WEEI Classics: Dale Arnold and Pete Sheppard go at it over the Bruins firing Robbie Ftorek

WEEI Classics
Wednesday, April 11th

3-19-03: With the country on the brink of the Iraq War (yes, that winds up being an important part of this argument), the Bruins announced the firing of head coach Robbie Ftorek. As the news breaks, The Big Show with Glenn Ordway, Levan Reid, Rico Petrocelli and Pete Sheppard invited Dale Arnold on the air to discuss the firing. Things quickly got heated between Dale and Pete.


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Game here's Dale Arnold our buddy drive it home he Adobe do it for hours today sockets of hockey targets of us some hoops. And I what happens he leads ten minutes later they fire for torque screen. I heard when Harry was on the date February 27 when I heard you replay the quote from a few minutes ago like he was telling the truth that. I honestly truly believe and based on the people I've talked to in the last half hour last night. This is something that is not necessarily. Ben on the on the back burner but really was a result of how they played last night. Dot I will tell you that at the end of February when when you talked a very good I was on the air saying the same thing because people in the organization. Told me they were not gonna fire. Robbie Ftorek before the end of the season now. It was not guilty at the end of the season never gonna make coaching change. Because. He had an option here coming up for next year and they weren't in any rush to pick it up. Let me ask you what does the position this puts a Michael Connelly and you've obviously her innocent and debating this one with nine games left the plane is there ever been by the way in NHL coach before it's been I would niner. Eight games in two different teams are victory was just feel like this is this is all. About. Our. Services that is because he's the father Luke. I think in his neck on the block on this one Mike O'Connell an eight. You know it is quite simply it. It doesn't keep other than on yeah I think he's probably responsible for every other guys on the team being here at businesses okay. Dell doesn't know about the headlines we saw this past weekend though you know O'Connell as well I mean for torque has weathered the storm all these nice gritty gritty things by Mike McConnell I'm sorry I think this puts Mike I agree about his neck is on the line is no question about it but. I mean a little bit disingenuous I think. Not and I think he reserved the right to change his mind. Well you know we should then how come anyway again I think it's a major cop out that the doing what nine games left the wars about to start their 3000 miles away on the West Coast and to me. It is typical this organization how they how they pull this off today in and I think levered his right eye when he went. O'Connell with a neck in the line I agree and I'm not saying he can't get this team in the playoffs. But you've got to have him back he can't say it's not the vacuum mind dale that O'Connell. You know has given himself an obvious that if they don't make the playoffs they'd always going to be able say well go ahead by gained until it. Our I didn't agree have you ever melancholy and I intend. I really don't like okay we'll do this then bill if he was gonna make a move could have been me 20/20 games ago and I'm thinking. He's making this move because receiving his older now it's too much zip on his own job too much of a coincidence that we were on the brink of war that this team is on the West Coast far away and kept rats god spoke to Canaveral legend. I'd like to ask you to go out no doubt you're kidding me. Should have been a part of the shelves sugar coated all you want to attend a press conference start the pleats at the eight teams coming in from all over the country there on the West Coast or on the brink of war the far away this is exactly what the broad duke they don't things. OK on her canopy are an idiot. But you know but yeah then you are stuck up. And stuck W he would not admit that just don't think that is a factor all that their dopamine. I honestly think Mike O'Connell plot and a lot they do well. You don't know what they've coached they've spyware or want me within the Wesco is still felt that you are naive I'm sorry I I thought I'd tell management that bill that Dylan meets Joseph would work at. Are naive I can't believe you've been around this organization has wanted Copacabana the possibility talk rates. Tell me do that they've been expelled one I'd I'd been more violent toward either way because they were on the West Coast I'm on the brink a little. I don't I don't know the mother what I'm not a good I went I went that way and now the eldest of chicken bleak moving you know that's a typical reload stop this is what they deal. It's sure cut out a lot this is crap. This is an embarrassment for the organization what they did today sugarcoat the all you want it's BS that you know it did get out of the Dow Chemical Dahlia. The chance to get space the dumbest game to go to web instead what games ago. Now mr. McConnell now because of economic playoff these things is that. The regulator. An epidemic I don't see you tomorrow and say I only had nine games I couldn't really do what so you might as well keep me and that's probably what will happen. I know you're going to get a soap and got a little awkward angle for Borg won the Jacobs the flyer O'Connell. I guess I think. I think there's going to be a hue and cry out there by people to two to fire but I mean just organizations like now the passing of like the go to page that he's weathered the storm it's a bunch a lot of that we'll let the media people listen these were the store. Okay and it just said. Com the two months that the article are that did all of that always went. It's after all that's been Claude and I think that that he said he's weathered the storm that stick with them and since that right here. Well it's is that person that lied when he said that. You do you believe that. You know what the timber in the odds are on the blog that's respect. But this is not common but it's. Not uncommon for the franchise will not I have very. Today people around the team many years this up like this happens you you're dismissed any theory that doesn't fit yours. A group of active and generate speed I have been around the team all year I haven't I know that's that's. I'm proud and many years to unmask you and let's say that they you don't think that this is the possibility. We ought to we're gonna fire until months I don't. But I should've fired at two months ago that they waited till this day. That they were quite don't think that pledge to bring it ought to do that now upped that and do you think Michael Connell with nine games to play legal thicket it kinda covers is absolutely but as opposed to twenty games ago. Craig. No doubt that that's crazy. This caught this at some degree covers Michael Connell at that time. We said what he doesn't and it's just a nice debt. I said I cities I'd sit com is covering his ass would die games the pledges that the gulf 500 I don't think it's gonna get far by Jeremy Jacobs. I think it depends on how they finish and Dan how far they golf. At bottom I think this is a gutless move that to a position at 120 dollar. If they don't make plans and I think I've accepted a six what six point. Eight point cushion right now. If if that let's finish in the eight or seventy. You don't think there's going to be tremendous pressure. I'm Michael Connell all the depends on how many wins that got them on the stretch I mean typical. Well I guess that I don't call I call you and I I think I think that it. Exactly get beat you know they Spanish determine what they. I guess that if they go 441 and missed the playoff by a ported to I don't tickle Connell gets fired by Jeremy gave Jacobs a Mickey stays on. If they go 09 that might be a different story but for Ford one I don't think he's going anywhere. Well I don't think you really that. I don't think you'll be fired if he goes to look for a one on last to a foreign wonder you know in the playoffs limited to at least four point one gets him in the playoffs. I think the delicate pizza man because they didn't call him the first of the house and say you know and that's. What. Ought not just be about the whole thing activists here and aunts and its organization raise his wallet and this entire thing I size. Audience that tonight say that. Why don't cure me up this week I think you're I think in these situations dale you think these parents are possible about the play on the West Coast to amaze me. Amazed me. Peak if they had one last night for the Obama they have fired him could there I'm. Went to the officer Jose fire about Friday night. As they with a one it's good to those moguls in the third two years where they fired at. Related to the troops in a recent Basra. I don't really rocky and I. Oh that's Mike Hsu what was it everywhere they just waiting for one more loss wherever it was going to be obviously they're gonna fire. But first and second period last night was straw that broke the camel's back and pretend that is desperately need it points to finish in sixth place they came out again. Flat as a pancake. And Mike O'Connell can't have it happen I mean I didn't go on the right right and well great I can I don't know how I'm 3000 miles per hour. Well I think if you don't think that's part of that the that they weren't waiting for that you know what dale it's not impossible don't act like that so far fetched because it's not it's not. Black and white would tell laugh all you want it's happened before. It up like this all the time the trade players far away. They do things like this all the time I'm sorry I thought that I am not the can handle that that is not the points it's that they. Wait they manage weight if they had waited until Friday night a bit lost their okay but a tie with San Jose doing a flier than zero. At this is all about them waiting for them to lose one more game dale it's just a bigger travesty in this today. It bill if you know wasn't no meat could have been that it immune to. And now you go I go look I respect that any guy I've ever met this like this is this inside us are not. Sometimes insert situations. You know why I mean I just totally disagree and it's just an art. It's going to be that's going to be an Emmy winning and show here this wasn't like you enactment can a couple of hours of how you guys who have meant I know. There's no way dale. I'd go to jail on in the a couple of islands. I love but the phone lines are privacy doesn't break it's got to flush the dilemma of these that was as it doesn't get the large orange it's gone right at Dale Arnold.