chance the only. Am sure he's happy about that. But the same time when he's breaking off ten yards a carry it while I argue play more why you saw being Rex Burkhead. Why you why do you side Michaels why did you bring back Lewis this time around yeah you're good money but it wasn't crazy money. But like with Sony couldn't afford it about every you know the year from our perspective relate well you can replace him. Yet. I would agree it panels amenable losses they had Lewis is probably Lewis and Hammond dole. What what part of it in my eating normally. You're good money yet brought any of these guys they all got paid Butler is never coming back so older got a ton of money into Dolan got more than a body would. Lewis got what was the twenty million I mean they they got paid an Emmett Till it for them yeah he eats 32 years old stadium and all of the patriots. Now I don't know if for him good for the patriots would be good for the pay too big of that yet only two pages total handle either use eighty DD did his job and that Wednesday. You're the the story arc about Butler is talked about a lot for obvious reasons you know Super Bowl hero to not playing in the super bothers that we geared. Dichotomy there but. The story arc or Danny Amendola in Foxborough. Is pretty compelling to you mean you've got a guy who is. Eight aid somewhat maligned citing what he came in. Because you supposedly the quote unquote replacement for Wes Welker and there are a lot of fans that were. Nervous or had some trepidation angry about that now Brady to be angry that Walker's gone awry and Amendola. And and also the injury concerns that an adult yet to. Significant injuries. In we've played Saint Louis so. This was a guy who people weren't entirely sold on in now what he's gone it's like oh god do anyway well yeah but that we hardly knew that took. Longtime member dole went up and down a lot and you'd you'd bring up an interesting time we want that and that free agency period where Welker left. And people are freaking out people are like who won the patriots doing and they're getting this guy Amendola to your point he was okay with a rants but he's no Wes Welker. And you're kidding you would get the same sort of five that you are now now the difference is it goes back to what we're talking about before. The top two story lines the offseason also other stuff is I've lost. All the thoughts to you gonna lose guys if you get more money we narco prioritize them a gig -- guys in who you think are gonna take off in your system that's fine. The top two story lines and are different from any other year Brady ground. Everything else. I don't care. He left tackle thing I care about the left tackle thing I did it yeah sorry that I care about him. I care about the left tackle as much as they care about my dog chew immensely. I usage of China's big point underdogs and now I am not avid dog name chewy. To that I love value to. Should it. Yes a retriever and this guy not just you NBC I grew up with a retriever so like I love them to one of the great pictures on Twitter eight Baghdad a little misty eyed with seeing the three Golden Retriever sitting around TV watching UN BC beat Virginia Friday yes OK retriever is watching their fellow or three years that's loyalty right there can't teach that and the guy in the back teach that guy in the background killing over and you say I don't care that he's find out if they MarketWatch. 1323. Hit three for animals zero for you watch enough. So I care about oh. The left tack. With such as much they care about my doc. Which is immensely but they care about Tom Brady more that you care have a I didn't feel like you have to give some benefit of the doubt that. When it comes to replace him you guys even the left tackle. I just do we we've done this too many times this exercise too many times had they consistently replaced the quarterback position effectively no bid that was the year that they did it consistently low load up their front seven. Nine and replaced guys there nobody want. Sure they're gonna win with Brady gronkowski is the question I could make it and to make the case you talk about the front seven I could make the case it. They did a crappy job of doing that to protect themselves against injury I mean to finally figured out and I find aged guys would they be needed a Christmas gift. From the Pittsburgh Steelers last year to get James Harrison is nobody. Right at the last I think I tower but that doesn't impacts the lack of anything on the defensive end spotter or outside linebacker that age spot via they're not in in. We go the draft the draft that the lights sirens Jones oh my goodness another great draft picks second round picks they don't to a good job. This have to criticize the patriots but be hypocritical to say ball in a lot you don't too many benefit of the doubt because. We should. They waited they waited and when it comes to figure out important positions like you said the quarterback position. If they do they always figure out the quarterback position know some years yes and that is now what you what they did they went out got to keep the lead they figured out from there. So at least eight knowledge the problem widget part it figured out after the fact. I just don't think that they were put himself in a position. At left tackle such an important spot that they don't have some sort of solution to this what's the solution is draft right. That's if draft the hum a few shuffling guys internally again the concern there for me is that you weaken multiple positions in move while. I move candidate you view what's a guy is signed my. Agree to feel the markets can't. Hope this act. Agreed to field a month ago and he's become a pretty good player. A feel better about god knows that's open Manitoba and he's played left tackle before OK let's all exactly. There's a lot of will seized by what do you talk about the patriots Woolsey is usually you say you. It is probably gonna work out I just feel like prior to do you have to operate prior to this is sold her departure there was this. Idea that the most important free agent move the patriots could make is resigning he told me that it didn't happen all of a sudden sold it becomes expendable. I'm glad I sat here that that is a I heard that you're you're too busy with the seventh inning indeed Eden that's worry about what was happening letters here back uniforms. You really desperate things to tie yeah I agree Tim Luke it's the Dave's is yes so I anyway go ahead. Continue. Bad I doubt that. The last betrayed not yet out don't know though that you said that was that was said that dates older was perceived at the most important freeagent. Yeah of that raw out of the guys the PR two hat. By resigning him with their top priority of the year and hide it under his belt holder got a ton of money idea this outcry of it I am I still don't hear this outcry avid I think the easy way to look at it is. Left tackles important because Tom Brady's quarterbacking you don't want him. You know getting hurt because of it. But I think more people than not say go figure out the this example of that attacks during that is so blinded by law on the team. They use ceased to become human and they are saying before yeah I've got news for Dion Lewis snagged the number one back to Tennessee Derek can really get most of the carries and by the way. You wouldn't be in a position to cash in a bill ballots that all capitals. Hadn't quote unquote wanted you here after your history of injuries and shut up with three exclamation are c'mon. I mean that's pathetic that we feel good for a guy now we can't unless he comes to doing that we cannot fielded forget. Deon Lewis in another error when they are rotating fifty running backs of the position viewer Lewis would be like the B buries it poured millions Barry Sanders for for some team. Where he would be getting thirty cares game and I am also buy into the idea that. Yet this guy's worked his entire life for this contract for this moment that moment being overwhelming when you kind of it kind of hits you that you are. Achieving that dream. I think that's a real thing in the emotion that he showed is a part of that as well there you know the tax who spoke for all patriot pins every single one of I regulated TO Lewis you owe everything to go ballots at a Texas happy birthday Zdeno char. That's for that this you've got the comedy even know that I was at birth I I brought up that it was his birthday I don't remember I was do you put in the trending. Now added but he atomic and it's also put in the trending Craig can both coming back north. Organizers of causes arteries years Boston all of of I'm sorry it's Cummings now the go itself up OK I know where I am makes doubt that is good news so she's doing better yet what she's doing fantastic so both those things are trending now. And I do one that you you braves a pretty. More. Threatening now on WEEI. Don't people one more enthusiasm and turning. I was terrified and I will tell your attention yup I got it. You said a couple weeks ago in arguing in the in the arguing show yeah the charm vs Brady. Like which is more important it is it gonna fight like char. I think they which is more important note on more impressive impressive yeah. I said it turns as impresses is that our press access. Okay. You wanted to say more than eighty yarder that I felt like you said impressive. I today that this Khaled the other is more impressive because Brady plays a position that a large part of his cerebral. Over law as it more it is what Charlie I think what chart. Is doing is as impressive as what Tom Brady's yes. I can't think more because nobody would say all due respect Zdeno Chara. Would anybody say he's the best any sport are the best in the history of the sports and now Brady is a higher level in his sport. They char is the Hughes. Oh charged doing it aged 41. Now happy birthday. Is every bit as impressive because it relies solely upon his freakish death let this is a more much more on his freakish athletic schism. Then Brady who yes well athletic and seemingly. More athletic in in having more dexterity that he did a few years ago. Is still playing a position where. They Peyton Manning you know you can pick the game if you understand. How to how to breakdown in defense pre snap you got a ton of success in IDs arguably the Belle I'm open after this discussion I'm an open minded human being. That question I would ask is. With Chara went defenseman and I don't know the answer probably forty year old defenseman has that been to play at the slow not use the zero items. Altai Anderson to well 61777979837. Quick break and get right back to your calls text Lonnie Brad failure tilt. And then and. And I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm. Kelly. Hello I'm cool way oldest defenseman. But I Chris Chelios and innate about Lindstrom. But this. Keep going we've tax accountable those are coupled attacks. That all relief yeah. Yes a couple of those guys. Now detector on the patriots that you throughout the caps based ring all those guys back that you've brought in Brady more money. I believe these players don't Brady Bill Belichick retiring sooner than later there's no backup plan to Brady now last chance for them to get paid to. I I I think it's about their opportunity get paid I think how many years Brady and bella checked. I have left at zero bearing on Neitzel older or Danny Amendola is decision personally. Of the text or he'll be good for them. To feel good for I love the pats Texas HR would've caught that pass the super all. You probably wouldn't call this Hans athletically he's more get to the Brady is. That's fair ever but it's. A different kind of nuts I managed or under selling at all there is a certain. Baseline just to get to the NFL there's a higher baseline when it comes to the level of success the Brady's had I understand that but. You have the ability to sort of think your way through the position more so. In football we need you in hockey where courts are ranked in defensemen right now in the NHL he's one of the best only okay like top ten. Oh okay easily our. So. But still a comedy is the best at the most important position the best of the most important is. If united you have to factory and the mental side of it the physical side of all of it. And I I I respect your opinion on Zdeno Chara on his birthday. But I can't say that it just as impressed Islamic guy on his birth I mean guys know the celebrating with a VO two Max tasked by agreeing you know us that the anti G yeah hell yeah it's good to have her stay in shape. It's I can't do that I just simply can't do that. Six months on some some nights in 97. Am hopeful who keep an eye and tell me I can't do it. Cannot do it I hit it. I'm surprising UK and I can't do I can do it but I made a visit him being able skate around. I just skates around it's only does that stick around like a bigger Brian Boitano to get right down to it. I think what Brian Johnson is doing is. Is maybe the most impressive thing of law. Which is actually be serviceable. Serviceable guy at the age of thirty I mean he's got. This'll pick up at 80 this'll take over of power rank him as though it. Ready to our job at that so there you go. Boitano ports I mean you I don't know if I told you this I cannot do it I cannot say he did not do it is it notes Ferrara. If as impressive as Tom Brady you finally did speak it skating. I. I finally watched. I Tonya. Yeah is that yes I would the well like I wanna live price I was actually stand Terry. Yes it is not exactly a great group of permanently off the skinny guy to guy who played the fat bodyguard. He was he was great yes it was great but I'll I'll go back to it a dead. He doesn't really add the real yet but not the act the the actor and Angelina would listen to the red carpet. The but but what the only problem I have with this. Is the same problem headed monster movie monster when she sleaze their on again which I don't wanna see them. I don't wanna see Margot Robbie went off. His side I don't is time the ruins certain images you have memorial I think I like to see Margot Robbie in the Margot Robbie the Oscars I thought Alison yeah he's performance was over. Oh lead at that hot. Well I thought I heard she must go along she was good but I think her her best supporting actress was a product. A weak field. This year as opposed to his writing great supporting performances that you think Christian Bale the fighter. Where you just watch him and say this guy is he's talented he's gonna win. He is Dickie act when he Katie did you forget that it's Christian Bale accused the mean CJ Cragg from the west away and that that's all she won I. I want to document this at 1130 line. You asked about the X rating rules put runners Iraq. At twelve volt line. You you said there Alison Jamie's performance was overrated. Correct I can't wait for 1231 what's gonna happen in the half hour now and it's coming your way right 61777. Died 7937. We're talking Allison Janney. We're talking Zdeno Chara you David extra inning role. If anyone can tell me that Zdeno Chara what he's doing is better than what Tom Brady is doing with crystal Lonnie has impressive it is saying is better than a different way as a on today which are as night. I think what he's doing is wildly overrated the data O'Charley's fledgling looks like Allison Janney Foreman tonight on if someone who was well once forty. I feel like when I was forty to have done incident I think Patrick's day two is in the Irish. I'm Dana which are. On six what's evidence that it's evident at 737. Another hour ago increasingly loopy Gilani Brad those boards are UWB yak.