The WEEI Fantasy Football Hour: Gearing up for Week 1 - 9-8-18

Fantasy Football Podcast
Saturday, September 8th
WEEI Fantasy Football Hour: Jim Hacket and Pete Davidson of break down the fantasy implications and big moves in anticipation of Week 1 in the NFL.

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Right out to get used to saying good evening now usually on at 8 o'clock in the morning declined to state church run laughed and hopefully get some you guys drive and on up there I'm Jim Hackett. And alongside his feet David's annoyed big. I'm good body area I'm doing good happy Saturday night. Yes the statistics it is it's a little did I actually grocery like you know slamming classic rock around right now I kind of excited to reduce issues but the morning anyway this. But will guy I think we're gonna do Libya for a couple hours so we're gonna I you know give the Tennessee football people that we talked through and on Twitter. In have been teasing this all week a lot was a lock the NFL's late. And they'll walk through the teams you get to articles that rot this week. On lots of players whose values as high impact players as you can get for you of the daily Tennessee football views and draft kings or whomever you like that's still going man. Yeah the seasonal traps pretty much shot but. Still planning a daily stuff to do here incline yeah no doubt in it but what we will start the the thing off with the with the biggest game. In this world and for me knows a 1 o'clock at the pats use and only get into that there's a lot of tennis of potential there but. It's a great in the talk about it is yeah there's so much and we're right here in new women wanna hit that kind of hard. And a lot of the guys that you featured both on the high impact side. Of your article in the back side are available for Wii New England Patriots fans throughout the dig into. Yeah I mean if you just went through the slate and we are in some random city. We would still wanna talk about past Texans yeah because. I mean Davis's is on this thing you know looking at probably fifty points combined and you know when it comes to answer points you wanna be the where the stats are that's going to be in this game. Yeah no doubt about it couples are challenged to discuss are so many unknowns in terms of injuries it's gonna go there in upside. Not a case I was just say able off the top with Houston and it's you know for them it's a big deal will fall or. Yeah easy he's on the plane any meat is making the trip but he's been questionable. Heading into this thing for awhile and why bring him up a you know great little player. But the patriots have done a really good job the last couple years neutralizing. DeAndre Hopkins and he really. You know put a lot of focus on him and invariably that's gonna open up for somebody right but if willful was not there. That's a big problem for Houston yeah I mean that. Teachers have done a pretty good job on Fullerton and haven't shut him down but they've kept him from going off that makes any sense yet. Obviously it has been a grievous islander or something like that but you know he's been five for fifty ish. In most of these games you beat Hopkins and thank them outside assessed Fuller that's definitely it's from so you know if the patriots can do that. If they can keep him from fighting is on a couple times and making keep him. Just from going off I think that'll be enough to agree in the last time pitchers since a little Fuller who sprinting down. The field Brock Oslo was playing the game in his life and went right through his off disease well that's that's the bugaboo from well mom and but he. Listen if Fuller is less than a 100% or not playing. That is huge for the pitchers because it makes playing defense much simpler they can just. But a single high safety out there and you know back Ike keeps tabs on. On Hopkins over the top and in the rest of what's going on the teachers can deal with so. Nam that would be really helpful would even the tables. Nicely in terms adamant being. You know down and and on the other side of the football you know. Much has been made in you know rightfully so with the with the the depleted weapons quote unquote the Brady has coming into the season and receiver right. But you guys talked a lot in our show a bunch is cut out the patriots approach thing I've been beating this drum for awhile. And I put in my called a couple weeks ago is that you know. Yes the receiver corps as light. But what they do have our top pass catchers they just they don't they don't Wear the tagged of you walk in you can rock the buck stopping him. And then you you got three running backs who can catch the ball on one of them probably isn't gonna play. But with with Birkhead and white you know you want those guys up all over the field and making use them not only out of the backfield in the passing game but. Particularly for Kennedy can split him out west. Yeah album and I mean if Birkhead is totally one point 2% if that news of a non issue for him and he could definitely took a potted damage in the slot he could he could. Literally just play in the slot only pay if they wanted to use in that way he's got the capability. Com. I don't know what his lateral mobility is with that maintenance. Features to a really good job keep us keep us in the darkness to. And it's it's this is a perfect week for them to do that because you really don't have to disclose a whole lot we want because. Nothing's happened yet other than pre season you know need to really. The first report they had to put out was Wednesday right exactly and so you know and and Birkhead has been it's an issue Perkins Michelle yeah you're right Andy Berke has been like that. Pretty much all offseason you know we didn't really see him in the pre season game one we might seem a little bit but. And Nancy Michelle little and we talked about this last year and it's you know. Are in this audience doesn't know much all of Burke at our our morning snowboarding audience knows for sure I thought market should have been the starter in Cincinnati when they Ngo and tell them I'm a big fan he was fourth on the depth chart I don't know never made any sense well berm there are medium Smart team and patients are really Smart team it. A bomb. A fully healthy Birkhead gives them all kinds options he's multiple he's multiple out of the backfield but he can also break formation a huge weapon for pre. In his skates in the hole is one of the things about this game is the patriots definitely have ways they can win this game. I'll NIC and it definitely. But how much do they want it exposed pretty and how much they really want exposed Birkhead it he's a little acting up to the user whose entries crucial. Update but Birkhead also just for the entire season. Is a very important part. Bomb and you know that they're down him and analysts of these he'd clutch play makers that fit the system. Their crucial for the for the long term success for the long term parts of the season. That's the big thing that's the big difference during this year last year ever had grit and played for four weeks and he had six touchdowns and people like they didn't know Obama while this guy complain and Downey went. But the difference is they have the full complement of receivers including him and I was now Miami and also deal Lewis. Regularly through Hogan's injury that yeah through perkins' injury right and they had the death to do it it's a little bit different this year and that the pair the offensive paradigm until admin gets back is going to have to be a little different. As as I wrote in the article that just went up today. A bomb you know. When they had Welker if something happened they can go to cattlemen and when Andelman was a primary guys some have been in the could go to Amendola in that whole chain is is outrage now. Now and you know pretty relies on the guy who can uncover quickly so the gonna have to find new ways to do it with this with this group a calm down knowing. The picture coaching staff and Brady they probably will yes but it's gonna be interesting to see how they go about doing. Yet the purse is that this really be agency personnel wise it's too got a guy like. Hollister is actually. Not playing is that he's the guy they kind of like that they could sneak in there are a little bit. But I don't I didn't realize he is you know way out so I don't know he's questionable we've seen you know get back to your point with the patrons you don't don't particularly and we want we just don't know. He would just a few guys who could get. You know for the people don't know who is it might go after this game as he definitely going to be systemic and affect a lot of guys on the other side of the audit right Griffin. Leno tonight and who's not exactly a household name he could make a bit of an impact. Yeah I think that's the willful or doesn't play you know it it's gonna be interesting to see how Houston goes about it. And I think you're right Griffin the tide and Mike the guy the guy is a long time. Pete Davidson we're a bond dot com guy who really just kind of fell on deep on Dempster as for Bruce Ellington. It didn't let certain that's a couple a lesser known Ellington yeah. Although at this point maybe not but yeah I think Ellington. He's very look at the patriots last year taught master knows it week to week three to three ads on them. Caught a touchdown and I mean more than a touchdown he was making some big first down please use targeted. I thought my adequacy or started like eight times out something on what catches went forth and yet so. You know he's a guy. You know they just cut Braxton Miller and you know he's probably a big reason why so I think Ellington got to look for tomorrow particularly on third down yeah. It is a consulate he is he's a different player than a guy like him until about eight in the sense that you can order a bond third Downey can come through. He's got to watch and that's where they're on the run was going to be the road for the patriots a lot of us and it's a game for both is that it's gonna should be a really good football game if you can take here. You know patriots glasses off and just watch it is a football game a big gonna enjoy it. I hear Pat's film like me you could that is fair for me it's all part of I think it's going to be a heck of a football game but also to. You could get a little that September rust you know I think they always roll out slowly what. In the playoffs at the end of 2016. Yup it is technically 2017 yup pom they've had pre season games. They've played in the regular season last year. You've got coaching staffs that know each other very well out. On there's not going to be a lot of trickery in here that you know which are seen before you've got to blending of the coaching staffs. Obviously O'Brien's got guys that where in New England so. And there's a lot of familiarity year and it's going to be itching to see how they come out of becoming aggressive they're feeling each other out from but. When it comes to the patriot offense I've heard everybody say it and I agree with that that that they're gonna wanna get the ball at ovaries hands you know that makes perfect sense. And I agree with that black. You know the page two really good at. Fighting weaknesses and attacking them you know. And the weakness that I see in the Texans defense is you know the back and look at how do you get to the back end. Without giving their front and a chance without giving. You know who who want Clooney. Some looks at Brady yeah it's that's the kind of gymnastic actually too is how do they exploit the Texans secondary without leaving Brady out there against his clock cleaned and this is not you know ten years ago they said paper remake it had a little sweet you know but you know into that now I yeah I don't know how many times I wanna leave them open. You know it's interesting you know so it's a I wonder if they might try to who you know set up what they do so well the quick release short passing game. With a couple plays that looks downfield not show the gonna do that yeah filter what you can get down there we know what I mean Paterson to pile on to talk America's. But not worried about them beating the secondary what I'm worried about them is doing fast enough. You know yeah. I mean if if if if Brady has time to look downfield and throw I think they're gonna have a lot of success with a lot of different people. I just don't know. You know with this current state of the patriots line and you know pass rush being the strength of the Texans yeah. Which we can have some issues because it in Italy it is these notably in these advocates of this next point which is with the patriots now. You talk about being guzzling pick to be multiple you know like Rex Burkhead James White a guy you really can't be whites are asleep at this year's yup and we'll get an additive Birkhead is though is more things than they're letting on. While white could have. He wanted to be a guy you would want in your drafting lineups like in the keys for K yankees could not a bad idea he could have like twelve to fourteen looks the and you get the obvious issues you go heavy on white and then markets find it. Birkhead DC sort I have to. Keep your head on a swivel Aron and keep your for a little bit them both sides of the offense yeah he's four he's 4004 K on draft in which is was that and it's Berkett 42 yes so in a certain sense they're interchangeable so if you've got a lot upper candidate for summaries of these deactivated. You can go right to white. Yeah as a as a replacement. That's worth yet it doesn't CP on the pats is like you know. Those guys can be multiple LeBlanc and that they have on the team. And backed McCain it's. Is Jeremy held he's going to be a guy does get over a big matchup play and I'm wondering. With such a with with such a pass rush in Houston that they don't may be kind of struggling on Google I listen he could get. A lot of Kerry's I it was I mean again depending on the actual status of Berkett we don't know. If that means healed and over or for something that's gonna linger we just don't know and you know if if Birkhead is game and Michelle is indeed out I would imagine that those gonna get a lot of care. And you know. Is he as multiple as Birkhead now the company dot. But he is more multiple and calculus yeah but once before him yeah yeah I mean. Jeremy Hilton can can. Can catch the ball you know he can he can catch swing pass he can knock you people afterwards so you know they can involve him in the passing game but he doesn't. He doesn't change with the defense does by his mere presence work but it's sick and four right you'd have to burn it to make a play. You don't give me an architect and littering go to the slot if he's healthy he goes slot against the slot corner. The hot honoring Mexican. In terms charting hope open it up for a guy like birth candle light or you know by any underneath guys you know you do have a few guys who get down the field on one easy one for. Which is I think is the play up the seemed a crock they can just do that. Every time they have the ball and Cephalon at say is that it's almost like it's not that he did I don't as that is it sure looks that way it you know but in certain gains for sure. But like you know. I think Rockies look like it again like this is the first week of the season they get so many questions at wide receiver. He's got that I'm afraid like if you know what's common fear of many like good luck stopping them that that's kind of my feeling on that the other thing is. You know Hogan has been a deep threat over the course of the last couple years or he's been healthy into it we knew and I know. Philip to a second get down the field a lot of patriots fans have you seen that yet that I can fly so I'm wondering if there's that's got long. Easy speed and he's the kind of guy you may not realize how fast is because it looks like he's not running I glides it. He's he's he can actually fly I mean clearly door set has been kept around for some reason right. On and I think clearing out stretching the field media catching occasional pass you know that's what it's about you know if you watched patriots Texans last year. A bomb has just gone for memory I can recall several instances where they were using. Door set a line jet sweeps back at upping network I think only once have they actually give the ball but they were freezing linebackers we creating you know creating some good running opportunities. Now what they like that against Texas last stressing a reason they would like it this year and it they're using Paterson. In that way. He'll have a bigger impact if you'll strict more fears that the yen and religious and help people I don't. Sort. But I think sometimes people forget about you but I think sometimes people forget the Corel Madison 220. Is a big he's a big strong guy very large but the thing is when you see him with the sweet feed him and but the fact I can do. And he can literally chew people out there shorts and and and he's a fact of potentially this week because he if you huge fan if you need to get the ball out quickly. Like care where you are if you're on your own twenty year in the red zone. You can and no one's that are get the ball quicker than Brady I think in the Super Bowl victory in Seattle he was averaging one point nine seconds getting. You're getting there quickly to Patterson why we're talking mostly give you stuff we're talking out. Screen flat and it lateral stray bullet you know jet sweeps. But you're the one thing could do it Paterson that mr. cradles them you can just motion amend. They come out with an empty backfield motion out of some back there and just awesome ball. And run you can look you know. Ivan I don't think they did that all pre season that he attic area I don't think he did it seem get a guarantee that a lot of quick screens and write in in week three and four and he showed animal line yet they showed the real obvious stuff to the frequency active data and I didn't see a whole lot of real wrinkles with Paterson pre season and I doubt that's an accident that we DC lottery equals with them. You know I think I think you know obviously they could use him Jim they can simply care and its. Yeah being moved about. 33 prison ID moved him all over the field and in the backfield. Right I mean Anne and I think the other. Thing about Paterson that is maybe under. Reported you know again with his size. It's apparently a blocker days durable. Strong note and the patriots while big receivers who can block in space so. Bottom you know croc can block for Paterson and Paterson. Block for Prague we could steal little bit of that. He's he's a reversal football player and you know he'd get sort of pegged as a guy who busted. And a guy isn't happy Moodle climatic some people like at the wrong idea with in terms of how competitive player he has again. On you know Belichick saw something and I think that's one of the things he saw that they can get this properly. Centered get him playing in the right scheme called the right place for him. He can do some special things. When you had a good point a few weeks ago when we when we opened up in the morning and one of the things is when he was in Minnesota. They needed him. You know they needed Paterson and write the defense is new it they can get the tip of the spear right they could give a little bit of attention. And covered the pats are outside it's just us forty even like five weeks from you got Madeleine underneath two huge advantages yup you got crock. You've got Hogan. You've got a good solid running game. They're not going to be able to give him the attention needs and that's when you're really gonna see him do something special now tomorrow are about to see them kind of show him as a get him involved some weight and advocates is get them into wants that the need. With the plea to weapons but I'm looking forward to quarter all Paterson like October 4 and on. That's anomaly people. Yeah I mean I. Certainly in my. Touches will be harder to get elements back on taxes zones for her this guy's ball in if you go if you. You go go back to like you say Minnesota and the year two words he started to struggle. Paper. And when you when you talk to their coaches say well rapid can only one is giving him the ball wire using the sweeps. I remember clearly it is losing money if that's the problem. You know the costly teams are camp golf camp to that's the first thing they're trying to stop. But certainly well look at it while you still need to show it now they're gonna stop camping but. The patriots teams can't camp packs now. When Wendy Wendy Wendy pull him out many right jets' week whatever teams are going to be surprised. And it's gonna shake teams up and I think that's one of the big values. Is to the patriots is having guys. Without doing a whole lot you can shake things up with him. If I don't know if you remember two member Brad Smith he sportsmanship yeah I do similar player like Paterson but. Paterson ultra light yet on and he huge impact player jets jets to make it to the championship game. On he beat the colts ovals and into a bomb so. These types of players can make big impacts of Smart coach that knows I use them and that's after. Yeah and the versatility and is it will basically. You know Belichick pounds on this and and it's it's kind of a a narrative around here that you know they have an office sublime and he's adversely to play different positions or make the team. If they can play specialty is you make the team and it's no different offense. You know I have a guy like Paterson to basically he can be two different people for you. Our expert it can be two different people you know lining of Arafat put them out in the slot catch balls on the battle he can run hardy gunman at the goal line. Be multiple as you say then the depleted weapons don't as much right because you you're actually filling those holes with with people that you're kind of duplicating. The patriots that that and anybody. I I I agree that the only I am concerned that they don't have that dedicated slot. Player right now am I think it's really compelling I can't wait to see. How they play I mean obviously Hogan's excellence arsonists is anybody's slot but he's a slot receiver slot receiver of a different variety. Com those big tall day's big tall eat eat eat you know he runs vertical routes from the slot I mean. I don't know if you remember this when he came from buffalo ever is technically outside. That was the big thing right when he was about what's it like 75% of it is yeah apps from the slot. On now it's you know you're taught it talks about what he sat receive the truth matters of personal guys who complain to sixteen rated on the field line and a couple bombs that you know I don't know what some of the pictures displayed for girl yeah I'm just saying you know it's amazing how quickly perception changes that's. Yeah no doubt and again the aid they move the players around the use their personnel so with such versatility that you know. It's hard to kind of it's easy to label them right because they've doubled knock them they'll get a certain area this is what he does and that's a Paterson suffered from Milan demos a gadget guys kick returner. He's one that well I'll just one really good. At seeing one player does well yup. Verses what players doesn't do well I mean if a player has a problem that can't be worked around. Like running back fumbles yeah power back who fumbles adult that's a problem that might get you on on the bench that gap for a guy like Patterson you know. You know Belichick's outward about what you can't do because they're stupid yeah. If he looks up he looks at the stresses is that any game plans in the patriots are notorious for our. Game planning and that's what I'm saying like you might get a good Nixon if if again if Birkhead is teeing. When they need him in and that in the and to be multiple and in catching the ball more you make it a good splash of of Jeremy held the mark so that you did divert elsewhere organically. Hill and bill but more important until I think is just. You know and they come out and just be steady and move the ball on the field if they can move the football. With that you know we see Brady's home any time she's taken five yard seven yards up. Four yards five or seven yards Richard getting first downs moving the chains if they can just do that early. Then they can start opening up and taking shots because they will you'll slow that pass Russia. You can take the heart out of a pass rush they just can't get there the ball's coming up yeah. But they need to be able to do that once once they do move that once they catalog driver to I think this game really starts moving toward you know towards the patriots. From it to go wanted to be home you know that that the pats if it's been a difficult offseason for them. There are really adjusting with a lack of personnel they have and in the personal loss is that they have it's a go when to be home against the top of formidable opponent. Didn't have Brady right around now. Not gonna protect him and that that's another thing we should from the get into orbits the offensive line you know. I think people feel good about Trent brown at left tackle because he's a really big guy is a good is good you know good. Pedigree seemed to play well pre season. But the one thing that's such a gut punch that was terrible in August of that that again guided you can plug in play we need you know and they had a day just after pre season week to. It moved him to right tackle with markets can and ours are arguably have a solution. In potentially that down to their third stringer at right tackle so that's you know the offensive line is not a sure thing I think they've got good depth there. But it's it's being tested like right at the outset of the season right at the licensees. Mean coaches to the oil coach is good but gosh if you put this much pressure on the Al Scarnecchia son and I have the opportunity zoo you may remembering the interview with. Sebastian Vollmer right that we did them by the way he was like. Either execute the plays for the Celtics easier to stay lost a lot of mass of this is that but for a great guy came in the first question asked was it to something because he started football weight. In his in his life you know. It's you know in most kids like star acclaimed pop one he started like Angela quickly high school college. And as it's only about Scarnecchia and he just couldn't stop talking about so they've got. A really special coach and him who demands a lot. Who knows how to coach him up so they have some marginal guys of the stance and position versatility to the coach you can kind of get the most idle so the offensive line. In theory because they've got a lot of bodies there in the at the right coach there. Shouldn't be a problem. But it's it's something to watch because I think you know against atypical team I totally agree that this team is exceptional on the edge again why you go immerse rice is a accounting. You know they keep you. Balanced you can't even really concentrate on one of the other them. So it's going to be a challenge it is it is it there are formidable opponent and I think the page it's Oprah be about a strong challenge to them. When they leading get into the pats on the other side of the ball now. I watched. Pretty keenly during pre season and I like what I saw at the defense now they're really tough up front yeah I think the you know that was their line backing was a real. Real problem for them in the place in the in the playoffs on the Super Bowl they were exposed. But man upfront. They look tough they look tough and pre season I I like that they have in the secondary with Gilmore like Erik rock my body but he played. Pretty well on the Super Bowl is in the people and their knickers and an album welcome Butler but. I think defense is gonna take a step up advocates a level job this year I think used to might have a little trouble moving the ball politically if you know Fuller isn't there. Well yes I mean if if there's no Fuller who. Then I can set I think they can get away with a single high safety you know and then in and play a lot of man. Or around everybody popped up you know it's so yeah I think the the patriots are gonna have a lot of trouble Fuller's on the field I don't think he's a bomb in less. The Texans can run the Texas office of flights that looks in the things we think the patriots have issues on the well moment yeah sex yet and it's I feel bad Lamar Miller has its own two guided missile could have well groomed well mill they're gonna millers gonna be running mostly out of the gun and stuff so he's gonna be running win. The defense is set to be run on so I don't QB OK but yet they can't just say we're general ball. They're gonna have to not. Belting out the scheme to get him you know and into some space so you can operate but Alitalia. The patriots have some not some guys that they added Yost season is Danny Shelton takes up a lot of space and outline. And the only now they've got some some really Malcolm Browne is a guy stuffs the run well right I think that holds offensive line looks a lot better and nick I'd ice sense. In this country seasonal of that I I sense they're gonna be a little bit more aggressive. In terms of applying pressure doing different things I don't think they can do elastic as they were just so depleted linebacker with. But high tower you know remain. Yeah I mean I don't know how aggressive they're going to be with Watson just because you sort of fight. Yeah you need to contain it yet right that's that's Oscar I was just set I think they probably just try to. Stay in their everybody stay in your lane you know keep keep the quarterback in the pocket. Com and and me can beat you with his arm and a tank. Probably that won't happen. It's going to be it's going to be fun to see once and actually as we have seen to avoid expensive place its patrons he did he he he came to life against the features you know last year early in the year before remember he absolutely did that's what it's hard to happen for him because he's he's quite the hootie planner yeah credit he's and I I you know in week three pre season I thought he looked pretty good. He did he did not look like a guy coming off an CO and not talking about ample plays by. You know he looks alright to me you know I supposed to went Suze. Had his surgery later and had additional ligament in the picture that apparently it's the outside the ligament on in this case the yen and you know just to go back to what you said you hit the key thing. You know Watson got hurt really early in the season so an extra point this their surgeries were about about the part yeah that's you know that's it's a bigs if us that's a big difference. I feel bad for the Phillies fans because you know actually I don't because through that exhibit but you know and they want anyway and it's not like I'd have a but like the knicks bulls and I expected this as a global let's I was up Thursday night. He stinks. I don't know if he stinks but he's the kind of quarterback where things you need to need to lay it out front and if you if the defense can get nick pulls moving left or right. Intro is in trouble as few visas are like Brady that difference is he's not holes. If that's that's the guy in his prime now. And if the Brady can slip by in and out of it and in the pocket mindful networks can get a little conservatory of oil slipping out I mean in the pocket yes. But I I. I really do not want him trying to extend plays tomorrow not against the front now I won't agree to be clean. I think everyone in New England agrees they are hey we're gonna lie and keep going with the pages were also a lock the NFL slate okay lot of gains at eight. 1 PM games tomorrow and it all of them and we get to the best players and values in the guys should target. For a year Finnessey football lineups starting tomorrow week one of the NFL season it was into the Tennessee football hours here at W guy. That's good stuff. I want to back to Miree guides impacting the Davidson fantasy football our. Hours and we're doing it tonight or Saturday night so Barack and roll on the patriots in the first segment we're gonna while locked the NFL slate. And if you have questions feel Linus for tomorrow you Texan in the 37937. Will do a lightning round at the end of the show. And ended 11 o'clock Powell will knock out the best ones self. Nothing biblical you know if you guys like. Twenty decisions to make a running back you're trying to college down the two or three as. I mean it's questions about got a public yet doesn't have to but it does it that is retreat you know there a little while mind it's not a yeah acts the end. On the school but I don't think it's theory anyway I'm on the squad but among the dead is a. Sailor guides advise a shot on the sum up to some good people out there. A couple local restaurants that really helped the sun gonna big fund raiser happening tomorrow. For the great Dave doc O'Connor of new this guy was such a great guy good biggest pages and in an immediate past two or tragically last year. We get a big Cornel tournament gonna do tomorrow in Newton and a couple of restaurants really stepped up. A shout outs Abbas father knew which by the way if you're in the area that's the best wings you can get medium planet earth no offense the buffalo. Boss Bob in new great job and and really help on this out and canal as restaurants which are a great Italian food second only to my mother. And in terms of the great food that they make but that was unbelievable the restaurants all over the place. So let's face of the folks in Newton in Bedford acknowledged that help themselves so thanks guys appreciate that. Federal in my time. You're number three. I would say arrogant move my back and want I don't know on what I'm on the dais or whatever you ride it up for an Irish guy and surprise surprise to become pulled together need to protect. Streak it good no we just we just enjoyed last weekend so. That's good stuff I and it's great radio. It's. If it's man it's like it's like it's like NPR good times you know. So there every got a lot of patriots in terms of guys you can look for Finnessey Brinkley gained all right so he went as a feedback their fifth vertebrae it. Anymore you wanna hit on in the pats on the ball Houston we can get 1 o'clock in its print is called that's great. Yeah I mean there's a million Olympics we can do in the past but yeah let's let's let's get legislate it and do it and yet let's walk. Game by game all right so Pittsburgh is planet Cleveland little AFC north division football. This is an interesting one right at the top dominion has some some players to target but just can we did a Levy on a little bit. Like you know boy you talk about that I don't really wanna talk about it you know now it's now lets you know what how can we be offense shall not talk about yeah I am Valerie now com. You know I'd say look I didn't really. Up until the very last second where it's like wow reporting relief yeah because this is a thing you know if if you listen to what else said he you know he everything he said indicated he would be there. Maybe late when it mattered there yeah pomp. And needed her really much of anything from you know to be geyser. Anybody that this could get that ugly. Now interestingly enough if you read my pre season rankings I was concerned yet and I had him at the low end of the tear for reasons. But I don't lie. I it was a bit yes. Like I just thought you know you know I don't like the guys away from the team I don't like him in new office coordinator you know what running backs up there in August. But I did figure he would show up and I. Here's the key thing I did not think. He and his agent would decide that now. To pass up getting checks unbelievable when you're playing under franchise tag your passing game checks but it's weird it's a big hit it's a big hit to the wallet now. And you'll be if you I'm not sure what their. I'm not sure what they're thinking. Yeah the aids because China again Tony gets a Maxtor Pablo when he it sounds like it smells a lot like what he is sticking his head and that is what you should here's what they think they're doing. I think. They think that by. Having him sit out X number of games will keep his workload low enough. Where teams that are looking to sign him in the offseason are going to be upset about the workload and see him as diminished asset also it reduces the possibility of Macy's and ending career ending. Career altering if you will injury doesn't know we're not sure I have an acute than not. In coming in lately Q so by Hollywood at Disney presents under the weight of your chance to get hurt but. Again now I mean but you're point has merit as well I think. But here here's the problem. There's clearly communication stuff going on here his teammates. You know I don't really. They work for the Steelers right now so I don't know exactly where that their hold. This content is coming frozen reared Greek buttons are listeners. How capita can't get a job ranked. Because he tick people off yet bow yes. So I mean I don't know that bill is necessary I mean he's yes he's gonna win on the whole mileage element of this. But he might lose all of those points McNeill watched. Which teams Michael I don't know phone deal with this guy his age yet his the other two teams like that out an ad rightfully or wrongfully Imus thing it teams are right to be that way but. Yeah and out you know yes they might it would discuss too much of a problem any you know. And and whether Libya has a big carry years this year or not he's already got a lot of mileage yet he's not he's been a horse for years right at it listen. I feel bad for the players here the running backs under the CPA speeches. It's so unfair to the position and for garlic bell who comes in not as high tech you know he's what sector of technically yeah. So he was not making them the money early in his career but he was before making the big workflow yes you know solely. He said to give it up we below market value for way too long I understand why he's upset. But giving up game checks. That's it's hard to argue that that's in his best interest when I would do firing him is get full insurance. I mean legitimate an insurance policy that covers catastrophic injury a big one. And it collect all your game checks this year and let the chips fall it's not ideal. But you know if that's not what you wanted to do what you know and he should take in the duly did hear about it much. Yes exactly hit there's an effect it's. The guy behind James Connors pretty good. So you know I'm not saying he's Levy I want to ask Cotter but yet he's not Levy a bell but I mean Pittsburgh. If this guy's going to be headache in and Connor can you give them some production that they like. Pretty good offense there I mean you know it it could get a little bit more complicated I don't think he's don't sub the service again lies donut. But I into the week one if you was underpaid this year. I concede it. Because then you're not giving up a lot of money each week but he's given up like 2000 dollars and no game. That's you know you've got to cash those checks I'm sorry I agree I just don't think he's directing from self I. Hopefully. The emotion of this will end. And the light will come on the consultant camp and start collecting them money by. I'm surprised that this is gone this far I expected to be. Yet I would agree I was surprised a draft to redo the couple early drafts and I took them you know before it was really. Who circulating as an issue but I did pick up a guy when it's not his jeans you know and that are pretty good this week because of illness right. Yeah actresses at east peace price to 45 incher that's obviously the higher than your typical backup but I think notre source saw this coming out some level like OK if cars in their week one. And also they were looking at probably now showing up late and Jimmy splitting carries yen one I think that's their thinking what's already. 4500 units. For a guy who's probably going to a function eyes away. Pure RB one yet in the classic sense because I don't think they're split the carries all Ripley's. Action. So you know Samie. Public and Connors guys probably get about when he touches. And if the weather. In Pittsburgh is as epic excuse Cleveland is as epic as here. Which is free easy outs of marine. And then I'm hearing gusts up to forty. Gusting up to forty folks were up throw the ball yeah definitely at that field so this could be game work. Speed defense for defense and market tops the all time yeah. You know coupled offenders slip and fall. Got some today and it's not art payoff. So in this game right now Connors the guy I want play too many of the Cleveland backs to be to urge demand. And again he's got high job you can do Johnson adds to what throw a dart it's that's a tough one. Right now rock spurs got to be antsy for the green I'm not so sure about tyra thrown in the wind the so I'm interested in Pittsburgh receivers. Especially Antonio Brown but only if the wind is less than advertised. Yeah so that's a game we're you involved in the game reunion via top need to sort of because decisions late close to the deadline really you know top of the reports that are coming out at like 1230 yeah. In a couple. Source a couple Texans come in carted a 3790% of look at for running backs I think you know the guy we just talked about James Connors of Rupert pretty go in health. To take off for all that was so although the reasons that his skillfully teasing you wanna freak got them. On the side of the ball as Cleveland you know before we heard about the weather. And you written article earlier in the week about values and tyra is actually guided if you wanted to go big get money back and ECB could slot and. Right but that yes I mean it. On some level I needed to put quarterbacks in the article so it. But a couple in the truth of the matter is because of guys like Carter and Birkhead 42. Pom rice which Freeman 45. A hundred units and there's some other values of theirs well I like Alex Counts of 56 and a McCaffrey's 64 which seems slowed me backs up area. There's so many ways to bring my salary down to I don't really need because she's the quarterback this week normally I like doing. Tyrod was when it definitely like because I think Pittsburgh. Can be thrown on particularly inside polite. If it's going to be crazy Indian Weston yeah. But he's not he's again to avoid this to be safe place to go you know. The next game on the slate is actually. Connecticut innocent sergeant at joint economic him for once second. Josh Gordon's going to be interest and watch and science how much of it let him play this crazy bad weather slippery conditions on and then I was begun a joke. Going into you know just that but I'm definitely pulling just because I think he's in the article. Are pulling back on a joke who probably about 50% in Jerusalem won't be involved with just as. Went all yeah I like him as the as the year progresses series that he's gonna about artifacts and a huge fan out in joke but yeah I was on him this week low price. 34. I believe drafting. But now. Thinks there's other ways to go I've sort of moving most of mine joke who. Into OJ out. As the saying OJ how it's a nice play this week for Tampa Bay will get into that. The other 1 o'clock in Lawrence on both of these you and I talked a lot of of the Cincinnati Bengals and their offense this year specifically the planet indeed. So the wet weather won't be affected their wanna fly now and what will be back port yes what will be a factor is that Indy stinks on defense and down. Cincinnati despite having. Horrible coach they've got a good offense and I think they are going to light up indeed and I want a lot of players on that offense. Which yeah I don't focused on green and Ross foot. And I could get burned there it goes. You don't have to direction. You know they can do their damage. Urged by chance they can do it with our effort mixer so yeah. There is that risk but I feel really good about AJ green and I feel really good about John Ross it's dark throw because. The colts defensive backs are. They're just off terrible the right spot jacket and David since it's a bat and the red zone it is going to be again a big day tomorrow I yeah right you know and again I'm not into the cheap quarterbacks but if I'm goodies achieved what it's definitely doll fifty orange. I like that quite a bit. Com. The key thing in this game is going to be the colts showing up. We need to colts did it show up keep it candidate yeah hopefully if frank correct colts are a little bit more. How we say you know open minded so you know a little bit more of a diverse offense like static. Com they've got the weapons only got locked Mac finally and unions so hopefully hopefully luck is a little bit. Better than what we sought peace and I mean he looked okay but here's very very conservative didn't probable that outfield but hopefully. That was my choice not necessity yet. About the running back situation you know smoltz yet. Well it sounds like Mac has now got a shot to play he's gonna is gonna handy for those in the ground a little now and offered you know he's got that I've got just. Coincidentally at a couple teams I'm not going to be playing him I think in any scenario but it sounds liking medial muddy the war world it just me missing. Full blown ugly. You know will canceled probably get some run to the rookie Jordan went through lewis' comment and obviously got to. Christine Michael who else slowly becoming the Steven king could stuck with it felt his. Don't go away woods does not wanna go away Freddy Krueger in the NFL and you know and then there's the other guy who I loved by him you know who you know. Pretty much coughed it up every time he touched it in pre season. But I don't really believe that's who he is I think he's a tough kid I think you'll rebound and it would surprise me if he plays a bigger role this week folks thanks so. The long shortages in less you aren't buying what you don't have much choice. I'd avoid the colts' backfield this week yeah I think there's a good chance that they're going to be pulling from behind. We really don't know who beat a guy. In that sense we don't know who's gonna carry the mail the answer past that the situation where he's he felt he needed to played you know summons like it's locked in Hilton and I'm gonna say bye bye and everybody else. I like to oil lost by a jog and yet I think to oil this is a fact I think as the Doyle match nom. But yes it did. Hilton and Doyle you know and obviously I think archive Ryan Grant is gotta keep an eye on I don't have anywhere near enough confidence in him. To play him. In daily leaks. You know if I felt great about where luck was the media would yeah. But the you know I still Odyssey locked throw the ball a little bit while clock before I start by guys like grant but I do think grant is gonna. You know I think he's gonna be luck spread I think he's definitely the kind of guy luck is needed and as the iPad yet he's been saddled with guys like mark creed who. You know don't run routes correctly all the time I think grant is such a good tactical receiver I think he's a guy's gonna help that team. It's not like I'm targeting this week yeah it's cheap. Yeah we can watch that develop overtime nights that we are a bunch more gears to get to a lock in the NFL slate toggle pats used him again all the 1 o'clock 4 o'clock 8 o'clock games all night. Tennessee football hours were coming into the second hour shortly c'mon back. Now all right welcome back everybody sports rated WEEI Jim Hackett Pete Davidson with the multiple hour Tennessee football our era Saturday night. Still going Moroccan and Rolen and unlike Levy on bell who we talked about a lot in the last segment interest and yes you're Arizona Cardinals. Just signed it the great David Johnson to a three year deal worth 39 mil thirty mil guaranteed. Of those home. So on their commitment candidates they're signing Johnson as he enters his fourth year Smart and you know Pittsburgh decided not to do that now hey I mean. Six Smart. I definitely liked it because I think it's fair. But you know I don't know if it if Susan necessarily wrong for the waited dealt with well I just don't I don't like it yeah you don't mean. And running backs don't have a fair shake and CBS. You know and the patriots handle the running back position pretty much Leo how to handle. You have to negotiate with the answer but it never have a belt Alec knoller Johnson. You know throughout you know and they did take cronies at what the first round awhile back and stated again. So clearly they care about the position now. But they're they're sort of cash on the barrel team so it's all about value rightly Michelle was that there at at the thirtieth pick whatever was because of the knee injuries add colleges like we can beat him pass this guy up although value in the draft. I guess so but I I don't know I may be. You might write but it looked elect the Argo. They obviously had an idea that they are gonna get a pack wrath down on him and you know. If you look at what they'll go with the united note we've used him last year you sort of their early down router which is ironic given his size. If it does really well it is absolutely in. You know what's on the bottom. Sony to shell is in a lot of ways if you just look at the way he runs the computer via. You know he's direct a really good runner behind his pads. I love doing the impact it. If it's not that different than them Michelle is very soon Michelle. Is is a forward runner. I definitely think Belichick episodes like that's my guy while doing this guy runs because he never gives you negative place. I also think he's a window guy Pete you know in Munich if this thing who I indeed the knee injury. Coming out of the drafts is well documented. He hasn't been seen him yet. And I'm wondering if on draft night is like in a lot. I got a couple of your window here extension. And rather than taken a gamble on the mark Jackson's at all from the quarterback orient the best player on the border can help me when now. Judy BLP and Teri was well yeah dog I think he was drafted to be either early down runner. You know I I I I think you know received DC Birkhead as a guiding. They can do a lot of really good things with but I don't think they view Birkhead is a guy where they just wanna use him off. Yen yesterday yet to be strategic with him and it using him at running back. Is kind of like the good formula B how they used him and dole. You know it where they didn't overuse them any came through big forum like the use him really well purchase similar I just don't think they when he used Birkhead. As a runner a ton. Between it's between one yet so that's outside you know I think I think he's a really good red zone player torture pictures there captured the show him. Which carries between I'd I just I think. I really think that they they got Michelle to do what the content last year immediately do little better. As you can report tackles him. Mr. runners in you know they could go Esther George Ireland and I want to hope that means nothing I'm eager to see you mama bombed out I haven't seen yet is not you know time like this imply. I really think in that role he can do a lot of good things for the pages so hopefully that's not something that's yet rules CEO. Yup you skis and that the teachers do with the injury for its going to be you know an idea since I obviously we understand why they do it. But it's a little frustrated attract senator fantasy lineups laps ago and now. That for the opener on so we get back into the slate is getting into yeah a couple of games that you don't have. A lot of pre analysis is in terms of value high stakes but it just gives talk about which is Tennessee at Miami. Is a 1 o'clock game and you know my he's got a couple guys you live your question yes if Tennessee Miami is interesting I mean with I mean this is what it's a sign because a plastic. I just beyond it it of its aborted a nine match upside. Some guys you think its interest talker alright guy but it does the guys like. There's yeah that's the game that could actually be fun while I just talking about the homeless. You know in the scheme become. Can Miami score points like that's how this game it's interesting EOK it's a Miami scores points I'm pretty sure Tennessee can't. And I what I what I don't want it sees Tennessee go to the ground of palpable secondhand. I don't want the second half to be Dion and from a paragon AB Henry B Derrick in the united. Yeah probably probably I don't know I don't know what these coaches are a bomb but in terms of what I like from the start from the tip. I like Delanie Walker a lot. In this game and put signs it looks like he's good ago. And Miami they're just a nightmare toward earth and so I think walker could really do good things here. And then on the Miami side I'm bigger K injury casino yet this could be good matchup for him and and I think stills it's very interest in play. As like burger or receiver flex points easily. And then I wanna c.'s 4700 drafting is looking them up right now and a lot of money and as the as the potential volume right because you park is couldn't he definitely could and that I. Well here's the guy I think who's a lock for our. Tom is at idol yeah because like the patriots. You know the dolphins are not playing for January airplane for some numbers on and it paid him money and they want production and I think Hammond knows. You know he's walking in to if you just look at the surrounding. Circumstances. Where to stand for a while frozen slot a lot of grows close to illustrate a whole lot. And you know that whole thing has been acutely injury is in Cleve. So John obviously injuries now brown and dole is in new high paid guy he's going to be in the slot. I think he's an effort targets yet so I dressings ease. He's 4242. Incidents in recent yeah so I think Amendola certainly if you play like cash games on drafting a season. Are safe played 42 and you know I would I would throw me to return there. Next game at 1 o'clock. San Francisco and all right let's let's hit one more Tennessee I'm really anxious to see how wide receivers a Corey Davis and Davis see how well please note he's in the top dog. But I wanna see how much Taylor Taylor place in and I think the Rashard Matthew Stuart Taylor thing I'd like to see that interest. So that's my articles. I yanked Taylor and Cory games are exciting players were shot America's economic grind guys in the area if receiver can be a grunt guy he's a bright bright future for area. Out. It is it's a sign on the work with its stuff with these horrible office is that I give you more. Let's give him some grief sure but you know and then the raiders. Maybe cowboys threes in terms of watching profits going. Do something different nobody who's static scene for me each and every single play. Trajectories one of William and definitely against it your fans out they know it you're taught him that because their team doesn't do that but. Now look at you wanna know how good the patriots are watching is right on your raiders. Yeah. They were brutal brutal and you know it's just back drug I was talking about the first with with Paterson I mean you just died a slow death would in Oakland in the what to do them. Yeah anchored obviously. Didn't want any part of what group that's you know it. Which increased four hours on what John track it's not about Oakland on days are yet but the idea wanna get to San Cisco Minnesota Arctic is my guys out. I got a rock called bush a BG is gonna is gonna tough when stock now. Yes I mean Minnesota in Minnesota is only exceeded that is a tough defense they are going to be. Blowing snot bubbles that going to be so ready to get out therefore what happened them in the post season last year right is doesn't look at the Jimmy for opening day and I think they'll come back. Strongly he's got a good team is good quarterback but I like Minnesota and everything they're gonna throw them. It's going to be fun to watch this game I I can't wait to watch the rubble play this defense I mean obviously he stepped up to play against Jacksonville last year you know and I was like. Note steel town to work with so I'm not gonna write off NC can't. I'm also not putting committee of insults here let's be honest. But not I I'd interest it to see how well he plays an interest it deceit. How well marquee screwed we can match up for the Xavier Rhodes is the now I don't want any part of that match up but I wanna wanna watch it sure Alex and he says yeah and then on the Minnesota side they have so much going for them you know. I love digs at his price this week. Theo and I like in cash games loved him in regular old fantasy Rudolph is a guy who could. You know be multiple touchdowns this week Tom and then you know dealt with cook noble I think he's gonna play great. But boy parts I'm on the go through this game with a fine toothed comb and policy in how often Marie comes in at wing and end. What the goal line breakdown is because we may see a fair amount of red zone action in this game and I would see how it breaks down between those two between those two running back. Let's break it down a bit more against a more gays in the second hour of the fantasy football hours. But just to kind of tease it step on digs 6300 on draft king's influence 69. Dixon optics 63 I would take that to our. Now are I welcome back everybody Jim Hackett did Davidson talking football week one lot of pats Houston sock. Walk in the NFL slate having a good time on that and before we broke. At the top of the hour talking about saved Cisco and Jimmy G plant in Minnesota a tough one for him and I know the idea out thing Els who want to get in that. Map I mean I guess if there's a San Francisco guy I would be action playing it's probably cattle but he is a little things up so yeah. I'm sure to watch and Allen and hoping that the 49ers play well enough where Minnesota keeps trying to score yeah I'm just agree it's a tough but the vikings. And they're going to be. Think I think they're gonna come out chargers are of the Jimmy's gonna first tough assignment but you know a bounce back yeah so let lets. Next came an adjusted and which is timber and New Orleans there's a lot that's ugly optically on the saints on the ball. Yet. The breeze is my favorite quarterback this week it's just such a good spot for him Tampa is losing cornerbacks in bunches are gonna know they have laughed at this point it's not pretty. On soul Michael Thomas. Are finding it's a great aspect and get him into my lineups on you sit there are simply untrue from a mistake in yet 7800 units. I'm definitely pain and that no problem I'm not gonna do pre stack without them until you. This is 6800 I think he'd be more than that and that's not that's actually not. You know if I'm looking for a significant player quarterback and I am. A lot of freedom I'm kind of happy and seeing that sixty in under investigated these like 727300. Not range. Yeah no I think he's the best value this week. You know. Nobody's freeze the expense of this week so you know he's he's near the top tier woods couple just a little bit cheaper robbery yet on them right up there at the top but. I would pay more to give breeze in my life that's insanity of the that this thing is. So much is working for here right first of all a matchup is Cory he's got all the parts that means. And then the fact that Ingram is out pictures that he is that he is out yet. That's huge because it means they're not I don't think they're gonna go to the ground and pound really at any point scheme to keep throwing the football right down the old school patriots style yeah. And I think that's obviously Corey for his stance numbers so. I'm very aggressive with with Brees this week's stacking with Thomas. It's possible to get Camara and Thomas and breeze into line up Mike Martz gone tomorrow is a big big senate G five right it can be done you know we knew. Wheaties user only needs one cheap flight out and you spotter Birkhead and you can get there. So and I definitely like that definitely the threes and make a stack. And then you know. How hot on your right that's Patrick on the other side of Obama quite well he's at five K this is not a weak or I would totally differently and well it's Kyra it's really not that outrageous. The problem is that the New Orleans defense is pretty darned good they're very good if it was the old saints defense I would say yeah let's let's let's play a round with its tactical element. But no not so much that the one person I'm interested in Tampa we talked about the four's is urging our eyes. In a game like this where it's sort of start getting out of hand I think Tampa has to start using everything in the back and Howard news. A guy average today and for tight ends because he can score touchdowns for anywhere in the field. That's a really rare tree in tight ends have really good athlete and he's got it so he could be a team record you know he's got a guy could catch four balls. But for a 150 yards to touch it up so I you know if I'm running a breeze stack. I like the idea of putting OJ Howard in light tight and because. For the priest act to really work somebody on campus gonna show yak is if you open it's on points up right near the units at Wright B threat all around for sure so you know I like the idea for Howard and there. Along with the public saints agrees. I think that works. Then you know. To be accretive to watch but just because I think the saints are gonna put. A freak in display I'm with you on what appears here's a game that probably won't be that much fun to watch yet Jacksonville and giants he had you know unless you like watching Eli Manning's life in the fetal position. I don't think it's. The good of every rather enjoyable does all you know you are just like to take so it looks at the DR finale Alice and I don't see that Philip elicit a he lies never missed a game for injured right now looking is it I mean it's similar to use the word retirement is his sister wore me looking guy but he died blames him that he I stuff. I think we can I think we give credit for that. But not a good day for off this Jacksonville will be erupt in Jacksonville is a dominating. Aggressive defense and I don't think it's Dave ms. Yeah I mean what they can they can play man on man with Beckham the F they can do a lot of different things that are enemy the giants like hard. You know the giants might be able you know if the rookie really comes up big if you're sick or Barkley can just go out there. And run and maybe then you don't know what's gonna happen but the Jacksonville front is cough yeah. So to me if I wanna get involved in this game with four at. Jackson. Bosnia and that's regrets about it I mean and if I have to play giant it would probably be Ingram. Yet it had an idea of Italy and we we reached out a lot of in Jacksonville on an iPod Kansan of the shows some of them. Receivers they have that we like Q and coal and down in the US Brooke and consciously writes yeah I don't think that and Needham yeah donuts I'm just I'm I'm not that into them this week is when I was where is going to win it probably is the guy missed a little bit of really easy game theory here if you play drafting of trying to win a big tournament. You're gonna need to score like 250 or more points probably do it right unity about thirty points from everybody in line up including your defense right so. You know. Particularly Cole scored 25. Now it's on even if he plays well. With him. The next game is kind of a fun one which is into tears and alike and I don't know fund which is I'm sorry we should say if your if your gonna play cubicle as a flex play in your fantasy league. By the way I just saw the score Austin College beat holy cross 62 to four team hold the ball mind ever played only crosses the eighties and then I think that's that's why aren't there Sarah Hughes also beat Wagner 62 and attend wolf. Speaking of sacrificial. It's our toughest guy that's a great he's a degree in what is the nordic six to zero avoided his Great Britain you know having to travel Baltimore's of the Buffalo Bills. Might be playing the role of holy cross or what was it whack and it's a lot services. This is supposed to mean luckily it Ohio. A lot of wetness. And you've got the ravens'. Strong defense waiting for. He's been Peter beneath his feet and it. Not the Peter reality to our Zion fill out yeah mr. Peter might be better from the I don't adding buffalo gosh it's going to be dance they stand really ugly. I like John Browne in this game but I am wondering if as they're gonna throw it if he doesn't get an early might not get it at all I see and now it's gone skiing men. Yeah I think the thing you wanna get involved in with this game as meaning that Collins stack with the ravens defense. And if you know if you wanna pay out for the ravens and I think it's not a hard week to do it. If you're gonna pay up quite a stack with Collins and just go for it if it makes sense right now allowed to countless columns is at least 5600 in the right he's a volume guy he's affordable and the steel to 25 carry game to me. Am I I think Collins scoring getting 25 carries going over a hundred yards is is right there Korea. And Nam if at all happens that's going to be good news Hillary Steve it's gonna mean defense is probably doing well and obviously. A big pounding runner and a defense to work well together because of the defense is having a great day. You're getting field position might be getting some really short fields setting up scoring opportunities for the running backs of this they're synergy in this pairing and yeah I I like I think that it's it's. You're you're you're paying up to the Reeves in receiving and running back and getting something that's energy I like I think need to Biederman is going to me it's about England's defense is very happy yeah this is a guy threw 51 half picks now he has looked a lot better since then but. This sport guy he doesn't have much of front who's going to be run around some very good yet this is the defense element involved I can. Agree he the last two games more fun yeah had a the first of the 4 o'clock games is that Kansas City at the chargers now there's a fine game. Lot of talent on offense a good defense and it would LA as well. The Casey's coming to town with some some real talent and new quarterback. Which should be if a lot of fun to watch on rush a little bit jealous of the cheese fans because they were watching noodle arm Alex Smith for so long. And income as Pavel homes in this guy is a gunslinger I think Darrell Monica on the rated as many many many many many years ago. I particularly think they actually do. Lots times when he violence that it I don't think we might have a couple on this that I ought to pose a bloody Google Terrell puzzling about it as was in there you know Brady well. Sadly. I know exactly you're stuck out. That Monica the mad bomber and yet this guy is that stop loans if he's far VN. But with a different kind of release I love watching him play he's good for football yet he makes the game as far as can be fun he takes shots. And the beauty of it is that Kansas city's got the receivers do a bunch of guys who do retiree killed Sammy Watkins Chris Connolly Chris and Marcus Robinson. A lot of fun guys who can make plays football down the field. Big body guys speed guys. It's going to be fun and obviously it got tells you who's just. The volcanism on its own ground at the positions so lots of talent to work with their problems now no team. It's receivers better than LA yet. So we are calling the chargers LA united zones in Yale below his vicinity of it is a good time predicament drop a reason for early afternoon of army guys and it's easy regulated that. Think we should at the bottom. But yet kids sitting in this game I like Kareem on a lot Vietnam and not just because he absolutely touched these guys last year. Both times is that you'd like close to forty yards and two games and I stands in right in yet by the way folks if you're missing anything I put up two articles with drafting spartans. And had electors. Yeah I think it's on the front page of the Adobe dot com right now if you can't find it. Com it's the last thing I tweets that you could act roto bond. Now on Twitter you'll see the articles you know popular different pricing guys to play. It's all right there but remember what we see here but tonight retreated to attempt at add WEEI acts on some of them by handles it yeah so. 327. Rushing yards move into the institute in Islam. Any also. And caught a few passes to right and it went in one of the things he did so. He just put up all kinds production. You know they they obviously were able to deploy in various ways against this defense this is a defense that can do a good job. Limiting the downfield action although it's sort of it's going to be strength vs strength in Africa that's really good game but the ball flowing to calcium aren't seems likely. So I definitely like both of them after prices kills 6400. Hunt at 6900. Definitely like them and then on the LA side. Com. Melvin Gordon obviously you'll play yet after that I don't know if I'm just really on anybody yeah I think you know now and but keep it as early. Played that well. Against Casey suck and I think he's going to be the focus. The chiefs defense for me for me this is a play at a techies yen for it to be better weeks to play. For me this week with the charges on account as rural watches who happens is they've got a lot of weapons in any of the key now on the guy Tyrone Williams of that repeat rookie from last year Michael is people think as a level jump. They've got Travis Benjamin since this is see what they do I think cause you know Tom thumb. Less about a daily thing but like in just in a seasonally. I'm happy to play rivers is at because we shocker of all over the field has got a decent price on DK 26400. Yeah I'm I don't I'm not fielder persist to speak for for for tournaments and stuff and obviously if he's a quarterback and seasonal go with them yet that's the problem. I feel met Mike and Melvin Gordon missed yet. Yeah I'd like she's just an equitable hood. That's what's running so let's let's move a little bit sure oxy Seattle and Denver. Not a game I really what it all that involved in all blow as the week has rolled mine in Seattle continues to lose quarterbacks it's getting ridiculous. At this point and obviously they lost Sherman in free agency services in many ways not to defense trees casino. And then Denver's going to be coming at them with those big receivers and then Cortland sought their new weapon yup. I think. Case keep them. Not the worst place this week no it's gonna be playing them but. I could see him do pretty well want to spent and examined in on its running back receiver and tight end you could obviously admitted rocket killed a million. It's just the kind of week it's not hard you know finding quarterback that's the thing but I you know not the worst idea and I doubt I definitely think he's gonna do. Some good things this week if you just look at this matchup in west Seattle is hiding some tow we just don't know about. On defense. In the rookie Royce treatment is of value Bret Freeman at the edge thinking about Freeman's can be hellish life. I think he's going to be early down runner I I do you think about the Booker will play a fair amount past situations. So he's gonna need to go over a hundred square multiple touchdowns to me happy. Troubling turn him cope but the price is right he sees it there at the same number as Connor actually congress getting a lot more a lot of momentum on his mortgage. Rom lets look at a wrap up the 4 o'clock games get to the night teams in the final segments of the fantasy football are and what some taxes they coming to 37937. And here. Restless thinking about lineups. Send our right love Max what's rated WEEI Jim Hackett Pete Davidson Roland through the NFL slate weeklong Madden good conversation here. Now late hour to wanna catch the 4 o'clock games. We'll break ability to clocks but down deep I cut you off I thought you might add some of the more disabled Seattle and Denver. Right or wrong I don't know I can't remember about seven minutes ago the Monte Booker. They do I do you think hookers and he you know. Get some. Some some passing down action which will limit the ceiling of Freeman a little bit. But yeah that's the Washington and Arizona and then yeah. Obviously got a house yeah so Washington's at Arizona. DJ David Johnson has been a nice little contract boost. I am I. I'm all about effort that David Johnson absolutely you know all about it I mean just it's. How does it. How how does it happen for him right. The minute they get ahead can have a big day rushing a couple scores that's worth it to me and I don't know yet right. And he needs. As I said the article thank art department and impervious to Gainesville yet you can't take him off the field and sees him he's going to be yours oh. I'd love him I think it's a good match up and the two of the receivers are established and he's part you know. Not to mention he's been waiting years back in the field they've been waiting years to get him back on the field they just needed. Money. Definitely feeling DJ if I'm gonna play anyone on the cardinals on its its FitzGerald. He hasn't played since the first possession of the first game last year film. You know and I yeah I you'd probably your mindless and analyze them yeah they you know differently obviously. But you know. The Washington side of the ball there's another sort of story in terms health and extraordinary. We actually a chance to play Jordan reed four K this week yeah. Sunny Beasley your seasonal side and fired up but. You know this is the guy if things are right and the BB right. He's normally going to be six can make something like that right yeah but you know the use an algorithm they don't know if he's going to be healthy we won accuse three weeks ago. So he's sitting there at 4000 units. He steal they're not a lot of tight ends who can pay off there are few and far between this the guy who can't go over into yards and scored multiple touchdowns. I definitely wanna get some Jordan read this week the only other guy at Washington on interest in him. Rattner a crime in the tops of those who can. The other 4 o'clock game wanted to get to his Dallas and Carolina on this gonna. I'll actually designed to take my head phones obviously he's not bunkers are McCaffrey is an area Diana doing. It goes into our listen to us at 8 o'clock I went on Sunday it was about five cast McCaffery gets a lot of air time it's nobody deserves it. Guys is a great little player I is not that well. I'm a fan yes om and I have a lot economic scenes that could be part of that on. Let's and one thing that's important in the scheme for me because I have a lot of interest on all. All different phases of fantasy this week. But I NEC to show eaten are easy to run well this week I know we skip he's missed some linemen I know there's a good defense but I need seek to. To earn his money this week if that happens if he can get doubts into this game. That we get a lot of fun yeah and Carolina can use their weapons and on the field right. The thing I like about McCaffery in this game is that you know Dallas tends to. Play against the big play. They try to keep the ball out front of the defensive backs right. And I think that's gonna work for a cap that he's gonna work the underneath frequently. Good chance that he has a high touch total in this game not just with the carriers but with the perceptions. And then it just comes down to can he break in the audience so. If he scores this week I think he's gonna pay off pretty well drownings. And I haven't I've pretty good so. In just one other note on that game Greg Olsen is an act and he looked really slow. You can coming out ever there is some going for Szczerbiak against the patriots in the pre season but he's expected the place though that's got a guy like Carolina. But that's that's a significant thing is he's also that underneath so that could help McCaffery more. On an accurate. It could open up. Spot from here are rookies mr. Thomas as I would love to see him getting some stances we Lizzy said to me when I took a look at my last pick of a larger Massachusetts though. Like I'm gonna at Thomas and it's of the really bad to happen it is it's megawatts of identity makes it back up if I don't that's so what happened on Vietnam but yet Ian Thomas is going to be a lot of fun at some point whether it's this year or next year. But I've definitely a McCaffery I think Cam Newton is always a viable term plan always. But. I am a little bit hesitant to just I've got a couple shares an active but you know the Norv Turner factor maybe it's just sort of Cordero Paterson redux. We NTELOS ArcelorMittal but Norv Turner looked me. In the eyes to come by and says I love coral that's all these plays design forum did happen wire. But he gets you the three night games on Sunday night Monday night when we come back after the break. Are I welcome back Jim Hackett Pete Davidson. In the final segment of our two hour Saturday night's spectacular week one of the NFL seasons Tennessee football. Explosion of information here and entertainment so long wide and it if its earnings and us Milan Monday night's going to be long it's he is gonna game on Sunday night two on Monday fox hostile like this two games among. Yeah it's stuff man you know the and fifteen East Coast aren't yet. For the good game. That's right may get a chance did you guys take to get the jets at seven down the rams and it's that that yeah I am but let's let's. Senators Kennedy X against got to get a gig in so you that division I think the best vision of football in the NFC north. You get the bears a greenback and I love this game. I consider that the guys because I wanna watch so many players that are in this I don't mind at look at the pairs of vastly improved I'm I'm I'm interest it is in the dark yeah. Just like. What about the bears isn't better. Record and a coach that's the Breton is a huge upgrade and it generic replacement that's right yeah. On although you know I like he he can be something so I like where they've gone to coach on the import a talent. Lord Terry Burton tighter turned around Roberts yeah I'd laugh Anthony Miller rookie wide receiver so. Really liked the talent Chicago you know huge Jordan powered yup 30 there's satellite rights Albany playmakers to act. Kevin lights actually helping notes talking about China can't live up to act but I healthy plucked him late in the draft unit league I just now a dark room but good play there it's a dart thrower let's. You know he's up whichever way it is just like a total forgotten man nobody cares about it you brought some good talent around. So the bears. Robiskie if they can protect them a little bit thicker on the ball. He could really take a big step forward this year was surprised he ends up being something of a fantasy asset. In by the way you can throwing Green Day I mean yeah I mean you're you can you can throw Green Day and that's. Admiral inched to a green Bay's good you obviously wouldn't talk about the big addition there's this week and he's gonna play. Max going to be out there so Aaron Rodgers had better watch bought. Com he's not yet that's a that's a nice pick up will get we get to the reason toggle them more about that but yes this is a let's let's see if we can not get to the rain it's not that Libya and accurately accomplishment. On. But on the Green Bay side. Randall Cobbs mr. right now we don't know how he has ever been practicing he's fine but he is also an ankle surgery and he's walking alone goes so. I don't know what Randall Cobb Tennessee is a tough flare many would surprise me he goes out in. Tough guys play hurt but so is that guys even plea injured Randall Cobb is a guy who actually please injured snow depth but it if you see him in May not still be the real and the club you know. One we don't know yet I'm hoping that we do see. It sounds like he's been practicing and looking if he's starting slot that's a big deal for Rogers yeah. And you know Cobb as. At some big hits against banners. He's really made some big plays so but it obviously adams' healthy he's being. And in the big unveiling for the Packers up. Jimmy Graham. Yes Irene. Aaron Rodgers got the best reds weapon I can remember ever having yet. So that's going to be that's an area is the deal to them options for Eric Jones out so Williams Jamal Williams prod him mean back with it'll last time Montgomery and in passing situations. They've got everything they need. Excellent job as healthy. And this is another game where it's like I just hope appears to show up and play well because if they do this to be points galore to be great game and I got a lot of people go. This game for a very selfish point of view of what it's easier actually football yeah CNET awhile. Yeah and the other thing the other guy daisy if you think is cited in your article. Earlier in the week with the values on DK is draw Allison a guy that thought people might Hitler listening to his now might not know much about. I love Allison I think he's an underrated force for this season in the whether he makes a big impact this week I think has something to do it cop yeah. On if cops out there announced. Going to be you know 40% in the slot I think he can do use. If copies Politico and everything's fine and I think he's our. Third receiver. Media flex play yet took office yeah. Since he's a sneak him in doing DK a lot you can do to thirty on 3900 units it's just pretty good. Right I can see him as a caps played meaty bit actually now you can do better on where I love Allison at that price is if Cobb. Is dice yes Adam switch and Alison is a rise yet again I think that's a that's that's in this two point. In a semi as you said that's a great game Chicago agreements to submit when it's a lot of fun yak and it's Sunday night which is not desperate spirit of the game of the week socialized state currents of India. Yes are gonna go one. Which leads us to Monday which is and is on and and it Fiat just familiar with our show's only on Sunday morning. Some of the best comedy as with pizza hot about the jets of the jets a planned alliance. So I've had a classic whereas on aperture and you've had many classic rants on the on the jets at that tomorrow a monetary and I'm right here. Amazon knows my butt and up front as I said. Crafts and kicking woody Johnson's butt up and down and five for many many years but the jets. I'm a fresh start. Does it really is the owners of these teams no question you know I mean obviously it's Belichick and three point. With the giants. The older like right out of the box we can take out. Our owners complete disaster yeah. So he has insurance. And look I I've excited seat Arnold planting any football I think they got a quarterback finally yeah it's and that is a big deal I just don't believe in the jets GM I mean if you look at the jets straps and energy and he's only 50% experience. You know he's getting a lot of mileage on the fact that he moved up and got Arnold Bravo. I just hope it's not enough to keep his job or in the year in the jets actually direction to point. But Arnold is a player he was my favorite quarterback in this draft at the tippy top tied with me feel at multiples of those hard not to get Donald when Cleveland went for me knows it's gonna say that so. Yeah I was you kudos to the gym forgetting and any kind of solid unity you know take a look at that it. It until it actually happened the and they actually had Arnold yeah. Yeah you're taken a big risk was like the Philadelphia traded up to get whence it too you know I'll sit on implies that lets you know one. Now they had good intelligence and the rams took off. But I mean I don't. Think the Phillies were yours much fun it got consequence you know. I created and you know for the jets if they'd had to go to quarterback number three I think it's a big step down on the matter with the decided takes so they got lucky. Given this freedom to choose to get a third spot in the giants take a running back soon not sure how Smart that was. But they're the jets got a break on them and they're gonna get smoked by Detroit on Monday they Chirac all right. We got a couple tax questions we didn't hear them if you get get us on app wrote a bond that's DR OT OPH and admiral bond. I'm mad WEEI hacks out instituted and guys did you questions in.