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Sunday, April 15th

Evan runs around Fenway Park in honor of the Marathon this weekend.


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Sports Radio guy. Yeah. I was really court docs. Sports perspective. On down at a news on the Bruins personally. Ricci. Pasternak. Marcus mark. One out of three game that I suppose. How was it. I did logic yeah could have a segment while we're all know that's we follow all of the time. Is that what by the commercial break and timid 67 minutes there's no wait that's mine you know fidelity at least two miles there would be no way that Ohio the audio from the basement line news and absolutely because school. Let's go. I presume that some of the other running higher feels like to see Tim writes it's very evident run which I agreed upon and adding to eat it right. I'm very controlled and slate is good for TV because Heath Kenya top. And it gets really weird childbearing I have to see if it got the cat yeah if your child bearing hips he runs and strongly aphrodisiac. He runs like it Bruntlett bars dumb like yes when the break from the breaks them. You know you should be an evening job and currently thank you mean you couldn't keep up at the end. I you do stop a couple of times. And they won't regular sprinted away from him successfully because I've died and clearly a that you're out of breath and we've got. If it was successful differently from and then why you'll buy it right behind you know that you caught up. It's short bursts. So your job and ideally I mean thrashed them more. Let's excuses idiocy if you're right it's the job that gives you can. The that I understand the other's lives point six miles is what you get an orphan. That was maybe half mile around them. Maybe may it was views and we Europe about a fourteen might minute mile pace. I think it twelfth floor. I definitely stop. Not only. After a sprinted away from you replicate the right well the halfway mark with those that the security to was more than happy dissuade you want to run and I was like no player useful. Really there to say. And we literally ten feet down and security easily gone ahead of it. We appreciate nobody knows how the security guard acted up and you get back people recognize we have to have proper credentials they were they'd been doing. I kind of felt like he would be still out of breath after one lap around them. Seen. These judgments not judgments don't know how this planet fitness that when it's judging partially. Pay ten dollars a month that place right particularly and I expected like the rock you get your money's worth based knowledge it's not having ronning and all the kids get behind them and run on the street that's like that and recognize like got lake Mohammed Ali in in Africa before it bites Foreman yeah that's what happened but I rally while it you'll recognize you there are yelling at me from behind me. You can hear room. What are you doing running with who is that your two blinded by your exhaust I'm happy and we did. And that's news with the a a man by the way I've ever before Doug lane left he gave me like tutorial on how to fix the culture here it's frozen American. It's not working we've apparently had calls the entire time I've known about them so apologies to anybody off putting on hold for her to me Camille Cooper a few hours you go with your head pounding and your blood on guys yesterday. How did. View worst thing that have ever happened with these guys argument that yes I'd I think he's still laughing and online Erica Connor. You know I think we're you were out people friend although I'm sure we'll get some money time and out of all right so yes that's what else apologies to people who have more on hold and we get to wasn't as ignore you which is the screen froze and I did not listen Dudley explanation on how to fix it. Therefore I just didn't know was there so by that type and we've we've got spirited conversation about a multitude of doctor we have we have we've gotten in a lot of different things. Where you don't Evans stays Fletcher. Shot. Anyway if you want to see hydraulic running around finally marks on FaceBook why WB I count. It was worth the time effort put into it. That's a thousands of years I've. I feel like I've brought something to this. I think by doing it I think I brought admin into the show these can be great great last. Hour or so media stars and 1150 or so. I would for Abby congratulations you might be number three who knows. But one thing we haven't really talked about yet with what you want to talk about strategy if that's doing Red Sox. This doesn't do its youth playing here which I cannot believe. I throwing around yeah it is snowing now. It's snowing it's terror this awful but that aside yesterday it was fairly nice weather. You said you've got a ton of reaction from them that you keep bets and rookie got through not in the lineup all a lot of itself. Moved vets who's not in the performance and line up correct and. Well Bradley back in right by the way which and IP I. Out of brilliant move to win them. A Smart Alec score when rally makes its sixth inning. Putting him in right field lately when he thirty aides revealed you know he's got that. Team that won everything it's got to a wider angle. When Bradley left and right field remember exactly the right gets. The one play that you want to make you know you see all these plays he's made one play that you want to make was jumping up on the law. And that yeah actually tried doing ones where you jump up on the wall with your feet in staying on the law to catch the law played in Major League. Yes there's jumping up there just jump up there to test how well they pray for me for me jumping on the wall Libya be itself. Same thing we do but that play right field you can do that worsen if you you can't but come back to move to death not in the lineup you add you can think you should have been sent. I do not think he should have been sent to an end it's. You know it's about the injury shore but it also not about the injury I think it speaks to these team. Last year John Carroll got a lot of criticism including right here in this room and on on this station. About base running and guys running outs in in losing outs and opportunities on base paths and even though. I thought barrels pushed back I acted too rich keep came out as a little ridiculous Regis beat the defensive well it's. Look at all the positive plays we make on the basis that sort of thing ignoring the fact that they were blowing big innings and opportunities are running out. I sort of sympathize with John Ferrell in this respect I didn't have any confidence last year that the middle lineup or any part of the lineup was gonna get a big hit or deliberate be gaining. This Red Sox team is just built differently and are you kidding me right now Kirk doesn't like him. Are you kidding me right now Kirk doesn't really OK really. I learned everything you know about a third there's no measure how much despise both of you missed it absolutely. No why do you keep lumping me in with because you know what you are responsible I. You are responsible for this country artist and best of I. I'm look I got on the other side I think if you what. Part time I've been turned looking it yeah he you know you look don't think me I've done nothing wrong. Look at me for continued viewpoint if you're making a very good at the point that I was trying to make before it was in erupted again was that. This is the team that has eight hitting so far this year they've scored at least four runs the single winning they're capable the big inning. It's the first meeting yesterday the first two batters your base guy whose early nineteenth straight. And he got the other players JD Martinez coming up to the hottest hitters in this lineup and pure power bats you didn't have last year. They can deliver big innings you don't need to take those kind chances on the base path as you may have had two years say. But if you've. I know it's I didn't hear Osama money out all but he would say if you back three and the guy who's making that throw you factor all of that in. And he was safe if you got thrown out by a mile much like Brian potter pubic resides last year the open for criticism and last year. Why they're getting thrown out and I think they get caught that torture chamber of knowing. We are gonna hit home on regardless scored on the market drive guy and that's why you were overly aggressive tonight at these it to an uncomfortable point. But this case yesterday I know we got banged up on the play but it was an art. Typically on a balls. Off the ball deep left center field in the bath on first base no question he scores right. Did did they seem a little strange she that it was even played begin with Fiat movie great regrets of so I put it on moved you more than anyone else and I seen him already this year. Carlson it was one point gave Lee. Side to go home and Nokia just made the choice and so I think it really does well and these guys. Taking it upon themselves. Haven't been overly impressive but also our media the year goes on he'll improve. These were big players former minor league coach minor league manager so. Look he's he's learning as well but moved she's read on that all those markets and the only reason that it was the plate the plate at a perfect throw would have gotten that is that is true. Once I beat because in the keys owned or read on the. I just think any broader point and and yes it comes up because of the injury I can't completely separate that we'll be on the injury. This eighteen it's a good thing to thing actually you can Earl Weaver this thing you can go pitching defense and three run homer they are built to do that this year way to work. Come back to you if you like this. It's a bit but Robin thought yes isn't this not yet to know why because he hit cold front of his job is to. It route whether or not the guy will be safe home plate no matter if the guys inaccurate arm in that part of the equation it's all about that. To understand the process works for a it's not the result that matters right if it's a matter what the decision making that led to that though it was so you can have a great result of bad choice because there was a play that bad way to play if it was a road right on the money it would have been close we can agree that he's out with a per. With a perfect throw at you with now. Bite you cannot if the process that we you talk about the process is knowing the guy's arm knowing how accurate his army is knowing the runners beat all of it. And all when you factor at all in. Injury aside he would stay in the it was the right call it it's not about it's it's not about the results here I'm okay with the way it worked out because why would what is it about. That gives the fact that it would have taken it perpich grow that normally I would expect McKee scored in this situation only reason we're having a debate about is because the jump. Smokey hat that was the only part of this play to me that was question I just think it a broader context this is the team that can sit back and wait for big innings especially the first. Especially in that spot in him there Mears then. It's one by the way Bradford win that I think after that lap that you and I got to cop and run. In infancy but you know. Eat yet bury him there Mears has done it here back in the lineup with a home run right after that way it worked out to. The runs scored. And rocky spot and out score even said this morning that he could have played today wanted to given day opt. He probably will be back in the lineup I'm guessing Tuesday that will be the next time the Red Sox play a bigger game tomorrow but. First game of the West Coast I think he's gonna be back I'm OK with the way it worked out but just from a philosophical standpoint. The process and and I'll call eight bit unique take this chance at why won't be. 'cause if you have the opportunity to happy guys stay in and I think you guys a toll just downing the guy of weighing in with throwing the ball. Is it like I remember them talking about what he was very Mancini starting okay Jose Batista Jose but Houston. When you played soprano. Yet agreed on yet what everyone I would agree on but they also knew if he would go to read right. That every single time when he threw it and it the throw was going to be inaccurate. That's what you have to wait and I think you talk about the process. And understating who's coming up later when he at all and what you are weighing in all and and that's what they did and it worked now as they thought it would and he would say. Except the fact we got injured there you go there's the problem. Trial process about I don't understand if you lose out on the play would you be sitting here and saying good job. No because it would have been a little things that I know your evaluation Sox know they might I have my opinion is is regard it be if he was thrown out. That would change our look at the right way to know if if if logic you with thrown out let it come on your side and after. Now you notice that ray Mancini at the very very accurate arm. He more time to not 80% of the time is right on the money. But maybe they have information that as they said if he moves a little here it's roads are inaccurate dots like this and that's why today yeah if he's out. Then you've got the wrong information that was the wrong call but in this case they weighed everything and you say. It was the right call. This is terrible map and rob these decisions and I didn't and it ends justify the means again 61777979. And I haven't now that I know the collars are things that are on the line again apologies apologies we'll get to them now start telling hammers and once dark Red Sox locality. And it will go about our great sugar thanks only other other than the MacBook. Austin but yet. Let's talk a little while ago argued about what's worst at this site or get. You know that all all right access. Who want that guy to to period ago it was either Saltalamacchia achieve victory that kept getting hit. Let league expect it to you or not. These victories. Bickering yeah okay. Their well water I remember the old saying one of these calls are ballot and write down the middle you know that you would just leaning right and get. On purpose and so the fact that or will it be that it would mean. It's probably not the worst thing about it and I wanna Latin with a fastball but the fact that people are just leaning into the my purpose it can't be that horrible. If I remember you can AA have. Armor on the protect it off like your flights that burst up and a lot different than not move on the Olympics trading your awkward words really bone. But I think the victory that would do it. He's turning it to situated no worse than it I think it feels good. There's difference between having a ball some were you can't control to control essentially he's getting his moment has it beat all the time very rarely in on the deal because. I mean he usually and he would use it because it's its own type situation back even more rare when it's in the back ribs. That a guy like what happened in the Rockies Padres games how many ties to ticket people got the deal more by pitcher being slit and fluent slitting your there's no way you're both know it by hand anywhere but yeah that's going about it my pet product pick it out how many yet. You write anything can happen but if you're talking about executing the right justice which is what we're talking about. It is in the pot in the ribs whatever the right justice is what Barnes tried to view. Up over that right or the arts tried to do that. Where that's that's the flyers I don't know why did you try to executed and then. That's the problem. It's brought about what we're talking about with Kelly Wallace he did at the right way so you have a problem with him doing in the right way I like you said early in the show us what you said. You said you have to be a better way you wanted the better way average. What was Evans response to our problem. I don't know what that meant by it I'm I'm I'm open to a. Just widgets for pro pot should I already without in hockey content with the like the past fifty years I mean he went to Quaker schools yesterday society of friends that you coming out what. I don't have to have a solution to tell you that the system is not Beckett right now it's enjoyable to watch high drama everybody's you stopped to see. Joseph Kelly. The Bruins look. We understand the effect in the impact that it. On the viewers in the watching I get that but in terms of an effective. Policing system well this does not work well if the Yankees still feel the grief the only way to effectively policed in other words the legislate. That's why there whatever out of the game. Is serious. Find suspect that it really works at any sport like in and not in Calgary in the ruins that may lead series a great example of that. That guy has been penalized. 34 times clearly the message has not gotten because he still is responsible for dirty it's like the one on Wendell to game one. Now it's three playoff games which may well be 1520 rightly sees it out even know what the appropriate number is we're talking about the post season. You multiply it exponential. That's the way the message gets to what's gonna give me and the rest of the league if that's what's gonna happen in baseball baseball is made such an effort with pace of play you mound meeting limitation all these new rules and and you would think that players' safety in a lot of ways it has been a priority than what you think it would it would be the number one where it's really really wise. You would be seen more than five and six games dispatched to MLB is implicitly condone inning. That's old school style of self policing. And and and what everyone calling vigilante justice OK what it's going to take for them to change if someone gangsters. He is Jonny Gomes said. To me 2013 action after after the marathon bombing. I've talked about seems safety is back reported wanting at ballparks are now that universal and matrix in it's we are they went thirteen wasn't. But you don't put a stop until Mac and that's what's gonna happen well it you're gonna need somebody gets seriously hurt this predicts a lot of little white and this and a great example of that. Hired there it's now different terms as sliding into home plate by blocking the plate because a star got Kirk is Buster Posey got hurt and it's difference like you to second because the star got hurt is Chase Utley and here's a solution other than this dropping glove who's a solution and we're capitalists all went what what led to all it was the Tyler austen's pride. We know that you when you have a player like that baseball really want to crack down on it. If you read to review this play in the sky guy comes up with the spikes. You're on the game you're out of the game then you don't have an idea of what we're talking about now marketing guys. You're out of the game justice has been serving I think the overall point your guys are making that's how it. It's a fact yeah that I misspoke I chase Kelly get hurt he did the the injuries were to to hot right now broke his leg so he got in and you look like in any you wanted to bring it to a societal context. Keep watch a lot of sentence things but I out. And what judges will say is there's two objectives ideally to a sentence. Make sure this guy doesn't do it again and send a message that this behavior is unacceptable and you make the argument that baseball doesn't do that with the types of suspensions and get. And on the off with. Rate nothing happened. Right we mean nothing healthy happy and at that moment it triggered the whole app in the edges cleared it means lock up don't happen. Roth in with a mean nothing happened in terms. All of you in terms of discipline at the right then and that's what a pocket that's if if there's discipline right then and there and Roth in the road game were doing and that's slide. Then if the reflective come back in it. Then they're probably in the wrong do you think that's nothing to live with that vicious so I thought it went against the delegates while it's ruled against the right now it would have been overturned. The unwritten rules but it's. If you can agree it slide was not the slide which should be all right. In his eight years yet. With it was you know the flight wasn't much. Or I think it was not a slowed considerably worse and understand how people. Somehow somehow there's this whole match auto apologies route his leg. Was like three feet in the air in spite of right in the Pedroia people are going up and politics. Over fortune with a crotch rot. I apologize right up to where we they don't mean that it needed to. We faced it like that they've answered I don't know it mean to please meet with these people work that's epic you'll but it control wouldn't like going to come on. It's crazy it's like. Yeah I heard it meant to make. Or do with more of a defenseman China which is bizarre than there was even from New York. I don't think that it did you have to Cuba tomorrow. You get a chance you're in the club into them. Excellence evidence that it's and I had a report that in 937 Johnny letter that it find a real. Johnny card to institute I'm in on the baseball fights like John. Good morning Paula thank you. First of all my first thought that I thought it was. You know a guy can't fly at any one number one they all do the pop up slightly different port comes up in the year. And they are going in late to the back to compete that would down although I don't think that was total view explainer in this one at any rate. We'll be NBA expert on the panel what's the NBA fighters suspension deal believe in the back. But the game right. I think it's even worse you might more now well I know that I do know this if it happens in the playoffs that happens yeah this thing out of its not carried over to the regular season. Right. We lost John and I don't thing. That's happened before or were you and clear at the moment while the event. You're out the next one we talked about that earlier on some of that stems do from what happened at the house once years ago I'd use the to think that that was the extremely well let's go back seat to watch that salty. Lakers documentary and go through what was going on there. Maybe people rave with our retail been thrown out the clothes line and or even the Irish punts when he lays out Lee beard he'd have grown up in this. It was it adds that men were men. As the days have a different world. But you know I yes they can update your point you come off the bench playoffs rated season doesn't make it different. But I think if if you you go back that flies north inlet Austin Roth and slide it was it was if you lift. Major League Baseball to make it though. If you view it if you lift your Europe are leg in the hair in spikes up. App that guy outside the base then. You could be Jonathan's on the base in the Rio this year Holtz. Q what that. Was always in the room and make contact players like that slide into a base you can you can accidentally put a monopoly are. But in this case in case of which I don't like me you know the footnotes race you go on the footnote or. If you're trying your instincts are to break up the play. But it but you cannot do that if you're gonna spiked again I'd like you did if Major League Baseball wants to do something about that than they do it. That's it and then you don't have this. Vigilante stuff market Burlington thinks that Tyler at the slot is okay good mark. It's like we're the flight was completely legal I mean he. He he has a right in the bag yes it would go to the hard slide maybe try to play intercollegiate. But he never he never touched people he never got started guy so I yes I like the issue. Did you eat absolutely not gets you through blood. Oh yes. The route being and I don't I don't use Riley. Told us after the if you're there interview and you would know. Rock colts that that you drew. But getting back it was illegal why what do you do about that and they don't the rule is it becomes quite high above didn't eat. Then that's an illegal slide now objective he wanted to change the rule change the rule but it. But that was nothing and that the flight from Xstrata last year within legal slide as well don't know don't Red Sox have not been. There was no reason to throw at anybody because there are applied. So my understanding of the rules that the I wanna look it's up to double check but the rule only pertains to double play attempt to reason that that corps wanted to challenge that play with Tyler Roth. He couldn't do it. Because it was not considered double play attempt. So. Maybe there's something generally. Legislating slide that I just not remembering but. I don't know what the rule that applies here. And it does nothing like to meet should be something that protects the second date with the shorts on that plate without double play attempted to weird to me that you only have. The review mobile play in place for turning to did you think that the the titles like left you respond. Sell it to be we're gonna go to make it work here is that a new ones there I think you should be allowed to make some contact. When you go when the bad. The problem which almost worse to me beacons. It was pretty quick hits spike went right into the back towards. It was it was it was more direct and Andy's foot. Was considerably. Higher so. People like oh really mean to hurt. Me I heard him. Nobody deathly meant to make contact and and that's where the line of work you could mean to make contact and to themselves that way that your clearly endangers them. To meet the awesome play the boat was lower. That that looked to me this market old school slide as compared to the job titles like. My spike is going right back leg where it's also like that take you well but I gonna do to do with that if you attempt to be damage. David in Florida wants to weigh in on the third base coaching ala David. Yeah. Of them thought. He expressed the law. Student loans are cart presently competent the storm the last I don't know what it is that there are reluctant. Villages no justifying. Their practices yesterday I just I mean if you got it sent somebody with nobody out after he had no brainer and it is but it's an act of sabotage is served well Paula I heard that awhile I mean wasn't it sounds. I at least people know if that was once the managerial seat of this club that's ridiculous have been going back to 101 don't. In. Got to carry man. Him items so right on this you guys are so wrong it's a huge save you weighed in all the actors in the I would say what. I want. Like what you can. Be you can say that about what Natalie Ramirez dead got up yesterday after hurting and and also get hit again call. Never coming in. On the way but I'm not saying it's moronic I agree. And it. What. I would nobody know. It's early in April our. Rights if it was July I would not at all different opinions. Mean come on line. Ali what you're citing liquidity is that in the in his schedule. It's. People say they wait and other factors in he would say rob at the guys right out of reach based that are out there on. The yeah Gator youth youth on the concerns. Certain. More on what do you say. Abby was correct. About the law. So this is your argument my friend. Is this might be thing my friend went off on. Now it is if this law so and so when you when you were seeing that play in full view like oh my goodness he's gonna it has done in the back of the ball. Out. Of the the ball up 108. With the perfect. Row might say perfect odalis and with a perfect row it's still a close play. Mean does the reality of what we're talking about and it wasn't perfect throw and he was eight. Good Ollie. Thanks. Thanks for the call David my problem with your analysis it's purely based on the result. But no it's Maliki grace you sound like Kyle Draper and over and over outlook of five to crawl start keeps. If there's. Chris if not you know listening Wednesday yes if you're saying it or not it's not purely at that. Patently false statement you made up early and really only part updates. Only part of it is built on the result. My whole argument is what if thing that date back for everything goes into that way including the guy throwing the ball. And I'm assuming I'm giving them the benefit out. But I'm assuming knowing how much it looking at stores and that was back and I didn't make a good route typically he probably doesn't make it broad net at UH you know that they wait that is you know. I don't know I don't know I know right. Your instinct and nobody in my attitude an educated guess because I know I'm like you haven't I know what goes into coaching third day I've asked about when you do scouting reports what you do it not just to say this guy had a good arm back at the go to our state disguise accurate when you feel the ball this way. There's a lot more that goes into it so you don't think anyone else is capable you know in the burtless an incident I would like to thank well. A collective thing that you would I can't get there so so knowing that they're trying to do the right thing which is what you're seeing the look at all these different factors that means in your mind if they'd have made the right it average are you on board with a shift there doing you like though it's shifting. It's. So fast it. That game I asked. Haven't don't been with your your partner I'd ask you. You you like when they're shifting them she okay and why they're doing it if we got the probability because you're taking the analytic. And there's day 80% of the time it's going to war. Dot what you're doing if the third base coach when you take the guy's arm. About how accurate is that the speed of the base runner and getting the end result in this case it worked out and he with. Don't know if that's what it's. Even say eclectic if you're electrocuted Hu who just discovered I don't know where an algebra and discovered they basic arithmetic like yeah. You're telling logic about ships has been around. It's only thirteen well I mean I've covered a team that definitely believe in it that bit of an orderly queue of people and I don't ever this is why should never really well. Rock have been Evan I'm not talking about if you lift and I'm not talking about (%expletive) I'm talking about why the use of for the probability. Of the outcomes and you know I'm not and that's because you're not listening to me about the third base coaching. Third base coaching go to the same reason why these ships. You wait the analytics you weigh in for me sometimes we're wrong your and I know what they do you give. What they've raped and in this case in this case because the road with inaccurate because me and CDs throw with an accurate and probably because it information. A lot of times it happens where they say if this guy is throwing the ball whole play in this situation it's going to be inaccurate row. So I am going to take the chance of sending a move bad. That's why do you could have been thrown out. But it just say oh no terrible as it was April and anyway they had guys coming up terrible job offers. Terrible. Nat that's how it started really bad that's a great base far. 6177797937. And as some do you are hanging in when it starts ruins will definitely get that some people want to weigh in on the slide as well. I've spent my best efforts media stars is making a return yeah later on this hour but Lonnie Brett Boudreau exports are UWB. You we. I don't wanna do us all important media start saving you wrath of the analysts. Read slides cars and we are. Yet they expect to play I think they're gonna try to get this one is they only know that tomorrow they know they radiate back tomorrow they'll have to make up to these they've won an open date I think it would be. I forget exactly when it was a mutual off day. But it would make the number of teams in a row that they would have to vote on it this may be made double figures is tomorrow is that bad or. Both and use I've used both also I think either one. We've bond. That works to the calls. But no I like real quick and it's our don't know are. I wanna Ria with the very important driving down main I'd be in that situation yet. Keep drives they do everything they can't. Stomach today yet it's 32 degrees out there you he's sitting out in the rain it's a perfect day for baseball and Elliott wants it tock hockey though that Bruins win last night alone Eliot. That I think can run back out playing games here as he think Erica. And gain entry into Iraq. Have been adding to questions for you. On Flickr filly that at a play. You don't agree with the script that he is given to reach. I don't think that was a script that that doesn't good question provocative but he wouldn't would you glide slide showing off after the third and I've got a cure I want you elaborate why don't you think they go play. Well I want why I was fourth line I don't I don't I I think I think the estimate believe sabotage themselves moment maybe you can argue that maybe it should have been easy it was but I don't think they. I I I disagree with the premise of the Bruins got outplayed in game two I think these might come back. And it's you know end up being five game series the gentleman sweep as it was colony into. A 1007 users as any lot of dots like outside of living and he's there. People pick in Toronto Bruins are the way to ruined yeah I I thought at that I'm most people looking at this series coming in thought it was going to be. 88 fight both ways. Very evenly matched teams and different strengths right Toronto's been speed team Bruins have more experience. Brunt of it faster they've been better they've been we're determined. They've been more physical. That way Mort is way more fiscal ends they don't have the second life that are out of the game out of the series the next two games so. Does it appear here to just air matter yes. I just trying to get game up there maybe but the scope citing fraud on the throttle is gonna win the next game in. And values point of view now bring some relief thinking why we shouldn't defend the Bruins rolled in this game. And everything's hunky dory everything it's on god had a great they want he mandate that it right it does it doesn't matter had. Great first period they had a great first period. And the second period maybe change over the Elvis Presley documentary. And then the third period that played a little bit better buy it if not likely play from stem to stern unbelievable. You. End up. A little too much work to. Let's but it's duke is credit when he had to make some big saves in the second period when that game may have when rob is watching Elvis documentary and there were moderates voting with a few minutes whether there are many properties are blurry the Maple Leafs baby. Approach it once again I read Joseph haggard and any possible path he's asking you ethnic. He does he's asking the questions that need to be but to grass made the safety Adam may mean for all that much maligned two guys pick Australia winning but what message got to make he is. Took is rested after the I'm just ignore him choosing to ignore you. He's much more rested after where they manage his minutes and use to build and that you look on the other side where Frederick Anderson played how many games this year army interpreter gators play this year. Edit how many if I guess. That now was easily into the sixties and this guy may not need to get even. Played a complete game earth 66 games 66 thank you Conner a close up. Then it's up next let's talk about new key go ahead and any. I. Are higher opt out it's not quite chime in on yeah out previous caller we ordered break. Although it's not higher one and 2 PM read about it sides god and based bat. That's great that there's oh yeah it. Has great speed. You have to grant the stay. A graduate. It's like. A port it to look at Indy. A lot of people aren't you I'll let you have the best opt in and what are. You gotta you gotta try to be political order. Anyway I quit at fort. You're playing the percentages. Right that's what well. Yeah I and it is the company my issue was more going back and forth to which buyout talk about. In 2008 call wonders news sports debate back I think it won by. I I think again going back to the process not just the result which would have denied and you want mines are arguing. In years it's. You know I actually I think I had Morgan I was born new line I minorities you wanted to be with the play call. Rather than just going for it going forum when you're you're argument Robbins will leak a lot of information in their fourth. Decision most of you know that's all you so no I think you get the information and a New Year's information to make this it's a tough decision isn't right but information so I'd say I'd say in this case it was right. Right now because because. I'm coming back in the answer is because they work their welcome passive let. And work it work guys because I hope maybe because of the information that you've got lucky made that call other. Got the possible that is the though doesn't it work it work. In great probability. Because of information you formatting information and a doctor about you have to factory and who throwing the ball. He can't that they are terrible now but don't you also at the factory and that's where you are in the game who is coming up acts who is on the mound absolutely that's because there's more information there jump the guy the first and that's the biggest thing is. Does this guy have a good jump good read any in most of the time. Nine point nine times out and keep that I don't library is legit and he allegedly baffled that you guys are so a new lines. It did not an act on it that the results they feel equals good Eaton doesn't. This alternate for the millionth time talking yourself it don't hit it through your head to heads. Then I feel bad for you I feel bad for both the view media star. This guy did you know Chris that Alex Cora and Ramon Vasquez present Bradford with the binder each day that has all the information shocking all else Google's arms and that the beef the way they turn in the outfield. If he knows every. Decision that the base runners make is a good one media can be used to media stars are coming up next. It was a long. WEEI. I you have it. I definitely stars turn it over one round right. He had ours and reading and unicorn. This she. I'd like I'd like those forms number three media star. We had you. Or representative used ours but that the people were running the marathon. The media. And that Steven Hewitt Steve Hewitt in Boston Herald correct op packet here of NASA NASA cameraman I'm sure there are more I can't think of them. But good job guys it's hard to be in the media Abbott knows. If it's challenge to be immediate work life balance my work life balance it up and talk about work life balance when you're in the media training for a marathon. Good for those guys good for all of the media at all for the people were running America and Steven Hewitt pack a mere record. And execute student for charities that you rate will what's the minimum listing of many thousand dollars and a lot of I don't care I'm Cambodia. And he was up like 9101000. Well yeah a crystal lobby he put the cap on how much you want to you've been here I originally I give an IKEA that it is and actually get some months it's well anyway it's a great time on these people saluted it's not tomorrow gradualist number two media star. You can really get into the hype and I think that I like it. And like it's weird ever coming into my house I can pick it warrants. So I rates on acts are not role to which was almost a number one and that figured you'd know that you start negated when you have to it's almost the one with the and if the person which haven't I don't know what Evan hate them so much but I love them and I'm happy he's back. Greg Dickerson made his return you don't like yeah I don't feel like the pride of Milford it's real little jealous great Dickerson payload Dallas he's the second most famous or radio personality for Milford. So here's the truth about greater and makers in the press elected today he tweeting that means making fun of indium and it fits in brown who Wii's great actors I didn't know because with your own use that they were few a Bible as you want the thing now Roddy. But. He's OK if that number to meet you star. More actual needs why aren't they and you work for. I understand that used to work for my knowledge network he was a dot on you week. Your organization human and while time goes on in the game leave people behind an audit leave out of can be harsh I'd say they did I did okay what you. Uses liberated guy you like I guess rated Matthew Reid doing running around and Michael are so he did a good job of the morning joke that he did it actually on the morning that's and I look forward to being him on to WEI Airways for. Days and years to count is adapt and you could die if we can replace when he beat the good guy you know guidance and imported or any action that the best situation. The state what if things that guy you know is it again. It guy hard everybody's got off very talented person. Don't be jealous them anyway number one media stars. There Mike Greece my Greece whom he had a lot of you made impassioned plea before I did one media star. And I agree IE concurred with your assessment that. Chris you tell us you tell the listening audience why if he hasn't been he gets his first 100 dollar gift card schools. Think it close where's my medal if coming okay. Might Greece another great charitable 'cause the relay for life our cancer society. He went with Danny Amendola to relay for life back to Merrimack and talked and eight in dole is out on died from breast cancer is something it's really near and dear to him by. A lot of the football topic came up including Malcolm butler's. Benching in the Super Bowl. And image dole is saying that no one was was told it hurt nobody really get an explanation saying the patriots were even close in terms of free agencies there are some good. Some good nuggets and some rare honesty that came from a former patriots player normally these guys. In the what Matt Patricia Dunn in Detroit to sort of guard the the secrecy is that there's still there you got a lot of good. Honest commentary and women. I would really like Malcolm Butler we still I mean I guess it's on its feet he has been semis and Mike Reese actually got the honest reaction right after the simple he's the one that got that. Reaction you get media circus that. We we were connect you we can't do this like three months ago. Anyway it's between between Seoul and declared Tribune piece and in until a talk injuries. Or or or reboot with the chemical talkers were reached being where criminals speaking not arteries whose record yet. I think there were on the way to either try to get doesn't it mean for those pictures and there are a lot of you who at various points and argued with me about. The culture and happiness of the team that somebody who's you know let's look lane Johnson that's beacon entirely that was bloodier when he says. That people are happy. In the organization because it does drive you into the ground to about work life balance in now you have two players in the span of a couple of days. Validating that and I don't additional people doubted it before but now be in doubt now. Yeah do you think Neitzel to the liar and a soldier's. Lou what do you say. These two foundation we do think people leave him in when there they can be semi happy but it winning at the end and that's all you're completely sold appease. Did you read now you all call it a big guy right now I'm honestly you know you have no idea what it's all odds list on the list of things that we talked about today. Neitzel with number that I got through the night and when it well maybe your list I'd like that scouting report is that why you talk about this after the break. You apart yet they came out yesterday wrong. Re reading the ones and yes they do it'll get its act quickly if humans what I went. To mean Chris once. I don't awhile ago I didn't realize that actually might want that charted our course when Enron. So I have the numbers of what the Buick it yet again after the break. Yeah I am I will be about the break. The actual mileage. The average eighth. I have averaged artery that for you you yet I'm all of that double it for evident now via ballpark park just. Quick break we'll wrap it up on the other side which are at WB yeah. And. Yeah. We got my Angel. Vulnerable when it went way. I think it legitimately surge to rattle you opt for. That's only half its image in B Nicole and a solid. Not read them on them that's bush laughed. Once go. Through that. 540 waves it's. If you are at large and you have that child very. Child. If that I'm ready let's go a long run thank you editor Alec. Runs that. The Molly how long you think it was. Point three Q mine at the top twelve. Volt. And the odd change. Four minutes five. Passed pretty average they beat the average time. That's the twelve minute. While. At least at twelve opponents they have to 1246. The other team. I don't I paid for America with a nice numbers and ending epic rally three well yeah. We use my average artery might have retiree attacked in the Matty apartment. 160s now. I oh. That people are. Well Portman. Agree I was as we point on it was a drug which lead to talk about the three up all of the wall obligation and running out there. I. It's tied to lake that was that the united Arab dynamic. If you don't usually via people who are you wearing tonight. In Athens. It wouldn't sink in lately shoes and where and we average wage rash. That's what you blow blow blow blow. It's it's you're wearing running shoes running shoes do you Wear yes I wealthy that you were wearing sweaters which are. I hope people the tune in for the star market sharper radio network pregame show. Also you tune in to pregame lie for Celtics bucks an NBC's Boston. By the way I was where I took a little carried a smooth as a political professional transition for me to do not if I'm trade since gallon Abbie we we hope we were still doing it now that's planned an attack is now other than an all star forget. You aggregate rates you know let all the way to find out that I think I've to have all star rookie that's. Oh you know that I came up with a definitive Al Horford nickname right. It is what it is what it is now. To where you need to validate that you had depth they did yes the tip of the chaperone you my friend drought you said you wanted yet to pop patriots states Wednesday to. That job in the last. Night but I'll answer that if you hope you read if you haven't read needs holders piece of the players Tribune it was. Players' union and to take a page from rapper is what it is in some respects them always give you the full truth. It's a little PRE at times you'll see some great. Behind the scenes of people comfortable opening up and Neitzel gave us. In the same way Amendola did. A look at what it was like to be there people acknowledged the difficulty of playing for Bill Belichick and and the culture in people seem to be in denial about. The fact that winning an and the way to beat you do things might grate on people might actually push people wake desolate. In that region work for word in the salukis winning isn't everything that you very explicitly says that the patriots fans were sitting at home. Eating there I don't know potato chips and and counting the five rings of Tom Brady understand that there there are people out there. Don't have the rings the rigs are always everything I guess that's on getting well and and there's also by that that is true. And there's also a neat you touched on this round the tweet from Deion Sanders said it was a reach created by rapper Kathy is what it's come down to was just looking at social media post but. I've yet Sanders or actually reading the player or at least a debt sport about it all the things that you say well we're reading in news that's the easy to look at that he's just recreating a social media or anything like music but that's work that these guys don't do anything without thinking for you people didn't see it all athletes please understand this is a business burst. Nothing comes before the business part of a professional sport. You can be at the end favorite team captain a blast into the community and it darn good player please remember its business burst ash tag truth. As Deion Sanders tweaked his retreated by. I reject a little bit this from full story out there because winning fixes everything right that never Ricky your came we want while Lott went thirteen to three in the regular season. When the simple people who lost a giant expected to feel certainly after it was all over not necessarily happy because Oakland lost that game but satisfy at least fill in some way. But I did it all felt was in Venus. Play under the picture to play coastal Baltic can be even improved each and good luck in the the Super Bowl laughter. Enough such that I'm asking you. Talk about the rules Ottawa. The giants and I also think that winning with a leaky paper that pressure what winning would fix all my problems because winning fixes everything right Buehrle Buehrle you know it may full of problems are not winning. Non lethal lethal to Providence and we absolutely but he's also. The store beat teams in the man's own work full. Seen a professional athlete when they win the super bull about the the elation and joy is an excellent line. Calling insult well no but I've figured it diminishing your commissioning. What that means to these guys what you're diminishing what it means winning the Super Bowl means he's got mixed older can can feel whatever level of satisfaction he wants him. But these guys are playing for you here in these guys who are going through this despite all the scientific research about what it does to you later in life. Because they wanna win Super Bowl rob. The end of Neitzel owner's piece of the players should be remembered that violent of his throws his words thank you New England. I'm going to miss being a patriot and a lot about like a lesson in years I also learned a lot about winning. Mostly. That it's not everything that every so much more right godless of course. One might drop. If I lose. And they walk away how out of this what ever they coordinate the older guy it's I who is gone through what you've gone through I think that winning a Super Bowl with going to be everything would okay so if you're not so terrible in the situation going out there. That automatically what about a dull chemicals seems. Right. It's not everything happened but for the repression everything. It. Rob is Florida. Foot right yours it's. It's not. You talk about the bid if you are having driven in the why you've got actually watch is up to you to me and it's why these guys combat why they come back and keep playing this game. And yeah part of the business part of its make money and I think it would be all end all on my goodness I'm not a complete person without winning the global. And I am it would Neitzel was coming from and we should look into everything about how the patriots are you right now by the players who went there and I do think it has changed. Over the last few years because this group I think that's how. Athlete you've been through different it's just this is this sheet view of well. As long as they win that's all that that while ago. We're happy that next week it is. Red Sox frigate and a next can't layered fool. And indeed. The only two guys left next eight. Through the rescuers.