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Fantasy Football Podcast
Wednesday, April 25th
Pete Davidson is joined by Eliot Crist for a  Pre-NFL Draft Podcasts

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Okay everybody welcome back to WEEI. And it's football podcast. He gave to hear today. Leading the way Jim Hackett has got not the day off his work ahead acts of back. Later on they're recording wide receiver podcast. But we have special I guest on the show today mr. Elliott Crist. He drafted a podcast the DFS power hour at four for four football. And it welcomed the program. Please tell me man come on access to be here thanks I appreciate that in that you know Waller how 444 football I mean. They might affect the best draft class with anybody this year I didn't between you and all the others talented guys that brought in and shots. Chris so many amazing. Talents and you must be really excited about this upcoming season just in terms for before football. Yeah they had a lot of Obama and very personal group I mean. From com. Josh her Lorena is very arts and all that aren't. Knock traumatic with with the Dow perspective as well but in terms of watching games and picked everything up and no I'm really excited to be a part of for fourteen. And I think you know it the have a very diverse group worth people and are able to a can't have different ball processes and the more thought process you can have in more ways you can attack something. The water and net you can tell us in product the more developed Euro ideas and gets a big well sported an amazing job with people they they brought on this here. Yeah I am I very much agree and I'm Dustin can be renewing my subscription. So we're here to talk NFL draft and you and I are both probably. A little droopy eyed at this point the process I mean I've been just grinding film for months now and you know my eyes are tired how I view. Yeah I. Or. Like there's not much more muted due out in these podcasts which are a lot of farm but it is now. Every day it's a new rumor right I mean Peter King he goes about trying to knock Peter King the record book. Do you. Three weeks ago he reported that the browns are likely to like Josh our personal that's what wanted to sources that. And today he tweets out that in our Josh I was not in the consideration. We have the same guy reported to complete opposite things. Yeah it's and I mean I'd I tend to sort of put saw that rumor stuff to the back burner anyway because. I mean. In some ways to work really begins after the draft January when you have landing spots and you can start putting these guys who were you know so many different flavors. When you look at this is receiving class and it it's almost pointless until I know where these guys are going to be so I can see the matchup between. How I perceive their skill set to be and how they might fit given office with the coordinator and quarterback rating else. So yeah I've been at some point it's it's like man let's wrap this thing up yet he's at the strapped on so we can really roll our sleeves. Yeah arms I'm I'm ready for to be Arab I'm really excited for to be here right. Now excited for these next three days ago by. Yeah I and for me I've been spending I was up at 5 AM this morning putting the final nails in my wide receiver article for WBI and our quality up at 5 AM tomorrow morning putting final nails in mind about running backs so. By the time you get to the draft on in the extra copies to get through all thank. On. Let's if you don't mind I was hoping we can start with running backs and sequence or. Because I keep hearing and this is funny because on that showed Jim Hackett and I've been talking about the devaluation. Of running backs. I swear idea for over five years we've been talking about this because it started a long time ago. But I've got this one little sticking point. For me when they talk about the devaluation of running packed running backs they're sort of there's a rational and point to it than what I mean by that is there are running backs who break the mold to such. A big degree. That they sort of transcend that distinction that it's not fair to just put two letters next to their name and say this is what they are. The first guy sort of did that for me was David Johnson a couple of years ago when I saw. That this guy's running next level routes that he literally has wide receiver feat that he can run a route tree that's more advanced than college receivers that I watched that year. And some media say he's just a running back is crazy insane quote Barkley for my money. Fits that same description and I know you're really hi Nancy quiet so where you sit on that in terms of a trap capital argument where people say you just can't take sake on in the top five. I think he's that rare exception where you actually can. Where you won that. So that there's like eight points that I wanna make your first thought. Johnson point receiving abilities incredibly important army teams past 64%. And are you you want guys that impact the game and the most of the most on in India and they write 64% greater than 36% that's pretty some right now but. Yeah you add in the fact that he runs receiving routes and that's really important you know we talk about running backs ability to catch that that's that's such a minute part of there several players right like it they'll all you would you catcher right now which are breaking one record arms basically eighty yards execute. And you know it was sick on Barkley you look at the guys who brought receiver routes that's partly this year. Last year it was McCaffrey and outlook Americana we announced our brand develop wonders here rugs and they've doesn't before that. And you look at the guys that are becoming dynamic weapons in the and a well. That that's exactly where exit markets mean we've pitched at home with the running back that you could make strong argument that is the wide receiver wants us. That fifty clusters that we only have one guy who's been propped on the and Deanna over the last two years in total receptions to do that announced the mark over 71 Oklahoma and when economic oysters that dynamic receivers well and it. Receiving ability as everything people continue to ignore it but I try to remind people 2008 team. I think your point about the devaluation. Running backs I think. It's good to open what does that the other girls cars that were not doing America of continuing through drug are and that's high draft whatever you like it can't get. Running back up and there's a couple years running backs and dorm first round but I think that's right the that helps you know caused by an eighty leasing arts take on Barkley talked earlier particularly got a huge impact on as well. And the people outsourcing contracts and you know I I get the argument and they'll vote with the money for how awkward position. And while I can understand that I also disagree with. With that nonsense is that. You know running backs are thought of as Connell one Contra players and you get left out of the bar. It the hostess they're like you'll walk in here at army in a lot of money will those guys are also units I think we're at a really high level to 33 years old huge value Amish country. A huge impact on that argument as well and so people I look at look at and over and our money. Look at the best players in the league. Acquisitions are all 23123. Years and of your career so I don't really like what it will bring money into it because I think it's it's a flawed way to look. Am you know last year you. People bring up more points one is that what you could historically find our running back later in the draft so you can't don't take wanna. Duke historically final undrafted free agents at the guard position that can be really good players I mean it's equipped Nelson I mean. Absolutely that's that's an argument that you can make it in position absolutely are. I mean most slot corners goal later in the draft rights are Matthews wanna bust up ours are well he went around and now we now we can make it happen because he's a unique talent. Or six Lombardi is a unique talent is that's. Athlete running back since I'd vote Jackson I mean people sort of a lot but it's not like us that backs up all of it. He's an elite receiver he's a fantastic pass blocker he is lateral agility is second economic class. Weight balance a league home run speed and people say it knocks are his vision empowered. And the power of one doesn't make sense to me because you know. He picks and chooses what he needs the lower shoulder when it's important he does it right back to pick and choose one he does that mean no longer really do that now and it it's one of the reasons that the state healthy you know. You want it concept sketch up but it's like sometimes people get so wrapped up in flaws that they forget to delineate between what's a what's fatal flaw in just flaw. I mean yeah like when I watch Barkley still are there times where I want where he doesn't hit something where I wanted to hit it sure but. I mean gosh I'm sitting here watching from a different angle and he's watching first of all and second well at. You're old if you're gonna sit there watch every carry every back you are always going to be fine. Points relate to me Cilic who wouldn't have made it I don't know to me it's almost. Here. Yeah I mean even if you wanna point out his vision it runs out 22 off the programs are built this study and he averaged over nine yards to carry on Eagles and outside the right by all means keep try to do it works I mean what exactly and if you know there's a lot of factual it's OK if they could ballots that Barkley they would do it more to. Yeah I mean they get support worth like his trump card that always works so I understand what you try to do. Right now and it's often the line was pretty port well and I just. I really think it's a situation where Barkley are unanimously been that operate our prospect for two years. People wanna try to be different and once someone is told that. This player is back greatly dessert I'll look for flaws and you know if you look for flaws prospector going to be you'll find them but if you fall back on Austin you ignore all the good and you know you're failing us about. I I agree and it ain't and it's the silly season like he said I mean like you know the late last year and when you look what happened to cook. You know he comes into the combine doesn't like the place on fire though I don't think it's come on his and yours that has a lot of people out to be. And all of a sudden the guy tumbles from like 15 a lot of people sports it's like. If you looked at this come by numbers say actually line up pretty well with the player on film. You know he doesn't win with the areas of weakness of the combo so you know. You know I was happy to suit up to two to scoop up to Alvin. Value and a lot of last year straps and at the same process seems to be playing out for Barkley it's just that he's such. He was so much further ahead of the pack that it has knocked him out of the top spot. Yeah I think the biggest difference is that Tennessee community accept our accept sparkle is the number one overall. Well. Player in Tennessee the draft communities chart nitpick. And I think that's the difference and don't you see when someone says that Barkley isn't RB one. The Fed execute you lose their pocket so I think that the ahead this got a community were sick or mark. Yeah I didn't give him props because I mean rarely is. Guys sitting at the top being trailed by so many backs of like. Incredible quality and you know I'm a huge fan of show I love Sony Michelle thank ices you know I got so. This is a guy who's managing to stay ahead of of very high and very competitive field. Again it goes back to receive about some other guys have huge question marks and a lot of the a lot of anonymous they Barkley you know. He can literally step in the ever felt tomorrow and be the best receiving running back near. Andy and it. I agree and and tear polling I mean I think that the next three maximum border can be reasonably good receivers I think. From any seat perspective there receding. You know their catch totals I don't think you're going to be problematic. But they're not the kind of receding. Back that Barkley as they camp creek formation they're not matchup nightmares and when Barkley standing in the hole. You know choosing your personnel Austin pretty art is you don't know whether they've got slot or power back in well it could be either one. And if he goes to a place like that giants which you know. I don't know if the giants should stick it to be taken but if you know hypothetically if they do. I don't know how you match up with that team got back until the field you've got Ingram whose absolute nightmare match up with and then this guy in the back field. Good luck figuring out your personnel and a nightly basis. Yeah I mean. October us all time if you run you know 21 personnel or our start and or eleven personal or whatever you ran and you have a you're running back on the elections went out wider always evident in the running back linebacker in coverage or a corner running the ball in the army and in. It becomes just the matchup nightmare and that's why he has that tremendous value for what a team can do with them. Exactly. If they do it they can trade down to a five or six which is the rumor of three team trade and pick up sick or Barkley and then saved with the bills OPEC. Armed. I had like united Isiah win economy and then also you have your garden axis holder that you're looking to build around and they have sikar Barkley and maybe you come back and take Erica thank right now at the top of the sector around also have a dominating offensive line which is huge weakness with the great running back Italy weapons everywhere you are Manning and like it I Iverson with a recorder back to where if you really do believe in Eli Manning and it'll go all in with all that stuff and I think our bureau ago. Right at night. I agree with a lot of what you just said anyway I've been saying is you know if the giants are gonna take Barkley. They should at least find some way to swap picks with jets at the bare minimum pick up something. It just you know the jets are pocket take Barkley and you know they leftists like one more spot because. They're free teams are gonna trade up in front of them so. I don't know how much they'd be able to finish out of the jets but the bare minimum. Flip the jets. Again if they're locked into Barkley. But yes I mean a gutsy move down where they would risk losing the players to actually get a lot more. Might make more sense okay so we both love Barkley we can get up and for its second. If you don't mind that let's go through your top five running backs and and and put it in order form if you. If the Barclays one Darius crisis to resorting to sell us the read John Kelly as four in a choke this fun. Two allowed you liked Kelly that much I loved it I love his. Just his general completes fundamental game huge fans. There's really. From a technical point of view there's just not much to dislike which I'm Kelly an emblem and you're sticking with them to this degree after you know real slow and Indianapolis. Bomb give me a break Erica because I I love. I love videos on Olympic. So I think it's right or whatever are running backs the first visit and now rank yes. Not fantasy rankings is really not happy about that draft capital is there are all in those are. Well why are you receiving ability most running backs and I talked about earlier and you know Kelly actually had a higher receiving marketshare than they are marketed of his often are 3745 targets. The grant. Are you can announce that the average the most yards per target. Com you know he's a great receiver and now the com mine didn't work remain you don't. It's because what you match without cook earlier is that a lot of match that don't really if you watched John Kelly dot. Reports the so my gonna knock him and I valuation when he does not report speed and runs don't know I've already knocked him. If he doesn't really win with a loose of miscue. Is elusive this basically. Is get you locker per point using its contact bounce the run through contact he's got a great that aren't. You know the first five weeks this season and are more tackles or fourth warmest tackles and any other running back country com. He he smoked we've got suspended him in the second year Tennessee's team quit yet nowhere to go and that's what you lost. Or gain our yards from Richard percent of with coal. Our carries is because. The public ought. So here I ever got into account that accounts ability to make people miss a great receiver are good route runner you know you can really do a lot with him. And that's what I'm Myron Beck if you have contact balance vision. Oh rout running ability catching ability Pathmark ability. You look you're going to be a really good players so I really think that he. You know like track runner right Milan but I feel it yet you might get lost in the shuffle some because if there's nothing and then end up being a regular folk. Yeah I mean strikes me as a guy is probably you know go around the fourth round and Yeltsin strikes me as a guy who probably outperform that. One thing him with a little bit of a tension here. But. Some people say oh straight line speed doesn't matter well I think it matters but I do think a lot of people. Overvalued straight line speed especially with running backs because the nature of the running back position is that you are. Being put in a position to use the oncoming defender speed against them. So it's not so much about straight line speed it's about beating the man coming at you when you're able to use his momentum against and it's not so much about speech. You know are there times where you wandering back to fast of course of course but I think the idea that. Speed is like that thing with a running back and I think is faulty idea and I think Kelly's a fairly good example. On anyway okay that's. That was I like that and now. Let's go to one guy who wasn't in your top five who is in it seems like everybody's top five. He's not mine either. But that's mr. penny. Now I love. Were shot and in terms of watching and care in Iraq I love what it does the football and hands. Just about everything other than that gave me pause with him what we're human. Yeah I think Tony's vision is as good as any running backs in the classic pinkie broke through contact really well you. He ducked that topic speeds he's proven to be a good healthy can make people miss or he can run through you these are really good contact our. Like you said I think he's a really good running American. Arm. Ten years ago Hillary. Exactly but his route running it's very questionable to me yeah I've said wrong about a couple times a year and false steps in his routes them and says. Gee I sort of felt a lack of urgency. As well. Yet I tigers you know Kenny all yes but again we're gonna go back are running and I don't think it's very. At ease. The definition of mediocre as the robber army from below that and it does pass protection reps aren't status and he called it. Yes I totally accurate I think did exactly it was so bad. It just gave me pause in Annie get sort of like the routes it wasn't just that that the technique was pour and it absolutely was. But I felt like it just the impression I got watching him once he's not essential component play. He's not the same player and sometimes guys you really get to the next level. You know they'll sort it still it's still your god and you know sort of wake yup and you'll start playing every player like it's the last play but but I didn't see that from him in college. You know I got taken down just a little bit because. Yet tiger at the damn I'm most her ability to contribute our third down our operating at a quote speakers and yet. He doesn't I don't feel comfortable with him do that now could he prove me wrong and development there absolutely. But I know consequences don't sort. While lower our him and others because again I think people talk great running back class isn't it I think there's a tie talent and it but I think there are a lot. More of the old school today armed guards and there are these dynamic receivers yet org guys that don't put all three downs together on you to. Yeah I mean that this thing with him you know I just. I wanted to see more from past programs like when I watched him it was sort of like when I watch a lot of issues so it's like me and this guy's capable of so much more. So anyway that's. I mean he still pretty I have my board he's not somebody that I'm I'm looking to a point necessarily. Com. But if he goes you know I guess expecting as editing. In a rookie trap them and B per. Yeah he's my RB seven right now on the least I can have a huge. Impact arm where he ends up in arms because I think after air sick on Barkley. And maybe some extent there's guys these when he sponsored in Seoul. Are tremendously important. Absolutely pissed because it's like musical chairs I mean there's just not that many open spots. Right and I mean even with a lot of these guys like nick job Darius guy's arm. Shot penny Ronald Jones a lot of these guys. Receiving abilities your question no I like prices for your broad moral and everyone else and expression birth. The Redskins as a team and a lot of these guys gets mocked you look yourself some time has that pass catching role. That's right up our himself. A lot guys may not again. To be on a team with an opportunity amend the lions another team Theo Riddick is there. Right like the Eagles are not a team to have. Some of these guys may not get the receiving opportunities that people are projecting him to be able to that the debt and part brokered in the next well. I agree hey you know and that's we'll get off the running backs to us hopefully we can have a little bit of the other positions before four we need to cut this thing off but let me just. Real quickly. Jalen sandals. Is player that I really like as a running back I. He's just one of my favorite running backs in this class but too many people are telling he's not actually running back where do you come down on him just in terms of what where do you think he's gonna players grow. Well he's built like a running back our army our share. You can claim that running back H back tight end. Slot receiver in a year's time you won't get him on the phone all the elements or not he has that distinct position in there had 100 carries. And these are quite right to set up and he's just it's just the arm and that is exactly. On. I'd I totally agree and think we're talking about forward thinking paradigm that don't Wear the that was going to the running back position. It's becoming a matchup league and to me it really tunes and deals. He you know he's right in the heart of that and I'm hoping he keeps the RT distinction because I feel like. It's the although I guess via the TE distinction. Doesn't that for that item position because if you gonna that Eric and everything is going to be have a tremendous value. You know the last two years of cultural or he's led the country in twenty plus or plays. Every single time the bigs I situation the play design as him I mean they walk on quarterback and you a couple of yards because it's vision and he's got contact bouncy as a developer outreach workers our hearts were sick arm Barkley earlier this amount slot or. Give him goal line carried that there's not many guys that have doubts they'll set so he made on or Robert I just beat the fantastic football player. He bit of a better football part of Tennessee guy but he's a guy Wal-Mart. Absolutely and he just I mean I watch this film and it just screams New England which you know sort of bums me out as a guy from New York US I don't root for the for the green team. Hopefully our audience will forgive factor in this podcast. So yeah. Artsy you and I are very much in lockstep on mr. Santos. Let's jump over the receivers. This has been a fairly taxing receiver class to me just because I've got so many guys who are sort tightly packed into that Lee third round. If you experienced it in a similar fashion color or do you have more clarity. I think the talk a little bit pre show about this that one of the hardest things to do is write all receivers as accurate off 32 teams because. I think there's a different flavors right yeah I mean whether your an XYZ. Slot by whatever you want to call it. Guys do different things I mean one guy needed down the guy and that's a team means right and I got might be a run after catch on slot receiver and that might be what another inconvenience and you know that there's not necessarily a standout top ten receiver in the grass but I think there a couple of guys that can be really good players. Yeah I went to that there's not a lot that separates the second tier wide receivers I mean. I have seen. Got their respect are about the iPad that's for example ranked one harassing guys I respect have thought it had a string twentieth. It just shows you how there's not a huge distinction between somebody's got to ask us. Yeah no he's actually a really good example for what it's worth I have an eight. And a huge. I by the way I've been looking I know he can run it in Indian runner is pro day if you. Has he been able to run in the last week or so anywhere I could find. I saw. Ryan I know that yet reported number 44 last year at Washington's like are. What it or how do you test it I struggled to see him in the 44 flood zone are. July and it if it's that sort of learn that within its like meant he could really run for four outs particularly excited. Com because I just love doing plays and makes all catches his routes are sublime. If you really caught last year it's awesome yet like this Ross let me is it's all over the field. Yet just put it better than Ross in the game against Alabama is a one car wash and you deserve to be on the field in terms of the offense that. You know however wide receiver nine and I don't even think there's much that separates them from our wide receiver five for example are you pettis I think is just. Product made to be a wide receiver tuned today's grade I mean. It's his routes his hands are really good he's got good open field visionaries in our currency record holder for the past for punt returns. All he he does if they catch the ball in traffic but it's got a good body control keys. Are a nuanced receiver to the press he does a lot of really good things I don't SNL is the ceiling prisoners moved player is what I feel. Pretty cultural is gonna have medical impact I just don't know how big impact. Okay we're very close. So I've got Ridley at the top my board not. In love the fact that I increased at the top of the board but for me he's just the most predictable guy in this class in his routes. Are so good in his chance for me here so good and I love the fact he played at MI and not too worried about the statistics that film is quarterbacks. And the way they tend to. To play in general is is not necessarily conducive to huge buyout numbers. I have a feeling your top guy might be different who's your who's your top guy. So much talk escort him son but it was actually tell really going into the month or so and credible Amman and release Harlow mine but welcome from me. Are they were close to begin with but you know our cottages swished them a little bit shark would appoint John Ridley I think. The summit about the teach me about market share count really works are on offense where the second leading receiver with the running back and had seventeen. Catches like GE got all of Alabama art that he did a lot with them and though the that you didn't allow them. Where it tightly contested such situations or situation weren't big. They were under through a more completely missed like you open a lot so exactly. He's an older player but as long to use them correctly he should be is that success on Applera. What in my it is private that's Rodham class gets excellent separation at the line of scrimmage and down the army. That their reps he has against guys like McFadden from. Florida State Carter against crimes and every opponent Georgia to help have a quick slant and eight and four yards separation Arafat on route that's really hard to do you guys that are like. With good hit the his new wants to turn like if he's running our our screeners on the Mohamed Pickler saw that he waits port developed. Before he attacks and I think if each gets overblown because he's such a develop acquire. But you know he is undersized he can make people miss and see once once you contact him he's going to. He's not gonna win it that's a catch situation it is terrible blocker I think he's a really high and do. Would you point. But if he's gonna get open just thinks ceiling is ultimately hire six foot or you know freak athlete he's gonna have to develop some structure that throughout Iran arms are pretty good he's great at what the performance hands he can make contesting catches his hands are inconsistent in terms of the way he uses them you know sometimes you catch all parts sometimes you have the best catchers in the entire class right spot where it was sudden my big concern is them mob mentality. You know like if you last TCU game is here outward about the statistics because they were dealt portrait triple teaming him. Renwick was constantly get he was getting frustrated when it was for all we seem historically quite out. What he did that sometimes it led to. Implant right the whole and other times he took himself elevated. A cut down jump I've not science as you definitely like him. But that's how it. You know it's inching your product release agent I I have a very similar tape to his age. As you do. It's interesting to contrast the each question. Which Ridley and my number four guy who happens to be Anthony Miller they're both very close in terms of when they were born. But to me because the competition Miller played in the style he played with it. I will just a little bit just a little bit more concerned about the age factor with Miller compared to reapply. If you don't mind the guy who really like to talk to about I don't know where you have when your board but DJ Moore is a guy who I definitely like he's my third ranked guy. But I'm probably behind consensus view on him. And mostly it's about. And it did this could be just about my lack of access to the best possible film because I didn't get to see as many of his routes as I would want to see. But it just didn't I didn't see the Conner out work them at one Agassi without putting it got really really time port. Where you with more. I am I am as writers who report brokerage in Washington as a wide receivers three image we did. Earlier I doubt it's funny it is dated more calories Leo did you guys like compared most of each other but I actually think that they're the two guys who's receiving games complement each other amounts. Sure it's what makes us more with the fantasy community for example it's everyone hates germs and this is always productions manufacturer it's because he's peppered with targets. And you know it's already and then it comes back to Peter Moore is the man I loved it. And if you want more production has mostly manufactured underneath stuff part on a scrimmage on one product. Our quick Clancy he's he's actually the balls and he's like a running back. Right is really good contest to catch situations really willing to go a little feel great body control he says and we actually are an associate on on film but I thought it was a good athlete not a thought level. That's like Saturn Aura atlas. He's he's. Very inexperienced in Israel it is not a create separation he doesn't run routes like this you know on the Soviet athlete he's. No he can develop some of that and hopefully that a close and takes over. He. He doesn't gain much separation against teams like Michigan and our. Our state you know it's it's not that score wrecks are gonna ball and he did have four different quarterbacks are it was a huge. Part of you know has his ability to make plays but. He wasn't getting open and and that's a concern I don't think he's nearly the route runner people make him out to be in Iraq and really limit someone's. Transition to the NFL and I don't think he's Marla jarrah where did you go and take it and this this. Otherworldly superstar guy that some people might have been. Yeah I mean he doesn't have. I mean when I watched the first time I pop on Jarvis went through tape and watched it I practice sit down. But because the technique was so above typical council technique. And hands were just absurd. With more it's a little bit more about wow. When you get the ball in this guy's hands amazing things can happen and what you said it the one part about it that really does. Jump off the pages how good he is that the catch plain and part of that is just being a guy who wants it and and obviously another part of it is. You know being able to elevate. That well it too tense pretty impressive. Yeah absolutely great does such situations fantastic body control but you know another and you have a lot of content to catch situations is not open at all. Absolutely. Are you ought where you and I are pretty close on Morse we can and I'm actually I'm excuse it was my voice a little but I'm glad because I was. I was I was afraid you are going to be very very. Far away from Libya now I'm and it's available truth here. Because the number two my board is I don't know if anybody else has this guy that I and this might be just a little bit of me just one team. To find a guy who has a long term high ceiling. But I am big on mr. steeper. I love the fact that he's such a long and strong and indicate. Who can actually get in an outbreak which is one of the things that I don't like about the taller receivers in this class. But but but go ahead and take me to the woodshed on brown if you want to an antic tell me what I am tell me the thing that I'm missing because I love this. He's my largely or fives are all okay good. You you you check our our theory he's reminding. Us off with similar views are so biased and I hit it straight. Now let I think it is incredibly excellent prospect you mention fantastic athlete really good team great its ability to kind get out of brakes are seeing is steps. Create separation. He's another one where the quarterback really held back. Yes yes a union to watches sixteen field not seventeen though it's very report. But you don't he's fantastic with the ball to an ugly a lot of shall crosses for him he was able removal of fuel and make plays. Where each roses visibility are expressed in a bit protective animal out by a mall line through. They're kind of protect against that right you are a couple players. That played against the keys if are really good government can get your hands on a piece generally struggle so. I think that's a development aspect of the game he's generated the improvement in order to succeed in the well but you know from raw tools Sambora he's got a lot of things you root for. Yes same here and I think when it like you said when you look at the fact he's got good feet that he's pretty strong he's got long arms. He's got all the tools he needs. To work against press coverage I just think he probably needs. Some better coaching some more experience and certainly some better quarterback play would help. Yeah absolutely I mean I. A lot of these guys are ambulance but and the ability Indy gets to a situation not throwing him into the fire in a way that allowed him to develop a little bit. In our quarterback that's going to work at him. And Jim opportunities to make plays and yeah I think that. He could be very successful I would love for him to go to a team and start in the slot so they can kind of work his way into the more press man wraps and got him the ball and use the big soccer never caught the have a lot of success early on he does that and they kind of transition into the outside after a year or two with more practice. Nice I like dictate our one more receiver don't talk about just because. He's a guy where I watched tape and I love them but I just wonder. Exactly how he's gonna fit in the NFL and that's was art from Iowa State. Com I'd probably have shivering too I have got to eleven and it really like him though and you know I was sort of hoping he'd run slow to come by and knocked me off a little bit in any grand. Quite frankly faster than expected. Where you what we're we're you spoke with was. So it was art I think a lot of his speed has built up speed though he's definitely. All the right to scrimmage I actually would prefer for him play tighter and gloom and I think he's now Winston. Contessa catch situations. Has his hips are pretty good for big guy but he's. I think he's you're really struggled to create separation at the next level he's gonna have to have a quarterback that trust them and you play him. A tight end you can kind of take it very disarm well it's the size and you know he was also really good blocker for receivers well which is is help moments that you make a transition on the there's a lot of talk about that saw. Armed enemies that our edge if you use them time in the middle of field and allowed him to win two Jessica situations I think he'll be a successful for. Yet in Haiti's. You called a tight end or X slot and in sort of the same thing in some ways. Yeah I can definitely see that I mean his quarterback did not do him any favors. Watching this bill but man you just are so mean that throws. And amazing catches to sort of one heart. On. But anyway but they do it one more receiver. It's just that I know you're really dialed. In where US with Callaway because he is its ability just. Just shots off the damn screen when you watch this film. But his off field stuff is just so troubling. Where you have whatever you sort of prepared says give them a shot if the NFL does or you off. Yeah I mean and I'm asked is it that if I believe gives you a shot I'll give you sharp run amok not gonna just ignore you because. They did prompt the fifth. Because not much or Tyreke no partner or tennis or because he's a bad person and I I don't want resolutions on the hill and you know with Callaway. That Allen is clearly there are bringing. So for me it's fantasy it's a huge dependent on where he goes before a feel comfortable taking a shot on him. But he easily easily. No comment argued. One of the best receivers in the class is known explosive player with our good routes can get vertical tracks the ball really well. His correctly it was really pork doing. Bidders he hadn't played four point year there's a lot of questions with him but the upside is true. Yeah that was my big concern with him as the year off and you know I it might pre come by. Like rugs your article and aren't you guys that you know. If this guy shows up in shape that's a really good sign for him because he's a guy who's been on his own. And he had. Character concerns so my conservatives he's gonna show up not ready but he he clearly was in it I think that's a good sign we'll have to see. What the NFL was able to dig up on him and where he goes let's calm. Since we've seen here yeah we're definitely start to get short on time. And I know. You've got some pretty strong feelings on this year's quarterback class and hey. Where and a New England station here. It's mayfield QB would he sort of hinted that he was startled by my board I've heard you. Speak about and so glowingly of thinking he might actually be your QB one where. Where you. Days QB one I mean I love actors have a belated Kabul are overcome adversity are all the football field because I think that's union as a quarterback you can. Put the ball or needs to be and you know manage the biggest situations you heard it we have look at the very successful quarterback. You look no further than New England Tom rails or are shrinking ones and accuracy and ability to shop and clutch moments and nobody can mayfield with the Tony budget. I thought touchdowns to interceptions 142. Our quarterback rating with 30% completion percentage from trailing by one of several points in his career tell you that he shows up in those moments and you know everything he. Over came off the field. Where in terms of people walk on twice and coming on a winning jobs right away that's absurd because you know moments aren't too big for him he's he's ready for challenges. And I love that when you look at his on field stuff. You don't look your production he might do most productive solid player or wreck ever coming into the league arena is not reserves search. Is that two highest aren't yards adjusted hurt parent. Seasons and our cultural or history but really it makes a ton of plays is the most accurate quarterback in the class he can make throws all levels of the football field. He's got good for work. He's show's ability go through our his progression so anticipation made tight window throws is incredibly consistent. He can step up and has good pocket presence is willing to take a hit. You know he he's can make plays and and cross situations gimmick plays of his legs he's not only athlete but he's he's. He's a better athlete than is numbers show you can do it. And and he he basically does everything outlook for a cornerback Aaron incredibly high level. Time and time again I mean the question with him aren't you care about is quite I don't. I really don't arm. And then are you worried about is off to romantics and you know that the getting to drunken Charlotte the police thing it's not great but you know as a college get America. Ruin the whole life for that decision on an and then. You know and he's a fiery competitor and I quite honestly Tom Brady of the auto theft do he's constantly scrambling. Philip Rivers is consulate talking opponents and and those guys work product you know people want from parent Germans are just salt we think at least. Yeah I mean I was to I don't mind the mental comparisons only in that I was a huge fan and those game as well but there but to your point pictures. Apart from being short right handed quarterbacks they're very different players from. Yeah I was I was convinced me and so as quality. Wasn't drunk was going to be pretty good NFL quarterback obviously we never really got to find out I don't have the same concerns with mayfield night. I I agree with just about everything you said. I doubt do I have to I do you have concerns about a site that's really my only. Can serve for him but it's not a major concern because I see that treats. That NFL quarterbacks need to show me to play at that's us I see the traits now what's he gonna have an adjustment period where he needs to sort of re calibrate everything you know OK this through it doesn't work this level. You know I need to. You know learn to slide move a little bit to fight throwing lane because you know that ointment or a little bit taller guy I think. Those are real things but we've seen quarterbacks. With his type of ability make the transition I mean it took breeze a couple years but he did it. You know Wilson came in and he was protected by its offense so you know we did see that we did see it to the same degree may have seen it yet and a throw first team. But to me. Me field. While they're probably will be an adjustment period. All my money is on him going through that and coming out with flying colors and I'm with you I think he's the most game ready quarterback in this class and I think. He's probably the safest. Quarterback in this class so you another pretty much in lockstep with speaker and I. I love his footwork Abbott a sort of hopeful or geek when it comes to quarterbacks not. Not so much in terms of the drop act but in terms of throwing platform footwork and I think his real option. That's bonded Arnold where where you with Arnold is he your QB to end. Deal like. I hit my TV three but you know that's nitpicking and you know there while my big court. Traditional vice president and you know my number one players baker refill our number two Miller Josh Rosen are my number three player Sam Arnold because I think the quarterback position basically trumps everything else. Yeah if it were close and I really like Donald. Arm he's got some mechanical issues is full work is it consistent he's got that Long Will ocean and at times and effects and actors. Now on the run he looks incredible he kind of runs me out quite portal means. Rogers and I promise that mean he's going to be one of those two players that is being that you know. Like Roger's ability to throng around the arm strength the armed art is incredible on the in the pinpoint accuracy on certain throws it. He makes them growth and you're just like there's no way and I networks. And I had it set Ethel throws there's no doubt. And portals part of it is you know hell locker was first read comics about decisions with the football or. His footwork and mechanics can mess him up in and cause issues so yeah he's got that low number of starts which probably. Has a little bit to do with. Those types of things. Yeah I mean he he was incredible this first year he he bounced back after a bit of a slow start. Are in this past year were you from grants completely adjusted their entire. Offseason to stopping him and you know he adjusted to that and he he continued to improve is he an athletic guy plays are pretty big moments. He's. Guy good pocket presence and he he can escape the pocket and make throws on the run I think there's over a lot alike on. OK now would you had Rosen too which as Jeff and gives me some. Did you warm Fuzzy because like I'm sort of concerned that the jets equipment that you are Rosen has to be that guy if it's quarterback cornerback quarterback and if Rosen is one of those quarterbacks because. I do not want just rose for the jets because I don't think they don't really want just Rosen and beat excuse me I'm Josh Allen is talking about I don't want to challenge and on top of that I really don't want him when it to get up four picks to get to where I just think it's just worry too much risk. But I think with rose. Is that once things get off script and structure it feel like his little click on now that that's really. Might be calm. You and it. Tell Iran please that the. You're right I hit is he has a couple moments ratios of creativity but improbably narrative aspect of the game he's a limited athlete are. I think want a good things that he does as you know him he enforced the football at times when he feels hormones getting big. You know and his team is down you make the play goes birth too much and that's where summits are. Decision making problems lie and then somebody ought to pressure to force the football team makes about decisions under pressure Brooke. You know accuracy footwork mechanics ability to make throws at all levels deep ball accuracy. While. Ability to go through his progression both anticipation throw a touch it. He can really do a lot of the things you look for CAB capped compared to some of these other guys and now. I mean right now opera or record not yet sinners like your Eli Manning or Matt Ryan and that's a guy you went through holes you can do a lot of really good growth and arm and I think she's going to have a really good and it's a career. But I but I it. I think he's safer than Donald McDonald's outside. Look at our markets here that I mean yeah I think Matt Ryan with better our talent is not. An awful way to describe Rosen actually. The let's let's chill. TP. Apart from Josh Allen who. You know I I or exit so expect Josh download this podcast in west you're absolutely love him we can just get past him. I I'm pretty good idea where your at him. If you if you add anything you wanna say about feel treated jump but. Mark Jackson's got really talk about justice there's actually some buzz now. That New England may have some interest in. I'm a big fan of Mark Jackson I want like all the with it to just sort of disclaimer with with the exception of mayfield. There's not a quarterback in this class. Right don't want him to get some time learning. You know there's really no any guys and make it in this class for one of the few week one and you know Jackson's just like the rest there guard. I don't see him why his base a little bit so we can a little bit more weight transitions throws I'd like C is back for positioning your little bit more consistent so this throws. I'd like to see him. Not necessarily change his delivery but it like seems fine one consistent release point that can be definable were people that can become his release point. On him and maybe the most important thing cohort actually mean is I want him to. Get from his conscious mind too that embedded part of your mind I want him to learn to slide instinctively and get out of bounds of protect themselves because I don't want this syndicate destroyed. The cousin is atlases. But I love this kid I think. I would critique I would be harsh and any team for taking him anywhere if that's the guys they really one where US problem. Yeah I'm I'm a big Lamar does wallabies are correct for but I have a four person armories and I think since it went straight for it but yes it. I I would have zero issues after him as high as three of the jets I mean that's if Baker's off all of that is so wrong. You know I I I think. His footwork is a major issue. Yes isn't very narrow basic cars causes legitimate accuracy concerns and really inconsistencies. In his game. Neither war develop concert and Michael American he's got Michael Vick running ability you know it's running ability really can't we understand how dynamic he can beat. And colleague Russell Wilson he doesn't think it's hot it's huge and it's. And in college and hopefully inducing him in the NFL he mentioned on the slide and but he he also really can make people miss in the open field in the assert authority or what you can do and that he's really improved. Year after year which is great seekers you know a lot of the the insults at him now orbit when he was fresh and ready just like a particulars that cut off you know just a guy out there are car run around open make plays and crop per three only and you know using and what does an omelet. He's really developed into being a MacArthur progression. You know throw with anticipation. He attacks songs incredibly well he. Has good pocket presence credibility to avoid the rush keeps his eyes downfield that's on the UC with running back truly feel pressure to drop their eyes that's not something he does. Up from. I think there's a ton to like. And insert the raw ability he has much raw ability as any player in class that have occurred in it's he could just be an absolute game changer at the next level. Yet the ticket we're were in lockstep there aren't there any you know what it's for one quick second if we can jump back to receivers. I had sort of a love hate with DJ shark going through this process. Where you want shark adjusters who has been happening just what it is our past for. I got in my top ten but it's sort debt. It's sort of hurt me to do it but it. Mostly it's just for the obvious stuff size lane miserables. On and I see him being a guy who can lift the lid right right out of the box. But his ball skills are so troubling for me. They give me pause but where you have which are. Yeah I'm pretty similar deal where I know is our take. Up our. He's I like you said his ability to get deep and get vertical is fantastic key test and all world athlete. What has bought check these girls are legitimate garbage and he catches he catches passes like their parts army exactly even the body can't deserted venture. Right and you know that great that she didn't have a hard opera he was up five or 6%. You know it's not. What we're yeah Hannity while this is so many of the catches are ventures. Right and he's gonna have guys that he's hard to win. It depicted balls downfield announced that have much verbal skills and he's gonna lose a lot of those but his good separating get to you can get vertical as is. Certainly a big deal and you know he's got our return ability open to abilities dangerous for the bosnians. But right now these are much tighter ethic and he has. Yeah I mean for you one calling card for lack of confidence is when you see guys who were jumping up into the air so they can body catch. Think that's always tell for me I remember watching Dante among creep. The first time I watched me do that like two times and it's like. I don't mind if the guy wants to body catch the ball sometimes it's okay in fact sometimes it's a way to make a play but when you're elevating. To avoid using your hands. To me that's a little bit of flak. Yeah you can't let your your midst timing your jump this year. Using your body apartments and there's no real reason to. Passed on the field jump not necessary is right on off timing. And then let the ball in your body at the lower you let the football and the more likely that's a player has an opportune require a football so it's yours is six for three years ago make plays and responsibly he does. Yet on with it OK so we've got. And any purer and at a time obviously let you know I think we've got about. Five minutes left let's not. Is there anybody that you just sort of wanna talk about this class anybody that we haven't hit yet do you really liked you know. A deep sleeper hit that it's not getting talked about enough. Our Kiki QDR Texas are. Hello today notre LO. On now he's he's gonna be just slot receiver are in terms of what he can do offer its usability get Burkle and 114 in the country indeed targets which is at target him more yards and is in the country and the target yards with 542 army that should tell you just how productive this guy is. Over a thousand yards a slot incredibly dangerous the ball is hands you know the game some carries at running back great open field vision contact balance elusive nest. Top end speed you know ability tried the football willingness to catch the ball in traffic Easter is. He does everything and then as if she was six foot two he might be the best receiver in the class like. His slot role will. Clause in the fall in the draft but what he can do slot is just Ibrahim is absolutely dynamic game changer playmaker Osama unlucky she unity. Okay now but I've also stand up guy and at sixteen but I can easily push of a couple spots com. It's funny I know my next question is this year actually go back receivers now for second. I've got sort of a any political articles going up today but it's sort of like my my raw talent here. It's got Teresa fountain Justin Watson. In court Robertson there. On do you really liking those guys. For me the reason I couldn't get more aggressive with this group is to wasted at the film to do it where. Edit pro I know you got Seymour these guys tonight did but I do any love for fountain or Watson or Roberts. On a lot of Islam arm not just because its share of the remarks transitional wants and put it. What OS I Potts or your shuttle last year while it's a good where. But there Rahm. With like Utley. That the account or wait to see where the ego yes. Right because that's that's how huge huge telltale sound like if these kind of an up the sixth or seventh round and it's. There's really a likelihood that an army and obviously there are exceptions. Ambulance and you know could see and do well. Right foot for the most part. I'll let priority and it will tell me how much you care about. Yeah while in the same boat discuss. How much can you do with five minutes so you know. But Watson certainly flashes to watch him and fountain I love his hand strengthen his ability. To sort of empathy. In an effort was kind of way. It's almost court and ask don't get too crazy here but you know. Almost almost. So those are guys that depth of my eye on and if the NFL sort of jumps early on them. I might get a little bit more risk by itself. On your assessment that's coming attorney Dolly and last year right where people and a he is serious affair around people on our seventh round and and he goes so lineman gets. Targets immediately and is allowed to uses that ought to says amen you know then that he's a guy you really wanna counsel Nancy it's sometimes I think. With these wide receivers and a class where there's you know. 4045. Guys that are drafted sometimes you gotta wait and see for financiero. I agree one more guy and they were gonna hit but there was a running back that I think sort of fits the criteria you and I both use. And that's the smallest kid at NC state mr. Hines a big fan. And when he ran fasten the Columbine it's sort of just. Just blocked him into my love list what do you think. Yeah I mean former. Slot wide receiver for yours are running back all American track guy superfast. Good open field vision. Not to say as elusive as you would think I think he's better in his own scheme than me and scheme. Went on to those stretch where Israel as a good it's gonna cut back. He's a really good receiver you can swim onslaught become matchup nightmare plays bigger Manny is directly lead to some injuries but you know he he's he loves that try to throw his body around especially around the goal line. On pretty good it's been move they know a lot to like about him. You know I've heard as early as mid second round on him by coupled now that estimates are well it. Arm in I think in today's NFL he may have married an errant weapon again those are the kind of guys that you're an article before. Yet know exactly I mean like the in which he says there's so much luck of the draw in this stuff but it pines we're a land. Like hypothetically let's say all Powell didn't exist and jets were looking to find a guy to pair with crow well. And we will get into why did you sign crow while it's. Not my favorite guy. Although. Clearly does some things well but at Heinz were to somehow get matched up with a player like that I feel like. He can either passing guys vs the early now pounder but could ultimately because he's actually bigger herself. And updating like a bigger share of the total back field. They're nearly down. Did I just to the accents. I know your segment just because it robbed me quote unquote grinder does that mean that he's not gonna have a bigger role offense I mean. Geovany Bernard I think is a great got to look at rightly. Why didn't. He was getting more walks and held as much but that heel is the starter and Bernard has been nothing but spectacular. And as NFL career in terms of his role I think I'm gonna have a similar impact in the Russell. Yeah you know it's just sort of to go with what I was just saying like I've heard a lot of people say you know bark is gonna get paired with a small act and it's like well. If I weren't NFL team I would be looking to pair Barkley was literally down the pounder that's what I want. Because Barkley and human passing down back he's probably you view all of wireless network to but I advocate in a breather when it's under on the football. Can give him a breather and any other time that makes sense so if you. If you drastic hum Barkley you don't use them as a receiver you should be fired you. Anyone. Supports that our thought process on contraception should be part of like not that the season but at the end of the game yeah. I I agree a 100% like it when I'm trying to kid that is. You have a relieve running back you're getting need to take him off the field sometimes you'll ruin your player. So our community is a guy were winner take them off the field it's probably going to be on early downs. In less than just play them all time. It I'll probably give him a break on early downs for a series years there and I need to get some other guy human clock killer you know sent. Yeah out of there with a kick it say that we've been doing this I think almost an hour. So I think that's a good time to wrap this thing up I had a blast I don't do as well. I salute. Cool and at some point I would love to get you back on here I am I've had Silva back after the draft to do some landing spots. Opening get Matt Waldman to media can doodle track affecting you know street. That's uncertain and I appreciate you have him back whenever just you know I'm not I'm an argument ethnic or. All right that sounds great thanks again that's gonna do it fourteen day although. Jim hacker and I will be recording podcast later today amateur wins which one of those putts actually go first. But that's how we're doing things today yeah I thanks everybody for listening and and thank you Eliot very much for. Forgive us this time this is Pete Davidson and that's it for. You you guys this before.