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Sunday, March 18th

Chris and Rob wrap up the show comparing Zdeno Chara and Tom Brady near the end of their careers.


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You're out what I wanna tell you. Off thank you. Is that weather report was Friday by trying to shield. Let's do it then that goes into a run shields Al of the weather through the oil for loaves I love guru doing buying tickets for NCAA. Parliament. And Boston top the hour Brad you by neighborhood health plan of ands. What do you find. I'm going to it does feel like a lot and I'm looking right now at Purdue and Butler. I attitude ten matchup and really if it's Brad Stevens isn't there isn't really Butler. But there are plenty good seats available. They're playing in Detroit second round east region and there are a lot of good seats available if you wanna see it right behind any advances. So right now for the east regional. Full strip tickets to twenty full so full stretches like all the games all the games 220 widget which is thrown from 220. Which is Corey. These two sweet sixteen games don't wanna leave it right so session one if you want to oneself and one's from 150 says she is that's two games today yet I would Morrissey. If they're all like. 160 up. Not cheap seats this is all secondary market stuff. Yet I assume yeah. It does look like me at the very least a lot of people in Detroit are dressing like an empty seat if they are well that's soul was actually sold another yesterday in all four of dental freaking out it's a pretty tweeted to his earlier is this the end of that potential be the best tournament ever. With very late the highs have been really really highly UN DC that's historic the loyalist story line is great. Last night of anybody still awake to see Jordan Poole hit that. Three pointer that the freshman for Michigan. The very end of the game between Texas Tech and Florida and ages watching tiger Smith plays against the union Jesus explore. Freshman I talked to him last night. And I asked him about and valued dot org or did okay you YouTube. I said you've been working on that. You know you work on at all sees videos I've worked on that my whole life all saris you're not always been able to dunks and we are saddened him but he's. Why what do you mean the fact that we you know that he said. In the big Gilani Zaire story I too heated interview right now of the middle of the night last night I heard you have to repeat it every it was embed our current. But there. The term itself meant as it is now first trial was what the better first rounds we've had in awhile okay. But I'd go to Bankrate your first round of the UN DC candidate tilt the scale of one and a lot of good games there's a lot of games when you have. It's over the number one seeds get knocked out and and and big like yesterday yesterday had a couple good games. But there was games and he never once he's getting knocked that one. Whatever Virginia neared Meehan of one's needs spurred it's. Oklahoma Villanova won by thirty yesterday yeah I know and Kansas though that's what made out episode makes his stinky. Right now I'm does that shorts and a bouncer arguing here no doubt what I'm talking about Oklahoma Arizona okay. Virginia at least okay I'm sorry not number one seeds Oklahoma's ten seed. Or bubble tea you said my son myself that it assault victim. Oh category like all the bad example. Well Oklahoma had a big story line attached than it has tray on any other Sierra where I I a star player I paraded by side nice and what are you doing the loss like eight of nine going determined mission you've been in the tournament. Yeah acting. Again the tree on factors that probably was images you are right I thought for sure you are I would give duke a much better time out they could buy and then you know I had no idea that invited behind top. Might she Chatzky out of coaches know yet it was magical politic through 23 what's going these guys did here Mike you know put that big guy radar a little kitty Hurley is a little little lunatic that the biggest guy put him right there if you have you have less than I did I interviewed him lies that we heard from them last night but. He. And they had to do connection here to obviously Bobby Hurley back in thirty years or so ago but he'd say after he's playing against an NBA team. And he gives got five guys why don't first now what point used news complain about the rats at one point he gave like the mock laughed and clapped his arrest yet. He's like a lunatic he's crazy he's fired up and after the game is you know what do you move in on like I instructed my agent not to take any calls about like during that there of the tyrant that's not bad let's hope it's that he's getting geeks there's this thing where it's. Also with when you look at all these you feel good for these teams but it is also that sense of that codes. He loves decades he loves coaching that team. But you know is wells I do in the back of their mind. They're thinking I am leveraging this for a big job and it happens a horse I happen with them with is named Donnie you win them Cornell BC dining area yak. This there's Shaka Smart he did a couple of years would be CU actually and finally with taxes and all the runs overall margins did. He parlay to me to be part of him getting gig is is getting an opportunity and he. When that whole FBI mess was happening right. And so when you have the UMBC coach you know forget his name any of these coaches loyal quote. Yeah note Odom Owens kid about Lamar. One a blanket on both their names. I'm Ryan noted a cat. Not blue moon no the state Dave Odom skip a day. But you have those few of those guys you loyal coach you have you know as all's I do that these guys are keeping one guy on MI get a get a job. The guy from when I was downs for for a couple years ago dunk city for a Gulf Coast. Guy went from there to US seeded yeah there he's the isn't very good bye. You know it's better memories wife yes well that's that's another as he hit some highlight. So lazy that's that's a byproduct of this as well. Did you sewed. I asked you this question about the NCAA tournament you think more people watch around here watch the NCAA tournament for the brewers last night at a Arab overnights out we chat this or when or where you would check overnights well I don't know I I don't know I had no idea. Around here we are here I would say the browns OK it's a more that'll be to get us out. If there is a Massachusetts team because the united beyond their Annan Annan now because here's here's where downplayed it goes back for the casual sports fans conversation. Which casual sports fans are watching the NCAA tournament because the bracket dynamic nationwide sure yet know you are too. There watching him more they watch college basketball any point by. I would imagine the audience would be bigger for the Bruins game last night especially that game they're playing Tampa. That's the team you're chasing the Atlantic Division. It's the big match up Saturday night I feel like that's one where locally the Bruins do better numbers. I really wanted to knows now how cute kids tell us how we get what hold of these Kabul on Saturday a day ratings and it. Said to get there Winter Olympics we've began and I think it's. Your web browsers couple weasel it's the picket. A very careful with a web browsers are here a couple of bats exit Chiming in on our last conversation about Brady and char. Physically Charl wins Brady's got to pretend seconds of the time as a captain it's a hockey player of the Texas is James Harrison is more precedence Zdeno Chara. And if people that's equivalent that's a good one although he like he's a couple years younger. Still 383939. Yen was more impressive than Brian Gionta the crowds have been questioned by. Here's as a good one. You would you would admit that that's a good one Chris Wright it is that senator IR. Think that people look at it also because of the way that James Harrison trains. They come down the parking lot in Foxborough he's bench pressing a Buick and that kind of thing so there's that really impressive is a calendar might be when I was kid. They were two guys in my it's pure play PayPal had been present Buick out there were two guys in my high school class. One did strongman competitions in the edited bodybuilding. And they were sort of this accepted thing that the guy that strongman competitions. Was stronger than the guy that did bodybuilding intra which I didn't necessarily agree with receivable one guys posing. And smiling and making himself orange basically using glow inhabit and and the other guys. Picking up a dump truck and run over facts so I can see where that would come from did you settle it by admin general Russell. Tomorrow wrestle me what app and they both won and we've really been sadly I did the fly in the ointment in the Harrison argument isn't he doesn't do that the level it's ours to. Now he played a very specific role. Limited minutes as it were snaps I guess in the in the football context. So I don't know that's a perfect analogy but I think he is. Atlantis' and his tremendous obviously. Annie get to hear it's even more because of the way that he trains he's not doing resistance bands. He's got the is that the squat wracked with every plate piled on both sides of the chains hanging down and that's how feature. Yes. So I mean I can train like that it is that you can't have. I have but I will and I can I can do all of it yes OK that I wanna see a montage video you like the wonder well carry out the door are why am I can't do right now but this afternoon I'll do okay. If you if you want a montage video on YouTube I want a montage video I wanna tweeted. By this afternoon close of business of my shoulders hurt today honestly my shoulder for our refuted certainty skews is already on dog do I'll do whatever my arms come by the sockets I don't Cahill a mall and for this big beauty of this show account if I'm on with the tomorrow night will regroup you are out there and Arnett said that they have found on review are hiding mark and Marshall in my shoulders turn Illinois wide racial insert. If that was due wood planks. That's that's weren't exercising like I told you I played basketball twice and then I exercise yesterday. He's now taken an onslaught it was nothing but plants with it yes it was just a plank work. You know David I know what to write it down that hard yet her views are rarely hurts your shoulders I got side planks are just relative of ads on non destructive to get somebody put play god is that I'm easing into this time patted my frail condition now that on down to 120 cons it's write downs of the just of form plank. Yeah forum about my shoulder turn is that something that. Who achieved Harrison would have that's that is good news video charts. He tells me both of those guys can hold the plank and not be sore the next OK. It probably all the plank allotted. Chara I received a three wood Chara socked for the couple years there. I'm like who cares if he rode a bike so I'm not gonna say I care about him riding it right now good for him for being forty and being able skated around and being good defenseman. Good for use there are happy birthday. But we eat you know this a good defenseman is kind of glossing over what Chara is and he's he's arguably the best and leak. But hey he's the best of all it is in that conversation yes a cat and obviously the best on the Bruins. How did he go from being so bad for a couple years is just injuries is healthier. OK I think playing jobs that Mac boy helps I think back helpful offshore now. Much like Tom Brady's offensive line Brady playing with crock helps. When element was healthy the year before helps. Have a good offensive line helps OK but Tom Brady with Tom Brady's doing is much more press. I think it's these it's. Apples to oranges in some regards but I think it as a precedent from a physical standpoint I'm much more impressed and I still can't find TV ratings for Bruins vs says the parent tires and I by the way it's gonna fight both of us. Are well yes. I'd feel like even at my united diminished state could over power is the shoulders are sort tie meant to take AA is soon well. Like of like the night in now holy Grail. The severe flesh and six led 777 died seven daddy 37 were taking up to 1 o'clock a Red Sox baseball cover your way after that Brad the mayor may not fight Tai Anderson between now on top of the hour stick around find out if he does. Still bring it play energy savings. Out of the LP to. The ability and bill. That's all you can do them. Matthew Slater I don't know I'm Gunner nothing else to and they have put two people on me I still wanna see you to do lots. As of with the governor and on the outside and the new year on the outside our looking in here out of enemy of our. They sit there and represented a variety. Sounds like something I've no idea. Bloody Bradford text like 37937. Texted charred never article sucked he's just crap people used to job and I wasn't you it. Have a part of it is grating and then the curve of ours and I agree with that as well those averages by angry talk about uh oh. Circle the wagons mentality the fans that was another one where if you suggested. That Chara wasn't one of the premier defenseman back from those few years people get all over you may have much like the Tyler Sagan trade out there use today. That that the Bruins lost that trade. Bidding no wanna hear that Charl was not the elite defenseman for those few years you'll remember that I do remember they do let's go calls. Our let's go to the calls Danny Quinn these up next 61777979370. Danny. Daddy. Oh he potted up. The any downside to. That was my dad and you're always. Anyways. Brought you got to lose the work dynamic conversation when you lose it recent birdied. Eight. I just try to give it some curtains constructive criticism all right we're not to eat. Now Chris is generally at night so we were talking about to support to get this guy that the defense could make it stop when it counted right. Also the Philadelphia one. What do you think Brit but that came position without a game. This simply is set to make it stop you there isn't it we're talking about that defense stopping that would make it stop it's really radio there that day. Now to the one they want. It can't you're you're making my point. I needed one stop you didn't make it okay okay all right all right you guys are saying OK Danny Danny I'm just trying to help you body. Yeah stops and I'm rob you really took that person I'd just. Like okay. But I thought once. It became a shoot out Chris right so what about what's offense was sort of blinked farce. The Patriots offense Blake. Would all wet weather right now no or you say it's about which defense can make one stop artist when he gets up art it's a shoot out guys we're not gonna get any stops at all it's not gonna happen at any point so breach is glad to be perfect. I'm not saying he had to be perfect like you're talking about nick felt like nick. Export was unchallenged in the pocket the main reason why the patriots did win the game in my opinion again we went back over this last week and it doesn't get honorable mention. It was unchallenged. In almost every throw he made acceptable forced into where they almost got now one slight when they went for the fort until. I mean I hope you'll probably to make the same route if you looked at waterfront quite quite a lot of scrimmage a non contact scrimmage are all. Dot com. I think you're I think you're under selling out a little bit when nick pulls in the Super Bowl number one and number 20. That point has been made by myself and others multiple times the defense with Teddy. The Butler thing. Kind of makes it stand out in terms of the back into the defense but nobody get up pressure on and that's why. Most anybody agrees when you look at what the patriots beat add defensively. It's fronts that they need more help the terms of the line backing core in addition to getting Donta hightower Battelle and I don't need help on the front in terms of an edge rusher every one except that. All right but I don't take it change sport is to change blockages that the focus in on. You know one guy in Brady didn't they you know it's all Brady and it's all like why is because Brad it was negative comment earlier in the show about. Gronkowski and Brady make it came in on. I'd say that I submitted the two biggest story lines of the offseason. Yeah maybe you know play any Brady under contract to legal and by the way I can I agree with you what it cost. Us. And it's a close that you know he put the ball to receive a pickax hit. And there were coverage won't quit it was triple I don't want to write about that I watched the game get historical watching Anthony liked. Can make some problems that we quiet time in the pocket post wrote a long but you're right on the money like the one Connecticut and Osama. He made some great against Minnesota got a pretty good time this route to put any court about had a line of scrimmage like god. What don't lash out there want to play house that's on. Good throws there I would ask you I would ask you this is throws that he made to the end zone. The suit to separate out touchdown passes. Not every quarterback can make that throw and he was playing at a nother level for that game a level that Brian Hoyer couldn't tie. Without question so are not this is not a conversation about oh god I used the word conversation all right god. We're talking a bracket to want. I've Sar and hang up on him because that. I honestly have no idea what the what he's going I don't either but I that you're trying to say we're over rating Nichols. But that he is is going on about what great birthday told me. I don't know I don't get. Like eight and rehashing what's gone on the Super Bowl is is productive to an extent it's only productive in the context of looking forward. To what do you do to put yourself in the position next year. Where can we know the patriots gonna be the playoffs we know they're gonna be the AFC championship game of canceling that in right there. And then you hope in the Super Bowl competing for a championship all that stuff reasonable. What you have to do to put yourself a spot where it's not all on Brady and it's not enough to just accept okayed this game's gonna be issued outsell. Tom you better be better in the next guy. BK is as great as Brady is. It still comes down to the guys on the other side of whether one of them can make a play and defensively the patriots didn't the entire game at a pick. It was op a deflection. They hit the receiver and hits so did there was no point where they were able to make that one stop that one plate what do you do you put yourself in a better position to do that and here's ours it. So we've gone two years for this defense. Without a guy you would say that's a play maker it that's that that's the that's a dynamic defense of play today said it again. But that is a guy who can change a game we've those type of guys the Clay Matthews of the world. A lot we've gone to different years of doing that and they won one Super Bowl and they almost one another. And that's that's the bizarre thing about this. Yeah. And again that's the Brady part I mean echoes back to your argument of operating Crocker I know outlines I don't quite go but still. He's a much credit the beat goes back to also the benefit of the doubt. Doesn't it. The doubt benefit that the doubt of the benefit of the benefit of the doubt as it or Harris what's the word that stops and dynamic. Damaged dynamic is a dynamic where I would keep using it. You say congratulations allies Texan says. Congratulation I try to build a dynamic a couple people up. I tried to build people up not heaven. Texas a charge it sucked at times especially under explode close Julie yes. Yes he did it but is it chart drummers and assist program called it it was it's her problem he was not a good lies and not a system problem. Because why to retake news AB either is a good player he wasn't in its combination of the two big might factored in and 10% shore 10% you think Bruce Cassidy is. Is is leading is making him a better player much better player I think he's a much better fit for this team as a whole. Which is making everybody better all rising tide lifts all boats sort of thing. Put it on the bumper stickers about that six foot 77797937. But the Denny's first point. I don't know what he's soliciting or what he's listening to me he's just not hearing it every stocking about the patriots an edge rusher. I think that's something that we have been every year every year or right every time and a torture rusher becomes available. We say we're in the pages get them to the pages and compatriots Denham. Every single year and to me Claiborne addition it's not add Dubai had only two bad to say while the problems fixed. You know I I still think either they've got to cover better. And we saw that for example in 2014 they still did have Chandler Jones on the defense but you know there to cover really well guys get home because that. Or you try to find somebody big disrupted explosive in the draft in that might be some place. Where they're looking you know when they when they draft coming up with Cyrus Jones and make an enormous difference this year again make all star team. Think mark is Smart he's a good guy to have a good team to make a Pro Bowl Marcus mar Mike in north Providence is up next hello Mike. A guy yet I. Meanwhile. Truly great. Edge rusher by himself could make a huge difference I think it's more to the point that Ninkovich retiring at a rate gotten. You know dollar check off off what they did their top draft pick. And get blown mutiny out in the in training camp as another dude on rumors yeah. That it rivers mostly and and also Donta hightower being part it's a collective and although it trade flowers as a really good pass rusher. But they were so down on the collective of guys get to the quarterback. That it was easy Kurds were the Eagles stopped and and need to stop lights to it likely won't have to worry about two guys in Malibu arrest. And the thing is that. Part of it getting healthy and part of it also just. You know threat may be drafting of that structure and linebacker can't get in on it. In this draft or maybe tickets somebody free agency and as a group has in the past. I mean you know that's kind of how they got to the quarterbacks is is it. All think about hightower you Teva hightower he's a good pass rusher right axle that age gap pass rush it that they tried to do with Roberts and it just doesn't have the same effect. That's I mean at eight what was what was one of the key plays except a party keep it simple all victory get welcome at court. You know I mean if this EU it. We knew who's back. It records that would make of it Q who's that. This collective that they had before is gone and he has to kind of keep bill that and it in and just maybe one guy can. Make all the difference in the world I think it's going to be more patent reform guys now so. Yet complementary defense is what Bill Belichick loves to combat. This complimentary defense sexy authorities yelling into the Booth. That way and Chad bill Garrett made the plays shortstop in the seventh inning in Jupiter has been asked him about that that's complementary defense right there see Denny got to commend. A quick interview the news Russa Wi-Fi what would you what would you have asked him when you've gone more down the road what they did and and if I network if he said if he said I think everybody critic of well Brad. What are we signing a pre interview agreement an interview pre nup what it becomes the end what it says and equipped for the seventh inning you have the way if he's gonna answer the question. Now so yeah. Sometimes you get a shot I mean. You've got a chance to talk to about saying he hit him right away like so why did you play Malcolm Butler probably here comes the older guys probably would go the grind crude because you know he's not command incident Malcolm Boller. I would go at least something. That's fair and that's also kind of a forward looking thank thank you sunny in Dallas on Bill Belichick close sunny. I had to do I am. Just say that I used to people I trust always but now starting to shoot down a little bit it's. Started with Nazi loot last year I think if we would've treated cooks or Butler then we wouldn't that you would know that he would that all year. We had our first round pick that's for your departure. Adamant that the court really wouldn't tell it like Hewlett to a particular element of the failure in the drop below. And then the gradient are like OK I'm starting to lose the look of faith and remember Tom Brady said he was played five more years is that what it in the beginning of last year. So this year a lot but without the arms are delivered if they don't eat it eat it up on it I couldn't just let them play a lot together. Are there other sports that I love how people says at least they can Belichick after losing by EC approval. Nobody blew the Super Bowl for a Oregon lose faith. I guess dole but you still there it's it's I think we hold on to such high expectations. I I agree with that and of everytime I come back to the a losing faith or whatever ballot check I just kind of glanced around the league and look at the collective dumpster fire that is pretty much every other coaching situation or the vast majority. Of the other coaching situations. And I start to feel better. About having Bill Belichick even if you Malcolm Butler thing outstanding joy it is laundry list they're the one that I still disagree with his brainy cooks right. I think at the very least the very least I'm waiting another year iron coach and he gave up a lot for him by. I think you've got what you expected at a coach at least I did this past it was a it was I think that represented a first round packed. And you get a yet the potential to get more this year especially to lead elements out there healthy I may be opening up more opportunities bird for coaxed down field. I wasn't I'm not to camp of bringing coats of disappointment I'm just now now now it sounds like he put cooks is. One of them. In the east had taken off the whole reason why his last overlooked by the whole thing with Belichick is there is it perception of Belichick that we haven't had we Dario Brady type bug Ron. About all this being new there's a perception right now bella check. That we haven't had ever and I think well at least a long long time. I would say ever. Yeah ever OK I mean I I I thought I can't carry the isolated manner Michael bishop here you know yet if he there was a lot of confidence going back then but that's there there is definitely. There is that feeling when you. Have perceived do you have blown a suitable by not playing a player and every Wednesday a hockey Nazis batted not as good as Adam most CO row. Which is logical. That he has left a lot of room for interpretation would never been there before not as much benefit of the doubt. Now the better for the Dallas out benefits of Wayne is waned as opposed to waxing is winning consistently utilized word. Congratulations that it dynamic ward. Or wrap things up on the other side to get to Red Sox baseball next. Bradley tech students and Oliver are now and cauliflower rise. So is it Wright's native cauliflower like I made. He's taken great pride in. The fact that you looked like more like what you did when. It you guys got married. I'm not I figured out of pocket crab legs in cities it's heat out some food. No about the weight when he people needed a great job of keeping tax army smells kind of get against. Look at. I mean I don't think anybody you want some my colleague play loves ya and guide I have already made by dinner plans for later was second with 32 cavern it's the usual Sunday. Usual Sunday dinner spot. Chinese growth when he per well. For. Our TV on they can add a lot still last week some beautiful lake this week. For wide right just a vegetable lives celebrates on these likeness. Capital we your cap off the weekend might not hurting other people. The rotating panel gals that may join me yeah it's nice. When you're with Sunday when you're married again so you were part of the rotating panel gas that's right now. Maybe the last of the rotating it and we'll guess nose will see balls thing. That's more obvious than to mess and he lives in any of that stuff on the only can when he yeah a good martini. Eager. You can drink like vodka and pot that Zealand's yeah yeah I don't know out of I'm not a martini guy signed in Adobe year old beer wine Martinis like. While gene could be genes yet both of those are so what I do is if I had to go socialize with the other writers for trading united. Vodka I never drank vodka. You would just bring in years container of cauliflower rice while they were having crowd now that's the great thing about it going out of town not that I'm doing all the things the same. But it was vodka you I have this water let's Alda this water sweeter stuff I can see it. So I like like a small salad dressing it whatever it's so it's but you sprayed in in in the flavors to waterside through with the vodka. And that the waitress always comes over like what that I serve. I don't worry about. It's pocket if I'm does change the color yet. That's likes him elected what color is it because what in this case become purple. It's is sitting there the purple glass of water Friday. Purple glass of odd yet or provide some vodka vodka episode yet interest and debt so it's meg gonna happen. And you're down how many. I just over authority he has that's pretty what's the goal. Another blow. Twenty's. So fifty pounds total gas. OK I have a bad. Which are binding antibodies used. Well if you can use my you know he's he's like 652 he's also he's done such a good job in I have a few wages and I'm a guy who like I thrive off of padding people. So I've if you wages. Do we have a wager down on you doing your monetize video of squatting with multiple play odd chain I'll do today at the why this afternoon here to do the poll what's to like Harrison does with the the week belts around I'll do at all and then the plate dangling down. Again from our belts I I don't know how to edit video very well so you know is gonna be real let's get the right Iraq footage wife who gets it could be outtakes. Yeah everything I'd give it all fees so would I show up tomorrow. Serena show tomorrow seven to ten your at your Austin says they confirms that the senator Ted tomorrow weekend Rican regroup and say oh my goodness I can't believe you've reached almost capacity. The results can take what afternoon yes I sent you you can only maintain. I don't think your workouts and I think you're gonna each or cauliflower and that you're to drive home and spend the rest the afternoon relaxing nominal listened to spending time with your Imus in the Red Sox baseball. This is a big ones that gave it up and wanna listen to BK is big to never end Jokester Leo on the broadcast that's not the reason I was hoping you give me an archer. None of those riff Raff villains than me to get our record here Joseph had to do any games the rest of the year as is going to be used as the novel this is the eight team don't get people you can letters on the back of uniformed line. Red Sox baseball comes your way next Red Sox and pirates. This afternoon I'll be a lot of fun I'm sure. Hoping days a week from Thursday get excited crowd I'll see you tomorrow 7 o'clock sharp blades Leinart play third base. I'll see tomorrow at 7 o'clock sure OK he's rob Bradford had a crystal Heidi join the rescue Sunday happy Saint Patrick's Day enjoy the parade stay warm stay safe out there we'll talk decent.