WEEI Classics: Doc Rivers joins Dennis & Callahan after Celtics win banner 17

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Wednesday, June 6th
6-18-2008: Celtics head coach Doc Rivers joins Dennis & Callahan after the Celtics beat the Lakers in Game 6 of the 2008 NBA Finals. 

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Other Doc Rivers that are brought to you by converse basketball. To the home town team congratulations. On bringing home number 70 good morning doc are you feeling. Well our. I'm kind of but it could get tired. How many hours sleep have you gotten since last we saw you with a garden Tuesday night early way. All that much or think through the first night in probably about five landslide vote. I didn't know what to my way to eight dollars. And we heard a nasty rumor and Jerry I want to get my partner credit your team up with this. The dress shirt that was soaked in the red Gatorade we can auction this off for huge bucks because you what it was a it was a monumental ground breaking. A vent because nobody gets Gator rated. On an NBA floor we heard you through the short away. Move know remember though that. We're not gonna do that but I I'd like the the idea of auctioning off but then that would be pretty cool. Can we do that that you do charity of your choice yeah shamrock foundation whatever you say. Well that's funny to guys who obviously admit my clothes from recently they. They called me and they want to do that to know we're gonna auction it off but you know what I'm gonna give it to you guys culture at all. Excellent excellent and you shall we shamrock foundation. Terrific. X I'd love that bedevil a great idea yeah tomorrow tomorrow bitten. If they did my. Well that they didn't actually go to look like it would the other thing. Leo yeah it did it lost in Preston dominant in the skill and why. Is the bucket around somewhere. You know market jitters I'm sure bucket and a sizable block double thing. This is formidable record a lot of war a lot of Gatorade or not America you know. Her little package together the blog at the together terrific we don't want to practice and we that we do in the sciences and probably we should do it. Mark all. And signed article sent the in the hundred retreat you know what symbolically have you and Paul sign it over the heart. You are a lot of crap like that. Argued that marketed as stupid as we look doc what are the let me just gonna go forward chronologically to like twenty years from now as a bunch of double talk you about. But document and maybe this is the more fair question as you know weaker to what particular basketball moment this year and even started roam if you want. Will you play over and over and over again in your mind five and ten and twenty years from now when you remember the season. Well there's a lot of yeah did Brown's shot against Cleveland. Is actually wandered over her verbal right off the top. But I would say Rome in general. Just beyond. The first exhibition game or member of the game walking in. What my coaches can benefit if we stay healthy. And as we continue to buy it and I think there's going to be very tough working the beat just four times in the atmosphere. Did they ever stop. Buying in doc. No they really did. You know there were times when. I think they've got tired when they are not tired just. Miserably with some of the because I think we're going to there are times you know there are certain games where. The ball movement stop where one guy wouldn't score or did it touches and you have to remind them of the gulf. But overall overall is pretty much it's been pretty much and Arafat thought. All three of the guys who bit three leadership. In that will work for nominal you know. With the young guys that could you do based company times you have to remind them about team play and things like that. And when you have veteran like what like those three guys in Puget well coming in and failed and pulled him. I think it back to the lobby here. Ducked the nature of your job it's seems to meet changed. From one offseason to the next obviously a year ago with a young team of 24 losses in the eight funeral when it wins. They. You you got them to buy in to you know deferring we talk about this before you can on the year. Deferring their super stardom their shots their touches all of their glory for the sake of the team and you got them to buy into defense defense it seems to me. That was the hard part doesn't change again next year since. This is the ultimate object lesson that. You bought into what I told you at work it sure as heck worked out as your job changed next year because they've bought into the system and now it's something else. Yeah outfit you know the boot from it so I can say that you know they've been rumored truck to be offered and and the decently last bit left in the year obviously who would target the lakers who bolt. Clear purpose you know the extra pass and went terribly almost got a point 42 violation because. We look up to have a good shot look for great shots. The people of brocade super great that part will be easy. The film of them door mitigated as far as the work part belted a couple and I know that Gordon and have already been met. Thought. This is the question that you and Kevin and Paul and ray could not have answered until the night before last but now I can basket. Now that you a drug from the championship cup if you will. Is the feeling that you had. And addictive feeling that makes you what much much more than you had or is there just a little bit of my thirst has been quest I know would it taste like I'm not nearly as maniacal to get it again. Well I would say my person and chords but I think can make you wanted more you know you wanna you wanna do religion and but it felt great. I think it is crazy sound. Yesterday felt better than the day we wanted to debate you'll be better. I haven't had that. I am already very different and I think I'm I'm sure my players are are that Northern Europe which you definitely start but the man. Let's get more. Right you're yet everyone's gonna look at you now and say boy. He's really Smart you know he's he's very. Deep do you feel smarter today than it did a year ago today. You know I I really go it'd buddy Internet phenomenon because those and it would do Washington Nationals now. Probably an idea of when I was with the Balkans and only made mutually. Did you pick your benefits and it. They prefer that you'll be no more motivated than your words yesterday. Don't forget that tomorrow. Can. I agree with that everything you do. Didn't change much I haven't done it much as far as they've been different. But the talent better. Obviously the coach differently would this group of god and I did last year with a group that. But it method that we did that I did anything. There. We look at teams who rolled bunch of talent or much of money and and we'll budget talent together in an attempt to win and win now. See all the time the Detroit Tigers. Just did it in their struggle in the Washington Redskins do it every year Phoenix acquiring Shaq. Was there a moment we stop the said this is to in this. Might be one of those got to deal as we just get a bunch of talent and hope it works and it doesn't or did you know because of the people involved. That this was not just one of those deals where you would desperately trying to win now and you had the right combination. I thought I did I do you know got her really wouldn't I would not sure. You know the couple had been together obviously they all came in in September. And they have worked out a month early we dug a ball was huge. For about voltage because they not only. Walked out but they had to play together and get to know each other. But again more near Rome and get the interaction with guys. You kind of felt that. This would not be that Gruber effective Kevin most of that credit because people. So focused and our shoot around the ballpark. On the third day and we put our all and then probably they probably two to three hours picture of 23 debate in the world. Because he wanted to get it down you wanted to get the whole pregame and you can see them the other guys like gosh we're gonna bureau very. But. Because you didn't wanna hear it everyone did it. And you just felt that. It would work the only course I care what our guys and and it's always going up to the playoff. I was really nervous about that we hadn't been kept W. You know I didn't think we really had any terrorist northern recklessly to my desk covered all star break you know we've also present in the world. But to me you could really wasn't much but have no. More than we're coming up bridge. And there have been together so I was concerned about that and then obviously you didn't sort of well for the Atlanta and then go through that tough series and bingo direct answers your Cleveland you know now that we survived about bottom the most important thing that happened to a failure. A duck it's probably your nature to be shy and demure and humble and deferential when people walk up to you as I'm sure they have. Since she won and will do it go on fourth through this offseason. And look you in the eye and tell you that was amazing you kick the crap out of Phil Jackson from a one on one coaching standpoint what do you say to those people can feel what that's what everybody science. Well I have made it flattering I can tell you that is really nice to hear. You know but it did having said that it it. The players up there execute the plan. Put it in the debate I had twelve guys who are willing to listen committee and follow me. Whether we're up by you know twenty or down by warning and then really I think that what they're. Innocent peoples and Mike Woodson almost kicked your ass big regret it were a bit hypocritical right duck it's tougher to defend in the last well the third the second and the fourth series. LeBron or Coby who presents more problems for you and Tom. Oh gosh they're they're both you know flooded common I would sit in my office Rudolph would have gotten help this to pick up the very well why were there met Jordan's. What builder you know. Bring my kid to the facility religion this. Played basketball. Been competent but would have been redistributed to offer a look at that we're we're talking about that and we went back and forth wanted to go if I think we've settled on Kobe. Disaffected who can shoot the basketball. And now and so many different angles. Been burned the ball. Did you keep it they both are very very tough we we both fought the cup series force with coolly. There are entire several Martin hill. Brought about what happened today is to know the lakers talked with a couple series we had. In our minds Cleveland and then that would probably the biggest supplies. The playoffs we actually thought going into the playoffs we vote we're whereas obviously in the warm seat. But we love the Cleveland within that he's as well because we didn't think going into the series that they were strong. And we were proven wrong maybe worried difficult period because there have been a different opinion that we play beside themselves. Speaking of defense doc do you expect to lose to the dough and or Posey. No I don't tell me Colby opposite would free agency we don't know. Definitely not. I wanna do you that I wanted him to deteriorated trojans and you know whatever nobody got. They both are people called about both folk. But no one did you don't want an interview. You know I don't know if the fact that we are still playing hurt though or both of the guys are not. Actually made some calls the GM mark felt about both guards. So you know all the dubbed pool. You know I don't I don't and to remove the door and then it would pulled. You know that it did help regards and no free agencies are mom put Israel up I don't know that. And then we're gonna have to. Try to get him back he was important Norton. Speaking of fielding phone calls or not taking double what have you been offered and turned down and or accepted into on the championship doc. The cardinal a lot or daughter to look at the you know did little deal here and there are pretty much go to. Do what I do be invisible and Summers but that. A good time on the golf course you got provided of course like to play well it's. And then I haven't been invited. A couple of our garden opened by the video. Two week brought trip where they would pay the whole trip in the private Torre in the at all where I've been picked him up ormat part of the deal. The seat your Smart guy that I don't know no Leno or Letterman or Conan for you doc. He go up to the path of I really tried to disagree about the players and obviously would. They in my little world and have fun and enjoy it. They we we we've read bits and pieces about the last year's doctoral things in you're going to be a veteran O'Neal on the ducks today. I was the rent was the rest of the public sit around with cameras around their necks as well or was it the private doctor or between you in the players. They were just a private tour exist already Kevin and myself and then that guy. Driving the boat with sec remember the very interview were great you know you kind of knew that. That's saying much about when they were silent. He went into the normal book tour the it would put it covered cargo in your blood toward the building go over your but he did the Duck Tour. As the direct talks sort of pitchers who thought it didn't do would have. Go fight in Jordan and different. The bridge that that could trip went under it this is where don't want to abate all of them but let me every did you believe a tremendous look deduct. War ended employers look at you like your aptly crazy. Women do when apple remote you know there are sitting in my apartment in the lobby and the vocal about. And let the let go their elected and it and then more walked out of the boat bearer who could interpret the greatest wrestler. Like what they had so we don't bode well amid a wake up extremely early. To develop to be apartment all of it right award. You didn't know exactly what we're doing but he knew about the Gupta were there what we've got all American waited a little bit different what we're gonna take. That towards him to do and and this put the red carpet and that with the patriot redundant and so. Bit Altria and other big twelve inflation did it definitely got into team goals and what I needed from film. In order for afterward. Were people on the sidewalk recognizing you guys wave and a scream miniature. You know two people can give and it's amazing we weren't looted cars fitted thing you know what. There was cover it you know we're talking so much that no one noticed yet but I remember one guy at a stop light before agreed. And it actually yelled. You're terrible cup so. Who over the dialogue he called on corporate and everyone else. Did you go in the water and are not going in the right today did. Yeah we did the water we did everything. A dark we talked with young prospect yesterday and and god knows he was delirious but he said last year. You know in one of the meetings some of the meetings they had with a all the basketball staff and his staff and everybody that occasionally. The idea would be floated that maybe we should change coaches and you know that that happens in every organization no surprise do you but he also said. They also often wondered whether you were thinking of moving on you know personally send in an arc of fire me I'm leaving the. It's funny how. Don't Nobel. You know more due to firmly been conceived. Obviously. You know very and you could call me and until they have a contract. You know god what my agent and you know America trek that war coverage through a good week. Before it landed actually driven drowning. And we golf in the Danny after the round is they don't have something of our current event like Yugoslavia. And I hope they don't really they were flooded because you know I draw did I went back and forth orbit. And no I'm kind of cited Iraq in the parking lot of Ted Turner Gil golf course on public David Carr. You do are when what month was this. That was all pretty light up and I have to warn your laps led knew if I didn't cited what in the big deal. You know but I just give gore back and forth because. You know I wasn't sure I mean most coaches obviously but there are different all the fairly trouble in bad and you know that we did have to attribute in a row. But I in the targeted a very objective obviously. Doug I guess is about an hour and a half from now when you end your players in particular three took on the duck boat tour. Club or those ducks will be a smile and a and M a glance and a handshake. Exchange as you were called the first time Iran there but my guess is. This one's gonna feel a little different than the one whether it's the four of you were on board. Yet sure where much of the cab over here to be your radar. They would my tumor in my puma board and I'm probably already have made felt crowded streets were. And now while people are DePaul and I mean that this at all compellent just feet. That something we've done. Has brought so much joy to so many people did earlier you underestimate that. Already. You know you really humbled by other conditions that. Part of what should handicapped who is most likely to pull Papelbon. Enters blood on the back on today. It is very. That was there. Don't doubt about you know who will be the wild. It is definitely appropriate. And one just completely. Irrelevant question and did Sampras cell. Did you ask him wanna go in the game six go play a couple minutes and Easton let those guys out there. Don't really classy. It is critical to our bureau I've been here before and I'll be here now in let you guys play and have fun baby blue. And I assume you think the cell and PJ brown that time is done here. Deducted oak. And in a lot of ways I hope that if there's he would PJ. You know he told me it's probably over. That there were offered at the forefront there have been. We have been dipped a talker did probably but I didn't start laughing. But I could feel good about coming back I'm not sure if you were auto review one world. I don't think I'd think you should that technical put taunting and you put. And big debut on Gasol and that was distance that the seven foot. And you put this little six with every is seven 66 a six. And you put a guy who was retired in home with us and we February on Gasol. Yeah that was part of you know those who expect not realistic about it but he's that good comes the bad guy like total reported that their move. They're good to have you plan about. But I told vetted before the damage this at a I don't feel for abated but bottom going to be and energy today and video of these played well the notepad again but I. The dip understood doesn't really in his bid would default. Well doc as we wrap this thing up for the final time this season on behalf of Jerry and all of our listeners who enjoyed every single conversation with you. During the course of this amazing and very entertaining season. I personally thank you for your honesty and your candor and your patience and your ability to listen to some of our stupid questions and actually ask McQueen back answer like we know we're talking about and really shed some light on what's been a tremendous season to watch even while far doc. Thanks Ramirez are roomier recruited out regular. Are brought to court. For a moderate this year and are more prudent alternative taller and smiles as part of the last year as well. Yeah I don't have our people get in touch with your people to get signed shirt and you have a Paula you signing it. I will bear recruited and will get the bucket and noble side will get this thing to the shamrock foundation and earn some big bucks for tomorrow. I'd love doctors enjoy yourself today well deserved operated. Doc Rivers with him now.