Was the meeting between NFL owners & players productive or a waste of a Tuesday?

Mut at Night
Tuesday, October 17th

Mut is talking about the ongoing controversey of NFL players choosing to kneel for the national anthem. The NFL owners, commissioner, and players met and said they had "productive" discussions, but there are other reports that said the meeting amounted to nothing but a wasted day whith Roger Goodell reading the Boston Globe online.


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Now here's my. Slug Sports Radio W we. You hear the live voice of that man rob Bradford in studio just under an hour from now it's Monday night's Sports Radio WEEI Bradford in the last couple of hours with your phone calls. It till 10 o'clock here at 61777979. B. 37 is your phone number follow along on Twitter at Mott and UT. WE eEye started with the Celtics they open tonight in Cleveland the expectations the thoughts in the Stephen. Other place in the Boston hierarchy will take all your cell phone calls all all night here on the program but I wanna spend a little bit of time here. Updating people on the NFL on the Colin Capp critic situation and I sat down the planned to show tonight. And this is going to be Horry talked about calling cap predict in the fact that he was not there today the NFL did invite cap predict. To these meetings in New York between the players in the league. Are the players invited cap pretty key decided not to go attending is a bad look for cap critic but. Won't all get to that because as another story emerging. From these meetings. I'm gonna do couple things here I'm gonna first read from you. The two paragraph. Joint NFL. NFL PA statement. That the two sides released today. Remember this of the second or third meeting of the league and the players association. The big guys of these meetings is to prove the players and the union. Are working together to try to find a way to. Help all the players the players are looking for an outlet for many of their causes one of which is the inequality in their mind. Of black people here in America it's pretty clear. By some of these players statements other players really don't have a Platt former don't have a a reason why they're dealing and stealing and so rather than just continue to Neal the players in the owners are supposedly. China had this discourse and trying to figure things out this Little League first I wanna read to you what the league in the NFL PA said. Today owners and players heading productive meeting focused on how we can work together to roll positive social change and address inequality in our communities. NFL executives and owners join NFL PA executives and players they're leaders to review and discuss plans to utilize our platform. To promote equality and effectuate positive change. We agreed that these are common issues and pledged to meet again to continue this work together. As we said last week. Everyone who is apart of our NFL community as a tremendous respect for our country our flag our anthem and our military. In the best American tradition we are coming together to find pond common ground and commit to the hard work required for positive change. A very flowery. A very to the point. Of every. I don't know. Five dollar worded. Two paragraph statement there from the NFL NFL PA that says in effect absolutely. Positively. Nothing. They can dress it up however they like to. These two paragraphs. Sound like nothing more than something a bad PR firm working in Boston some intern. Hyped up for the NFL and the NFL PA to say see see see we work we're doing something. We bet we're trying to figure out. We don't read this is sort of you'd shrug your shoulders OK this is how they're gonna portray it read I think it's something different market than a second. Annie sell our big was she really was on those meetings. We might have an idea what what all the meetings today Willie Cologne played for the saints played for the Steelers. Longtime NFL veteran. Is now one of these talking head shows the New York Daily News has the when he sponsored shows out of and last year one of the channels there in New York. Willie Cologne. Got some in fall how the meetings went today this is just less and a half hour ago from an insider. Now former player Willie Cologne. Explaining how he or the meetings went down today in New York between the NFL and the NFL PA which I would say are different. There won't be joint statement I was released earlier today had to say. He had talked to multiple sources those in admitting they're flat out said nothing got done is pretty much a waste of the Tuesday Dave what do players actually is they're often and they felt like nothing. Was was a accomplish such limited data owners as well just to go away but they don't know how. So for this to order nor how to put up this far so the players are sent back in his right now standstill even when a border to talk of the top of column Kapanen I was told it was straight to bathroom break in and that was being talked about you to deploy a wider heard Roger Goodell who was in the meeting was actually reading the paper because that inundated with I've been trying to tell the world the owners Roy and NFL not Roger Goodell also the from what I expect to be done nothing. And is this is a shame at this point way to second for a gunshot and then as one of the Troy got this right. They brought up Colin Capp parade up. And they went to a bathroom break pretty much without discussing it yet. Rodger real British newspaper players on his computer read in Boston Globe. And there you ago. That's what goes on of these meetings. And Willie Cologne. God bless him has this thing pegged. Has it pegged I happen to agree with the basic premise here I I actually agree. With the owners take here they don't want players kneeling during the at the it's bad for their business it's bad for their brand of fighting it out in places like Dallas. Where Jerry Jones was inundated. By calls from cowboys fans. Saying we didn't like the fact he took eighty before the game. Against the Arizona Cardinals like that. Stand up and yet the don't kneeled down we don't care of before during or after it's we don't like Jerry Jones a very expensive. Stadium to fill what Jerry Jones do. He backed this guy Donald Trump to a strong stand against his players. And is laid down the ball here for this week. His players deal during the at public they will be dealt with they will be suspended. In the wards of Jerry Jones. He's the only guy saying most of these owners think they want these to go away. They'd like to be elicit their players we can punish you if you don't kneel there Eagles stand during the at them. Because it is bad for our bases were sick of our fan base yelling back at us. And that is the reality to the NFL right now is that their fans are fighting back it's about the business. And so they're trying to figure out. How do we get these players not to Neil not to see it not to affect the at them. To a couple things number one we can ask the TV networks not to show and guess what they've done that. There were nine players to either sat or were kneeling during the happens week. You didn't see them. The networks are now no longer showing it. It's up to people on the stadium was still shots and our own phones. And other cameraman. Actually get these photos. Because the networks have got no word from the NFL. Don't show this crap anymore you're getting people riled up on social media we don't want to see it. That's one thing they have done. Go back to the pregame shows this week they give you nothing gave you nothing. Second then they can do. Have these meetings in new York and make the players feel like they are part of the conversation. May the players feel like yes you guys have a voice. And maybe they do. But it's not the way they think they do. These meetings are to keep the players from dealing. Keep the players from sitting during the anthem that's all they are there for. In I agree with the basic premise summit. And maybe I have to do this right is the way the league has to do it but it's a it's a bad look today. When you issued this. YouTube page. Or two paragraph. He 101 Presley spout things are getting Don and what was though the word in there writing and I gotta be honest I you don't see that word very often it was just it was awful. It was it was it was just. It it was plastic is what it once. And I will weeklong come out today and say nothing got done in the meetings. Would cap critic's name was brought up sources told in a bathroom break was called and Roger Goodell was read the Boston Globe on line. Which is a terrible look for good now not surprising at all. USF subscription right patio or CDC. Have. Is he up to its like six or seven the story for the month of October keeps clear and cookies browser at a ink I mean you know. Crawled out there on the hill I had just gets into one. The globe pretty good today. Back and look what are you reading and and that paper horoscope what could be possible what's your reading. What was in the globe today what's the editorial section I gotta go look. Was on there. But I I I gotta say I this I'm torn here I am torn because I am with the owners. In that they don't want the players nearly during the act of god bless him is their right. But dammit try to spin it like they are in charge of this Willie colds right this is all the owners. These meetings are not to really figuring out. He's beating he's not really to give the players a voice these meetings are to find a way to without coming out and saying it. Begged the players not the war. Because it's bad look for the league and it's bad for the players. And good for Cologne for era now. And showing up for what it is. It's a PR stunt is wondered it this is. This is that this is a PSA for racism in the city of Boston folks. It's gonna accomplish these meetings about as much as that's gonna accomplish. The owners don't want people kneeling the players wanna have a saying. But even they'll realize at some point right at that I realize it's hurting our business and the players. If the bottom line answer the NFL battered the players to they've gotten that if they ever I shall revenue sharing ideal believed. Revenues are down it's bad for them to. That's how bad the meeting is right today that it even the players know these aren't accomplishing anything. It's a means to an end to try to get in get something out of it which is get the league tag could go along to get along with some other format I guess I don't know. But it's so bad today get Els got to speak kicked up. Read the April line. Cap comes up it's about the break. Damage that is good. I I I have to admit I love that as much side with the owners. I do love that man the only could have a better was if Cologne Sig yet are they went out order pizza. And they could have the first slice the Goodell had his. That would have been even better. So when the NFL's least these stupid PR statements and he's joint press releases. Nothing's getting done. This is trying to put lipstick on the pig it is please don't Neal very rampant earn our business per our TV ratings. And get people pissed off and our teams. Please please please wealth can we do. All donate money bull bill what do whatever else you want. Because that's what they care about and doesn't sound great but that's. The league knows cannot connect secured that be in the issues is society with their players they they all other worried about as the money here. As for capita for job of the phone calls here it's an awful look for Kapanen to not be there today. And I put this on capitol. The league did invite him there and and I guess they could about the players did you Norris tickets at one capped c'mon down he wasn't there. And so his lawyer today issued a statement saying you know Colin Capp but it wasn't invited. Some players invited him but he didn't go in that you will keep the door Oprah in the future potentially being involved these meetings. The fact here is the statement directly from cap predicts layers. College cap predict was not invited to attend today's meetings by any official form. I'm from the NFL or any team executives other players wanted to present. And a vast that he attend the next meeting with the goal of forging lasting in people consensus. Around these issues. Mr. cap it is open to future participation. On these important discussions the guy should have been there today. The guy should have been their today. And if players are invited their today and he did not gold and shame on camper and I partisan Capra what's he. His is is quite as during all this tell the old Stewart to. It's got out of control he just wants to play football now he's suing a league. I'm sure we'll a couple of last night. He now has a lawsuit against the league. Where it usually damages are two times monetary value and title lawsuits that the cap Arctic ice pursuing well what does that how much of that. So he wants to play policy part of the Gaza certainly got a weird spot ray's gonna sit down Cadel A-Rod tell you don't gal lawsuits going good. Erin good kids go whatever. But he should have been their peace with face of this city's getting all this credit for. But dealing phenomenon and he's now I eased if you go to Twitter account. He's re tweeting all these people saying you're being black ball by the league. He's got jumping in this whole thing so how does that guy that not go to the meeting that's about his cause. That makes no sense to me he should have been here and that was going to be did the topic Carol the top of the sour about felony. This is this is great stuff Willie Cologne. The committee three in the old Boston Globe all line. Forked over the subscription not limited to the about a articles he can read. All they look bad. All they look bad here again Della spat which makes me happy 617779. 7937. As your phone number Ralph's in Cranston he's next up here on WEEI Ralph Gideon. Good evening but you know. It'll effect they took this first of all this thing until president resurrected it was all it was six people left and it was. It was being shipped it to convict petted always what's in it was gonna accomplish look. Now that we get it to the stage of course. You'll as a look at that is the only thing they care orders declining got. You lose and everything else but you know I was part of voters as the goal that was so many decades. It will accomplish nothing until the parent should ever beetle gets that everything gets better you re your children are much. You know what you wish Duff go out there who had some wonderful right. But it got to a point eight years actually is I mean Blackwell asthmatic and we didn't actually two that much are eligible black lace and had a true. Maybe it would machine shall relative. But it got twelve point we're not gonna really accomplish anything people register as they get a lot. Beat the feet we've look at potential eleven straight years now he's back he he even backed a bush you know it's all in. Electric at parent your children well listen to the great uncle became a light socket actually all we formula that there's less. And it's. At a macro level Ralph you're probably right and thanks for the call and I could accomplish anything with these meetings is just the idea they're. They're pick up the fellas patting themselves on the back. For sitting down all these players. And they sending out joint press releases with the NFL the case now great these meetings are and how import these meetings are. And the second meeting. A player it was in the meetings bitch to a former player Willie Cologne and said nothing's getting done a we couldn't talk cap predict. And Goodell read the newspaper. Honestly how perfect is that. And I completely believed that that was going on because they're just try to keep these players from dealing now attended. Fix anything. The final good. For the players they're trying to. Without spending money right and put money in the pocket trying to by the players from dealing that's they're trying to do Dave's in a Northampton 617. 7797937. Hi David. I hit I got to dig actually yeah is that. I understand. It's peppered lawyer advised him not to go to the meeting. Al understand it. The lawyers should be NFL. Advised them not to speak publicly. About the cat predict lawsuits I understand they connect with but could there are about go about that I I'd get back. It's bad luck but now that a lot to drop I don't think either side are gonna communicate without a lawyer ball. That that's more. I do I guess technically. David Beckham be true but it they're talking about. Yeah cap critics should he be at these meetings or or cap predicted his role in all this that's not. Connected the lawsuit right. Well presumably not but he wouldn't his lawyer probably told them don't go. And the lawyers and NFL. For the NFL probably said don't discuss don't say a word about contact and it could be could be construed. At you know if you say anything negative it could be construed as speaking for owners. In Toronto for about our first thing I'm. The other piece is that I heard this the other day I called in but it didn't get out and I just want to visit mostly question from ignorant. You know the owners. Deal with the players or union and it's not fair to me that they have a right to tell the players to stand very. During the anthem without incurring new union agreed. Then again. Without a current agreement I mean if it's not part of the contract that they bought and then it it could it could be agreement that the owners if an owner makes a well here here's at or suspend him. Lie and I'm not see eye and things of this nature I turn to lawyers and Dallas beat the places a big story gave last week was. When Jerry Jones and Jerry Jones the one owner who is said if you don't stand for the anthem we are going to punish you or gonna have some and here's where they say it's a span. The agreement well the doubt that the Dallas newspaper has got a bunch of lawyers on there and they also the same thing that based on their knowledge how unions work. On the NFL PA would have a very hard time bombing agreements that the private business in the owner's consent of the players. This is what you can and cannot do hernia that some under frontal lawyers here is on the dummy and they're Smart thank you so that Al pulp a story here and a second. I heard that are dale mentioned as well it's yachts it's unconstitutional pulled out according to lawyers who were lots more than I am. They can do it will play. Jerry Jones the one guys that'll do it so far. Odds let's add this in the conversation and and what he'd been totally believe Belize and accomplish anything. Within 61777979837. The phone rocks out of final turn break what was the gallery. Was our good. Oh I'll ask Meredith columns or does the relationship advice. Good editorial. There was Goodell read an eagle will do that L get your phone calls but at night Sports Radio to be media. Yeah I talked to multiple sources -- was an immediate -- said nothing got done it was pretty much a waste of the Tuesday Dave what do players actually is there all day they felt like nothing. Was was accomplished that generated data owners just we'll just go away but they don't know for the -- within or how to put up this far so the player to send back it is right now standstill even when it would have to talk about the topic of collar Catholic I was told it was straight to a bathroom break it and that was being talked about -- -- a point -- -- that Roger Goodell who was in the meeting was actually -- paper because -- inundated with up to try to tell the World Cup owners -- and NFL not Roger -- also the from what I expect to be done nothing. It is this is the show in the sport way to second where guys seven guys one in the truck got this right. They brought up Colin Capra got. And they went to a bathroom break pretty much without discussing it yet rock and over in the newspapers what is on his computer read in Boston Globe. As a voice of Willie Cologne on and new York daily. New York Daily News TV the ads daily news lies ascent line you thank you very much pat OK our producer taking your phone calls. Policy wonder what these meetings were accomplishing for the National Football League the answer absolutely nothing according to players that were there. In that room today exposing them for what they are a way to try to quiet down the players and keep them. I'm from dealing during the anthem and I am what I'm all for that and not nearly during the anthem their better ways to accomplish at this PR drivel. The league in the NFL PA at their highest levels are trying to our present your way con Capra was not there to basis was not invited so the players wanted in there. It might attend the next meeting will see it there is the next meeting after this this is going to be. I'm frustrating. Night for the NFL. Is eight and believe there it's. Selling a lot of fans on the idea to try to accomplish something here. And now for players are speaking out off the record two other players who have platforms on TV. Making league look really really bad again Dell. Bad in particular. Read the Boston Globe during all this six once had 7797937. Is your phone number rob raffle join us here in studio. I'm about a half hour from now 8 o'clock Adams a key New Hampshire Adam is on a WEE. They've good out of high human. How bad I think like one of the biggest repercussions of the whole thing I don't pick the players are actually focusing on it that. What they're dealing and a leader whose money is not the owners that are losing money they they made what 51% or like of a total revenue company yet. So that the high end players are going to be economical this log back the lower and players that could really use the money. You know it paid an absolute billion dollars in the year to keep it all this stands up and away. Roughly worked up roughly like 151000020. Million per team that they're losing and there's a lot of Balkman roster guys. I could really use this money I don't think that they're fully picking and the city to come up the next negotiations that they're gonna make that much less money. Because the players have been and it's not selfish. They got did not work work well you don't talk. Well I think the date at some point some of these players Adam thanks for the call are aware that you know their their actions can affect the bottom line the bottom line in the NFL affects their bottom line athletic some of the players are saying look it's not worth. Pissing off a large portion of our fan base to get this message across even if were passionate. About that message even have a passion about what we are taking any for. We can use our podiums and use our social media platform abuse other forms of communication. The kneeling down during the at them this week at the at the end of the they were still business to the National Football League so I don't know what the number is Adams had a billion dollar I don't know what the number Elena being. Between ratings potentially being down. Ticket sale whatever it is but any negative impact by this affects their bottom line. So will players know that. And in care and know that affects the other players are saying look look at the message that you know were able to get across by doing this. So maybe it will affect players a very good point but the caller especially since they share remedies in the NFL the NFL PA. Eddie's in a car Eddie what's going on. They get anything out at any human good that you know. I personally. Aren't yet either walk or situation great politicized. I mean come cap and eight. And Charles outlawed the sale and the players all stood out. And not stand up against flag that stand up against come back and I had a problem with the president. Raping and bomb around the flag. And you look for a place for a political message and I actually want market could kind of be this way I'm not just eliminate the air. It's lieutenant government run sport it's eight it has nothing to do what the government I know I go to the movies accorsi Broadway shows he's looking and are. That they're not planning a it will be saying. So it is going to be. We we lost it think that maybe they just think about located just think about doing away with being here. Just got away with that the demand. Why won't why they why because it's. Picks being politicized. It's been politicized that's the reason why have both fat and politicize it maybe just. Oh what a what what what you saw hold on one of the two sides and a politicizing the president had a deviate a second after our plan to the president. I'm with you he saw a a new a piece a red meat for his base he saw a something that he knew. That his followers and a a large majority of NFL fans had a a positive feeling towards that as the National Anthem that is our country. And so he is politicized that at some level. Oh what does that action mean because the president uses a sub as laughed when we should do before games any more we should honor our country before games. Now that it's knocked out what I'm getting at is that how how did we get harder to get from. You don't play in the National Anthem and school week a lot you know Wheatley tightly controlled government find out that the in college straw and ought not in a box but but but deadly government and in a while all this money. Because it trying to. Patriotism. So again the talk. I'd add he's phone's cut and I try to get an extra second there it's phone's cut and now a thanks for the call. Yet at the dad's been story couple years ago with a league was having these split at these sub military organizations pay for their time. Was a bad book I think it's gotten better since then but how to held the line I just assume. But the league so they're gonna stop that practice that they would it but it's the NFL to not try to believe them. As for getting rid of the at them. So this is now this we do in 2017. We have an argument and between one side wants one thing. One side wants the other end the end result is just get rid of yet not I don't think so I don't think this is a it's not an issue in the the NBA. It's not an issue of Major League Baseball it's an issue for some NFL players. It's an issue because Colin tapper nick. Decided to meals sit and then he'll there in the National Anthem. That's when I first started being an issue and I understand that the president. Took up the cause. But we took hundreds of phone calls last year prior to Donald Trump bring this up on a Friday night a couple weeks ago. For fans who hated the idea. A collar cap predict kneeling during the anthem. This was before. I'll tell venison and I think the reaction of of the country in a reaction of NFL fans. What leads you to believe the president is in the majority here at least I think that way. So I. I guess that's it we can talk I don't I wanna go on that road of now getting rid of the at the mall together I don't I don't think it's gotten to that extreme. I these players can you'll find other ways besides that ninety seconds to two minutes of any of them to be able to get their ward out. That's what I would say and right now what do you like it or not it is funny people listening that didn't vote for Donald Trump. And don't agree with his policy of the policy the right. Who are pit stall because Donald Trump once. I heard dale say today in his right. It's a win for trial the fact these owners are meeting with the players to try to appease them so they wall the only works is bad for business. Is a W for the president and people hate that. Hamas see and try any anti gay hate. Hate the fact. The president's gonna get a W on this but how all how can you look at it and not seen there there have these fake readings. To try to get the players to do anything besides Neil during the anthem. President won this one now pisses people off I understand that. Anthony is in no western Tyco anything. Or am I have a couple quick. Right on the contract. At a certain. Wind from my experience it to wait and see it professionals. Contract. But I'm not spelled out two machines. Didn't keep ball. Owner actually ministry here and that we wish. So that it didn't in the players' contract cat that they have options cedar. Course and an account and the owner can't be. An outline. Well that and that that would explain then to different things three again during the break from the end of the Dallas newspapers with the the lawyer saying. Look it's the base of what you're saying so I add it. That would back up what I read last week. So that's sort of that don't cheerleader trying to track being Asian art therapy change that. I am and I didn't I'm less clear on how the cat actually part I. Question can help you are now not important now he's not. So important. And punish people. Until a meeting between it and Powell. I can't help you get it doesn't belong killed or. Anthony normally I agree they invited. Anquan Bolden their today he's a retired player he's an all or part of the NFL PA in on that. On the in the roster of people that we're there it's a you know. Team owner player and next the bold and I believe it's at NFL legend so they were okay inviting people that were not part of leaguer part of the NFL team. So I'm not sure I I'd egg. I understand how be awkward. They Colin how you do and thanks for suing us. But he could have been there Lee did not want on there the players want and are given credit. You believe the reports two doors Jenkins and other players said Colin should be there and he sure showed up even think turn him away. You really wanna act like you're involved in this thing you wanna act like you still invested in this. That he shall there days you can't count predict and you literally turn your way. Put the pressure back on them. But he didn't do that. One NFL note here just breaking last minute herself. Zeke Elliott. He's back off suspension. Ordered by the US district judge Paul Roddy is more breaking news. Order is that sufficient reason having being shelled their four pending that hearing and determination. Of this motion for preliminary injunction that that the dot. Ezekiel Elliott's six game suspension pending further proceedings before honorable Katharine poke. Bob Lama. So basically this thing sense. Bet his suspension is off. Suspension has stayed according to. This report for fourteen days or until further proceedings. So NFL judge actually New York judge granting. Is as he Q Elliott. And his request to temporarily block the suspension for domestic violence. I have no idea when the next proceeding would take place. Would it be within fourteen days would it be app I'm not sure. But it sounds like unless something happens here next couple days. He plays this week it's the 49ers. To a judge stepped in and essentially blocking the suspension. And giving them more time to figure it out so they go just what do you think you have this thing figured out whether it's Brady years or ZQ Elliott. Here comes another judge here comes on the ruling and according to this one last couple of minutes. Zeke you Ali is back off suspension. As of right now 7:47. Eastern time. On Tuesday night he could play this weekend. I would say picnic it. I would say keep an eye on this do not do not use permanent marker. In and writing this one down to not go spending all your draft king's money on Zeke here this week let's wait couple days here he would happens at least for tonight. He could play this weekend. 61777979. B 370 your phone number on Twitter at Mott and UT. I WE yeah I'll get to all your phone calls from Bradford in the house at 8 o'clock URWE yeah. These he's telling you B. EEI hated by many and so they advanced media come on the air show London he and I declines are going to called me are radio and scream and they'll take your home longer because there. After WED I radioactive fire this guy Kyle good two. EEye guys that sinking ship dot com. Spice on. You eyes and EI legendary station 658. Ball knows the whole store you go do you guys who. Wednesday into. The nation's success in sports station the station. Turn to for over 25. On fox did that. 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I've been telling you about Clark Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram at the start working here at WB EI they sold me my dogs Rangel in my family loves it might look for car truck something real it might teammate Clark Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram them through and we'll find it Clark T dot com get started each month at night on Sports Radio. Yeah. David I hope president Omar school does not like dawson's. That's not my place I don't give a about that but when I've been on anything NASA to a bar stool. You could look it up when they talked about Bill Simmons I stood up I think dealt Percival to mommy and second of all. In all due respect. Without Bill Simmons of what he did at the ringer. And the sports guy and always there would be no more civil so you can you can say bar stools better you can take Bill Simmons. But I sit on the radio show and on the rundown of forceful at least two times probably three times. Yelled I can't stand by you disrespect until some I don't agree. Right he's still he's an iconic dude yeah he he brought a lot of this pop culture sports today you know to the forefront yet. So I've stood by him and and I defended an evil wind. They were talking a lot of people don't do that. On that as part of the body fourteen minute rant. That Michael Rappaport went on on his own podcasts today. On Bill Simmons it's Monday night Sports Radio WEP on a play that. Because bar stool is front center Michael Rappaport is now a team bar stool he. I guess Kirk was Cheney was doing some serious stuff by now heard stern along time. But had been a part of the star mix I heard Rappaport with Bill Simmons on the Bill Simmons podcast I for all of the that was. I would listen a privilege every wanna Simmons has podcast for a long time and rapport was one has guess you bring wanted to yell about the knicks and yell about Hollywood all that crap. And apparently rapport got this book coming out. Texans Simmons to come on his podcast and Simmons and respond to four different tax. And so Rappaport when nuclear. I'll ripping into Simmons and it's pretty obvious that. Simmons now sees rap port as a threat because Simmons in the ring are battling bar stool at every turn you go to iTunes go to podcast you go to sports and it's bar stool bar stool bar stool ring or bar stool bar stools Simmons made his is dominated by those guys. And they're now on a competition. So wrap ports went off. On Simmons will see of Simmons response here at some point that's that that's Soledad nice ish stuff. The rap port said he gets in the end he gets personal sanity C Simmons and LA. He'll confront them on it. I he went after a pretty good and my guess that the guys tomorrow morning we'll play in its entirety. While rapport had to say and it's is tied to the bar stool because it is one reason is now bar stool and one other guy's rap port feuding with Simmons. Are stills taken it every single day and it's. It's unfair that the bar staunch a people saw the story yesterday. Where Sam ponder went back three or four years Sam ponder does ESPN TV work Mary do Christian Ponder either current or former NFL quarterback. Your back three or four years in and pulled out this rant the pork I had about her. You know without context of the fact that you she took a shot at. Sports blogs light bar stool that wanna talk about Ray Rice and condemn him but also objective by women. And it's just become his daily thing now it bar stool where because their mainstream one to get these people saying they sold out. 'cause they get an ESPN show launching about but couple hours from now. Where the bar stool. Guys big cat. And pfc had this pardon my take guys have a TV show starting and all only the ESPN they're selling out. Which is. Too bad for them because they're not and they're they're getting on TV and good for them. What you hear the the other part of this wish every single day now before gold back in the archives of bar stool pulling things out. And it's gonna happen as time keep off the years can happen every day for next year. Bar stool is giving you so much contents between the podcast and the paper and the website everything else yeah you gotta go find some stuff that. In in 2007 team. Is borderline. And it sucks for bar stool. It sucks for those guys. And I hope the president is on tomorrow Prez is going to be on whiff Corky Callahan and tank way 98 and tomorrow. So sectoral arms sent check your local listings I L Prez on a more morning I I hope he goes all in on this idea that. If if people were gonna just go back into the archives of bar stool there's. Tons and tons of stuff there. That now this. PC culture 2017. Is going to pick apart and it sucks. It sucks for those guys. Because they push the envelope at every turn when he pushed the envelope and eventually people gonna go back and look at certain things. Years after the fact it's so stupid. Even in the case of Jimmy Kimble who has been a Jimmy Kimmel has been a clown recently. With this trump stuff on a show. By did you go back and you find his video he did when he's on the man show which is actually pretty funny. Horry he's got an object in his pants and women you'll feel on his pants pocket against what is. And that that now that it's reached weeded back gets re publish all. Jimmy Kimmel objective find women Q what what what the hell is happening here. Not everyone is Harvey Weinstein. Can we get that through our heads here. That's what I feel like this to become because that guy is an absolute creep. Now everything is now being. Rekindle that brought back is that in years and years ago. Stuff that I guess was funny time is taller funny now to people. Because the culture is changed because the our society's changed. It's an Al Bahr still sold out on the ESP and it all looked I said bad guys give me Parikh. Absolute crap. And portal is between about this he doubtful that he went back and found old Sam ponder tweets. Where she has some. Good sink a ball by her by her standards borderline stuff on social media. And so it's the holier than thou approach now being you know shoved back out the public the city. And this is gonna keep happening because these people now that are starting to come up they'd social media counts three and four or five years ago when they weren't as big as they are now. We're gonna go back and look through those things that that's going to happen and it's. It's gonna become more more commonplace. And what do we joked about this what the Jane Skinner burner account defending your husband Roger Goodell more more these gonna pop up. These accounts that are you think are a robot to think our eggs belong to these famous people defending themselves that's gonna become a big thing. It 2018 and going forward. And as will the re establishing the re tweeting able stuck people said that I guess now in 2017. Is not considered as funny. Which is just. It's not me but big gets gets people off they like doing it odd got you in trouble ha ha here you know. Open I found. So Sam pondered it that portal I fired back he is one of the biggest stories in the country right now. They got a TV show launching about five hours he'll be on Kirk into two hours later how all of this. The return of John Dennis W the ice to an 11 o'clock it on the phone with the big guys. Tino is back and allies baby I've heard from dean LCD that show on every RKO. A couple weeks without money shell. Gonna go all order way Maloney and Fauria talk about I don't know what. I hope it's talking about his time Europe the station. Outlets talking about relations the people here at the station I don't wanna hear dean on the patriots tomorrow eleven. I ordered the all the Red Sox managerial search I want penal on station business. I want deep I have a small penis on what he's been up to in Florida. What was the hurricane like. What was that pictured you wanna Rask school at a at a supermarket somewhere John. Why did you blocked me on Twitter what. Your idea how to get blocked on Twitter patio what it. Like writers and Mikey blocked me on Twitter I sort understand that. What did the one of those inexplicable things like. Pointing out he's kind of racist for loan out org kind of and ask for going after Red Sox and being racist. Through they'll find out why deal block on Twitter that's object being selfish there. But 9 o'clock at Portland one of the biggest stories in the country right now must listen 11 o'clock with the you know. Sectoral Oxford bar. Or annoyed nine Dino eleven. And opened the Portnoy Republican I don't look and wolf more forward to hearing ideal 11 o'clock. If Glenn let them get a word in edgewise Paul if you're listening tell glad to shut up during the interview. Latino talk wind up John Dennis and let him go Glenn don't interrupt the likes a caller to erupt like he's Lou or Christian let. Dino talk please plan. There ego I see rob Bradford is hearing your shirt title find out why he's gonna sit down join us next with your calls. On cap brick on the NFL we started Celtics they tipped ball that sees you near a couple minutes. 6177797937. The phone number of Mott at Nike gear.