Villani and Buckley - How much concern should there be for delay in signing JD Martinez?

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Saturday, February 24th

Chris Villani and Steve Buckley debate what the level of concern should be regrding the holdup in signing JD Martinez. Pace of play rules are discussed and callers float their ideas about how to speed the game up. 


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It's a call this the cold open crystallized Steve Buckley with you on a Saturday evening and okay. Haven't seen you know why we have not. And we passed interim hallway may be nice way to herald's. Be among the sons had a big operas with the beach view of downtown Boston that was nice those are the days as the days they shutter that when I think so I I've got off. The people wonder about the future WEEI in this ever changing world media if they can afford to spend some serious cash. On that open. And they can does not and they can't do yeah exactly I mean I picture twelve people in a room. Change the spread trying you know Peoria there's a lot of brainstorming is a lot it's going to an additional folks. Look out here I see 123. Warm clothes a couple people out on right now so. Is a lot of people can work on the show tonight from five days so you know gives Cobb because. If we can answer we get a staff of people yes you questions about half the Dallas out as thousands crowd that was at its going to be awesome. Dear Brad faux reciting an entire scene from the natural. I'm here not ask me when I got to Florida I write down there you've just got to. I got back at 1 o'clock this morning. OK so you're gonna do today you picked up dog food target Patrick I know that because you accidentally texted tiger texted. I I texted to press on me and I think everybody WEEI yet. When I was intending to text. Matt knows only former Toronto Blue Jays minor leaguer okay who text me blocked a UN would mind you would get below the and I said not HA how exciting my life is on the target buying dog food. And is that a texting it to him. I text you sent to have you Joe's a bi lo and everybody who's layered and and probably tell other people can layered and down in Bruce it'd be Amber's is that a group lesser known 'cause yes. Are grossly user all the speed and occupied -- continuity of brutal and it it's now okay you look down to what do we. So there's no response so far is that correct no well Mitch Moreland in town right now Judy Martinez. There's no JD Martinez to I was looking up Mitch Moreland for reasons are you gonna look up Bruce layered. Magnetic right now only two good we're on day five and no JD Martinez's worry you at all. I get does a little bit because it's. It's just. Some things that well I have a bigger problem. The bigger problem is. You've got a guy represented by a separate correct yeah and Scott Boras is the super agent and as we know beef. Stories in sports. Our broken by national writers because the superpower agents and the stories go. To the big national outlook yet this was the fatal form the guy that wrote PC Boston magazine about the sagging BB WA writers in Boston. And Kirk had a month podcast and broke up a little pieces. Because the guy was depositing that the Boston based partisan ways seeing camper and stories anymore and was pointed out to and this is what happens nationwide. That's what happens so you gotta Scott Boras who who who. Bolivia's these pieces for the likes of Johnny Damon and Pedro Gomez I think that it was payment originally they had. Deal close to being done damn dot dot dot. Within minutes later Pedro Gomez. From ESPN that it's not on these guys for years. They deal is done well the the problem then is. Now the red sites have to. Sign seal and deliver the player SATA the chairs skip the cupcakes for goalies out of the press conference. But the agent who ends up the story to the national media is pre supposing. That that all will be hunky dory papers signed medical records exchanged and so forth. It's like in a mud make excuses the right size for its complicated process. And I I am not a clue as to what's the hang up now for all I know. Katie Martinez's arm is staying in the eighth on a gash in the oh my god we can't do this and getting second opinions. Or it's a procedural playing with X rays going from Miami where he lives. Up to Boston out of Fort Myers second opinion dotting i.'s presence he's and so what and that's the boy. But. When these super agent to live is the story to the national media or the local media for that matter before the contract is signed. What you wind up having happened is everyone is sitting around waiting for this to become official. And until it doesn't become official. We're all playing this waiting game rank and sold what should've been. 888 celebratory moment for the Red Sox. You know a guy he holds up you know we holds up the shirt up turns it around and see what number he's wearing and it's going to be 28 is that's what he's won in recent years. And invite away at its core has already given up this is this is the only real official news we have. Alex Cora came to camp. Wearing number 28 now anymore because he wanted to pay homage to his brother. Joey Cora. And then for the northeastern game that was the first in my yet he shows up wearing number twenty. Because he wants to give number 28 to Judy Martinez. So I was joking that hey if he comes out for the nightcap against BC wearing number 28. Because back the deal's off. And so it if you want any measure. Of all officialdom to this signing. Symbolically and otherwise we have the fact that the rookie manager of the resides is already given up his chosen number which is number 28. Because it's now being shifted over to Judy mentioned it's. In like this thing was minutes away and you're down there when when this was happening to Judy Martinez was walked in what was it Tuesday morning. He's in Fort Myers with Scott Boras seems like in a press conference at noon and the press conference gets pushed back couple hours then the press conference doesn't happen. Something clearly came up here at the eleventh hour I know Evans relic friend of the station friend of really society in general categories had my friend of everybody's had a report today. Early this morning that it's on the on the line to be it is a medical issue some sort of hang up they don't think it impact his ability. To play right away. But this somebody that they're paying fifty million die according to reports fifty million dollars to upfront over the first two years potentially 110 million B doesn't opt out. In his importance to this team this year. It's a meek cannot be overstated. When you're looking at the big gaping hole that existed last year in terms of power in the middle of the order. The ability that he has to take pressure dropped the other guys in that lineup make smokey bats a leadoff hitter. Cedar Bogart's doesn't necessarily have to be a power back take some of the heat off guys like Bradley Benny attendee. They need this guy healthy productive. In the middle of the order and there are other instances where it's taken maybe a little bit of time a day or two to. Optimize and crossing t.'s bigger medical and get all everything official official good to go. But Scott Boras has he said seemed like he thought this thing was done on Monday if he's the one that's beating attended Peter gold medal. I named Oliver I went to Connors steak and seafood the gulf. Or go go posts here in Fort Myers and who was sitting couple hazel Scott Morrison Judy Martinez. Did they look like guys which is I don't Qaeda they look celebratory. Like it did nothing in our series is nothing. I kept looking over at them to the point where epidemic thrown out at one upset at eight united going to be the reporter from the old movies and might take her call. And I didn't see anything that indicated. Happiness word troubles in Paris with two guys having. It's all like it going at least he knew where they were at that point I knew Hilary admitted to both physically I can confirm EU. That on that night it it broke in the morning I think and then that night. They were physically in what Myers Allah Allah score asked about yesterday said he did nowhere. Is Judy Martinez in Fort Myers and you know it. Well he's ready now to begin the healing those two hours away by car it's entirely possible he'd gone back this in Miami the Miami area. So to type what we went back home so so side's court could could be. Taken at his word that at that moment now he was seen walking into the facility but at the time that the questions posed. Tina's going to thought Chicago alligator Alley right now and yet you know these side. The East Coast and he felt so any could get back a couple of hours of any in. Yes that's it yet. And so. So his his whereabouts are really you should give me in those fields where wells on the defied that anybody contracts out bad you know Orange County somewhere than you got a problem. It seems like at this point though I mean if you look at Eric Hosmer for example he was signed the deal broke. They get although the physical done and every penny of physical they got it done in a press conference like later that day yeah. And even some of the ones in the past because of a back to drought he was tweeting things in the all the week. I think they're really just directed at me trying to calm me down and all this and saying a unique calming down David I don't. I guess there's something wrong with this guy it changes my outlook on this team he changes my outlook is honored with the safety with the Baltimore coach thank god I can sleep tonight a look that up. So he wasn't hockey player now it was that was that was a layered played hockey too but this Bruce Laird who's born in Lowell went in icy pack. Wait for the ball from yellow jackets. Yes as a yellow jacket and yes it did for the big Wendy Clark went it's really it's fantastic. What little Lenny Clarke fun fact how I look at this team don't use class president when I was when I was in high school. Did not notice he was only more now he is news I believe you had the when inclined Kapalua for you where you wanna student council I actually he was class president money. Junior year and I would land ran for class president my senior lots of rank and now. So was late term limited is he already gradually your anatomy okay he graduated. Then there was the term limits in Nagano was impeached or a mobile processors in any way like that awful mean of course I'd say that would about a held a debate Clark vs Buckley. Go to Ben must see TB CS do you podiums on either side of the stage going added on all the big issues like I don't homework on Fridays and things like that I think lady's platform was a plus you know. That's fine I would have gone for just based on that. It doesn't JD Martina has changed the way you look at this team in terms are usually nice team you win ninety games you can actually patriarchy contend with the Yankees. This means or does this mean Dave to browse he held the press briefing and I was one pestering him. Because. He always trying to get out the message that there are Red Sox fans. Who were telling him at the Dunkin' Donuts on beacon street Wilson street up by Cleveland circle. Do not do anything with this team we love with the latest. And I mean to tell you that since the World Series ended last fall when I came back to Boston. And you know I you'd you're you're you're you're in the media wrote about you meet people being accurate banquets and stuff and people talk about the Sox are a copy shop in the gym stuff like capture. The movies simply rode classic movies they bought it. I ever talked with single person. Since they got. Eliminated by the Houston Astros the division series we said hey tell them not to do anything without his chinoy. And that's of the rescue was saying. And that's what John Henry was saying I date to later when he had being with the owners thing John and me and talk more. And then they turn around and we get this news Katie Martinez has been signed or they've agreed to terms what. Note that the Red Sox officially haven't said anything right is an again and I joke about it the only official. Indication we have that they've agreed to terms of DD Martinez. It's kind of funny is outscored changing uniform numbers other than that there is Noelle. Date date date they are now describing union they played best of WEEI. And Kirk and Jerry had this interview with Sam Kennedy and I don't know if you caught him driving Arnold carving out Soldiers Field Road. And I'm listening of that and Sam is cleverly coaching if we were to sign a player of that magnitude. Therefore it would bolster you know like that. Any he would anonymous team is that tampering or what the hell even Canada though it's Arthur Alexander with Sam once Judy Martinez gets here we're good to go. And so. So you you look at the race as it appeared. Two weeks ago on the Yankees go out and get the big powerful slugger maiming Marlon and Carl Stan you've you'd drop him in that lineup. With judge analysts and she's yankees really good and now the Red Sox have. TD Martinez presumably if everything is signed sealed delivered. And I look at this team and a bronze ski said something has said something several times during the offseason which he should not say. We can say it fans can say it but the president of baseball operations should not be saying if all our players who had bad seasons last year come back. And put up an image we think that they can put out gonna be really good team. That's the rest of say Whitman though when the president of baseball operations says it almost sounds like an excuse we did doing as we expect these guys Brad. I expect him to make moves the Nazis and they finally we think have made one. I'd like go through an entire season with some kind of shaky platoon of Hammond Ramirez in Moreland. And an attendee and Swire and god knows who loves being the I wanted a big slogging DH who could be a game which he's type. Have moral and be in the lineup pretty much every day good defense of my two doubles and it writings and so forth. All lefty on the mound and you put Hanley and first base. Maybe take TD Martinez to play him in left field 2030 times get and it's idiotic it's lefties IE gets maneuverability and bad team. The only issue being that. You probably don't have a really good defense when you got left in the mound for the opposition is handling of Perth which is a downgrade. From Moreland yup Martinez in the outfielder Martinez in the Al when he herself by running around all divers is is is I guess we can terribly important progress out with a might lol was the other day he loves him. So so that's on the keep an eye on the other thing and I wrote it herald today. Is. Hanley to his credit. Win the news broke that the agreed to terms UG Martinez. There was a naturally a big line and his locker which is Ortiz is old locker jetBlue park. Because. Ramirez has this clause in his contract plate appearances. 449. I think it is plate appearances when he's somewhat play of the options ass that that deaths point two million dollars is open next year. Well it doesn't get those plate appearances it's it's based on eight total number plate appearances between last season this season. And if you put in the number I have watched you looked at him in front of me. And take this season he needs 400 something to get that I can tip it so we he's got a lot of money on the table yet. Win approached by the media tip apart the other day everything had to say was. Was I just want us to win it's a great move getting this guy when when when very Brady like. And plus he's on the Brady that TB twelve method I think. That's what that's the start of the method did you say anything just say these things about your teammates built everybody up your very positive. You're very team first team center which strictly this team could use to. And I like the fact it's easy on the phone and getting likes you know demean us and Travis get traded. So it is and take him he's placed next year while the burial or aura around there it's nice turnaround tracer and Travis the giants fare. The wouldn't think entry draft expert. I was at San Travis Wright playing for its pay for the giants who shows up over there or at the very least I just don't do it David Price didn't say yes you know you're gonna get booed here JD if you come over to if you come over. You know it played I don't I don't get too far off on that but as people keys to being negative. Arab peace we all wrote this piece by a look at David Price he's he's. He's in good spirits and and he's going start over again he admits he did some things wrong last year I would not put up would people and all that. And then. Thought the nightingale USA today and talked about this negativity in Boston. Claims that he played a role in getting Judy Martinez. To agree with the Red Sox and roses lineup that that I saw. David Ortiz who many times and then. That's just not true. Now it depends on how you defeat out many times on on in and in any individual game. In you'd go back two years and just put your thing down a date June 29 of two years ago there were people blowing 280 David Ortiz in that game. Because they might be yankees fans that just don't like it sees rap and I think at any time there was a equal one time. There was a chorus of boos for David Ortiz I can't do it all the time period there was a period in that that that await old 910. Period when he was you know struggling at that thing where Francona tried to send up my quota pinch hit he wouldn't you had basically poor that was brought yeah. So that was about it. I think there was some some finding. In some hand wringing but when when my definition of booed many times. I'm thinking. You Luke you know neck and right. And that that this never happened. And again it if there was a situation alien went out a ground ball in the second baseman clubs that all of he would run that he could beat nick you you and and I've written this before. They are as many different terms definitions of boarding. As the eskimos have words for snow if you followed the same. Bullying takes many forms there was the Reggie Jackson going where you. Will be allowed was sift asleep but you DEU that was what I call loves to hate Bolton. God there was not there like with when guy when Jeter when guys when the marquee player from the other team. Who makes headlines always wins games. When that player comes up you bought him and Reggie boom like crazy yeah. But everybody loved Reggie in that weird way because each department cited the ballpark. Then as the guy that that that the freeagent bomb that hasn't delivered the goods and he's just. And in an I call that I'm sick of him blowing. You know that the Ricky Jackson. Bull wing we'd love to hate you Boeing is the holy cats and and then there is the the other kind of blowing which it which you have delivered the goods by his. Out it's just different kinds of bowling I grumbling and so so the may have been some of that here in the authorities but to say he was born many times that belies. And I met him meek introduced. Negativity. Wholesale bike out of whole clock is he just lets me negative. Freddie into a prayer prices had the way history here. What's my my umpire friends or call looking for bloggers just looking for trouble when it's not there. And whether it's on social media whether it's at the ballpark. That has been his MO now that's that I'm willing to what I can. You know steal a headline that is already been stolen the stolen by the globe from NBC Boston a couple of weeks ago. I'm would give prices chance case why have you used right yes attacks Willis that you people. When a drought stories on exactly scene that's I have an animated like before my globe bashing but I mean. I I say it loud and llamas said and I've seen this deadline as well and they came up the headline and generally you know what is. We need column today take had a go at that slapped together gives you an act by. I'm willing to give this guy chance this year because it kind of looking him in the same light as Martinez. As Martinez Tim Price go you know video goes right to meet the right thing. All I'm saying is give peace it you know very nice and enters the you're just the kids against me again again thank you with their own media and they said they become the headline and said yes you can't you don't write anything about David Price this work. As these two guys go to Meese over the Red Sox if David Price is one of the better pitchers in the American League which I think he was two seasons ago for a large chunk of the year. If he is backed or as a starter version when he was a relief pitcher last year doubts are needed most he got right. And JD Martinez burst on gonna be healthy which right now I concern. And indeed deliver the goods that he has. It was he did last year he did is all star season a couple of years ago. I think this team compete with the Yankees. I put this team right there with the Yankees because I think any deeper rotation I think their bullpen can be better and I think they've got the ability to at least get enough. This day with what we think is gonna be a prolific lineup in the Bronx and I think you'd I don't I don't I don't they're not and I don't see it. I don't seek for Ronald Baltimore certain that I tip today at this juncture competing for. First place in the American League east so. Danny rolled up baseballs and bats yet for opening day and it it it's immediate Sox or yankees in first place dailies. You know and by the way a wrote this a couple of days ago. For brain cash Spencer referred to the Yankees as the little engine that could impact children's book. At that that is is wrong as wrong and that and that Hanley said we're the underdogs. Come on and if the Sox and yankees act like it. And I am not and I'm not on the when he needs it for baseball that's kind of cliche by now to say the Yankees are associates if they get that. But but come on. Don't be don't be doing that little engine that could stuff let's attack on rays fan and you read that you feel like I. Stuff them liar eat you do they used that same beyond that kind of stuff where the underdogs we're the plucky blue collar guys when your payrolls the second highest yes the team at the highest app is being your division but. You still got 28 other teams beaten her in the top five in payroll again here they have been the past. Fifteen you're at they should be and as well they should be at this kind of markets we know that's kind of silly. But that's why circling back to restarted JD Martinez thing. I'm not worried about them not signing him. I do believe they won't get this deal done at some point they'll iron out whatever needs to be ironed out you'll be in a Red Sox uniform will be number 28. Apologies to the manager is gonna give up that number and at number two when he broke his brother's part but I look at now you know what are what are Brothers for. I don't have any of an only child but under title others report yeah. You know that no I did not I don't know why I never would have come up some big guys don't know that Milford. Milford Milford. Scarlet Oxfam to OK right. Oh you're an only child me yep which I'm spoiled what is that's a shocking look at I had it happen as you know everybody. Right but am I good Irish Catholic in a sense at six kids more common for an only child in the family of eight. And every morning it one Batman and how we did it lose a long time ago but really morning we also only had one path. Think it but we've used it every every morning it was like you know the evacuation of the city after disaster. And everyone's running around and you know there are no towers left and somebody stole my socks and I get trouble in Iran because yeah impose shirt. And and that was like this. A day at the opposite my house can't relate can't begin to earlier was just a major. My dad was a truck drivers so. And with the the way the Finley work is my mother gave all the kids eat with me on this I'm what do you. Try to irreverence healthy but I so my my mother would put out dinner for six. And we would have dinner. Just the kids in the kitchen. And then after dinner we had to clean up the entire kitchen put everything away you know old Yankee work yeah limit filed with the won't commit and see us for a few minutes. And then my father and mother would have dinner alone in the kitchen we weren't allowed in the kitchen. And then my father committed takes place that was there forty minutes of peace time so we're usually it's when a different such elements. Is reasonably tray tables the living room and their company today announced it has pretty and cute it was fairly low key there wasn't nearly as much out much for that that call it that little story doesn't fill up the phone lines that I can't imagine what will future we get the only child and one yeah its Hewitt six siblings every one of six I was one of 61 of six nearly. John John Paul Stevens kept in check make you do it again like in get romantic on John Paul Stevens and him. And Stevie. The Stevie was never hear everything I was the only one person called me Stevie was that the drug on the corner. I did they get away that I don't always read stereos obesity and just kind of let it happen if there enough. 61777979371. Know if you're worried about this JD Martinez situation. Not only inside and they do believe he'll sign the does that help his importance to the team this year 617. 7797937. Or get some of your phone calls we'll talk more about bucks childhood coming out. He Steve Buckley on crystal Lonnie Sports Radio WE yeah. Should not so I don't want wanna. You're good friends at Bradford yes but we go way way way I've put my life or don't want it anymore friends aboard I Woodward book cook I hated it safer. Gerry Callahan mornings by thirty detail on Sports Radio 937 WEEI and WEEI dot com. Bostick. The but give a lot of sports or did WEEI 6177797937. The phone number a couple of lines Graham now. Discussing bucks childhood once excuse I can even imagine that. I did share a room until I was in college and never cheered. But the idea of sharing a room with a remained college was something was very odd to me an idea that piled on me where I was humanize. Again you know there are very different kinds anyway. Then has just it was sold recently he and the people who bought the guy who bought the house. Somebody said. That but with him musically here. He invited me back to see that he's completely renovated house moved it like hundred feet and built to Hamas is next to it. And I got to go on and tore the house before they did the renovation yeah and some of the regional wallpaper from we moved out as a senior in college. Some of the original wallpaper was still there and I bought. At war lords and Central Square carpet panels like 49 cents apiece death in the appeal and stick on the Florida but now my own carpeting in my bedroom. It was still there. Wow you guys do like the height charts on the wall or something like god like is I don't recall the we will reduce that 7596. Foot now now pulling that that's chain. That's the six kids in a time but that you just trying to get food that's it sound like you're trying to survive a hole for him the whole family like you were the focal point of the whole family your kid nobody. There were no stars in my family on his. They estimate I anyone bathroom was enough for three people the Brazilian pair system was as dark yet you call it through all programs school. Eight every every grade that I do once you within a week and a half my teacher would say. You really jump but these brother you're kidding me right I had to go outside now at an ad that. But can you stick to what 777979837. Morals died about JD Martinez let's get some phone calls her report Smith leads as saw Phil go at her. Hey how you doing too little nor. On the data Steve he hadn't been on the radio for a long time. No I have not miss him what gonna do something about that I was in I was in Minnesota for the super bull for eight days home for a 45 days. And I was out of Fort Myers for two weeks it just got back last night. I use story about your family is injury and made that call because I wrote was having kids and our family like we had one bathroom and I. Forecasters. And about the more it's hard to get you mad part to get it. That's the simple money would not know this because he losing our efforts child away from a data yet at the back after an hour. Is a joke and so yeah he's. And it's a new state dinner time dinnertime my father. Buick in you know old school at born in 1930 draped. So you know it. I analysts are my house but I was one in 1908. By five. To 57 from implosion of me yes. And now you're out. 1908 notably when I say this. Look I would tell you what do you think youngest is second in my view and you know and believe this you know the Jamaican set my grandfather was born in 1962. So award just aren't that aren't. Eight. There so that was my grandfather was funny to sixty and he married late. He had five kids. MI a father was the youngest of his five kids his oldest son got married young and had a daughter right away. My father married late at six kids on the second youngest. So that's how I attic father born eighteen and I in nineteen away. And I have a cousin who still alive 88 years Oprah's cousin. At a weird symmetry now about that are not a forty and I. JD Martinez or. I don't have a thing I don't even have paid attention been looking to occur in Callahan in the morning. But they don't talk Red Sox too much. Now now they do not fully appreciate the phone call six point 777 died 7937. And like John Tyler's got a a grandson rest I still alive yet. Same kind of thing yes and he was born in what 1790 yen a long time ago on the lines and he's buried the same cemetery to the president to a I've no idea he got Hollywood cemetery Richmond Virginia Eric James Monroe. James Madison team John Tyler and and Jefferson Davis. See what you did there I think retreated there president of something else. All sort of get here. Yeah I said this rich Eisen thing over the course of the week you talking about batting. Three guys any three guys you want the ninth inning of somebody's down it's incredibly gimmicky. I didn't heed it I think it's a little too far outside the box but I kind of like the direction that he's going. It sort of brings back and they were even talking about it on the on the Red Sox game will I saw that they'd spring training game because the first inning take about 45 minutes. The whole pace of play conversation when it comes to baseball and he keeps coming up and people at Felix and and get frustrated because it keeps coming up a baseball continues to do nothing about. Get a chance to unilaterally just adding in a pitch clock to do things. Two to make the sport quicker and also more marketable which I know are two separate. Pods and of kind of the same conversation. So it does keep coming up. And OK so so the and so efficient enough now place so. If you sit here and say. I don't like the idea of you know starting a runner on second base of the game goes to extremes you combat. Whoever you want if you down the ninth and mean go 234345. If you dismiss that you're you are then dismissed yourself. Is being old school and behind the times and that's why baseball is dying can someone to meet dismiss it without. OK fine but can you lead to knowledge there's a problem and an offer a solution Dassault. Fully acknowledged as a major problem with these. Huge huge huge problem now now meet. I have the package MLB packed tight I watch the Mets the giants I can sit and watch baseball watch baseball differently than a watch football football you can't. Do other stuff you that you're riveted to gain because it plays developing and so forth then. You know why they call a play its fourth and one of them upon you know go for it all that. So but but baseball I I don't McCouch you know stuff and be doing it and I I can watch an entire game. And I miss something I can rewind so so so baseball. The way it is I'm fine with it. However. I fully understand that the game is a major problem and has a real chance of being out there with. You know arena football and twenty years if they don't address some of these problems. They don't need to gimmicks what they need to do in the refused to do it and I put a lot of the blame on the players. They refuse to recognize. That they have got to change the entire philosophy. About the way they played a game the pitcher throws the ball throw the damn ball back again I played like Browning used to do in certain pitches for sale as of past work. And that's the weird thing is is it it's not like the game was always this way now all of a sudden people ending people do. Consume content differently to different generation now that it was 203040 years ago and baseball is king the games used to be this way. And yup part of its television and longer commercial breaks and things like got to recognize that but. They play the game a different way than they did thirty or forty years goes on a weird way the people who are. Want the game to be faster who wants some of these date changes these newfangled things coming in are looking for sort of an old school version of baseball that I never really got to see. They're getting pushed back. From a lot of the all time diehards and from the players themselves who seems like game just find a way to. Now I'm gonna guess you don't wanna see Gatorade add in the backing of the ball player cracked. I don't care I 85 so so so here we had on this. Speed to get number one OK first the ball. Back in the day when I was cute fun baseball it's not like there weren't players who took twenty minutes between pitches is that roared through payments went to Mike Hargrove. And there's another one of my mind right now Ken Harrelson. We play for the reds and countless it would step out walk always era on the play look at wave to the fans. Cargoes nickname as the human rain delay so it's like this never happened before but by and large guys. I yet as we get back in there and green's teeth and hold back down goes the other Kodak as the exception not that I used except so so we can have a firm understanding. That that baseball needs to move on past to get the ball the ball. If it's on both the out of the box that in the run off the field run back on the field and here is we're. I have so what I because some novel ideas. Don't go to the traditional two and A half minute three minute minute whatever how long has a break between innings whatever it is it's too long. The issue or make it it it but why even have a little. Maybe have a 32 spot and come right back up run up the field and get a guy it's almost it's almost like there's a minute and a half left in the first half. You just got the ball back to Iraq and back up the field. If if they can do that football agreeing to do it for different reason because that clock is winding down you get the ball on Iran very yet is that is. 68 seconds ago the first to have you wanna get it drives you run out they don't pass out of bounds. You may despite the balls he stop the clock and then you get to rothmans. So why can't you run up if you get a batter right back up there instead of having the long break between innings this is with some compromise he got to change your outlook. Put the stupid ads on the uniforms put the ad on second base. Carries build one's right there and secretaries. Do here always safe with Harry's mailbox is that the blatant self OK so so you've got Chris Hill on the mound. And Aaron judge it that is the pictured Aaron died in his file back this way. So Gatorade is an edge and make the play by play more conversational. And that riveted Michael passion play by play you know here's the pitch to Bobby Johnson. And make it more common station have lots more drop and make make it like plum lane or hit have you seen the roadside I don't know why you would have seen it but that the Red Sox broadcast game. He guided the pre pros but the Red Sox. There are drops in every single inning right I struggled I could add more I know they have them on the radio. But you EU just shut them but if you worry. If the award if there was no between innings platform. And again at at the time advertise to people about this enemy they patted them on talking about it down. But if there if there were vastly fewer between innings commercials. It's supply and demand it would add value to the drop this. Make the drop ins the the most important thing you do in between innings but less important I'm gonna assume. That the spots between innings have a higher premium maybe Iran and you know on tuchman. The way that this has more value though is it's got to work it's got to put more eyeballs. On the game because then that makes that spot more valuable what's the way of thinking. That's that's agenda hopeful yeah I mean that's the only way that this thing work I'd be fine with that I am William went out more virtual adds the only. Would virtual athletes not really there it's just you haven't had a supplemental Havoc these have a whole bunch of ads on the left field wall. I behind the plate how many they have up there now they get the WB anything in red but it can mass channel now I have an issue with the way that I had lunch with Sam Kennedy it couple months and on until the net. I don't like the way they place the ads in the collective wallets it waits who beat in orderly. SO parlor that puts you want to isolate that Calderon's yet yet just went up everywhere as a public it looks very anal appear legislate. It it it's like everything it's it's almost they have a year it's exactly fourteen point two inches to the ball Paul for the next bad not it just looks very. Very neat that way you hang pictures up in your house. They very neat there they are kind of lineup and a much trying to Celtics in my house either you never know now with an attitude like that cannot hit it it. Let I just think there's too much and I heard all this this week OK rich Eisen the idea is stupid and everything else black. There is a lot I guess Richard giving me right now from the people would you shoot that down no that's down. And for a lot of those people it seems like this the old school diehard mentality of the game's fine the way it is if you don't like it there's a problem with you. And the problem with that is that generation is getting older generation is dying out and they're just not being replaced it's not like that and every sport. It's not just that the pace of game and you mentioned the dimensions off the air but the marketing of stars. In May I ask well as opposed to the NBA which is the one sport it seems to be and maybe NHL to it seems to be replacing. It's older band so to speak with younger people including the median age right about the same the NBA's that a good job of that one of the biggest and with. Relatively no parity in the sport I mean they start the season with like four teams that really had a chance to win right championship but the ratings are still good. They get young they end they embraced social media they market their stars a dual lot of things that baseball doesn't do nearly as well. I think there it waits for many baseball players today. And if this sounds like competing at David Price again forgive me. But David Price made it clear way back in the day of who's playing the Tampa Bay Rays when he said that they would tease is not about the game. David Price has an issue with guys styling and home runs. I think we need more that we need wore baseball players showing their personalities. I've said this I've written this a thousand times open if you've heard before I apologize but baseball is the only sport I'm almost saying verbatim. Baseball is the only sport with the creation of our patents is to be treated as a sad solemn occasion. When you don't run. Keep your head down right around the bases this series came with a little he should be a little embarrassed and just look what happens when used make a big player in basketball. Look what happens when gronkowski catches a touchdown pace he spikes the ball doesn't make a small plane full on panic attack left like nine yard gain it takes about that and look what happens in hockey with the is that big like love fest at the Blue Line with every player on the ice like hugging it out. On one goal at 71 game. But baseball. You don't run and you don't know immediately dropped the baton and run the bases head down somber sad occasion. You disrespect the pitcher on the mound at the dumbest thing of era. And and it's continuity. And again I mentioned Reggie Jackson Ricky Jackson is that when there's forty years ago. Admiring his home runs and people pissed about it but it was pretty did you get away with Reggie new. That that when Richie was it that nobody went to get a lot done to get a beer it was Reggie seeing Reggie strikeout was exciting seeing Reggie get on that Philip Bryce Harper now. And and and Stanton and judged all the and those dazzle more low key and Bryce Harper but brighter certain about an hour appointment viewing and I am convinced a much saying. Trade David Price. I'm convinced it would be different dynamic like it's almost like an and I am totally making this up these bones told business. I am convinced. That Bogart's Jackie Bennett attendee. All those guys. That debt they would be eight different vibe about that team if they could be who they wanna be. But they can't because they have too much respect for David Price David Price is the the minister of decorum. And he. Glavine and dramatics and neighboring guys like that that true professionals and they. Walked off the mound in there we're blowing imaginary and small gotten sick shoes and they got strikeouts and that's the way David Price plays baseball. And and I respect that and I respectfully disagree with. 617779793. Settled jumps in calls Jeff in the truck up next guy Jeff. A boy got to. That's with that what is all part and it all up and all 45 year old. I can sort. Of why the big game DPP. Set up but at the same time the beauty of it is it's the 27. It dictate to have we're great at the court gave it takes well it. What happened I don't see the need for change I just doll. Are you looking at the TV ratings are you looking at the audience is getting older every it seemed like every year the average age of a baseball viewer gets a year old or what does that tell you. Well yes I realize you're not a heck of a lot of action in. App all kinds of the younger folks certainly gravitate towards that but at the time. I think everything is cyclical you know with with all of the head injuries that put all these days. Baseball is by default. When you become. More popular yet because it's a good choice which hit the play. A lesbian gay beats yeah I use I use that say something along those lines but I think NBA make you beat it a run for its money hero obviously eleven of his playing soccer. Although all and it's that I'm sorry go ahead when he talked. No I I certainly don't disagree with you but at the same time. When it comes it yeah eight not all of us are left with height more so that we are what are Asian. And not all of us who runs a model in an hour. They always wonderful just how it is up all or a pitch clock but. I I like it being just fine how their. About that I got I got I don't accept because I I respect that I respect that hugely but. You're 45 years old new I don't know if you were being self deprecating considerable 45 or just use that those were your words. If you're old 45 it means that. That you you just wanna kick back and you wanna be deck and off my lawn guy. And I believe it when people say that the kids don't fall baseball I don't have kids my own obviously but I mean I believe when people say that. That's well I've got the other all of my friends out oil. Well called teenagers they all played traveling based all in addition to other sports. It all in my circle of friends is very very popular uncertainly as I want guys to land it. But. You can't buy you really. I would love baseball committee issues a 160 Putin the background noise and I love it. Yeah and in I appreciate that Jeff it just seems like that number of the people who feel like that is is getting smaller and older and the people wanna shout down the rich Eisen of the world for their admittedly outside the box kind of wacky solutions. Don't seem to have a lot to offer in terms of what could actually make the game faster better more marketable our way late for brake lines are loading up get all your phone calls next 617. 7797937. But in Bologna Sports Radio WEEI. There's a good team they work hard the baseball stuff. Speaks for so this info re. Sports Radio WEEI. Just bring back the phone calls go to Fred and Meryl end up next time baseball paced play all that stuff we've been talking about Chris bloodied Steve Buckley hello Fred. Oh how were you today. I'm an 87 year old baseball. The let's stop. I believe I've been watching baseball for eighty years. I love the way and in some changes should be OK. Well as the top people on hot as it is the big war. I comic and a bit here and they have a lot of people watching get that never repeat or. I know it's an older group and I have. Rancher and Rick rich don't love the way and throws a modus should be short of an impact on amounts six I'm. He talked to a pitcher. Let us arms which is hey you know sales AA. The other guy is so I don't bother me and I think baseball when it is. Actually it cured being mentioned by these crazy rules we make that affecting not for it and picture it got come up but I mean buying it and make. It into exciting already. I I. That's I appreciate the call thanks very much and I I agree with the guy. To a degree. The game. Does it need what he refers to these gimmicks but is the game finally it is no it is not and I'm I'm I'm that guy gets some sort of as somewhere in the middle. Where some meat as an individual when I sit in the couch game is fine. But I find I find the games to be slow and plodding sometimes yes and they that there are certain little things to (%expletive) me I'm not gonna lie about that. Speed the game up. I Philly too gimmicky change those what you need to even get that late proposing that. He'd get this conversation started. As for a lot of people if you start with a pitch clock which I don't think is gimmicky and on the is that wild outside the box. There are many sports that have some sort of been forced leasing back most of them do. You've got to move at some point or you're gonna get penalized something very hatteras listen listen very clear you what you proposed that and a lot of the old timers and it back each unique. Listen very carefully this and tell medium run you're baseball. Basketball. Hockey football then. Baseball is the only sport win the game goes to overtime people get up and leave. Yet correct I see it every season I am in the press box. Sox score in the bottom and it it it's particularly. If the visiting team scores. To tie the game in the top of the night. And the Red Sox but down in the bottom of the night in the game goes to extra ratings. People guests and they look at the clock at when he aptitude and they leave you more likely to stay this is unscientific this is observational. They're more likely to stay. At the Sox score and running through in the bottom of the ninth to tie it any momentum because of the men and people don't anticipation of something bigger happening in the tenth inning. Football nobody leaves game it's over it's called EU hockey and basketball less like nearly. Baseball facility in restricting people it's a school night and get the kids up and Mike. It looked up at our record at that and he will be running out there it's got in and I looked out the press box and that those runways of fill people what you know. With football it's a little bit different for me just because you spent. 400 bucks each on the tickets as I mean age is so it's such a more expensive experience yeah but with all of those other overtimes you have an idea of how long they're going to go. Yet basketball I guess in theory could keep playing overtimes that there's still tied after five minutes five minutes five minutes five minutes. I'd Syracuse and UConn played six of them in the big tournaments that's possible by. You have an idea that OK we just watched four quarters of basketball three periods of hockey. We're gonna watch five minutes of overtime in hockey now goes to hockey went too gimmicky thing they went to the three on three. Two to make things are four on four to make things more open and didn't. Tried it have goal scoring and and engage in actual play rather than going to the shootout which they also have which was also super gimmicky. Other sports were willing to embrace these gimmicks to try to make the sport more exciting. I also think back I also think that when opinions go to a baseball game. Even as you're writing at the ballpark they they have allocated. A certain amount of time they get three I watch the game and that three hours and then you're gonna go home. There with a group date got to go to slide on Davis Square mallet he's done in Quincy what's that place in. Coolidge corner of the big sports bar there to refund place I he's got the clubhouse that whole process that's Hinckley was a cool or okay yeah that's a that's a fun place. People gonna go to those other polygamy and Kim was square those places around the ballpark. But they they give the game three hours in the game goes to overtime you wanna go with it in and they just kind of without even. Thinking about it walking out of the ballpark yeah so so in that spirit industry wide it would wanna add some some some does that stick hearings. Yeah I get a table and again I think if you propose to gimmicky thing it's the only thing that that moves the needle and move the conversation at all. Winds are loaded quick break we get right back to a 6177797937. We go straight to your calls for talking baseball. Steve Buckley Chris aligning with you sports hernia WB yeah. Wait for a moment and -- if you look at her real hold Lawrence if they have an injury to somebody in his rotation bigger problems right now effect of Alaska itself if we don't know what's gonna what you ride Rick we're still needs to having good seasons he doesn't that will be a major problem though prices. We'll hold on I don't doubt no doubt either go below that yet if prices and sales point you're one and you're 18 this group or way we're loaning and 48. Tended to make days fox Sports Radio WEEI and WEEI dot com.