WEEI Fantasy Football Podcast, Friday 8/4 Edition:

Fantasy Football Podcast
Friday, August 4th

On the eve of the 1st “Fantasy Football Hour” Show for 2017 coming up this Sunday at 8am and next Thursday’s

Fantasy Football Huddle at Laugh Boston, Jim and Pete gear up with lots of Fantasy talk (towards the back half of the podcast).

Enjoy some Pats talk, a tribute to the REAL Batman, Adam West, some general football stuff and THEN into the first version of

Pete’s Top 200, available now at www.rotobahn.com Join us for some good talk, specifically about the WR position and a recent

Draft Pete did with the experts at Rotoworld.  Enjoy!


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Hi folks back with the Davidson within its football guys are WEEI. On Friday the fourth of August. And we are two days away laundered two days he. From the Tennessee football our come and live at WBI on the WTI Sports Radio network in NAND. Thursday night the fantasy football huddle where you and I in field Yates and Michael Fabiano even though no wants to acknowledge that you and I will be there we actually will be up. Sucks. Not me and I'm not that are remembered how we will be there and our friend Mike and as he was a great guy will be there. And I'm gonna tease this what does he what's much policy otter is the coliseum Gonzales didn't you and I and I thought I was gonna do now and Fabiano and fielding and rely answer questions via going to be hosting his son now. Political commitment early will be commiserate with the common folk and because that's who we are and that's who we are all about fifth. As regulars she would say analysts Kia. So anyway so alert like al-Qaeda captured yesterday. I love yeah that's good stuff off I would Wear the old 996 assured that you gave. I'm on my ankles that. I feel like at zero whereas like us her her her high school. Offensive linemen as you both book publisher because none of my articles conceptually it was an answer. But that may be Callahan on. Get back Alley at one I have to say like I. Teacher yet you eyewear teachers and 90%. And them. That I I always the most separatists a few comments from people walk on should Dotson that's a conversation Steiner that it might that we trucks to T shirt great I can't Wear that summit. Which in my Batman might be insured that you've got to meet the original on the god rest is all Adam West Batman the only that. I'm reminded Lola. Being cynical. I love I learn as humans that's that certificate in lines and perhaps he has returned to it'll chump. I say we give the poor fellow a fighting chance. She couldn't. Unless they absolutely. Godspeed animal. Ms. let's go to out of a disease from yeah. We notes who put those went on sale like NAFTA like the vault was closed for like forty years. There was that there was that was taken in commercial Adam West 85 years old who's a commercial. And what they leasing these. And like Jill came in the room and without Joel's wife of those listening for the hookup mean ever knowing called my mother instead. He has a job to do for Jimmy for Christmas. And they gave the order. Ourselves here mafia basically infomercials. The order of their former race car numbers yet the episode where where where it stuck in the water with clam. Which now robins robins stuck within the jaws of its time I explain like it's a scary it is and watch it at its. I Reynolds otters like that. It I'm not only in 971 missed it the best the best thing ever about it is like as the show is closing. At the bottom of the hour and clams moll the shouting and then. At the top and at the beginning of the next show the Klan as a block club as wide open and Robbins like you know. It still and am on right yeah well. That's got a lot of them it's on loan work. I don't I was good I know that was a good announcer voice over like he says all the things that could happen Robin Pollyanna. I care revenues that guy that guy did that at the rate of harassment is the greatest voice in the history of the voices. He's right up there would like James Earl Jones act. Not to go off the reality aren't about football growth or opera okay don't you mean in the football now mark. So we're gonna say is gonna do we're giving away some passes the VIP passes and some regular tickets to Thursday's event and laugh Boston. So unease give those are loyal podcast followers a chance we're gonna bomb they give some away so is it to do. Tweet at rural bond into read admirable on hacksaw that's me if you're interested we'll flip a couple. And come join us there is united here in the local area if you're not like road trip but it's going to be fun out there. Edit your first day distraught begging. Slash folk like to do that. We want our outlets get a couple of our our our. Our our our favorite listeners does indeed take some of the winnings that you got from our vice last year and can drop it into jump in and the tickets that we can just comment. And the good timeless who has we're gonna want to save your money and yet and by tax days ago and on Sunday on Sunday were gonna do attacks contests are right to get a candidate. When we come on an 8 AM if you're Smart you would have already texted the word hoddle. HUDDLE. Hoddle to 37937. And then you go into its VIP tickets rights can do that. And you heard it here and not tell anyone else right it's that close secret. Now into some football so. We stop the show on Sunday and a good news for you guys the road of on 20200. Of the 500 which will be coming down the pike. 40% is up its top 200 players and most people. Play in leagues where 200 to 300 players would satisfy so this list is very relevant it's early obviously an argument the first pre season game yet but. You know it's good to get a look at the ADP in in in Tennessee where people Iraq. Yeah I mean personally deep here on this one I'll probably start fathering ADP column. Maybe in the next version one after that can't eat he right now it's O. What is essentially a look right it's determined by the so it. And it's also a lot of it has to do it like asphalt drafts and stuff like that that's repeat source need peace so yeah I like it's some place August real draft EDT yeah. And try to get a feel for what's going on but. I guess MI my drafting pitchers not gonna have a whole lot to do ADP. They'll be a couple of guys and there are like OK what's the cheesy as a way to target describe the benchmark McNabb but it. Wrote about draftsman and along Clijsters. The thing today it's just. Just a little bit further down the line I think. I'm pushing. Freeze. On nominal amber yeah. Meaty last year there's no receivers that are. You know. 60s70s easy or become very important. So I'm definitely. Push the receivers list this year because. You and in my exit just into it loses his scenes have been a lot of early camp now annals as one happening raider into. You know like sounds like it's morally. Oh wow yeah it has been at US steel cage match that's Q. There's. It's tagged for four. Iraq and I have no problem. I think a lot of people think idol like. It's just like. Well. Them. It's now forever yours. 04. Like coach. Forced. To respect. Four pitchers strap in. He's one of these Wisconsin running an accident when sneezed off because they're running backs seemed to never make you know now those guys were there's special treat yeah so those tendencies. Over the fact that he did everything. Yeah. And those those guys those Ursula guys and it's like wisely there just in case. Anything happens it. He can take over the week he will be writers. To be switched. A bad goal. The Super Bowls as it does not hold us down. The patriots agree it's it's that. Given some fairly important to just two yards this isn't your hat that's that's in my mind immediately. You know he's a guy who shall multiple. Strike teams have to respect on things. And that makes them better pack. Comic analogy. That's X thing like that they've does the bandit did they never put on it like right after they just Eminem won it it's like. You're right maybe maybe forever that attitude. Exactly it's actually happen and suck it shuts it's just happened to keep you is that not that. Spinal Tap. But it. I Hillary wants final tab it's been awhile such agree and a puppet show inspired Carolina as we status when there at. When is the bitumen and also from right but the flame right. And nightly total perspective doesn't. It ethnic and as like too much too much (%expletive) respect. The might fare airline that is actually on set it's a sign eleven the and and the spiraling. Down it's that it needs an adult from some rock and role. And like the lead acted this carnival it's like puppet show and final that's that's my fair Byron vale of Cleveland. I'd let's Ivins eyes I want to. I get into a draft that you just over the role the world as it is a big deal some good view on that yeah it's an interest in things we're gonna pop into it before before I love avoid. Just one thing back on the path back for a night spent and I get this off my chest. With with Dion Lewis now. Know at that it's real quick and I ever feel that they've got such. So much talent and in depth and then back for the people kinda like looking at him as the odd man out. And I would just say this fantasy purposes and think about this a lot. Which is. Right you have James why you have police leave Rex Burkhead you've got the solid backfield so. You know Belichick loves to game plan in five matches and comes in like if you have them much depth we've seen DR Congo. Off before in certain matchups you know it's Pittsburg and teams like the blitz and something that. And I think that is going to be exaggerated and you might not get a full season out of them. But I think in the games that they decide to use him you could he might just want him into the ground because he has that depth and I'll take a label on flyer. On Dion Lewis to get like one to three great games on them all they want. All the doubting him invest all that works because you don't have the note is stardom. Yeah you know here's what analysts say about about the you know it's. It's so weird people you know we talk about recent rise in. Fans of football and because the real thing to a major fact people allow it to screw them year in her out. On and last year. People couldn't let go of that feel good feeling that was in the year before so they're betting on him against all logic when a guy coming off when he's a guy has been slow to recover from leaders in the past he's coming off a really awful one for quick back right. Now this year were two years removed from the injury this year he may have all those quakes back right everybody let's throw it that's up so you know. Now it's true that the agency that some other guys you know of course but you know bullet is that there so you know. To me I take for fantasy I don't know what to make a Louis I don't know what to make any of these yeah. But for reality for real football I mean I think the atlas could be an excellent as few as we've said in the past he's a club in the office coordinators back I think India. A source of the bunch of people yeah and I don't think Belichick's afraid to overuse him and spots that would sit between the Steelers in the gonna inane and they don't learn their lesson continue to bullets. Hello Russ. He'll dump it to deal Lewis all day long and I think they'll do it more. Particularly because he hasn't up behind him and he's got three guys in principle that will let you know what's. Police he is not a phenomenal receiver he's probably a little better numbers indicate. Com but he's not much for seating back the other three are all apps yeah exactly Lewis and lighten the break so I mean if if if they lose Birkhead. To be able to piece things together around him it was out the abilities Birkhead. You know a lot of the a lot of in terms of like. If you watched the way to teachers use Lewis. They would use him as traditional packet ties duties as a receiving back there's also break formation yup you line up as a receiver outside receiver. Birkhead can do those things you absolutely can line in the slot and we routes you can do it so. Patriot slot guys were multiple they have four guys. Where multiple. And they can all do everything he definitely those who wrote a couple of so he can't he's a strong legs in just a different kind of goal and an. Other than other than. Other teams running back committees committees usually a mask as you don't know who's gonna get what. You know if you can hit it right with the patriots if you're feeling based on past history or our momentum whatever might beat. Any one of those guys can give you a lot of fantasy points in any one week that that's why that backfield doesn't scare me vs a typical committee has a typical committee just. Now you can get stuck behind get shot out I think this backfield can reap benefits for people if you. If you time it ought to go bust that right fitness wise I'm I'm. I'm feeding pitchers back field fantasy wise but in reality I think the features of constructive you could back field. You know weapon based. Yeah I mean goalie sees a guy like if I can only have one out take at least we have just. Completely uninterested in terms drafting him where it's taking me and I've seen him go worth. Fourth in her own past yet he's a guy who's like not as early drafting ADP is ridiculous right now there's no way I'm taking him. Ten rounds at a Burkett. Now I will know I will let someone else take that chance I will take a better running back and I'll take Berkett. Later on yeah you know. I I like the hatred backs for depth you know during the bye weeks. You know maybe if you punch if we start. As the season wears on we may start to see patterns and that we can apply those matters to the defense is that are coming up yup you know Sumi bye week sexually K. They slow scenes that we put -- in this is the Deion gamer Rex give yeah at age it's the only goal line ought to at least you know cares yet this week for him but. Going into the season. You know but it units at the Sony ties but the idea that you're going to be able to think ahead of Belichick yeah I guess where he's going before he does. You know like. Yet you're gonna get lucky and it put eyeballs on you you need be patient at the Rollins then. Yet but they're good like mid to late round selections are guys is just like the law of the town all of the opportunity champ in their own way. I'm sort of says there are looking to take a picture running back in each draft but I. Mean yeah. And I would notice that there are you guys look at this guy's got it exactly and iron on unafraid to take any of them and wherever they might fall in a certain certain drafts and certain Mueller the flow and momentum of the draft is. Worth talking about in this gonna be a lot more coming out of that camp I mean the the thing that I think and and it's it's it's happening now like the stuff you are coming out of pitchers camp yesterday. But I just think people for it's we hear how that the statistical communities work. Over time like if you if you can't give people numbers. Analysts yeah. And you know for it was those guys going to replace there are no numbers right you know. You know we're a little bit at the end last year. But this is a guy with there. Skills he can sell much. I set this morning this on Twitter this correctly sixteen games. Patriots fans absolutely. Love yeah expert then going to love this is a throwback name but. His skill set in what he's able to do. This is for the older listeners that we have is likely indeed Johnson was in the seventies for the pats who is a switch blade you can do anything that. And back then they used to line in the Easter break formation with him back then. And he did flea flicker live on the due also to stubbornly Rex and you got people and what lasts one of the things people our lot. Like I've heard people talking about well or can better goalie sleep and obviously these reports totally forgetting white for no good reason but. You know they would contract. But let's just remember some things about the contract police whose contract was big. Not just because they value the player that much because they're trying to box out awful right yeah part of that was trying to give him a contract a flow wouldn't match. We came to Birkhead. Like we said he got it up playing time a guy that stats. Now to check believed in him apparently nobody did the objects that stupid to get a bid against himself they got a cheap because he was cheap right doesn't mean he's not good. And it doesn't mean they would have paid more for everything that's it. Yeah you know if they're gonna market for Rex Burkhead photos pictures might think twice as much to get we don't know. But they're they're Smart thing they're if they're out they're betting against nobody there and take the discount yeah night. That come after a whole wave and happened that was a late edition you know so. And they just played a write me notes and doesn't present to overpay IE Stephon Gilmore. And thousand dollars or don't you know silly at times and we senate last year. You know that we thought there were built for power because they have such tough schedule yeah our football teams this year. There clearly going to this new people as possible addicts be adding guys you know like you say there's sort Swiss army knife type yeah. And that's offense is going to be it's O freaking Purcell yeah. If everybody stays healthy I can't even begin to describe what the patriots can do. They're going to be able suggest. Ben themselves shaped weaknesses there on a weekly basis net net it's it's it's going to be beautiful thing to watch especially for you know. You aspect and it right and that's what you took it well. Oh by the way the owner of my team just got him to cut appointed ambassador by Donald from. It. At all good candidate they say that means he's outdated operations jets. On a commitment and to what I can only be good yeah it just you know I don't think he was never really involved in the first place you know. The neck knows but he does have to cells or who I wanted to have to sell. He yeah. You need that it's ever gonna come right lasted in the Austin team gets broken up from the top it's as the latest. Hopefully he's our kind yet you need to take I am economy out of it in AJ I was Georgia perhaps that poetry count half our typical or perhaps it's gonna pick and it's right. It's feed. It to Vick RAZR are right it's a couple things that there are about 200 is up with our switch yes. But there's a wrote a world auction draft threes and wanna talk about this is that for whatever reason. Auctions aren't getting a lot of airtime. In the fantasy world and indeed matter of Pete not play a lot of all we libeled. And this is generally adjusting draft. I'm kind of looking at it right here. And yet at 200 dollar budget. And does so within auction for those who haven't played you know you get the snake mentality out of your mind this is. It's the wild wild west should you want to spend on someone. That should you have someone in mind. And should you have the depth of the player pool that you can ghosts go spend as much as you want earlier or later however. You can do so while while Wesley weigh in whenever you want. And the drafts. Often does it somehow a draft falls to you that this could fall the EU EU kind of when Al gunslinger death and you know you. Been an auto auctions that's pretty much normal yeah I'm and I like to try to set the tone in auctions yup I like to be aggressive I'm not. Conservative at all. I will rule outspend early I'd a lot of people and auctions and this is the thing I try to take advantage of yet. People like to sit back like two boxers sort of feeling each other out and I like to spend during feel props no other people are trying to gauge what's going on. They engage in off me and I'll get the players that want process and sometimes I'll you know early on I'm like you 510 bucks away. My attitude is I'll get that back on value later on right. I want the players I would have built the building blocks I won that I'll end up with a team won the bottom so goat into the strap I didn't know people were gonna allow me to do. Com. David Johnson went 76. If I'm not mistaken 98200 bucks and this is long gone it's a give people can of the framework but it was Johnson's first call yet again he was the guy circled on my list I was pretty intent on getting him. And then try to package with a discount to the Hewitt 76 lakers Celtics lost at doubles now do the math I can't grab another guy anywhere near that so it's you know element of I was 75 and nine cent a cents a pull back there because I think I'm like you know wanted to make sure right now I think they'll go lasts. And it getting ballots that too. So uncomfortable yeah. And it's easy to forty. So. You know iron. My board goes yep Jed spelled ZZ. Actually would be over allotment board but he's got the suspension issues lingering. And it suspensions of being really big obviously he's gonna fall that Mora Mike port. Now at 48. I think like three or four game suspensions bakery and a price. Because if he has absolutely no suspect he's easily going sent all things being equal if bells going 72 in David Johnson and 76 and getting Ezekiel Elliott 4648. That's incredible values that out all day if he played sixteen games I stole a rug out no if you place thirteen games used to run well that's that's I guess the magic. Question is what what what number tonight about. I but that's what a real quick the request with Elliot is this my attitude was I need to build team. That can play well without them yeah not sure if I pulled that off. I definitely pulled off really freaking good team it's in my life yeah. Isn't it how many charges of fairness we've run up against the guy with bell and Eliot. So and I got trapped skills as tight well. Only you know that's a work that's a bigger wanted to split the listeners know only in an auction can you do that right or drafting writer you know. Only had not. Yet only an auction can you leave with Levy on how this Tiki on and that's a great about it. And like did this two ways to slice it. You either really know the player pool well you know how to budget you you know the people annually enough that you kind of know what their tendencies where you can go out. Or you could spend like that not going into like on the it is let's stop and talent is mechanic and a piece it together it is also too it's do it and you're a good spot in getting these two big horses at the top because you do real powerful deep. You know that will look I'm gonna leave your word the other. Eleven guys to death Smart soon yeah right that was the risk out of State Department go girly girl league with that perhaps people don't really the right are swift uptake. It twice about the rest particular room. You know I mean. You know Josh horses in there and expenses there and stop by and ask senator. There's a lot of relief sharp guys in this draft any feedback on what you did. From the against you know message board stuff article in this is in the a little world draft guide not got kind of a while ago I can't wait people's election viral world strapped guide. But I mean like I have the results which I haven't posted publicly discuss it felt like. Yet the charging people yeah. Do that but I mean. You know vary. Race summer it was in this draft. Jeff from doctors in this traffic after strapped to Cisco's strapped Mike Gallagher a lot of sport guys references in this draft. That franchise so I mean there's not a lot of people blown the next so you know backs. Normally when you make a move like that I'll just take advantage of state right when someone takes Drew Brees the threat does that respect that might that yield capitalize on this league and the one other than the one thing that I Kelsey at 28. I don't think that's been adamant that bed and didn't. Such a lot of fantasy football player than running at a double edged sword because I really didn't have money for premium today and after. So Kris Lehman running back yeah. Com so media I've been able to about eight identify him. I got into a little bit about cop caught the thing is way under my projected number for instance it would grant go for high. Question when Jordan reed you know it's like and the barometer news flow of read it for laughs I think ovals for sure. But from this injury affected and you know. Right grow equipped for quite a out of the numbers point. But. The key thing with distract the key thing of all all adults is what's gonna happen. Myers. Because I for so much money been. In two running backs the receivers there I mean no matter what I do a little bit like side. But you know epithets at you decisions at the outset we just octave below. Waiting on receive because this is some an ego once all rights and essays off absolutely that was the news. Oh approach excitement but it was I want I want sharply strapped. To the depths of the player pool I'd think his receivers operatives to grunt but for forty. It's a glut I was distracted Broncos were 41 so if if I'm very comfortable. Seeding which kills innocent Jordan reed goes let's say seventeen to nineteen year right you rightly should be. Right now I'd I'd I'd I'd I'd I felt good about the number. It didn't fit with what I've already done well but as it turns out it ended up. It's sort of finance and look at got to be careful receivers my next two eyes thinks it and and and other runners tonight in twelve bucks football part is that my got Bob Bergen when I want it to have a running back I can play with a salary of four weeks though it's SO Perkins can be back guy from and he can he can beam reflects. And aliens is like your on my starting receivers at least in theory or Kelvin Benjamin. The budget Parker. Shall not you know at all about that no big dogs nobody who's a total stud. But you know I got Tyler Lockett for block long and I actually saved up to about seven bucks in case I need on shore Lockett yeah. But nobody fought them. But nobody there was aren't I Lockett. Com is another receivers. Which are sort of like I like known it. On people's art on this guy yet I think Lockett going to be guys and if he stays healthy cleaner. Does and I don't believe that I did two in isn't as another receiver on your team that really stands up and this tune now that suddenly it's amazing what a day can do. Has some question marks who you why I like a long divide their pocket but what happened with ten male. Yes it is a little scary. With that some want and later in the draft just as I like you pick and Corey Davis which I'm fine with Matt Moore. I was about all the pork it you have been wars you know could baca. He's he's throwing people with steroids and l.s back I think is now it doesn't make a lot of mistakes like he's a he's a conservative guy but he yanked from gets us all better and gasoline. It's prop tales from his front this instance. Is that you can't sit there pass the ball team they're terrible and yet if anything happens don't seem to have no visitors no one else yes so you know. The problem the dolphins that got help from the sun apps to bounce things up at the Pepsi yeah so you know. Yeah I I mean I I haven't heard. From people yet but I know people seem like Jai you ranking flip. Because most people in the first round in the middle second. It's not but it alleged job on line actually like which I call on. But I'd you know there's a little bit of anything with him which I'm never gonna just. Sneeze away Jeremiah Denton says and I'm very concerned about the Balkans yet the interior. Yeah I just think he's gonna get. He's gonna have to fight and it's going to be tough sledding and actually beat out more when they're constantly. By the end and then they lose that they actually lose a little something to like annuities and Elliott I think it's a really good player but. You have to give you know compared to David Johnson have to give Johnson some credit that he's doing fine an average line at bats. L user to buy Cadillac line Elliott got sold many. Free trips to the second level passed yet one could cut the second level what that's why you know we're talking about it was such an early draft pick last year because it's just. It just fit like that Larry that we did that whole. You know drafting with that snap call up and I'm like come to countless has taken only cheap but why wouldn't today. They've got a line that they have had this good since they knew was there and I mean it isn't and probably had to take an alien. Once the cowboys take Jolie. Now taken him and yeah exactly. Exactly yeah I got that I've heard some good arguments that should go to court advocate of the things that could have taken their second round I was it only matters if I. I think there are a lot of arguments commitment epic I love though it's not our problem did. Com wanna landing spot but yeah I mean. Once she put me back in Elliott's and need back you know meters five or six in the NFL one problem. And he's the guy with a basket delve. So. You know all in. You can sit there and say who's better speaker or Ballard Johnson you can debate about that. But if you're gonna sit there and ask you who stats do you want this year not to let it go with Elliott African base that's because he's the guy gets the most help yeah. Bingo bingo was his name. What will I don't wanna skip over your team wanna go right through it deepened. But I do wanna get to Corey Davis only because anybody who's winning or this team auditor actually follow this. I would throw this team on Twitter you know witness witness podcast is live via there's a time line app wrote about. You can check out. What you are talking gas and. In this auction draft its ill Levy on ballots of two bucks. He Kelly at 48 Kelsey at 22 because a lot of football player a lot of Tennessee where between box its compact. Kelvin Benjamin Paul Perkins ross' it's about the parking Russell Wilson and good quarterback but moving down the list to twelfth pick. Is Corey Davis Love that picket to box and really like his situation when an alike is what happened yesterday. Yeah Miami yeah you know. That's the beauty of my strategy is that you know Corey davis' and wave Rourke. You know most of my procedures her there and take off and not yet I'll attack the waiver wire aggressively. That's the nice part about the strategy yeah and you know you've got the if you look at the bottom end of your draft. There's a lot of players negative ticket is the receiver position Corey Corey Davis Tyler Lockett John Ross solution shock that nobody. Nobody won Mark Clayton. I I if somebody's going to I didn't have a third dollar was my last. And I just it's I'd I'd with a three to get Ross. And I'd like well probably Mosley. And I and ultimately. Crickets. I'd rather I'd rather than. I'd rather spend for a for Ross the only only because of this you know situation that's there union like to deploy portal thing in Jacksonville kind of worries me that it hurts lease so. It actually worked out of the give me the removed there. When you for a balky didn't go to Bucs who have regarded have to buy I buy and I just assume some is taken from but that's. I think people I think people that went were so fixated on. Filling your Q it looked around the answers yeah. Yeah Fisher parts of its role was ruled on this little bits though. You pick up Paul Perkins for twelve box that's a good you know good solid back in the good. Waiting heads the debt developed and I mentioned you know one thing and the numbers. And I effort there's a lot of there's an auction there's trucks last some people. There trader about Twitter. And they're talking about who wins for one who got what for why it. It's really fun to play the I got this guy for seven in Haiti for this guy game and auctions every every draft is that what that's not us while it's it's it's the thing you have to remember auctions that the price pays not reflective of the guys about that right. It's it would partially. But you have to have the context of what the budgets look like with a player was nominated yet a case of some guys if they just were nominees. So you'll have guys are people are saving them the guys who don't have any money will not nominee guys they like as in can't afford right there waiting for repeated people's budgets to come down. And then had to throw that name out. So you'll see guys who for whatever reason they get nominated late. Well if everybody is to a two dollar budget. Win win Aaron Rodgers goes for twenty bucks. And everybody's got in nineteen dollar budget Russell Wilson gets nominated yet. Wilson's offer it you know that was what I got for Roethlisberger went for too. You know that's great it's eight yards but it it that when people read that Michael Scott that's terrible well diplomacy over Rogers well. It has to do that Rodgers was an early call yeah Roethlisberger was please call. You know if Roethlisberger and called out the first draft he'd gone for a box yet in this and other does love the fact that he do you know annual wealth from auctions which is. Is transitional anxiety. Too it's like what's that what's what's the oppositional anxiety why room it. That's exactly what Perkins went for twelve bucks like I didn't wanna spend twelve bucks Burke right by. He was the last tactic called out that I wanted anything to do it right in my starting lineup right Orleans seize yeah. It is that the more options that you do you sense that even more so we are due I just finally just to argue either backed up August and it just lost the bidding war out and co. Who is that guy I I was hoping. Ago actually hoping to do was to go seek battle McCaffery. I lost a bit of McCaffery I thought I'd want it. I was in the shop who auction had never been before I thought I hypodermic Africa looked out across Patrick won I thought I was there aren't typically I got the cabinet and Sony's Catholic lovable what's going I think in my team so. I thought I'd I would of got I got another six bucks to get Maria. It's one of those things so actually Catholic to coax my next guy. And I lost a widget anymore curriculum I pulled out later that he would protect 26. Am like it's just that State's draft it was too much money he had but I was close I was close I think Matty Matty Franciscans. I don't let them not to expect that to get down the world bowl on this but the agency that move McCaffrey and quit. That and I'd be put on keep the other did a double move that was sick for middle linebacker. Have a chance to sign out there it was that was a route goes it's who really sweet guy you can sixty analysts believe. Waking up to McAfee like wade and let me beat this guy can do yeah. I think everybody sort of wants to pigeonhole this guy's one thing. You're missing in the past week ago what makes him so special is that apart from his wheat easily to Hutus before to a three. Apart from that the weaknesses in the football player. And I mean it's kick this kid could have come out as a receiver and all that a receiver. He viewed big time I'll play is going also happens to be running back who really good Yang is like a running back version of gentlemen that's gonna like. Is coming to better. Yeah. Elephant you know I love a nice but it did is stop Bronson Sager ground if if if if it over the he's out of my court guys Lotto. But but McCaffrey's. Is I was very impressed and that's that's that's of move through this old habits though. Oh by the way yeah. I heard anything about had been hurt weeks. He caught a nice long touchdown in training camp from my from Brady the other day you know and Iceland when they drive healthy for another two weeks are moving moment board in his efforts there yeah. I haven't faded down the seventies right now and my ports by ports point but keep our full PP Ari comes up. But elements of cherished player this year yeah. It serves moving in that running back here in our political hack. Hogan and Mitchell got the beast and need to act cooks where settlement fitted in the target multiple. Yeah and right now you've gut you've got Mitchell little dinged up until a little does not Hogan a little dinged up shall. Heart fees for a problem. But I I I don't trust him to stay healthy yet yeah like guidance and all of you out. And the pictures of reason to force feed that I know that exists that it. Right now it's supposed to so's that and before you Rhode Island went into the spot this bull you talked about this it's a spectacular round experience. You know between Allen was coming out of liking a mini camp in OTAs and really not getting a pretty he actually looks better this week the he's he's gonna. You know think about view. The patriots to collect. Going to be. You know. Its interest itself the music they campus that Peter is just my predictions for the patriots. Belichick's. Now and I add an extra emphasis stupid. Drop below not play well first of all the matter. If he's not planning. Second of all I mean. July practice you tell me calendar Apple's ability to his entitlement and much structure which beat guys what it. It's it's it's it's it's an absolute chicken and then it's like you know as it was a passed ball a wild pitch like he. It's throwing it to somebody writes it was that somebody in the right spot. It was a thrown into a practice squad guy like DeVon Lucy and that we didn't run and run his route you don't you just don't know and I'm sure you know I'm sure he did have a good practice in the city didn't like. It's it's early practice. You know what he's stuck with stuck last year in training camp that he came out. Game one against Arizona let them up Michael in his wrestler performer yeah. He Brahimi that he's a gamer not a practice play you know so. Yeah absolutely absolutely I mean like Japan and it I think it's probably an element of sometimes it's cornerbacks are so busy just like watching greedy trying to sponsor everything out on that take away it's much. Are there. I honestly think that. There's an element of law when your memorial yeah like I none of those guys think I'd be the guy. You know pre pre owns. The oxygen. So. That's sort of obvious excuse by me what you think there's something to it in that. You know. These guys are competing to take a job. It's fascinating to know what's gonna happen you assume so much speculation in this market feeling about. Why and where is the rumpled do what you can do to attack him gimmick moment in brightness isowich conjecture. And I just I know this wanting the only prediction I will make. Is that with a win it's me you will be sound you'll make perfect sense when Bill Belichick wanted to pull the trigger an order of oratory Guerrero won't. And a year literally perfect yet exactly get a better sense that is deficit. I concede Dennison it's it's just it is astonishing. How people feel like. Question Belichick's watch. How many times you look at the track record well yes rebels need before you just go whatever cuts. It's hopefully never gonna happen but yet again at the media needs to talk about things and on talk radio talk about things. I always go back to that bad start a couple of years ago. And I servers run the Cincinnati right right what would that would Kansas City to blow by blow of the city on Monday night ranked came back on they came back on Sunday night need console he smacked matched Cincinnati but I'll never forget on not to name any names here make him look bad. But there are people on talk radio. Questioning everything idea. We can't draft we don't impact players. Blah blah blah blah blah and it's just sleek new unsuitable. To allow races this is me listening to me. It's it's it's weird when you get so accustomed to winning yeah. Like patriots and patriots fans have. Losing sort of sent you a little bit of like an apoplectic state. You know via com it's it's it's going to be interesting I. And maybe there will be no period of adjustment when Perrier tires a preview of pacers winning well that's I think prosperous day anymore. I think that's a problem is yeah it's it's the obvious I don't torch passed but obviously that's what they tentative. I I wouldn't want to do I want tolerance for couple five disease. Aids. It's it's an etched in question. It and the dynamics would have it is it to sequester the dynamics would have to deal that look you know Brady's gone. It's a new Aaron and you sent to take a deep breath and expect them lasts but. Right you know who died it's not a big transition this year are capable of going. While. I just threw that out there are also fewer than gut instinct on this if if the torch does get passed on to drop well. And if 500 they'll be no tolerance that. Because right because the whole the whole script. Behind it is that the torch is being passed him with that will be some level of expectation of its not greatness very solid. Performance though if that choice if it's passed a percent reward or you know whomever gets drafted at some point and some draft they'll be more tolerance but at this torch gets passed Jimmie drop below and they struggle look out. Look out the fans will be out promises that yet it'll be interest elect like how much of a honeymoon yet. One season. You might I didn't get that. Human I didn't get that seat that's for things because Belichick believes in the player. Upheld the again you know builds again you can't finish at best quarterback which. I is he started on controversy quarterbacks and that way injuries in a that's their that's his grand plan. This is birdie code is our engineer test of aerial over again maybe. All it wouldn't shock me of the says that. I'm effort. And it's of it's hide it's there for animals better place with no question. A question you know that's however so it's it's. But the thing is it's like you know I hit I'm very much looking forward to a show starting on on Sunday and you know and to death and what it. And what but what that represents you know it's like you were back on there and and it's football season the thing that's boxes is like kind of signifies the end of summer but I love the pats and Belichick in Tennessee football football so much in general that. It takes such as sting out of it you know it's just it's this it's seamless. And like. The thought of ballots are not being around like making that transition and you know. The pats not being what they are in and had not been Iran's right to skated an occasion taken those turns it it is interest. Like if I don't think Belichick retired retreating. I don't think that's gonna happen personally. And he's rats yeah I think he's gonna last night I do like it would be interesting to see what would happen. In doing like it is pretty retired Dutch exit you know like. I'm old Belichick is now. 6566. 66 and yet he's like you know I've had a great run a more money possibly you know spend time with my wife and act. Well spent I was kids these days that coach and the bats like they are settings that I have such alternately. On. This but I it's inch would be insisting that they actually brought in some like totally new coach. New GM changing the system and encompassing guys ever vote it would discourage good these good people you know I wonder what the tolerance would be. Just an end you know keep your patriot fans you have to feel some amount of what's the word you know torch crafts. That scraps don't team I'm thankful. Right yeah you know the you know you don't have your goal with this whole thing like how much how much good will do they have and how long does that last it craft is forced. To revamp the whole thing. Looper at this as someone who commutes in the city every day. I would say. I would say the U of some of the most impatient people I've ever encountered so. Yeah I think you know this is like the pass on the right capital of the world but as well this is people yeah. You know they run the ship around it is not it would be inching its like how about you while on. Wondering. I get my gut is that people would killed teen totally. But readings would dip. And people would go watch social office along I take a little break while bills out of it now now they start winning again at the out of the doughnut out of the ratings it's about the Democrats think fox broad empty now. Number I'm saying I'm saying. Intensity would come let me say it better. I don't think ratings dip I don't think you know it happened I do think there is talk radio again and Sports Radio get one better. Like you know it'd be visited the smaller the cause I don't like that but how super bulls do you need to win before. Get bitter like every year apparently into city are you might not like this but you have you really. It should take at least a decade for bitterness that I grew up or dog problem to get some help no question that's something. Kickers like you know there are towns that have never won. Any thing and this doesn't know better than anyone because you know with the Red Sox very you Mossad Super Bowl trophies and other trophies after Skittles right last night at fifteen I don't know it showed a Douglas still miserable they know what I'm saying like what what if I think actually got bad I don't know loser Ville in the ninety's there and go back to that like like like for me. For weeks ago the Mets the talent and the jets. And that yeah you should be in a therapy group right right so I mean I am PT like the nets Mets and a hi and look at it I've got the next it's true it's so for treatment I think it's a lap. Yeah well that's right I'm pop pop pop that a better remorse. But that's the beauty of fans. Because like we're in in in the eighties and nineties when my team that is an stump back. You know every now and then one of them wouldn't sock right filers fails. And it would it would kill. Like when I first met you. I just played in sports. I would take the met losses so Martin and losses. Adam like when Daniel was signed away. But Celtics. Right here the next minute I was in a funk for months now but that's the beauty sports too delicate wouldn't consult with him. Around and I. I've been saying this for a long time the of people like who's your favorite team New York sports but it had been you know I'm Boston sports through and through and and I worked in this business organs is for reasons I'm really passionate guy have to be paid to our you know people ask you his favorite teams that the path is that the Sox Selz. And I save a favorite teams Grogan zeros. And I asked I feel prepared to do. Ground zero is my favorite team and and the pats on the Sox in the south and let them play yet but now that's my favorite team. Bakken love that theme he's hit eight of stuff. And I can't wait for the draft them. Currently one of the greatest in history making a bomb. Yeah I mean I'd. DC tabs are doubtful that stick with the third juggernaut for those. To these jazz a good team. It's not a good team named after a horribly. The institute is that where you're mister t.'s worst work that's not. And it's not a great actor in if this is not a good a net. Bill Maher animal feed the kids are out there that she opened up its stimulus Bill Maher act so that I think that's right he wasn't that. That's such utterances were awful. It's a great team it is so let's let's let's I'll post. The roster from that auction to check it out yet they take a look at it on. Let's wrap this is the real quick wrap up on that on that draft sure. That's the thing about auctions that allows you think completely outside the box you know and I would encourage you to do that when you aren't an auction do things and throw other people. Create little ripple effects and and in and go get the last players. On tears and force people overpay for the next year do you think that way. Be proactive don't be reactive and auction. The only other people control the flow and my approach rabbinate bought two of the top few players almond board. Is a viable way to do it especially when you have. The depth at receiver that we haven't depth at quarterback you early cannot be shutout of these positions you know so. Be aggressive with running backs and I don't mean. Draft six when he backed start draft I mean in an auction where industry track you can't get seek about can do it. But it an auction they're gonna only take 21 round picks are encourage you to do. And we wing wing with a robot traffic comes out about ten days or so. That statement my draft plan is very similar to last year's. Take so popular players drafted players as long as you possibly can't. Get your court built into laughter as much upside. Checked yet it's a good way to win chances. And swing for the seats and missed because free agencies can be bountiful. And you're against many lock guys. So. That the player pool this year it's green speed aggressive don't be concerned. Awesome you we can drop the Mike right now on an ad just gonna add two quick things on the what you got those grades poetic. In auctions two points I'd like to make budget. An and has yet to stick to it but like I do a budget it's a 200 dollar you know budget that you have you know have. Have had salaries down and go like seven if my top guy fifty my second guys twenty from a third or whatever it is and they just keep telling you to go 75 you're five over. Then you five over for the next tickle you on if you come under Dick measuring give yourself a template with worked with work with which. To get the players that you want in a budget level that you can that that. Don't understand understand the relationship. Between tier one pricing and how everything's gonna fall behind yeah okay so if you go to a draft thinking your pricing can be 55 to sixty. And you see guys going for seven Friday you know adjust. Yes you do like a lot of you'll be well on that everybody's making big stink about it do that while if that changed your first player you take its seventy guy at the port. You are in trouble that might not be good yeah especially accurate short like that strapped on and there's fifteen players next. So if you're saving for depth in short auction yeah adaptor can be free agent guys so. You really have to get aggressive. You know. I mean if people spend stupid money let them and then coming hard on the second tier so like. Like it that you would get the sixty the world right now people are throwing. Eighty bucks at the top two running backs and that's too much for you okay that's all right you don't have to spend it but it in on O'Dell back exactly keyed in on Leo yeah. Like it when that preached rockets. Yeah it'd be aggressive yeah because you you don't wanna be an inning in Italy in a twelve team league. With 1516. Roster went right yeah. You don't wanna be seen without that we players you have to have a menu itself have a budget have a plan but you gotta be on you gotta be ready to move it don't yet. The one thing I see and auctions on. I'd force people to do this and it's quite. I enjoyed it but don't beat this guy to check in now. I've seen so many guys it gets up to commit the American dollar and Arnold a sudden they're just it's a hard line and you'll know about him to wouldn't feel right. Get over it up keep spitting yet the guy you want it lets it gets she just stupid. We we talk of this last year remember much of our auction drafts and like night I had a tear. And I wanted Keenan Allen and another receive any guiding Gannon in the last guy MIT it was Brandon Marshall I just kept on 1111. I kept it yup but up on just up up up but because I was gonna get them. I adamant that T I needed that receiver and turn out through the wrong guy right here wrong guy but you know that that that happened was the right. It's it's in and understand which parts that tractor and it. You're gonna get to a point where every dollar is crucial yup where yet you do have to have power lines like I don't cook I really weren't. Have enough money left or right. Okay what. The read is him I didn't have that money because it's an uphill. Debates occur itself. You know like I've I've seen people in the middle traps where they have a great draft going and the start of occupant but ultimately and so quick look at the team going. You're fine you do the right thing yeah like people sometimes start equating their enjoyment level during the draft with how well they're doing. Like odd blow the socks. The public ultimately Libya right. He sort of declared 45 minutes and kick your ass and I there's literally about 45 minutes and mr. rapport I did not play yeah it happens at the present strategy but I knew that eyeing new. And Ed I've actually seen people not wanna wait staff drafts Europe. Really that's about your final product yeah not about the flow that ran yen joint you know that that's not the. And the other thing deed that's a really great topic and yet how to just the you know take a Brady pliable you know you gotta be elements of feel the draft Rooney and they'll understand when you'll be flexible scared and doctor Bridget. They'll get a result it's a stock in telling what you wanna do like you've got to kind of feel what you have to do. And don't be scared as a great point the other thing I was gonna bring up Pete. Tennessee people do this all the time it's usually the a habit of those who don't know the play apple as well but wait as long as a candidate kickers defense don't spend more than a bought panic records. Don't expect yap and don't I had it. I had the money well the thing is and I want to be what you can do is you can gonna ask you was gone Tucker was gone yet. Which you can nominate a kicker in his defense and block and a good one and energetic and repeat if you get a Ugandan people are and act. But some of the bid people populate a low one I wanna defense will spend five boxes like dummy. I'll take that for Boxee just took a look at a player like if I look at your list. City get a player like. Brandon Marshall at the sixth about the apocalypse before books they go right now spent more in my kickers and spent on lock. The differences Lockett felt for a block yup that's beautiful you know if if I needed to go to sixty Lockett I was gonna do yeah. Interior package that's six and a heck of it just so I can expect more locket and kicker it's. Right. It's at its interior players who know who's there and you know we can get. And be patient be Smart be aggressive but at the at the end. You know if you've got resources and get the guys you want what they're like he's never spent a second kicker there are people in this draft and spent all the money. That's nuts but it's not because here's what happens. You seed money for particular player and you get that I know it's gonna say you heard it in the trail overspending just could to have Mike right exactly so. You know I'd I'd messing with these guys have certainly made mistakes absences they statement for ex guys getting guys fifty cents on the dollar based on what they bought in right couple bucks yet but so I'm just saying like. Don't at one. Having a blocker to auctions not a carte stand. But it will kill you if you walked away from certain players during the draft over to the dollar rise an important player yet. You know so I'm not name names of people who ate some money strapped but. Think about it. You sat there not not an echo fifty tickets in the left over yet that's crazy. That's that that's only view from a yeah yeah. I'd buy him out let's before each one we look at it's brutal on ranking is there anything in there. Anything saw Clark anything didn't agree with strongly. Will not in the top ten night Piccard exactly it would they would boo it witty should be done yet. Miller Gordon's insisting intimidating you think about who else is there he belongs there. The what guys this time I was watched some court. Yet he's a guy I've sat think I was only 90% needed to via whose. The ranking game in which it a little higher corn batter batter. Outs you on the tennis except to. Is at number twelve as Jordan. I got I love joy and idle Chicago. Now I'm worried about that situation. With Howard is one city games critique from him yeah soak in back I announce you know it's like every Tuesday. The style last year somehow. You know power pack as it is putting up numbers. About our news people actually. Like to bricks for ease back at receiver. In fact I think he's the guy that's potential become pretty good receiver yet calm but you know he use every. Tool. So. He's a work in progress there's dysfunction. There and I think that's important years. Point five or keep your scoring catches. And Michael Turner's set and right and held them back into its descent Chicago situations that he's Chester Taylor yeah. Not arms back. And you know moderate increase as the guy last year we try to tell people I know. That's nine and nobody listens ever ever was up on the kid from Michigan State. Which has yet effort yet that's right. Yeah a decent living like a little weight and take Howard and yeah he had Alan Wright for shirts caps one dollar and you know. That's that the to keep a league folks so that's. That's a nice you know it would run about school of 506070. Not offering him back in the day. And to. That's as went to wal. Mike Mecca and I got expert for. The and your direction and you know. Here's laps in which you talk about and we love them but. It. Com. I hate saying. But Josh Gordon was tweeting. So you know folks don't take off reports completely hidden. This is something to watch I mean he played a big league stash immediately. You know he's a guy where. But he can be anything from me in jail. Diplomacy for football and it's he's got factories the bigger spectrum. But you can we got to pay attention to Gorton now an interest in the NFL so bad and and I don't I don't need to tell us to our audience because. Are we saying hello two years. Like everything just freaking do what you gonna do. You know do whatever you gonna do just do it yeah crying out loud enough and and anyone with Josh Gordon why they make in the sky twist like this and if there's a reason what's the reason. They don't give out any of this it's huge stop at a Phillips NFL's like. They're so choosy with how they decide you know approach more out button but. You know an inconsistent yeah don't tell me that you don't know about fantasy football NFL and don't tell me it's not a big deal should know it is yeah. You tell me you can't just have an official way deal that stuff. But it's totally it's touchy feeling units qualitative and subjective and it's they're behind the green curtain and nobody gets to know but Cadel. It's such joke it's totally subjective it's not fair to the players it's not fair for the fans yeah. And you know Josh Gordon's a huge shoes it's gonna drop one way or another at some point. Just drop the issue yet or at least tell us what's up. Like OK we don't have an answer on Josh Gordon because XYZ. And the things will be noted time but no it solemn not at this time that that's she'd. Like figure it says four exits of the very interesting in there which is this it's like a connect. If you want to publicly acknowledge how important fantasy football is within the depth of the NFL wanted to part of it is he's so secured the word is fans. Are right. Then take Finnessey out of it don't let that be the thing Nate big in that leads you to make a decision and not make one. You fans up because you fans. On the process that we can all right we spent a lot of money a lot of time invest a lot. You know money and time to fall your sport a lot of different ways tennis is one government and and and in a lot of different ways. You can always different. Sol thrown out there for all blown. I mean just how something so weak it's okay. Gordon will be offering XP because he failed to do XYZ. Obviously there's something that's kept the guys from being stated. But we don't fight. And then all of a sudden when in August up Gordon's back up starting at. And it's it's for everybody for loop. And it's it's like you're poking your own client right. And there. I'm not saying that should change. By. You know if Gordon is not on good footing. Fine but let's note the processes of weakness of light field waiting in or out right. On and we Kelly that's you know and complete the investigation it. Decision. To round and went past its something we don't know I mean again. Well what art. The problem with the real business these these guys are lucky to be I don't think you don't get a paper if he would work in the and in all of this champions he's worked and pepper right that's really I don't know I'm wrong or right. I think. My gut says that it's more about. Am not really be in charge. I just doing the bidding of 32 guys all at once. And having to come up with PR reasons. For things that actually. It's that's why Stu it's almost as it's likely to run the ship a package through FedEx the post office. Like FedEx. It's well run in Iranian people to look at it and actually Ewing when you're in an McNeil who. If it is that it took its I I think the NFL's more like the post office and has increased port. That's very nice but it's did you hear your stand at some people do it looked like it. Except it quickly escalated yet announced and right so a range of outcomes and that it's opposite the so while I guess I'm saying is is that Roger Goodell the mailman. And you know the people should be running it's a work for me the greatest football podcast is brought to by FedEx. New call these guys. What's that. QB we should be sponsored by the follow company. Basements or works for openings that. DHL. DSC. News that DHL lightning. So it's been the most likely answer probably sent. The we're going down. Gets DH yes. He. DH yes I will pop up pockets picked up is I will I will put up a link on that Arnold's arc. I'll go on Twitter and not rely on tax on oil pose that linked him to carry to. Pummeling that acted on that user I need I watched parts of that yeah that's on the house economic write about the shouted down like the Red Sox just adding them for stuff like in Iran. And dies out or on like any council on an closely if it. A one more on the road about 200 Vietnamese couple couple things eyes. One is. And I mean I mean apple lose ranking at. Night. Type via I I got to spend a lot of time that the that we movement coming weeks yet. It's time we did before we came on in and toys. I cut to a sort of arbitrarily. Clues players. For Tenet and we've probably gotten to like you know into the forties in news. A couple beams that this kind of circled. To register one is. What is the under Hopkins. Yeah. You know new not a guy. You know he's economic twenty eaten at thirteenth ranked receiver that's right on. I act I had a couple lower but the full in the arrangements yet that's it's not going to pick you brain and that's O. You know you and I talk a lot about how like another public can actually help another player you know let's let's likewise they can get more seamless coverage whatever might be but. This one's interest because. You know maybe he can use him. How he can how he can't use in his totality now there was a. Of them not what's best for us right so now I think Hopkins was working a little bit more of the tough grinding ground. Men are using solar to clear out right at the top off. I think this. Probably get socked in some more vertical looks. I'm look I'm totally just. Think it's a yeah oxygen you know but I you know I I think this will help him get more looks downfield and I mean. Hopkins for a volatile playing you know it brings people I mean he tracks the ball. It's freaking yeah look he played well in the divisional playoff game it's the pats do so so. I'm I'm starting to feel Hopkins a little bit now I you know I think having com. Oh only having the rocket meter last year yeah was tough off now that savage actually got his feet wet last year dismal little but the functionality. And they got the rookie who you know I don't want but they sure do need so that's you know to hopefully they've got two arms that are functional now and you know some of Hopkins best work was done very mediocre quarterbacks yeah Patrick lawyers that kind of thing you know so it's not this guy doesn't need Joseph Montana. Yeah he can do what you can do work with a mediocre quarterback that can savage. Yeah use throwing he was a guy who is. I mean it's a great quarterback knows good maybe not eating good but he should be functional often he got into such a folk last year. Community they had to get it out there yeah they savage and be ready but. At least not until yeah you know. So you know I and we Mitt I mean and an ops army never get back when I mean he was a guy who is periodically until last year you are just killing everybody yeah. You don't see that off. Will you will see it for sixteen weeks with chats to stick to yes and until they just suck it so it's really been in the Achtenberg. Yeah and it's brutal the food I was up this discussion with a path for many of the day he's like well garbage time Nevada and I said and I I don't know if I totally made my point although its habitat the woman's not pro football focus it yet salad the guys look great guidance very Smart if you're not following pat Norman should be calm. But I'd start explained about it to me there's garbage time and there's with the jets are going to be playing in which garbage ball truck garbage time but it could nobody put the kids this is garbage time where the other teen study and play in the starters and yeah. So if you're gonna tell me to Quincy and on what might get a third of the game a lot of time against backups. Will you know now even the sub par quarterbacks are gonna make some that's a good point so that chaps me settle ultra bad that they get to play. Against scrubs. Yeah the question will be Cancun can Quincy and normally take a five yard out thirty yards right because if these quarterbacks who throw like 222 pounds and 445 yeah picturesque day ago I think that's I think that's the question that I gotta I gotta you get a little what's on a couple more you know beautiful I got about. Five all right I get an a tablets into more receivers. In the into running backs just that I circled. Heading into the forties now two receivers about data was announced on Jeffrey you've got a 4140. To nineteen and twentieth their positions available all. Com. It's it's I mean it's hard to say it's a stack of this article though while a new authority you who who. Who you think I can move them. Right above them isn't it. I mean I'm not I'm sorry I'm not trying to yeah I don't like them respond to good question ominous as this you know I think what I guess I can I answer answer the question myself but I'm on my sheets. But the guy hates ahead because he's got such good lock on targets because it's hot apple last year or fits babies on Egon fits in again because volume you know Floyd is on the other receivers we banged up. Com maybe Keenan Allen it's because of and now its interest you know definitely guy or I think a lot of people won't even consider taking about those guys because what it through. The thing about scene now is Philip Rivers. If you look at the winners targeting health it's ridiculous. Allan obviously you're player healthy cells peacefully now Mike Williams Celtics might not factor all your garden. So you know keep it out it's a plea to win back from huge risk. But he hit the town the game can be fourth guy like that isn't so that's it but yes Allen definitely is you know risk. Cook's. Got it ranks yeah. Yeah no I'm operating coaxed me to go by now it's you know battle cry out so many. Ensemble parts that are highly functional offensive cooks can easily cook cooks can run that Russell being lost in the shop yeah yeah from. So I think like ago it items Altman Watkins and it's it's it's pretty close him at. Atoms what you guys want us an idea that's our question is art collectors as this Adams I think is a guy like that. To me it. A more conservative asset in terms of the production you can expect to cook is a little bit of a variable Keeneland and available but if they all hit. You probably album ranked right that those guys you know line. Yeah I mean here's here's here's the thing that's the point out trying to make. The fact that those guys are 91 and the fact that it's not that he's pushed mob and the fact that America's the opposite Alan Roberts in mind I know and that Marshall and Tariq ill. Okay. Market is Bryant Daniel Sanders could play area where wide receiver 26. And got the gigs in Crabtree and injury and Crowder. Though it's just sneak on and on it Jackson Julian element in the top but that's it since the beginning of Republicans right yet. Do you when you get wide receiver 36 which is generally considered that end of the third receivers. Yeah right twelve team league yet. 36 Thatcher does your wide receiver threes. The quality receivers change stills Nash 44 yet before yet right. We just just for kicks and Tom Brown of 42 right on almost always really five Kenny Brit 44 and a lot of 43 Mike Wallace can easily be your weekly there's Tyrone Williams at 48 he was dominant. Last year right so Jordan Matthews 49 that's in anything about it. You know Corey Davis could end up being snipers shot apparently convinced that Kenny stills of fifty pedestals fifty fully auto writers here any week yes so that that Evan lighted 58 explode you know who could end up pulling its way up into the twenties or down into the ninth right don't know. But there are so many of these guys. The elite receivers absolutely pay a premium for what you're gonna get to a point where the cost of waiting at receiver in its next to nothing yet. Arizona just just remember that draft. Net and it was close on that the gets of the other players and those times that that's an important maybe that's a deep thigh IQ awaits a Sunday morning 8 AM. On the WEEI Sports Radio network check this out. And down for those are listening here now its attacks in early for Sunday morning has given away some passes and VIP passes hang out with. Meet Michael Fabiano infield hits it to hang on drank the timidity Rick you let me just ask you meet those guys check he had to hang out on us and I'm art is of in the Promos next year. That gates is really i.'s credit alimony as you know and a few buttoned up guy. All right so option as a football hoddle laughed Boston August 10 join us and and that's the WB I dot com slash football and then Sunday morning and Tennessee football Lowry era Jim team right here hope you enjoyed the yes.