WEEI Classics: Cedric Maxwell's tonsillectomy

WEEI Classics
Monday, May 14th

5-1-2009: Listen to Cedric Maxwell tell the story of his "tonsillectomy" back when he was eight years old. Max was co-hosting the Big Show with Pete Sheppard and Steve Burton when he told the world about the most traumatizing and troubling tonsillectomy anyone's ever heard. Bessie Maxwell, Max's mom, later calls in to defend herself.  


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Hobbits he's going it's a great job max's don't know how many stories have you thought the stalker story was appointed which was funny which was actually start Chris Cox and Israel won the top that I wanna get some his cause these guys who waited so about it Max is just the stuff worked with every day because it is. He just never is like so you just never know to anyone. Given Nelson were ignited our regular not gonna take otherwise again just a story is hard to pass it by no such a big you could go ahead Max start with a black getting. As he was on the tour. Davis does tell a lie about his night and it yeah yeah my name is to be different in my name when I was born was parish Allen Burton and I didn't find that out that my mom changed my name until I got a high score pad. A top that's right yeah there is an idiot and changes is Stephen Jordan and I thought that was a great start still you must now my car customers even more bizarre but now I'm eight years though. This is true and I know the amount I'm living on hold absolutely I removed so why what my prayers rather amazing result. And my parents have lead going to the hospital and another tell me I'm gonna give my touch is taken now you know I'm I'm they'll like. You know I have a scraper ice cream rap I think it. I'm going to do certain stuff. We. Really you. I am I get my. Dream I'm so let's turn. Well come out of surgery and boy did they got men. And well below what I don't know but. Who Burton. Rob I don't know what. Might you pulled up did you say you heard my blood they're using something like we do hope bill. Like you might be in the lip job all we don't know. Hope I going to make. Had you told pagan. I really yeah. I dream about would you bring and you're. Republican led the other key is welcome but again I mean I know what you gonna black well. Why this thing wrapped around. And why I have a bit of the blood get. Yeah I'm I'm not but yeah. He would of the Lamar Dodd again we have got to know what we don't know. I have an eight year old goalie in the give and take you now. The other mode sneaking. Well noted that no not the other thing we don't hire. Yeah they are now. All I'm coming home left oh you got the bit you know we didn't tell you atop the below the waist food the okay. At some point you'd think like OK well. Hey you know they're gonna tell you though is because it's blamed some here do you okay. Have you also think it now we're gonna live below the belt all right 00. Yeah well it's number that. I don't isn't and in whom. You will go open bundle. A hollow eyed. Probably could have went and you're speaking to go over the how much. Hey but the problem they don't really want this look at those kids did circumcised men to a new but I don't know yeah. Not a good. I do you think one of two years old room hello and thank you and that was big baby's room at the forgot to do dumb idea and again. I'm delighted. Just like that play ball here's a little Joakim Noah and the yeah. Could I. And don't want natural barely. Yeah. If so then I'll Mike don't seem crazy story out loud but yeah it's true if I yet. Again another one of this series of bizarre story that I can tell Obama's now. You go how the hell did that happen and we got out okay. They know god I don't know when that would. Not only the way slowly hello hello hello Linda okay. How our guys hey David I've not got to bring out a role not just this is better than I've got to breathe and I. And our guys good guys I you know see you next week president in the house are those things and it has got them on Friday please oh my goodness hollow. Oh particular beast that almost always be furious when you pick it. I think I was I think this does well after the all I got they go low low. It's the Bible to put the blue eagle that brought up about half a do I have a malpractice you sure you bet they yell something you don't have a malpractice suit boy and hello Mike Young debutantes who you talked about reality is still there. And Elsa. Hello. All legal called me and it's shaped. Usually a moon. All are about the pro it's all slightly miss them it's Everett went out when all rock like rocky the second plants a lot of boys who is owner of my life back outside to submit. Max Max till the very historical story about a half hour robot out about it was pulled. That he was going in for consulate in him with well. You know with the circumcision. It's called not now we're not talking about do what we're talking eight years old book that. Joining us that she's agreed to join with other hotly we attracted. Besting Max well mr. Maxwell if North Carolina is joining the big show max's mom is joining us through I confirm or deny the especially at each separate back to come and today Donna how this happened. Well. Cedric is. Great and and so we get to wait and delay it so I don't think we are and what I eat and eat we certainly. You know up a trip that I'm not. Well we. Let you pull it you're OBI had at BYE. House blog about all they can now. It is all about got a a lot of rounds and it. Now. Well yeah and you in the month we'll think about not gonna ice. I. Don't know what he. I. Went back doesn't. Do this by not getting burned. It. Wit they. Let. The I don't know little or Cleveland it built a limited role yeah. A as well as and it was so when he walked up and what did you tell. You that video is still what happen. About it it. And he's. Only there. And he has shot lead me. Haven't been well. I don't. Know what else do you across. The way that. I mean you like that eight year old right. Almost no no not going to know I don't know I didn't know Obama can do around the house. Would you urge you to and that's it like that led to bad I don't. And you wake up and go. To us. Let me ask you so elegantly with the breaks into hero. How long it figured they were look yourself in the eye again after the. That you possibly stay directed. At best at what that is not the right though. You've done a great job with the program is now. I. Don't shut and there are excited to. All. You about it. The lack. About that's. I don't suppressed really easy to go in the basket or LeRoy yeah. Yeah. Let you mom would talk to you later. But I know what to. That's always a pleasure take care doesn't accidentally. Maxwell is here on the show. The hope you got a lot of its energy confirmed demand hockey mom felt like yeah it's actually. Hospitable for. Them out there. It is all we go historic. Bust yeah had mom there. Let's put all this about you call the mountain all the that I would gone directly to mama adult respondents not all these years by everything. That's what you hear about blaming it that didn't happen when about the drive to succeed bitumen ambient well that's that's a good idea but that's the bulls don't. Not buying it I doubt we'll fight that overrule. Well.