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Sunday, April 15th

Chris and Rob kick off the show ripping Evan for not spending more time watching the Bruins.


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Yeah. Fans expect you nicely and proudly vote. Racquet or we'll get a feel reviews went on. Well it's part of course if you you know what club is yes they are what it what does Iran that's when you close the show in the open. If that's the focus. Yeah I mean in my case to shell but it could be anywhere kid to feel like a lot of people work in the food industry you know you have the closing shift. With in the dinner and everything else he worked 11:1 o'clock sometimes wearing. And open. For brunch you're from wrecked the ship the next morning that's open to these hands the collective effort now I don't know I resisted look at health soft and erosion and that's the that everybody should have at least one manual labor. I don't look at the moment what's been the most. Difficult job. Carrying that poppy it's resilient as a mortal. Yeah even if I mean I like you know it I mean the people. Why or in the flower shop and watch a lot of buckets. Like Washington. That's probably at least code definitely euphemism. But now that secret to that I wasn't more attractive and Pulitzer awards girls it's. It is a freshman aren't going to an awkward with just yet that your opera bucket washing phase. High school it was an interest in all of unknowns we will try to exploit album later as we begin here this is going to be. Why's that. Because he doesn't know hockey. I know well now. All. If it is I would be. I'd like to. Admit that he wants. To. No oil on them. Partly as a joke in points in 88. Oh. On the merit on real. Do you want. It up. We have to look forward to we have all these things yet to happen in one day happen to. It's so great you're here it's so great you're here Evan I love seeing your smiling face I look forward to breaking down the Bruins. Talking about the Celtics which are playing today or guarantees. Will be in the Eastern Conference finals of act guarantees I'll be able note that I disagreed and look at that perfect. Talk about yes yeah ours but I just I wanna do this I wanna be nice but it. You mean yesterday I remember what that was at whole food we all remember where the tax would be wondering for a lot audio video. Life I want and I looked at on the text be slighted appeared. I'm like well why did you leave line and then to. Then you'd think the next text would have beta group text looping Meehan while he was that about what that's on rob and rob God's hands at that point. Here we are prepared posted Lani with a tomorrow now. Or in what you wanna do. He is the right thing. Little attention to the room I did I read up on a I have one off it's 11 bail out. 04 hours' sleep here all of stopping the fact but it never had a job I went real John lecture. I went last night I got there with a girl had not seen since elementary school where I'm literally elementary school. She vehemently. Agency conversation which you begin an elementary school you know ultimately if you. She because he knew that this. It might actually one of the things we talked about work like now I'm not denial guilt here for not having to that Bruins game on the one day off by. Chorus are you going on in question nothing known you're not gonna open our secure it to radiation and I to this morning TV show tonight. They knew coming in tomorrow and get a plane tomorrow night a pass called back cover of the game to mar. He's completed more than a call this one I think I Guadalupe crisp line make you appreciate it. Chris is fitting that here if you work our weakness he's he's understands when you commit to a job. And you do that job you do whatever is entail that did that help you watch it doesn't apply to the person who watched several chase said he 5% of my wife actually actively watching beautiful rooms and docking collar to pellet fuel of the future and that's the first minute. So I was walking like this you can appreciate the importance of the times right yes of course on Roberts you're sitting care. And you know as someone who is in this industry doing lot of different jobs that you have to be on point you know rightly rated ago. Right that's right if it so the excuse I cannot ever imagining excuse where I said. You know what yesterday was my day off so I didn't prepare but it might I hit job this this is that it urged an interview we know what's going on there in a random game in February 2 in game two with a player yet that says. Rob Clark. I hit Joseph is a bottle off walking your ticket. The ideas that don't want to estimates and I'll be perfect example happen who're the three guys in the first month. Markets more us. Randi. Art. Jalen brown they can. Or him second with three of you that line more for a Indy Marquette controls that I think he's up at the coordinator right. That the will will to a we will we got we will broadcasting live from RW yeah I Old Dominion freight lines that are the studios here at Fenway Park. And into relic rob Bradford crystal audioblog why does this Roman Catholic league game against glad I had the athletes before as you hole hole. Fragments of Bradford going after drought you've won it it's funny because he does he does anger me pretty well yes it's easy gaining not elaborate security take it over to it if if the cover up the reality that he is vastly different than you or Celtics and he does I know that. Yeah hockey. Rob Bradford is not a hockey anybody listening today who watches edit. Notes about the growing. He's lying to you were all lying to that spot about attendance up I'm not comfortable in my own beautiful supple skin at the sport there. Our rubble is your big take away from the game it's sort of like of the fact. And I take it that often. Hockey a cost of it's my favorite sport right now and will talk about we have a great conversation with the wind shift mean eucharist we brought that up more than the eight inning against Retief is not over yet or I I I yearn for those days. By the the intention and we knew when you get to the playoffs it was going to be people oriental. Jump on and tipper in a room with him jump on it if playoff hockey is different week I can sit down and want to playoff hockey game and if you draw my attention unlike in the regular season yet. You watch you watched the crowd and then you also watch how this team is built. You know the first line it every doesn't know who's on it you that. Were for the casual hockey fan that's the type thing gets you interested when you have that type a talent. In eight playoff series in and specially that goal as a third goal by Pasternak ethnic. Mean. Say it's that is the type of thing will go back with a casual as important of all fun. The key is practical. Yes he. Number one Matthews was just sitting around you Matthew Smith cared if now it's sitting around not doing anything like Pasternak is coming through the crease. He puts it through the way it goes back and if just one of these these goals which you can even if you knew nothing about hockey Evan you can appreciate. Go look it up because it was it was a defining moment it was the punctuation. Of how talented this team is and that's gonna draw in the people who haven't watched the Bruins all year. And breweries in Rio four. This team is really talented and at this point I was one of those that said settle in for a long series pretty much everybody did by. Watching the way that they have played over these first two games and and also sort of pooh poohed the idea to switch slipping into the left you flip the switch it to two days which let. They stumbled down the stretch it a chance at the number one seed and blew it with a pitiful effort in game 82 with a regular season. And then they went up against the team are going up against the team that is known for its speed and it's fast starts this team is known for playing while the Maple Leafs in the first period. And they have just he handed it to them in back to back first period put the game away early. And have completely lost pro at this point. I don't need you now what what's on your computer program under the colluded on ruin college wise I got off the map to those names it's. Send exit to a duo big search line to pull you want my my favorite part of this whole series is Bert for so many different reasons is that. Kudos to the NHL players' safety committee. For getting it right I'm not encounter. And that it can completely changed the they'd dynamic series obviously was second line center. Airlines raw messed up the party knocked back on harassed based on with the Bruins played over these first two games but. That was a dirty hit. By dirty player by a guy who had multiple dirty hit by the way in the same game we went eating the early win when he took that run it wiggles that was its. And dirty is yet to at least in the same thing martian. Yes I would be saying the same thing a march in that it and you know what that and why you brought that up because job it is though that good contribution by U. I'd like dropping drought in peace. The freaking what about ism that I've heard over the last several days about. Eighth stop just stop it's embarrassing. It's about your guy at the back ivory it's about what he did. It's about a selfish reckless play that is what it cost this team out of place another minute in this series because. I'm not convinced this thing gets the pot games the Maple Leafs are Mets right now tiger tried to take. Vigilante justice into his own hands he got suspended portrait regained which is like fifteen in the regular season right and good for the. NHL player in orbit try to bring them conversation here and you Autry you look at this ancient. Declined break. I have a picture that's all you can do. Oh hold on to withhold the through. I agree. It's been during the play out as humans in three games. Whatever it's going to be in the play. You back to back injury now. When you. Remember. Remember the obvious clash with either the other relief done. Right well that up and Dario Oreo for the Astros get suspended for the first five game for five in reg season. For the yesterday made toward you'd are often during the play. They don't suspend them during the world. Or during the the championship series. They say you are suspected in the coming in there right Steve. The image I'll definitely and it's now because. I know that it's not a physical act if not it. It's not apples to apples but still they had their suspension carry over the right MLB where it's been a guide to spending. That's. Right and is Tommy legal brain matter any lesson the well is most at risk as a quarterback of the situation with your garbage matter what well with the NFL operate though. Probably if that they tickled him OK I I I didn't spend Brady the suitable couple years ago lake gate that caregiver. As culpable it would be different than second circuit where militants once and it was gonna pay for itself for an. Exactly billable hours we're out we're not come again it got it that was that was just their lives are so blatantly. Wrong and and and imperiling. Where the color management I'm not wind NFL maybe maybe if the guy had a track record immediately late at night want to have perfect. Yeah or like if not if they if the yes yes exactly. So. It becomes back to you it's good for the image of the NHL because they're helping the Bruins went definitely cap. Well yeah I mean that's a nice little son brought to him the look was awesome. That was great that was that was great but the Maple Leafs fans who were embarrassing themselves at the last couple of days trying to compare that which. Is funny admittedly a little weird and in indeed injured nobody. Other than a march entity at bat brat to rule. What ivory did which was with like five or six strides to go one guy out who's on these defenseless against the boards it's in launch himself bought skates off the ice right into the boards is is laughable and that's a joke which you know there are some people out there aren't comfortable on martian day that there's definitely a portion of the Bruins fan threw out let me join. Why why why why the case and that man I thought was later this fifth made it thank god only guarantee they're people won't. People who are comparable with any sort of physical contact between two men. Am I kidding you'll pick someone up and saw that but that was app and hello we are have you heard of anybody on Twitter on the radio on line on the earlier than light motor vehicles were all our Bruins ran through our Bruins supporters on my I can't believe he did. I can't believe you lick that she I don't think Brad marching at the wrong numbers and other debt that I. I actually. The portion of probably the portion of room I think for its fans by and large I think brands and by and large there are aware of what Brad march in another way. I would like to think they Flickr maybe yes exactly and we knew that they will we all understood that going. I would like to think admit maybe I would be proven wrong but I would like to think that if the same thing happened. With march it yet not the face licking but it via any dangers dirty play. Like what ivory did. I would like to think the most Bruins and if they're gonna be mad at anybody forgetting to spend it would it matter layer it on himself. More than his team in a moment you absolutely can't do that you wanted to play. Well around here if that's a stupid play being vacated yes. That was why are you doing that we've had players like that before and the great thing about march and its other two guys on his line belts mop board again haven't I'm I'm I'm I'm still looking up the offensive coordinator and. Anyway that was that weighs that was a game if you watched the game like Chris and I watch the game. If you watched that game it was like this is playoff hockey this is awesome you have a lot of mountain Rask who's good enough. And I'll rest rest is good enough to to continue the conversation to say. This is a goalie that can help lead you to instantly through the spin it on and he's done it before no eye and say he's done before but we've seen the bad Rask. Yes and and I think that the best thing Rask was able to do it there are times that I know I've entered Sunday's gay guys talking about they were liberal sloppy at times and I think that the fair. I criticism now. When you jump up or nothing it's sometimes easy to have little lapses when you feel like the games and he ended in it was a like my team deal with present document but to arrest by the way copy under the giant doc are you an outstanding very very are you media stuff. Whoever. With both of its involvement and local. He was involved and that the idea is the executive producer or are filling a more bills I'm done done no more people watch you Andre the Giant documentary know what network with an on. Used him. Whenever. What do you want to read what it would look at what what did I do that ketchup elementary school friends is great. It is. She you know shortfall without carried out with somebody that you haven't seen that element placed it great ballroom dancing partner with the guys talk about that. We talk to you reverse your memory computer. We computer class together with a group project about where we wanted to go in and my destination I chose. With cloud nine and yet be relentless. On so that's owed the Iowa and new ones maybe that's the great new ones what did you think I can picture this conversation to that you were having last night and it prob. Probably this actually probably came obviously you know what I'm not watch the Bruins game and I know the guys and work with on the radio tomorrow probably give me a hard time in it. I you know for too long actors and I've been into engrossed in this job and it's about work life balance at exactly the Evan you know well the you what I know why they now starting its fourth decade of life this is the idea into tiny going forward that the truth is this I watched that I watched. Every second that ruined it. What differences can make when I want to watch that game and different culture a lot of media. Are not comfortable acknowledging what they don't know he brought exit this last night you know and so. Great reunion this is what this is going to be my defense there's a lot of a lot of it. Don't watch the intermission you can avoid the Jeremy Roenick and intermission and gotten enough information that you can't even do that. You can even do that like rob I have. You forget about the millennial test them two weeks ago the ultimate Malia left side but yes I going to hit. The ultimate test there's only one question have you used the term work life downs. Have you used that there many times I have yes men what you really mean it that haven't you government here. I just I don't have the skills to work that land for. I was ready to kill I would of done and I've done as cranky of unhappy with what I was I would vote. That's where I had at that moment I needed I needed at that time and that's you don't you talk one office. In a unit all day span that OK I am 01 day you know darn. You talk about movie that's reliving that it's only yours CIA Brian all our what is wrong with you completely if you could but you. It's gotten out. Now now now now now now like dates older all right like every other patrons come out that's where I'm new to this week we've talked about. How heartless political Belichick and everybody all the pictures that he thought I was crazy our mark we don't get it every different winning. Did everything by the way that you just registered let him what it's all right the players' tribute. The dot I wish you could almost every day rest my lights go out and basically miserable time. So what evidence saying is that he's got a Super Bowl ring what what he's saying my class ring where would you want whenever and trying to say is that and Phil Gramm already at the numbers showed today. He isn't here that's good enough because winning isn't it I know this ought to make the joke and you block it and when you walk into you know they were doing the show and fill the great Red Sox pregame and yes the great Red Sox arena. Whenever. I Archie. You got knocked out its fourth line him up and hold on like what its general about how he is exploiting all of you walk in the what you market here this morning what do you think we're gonna talk about I knew exactly what I've I've got this out. I three said they had you dummy OK what help me this this what we just did. It just talk alma. Do I knew 1000% the other because the last time that we had this happened was when I did watch I was at Mayweather who. Pack yeah you want to Celtics will. Our ears gamer I have been on show all that goes right and I don't and where he said he hadn't paid attention to the main topic of organ part about. Eight because when it was trendy in Uga who it's. Knew you are writing a book how much I write in the book how does that shipment from them I expected to pay it some thought that would be a Abbott all I'm saying is that half hour. I looked it up well with the worst acted after eighteen long arms on this beautiful with the senators on the Sunday morning. Okay with with to go to port Austin and read the first thing I actually don't believe it was the person and it and secondly let's get pulled my own browser. In interviews. Could secondly if you I would hope that somewhere within that story. They had mentioned the three guys in the first line. If so obviously there wasn't enough research in. It's fine that's fine that's all serenity now be the Bruins wrap you know let it out of bounds when rates were scheduled lie about sabres are. That you can hear me. As though his third runner up there with number one yet well actually I'll support you in the what is and what is it our out. I I well I would not think anything. About the third lines and humans in the eyes are open orders with the activists managed to make it through this segment not block. I so I in this first I mean I hear and heed the eastern conference on incorrect. Also. This last night was perfect example a perfect example why we can make the argument. In the regular season won the Bruins felt the Bruins aren't aren't going viewed the team I'm very similar that felt that I still think a little ahead. Playoffs different story like today me oh my goodness nobody. Cares about the Celtic well and. It can only get I think. You were saying this and we've done some shows today tired over the last week I just kind of default to any time anybody said anything was probably you is that hockey more than anybody else iron for those sad statement on my work life balance when you write down what. The Celtics fans they just generally take the ball and go home. When you yeah that's my that's yours right at this I thought a very product but it but it's I mean there's not a lot of complaining there's not anything bird Celtics means they sort understand where this thing it's at this point you know never in Europe Hayward you know outsmart. You're going up against the not the worst but let me close the worst first round match up you could've gotten there in that. Milwaukee now fully healthy and they've got one of the ten best players in the league so. I think they kind of understated see the writing on the wall although apparently you don't you have winning this series I just think. I don't think I'm not in prosperous Eastern Conference by. I felt this way it's not only now but it's other times where things go bad are things go awry or are they take a little bit of downturn. Going back to right before the trade deadline for the Celtics. And it's not like the Bruins fans the Celtics fans don't get upset like the Bruins fans that is sort of like rip off and don't be packed over there will be great crowd. But still it's that it is anyone really talking about that. It's because in recent years once they're in were worried your Celtics and there's been great recent outrage outrage that you lost the cavs last year it would be cautious not that's reasonable thing to get angry. Well win when the Celtics get out coached against two years ago. There should have been outrage there should have been they had this team should I had it better record and I I think with Isiah Thomas against that team and I don't think there was outrage but I think Celtics fans though in general are just they're very patient bunch and I think they. Maybe it's just because you need to it's sold this so well and I think at least only build good teams right. But he is sold this as a project as a process that currently based in Philadelphia at six distrust the process and outcome operation. I think Celtics can't have an understanding now. Had if this team was fully healthy. And still sort of stumbled down the stretch in and then I think you would be seek them out outrage some of that frustration but again it comes back to help this team to beat opera I don't know outrage is the right word I guess the human disappointment might. I think there's disappointment I'm disappointed well the latest they are now both are now what is his I had not been so excited for Celtics he's as an eight. If carried the stick around tires I helped me again. That's when you're gonna see that in some people turn and change and look at the planet they Welsh so they've known today nobody will turn money for that culture. Know people slowly will look at it if if his knees and better if they if they don't and he walks. Here's the reason why Evan because Isaiah Thomas turned out to be anything Isiah Thomas if you kept Isiah Thomas. Then in my idol got about our interests I accept this counterargument as as the one because it's because the matter what did you give up. It. Do we know what you'll turn by the way more easy counter to the counterargument affecting their right to be where you can you can still hole on the draft. Exactly the draft pick is really religion then you detail what you have a higher before it records of the year so we get my point. I'm trying to help you yes but still to go engaged or no wonder if you go to know what is didn't know what it's gonna kill aimed at her. After. Not kill him but it that you're gonna have some people say wolves this is ours and does that discussions already been rates and so oh with a would raise that decision pinky. If you are speaking at slaughter or something recently. At least as when he went within the MIT on analyst property brought up the fact that. With this the right use of their resources who also breaks on the play he ripped on the Iranian. And brick by gaining weight but he adds that question with this who would you rather give up. For somebody you're you can ask the question but it you're gonna write that column when you click on the headline be entered this better be Lincoln no with a lower case and it period after it late. This was the right it's possible that they they didn't have the proper judgment in the obviously it's possible that jacket could not them someone. Down the road someone more control they largely a matter a better player of the carrier ring hire better player in the top ten player in the league now I think that it's highly unlikely. An awfully a look at. The context. And just running Gordon Hayward and a four year deal you get the two young players to. One is coming into his rookie year one coming it was six years there's kind of a general upswing it is team putting eight dynamic young star who's already won a championship. In this mix is the way it. And and they still probably need another piece to be up their colds that you need elite talent you need. Two or three or in Golden State's case or. Of the top thirty or forty it'll leak before you start every conversation about winning a championship that type of bold aggressive moves. That's what he means it when he remade its roster me that if you hiring walk retirees not quite the same player when he comes back and walking is more likely the last pinky. Ball returned to his usual self. There's no there's no party that looks. You can go okay. Ainge took a shot at that pin that was all he had the fire and there was no possible way to. Seen this coming planned it better ideas assume they'd be added at a medical right. Ten times out of five I would make that deal absolutely every single time every single time it you have to because you know. After last season the you weren't nearly as good as the team that just be you. And and you watch them. And they weren't nearly as good as the team that beat them that's how our way that team we really don't alternatively the take that shot through no adulterers or yes to give a look at the other guys that moved it didn't move I mean. The alternative political giddy at the Davis he's still playing in into war Olympic I've watched it last night so there. There were no other that was the best player who if they out of it if they had to do it if if they get it last he's. Oliver I saw it and you saw we have a 25 federal time of year and the year trading for replaced record this season when he's playing he's awesome. Okay the the need took a turn for the worse winds with this group in the back area and everything else. But still you know the dynamic of what you have when you have I've read Irving out there. All signs point to you this guy's gonna be coming back and being that same guy still once again only 25 gonna be twenties when we. In the Red Sox rob if they went out got some but he let surgery operated shoulder than usual to flirt but dollars. Like we just like him price. Don't yet know bush yes I wasn't saying it is unique elbow into writers but it but it if you. He is not apples to apples terrible argue what the each receive a few different sports. Yes all so usually I just try to drop parelta's different situation. If you look at the personal finance. Please fifty there's been times. Six on the what have decided 9793. Biggest threat to an ally I may switch who knows it'll it Bradford Illinois me at some point and then eventually out jump back years spent. Six what 777979837. The phone number for you guys. I don't even know what topic throughout their there about 75 in the perspective I got we've got who's on the bruins' first line return educate relic marathon trivia hydraulics third grade squared in three union. And agree on a more and ballroom dance that's right incorrect or two points there more apropos. Carrier ring to the Celtics and ends are revisiting that trade again I would do it ten times out of ten. We've got the Bruins and a fantastic start to their series. Great job by the NHL players' safety committee all of that on the table. And will go through the lines with droughts they've won what 7779793. Sevens which are UWB. Red Sox. Yesterday. You put your. Guys and we met in Cambridge and with you in the bar. Now I don't JG galaxy. In a veggie galaxy. The vegetarian restaurant not a lot of sports and edgy Yeltsin going for I make that assumption. It isn't their play sports fans that you didn't look like there were a lot of people that were interested in sports in ruins were like checking their phones carries per game update to make out the vote by virtue but they were at. Veggie yeah. We now plan OK that was not the crime I'm sport I'm I'd I want you to have a good work like now than I do. So all and I don't really care all and I'll what did you do for your wife for all all I'm Matthew what apocryphal. That we did see her yeah I did. I carve outs you you can her gift I did he giver and not being there clearly best gift you can possibly gave her vacation you wanna know anything else enlarged qualification Telesis the Sunday morning show we can do stupid things that let's proceed. Vacation I ever to appease the fans about it we are making it. We're doing we're going to beautiful doubles with the way Enron got a what are what are you going to be doing in Dallas that was artwork. Where it's where our Red Sox three well yeah like to push all of she's like the only reason and Bradford on this with. I walked side by side with beyond this and other greener pastures now the note read through than me especially now these skinny. I mean. She probably liked him more when news bigger things though I usually the fluid and that's with a sane. Well when she met yet. That she's the put up with India. If you like you might rise because of that at that point she felt the north ago I get a question so no I actually statement I just added I want him to have. I player that I want you explanation I'll work it out work like now I want you to have that. So going for us that the pressure that's another oil soared well I really well what we've just let me finish going forward is Soledad you know. Going forward you can go out to veggie galaxy gala at the anything you go out clubbing I don't care what you political club whatever it wants recently. Yes we do it just make sure that the TV at the place that's all pass so you can do this boat trip to side a little bit RT. Pretend like you're looking at unity across the way he actually looking at the V. Okay you you're a friend who you haven't seen since the early 1989. RE. Who happened that the dietary. Restriction or preference for every one call for it why don't you that you I think dull and know tiny Adidas sports bar in and to not pay attention Q. Person I haven't seen in twenty years. Because I can just read about this game and at that because after war. Well because I'm you would I don't see that I am let's start. Like many that's rare. Like many things one of the easily get to hampers that twenty minutes or so is the now cult hero status of one Jim Kelly move and the metamorphosis. Over the past two weeks Kelly the game one pariah a party that he melt down one of only two Red Sox losses though for the season and now Jim Kelly. We hear. If I don't like I throw that word around it dammit sometimes it just applies heroes don't know extricate sugar Ray Kelly and is 96 mile an hour fastball sixth film short of the 1998 red mile an hour fastball to the roots of Tyler hostage which was fantastic by the look up part of that how. Angry town actually slam that's. He got that back out to be broken right. The late found out what it was yeah yeah. But it's. In two weeks have we ever seen anything like that and on in our lives the overall vote. Don't know we've never seen a turnaround. For it relief pitcher like this relief pitchers it is easy to put a relief pitcher who blows the first game of the year who has had been in consistent path. In the crisis easy that happened to Joseph Kelly he comes in. Court goes back to him at the closer everyone's still all look you put a couple of guys on who cares you still the last guy wants the out there. And then plus fourteen and twelve days later. And he's getting it is standing ovation for walking on the mound. And then last night at big ovation yesterday well art are realistically around both the game today I think it was the beat that last I actually think it does plus sustained. He doesn't it's actually fifty I think. Some in here in Boston something like this order for instance. Performance for how it up for the long if he give up put it this way if you came out the other night and I got standing now. And he gives up a run nobody would care. He's still getting cheered like you do don't yet on the Jumbo hot water that laps IBP's. Terrible penalties last forever if he's yet today now that people are like a joke it's coming back as the Toronto blue every. Now but it is it is one of the weirdest dynamics I've ever seen here. And that's saying something it all comes back to. An eight Hewitt about dichotomy also points out in highlights for just a politician poorly when it juxtapose that we've used how poorly. They handled the situation with which auto in the Orioles last year at this year that he's in right. Ride the way it's supposed to happen this is baseball. Vigilante justice as a war while how much is it too how was executed. When he says we can agreed this with our works based on these not executed correctly last year this year you have the slide he hit the guy in the ribs. But then on top of it why is Joseph Kelly becomes a football hero. Because he did the Wednesday news. Come on whatever you did go on let's let's go c'mon he does that that he actually it's c'mon. Oh goes it apparent. So you have that you have that moment where you're not back music you're not doing the who was the guy was it for me in a while who ran away from the or whoever it was good detail the tape to Kelly giving away some pounds. Stewart Mandel bottle. Was certainly the different needle model he deserved better got thrown never used it needs a good pitcher with financier to sleep Milan. Speeding up but Fernando more of a spirited defence of Fernando by the Nevada I guess you just offensive through flop them that February night forty helped him that made. Which lets him. Anyway so you have that moment we're saying come on and then you you. What you wailed on the but he got the better right sure you get the better of him and he's sitting there are still with fires. That's that also lifted the Joseph Kelly fight club he should Evian is the great picture I don't know until kilowatt combat by the way but but the picture hold him older. No the actual picture that. Of him all over Austin with the eighty almost looks like like Ali over list I mean he's just got his arm cocked ready deliver the next punch of is. Rockwell in the crowd that was agree well like him he the Coco Crisp on the Coca yeah it's would be if that was the that was. On when those iconic sure I'm gonna call it in terms of Fenway Park fight that was not on a vote. So in it but all of that I think the execution was one thing but the the actual do how he did it was another and then I heard. Was on yesterday analysts Larry you know Larry Johnson and which burns talked about this outline. Well how did people out there are you you do how do you do that in life that crowd of like that. Crime doesn't fit the punishment of throwing at me could kill them iron Gerry Callahan and say something like that means. Going on. Right wing liberal. And your if your calendars on the side of you've got it today you did the reflection of punishment didn't silicone it's your peers look let me educate UN high tide I would agree let me educate. If so that reflected exactly what they're supposed to do with in baseball or a 100%. The problem is due to I didn't think it is done. Yankees walk away feeling like justice was served and were called. I know on the notre Nebraska now. OK note to YouTube because we expect probably are so the system. Is okay because if you have a justice system. It's post addressed the issue and put the Bentley what kind of conflict resolution doesn't actually settle the dispute most yet. Most of the justice system does not settle actual disputes in the real justices this is baseball just this race and I'm trying to you're trying and I think you'll hear are trying to make an analogy to an actual justices the natural dispute resolution system and in many cases it does in parts of the the real all screwed up and and so is baseball that doesn't tell you wrote some convoluted column it's it's it's. Every everything errors but because it involves like like. Concepts and and ideas would be on this day I hit it in the area playoffs. The passion of the people today that it was all the exciting moment but it but it's like. It's not over. And the crime doesn't fit upon if the carpet the Yankees went well till Friday to what news so I would ask you. What did you want them to do you have a slide you haven't the problem is how do you how do you police yourself if it's not a path well rate while not sure what. But apple is not equivalent to eight slightly high slot just of the umpire put on our way in conflict resolution. Now by the way the chance of serious injury that is the chip serious injuries much higher at slider and a fastball. It's close that's not at a ten day DL because it adds a little Marco Nelson. Chase seasons because the guy you've got basically you think it is. It broil a thousand times out of a thousand also a razor asphalt the because it becomes high tide help our match. Q why can't discount that you act like he's got that perk but yet. Precision control they don't. After that armor to one that's not their bodies of that and armor and also it was also mitigates the new daily journal if you don't executed the right away in your game you can. Take a look I got it will but I don't think it's gonna assuming he does. And another critically difficult but it it bring back hockey analogy here for unit and that they try to stay with me. Tommy illegals in the Maple Leafs opinion delivered and and illegal. Andy eat dirty anyway I would an elbow right before he got hit by Nazi cop now if you want to retaliate for that and you have a good. Legal. Open nicer or near the boards here. On. Legal than why that's hockey that's the way against most be play in it crosses the line to dirty which is what Patrick did. And you get to spend sport if Jill Kelly broad at a guy's head. Then I onboard the Susan Waldman and more okay packet beat potentially life changing light threatening. That's dangerous world he wrote rip Rowan TEQ sort of the quote unquote legal when it is equally mean you know get in trouble were necessarily gain and get off to the warning by. Ease state within the boundaries in the parameters. And that is he the way that the systems both to work or the problem is the system has wine outcome. Amy violation on the field any any sort of grievance you you're gonna dress yourself and it's not going to be the league this one remedy. If that brought apple guys reps are that they felt about what what do you want what he wants. Are you just don't do that that's also won't I don't mind his career if that's his wife's crop. How are you kidding me they would drop the gloves yeah dropped off a hug and what that might not second day. Hard throwing hay makers the second day it is one of these hockey there. Will that. That's that these arguable how how how these testosterone filled angry men. Working out amongst themselves by not throwing it past comedy about priority to others it's a fair question. But I also a budget there ago intellectually. That yes anything any walk into more along the baseball field automatically. That he not that I asked all thrown at you if equivalent punishment that's quite well it's been done well. It's normal that the league baseball and its reach sport and Chris too cute and he now in hockey it I don't know but it would be over. It would be over that happened. You want 11 hit you check out check you. Or guys that got it baby or guys you drop in level in hockey and despite fine with it but so it baseball. If the system work where that finally. Two wounded and well polished. If you can't it would over the Yankees wouldn't get it right or wrong it's. War but again if you if you had if you had an example of how you wanna polish and finally whom. I'm all ears but that's how it's done in baseball without them in every sport basketball go back to the lakers Celtics today. You do this come in the page you're gonna get this unity as much as how does that mean cents. Worry about the brands. Well it's all about Brett you're urged the lakers seen in years this is how it's done I'm standing on its done this way take it away as if it if it makes Alex Garland in Italy I don't have a better idea and if I was on and it also doesn't hopefully each other outlet for starters it does make some sense that if it does make signed all the drama and intrigue the games back of the so I know that. I know that deep down you have a problem with managers before instant replay coming out in arguing. What great little well. Could be the problem with that with the man who would argue arguing a call why what do. Well because this though if that's not a good way to approach the umpires again it seems the call. This is how it's done that's how it's gonna are you lose a little different or talking about something that literally the other day just put somebody on the disabled why did the Padres Rockies might. And Lamar going art and the trade him away yet he got he got the ribs and went the lets you do get hurt baseball her yet to happen I don't know if you knew him and then did you don't rally came back. Six once that it's at it's 797937. A lot major like Brad though gas here at. Our Fenway Park studios. Tough you can use Ortiz Sports Radio WB yeah. And then I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm. Ten text a buddy of mine which. It's awaited them but he scrapped I think I think it's good that Vickers this year. It is provides someone who knows something about something other than baseball which problem not admit he doesn't like I already knew something about basketball. I think he does know something about bath. The view he's competent enough to get by there but did you like to pretend I'm the one doesn't know anything whereas I'm simply more open with the but he adds that's it. Like you personally. I respect your opinion. The news you I've admired you for showing up over. Despite I did you hear both times he's on the shall fight on why even late lately and destroy a compliment yeah. That's all I'm trying to do you running behind you you're earlier last year. I don't remember it was only in the that was in here and rob looked at you like it looked like I'd let abrupt. And you happen and I was addressing my comment to Ryan IPs I'm gonna go so our thing I love you. What. Would you would you lick my face in the that I actually would I don't let it maybe that should happen out there I'll get a picture of eSATA might lap if it in the lunchroom when it weird through mutual collapse it in the face of growing at all. You know it's been it's an important I don't know it minded lot Churchill Nolan minded know in my news. Pretty went on the way to mask I wonder if there's an age where you're taken by the light snow or rain right now. It's crap somewhere in the middle I wanna give me huge I know that would probably but the people roaming the streets of Boston Boston Marathon. This one it was whether race race in as we watch snow come on it's absolutely snow coming it is very. This actually it's an update or it wouldn't be bad the run right now and others to be fine now now. Was blessed heavy hitter up there you down fort. You like your marathon with an hourly. Rot they're I don't know no I'm not gonna take him there why are now document I was talking and doing what CD. Which town of the marathon billion. Boston. Are they teach. Him. I'd rather if it better than it. I think is the correct answer paper hill QB how liberal to be one other town did the Boston Marathon runs through. You know what I am petrified of is is is at times I am taking calls sometimes and like. You are sold any statement TH to appear. If you don't have grown up here. You'll see Iran and never want to Amazon which are a room with the tunnels. But I can Braintree and he did he would drop the laws that would have been like for much it wasn't Braintree but it is what it whatever is one of the vote the the more common ones. And I absolutely screwed up and it's on banners and even though mr. We have a guy here what's still what story. That we have a guy here who doesn't know the first one the Bruins and we have guys definitely don't yet know what city did the marathon the Boston Marathon starts that I know so much more about the Sox used to it that much more insightful take some pictures as. Last Boston Marathon course yesterday and well that's what's read this the marathon finish you know Boston and right. Yeah what streak of the bill Google know Google local and allow your Google about your tactics and it's. That Copley Square. So congratulations to all these people out here I mean what a great great feat and good luck tomorrow. And it going to be. That is not ideally also you'll hypothermia arrest you when you're just out. For hours on Andy's eyes out of the MS count few years ago report that in. It's going to be fifty degrees heavy rough out there yet get through a couple of years ago wall I think it was 2007 there was little one years I didn't there was. Last year hurricane. And but that you're right the difference was it was warmer there was for an out in so the biggest thing is you're sock it away. You sock it away so it your socks wet forget about it it's over. And as we know for other guys really just our financial advice rocket life that I did you have to move we put platoon yes we now. Or are you know. Yeah box on the second rule. He just not knowingly denied that it should maybe there's in doubt auditing is it also as they felt geo can state all the time the great thing if you see the Red Sox score people that makes it scoreboards and you can hear them radio as the analog. All he thinks I'm I'm teaching you about the great event in his office this might surprise you are not Iran running it's not mine with the brothers' you've ever wrong. You mean at one time yes. But again if it didn't hear it. I don't know maybe three miles. Really it's I've. A development and I actually I really miles you've basically got what I'd like to function. I think it should be that vehicle for maybe the three of us should UH 05 so I so I know that Abiola widely. We didn't show Monday here's my question team every month after the question. I know it'll get all your absolutely healthier perfumes the younger it. You're Iran that the distances later. Better circulation little longer like all the I know the benefits. Some downsides to so of course they're absolutely beat Miami America. People who won the time their scheme gets bury winter I ever heard Jim thanks. No news from one most remember this guy's now a guy who is worth the ghoul. But little local well prolific runners today but again anti yes anti sell my lap to be. Exactly case. Quite yet there are there recent stated that people are getting ready for the marathon because if I think that you do once in awhile it's great night. He sees of these people who run all the time if you and your drawn eluded to. You lose testosterone. You're physically it just feels like such tremendous hole physically. It's an incredibly important player for the time. So yes that's what it comes down to it is incredibly impressed. If so impressive that I've done it five. Five time I can tell you have in where the marathon starts and where holly who do marathon. Don't at some point just walk. And that's what I thought Todd. I don't know where people and don't don't just walk a long time I've done it where I haven't walked. Review work at every step that's what it's gonna walk though I think the majority you don't watch the water stops. That went in my bad ones right. I always like the water is actually it is not a bad is not a bad threat what you you know really lose time you changed see ya a little bit it's ridiculous to. Item Austin America them them you don't lose. That's right we're giving people with the school so blocking the water stops is usually get it if you lower the heart rate yet you can go to you slowdown to a soldier on. This is unfathomable for me and I know that everybody everywhere hot without the if you train line for the have you ever by the end of it so the best marathon ivory for hours and three cents right now with that's like at 905 mine. Yet my my best was four hours and three minutes a lot yeah being here that they go and my little more painful all the good five K time together but it's. Toward the end it's not like you're running I mean this is your shuffling. Yeah in the entire things like this look John Green that you're you're completing. I need to lets you Evian that's why it's so impressive when you watch the elite marathons the one person like it was the Vermont city marathon yet there's an out and back. And you see the elite runners coming back as you are going out on this long stretch. And they look like the sprint Aaliyah and you're doing it for 26 it's credible yeah it was discouraging. To a Boston is you have these people drafted in. Wearing a backpack I'd be huge backpack went rocks in them people dressed complexity of the note the military guys who backpacks and their crews invited the worst for me I did at one time and finished the work for me that time ray Allen's mom cruised by the I'm miles well. On Nightline. But you never desired end of it yet I quit and she kept on go outlets. A metaphor for a lot of I want I want youth of Republican comeback the Bruins at some point when we do that admin as the task and you run around Fenway Park our time. He'd do that the race rent around Fenway. On Saturday a little better feel ya I wanna I wanna I wanna see I wanna see if you wanna go with. You are. And I just hits it at Santana what I wrote yeah at work for what I just want you to do I don't know if you guys want to leave I'll be fine I like to call in and while running yeah I actually. Bully I we can both call I did that once the the I called in from heartbreak outlet and I go to war if it yet but it's. Yes I want you I want you to do it out and make it back and for the curtail it happened just do it that you can call it halfway there it just objected to make your are right. On May be all right I know about a mile around the whole park hundreds of miles. Mark take my my fancy watch district guided her like that she is that this distraught mind. But yeah well with map this out of back and let it. Minute mile marathon weekend I feel like we should do tip of the shouted out that about I don't know if that brings honor to the marathon but should tell you how hard how typical daisy finally human specimen like evidently thought hard and I'm going to hear it's me Woody's could hear me camping yet when he repeatedly in the way in a while. So also won the partnership. Law. Happily at him. That's the kind of like France doesn't for its us about those problems are prohibited without about it is the long. It's a unsettle that seven died 7937. Our year tilt while that. You punishment punishment allowed I think that's fair and I really am back in middle school Sports Radio WB yeah.