WEEI Fantasy Football Podcast July 28th Edition

Fantasy Football Podcast
Friday, July 28th

It’s just 2 weeks until the Big WEEI Fantasy Huddle on August 10th, so Jim and Pete get into some Fantasy Football talk leading into event. Pete details his latest experience in a 2 QB Draft and the guys discuss and debate some of the ways to approach this format and others.Get ready for the Fantasy Football Hour coming up LIVE at 8am on Sunday, August 6th, the Fantasy Football Huddle at Laugh Boston on August 10th and Some interesting draft dialogue right here.


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Everybody Jim Hackett he didn't sit alongside with beat Tennessee football podcast Friday July 28 edition and now we are inching towards. Tennessee football draft season peak you and I've been a couple already in the off season and then we get a big event coming up we get the show coming up lots of talk about what supplement. So much buddy how are you a good and just looking up led to do like go for a I shot a copy may go blow. To those two engineers world trying to get this under is I don't do that and just getting. And so make a funny but man who could consider in the studio like 45 minutes and I wouldn't go as we do not talk about it. You're talking about up there Purdue's Russia of course not Nolan he's producing at CES and it's in these things and properties. Worker they do mom stepped ER. We are here yet true to Elvis died very loud by the way to a wells tobacco habit but training campus started as we know. Gone delicious is looking good. This news around illegals let's talk about growth is I think. You know insured players in general I'm I'm finding. A lot of people running away from. Injury risk guys yet it feels like more people are running away from injures players than ever before and I have to say I think I. It seems to me that this is the wrong year to have that mentality. Explained. Well I just think that the field of talent is so deep for fantasy football this year. That I am less afraid to miss that I've ever been before you're right he's like I'm gonna on the back and wrap much more concerned a passing. That I am about how to hold my lineup because traffic got hurt bulldoze. That they can look in the Scott fishbowl like you know which we talked about last week and it's into its that you just have adjusting scoring only that makes you take. Some risks or commit to be conservative it's kind of on your view but I sure as heck wasn't going to sit back and let a lead talents and on the boardwalk is taking a third string quarterback you know but. You who are in a league this week we just really. That kind of dilemma came up in the red yellow eyes so does that does that that that they just into what's in terms of draft strategy and give it to. Yeah I that I've still I've yet you know are talking about this. Offline yeah before which are recording. And yeah I'm in a league called. Costs it's KO TH it's Scott fish. Ron lead to his credit King of the Hill right King of the Hill. And it's basically to two Q the re draft week but the scoring is best ball so that you draft it's it's it's a rod hope you'll keep you said it and forget it yep. So. The things you have to draft a team that's going to be sustainable for for sixteen weeks and you know for me. For anybody who listened to in my. But the podcasted it last year and haven't felt that yeah I have an aggressive slash conservative. Drafting style where I'm looking for guys with upside. They're certain types of risks I will take. But they're also with the players too much risk I will move away from him steadily because there aren't any recourse I can't go to the waiver wire. Yeah matters who we draft everywhere doesn't hurt right see draft when he players of a guy gets hurt you down the nineteen period. And you know five guys here at fifteen and there's a certain number at where your dot doesn't matter how well the rise of the way and you just can't have polls and so you have to play. Strong to the upside of isn't always money in first place leaked really yeah so you have to go for it go for first place at the same time yet to be mindful of drafting team that can make it through sixteen weeks. It's it's a complex challenges it's fun to whose fund at the end in these basketball leagues are guys like Kenny stills who hit a missed the winning hit the big. And knows what's going in you'll wanna. Well that's yeah I you don't fear volatility and guys who are tough lineup decisions there's you don't need to shy away rights yeah I like that I'd like that aspect. Com. I love the factor in the asphalt leagues they don't create work from every Sunday during the regular season. You know it's true I'd love to place fifty seasonal leagues I couldn't do you know there was no way. There's no way to be no higher on air at 8 o'clock to 9 o'clock in the monitor where did you write. And then you're delighted at 1045 in the chat should we be doing that it's just it's right too much right and but but even if it was just. Doubled Pete playable it's fantasy leagues it's still would be just too because no matter because ultimately all your decisions come down to the last fifteen minutes rape. You know you're always sorry I was always a couple yeah right so I mean and if you have to be leased converging at the same moment. And at ten decisions to make in ten seconds Q do you know you can't anyway so so yes of this league is interesting in that it's too QB and its best ball so it's a little different it's also got tight at premiums scoring Tuesday Scott actually in its CPR. Right so. Both tight and premium is that they get an extra point five so it's it's fulke PR except for items that it will and one half a cat and it's and it's two QB yeah. So anyway in this league I have this sixth pick Diana took care Rogers. And it came back around and I think people were sort scare off a lock he he dropped. The imam brie he went Brees went but what stayed on the board for me in the second round. And I took a so that's part of the Rogers lock which. Like McCafferty Q believe he hit the right obviously other people are sitting there with Larry on bell. Robert has passed up so Alec the other teams all look great too. I it's the first thought I'd ever started to QB leak. QB QB I've I've split QBs at the turn are taken to my first four. But it never started with two QBs and I did intensive you know like oh. Good luck I think what could be out as is the way the draft felt I was sitting at Deutsche critic Roger. Sherlock public Ametek Rogers and healthier. And then come back and look is still there so I'm like you know screw it. And you know I think it's a double elite QBs. And try to get a real lock on the position yeah. But what what was interest in in this draft and just get your feel for how these things work I take luck and who sitting there for me in the third round Q I don't. Top beautiful hill after Iraq beat Greg because after I take luck. Russell Wilson goes right area but it goes Matt Ryan GE's wind you get the role as quarterback for Cam Newton right guys all went between my picks and T why else. Sitting there for me in the third really need to have good about going locked. Because if I had gone receiver. And and taken quarterback in the third I tilt persona right yeah you've been lucky to get one lowing guy like that run right right if I'd go or in the Michael Thomas. And Derek Karr that would have been as good good luck in L yeah not to mention it's a hookah so. I was I was happy about Hilton. On threats are got two time Montgomery before and I love it tonight and got them get Raj did other things I could have done cinema government that decided to go to Montgomery until now I'm bullish on in this you know I really feel good bonus up to delving cook in the fifth count. You know again had other things I could have done but wanted to. I felt like I needed to pay a little bit of a price to to get our running backs on the scene right. You know I didn't wanna mess with the running back position as it tries up rather quickly yeah so I've got now I've got a pair backs. Tom and I came back around and I was gonna take. Carlos Hyde and expect and I told us since we've got you good to really quarterbacks in Rogers and lock you've got two good solid running backs down in cook got a Montgomery. You've got a hook up would TY Hilton with block legitimate number one line and now it's next round. And there are still good running back and ports but it could take Carl's side knows stared him down and out. And I'm cynical he keeps foreign media fault of the rim for me and I started looking at the quarterbacks. And has left him. Well really on my board highly 24 quarterbacks I really wanna mess around with the gospel. The guys who I feel like all the jobs all year. But that's a big standard for me at best bought your guys loses like I know guys can suck and I noting get hurt. But can you also lose your job on performance but I don't what all three of those risk factors right Alex Alex Smith can lose is job. Without getting hurt yeah Cody Kessler alarmed you know name on nine right when lot of these guys like rents or you can do these guys can be positive fix if they work out few architecture tonight as my second quarterback to accumulate. So. I I I take a look and it's sort of the story of what happened I I go okay well. Let's look or QBs elect just for the record my plan was to me tick on the seventh of the which is a little you know taking a third QB let's hope it's pretty early that's anyway very early in the typical Japanese again this is not a battle right to two QB and its best ball yet. So look around and I noticed out of my team as eleven other teams of the other eleven teams. I counted six which QB problems who's two teams with only when QB you forget this. Four teams. Drafted QBs that same bye week use a character not even dust ball. It went team at ten Ellen Winston we don't we're both out week eleven and one team had rivers or Roethlisberger both that we nine. One team had Flacco. Actually that's not right that contrasted this let's see if Flacco is the lead dog and wolf look out of five and and I he has to oppose him by a different order that team only had Carson Palmer in that respect as well. It's tumultuous and its own. Raptors team with Kirk cousins drew birdies both weeks five. And again he seems happy with a quarterback. And in the last almost actress Scott Russell Wilson both we six. Okay and there was a team that only it Cam Newton and that he still only as. Back to Wilson intact Prescott to a few taken those two guys you're relying on those two quarterbacks and those of big quarterbacks in any means have you got those two was 12 punch and evolve out. That's not good yeah. If it doesn't matter which quarterbacks have a they're both out. Number one safe is basically if you take those two are you taking them pretty early in the draft and thus your building new team around them you know in you know I don't have either of them. Any given week that's yeah by the vice static that you don't want this week right. But you're insane it's not like it's. We have one marquee guy and one likely blank number two and he has a legitimate true but they saw I have to ask still it's really the same problem yet. Com so anyway I'm sitting here going wow. These tips that I I would be in I would be it fits fine and if I was stories now I don't know how many teams actually realized they did it. I can't get inside the head of each odor like all right you're at least half of those teams didn't realize the meaning they took two guys in Zimbabwe right yeah. I'm assuming of those teams did it several of them did not realize that it should as the sun is at war for sure yeah right so I'm sitting there going cash. By my math. There are. Six you know. There are eleven other teams six of them had significant QB issues in the moment five of them are in good shape. I sat I I just I don't know I guess the child came out but I really wanted to Linksys. Put a stake in the spokes facilities teams that sounds like you and but but it but might not make sense I hear him with him on my strategy all along was to get a third QB I wanted to get a third QB right did not want to do it. In the sixth round and I certainly didn't wanna do it properties my first two picks are chosen ones decreasing Achtenberg the snow here right is so so I started doing them out like a case so really. Right now from me Bradford and Flacco with the two guys left who were not gonna lose their jobs to. You know you don't you moderate members. Separate separate tours and I can step up and take that job this year meant so. You know that I'm like okay well what's that pass quarterback there's no way to score next to handle the board. There's rabid teams up there rice quarterback so I don't take them now public get them rhinos. That was a side to prep for the fitness it's the company's track opens attachments are out full confidence. Hope I have frequently. Or I'm going into the seventh round I've got three quarterbacks. A rookie running back. A wideout that weighs a buck seventy soaking wet for. Anti Montgomery a receiver playing running through my course I like all these players and it's hot outside arguments for them but. I public at my team go how. The but but but by the same toe. They think now since it's not too big that it's on to what's is awesome game right docket team out that's it I mean. So you know the question is did I cause myself to kind of problems with my roster this can. Mitigate the fact that I'm gonna have a big advantage quarterback. Will will will Seattle thing plays out but it was a very uninteresting. Choice to me because it was it is definitely not something where you can just sort of like. You could do it the senate is doing right now is that we need to stick to it and it down the road this this quarterback was gonna go off the sports news yeah. And I was then thinking like OK am I gonna take a guy like hallway here in the tent. And I can take you got to go Lannan in the fourteenth or whatever. And I'm singing along. I don't talk those guys that I thought oh boy but I'm not gonna take those guys because hey they mean not big but quarterback I would like 9/11 these guys may not play him by right. They may be total wastes moreover on a normal week they're not gonna scoring or nears many points as these two guys where's Bradford is gonna have some big gains yeah. You know Bradford puts up 25 there's a good chance we'll let the QBs will be that high that we keep and other both great so you know. I look at it turns out to buy we try to use them. Me be in my quarterbacks had a concussion here there and this week three or four weeks maybe I'd get help from Bradford direct help. But then they look at all the other weeks how many weeks will yup score not. Rogers. Or luck but either one right. Right so if he got scores either one of my other quarterbacks and given week he's gaining points so because of the best ball scoring I felt like there was enough benefit to mean. Getting that third quarterback which I would not otherwise yet. And then the added value added. Thing is the atom bomb that's the other tips. Yeah okay epic but does that does that also coupled click secondary benefits that you mention and one as you know I mean locked it east I'm gonna be fine but he he also is not I was I was right I was thinking it is key if they slow him down he's missing records sued him. It won't hurt him. So politics Andrew Locke. And Sam Bradford after taking Aaron Rodgers at three quarterbacks. I suggested that Bradford was a good pick up not only for all the reasons you cited the second reason at all today as you hedge the bet. Oh with Locke who's a little bit things up knives rounds and that's you know that's what I don't want to know I know but seriously should benefit. It's it's more of its it's a net negative. Is the problem you you do the one thing you know what did you and basketball leagues is due protective measures are in media a little bit. And and in fact there are people who like you know my case for doing it ever eat with the twentieth pick that's right start disagree with people. Because I think you get to a point where. If I don't see a player of the board of upside. Want to just take whatever value fine so for example. There's a best ball league about a week ago where I took down cook in the fifth. Came back around and like the 22 round. And McCain and still it's such a mechanic let's. Well. That the theory is that I can I you can only get X amount upside from guys who puts and such with the same team. That's it but they can't play at the same time therefore you are limiting your upside the minutes. It's a legit argument and it makes sense but to me there's a point where. If I'm you know if the player I'm trying to take upside on is enough of a long shot right don't think there's any women to edit. I'd rather take the bird in hand. As you need to understand. To me my opinion is you need to understand win. Those things. Change where the risk involved in going for the upside is high enough where I'll take a little bit this featured. Like oh this thing blanket thinking like you know to me it well 122. Offense and you know play Beasley ex Villanova both on a bit but I got like when your 22 round of any draft. You've got a guy like delving cause you know at the top of leading your running backs. It you know you get charge Richard McKinnon. If you have a good back who can who could legitimately. Take over position because of injury because of whatever. And you believe that player is in the 22 round to be getting double benefit you yours you're covering your bets negative ripple there. Now I I don't I don't accurate about it I don't think you're getting double benefit. I think yours yours you're paying costs protect yourself Costas. The opportunity crosses his upside more points. What it at that John that's a constable independent and it's just it is night and again I don't think you've seen enough of these outcomes come out. I think if you played forty or fifty baseball leagues your genuine Alter it. Oh yesterday no you don't replace them that's what I thought and and now apparently imminent volume but I would say day I've never seen it's its conservative. It's it's a view that I am I like the cup particularly. As it again handcuffing him best ball it's not. Really can't. It's it's not the same thing. It's it's a different game and you really you have to approaches differ com. And and I definitely handcuffed rarely. Impossible to fight again to me my opinion there are times where it's investment. And out is one example and does what navy's big league chaotic you know. Pullback on a connect to it dies does this second mr. McKay it's probably just as good you know that won't go well. Yeah no that's that's. I mean I see that's and I've I've brought that up in this discussion with other people. Yeah it's equaled the guy's a good value. He's good value. And I think there is some merit to that but again the more guys she take that are eating from the same trough. I gotcha I assume the warrior ceiling you're peeling away I don't and there's no way around that that's just. You know. That's true icon and NBA team. Only 13 pointer can be shot in the top players. Use. Of these guys like in their a lot of things like. Played baseball they flip like I don't like drafting two receivers on the same team. And seasonal leagues I don't want both my line at the same time it's hard to tell which one to play yet right. In best ball club all that I got no problem draft and the bears Thomas. And manuals and prompt as the ball always in my life I was gonna produce I don't have to figure out. And I figured out for it again so it's the the dynamic how these things work it's very different fastball and and just it's just you know to try to explain transit. When I first got in the best ball they're definitely things I did in those first and Philip drafts that I I would do more. But you you you learn it again it's. The other thing I was gonna say we kind of went down that animal is on the on the Bradford pick and I just picked up. The other benefit aside from management that alive which is due season. Indirect benefit. Is that there's no roster moves in Mosley right with with the benefits it. It's a benefit a lot Jim if locked mrs. O week or two right. It's not a benefit of what goes and I know that I know because they're not done yet and yet but but the other thing is this league if I remember. Our discussion correctly is does that roster pickups are you know waiver no trades right right so it is so. Those who missed out. On a third quarterback like a fly right over that part don't outages that got right. Wives that's right I covered that port that's why did it yet that's a try to stick stick and a stick in the spokes people. And it generally that's not my drafting style. But I just felt in this situation again. Or different teams. Had two quarterbacks in bye week to team successful corporate yeah I can remember arguments in the process that's not the media did that night. But that's absolutely directly and that's what I'm trying yeah I'm trying to. You know what this will get off this quickly you know winners based restaurant. I was trying to create a situation where teams would start taking. The third and fourth level quarterbacks sooner than they want to right are trying to create an urgency situation. Essentially to get the quarterback I wanted. But they're not to really lose that much in the back and because players are pushed at me as quarterbacks are some issues. That's what I'm sort of going for yet and I wanted to see if I can get that happened and a little bit I did. I think I got about half of them push. Com so it was interest and like I said you before it went on and mrs. you know provenance of action that the part of it was I went. You know public decade you know they'll push that button electro. Don't do that I have to that's what I'd have to see what happens here but I did I want to succeed. The drafting behavior the other people did it yet and it's reserved for his information I want it adds a little risk proposition you know opportunity it's one Buick and it does not illegal to do well and there's a lot of well known people and their people that I. Talked to a lot you know it's you know bragging rights she wanted you know. You wanna do well so it's like I was a I was thinking like okay analyst rose legally. On a little experiment. So I accept their thoughts about five minutes. Quickly and that's actually just for Atlantic coast I'd. But its net. Let's let's give us a shot like this is required to see if it works and I'd I was convinced it was Gunner and a much. I knew it was a risk but I wanted to see how would work out yet I guess the question is it worked on after. And yet I still got nine picks and I'll OK so there's there's still you know it's really gonna come down to how well I've feathery and receivers. That's that's really what it what it's gonna come down. You know so we'll just have to see how well I do picking up players I mean at this point out that the team looks like after eleven rounds Nokia. The three quarterbacks recording mentioned. Doubt cooked I've got Marie. And after. I took Bradford took Paul Perkins. Michael's quite low but I don't hate and I thought the value in the seven dispute then after that I rolled dice and it took Derrick Henry. That I took Brandon Marshall. Martellus Bennett in court coal. And so that's warm right now and hurt the team looks okay yeah I am definitely short of the skill positions right now. While Tennessee there are but a short at running back cheaper. On up you know excuse me one more details Austin Cooper. Which you know I was happy about. So right now actually can actually decent shape it tight and even know it in start taking into that double digit rounds. My receivers are definitely light Coleman held and Brandon Marshall so really I need to come up with another 45 receivers that's going to be that your. But you do in in the other thing is to you will find out how to get you got Rogers unlock there at the tops it's not this bad place to start. And on Perkins real fast on it'll album analog to meet him I think the giants like them. And that's what I like about him I think there I think they're gonna commit to him provided he can still lay it on there I think to have committed them in drafting and bought. I mean Perkins is okay I I do not love him I think he's a little bit better than. It is such a lame thing to say but I think he's a little bit better than his detractors seem to think but I don't think he's as good as the people sort of carrying water for him he. Saying. But you know I I I saw him when he got space Lester thought it could get our act yes. And I think he catches the football a little better I think everybody just assuming that careens gonna take everything. In the passing game I'm not sure that's fair or true. Com is able to these greens he's been around about the around duties at some in low runs so yes I'm not I'm not worried about greens age. I just you know I mean for remembering his ideas. You know I don't yeah I do I just I just I. I'm kind of weather we're agreeing make in the same point I think Perkins has as is. Has potential to deliver a little bit more of them but the prognosticators are saying is that the that reaching very low mileage back and act. Policies. 28. Yeah he's around the third number is around new Google on Google it. He's around born march 2. He ninety's. He's a young 28 a cat so he's right there his prime yet. The tourism but you know for Arenas what he has he's the guy you can't give volume two could never stays healthy right. Com so. It's too many greens gonna have a role if you stay so familiar Libya legitimate role to play well it's good football player. On defense have a lot to account flow in the planet as it is so I think that's effective. Everybody's worked up about the giants' offensive line for good reason the Iranians. If the giants keep going down hill it's gonna feel like box and the running games work off the past him popular. You know all of a lot of ugliness and the running game for the giants at the fact that they've had an old plot or that a lot of the ball caring last two years ago. You know like I do think. Is Perkins exciting no not really but I think he's a little more exciting Rashad Jennings I agree. I agree and and hopefully for them more reliable as Jennings and a he's two weeks on three weeks off again has historically. And all right that's an interesting little view of the unit yeah it's it is if you don't hear about it. Yes it's it's definitely it was definitely an unusual thing and com and taking your third quarterback and a lot of teams only have one. Nam but again it's two QB league and its best ball score. And you know I it NFL tents to single QB passed balls scoring. You seem most teams drafting three quarterbacks these days right now granted they're taking off later. That's fair. So that was really the the issue for me it was taking their quarterback sticky substance. Yes it's round it is too soon for a third for ethernet don't know I mean I was when I went in us thinking maybe seventh round third QB and I deal later than. But you know they go in the go the one thing I think people need to remember when it comes to two QB leagues. Is. I think there's ice in yourself a lot of people in their sub conscious. Don't make the mental adjustment for what happens to the board itself. Win twenty QBs are off the port inside of the fourth round. So what happens essentially is that the second half of the fourth becomes. The equivalent of second after the third right in the fifth becomes the fourth and six becomes the fifth in terms of quality. Seek it. I think people perceive the risk of taking quarterback early is being a lot higher than it actually is again because I liking yet. Fourth and third round caliber talent in the fifth round on times in two QB right. Well we saw that in in in in away with these not to blow right because I did away we saw yet the streets of four reflects the league in the flexed could be quarterbacks essentially it's a two Q you connect this directly. In tight ends who really waited Nazis dollar receiver talent specifically. Just crashing on the board whose rate if you were neck in a position where he took care of your. Quarterbacks in tight ends early blows that but to get things under everybody's running around saying about some steal what they got everybody test well. You know I like right at it it I'd say that's the one thing about Fisher's fish ball is like all the silly tweets about people bragging about where they got. Sammy Watkins accountant management or never because yes it's always a couple rounds later than it should be scoring system devalued receivers. And that you QB format. Devalued receive is of course you're gonna be stealing receivers are Dovonte Adams in the eighth round. About dragon then there are other good receivers apparently took its you know so the point of this is that everybody was getting good receivers. Still feels though. The union those straps you know it's it's it's nice to get that kind of talent in the that's it's just about the leak but. Don't get don't got I guess and a British relations Erica you're not you're not doing I am not here yet you're not gaining advantage the but don't don't this is not for Europe for those listening for your upcoming reader apps like this is not the strategy would doc about his vary. Specific and very. Best volley every draft but it's fast ball so it yet you very different dynamic that this is he's a very yeah I do want scoring systems in not which typically again. In your standard to ultimately you know Austin's scorers well I you know more more people play scoring systems and now you say yeah I could do to quarterback while it. Yeah I do not vanity QB my my preference is to not play it. But so much of the the big league serve Plano in town are gonna like not play equally. Disgusted QB yeah yet for me I don't. I don't. I I I still hold onto this idealists. Kind of viewpoint where. You know there's a little quarterback on the field the Iger right right. I prefer not to like like my attitude is if you if if if if you know if quarterback is really a problem for you like it's too easy to drive quarterbacks. Then work your butt off thing played sixteen team. Not solve the problem right there yeah everybody gets started back up there's no yeah. So you know I mean there's. There's other solutions vs just go into QB. And I. I but again it's all back and that's it's just my opinion it's just what I enjoy. Like if you're at two QB the in all twelve owners love it in your of the time your life. That that's a really good scoring system can pick it you know because it's supposed to be fun. Pauses as Tip O'Neill that all politics is local so. Enjoy which you do but just is no it will look at talking about the first evidence podcast is very specific scoring so just be mindful of what's coming. I think it's really not touch him I mean it's it's it's it's on us in the league you're not gonna take Aaron Rodgers and Andrew rabbit but most people don't play standard leagues. Most people I think are in some type of keep yards again. I mean right now I don't think that he Fiat too right and you're doing a Rodgers and lock round one round to an incident wrapper around six. Either standard or PP EO les wouldn't do that points to QB. I'm saying now say for the most part now I know two QBs becoming more popular vote on talking in the folks. Dan what nuggets are quarterbacks in the first two rounds analysts to QB right that an assessment right. That's the point Brett receptive to us. Now I sit I said PPI when I semblance what we were talking about with you know multiple flexes to QBs and stuff. The advice that you're hearing in the cotton content you're in the first half of this podcast isn't what you would what you would normally deployed either standard or PP ER. Lee I'm taking two QB. On of that in neck in that in. Sentence that's those. Makes sense. That. Expects. I don't listen part of my I mean my perspective is a little bit skewed. Because I live in this like Twitter world was like hardcore fantasy players so like what you're saying. Makes sense in that I do play a lot of leagues where not a lot of people playing these kinds of leagues. So others that but scoring systems are changing so fast and so many different ones. A bomb so like local we're talking about the fiscal yeah like I think there are few. Our listeners play Italy where you get first down points and nothing else. But I think a lot of rose 2.2 QB. You know. It's that they become more prevalent but it's it's not something that. I think when we were on in the studio we're doing the show I'm like seeing weakening of the attacks in the second once you QB questions you know it's like it's very well sometimes you get questions. That are cute too QB questions start stop it that way. So they'll say like if somebody asked me communities starting cousins or Matt Ryan this week day cousins that could have been two QB question. Their first you because of the law and they just decide second. They acted. Yet so bad you don't dislike you normally you'd usually get a sense of a lot of attacks that commitment. We'll see standard repeat unity do as the shows progress Indians more more information on nets rule they convict them and fast I'm not dismissing the dominant. Yet the pistol and in the minority enters the general population. It's good to get it the information out there is change one of my point isn't that a lot of people playing QQB some matches. I I don't think. In my opinion there's no longer like. One way to talk about fans there's just like I was at and everything is different yet everybody's different yeah. Which is one of the reasons why I've you know were not. Like robot never became a PPR site right. We wrote that six years of GPR madness we never gave him and now it's finally start to go away or use auto league's or. Going from full PP our point five and a drop in entirely I think after the fitful. Maybe not this year but I think next year. You can Seymour leagues adapting. First outscored ticket and to me and it's sort of funny Jim you I've been talking about. First downs is scoring column for years. You know I like which. I think three years ago you and I remember going on for about a half hour and keep yard a lot of us really liked it out if you really wanted. It's not real you know all right give points for things that matter not first downs. Right exactly yeah nothing it's so crazy in and again. Sometimes on the got benefitting from it I just hate that idea that he's running backs catching. Negative one yard passes are getting point four. Yeah old Danny wood and shouldn't be getting getting as much as you know. Name them the united. It's standard you know running back acts. College. You know I was going to the Big Three but you know. But you know I thought the third down back is is he playing meaningful particularly to do yet when a couple of and you know hey it's. Yet to be prepared for a semi rankings differently. But I I don't like seeing a guy like I'm just using Danny wood that is and is examples if they keep fits the suit really well. But no I think he is already is that the guy she really knew he'd be taking really late. Not drafting higher because he catches on past it's it's it's not misplayed for an answer. Woman's been yeah I mean. What it's a good example in net yet he's a guy who inflates the value it's passing he's the face the thing about what it goes it's really good. So I don't it doesn't bother me as much with what is maybe some other guys I just don't know literally become like donors and you know about these guys yeah. It's because the virus that debt you only set for that yet got a guy like that. So Israel a couple of minutes left and wanna catch up on some stuff that's happened Pete's got the rankings coming up the rural by remote 500 ought to do it for 72 hours and that. And I'm still not done he knows a lot to get through its 500 players and you know what you know I I'm still making changes like every chemical and there are moving players around even inside the top fifty. So I'm definitely gonna be posting. The top 200 over the weekend. That now probably have comments her into the top fifty to hundred no party adding 25 comments that day after that say. It should be looking like a normal wrote about 500 I'd say the within the next 45. Days like it's itchy just eliminate that two days into training camp okay selling one thing you see in this house to make an impact it would begin to make an impact that a guy like Allen Robinson. Was I what I see the coach of Jackson they'll come out today and sailor on the ball every play. That takes a zigzag then if you wanna man and a bad coach for that makes me wonder like a camp amount Robinson like a cat floor fight you know my little funny. The funny thing is. That so many people are being caught off guard by this Twitter sort of ablaze over that comment like oh my god and it's like. What serious people fought that dug around in the saying Hackett we're gonna come in and throw right. Like that makes no sense. I think you and I talked about this for a while couple months ago that the jaguars brought in the Paul Hackett school yet it didn't. And on and and you know to get ready for the screen throws on third and long Alia. You know what though or are the run there aren't you get ready for draws on third down there's no touchdowns and portals will be throwing five yard outs. It's it's it's it's a lack of aggression that when you root for that team it'll drive you nuts. Sometimes it'll work its old school conservative football. So yeah I I think they're going to be a run based team as you as you and I say judge things by their actions for net was not brought in so they could open things up. Right. He's a round of guys though. And morals is digging in his nagging that usually sometimes is strategy can work in this case I don't think it will. In the town of being conservative in this age of well I think will work. You do you know two went to well. I mean. Europe patriots at Auburn and doing a market here so you know. When actually work I don't mean patriots. It's but I mean I think Jacksonville will be compiled a better team this year I think. On real football terms they'll do better by ground apparently in defense of journalists. Which they have talent on defense. And our offensive line is improving and and they got a big stud back and their quarterback's a little bit turnover prone and consistent so. I think the jags probably better this year than last year and but for fantasy football I think that's bad cocktail yes aka that's the way crisis again his morals all or damages in. And well all but a huge percentage of his damage has been Dunning got botched time. He was second half of the fourth quarter. I mean I I'd imagine all the time if you drafts him just don't wanna watch that game don't want the reds on when Jackson bulls on just. Look at the score after the game take you sixteen to twenty points in the app you. That's right so you know. But it's it's not just a matter ball's not play well. It's not just a matter and be more and paste it's a matter of fact is gonna work in concert with the improving defense. And they're not going to be in garbage time as office. They're gonna be closer game it's just because of the way they're deciding to play him even if they're not better they're going to be closer games because of slow pace right. So you know. Portals as you can go to the third quarter down three touchdowns as much disease. So throw only mode for the last witness the football game I touched. Not gonna happen then that's bad news round Robinson and in and then Mike Easley and all those very talented receivers as it was last year. Having relatively bad so I mean it's. Yeah I mean I think the this the idea that mount Robson has first round upside I think that's. To me that ship has sailed acres. That's two years ago. To me that's I don't think he had spent. I don't we had a year reproduced at that level but you know people would tell me why you know if Al Robinson the first round last year because he's back. I I. Do you go read my original piece and out routes and I thought he was underrated coming out of college I like the governor and state I thought he was mark for what first round talent. But that there's a lot of big deficit between being a first round talent in the NFL draft and being actually going in the first chance to question and it it tough situation. It's a couple days to catch up on so we are. And he podcasting more next week the Tennessee football our comes back in earnest on Sunday August 6 and market calendars that now the fun. You could be back in the big voice studio and then shortly after that. In tenth yeah hopefully hearing Promos on air and NCE come get involved August 10 OK Pete not. Michael Fabiano from NFL network feel gays from ESPN. Joining us at laugh Boston tickets on sale it is a ticketed event sickened WEEI dot com slash football. Get your tickets is VIP tickets or he can hang out ask you questions individually and as general seeing those like thirty box with a cheap ticket. You know as a drink ticket this food it's going to be a lot of fun it's an expert analysis a that'll be fun that is Thursday August 10. Get your tickets WE NN dot com's I have football. I can speak for myself jet. But I plan on. I mean I don't know if you're targeting drink tickets but I wanted to bring cash. That is an identity and I plan on hanging for a couple Bruce adding that it's out will be open for awhile and those who are fantasy football podcast and that is available our listeners. You know come over have a beer next time he's got to say hello yes they'll join us and then nominate incumbent event to be a lot of fun they're on sale to its start to go. As the eyes promote an act on its own skin on it WEEI dot com slash football we'll talk Dylan.