WEEI Classics: Jeff Bauman joins D&C with Kirk just 11 days after the Boston Marathon bombing

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Monday, April 16th

4-26-2013: Jeff Bauman calls into Dennis & Callahan with Kirk shortly after the Boston Marathon bombing to discuss his recovery, how Carlos Arredondo saved his life, and how he helped law enforcement capture the Tsarnaev brothers.


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I do you know we deliver one about him and told them his story. We have detailed his struggles in his in his heroism their own papers they were political bug Jeff. Now we get to talk to the man himself joining us on the phone is Jeff Bowman I do and Jeff. Dario excellent excellent I saw you the other day and it told everybody. That you look great it sounded great contagious first off tell us how was the recovery going Jeff. It's going to go out. But they're hurt every day. And you are already into the rehab phase which I couldn't believe what's that like. Well it just started my physical training. And an occupational training yesterday and the you know. A lot of well you got a lot of famous visitors when you're in the hospital all the site tell him I'll consider him mismanaged so I tell who gave it to see you Jeff care. I had compatriots players and the attitude you know when he's not gronkowski. He's Ridley. And then now rather crude McCain while a pretty cool. Like that on this is disease is uncle and who was yeah of course who dials Bradley Cooper time in the hangover. On that I was just like out of the blue was that Jeff. Yeah he came in un first of this Julian Edelman and he came up and then. Yeah I guess. They're gonna go against Bradley Cooper none of oil which up that there are choking but. He was there. What about drug house I was drunk. He would who brought it got autographs and everybody. Yup yup that important was awesome and the board yeah sure sure the important. The did it out leaving. There we can't forget Thornton he and he said he was gonna come see again you couldn't have been that could've been nicer. Jeff I was obviously there for a while talking embody Sully and Sully told me the story and it's just incredible. A view I believe you were there for one day it couldn't talk he had tubes coming out everywhere you were in real pain. And yes Sully yes solid for whatever on the pencil and paper and started writing and selling Hussein and his hands to started shake and I mean. And I know you're not comfortable with this annoy your humble quiet guy but the main that was the first big break in the case when you tell us about it. Yeah a lot of you out of still colleges smaller node being. Transported. From the system glass plate to the hospital. There and whole time. When I went out in the hospital I was given description so again I the first guy and they go out there Patton. That is in the glasses aviators in the public auction that rebel Tamil suspect number one right. Yes but that one of the real adamant about it and then when I don't. Yeah but it it will come through out there. On the out of first. Operationally. Yahoo!. All around my room. And interpret. Sully had delayed run out and get somebody ready and say hey kid in here. We. Will we act we got something to say and you couldn't even talk about appointment. Art and when when you find out they got a mountain in that what did you find out that that was him that you helped cracked the case. Probably don't know what like last last Wednesday. Wednesday or Thursday. It just oftentimes when somebody's injured they don't remember what happened and we your car victims say heavily remember getting in the car that morning when I have my car accident but that's not the case for the New York remember pretty much everything. What you remember in the moments leading up to. The BB explosion in terms of making eye contact with this guy and and and what you're thinking at the time what he remembers specifically about the moments just before during and after. Wolf followed with my way my girlfriend drew made it and the reverend great time in Hulu watching the runners are removed have a great time. And the kids now one guy you know he didn't look like he was cabinet it's not so. He was right next to me you know at that point and he had a tag and yet it collapses via the a look at kind of like. A mother likes what church that the deal. And those formalities it's an odd guy is struck me and that's what I remember of them in there and next thing you know he. Yeah I hear fireworks and I'm on the ground you know. And and the next thing you know you're being transported with some crazy cowboy. Hang in on the RO. I saw them he got the that you wrote in and around open everybody and then. McCain and could help me he helped me he's even in this crazy you'd go on not help and everybody uses. He was like cattle off. You know it his adrenaline definitely definitely kick in. Are you thinking at that point you're gonna make it. Not really that Yahoo! actually Juan Carlos picking up and threw me into the wheelchair and then had been outplayed aren't. Maybe I ended and they can put. Before that no way I thought of some. Carlos told us that two things he wanted to accomplish with you Jeff was to stop the bleeding as best he possibly could which he did pretty good job. I doubling as he didn't want you'd necessarily to see exactly where you know what had happened to you at what point did you see when it happened you were you aware of of what it happened. Yeah I. Yeah. How does bring process that. In my brain Crockett how to separate process that we see that you didn't look like you're panicked and Carlos said he talked to Lisa due unbelievably composed. Yeah. I can't do it. I won't. Who thought that up at that point you know. I was explained people are sitting before this year were kinda laid back and humble and you weren't. You know you weren't like some people in your family your uncle particularly work on your mind you kind of level headed guy in and that you looked that way even in the worst circumstance and Carlos said. He wasn't sure if you know you know mated if you weren't such a good patient. Yeah I mean her I would definitely heard but I you are out. Of the mood actually is you know. So so you actually look this person in the eyes and gets sunglasses on but you you made eye contact with this guy. You know and immediately you know something wrong. Yeah. You either didn't seem right you know so you know it's. You know ideally side somebody up there and others thought that probably puts the current problem yeah. And how long before them explosions that Jeff. Are you know it. That it could have been five minutes then two minutes it was. It would quit you know. I know you're there and then it was gone and then pull. Jeff how long after the explosion how. Longer process quip was it before that for Carl's got junior at the hospital do you have any memory Belfast the process that was or. No wolf. It seemed like ten minutes right you know not good athletic. It's probably more like fifteen minutes and that it would quit. Did you hurt where everybody was the actual int he is that the hospital staff was actual then this. And they like cute too when they moved to a phony got a standing ovation from like all the nurses. As he was such a good patient did you. After you told Sully what you saw. Right there are men are FBI agents running in the Roman and cops investigators. They weren't there or that they were there from. From the moment I was going from the moment I was talking great when I got for the hot button. It when I showed up in the ambulance. Oh. And and that was that was sketch artist ever brought in so they actually drew a picture of where they just took your description the words of your description. Yet they brought it they. Wolf for the first suspect that they did that took. The description. But then there were a bit then I think that he thought that saw the second suspect in on Mike Warren days they had extra charge them. As he drew a picture ended it looked like the guy that we now know as suspect number one. I would like your amazing just you know it's unbelievable that though the picture in everybody's seen pictures you the famous one with you and Carlos. Even more than that Jeff as you bring me and that the birthday gift for a Sydney Corcoran and eighteenth birthday wanna talk about it tear Jerker that the man and around the around the world tell us how that all went and she was a couple doors down but what made you go and visit her on her birthday. We'll what Michael Turner. Or an early age you don't she's doing great until I. She would tell me about them. And didn't hug there like their story. And she got a card from them and I had a launch itself from law Costco that's where I worked and they've been great also and they've they've probably a bunch electronic stuff so all political. Your girls can get burned to cut down Hiller and that's what up to instructor at the cellular. Out of your girlfriend I'll find out you were not waiting four at the finish line and taken to the hospital how to that line of communication open up just. Here you know which it took it took a long time partner to find out. That she would still like a mile out. Luckily she cramped up and she was a mile and they get achievement that the finish line at Portland people finish. Along. Argument yet she was very confused Sudan now. How long standing in that spot as we hear so many stories of people who were headed that direction or for whatever reason didn't go there or were there and left were you somewhere else just arrived there or you state that's spot up for a long period of time. No you will shortly saw Erin actually. Everywhere I think wearable. What's the what's the curb. Where we're commonwealth. But just 35 yup it's that need that would fire out there right. Yeah we went there which are that was really fun there was a lot of people there and on each. Do we picture by the crowds came running overseer to hug and stuff we had a I. And now we read it there and then we went down to the finish line which we thought it was going to be a good idea him. And yet we just tried to find the best spot to get. That a picture ever you know a policy all of you standing there. We did our so listen that no let and now they're probably true it 25 minute and. Didn't and I talked to aaron's shoes has every intention of running next year and finishing next year. What are what are your plans Jeff you're going to be at the finish line. And ammonia or somewhere along somewhere along the route. Yes that but my guess is the BA we'll have a place a wonderful history were Jeff and and and other patients as well. Yes. You know I think you already are. An inspiration everybody on the text line there was Collison Telus but I I saw you and action. And get noticed quicker should it get in a rehab as quick as she didn't think there are a lot of kids you know younger than you. You know as you know you've met some of the victims who are gonna look at you and say hell like a conduit to a man aren't you you have you met some not just Sydney cork and you Mets among the victims as soon. In the hospital. I I really I really did I I didn't I didn't get it. You know it's you that they hadn't seen that everyone played their room and the three time though not a lot of room it was this lake I can't really spend them which I'm in the wheelchair. And I get tired. But I didn't have enough time there the other victim yet. How how much of the thing did you watch MTV aside the TV on and on on the news in your real moments and Ozzie keeping up with it and everybody ski and a well now you're couldn't put did you fall things like the rest of us did. You know every day all the developments. You know watched a little bit of it I didn't follow it you know it is true talks but yeah I know I then forwarded. Probably what most people that. What about when they got them what about when you found out that. The guy you saw was was run over literally by his brother. Yeah. I mean we'll. Without problems. He pled no facility area. The group today at the doctors Jeff outline what the next domino couple months are going to be like for you in the in this process. Yeah that's the flaw though getting much upper upper body strength. I would itself physical training him on spiritual training in. How much gonna get my hearing back here in Charlotte I can't hear for an hour. Home yet getting my strength so what can go home. Ought to say when I knew you going to be okay and Sully combing he walked in the room I don't know what there was Thursday Wednesday. Lisa you looked up to is that Harry looked lieutenant Dan Patterson ordered that sounds like. Sounds like Jeff. No I'm joking around. I knew that and they did you what was it like quit net Carlos earned all of him into the room was an emotional time when you met Carlos. Yeah very emotional very emotional so. I mean that's so much of the day we talk every day. Excellent you excellent I'd I'd tell him this John and Kirk a tellem mote you know the Red Sox want to throw the first but he doesn't impair analysts say. They want to do with Carlos and you know his face plates of these like awesome I'll do that I mean that's that's where it kind of looks that it so. You're gonna do it with Carlos correct that's the plan. Yeah I'll booed Karl. If you're either gonna have like Carlson's. Though he didn't Fedora that he is out for Rory when it in the visiting here. There you can a lot of stuff that hats and shirts yeah. They gave you know like oh yeah double side and the Sun City law. Can credit many just snuck in the back door one day right pop then. You know cameras. Jeff I'm gonna try this is not meant to be an insensitive question but but I'm listing your voice and you don't sound angry you don't sound. Just off the can I ask you what your feelings are about. The man who did this to you and so many other people. Yeah I'm problem on pit Kia obviously bush I mean. And perhaps you know they'll look forward. And then I mean it's a great attitude your Lebanese to underline that there are other people too who lost their lives to feel in anyway like. You know you got a lot you can view a lot to live for now. Yeah yet. Had a lot to look for before who developed. But the move forward now. Will we appreciate that I know they have big plans for you to I don't Wear you out that's the they want to miss and they're gonna Wear you out at rehab want to work that you like you elect calisthenics. At at 8 o'clock and I mean they're gonna work you hard. Best of luck Geoff but god bless you. What report to a good thank you like usually it's on my friend good luck look forward to shaking your head at them apart UN Carlos. Aren't. Jeff Bowman from all Maria won't work. I'm Tonys and an unbelievable attitude that's wise ardea across. Which I couldn't believe and he literally did they cart among all the people look and leave them. It was inspirational as the world of people including corporate fail or across the hall and Lyle. You know this healing thing is real it's he got out and he's gonna have a hospital you know in nine days that. Nine belief in the attitude of a lot to do into rehab and then he's gonna think he's probably for six weeks of rehab. He's gonna you know he does have a lot to live for he is going back to the work he's going back to his life. And I think a lot of people look at him as is a great example rated super I'm alive and he's dead. That is sit there and perfect. As perfect it's someone put that on T shirt I'm alive and he's dead. And you know what it's not just him it's there and narrow the people who are victims who did not come through. I would have so it's it's such such repay a a feeling of satisfaction I did even a little bit. Help people find us this animal. Angelica that a lot but just a little bit ago we are under rating what he did yes or no room for a certain reason I'll school is that they he he provided the first description of the sky. And his friends solely described to me because shifts obviously got a lot on his monologue on easily tells me. He writes at on the thing at black hat sunglasses. And a black bag the immediately that he runs out they run in their comps investigators FBI and bring them in. Then they go back on the go fool the film all the pictures and what do they do they look for a guy with a black hat and sunglasses he got a lot easier. He broke the bleep in case now should be a place Africa known about the sky before. I think we covered that ground they didn't they dropped the ball and I wonder if not project. And it's still avail there still is there was their big explosion in Times Square. You know three days later I've you know. Considered to what extent that narrow down the search right after they were looking at all these images they were asking for people to send in video and any images they had they didn't know what they were looking they were looking for somebody. I don't know with a backpack I suppose when they realized that was a backpack was blown to smithereens could cause side both of those but they didn't what the people like extra wide. And and and you gotta be 101000 people on the lord's it'll wouldn't have levee surely that's what they get. A look at for one guy and I'm Donald feet help anybody help to alone they even thought there was two guys they didn't think this two guys at this point. But they're looking for black hat sunglasses. Whatever that jacket was penalties it was like leather but it was a little heavy that. For that crowd not watching the race not smile and when an interesting he says it was have a great time except him up for him witches. If the image you get with the second bomber with Marc Rich's at front and all these kids just having a blast in this miserable smog evil bastard right behind him. So they kept that order right away wherever that where's that warehouse seaport district that we LLC port someone's in that warehouse going over every film including the laden tale film. Now what Dominik got a black cats and sunglass sports within ten minutes dribble he's able to remember at first evidence secondly you put that together to check out suspicious in in India that yes that's iPhone also interesting because the picture of the first picturesque south Carlos and Jeff did not appear that he was in shock and other Obama. Yeah well at these are just totally aware and conscious the said he got his lady often said he hopes that up yet that an open Carlos Holmes is probably more lottery right and talking to them. He's like conversing with them I was thinking the same thing or ones that the sampling. Are you aware of what's happening to you yet and he was just was any was bombed out now he was upset he was angry he was in pain. But he was slick and I saw something and it's amazing this is one day later. Second year you go through that kind of dramatic injury and you wouldn't be able fixed rate for a month one day. Later some pretty sure it was on some payment yeah he was totally drugged up and he sand. Don't even asking him he's asking them yes give me appeasement proactive attitude his. It's unbelievable you can imagine I mean what happens if it doesn't if he doesn't see the guy if he doesn't mean do we know to be looked at times where it might have been. I I think it's not. A stretch to say those other explosives they don't call often an empty street Morton break right. They go off on that somewhere there one other pressure Kirk bomb and they know how to use them. That's going off somewhere and doing some damage if not for Jeff. Those pipe bombs or whatever they call those crude homemade bomb just two of went off on an empty street Monica those aren't going off. There and they're going off somewhere crowded they are doing some damage if not for chip. I have the composure and the poise the guts to say it's house. I'll we'll take a brick 6177797937. Dale Arnold joins us in the 8 o'clock hour Greg Bedard in the nine Woolsey that.