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Sunday, April 15th

The guys discuss the Marc Savard drama with Toronto media.


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It's radioed WEEI. Relatives collapse. I just said this is we talk about value of this is so so much value number one this. Discipline that's the biggest value discipline. You didn't do your homework so you have to pick a lap around Fenway Park. In second all I can FaceBook I won't run behind you in FaceBook live the whole thing. Of the market that's a lot. The great market or are we think about that now will ponder at this hour about the way brought to buy eagle bank broadcasting live former WB yeah I. Old Dominion freight lines that are built studios here at Fenway Park. We did toxic Red Sox in the first hour did when he gets you are get back into the Bruins in that game last night. I game in and I I did the first two games and how it yet but it is completely. Turn to be on this series and whether it's going to be a long series and of people to bring up what what about Montreal 2011. Or. The flyers a 2010 like you go back and look at series when it looked like it until r.s one as the worst. Well yeah the with a game seven was off to. Even after blowing a three nothing lead they blew another three nothing lead tonight in that game by. This one just has the feeling of of Toronto be beaten team I think Lou I don't binary getting beat the way they have. If they were gonna come out if they are gonna have a punch back after game one would hit a bad in the first ten minutes lab by it was anything but and. Under the guidance on this date mentioned this the Bruins haven't won there a couple of years. That will change tomorrow okay well in the the rule with them the Maple Leafs also are on pretty good Ron at home it's you've been up to you you've been up and around Toronto. Adamant that hockey golf and yes I've stayed on a boat. Of the vote now there. And it's a great great city in its. We can't fathom it's as great as that was last night when they Jim Kelly in the Donta hightower and the crowd in the browse decent move metal roots in the stands and and everything. The light it is it pails in comparison to what you get up there when the Maple Leafs are really really Roland. And who cares and that they're not about you equity water quietly enough in this entire life here is why you should care because. You get to that place you'll. You think you're gonna have that Toronto team come out like he did in Boston thing only Toronto and yes we know you don't think you are if all of only life they've gotten. Trucks two straight games and it'd happen. Most of the damage has happened in the first ten minutes for a team that is known to start off there are all speed. One in Toronto maybe they get a split the two gentlemen sweep when Bruce come back and winning game five minutes up like that. But I don't think this is going to be a long series I just don't see it at this point I didn't say it was going to be along here it I think it will be police when and how much it this is not about. All nodes around I don't play. I'll tell you what it does call into question if this does become a CD or bigger group. Or and right out of red asked Ji Joseph Hagerty NBC sports if it does maybe call it a question a little bit of that the other part of the process of building process they have there with some of the young guys and being. Overmatched by. The the bright lights of the Stanley Cup Playoffs that's what it looks like PGA duties. You'd be when they were doing. 24/7 on HBO when when a classic when Babcock with Detroit yes that was great that that's how I envision. Mike Babcock this sort guys getting frustrated about everything. With a bunch of scars on this case but we have to remember this guy is. Is he perceived as the best coach right now. Let's get if it particularly if you if either of the that Scotty Bowman of of this generation interest I suppose but. Yeah so app lets that's. Well. I you have to Google or bing that the main thing happen it's amazing but so but here's the thing in hockey that I'd I have no confidence no no confidence at all. That the best the guy who's perceived as the best coach. Is going to be able to do anything I think he'll win the next I think front will win the next time if there are talented team in their own building but only it's going to be because of Mike Babcock now I. And and and I think right now others that were prejudiced. And give him credit they've flipped the switch and and I didn't think it would I do think and it said this before the series. They have the type of roster there. Beads which would be possible and a lot of veteran guys you have guys that no one in the Stanley Cup Playoffs and understand what it's about and in retrospect that schedule regular season schedule they had on the stretcher was brought number games that play in a relatively short period of time. I just really disappointing in the last he got was get a chance to. Which the number one overall seed and you'd completely come out flat and indeed the by Florida in that last game in 82 so that would be bad is the lead going into the playoffs but the way they've turned on since then. I can't help but that would bring anybody to well anybody in the Easter everybody. And this team is ready to. Always thought oh I agree it's gonna have long as you're gonna have 2 teams in the Eastern Conference in the respective Eastern Conference files this doesn't Bruins. But you know it's going to be a long argued about your heavy pace Aris Evian for a long time out that fine. W the dot com you've talked about you talked about the roster now at setup. Usually you get the playoffs if they are there weak in this area there week in that area in the off season have to do district that with this team in this room with you right now. How do you feel that what what do you thing they need more this more that. If a lot of times it's not atop the scoring punch this team that well they felt that they are the best first line in hockey have been the best first line in hockey. Would you agree with absolutely okay and that's it it's really admires an hour now who is on that first line. I actually been fitted on the air. And bundled. Up and do. I do on and on the last of its kind to you and the nose on the first one. That's. High and promotes the real loud and go away it's excellent that it's at it's 79797. And also. Promotes its the emerald square mall circuit 9890. One's the. As we are easy UNC. I know you didn't want the old game a card autographed by him. But now. But it's like me you Bob Stanley it's definitely for not a law that's ever. But it's eve they were talking about Rick Middleton at the weirdest FDA the ethics and they talked I'd love that broad I got that I actually. I see until you got the better suggestions I was ready to give doc camera Khamese. Really because I. I think he's so so good so gossip at it's another segment that you came up with last year old media stars that we do every week at Sunday at Sunday at 1145 on the show. And you asked if you just come in with. The media start prepared you would have guests lined up both weeks is that we number three every time you walked in here. Without immediate start picked up you want accused me of being prepared that you have a segment that you created. In your taking ownership of. Evans once again you were wrong in the words coming out about I am absolutely had my knees are either absolutely I mean Chris surfaced. A very very it. 18. Which I am going to run it. But did stay on my point that broadcast doctor Eric awesome I I just love listening to every you should try it out. Turn up the dial listen to them. But they had some bizarre when you have some key moments like this the breakaway and they were talking about moxie soda. Tight big they weren't they are obsessed with the box Heath noted congress. Which is which is when you don't have that opportunity to do that you've done hockey play by play yes. It's hard it's hard to like have the banter right because. I did you international an international tournament to witness I can't imagine Norway and Finland now diverse regional broadcaster I'd always rough I think it pronunciation. I spent like 45 minutes with the respective. Team managers suited it's like we're vice your work life work balance your life work out to that point it was just work I was on Fargo, North Dakota for two weeks that double light that evaluates and where this thing to do like I did what we are terrorists like a little tired and it'll grind in the world. I'm an idea I can't imagine doing that well that's soccer and well yes he's on the top like USA it's got to do it. There's that this is the size and it's time avenues actually stretching out and get ready for the run you want me around behind you what you wanted to do by yourself. And I don't think now we don't know the answers notebook. If as a. The answer is no run okay. Although all do it I don't run around the park you you can freak you don't control me I know he's a prearranged. Our quick break we could actually it's great next I'll get I wanna do do I get the patriots and patriots news surfaced. Maybe many heat towards the movie star. But all oh do you blow to piece together out Dave brown not so we get to that coming up as well I'll get that phone call to you got 6177797937. Certainly the Bruins are on the table after that win last night I think this disease. At best for the Maple Leafs a gentleman suite eight gently five teammates if there's Jeff podium dispatching Ed you've they can take their ass gotten twirled their came in their monocle and hit back up to Canada. On Porter airlines that's fine but they're going to be done in five year 6177797937. It's a lot of Brett well and relic Sports Radio WB. You we. Good morning viewers what. Thought I DUI. Should have intelligence flap around Fenway Park between now and while it used to it you know. At the punishment where you were you accept the result. Yes you have to accept our results a lot of your accepting the results whatever they are fine. And that'll be coming with potential rob runs with me. Oh do okay office required review was the only part of the total active. I will hold we can do in the FaceBook loud sounds like it yes. I boot heel might agree to go my case. If so what other what a lot of luck otherwise it would be very good FaceBook live what about what you just a product also that they have to deal with mr. Cutler and beautiful. Clothes off. The user credentials in the open now it's not a good idea down yawkey way yeah. He's right yeah usually I guess you heard your Jersey street your critics Jersey street I can't I think we'll be OK let's bring your credential a prequel. OK so will do what will do if right when the last I mean at this hour and via will rot will do it that way it will limit on your BO account which mileage before. But it's a movie guide you can get back or if you back for media stars albeit breasts you know is not getting immediate start this week Steve cents. He is not getting immediate star he is not deserving he's kind of the Toronto is not yet he apologized and that's the skeptical. But can't read the apology of the contacts from what is so here's what happened. Steve since it was last Saturday as about a week ago. He wrote a column about Marc Savard and we've seen is the markets on with the afternoon show. He's been circus single bit media doing some interviews he has done a lot of instances. Career came to a very sudden and after the Mac that injury in the concussions but. I Simmons. Got a lot of backlash because he suggested other members of the media shouldn't. Have Savard on the air shouldn't take his call basically because he quote basically disappeared. When his professional hockey career ended this is from the story media called nobody answered now suddenly some partisan media guide my advice if he calls. Don't answer that's a barred gates pushed back he said. He released a statement that he spent a lot of years dealing with serious mental health issues post concussion symptoms. I did not withdraw myself from hockey the hockey world by choice I was not a good place exclamation point. I needed those years to heal so now we get the apology that Evan just referenced and I thought I mean this was. Four paragraphs is clarifying comments on some Bart this was not in apology this was a self serving. Odd key skating pile of crap. From Steve Simmons who said something stupid in the apology should bed I wrote something stupid. I regret it period. That's not spending 200 words prior to the apology trying to explain. Why he said something stupid about a guy whose life was dramatically impacted in his career was ended. By. By an open ice. And he's been dealing with health issues now for years I mean this was an embarrassment of Apollo apology quote on quote Steve says no immediate starter look like you've been late to me original. Columns as lazy and he into it and. Actually that that's got you app right I would think. I would they get it when rob will be doing is putting it to where it. From what I agree that debate I've told people leave it there you media professional let's go to woody how much did he speak in the last night. And last block whatever they hate both of you so much. There's no worries that the class of the coverage on you know hangover star particulars there are no words for how much I I despise the two I've already said my piece on this that it I will say it again what an idiot. What an idiot he says that off the year though he needs it right now and if it. Your peace during last Hillary if you like about it I am very genuine like if during the break him like that are on the air but I literally people locking that cynical steel laughing at us that that's what this has cut its and you might run block by and if the cement and me and now he's back track you can imagine we dug a well we talked about in outrage it is now playoff series up there and Rondo and what differences. This guy to do this isn't like someone writing the Bruins column here it's just not mean the thing this is the be all and doll and and you'd think I've probably got some backlash for. Get backlash for writing columns but. Doll with the guys quietly through but he. In but the way he tries to explain it to the beginning of his apology said when it burst on Marc Savard on television awhile back I was distressed about it. For the same reason I get disappointed when I see Bill Parcells or Jim Rice or John toward or Al or others who have treated the media with a certain disdain winding up in media positions on television or radio if you don't care for media I've always thought. Don't be apart we supper there for one thing yes I was going to stop right there. A large problem in general. We we in the media I don't do because I've muscle where some smarter than most people. But we in the media often will look at a guy who gives us on the day let's say to Kelly and we'll say well he's he's a good guy. When we say that because they talked with post game. Maybe these round of both in the case you've joked Kelly tickled that's all the facts why these Tokyo think. What we're cart right. And it's that we take small brief interaction that we have in the clubhouse and locker room and again I think we I don't mean me. If you extrapolate from them. Some sort of judgment on this persons or aren't that far. Out oldest. It could got this guys that we we we know this person we know that this guy is the truly good if you. You know nothing. About this person you know nobody does when he goes home. I can't stand when people write in column if occasionally art situation where you do develop a relationship. In the 82 over quote years brought on Kelly's get out Robin Joseph Kelly you shall be more years on their. But in most of these cases people you'll hear all the answers good job. That's because he's was nice to you in an interview once you pathetic little Mac it find a real. And this is this is by the way is the exact same guy. Who in spring training. Or. It came up to me and I wasn't covered at fourteen what was it Pierzynski. We never ever well. About an hour said it he presents you the real nice route I'd never had color is not it is you were literally you'd brought this report. Let's not forget that might never covered 80% I have covered Houston I don't like you're about her but when you filth that you and I think I'd ever gonna like him like him personally I'm cool look at these mile. And also and also. Avid avid. I think you're not no you're not giving your not giving these writers both the writers about your not giving them the the opportunity to say hey you know what you can see through this is how they are a year I'm analog within a year. But I also understand this plot the perfect example of this was the guy that I get along with very well to our back. I do not back at them but it would be hit it back I don't think. Don't don't don't be on this flight. Rant I as I hate when people knew that. Some people I don't think the majority immediate it's watercolor I got its trader off such a good guy why do you think you'll Walt. The majority immediate this yes I got caught yes I guess yeah yeah I think happens what is the meaning that it might but. The I think this happens more and radio. Morton radio and TV because they don't get out of you for the but that went right does it radio we see them ever. We feed them more. Now all we do know that you do when you go all right happy but every time that we've seen it where a guy. Comes in beat the radio. TV. And he gets the six month reaper. I mean we see that law that's how it works but it took the writer's identity. I don't think that they are across the board of course of course I never declared you don't agree to a degree it happens more with he'd be in radio reporters or whatever column. That it right. We'll get to the TV and radio the people who were were doing that exclusively often it is just speculating you don't know you're doing is based on what you've seen on TV whether we got smiles or not. And welcome what you read. On NBC sports boss and that's what your basic all of a desperate but I could tell you I can tell you definitively. Umbria acted to Steve Simmons here. When he starts apology with that. Nobody use IAA damn about the plight of the media guide it wouldn't give you quote I need to start and that's why I think this apology was so. Just self serving in ridiculous and so many different levels because you start right away with something for which she deserves no sympathy like John Turturro was mean to you all so sorry. That that's a tragic for you yeah. Give me a break I mean because of that Marc Savard shouldn't be in the media or because Marc Savard you know might have turned out to interview requests over the over the years. Because he's dealing with help. Health issues and now he is coming back into the limelight owes you an explanation why. All I'm so yeah enough that it wanted to sell well or we were in media following media stars won 40 August but that's the self importance. The self importance of the media like we like to poke one out but. This is somebody who's taking that sank to Modi to a an embarrassing. Evidently so when you talk about when you on this rant about why he when writers do this and seeing a crematory writers do this in what you're talking about majority we'll see how and what used to happen but you know when beat writers or even columnist. I have a bigger problem with what you're talking about actress which is you he did you quote yeah that guy and so now I'm gonna rip. Right am I gonna I've been a treat him differently and we see that we see that a lot because the media. There at the instead. That bit about players being Penske and media if they'd. It's either ticket radical approaches in Everett and that's the I'll probably the way to go if that was true Evan than you would have a point but it's not enforce any evidence please bring some sort of fell to inflate five minutes of your Kimbrel your Kimbrel bra showed up at a ballpark I've got Ernie ever heard him more stumbling brat though interview. Trying to get through. Finally he got some nugget that with mildly interesting in the last five minutes of point. Yes look I would've got that there be you know why could have been very very public about how popular usage in the fact that he doesn't want close so the fact that you've got the interviews that credit too yeah. But you I think he got interview because if you listen to it. It's just it's easier you figure that door your way you think they Craig Kimbrel knows anything what you says that's when I've than I have been so vocal about there's no way at this point in Kansas that's going back 26. There's no way he doesn't. If you what do you think that that's fine I'm gonna come back to my original point blog posts and rest and try Chris Chris I hope you you know I'm trying. I'm trying. At this the some of the polity he says I wrote when he seven worse on our goal wrong 27 works he's the number of words. To somehow make it sound like the system for possible to make it sound like it was a points yes yes I guess I am my frustration. Is BK days. It is a a it's a segment about sort of that the self important nature of the media and every point that I brought up about Steve's statements of Marc Savard you're two minutes attorney to about yourself. You do have managed to twist it into a conversation I think my glasses got up and wanna look at a cat that's where I am right now. I don't look I don't want to let you reflect the photograph that candidates for Oprah reflect on when and if yes. I don't disagree with you accept the I write this note that he has brought everything. So I wanna loop it back I'm trying to help you Chris I know that I know you are feeling your past. Though you're doing a great a lot of celebratory. Vodka you're doing a great job and they're not right and I am trying trying to stay on point you know what I will say use the thing that you mentioned before about the frustration with this Steve Simmons column. That's what frustrates me when. People hate little things and make big opinions about guys in today and if I have an avenue to rip that guy. Because you give equal I'd seen it in time a million times. In that shows that is one of the biggest weaknesses when you come to some of these most hardened columns and columnist. Steve Simmons is one of the most well known Kolb I think yeah we can say that. Toronto yet yes okay. And he falling into that at bat on the. Question question. Simmons Simmons writes I personally don't like the way he ignored the whole thing right from Boston Globe article late the earth the often Europe or other attempt to talk to your Saturday. Who have an island in the others for a are we shore that the reason Savard to not talk all these instances or because of the concussions and and that's what he said you reason to doubt. Now I guess I admit I understand what is the matter. As a matter if you look. Where Simmons is coming from here this this is unique to the media well. So I somehow would but he. Grudge to hold that that is wrong that is not the way to do it pretty clearly what it is but it if there if there's a characterization to beat me if the questions it is the fact that he simply ignored media if that is relevant jerk on opera personal groceries and I'm okay with you use it felt like. The presence of a concussion does not necessarily. Just like anything right of that that I thought that it is. I guess my point it's I don't think the reason not to return of skulls if you feel correct but I don't like it I mean this. If you prerogative to cute story that we want to give. Me that's always the Prague especially now when when more so than any other point. Athletes and the ability sheep stories themselves they write stories themselves means for Jeter's website on roe. The U that you Brady when it's coming out I mean the documentary with Brady. They have the ability and the opportunity to shape the story themselves can't blame athletes a lot of times for taking that opportunity. By the plays videos like the play tribute with an idol. It's because the players Tribune with. Everyone in the New York not allowed me all the subways and go our stories and more into it this way. And that's coming on I think will be mainly because the ram. You know I if that's weird but what I wanna like LeBron James yeah but he wants this day. But it comes back to. Our Steve Simmons the players and do what they wanted to do and that's it in and you start to the right. Defeat stumping through the and so idiotic. But he also. And Steve Simmons also in the mail be true. But then he tries to explain it away by looking at its own. Since the anxiety. Panic attacks insomnia claustrophobia. For twenty years that I I'll be true I have no idea it's irrelevant he writes Steve. But this but in the case of Savard. I I guess you'll think I'm asking is. He could easily just as well well said I listen or talk to you basically the concussion thing doesn't have to be part of the the issue beat him. He could've you're right like he. If you don't want talk to me that is totally his prerogative it took that to be. You know I didn't do it for XYZ reason I shouldn't. And the market stable ally yet to be totally acceptable but. You mean your heart out some of the it's all coming back to the concussions up and that I have to but that's part of it I mean if you if you are are stuck in a dark room and giggle out in a quiet so it works of course that would make me wanna talk to people wouldn't wanna make we talked. It is media that are due interviews or or responsibly. Questions about it and stories about it. That's my opinion that something. Where where athletes and former athletes if they don't talk you say that on them for not talking about right. We we go through that all the time you have to address. These people always have always had free well. A 1000% right but we can criticize these guys for or excusing your free wheel it the wrong time. There if someone does something really stupid then it's like when when a closer blows a save or when someone screws up in in on the baseball field and caught in the game. The expectations your stating in front of your locker you're doing it this is not a standing in front your locker moment from the radar. It just as well as the pay is almost being petty. That's what that's 61777979837. Years ago running known now we get one more segment penalties on OK would you rate. By the way I annoyed if I twittered somebody says he is so both so much needs to be arrow and I think that would be that your cut going to be part of India is I got to I mean that from the bottom my heart. I'll hit some of your phone calls coming up. I'm stuck here at 1215 with you guys switzer is W media. What are your guidelines right here. Wait aren't haven't felt wrong to have you here rob coming the show or yours right. That's plan yes yes the morning's. An amendment to think so I think it down would say you're out you mean Fenway Park. I think that the Old Dominion freight line the B I Circuit City for the through fiction goes down on the yes they're not canceling America. Beat me if if if your comment tomorrow's game and curious if you want then to. Canceled at a time would you rather come here and buy a few Beers and wait around for the rain to possibly of cricket going on why would you want. Maybe you're coming in anyway coming gets you party a few years all the for a beat. Almost ticket may your masters that you public transport. Take Democratic Party. It. I'm at it's going to be the first time in four years haven't been at the finish line bird for the marathon and I've not. Sad about that at all given that what is it view so you run America you run a team. You needed one room bath and I'm not run Boston won in an odd way it is. Obviously not asked to call eyes you know based on time fuel I'd have to art I'd have to fund raise and and that's great and you know the people who are on raising the marathon. Kudos to them. But I already do the pan mass challenge so basically just asking this to everybody I know from your body my fair. I just helping the human race too much luck. Again I don't like to just throw the word he around but when it applies it in that you just averages you're just have to use if I feel I put ought to be asking people for money constantly over the course why not. Do it Evans twenty dollars. Names of people who lost and so so and so it's news with this sort of the gate way to run a marathon next year. You think back on this day I would do a five K with you I I ran around Fenway Park. And that was let me meet all of loan would be great sport of running to sign up for five K with me for charity. I'll do whatever you want you would have defined the to show people that we don't actually age I thought we're gonna do a show I've. BR by the way like this tweet from Christie's is you get being mean at day's news. Getting getting old and just fight it Christie can I address you personally yes I have gone out of my way. So much today. I can honestly fetus to not be mean I have. I've done my absolute best in Chris you were around us last week you've been hearing it's before yep I think. Please support I'm of the coming in next week. I think it's a minute too and I have I have tried right correct. I like the little anecdote to. Long Island La I I've said I've professed my love do you have and I respect your opinion. All of it and I look for atlas last hour or so I look forward to follow and you whip the W yeah I FaceBook I have account. As you run around Fenway Park does that get a media star he completes well. Maybe. I think we have one flop like the open I think we deal once wallet to your friend of the station trainee just waited Addis. Runners or top of the baseball players back. We face yet for. Leaked it to be able to get through. The end of while America America. Is it the beginning and end the conversation. There will be two sporting events scheduled tomorrow one will be canceled because of the rain the other executive. Editor at conversation. If you. On the year you might all well they're a guy that it would double the seven marathons in seven days on separate continents that's important as the people say that the baseball season it's like here in ID is not a sprint I think it's more like. And it's working collectively get 800 like a little bit middle distance. In the youth. Like the steeplechase. Accurately it. Stick to what's that it's at 797937. I get rid of you guys are few minutes which is going to be fantastic to Wear sweater if teacher I got to witness what all the great marathon the great rut we've seen the runners go by Obama wears sweater. The couple tuxedo at another track jacket with me twirl Qaeda if you if you run your lap and ten. Sports Radio WB dot don't.