WEEI Fantasy Football Podcast –Pre-NFL Draft Analysis, The Tight Ends

Fantasy Football Podcast
Thursday, April 26th
Jim Hackett and Pete Davidson are back for their 5th and final Edition of their Pre-NFL Draft Podcasts, this one centered around the Tight Ends.

Now that Coach Belichick & Gronk have met and Gronk made his proclamation on Instagram all is well in New England right?  Jim’s not so sure…

Pete has gone deep on his scouting of the position as always and up to 15 Tight Ends are noted in his column and in this podcast.  Is this the 2017 TE class? 

No.  But there is a lot of talent here that can make an impact in the NFL and on your Fantasy teams.  It’s also Draft Day, so Pete and Jim get back into the

QB’s, the 1st round, the Pats, the Jets, the Giants, what can happen in the Top 5 and FINALLY their 1st Round predictions. 

Have coffee, beer or whatever you like, sip, sit and enjoy The NFL Draft and all that goes with it!

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Art or vice draft day Jim Hackett and it's in with the fifth and final installment of the three draft and I felt podcast. I just think this is officially back in the studio like Friday or Monday you do this most draftees. We've got a few about it he's asked I've ethnic unity we might add again the better reference societies around the night. By the Iraqi bile wanted to give a shout out to our great friends and town fair tire ruined the NFL draft. Sponsor all day long and off throughout the draft so think heated town fair tire great folks there for the best prices on tires nobody beats the entire. The one distributor of ours that yes our references. Yes partly due out there are people can again. As lame as they can day I would look at Selig. Sort of collage of all the basis of our listeners quit school books that a lot of jokes. He preachy well Eric is if you're funny guy now is a funny guy even if you don't know you're no earlier in the presence of a reference that you that would make you laugh if you knew it you know we get the total interest rates and you know we're trying to right. Exactly exactly where our finds it's a matter whether they get an. You know I've fought it and you should be laughing. This is the time the right there that's where it should have laughed so that's avatar has brought to you by EI has brought has brought you for podcasts okay. The original NFL draft podcast the quarterbacks which we're gonna get into again today is strapped today. The receivers the running backs and now into the tight ends and on attendance he has a ranked as an article up on WEI dot com. And you know what it's a pin position this year total top heavy. It's not as deep as the running back podcast which could go on like three days and the quarterbacks obviously which we have to touch on his draft day. But I would kick things off with a with a bit of any hot take invite me. I mean to but I'd I'd be in no position to stop. What I mean by that it's your personal stuff that's right that I'm looking at it. I am sitting here looking at my devices there away actions that package now aren't so so. Just food for thought I don't know if I believe this not just thrown out there okay so. Unhealthy fatty foods yes but but much has been made of of grunt statement in Belichick looks. Earlier in the week OK this is a bond that topic folks I know it you were okay so. So they meet. And grant puts out an answer to impose them come back he makes his big announcement it was like a scale that's that's that's past this now from the back and opt. Ivan as you know. Paying extremely close attention the teachers for really long time it dates back decades and particularly under the watch live Belichick who we talked about. A hundred billion times and here were pretty much right about everything we say and why. No where and why isn't or bring up the fact it. Maybe he still is getting it treated like just because they did clean air. It doesn't make it sell like would it surprise you or all of treatment. Once I. Got surprised but it. Mean nothing features surprise it wouldn't surprise rise if they traded him much for right well it surprised me let me rephrase. It would just it would surprise me if they trade him because of the player that uses but it wouldn't surprise me if they treated him just because they said they're not gonna. Like that base that makes that has no credibility in my I'm. That incident and don't act didn't say he got shut your lip for a few days we get rid of that could happen though. While now that's about say as a possible minute appointment at town and it's a word that is tell him but he your not in. You're not considering retirement later coming back yeah there's. Actually it's of value for thank you that's my point. I suppose something active I'm almost expecting it so it's you know it's good to be true it's clean it's too clean for. I could go on your head crock patriots tomorrow or not. You your series pictures and I am yet but but. Like a line yeah life on the line this is a citizen and I'm not liberal and now I'm not ruin it right. Look I just like the fact that it once saying that volume that's over with he's a patriot all. I was glad Obama steadily being told what to think especially when your double cock. Well not only that but like this copy especially talking about the checkered today. All of a sudden one meeting in one incident posted all the nonsense of four months is just on it's it's it's evaporated. Not quiet. I expect I mean look it's better than not having a post that's true com. I'm just not buying it full full stop you know my my my big concern with the patient tree now and again if we're gonna go into this sort of reality T. The read that he believes social media nonsense which you know I'll love you mom on off. It. But if you're gonna buy into the narrative and that the things that are being set actually means something. The thing that concerns means you've got two of the most important players and the guy should be next if Belichick though. The main leader entire organization at number eighty. I I don't like this idea that. They wanted to be there way. All of a senate panel about that and I rubs me the wrong way it is not a good thing if your patriot now and I also don't like the passive aggressive nature of all like I like aggressive aggressive. Like you know there are people that really off put people with this'll. Breeze in and pulled the bed but you know. If you're gonna talk smack talk. And offered this like passive aggressive BS it's it's it's troubling me and I'm not sure I buy that it's not trouble Belichick to the point that he would move on. I don't think Belichick gives a rat's ass. I if he might even know about it it was a little underlings caring and things dramatic summit. Donna I'm sure does but I'm saying he wouldn't know it. On his own accord knows it could someone came and told them yet and I just don't think. That look he gives reporters when asked a question my favorite look it's an industrial loan and it's a really genuine law if you that's not that's not him posturing that's that's just urinate. And it's genuine. Human emotion reaction that's what he thinks of that person in Atmel tiger and I think you know. That's I just don't think he cares about in politics. Stuff I I think it Belichick's mind if he thinks I'm gonna show up and beat. Army then it's your right from you know I. That's like my feeling about it doesn't. Care about news second levels to be but. If if this is something that's actually and I are wallowing in the bone firstly and you don't talk firstly I dive in and get all over again off at the like Caesar and our bad patriot if he did as a treasure that that is it for individuals although. Yeah I thought everybody enjoyed the drama. For I don't like it at all I was like there's no victim present Alec Aaron Sorkin drama on. Social I agree that no that's stuff I ate I just like it but it EE he would he would. Doesn't bother me but that the the past four months of operating on the question is is Ballard users are real thing is that something that will exist inside the building and not just outside the bulk of it is that Belichick well problem and it will become a bone of contention and it is Belichick's senses that yak gronkowski as. If he's like Michael colonies flipped. It on the maverick he's never going to be good cry for him again on any. His attitude to contaminate the attitude of other players around him in meeting rooms and practice field. I think you would move gronkowski and I think twice about it anger and 24 house now it's going to be Croat who. You know that's built ballot that is in no question that so and I do believe look at you he's staying in his prime probably is he's going to be the real Glock welcomed and don't want. I'm just saying we're talking about our favorite player here yet not alone driving to and about about this and I'm just not. It's it's not like some sort of gone and has been the road is nothing in stone that says he's here forever tonight is draft night and it is Bill Belichick are talking about I'm just I'm just thrown it out there that's on. And Belichick does not care what I think. Certainly Q. I didn't jazz I think wanted to because and I we have a colors. I see I I don't know I'm a shareholder I almost go the other way and I think he sees. Fans of the team and I'm blindness doesn't care I think he does accurate but he effects. He only cares what you think whoever the people he's chosen is right. And left hand people those people cares about. Ernie and couple other people right unconvinced that we had that idea on this idea has come to consider doing Ares management is very bloody shirt like your own power that's. I've just you know an idea write a book you write about Shaq only cares about what he thinks will help them. Put w.s on the board nothing else matters. You know and go back to the Butler and others ago. There's like more Malcolm Butler conspiracies and there are 9/11 prisoners now and I'd you know I'd persistently to date stuff. Belichick made a blunder by not playing Butler mean everybody's right sometimes wrong sometimes but there's no way for any other reason he thought that was the right thing though. That's it I'm one of the rare object doesn't do things or cause him lose intentionally doesn't do it a one of the rare people in this market. Dan actually believes that he played her grow because he's not he actually played better against the and I'm looking at the other guy and we're back to the other guy was taken an idea so pulling hospital he missed a bunch of meetings this is a team that does team specific. You know planning and and again in court you warm it doesn't mean it was right right. But he thought he was yeah okay I agree with that so Bill Belichick thinks about winning all the time it's all things about. You know it lets his wife is right there telling you think about something else and he listens more to his girlfriend's eyes as his girlfriend I don't know on so you know. So to your point to mom if there's stuff going across the wire tonight that he thinks can help patriots yeah. He'll move up it moved back yeah he'll do whatever yeah and and he can knock you off line. Flock about what anybody writes in the paper the next morning he'll he'll use it to start fires fires you'll read it doesn't care. And that's why you have a trophy case Fultz trophies. At weapons as I was like Brady has all this hardware while everybody has those art. I think I'm saying it is and you union EU yours in the same thing is like. I'll be convinced that Rob Gronkowski is on the 2018 patriots after the 2018 trade. And like everyone is acting like on Tuesday that they met in his or Graham post and out and it's biblical and I'm just saying. Days it might be about it and I am not convinced. Let's grow. And that's why with the first it's so good keeping Hewitt and that's why the first four picks in the patriot strapped to going to be Hayden Hearst Dallas go there. Might just sticky and Jalen sandals let's with a good one. Lloyd tight ends you know what should it assists let's say that you take. One of them one of those guys with their first Beckett point three that's not even tell for the you know right Beckett Beckett at nothing to do you know disputed that topic on the board there yeah Belichick loves tight ends you know to 63 code you know. You know yes on that made him happy you know it and you know that that's the payrolls so. This is why I sort of enjoy the patriots even root for a team. It's their past the early kicked over and over again by the patriots beat because they'd do it right. You know there how to yeah if you're not paying attention probably football. I it's a lot to get to so that I get that off my chest and and did you I doubt if you need another minute. Now I'm good at radio so that's out I like it fared yes I think it adds a little dimension. And we definitely adds some sound. We colonial we try to turn players. We are going to get into the titans now now so but before we wrap by the way out of that this is with the class I think it's I think it's actually very good class I think in. In the wake of last year's class if you stand in top heavy it'll be in terms of note and help production in Tennessee productions well. The latter is not the best guys or is that the top like the top three that they've got here but I felt some guys keep them. I think you're gonna do some things and obviously my rankings that I if I can serve. Execs actually putting it to my at my rankings are always slightly skewed to fans and our readers that. But you know my rankings and from there in others a guy near the bottom. Accused Notre Dame I don't think he's going to be much fancy Villa football player he's going to be in the NFL actor's life right and you can get drafted fairly high. For Alan yes. You know so. Depending I look at these rankings but these guys could come up what you care about it is. You know blocking it and he can be like a marketing he's Lewis. Maybe in overseas Lewis gets though that yet we're seeing is those who played the better quarterback of course whose career maybe it state a little bit later that's receive jobs. I have to say you know it's pretty good class and I think. What's interesting about it is that. Like if you look at the top three guys there's three very distinctive flavors yeah in in those three players so. Com which is I mean I have them ranked 123 but as the articles released three way tie at the top yet and sort of depends looking for. Com pay nurses the guy everyone knows and he is his skills are very well known as as is his. His down points that is you know 405 years old. 35 years old is three years younger than. Yeah all right and I mean that's. That's keeping him first game Brady and in part because he's old lecture. But we go down the other two guys you know again I have them. What if you were just value their entire career of them really wrecked their first night I deep thinkers the guys get the most out as a rookie. Com but you know dissect the the long term upside. It's pretty extreme so you know depending on accurate and NFL team. Priorities. Which. Yeah and again in reference to the patriots as a for instance as an artist guest Jeffrey cannot. The jets don't take it there's no. No legitimate jets take to set in yet they need to get young need to get good for along the right. Side of the cowboys. It makes sense yeah yours Al makes sense yeah. Certainly appears patriots I think Hearst would. Really adds something to the office. That needed to do different things and relieve some some blocking duties and vice Versa. It's funny with the pages has. Both strategies potentially work for them if if Hayden Hearst. Can help them in the short term that helps but they can also get a succession plan and a guy like. Is sticky from Penn State that makes sense because you to have the god can play right now withdrawn. And you of the guide it could potentially be a successor to Barack so both kind of strategies make sense in a way. Yeah sure absolutely I mean. I agree to percent I mean my money would be undertaking Hearst speakers. You know again you got there now mode but bottom. Yet to dissect he's definitely got. Belichick was at that three Conan you wrote about that that's real men all of pats can do that raised up when Belichick would seem like on and on it into tier two. Com. In some ways to one mintier from Colombian Congress old bulls wanna does the attachment it's your one out of respect those guys didn't. On soared this year here's the other you know the other two guys. Injures that sort of put here to just out of general or Specter when everybody else and think about it I can't stand in a big fan not a fan at all. On just because. As for the ease tight end in name only. He doesn't block. Yen which means sick items as the block he's like those big hockey players that doesn't hitter flight I hate those guys like 65 to 56. Use your body is huge yeah I'd I was thoroughly impressed with him football players. Receiver shirt good receivers. Good speed for a guy that size obviously he's got some like he kept the ball real well. He's there to catch stuff we got talent. On an open minded looking at him as a fantasy option if some team release leopard in art and early. Who knows he could be something good for fantasy land mine but. Just in terms of being an all world football player not impress that on jail it's Daniels. He's here mostly for fantasy purposes because he's got it in distinction may carry that forward. But. Denies it back to running back out these 511 yet but it's not at night and KP 5112 Tynan and hazing is even listed. But still not culture. Signals are all about but hey it is what it is. That's realities that we roll with it and if this guy. You know coast to the right team rate situation he hangs on that I'd label. He could really be something for its cool for fairness in the patriots stands. This got a note guys because you can do anything with them think Rex Birkhead you know neglect that. He's an adjusted or you know. Yes he's he's a guy that you know the Birkhead. Thing makes sense and hate Hearst has a hole leaders got some Birkhead as as I mentioned I mean. Hate her stepped Kerry's. Used him as a runner you don't seem tight ends getting you know. Giving sweeps and goal line carries yes we're in for a donated and mean Carol. Fairly regular pace. And as when he was before his murdering people getting caught 42 at bats that and I think. Hearst you know it's we we mentioned people over the years who could maybe coming into the air this thing you know Hearst is the guy. Who could be how do the earth and he's got a whole lot of steel. The thing about Hearst's so fundamentally sound and his route work is similar Burkett and it's just. Relieved really good. So I'm a big face raiders we went rehearsed before com. Yeah. He's one of my guys for sharing Goddard is one of those guys sort tantalized with his athletic ability moments ago we had its laws and bills that ability will we talked about it for outcome by Glenn. Com you know after catch he's a guy who does some impressive things to catch point. He's probably the best class just in terms like. Traffic. Fighting for balls and there's defender's back at the very impressive. Now. Please please please go to state. Com which we've seen over the years pretty good level of football jacks are any team they're well coached they're competition and is probably better than most people realize. But. Clean it necessarily seem caliber athletes should fein a seat on generally looking at smaller athletes are good football players little smaller. And I think. Goddard at times sort of used athletic ability verses football. Technique used to beat these guys that could and I think there will be an adjustment period for now. Com where as you look at a guy last year we talked about Corey Gaines who played a low level of competition. For a guy who's ago. Really high draft. But davis' coach you could tell they beat him how much better you are. That this guy crops from state fund says it is going to be a play ball player play the position correctly you see how hard work that is footwork and technique which was optional and he's playing against guys he could just sort of beat his left hand but he stayed tight with his medals. That's really good side I didn't catch that got up went a little bit the other way around and I'm nitpicking but just you know I'm like I'm finding faults. I'm that you look adults who aren't here but you know I think that might be a thing for him I could see him having. More of a traditional tight curve because I think when he hits the they'll feel it swim for appears to calm. And that's not a knock having look at titans take time. I had a lot of you know worker fossils were people who were trying to seize backers was developing a good while took four years. But I think we can all agree now. Pretty good yeah them and that's the nature this position it doesn't always do it right away committing decent for a year to get good opposite great. That's the nature tighter than it does though it away it's slower developing and the wide receivers you have so much more plea. In pass protection. Has to restore the past now they don't these guys do it'd be better or they're going to be in an auto Hillary like crock past attacks in fact he does well at. You know so that's that's great blocker right right. Right blocker and pass after gronkowski is soup to nuts just a really good football player. You know that's why. The patients probably don't tree and you know. That's the patriot process they draft guys were really good football players and not into guys with with blatant exploit weaknesses now it's as if you defeated South Dakota State worries you and all of the grand military. You know. That is kicker an excellent different models you know. Yes regulate your two hottest athlete like him Samuels we talked about him mark enters not my favorite alike and on the outside elect your threes where I think. The quality of the class gets underscored that as Tyler Conklin Michigan the socialist excuse me him. I was really impresses film and while who's just you know com Nokia at a major injury last year Jones fracture which I don't act again it's brutally injury on it long run cover you know. If it's. It's it's. Long recovery in net. Even when your back you're not back rights painful July it's. It heated induce dailies career while right for those listeners around. It's not a good injury Sony needs to plant and cut especially if you're big big heavy individual obviously in. 250. So he played the second note the island last year missed the first five games he's back. But it's what he could be I thought his 2016 film. Showed. And actually it was moving freely so yeah. You know which he gets it yet he gets back to that level on and it starts to put all of you know the parts together. You know it's got QB thanks office tight end. And again and import more than peace and in right so now and the 2018 and nineteen version of him do you but he wasn't sixteen or better learn more probably yeah he's young I think as the tougher injury which we Euro older I got. I was about what kind. And the effects of it lingered until I was about 33. So you know but I was older and I was getting world class rehabilitation and sore right. Com. Hurt to the next journalists from Miami 64253. Good player. On boy I really like about this guys that he moves like a receiver X receiver on and I think he'd develops and use our love is at least he really gets off the line. You know eases visa and tied it in. You know challenge safeties with his round so. I don't know about early reports were like hurt but it definitely like if I'm dynasty. Sure if it. Tight it's a very tricky to use because it's against slow developing how can you put a guy roster sit there for 23 seasons and clogging down rights of people are really hesitant to do that now depending orderly -- may have deep benches problem you may and it's a taxi squad. Where rookies answer your players can both the tax squads so that can be a factor decide chase guys who may walk curve. Position. And again. Solemn dies after twelve team dynasty league with one tight and no flax and no tighter premiums scoring or Antonia who directs an arduous laurel I didn't really depends partly dynamics. As I have you. Approach players that makes perfect sense on. Now let's get it here for his here's where I think it really. Underscores that these are good players. You know. Fully Ali from Wisconsin actually like him special aka blow your mind that he's going to be some big fancy guy. Boy you know he can block he. They're soft hands and he does a lot of little things you know runs his routes when he comes out of his break c.'s quarterback. He moves towards a quarterback he comes back when when he sees the ball in the air knows he's got a defender in tight. He comes back to the football so he's he's just a very fundamentally sound player you can tell pot well and I think he's had a a slaughter fellow career. On the blocking actually different than the top guys and in the class because most immoral pass catching with kind of limited blocking skills and that's that's good for him there's definitely a lot of that like I mean. That's cute like the jets have been playing outside for four years humans aren't the jets last four years yet on ending at this it will this week who. I mean. In all honesty I've got less than minutes worth of film I just haven't been following him and he's the conferees the positional yet. Was it it was a defensive lineman from some people are really high and so. You know I'd I'd sort of place holder rankings and wasn't exactly sure what to do with him. Didn't have enough failed to make like affirmed judgment I think I am so outsourced drafting behind other people say. But yet if not putting good. And equals you know will learn a lot about him by. Where it's taken in the draft by who. And these guys could move support in the interest and that's an interesting thing you know it's it's just part. Guys like us who don't get the axis that the teams get to see reliance in of the cinema went to what they saw its rare that I can't find out who makes a judgment this is one of those rare. I just couldn't find it and you know I didn't watch any of his bowl games this year's. Come out alive I could fake that spot market in economic be listening on its is going to be is going to be to remiss by missing some will just leave. Well you know listen or like utilities are looked for a film on him for over an hour you know I spent an hour about like looking to anymore. Could come up with it. I simply a little defense. Not helpful for its products so I don't shall the next guy I really liked old Schultz Stamford. Com I think he's giving you good football player probably be in the league prologue time on sort of odd though he's got a long body type it in circle center gravity he needs. I think you can actually be really could blocking tight end in oh you can put a little more upper body. On the east to 4465. That's. So alone panel lenient if he couldn't play 255 after year to constrict the program via fairies out I. And he's got the ability to develop into a receiver but I. His routes left me wanting like almost all of them in. He sort of gets that top stand and dies at them you know sir spins around. Somebody needs to its skid how to sink in outbreak but. That's okay he's he's he's doing a lot of things right he catches the ball so I think someone's gonna take dispute. Fourth fifth sixth that I think stick. But for fantasy probably got elect gap before yet it. On an inch or five. The guys fought through fifty. Com. You know. Blake matches it's his. Project for fancy people so that we talked about Smyth. Two are actually really good athlete right as I like is a lot for my program and he's he's tenacious little partner. On the little 56 I 56 but you know an anti tank that's the bought I think he will make some plays offensively. But Timmy he's more of a lunch pail guys and then a guy's going to be putting up on office stats but it against league so. For NFL teams for NFL purposes. Effort he sort of it looked for tight ends this year I think they'll be fun yeah. You know for for fantasy. It. Let land Xbox gonna matter a lot com. And you know. Depth chart situations can have a lot to do with getting the field earlier and enact a lot to do it fast track development. You know oddly quarterbacks were never upset what are our quarterbacks fielder yet to. You're not gonna ruin your fundamentals by plea earlier on QB position. Spat that's comedic we don't know where these. Yeah look at links trust me you do will be talking about it. One of these guys who goes six. And added that changes every. Well look at ticket yeah I'm with you if you know the guy whose whose fault catch no block it's expected it to six Mark Andrews he goes to the saints look out you know you can really have a benefit and I'd be surprised. And I if you want office I think he can do better yet just because I. So. I don't mind if my office of tight end is an agreed in line blocker. But you'd better at least feel decent blocking state has some balls you know I mean it tries I mean. Jerry if if if Jarvis landry's a better blocker in junior tight and that's like I don't know what that's an idol that's maybe not fair to editors are exceptional blocker but what I mean these wide receivers who blocked well I am I would I'd rather Cutler FitzGerald as Olympic slot and continue to block you know even at all an aging guy like that's him. Another I'd probably not a bad example because that's offered by. You don't have to do is sort Matthews yeah you know George Matthews can put about a block out most people don't. If it again the within you know I but I really am I. The seats. And make titans. I would think that's common with and that's again so and so you've got fifteen guys ranked. In that's the kind of offensive operation dead one of these guys it's a little on Harold you can just slide in and he something good. Yes that's that that's the spot you know it's the sliding guy I think is definitely Ers but you know the saints. Are the states that special situation where you'd take accurately Goddard. Who is maybe a little bit raw now. But because he inquiries have been around so long because their system so that'd. They don't have to data to a lot of coached themselves at coach coaches you know. We've seen veteran quarterbacks when it went when he sees if they think his priorities. They can bring along quicker yet far there with a bunch of guys yeah screen of course are luckier. Far sought a backseat to help me wings game loses he took a wondrous weight gain one. They start working on routes together and are bankrupt a year it breeze kicked you out the right. Yet accurate mint on. So I think that's a good analysis on the tight ends and I'm a little itchy to get back into the quarterbacks is strapped and joining me I don't know it's yeah I'd answer Douglas yeah. We get what how many what's the can't tolerate first pick is what 8 o'clock yes so maybe by the time. Do you listen to this is probably only a few hours away you know we're recording this mid day. The want to know now food in the other in the opinion the studio right now live on the W yeah this was radio network. So but this'll be up probably by late afternoon of old time to digest it. And I and also you know Pete's articles are there and the other four podcast that we do is if you want like up Genoa and my dearest we Chris thanks so yes it was a lot lot of stuff for Utica just dive into inaudible the rest of the day off and start drinking you listen on seven hours of the night I don't ask. Don't watch that just just a socialist stuff we said before that that's much more exciting and I so I'm just shift in the quarterbacks and want to gets of the off my chest are you. I'd I know where you are on this that you've talked about it but. After all this time strapped and ounces to get guys like a stock in or people thinking but. And I can't believe I'm seeing Josh downs tough quarterback and some like prominent bullets like milk hyper. I mean he's the guy we've talked about India he's the risk reward guy es get this Lebanese capital today all eyes you know turtle creek at the two yeah the social media stuff I mean. How is this guy just it's just on accuracy and Boston factor how was he at the top anyway and in Seattle this nonsense today. I guess I don't really know about the tweets although if your team about the tweets shame on you mean that's like one of the first do it's I'd get them in turn eight acres tweets that yeah. Pictures that it Sears that's what you do and higher diesel sirens were the best like countered million dollars. On a hot. Hiring process you know an inner and our future employment yeah. So yeah I mean it's I. I'd be sort of surprised that these tweets were a big shock felt and and somebody put out the media team Watson just. Pump the stuff about the needs using a slide. Com and put forth some huge and that's equaled the hitting the gap that's obviously what might have happened. Or it was somebody holding it because the leaders story Politico. David draft but com. It was there for anybody fight and by the way Carson it's stuff and his tweets to. You know hopeful tweets. Can. Do. These these early teenagers and social media I mean. Our little man but I got the social media. It's a stupid style icon thanks audit I don't I don't take it can throw into the trash and if it's clean it's act out of he has seen the light and that he's not the kind of person anymore. We stakes. A little worried about the scandal for lists but definitely merits an apology yen up Korea. On and written a LeBron might go to Cleveland proper credit not a great idea on that's the ambassador of the city. Yeah for degrees once it is. It. You know I haven't announced I'm talking a lot of smack and on the Olympic physically I've been and it's it is it is like rocked all of that stuff. Com it was actually work with you at the Mets now I want sales contest that's or I got to hike all expenses paid trip to all star game brought the one that's right now it's an absolute blast was at the Jake with the jig resistance the magic opened up our game there are. Omar was in the run derby yeah. And viewed I mean he put on. Three and it's not that upset they're like what Mike. This guy's ass yeah well you know used. Torching balls in left field stands that guys and never ever gone on the Jews in the did he was like he was lanky we've had a similar conversation you know. Now but yeah it's this time around I would think technically I agree there flats there's so equal parts about the city. So sort of it's bad wrap packs which are equal place. Like if you got drafted likely to go live there for decades. Others blame for the browns who do you agree to it yet that the browns and their ownership that's. Part of a bomb so anyway back to Josh and look. I can understand why somebody would recognize or top prospect and I was actually getting it in a Twitter yesterday about how the thing I don't like about. All the nasty takes on Josh it's that people actually there's no way. He can make. A crock yes definitely. Has missed reward act I think particular guys that he puts it all the work and it's good coaching he likes like a 5050 shot yeah. And you know and if he hits it huge. So there's a reasonable world would be etched in his football player com. It's a risky move so like as I said. Yesterday and the day before for a team the jets were you or just. Yeah enough risk put all of its assets in its move almost have to not take huge gamble. If you're wrong. You just set yourself back. Forever yeah and if you're attacking their work and industry and be lucky to work on Virginians. To meet to meet a guy like him a guy like Allen it's it's for the team that has. Hasn't like a steady foundation academic could Vick could gamble on the upside with dampened Timothy Jackson a bronze. Considering limits it's it's nonsense well absolute nonsense. The thing is I don't disagree for dissent but the thing is no team itself. It's that we are not that we advocate foundation they should. Now fiction. There's no which an effort to you that that has a lot if I'm run against change doctors out not Smart I don't. None of the debit you have to have to be realistic and know who ER I mean like you know the bronze. Satellite and injured competition in Europe two what should be. So I get that but yeah that you have to you have to know where you when you win you week and we strong you know any you know I think. It is a team like the bronze and learn debt and world war jets and teams that really fatal flaws. The Deke he wasted pick on a guy that has such high risk I don't agree I agree jets because they've already gone too far all it. I agree that jet given summit's draft Catholic you know and look at John Elway thinks the guys quarterback he has a great quarterback probably knows that cornerback most of us. I'll rocket telling can't do it. A bomb you know our idea here is saying it yet but. You know if you're the person running an organization you better think you have a good organization. I mean what it took it over ten minutes ago you haven't made changes yet and it still someone else's organization. Spot. But you don't say it. I mean you have to think your processes. Nice I think we're here each and I'm just saying to a Ramsey foundation I mean like Q are you you know the players that you have and what here's what capital that you have to get better you know you can't amassed. But you can't mess with it like the patriots for instance. Could they were put out of work on innocent owners that real quick real quick. The patriots could conceivably not draft a quarterback this year and the VOK depending upon without their next year free agent whatever but the Smart thing to do is to get one now. At least sow the seed and pick certain teams have certain needs. Dead dead. Don't overtake our overwhelms your opportunity for risking your tolerance Taurus but it has to be consideration. And for some organizational its answer to pop. Jittery in any picks you make what I'm saying is. That what's gonna make or break this player's coach so. You know if I'm really looking at my organization as a basis for weather player I think it would a look at. Is whoever's going to be doing coaching with this particular player now for some organizations. The head coach and actually you've been part of developing quarterback for some. It's a defensive coach it'll be a coordinator for some it'll actually be the QB coach you know so. It'll or most likely it's gonna be a combination of these people and Timmy that would actually be based my decision Q I have people who any wanna be in in business with this quarterback like our. There's my quarterback could say to me. Do I see exactly I can fix it and this guy has a history of making good. Technical changes with players you know that's a good situation I might take. Josh Allen and that's negative that if I did a nuance to it as if I've got a coaching staff that doesn't have history of building up fundamentals of the position if they need a finished product and there sixteen guys and technique guys. And I'm going to be a little bit more hesitant to do so. It comes down to not symbols yeah it comes down to do you know. Do you have faith in the people organization. Do they have the technical acumen to get the job done and done is this player a player who accept the coaching because. At all person he spent a lot of time teaching technique to athletes college coach to sport a college coach and the willingness of the athlete to accept coaching huge factor to Parcells Belichick received the years as coach of the huge huge factor when you get somebody whose mind is open wants to get better. Who feels that you have. The expertise to give to them the two way process can occur and people who do you have to one way now can do it a different way at a later time yup it. You know it is it is a big thing you hear in. With football writers these days I can't coach the stuff pro level. Quarterback is what he's going to be when it comes out of college its biggest load amounts of solar. It's anybody who says that I would stop listening to rappers they don't know what they're talking about now is it. Is that the case sometimes. Your death why isn't the case because they're too busy doing other things that the pro level. The they're giving too much too soon and too busy trying to keep up with all the personalities and huddle and all the things that are being thrown at them playbook. And yet it's hard to do all that stuff once and correct techniques it which is why quarterback should get time. You don't throw person in the fire they still let techniques definitely. You know there's a process that tested. The players have to go through there's a way to defects and every player's different. Each player might have different capacities. You know some guys might be able in you know that you know thinking where you you rub your stomach in one direction like tap your head yah you know some people can't is that if you coordinated and right now so people. Learn one thing at times some people who are three things. You know but that person who learned one thing at a time. If you order the process yeah it once product can be very good yeah they'll be up right so. All saying is a good organization and good GM can diagnose this situation and make a value judgment. It's like yeah we hope we make display work and it's like what you're saying. Are your chips. Your dominoes are they set up to how the learning player your QB maybe they're not yet. That's affinity the impatience actually only strikes me that I heard this morning. On current count on it's I'm a Lamar Jackson I can Hewitt Jerry's voice he's so it just in the Mark Jackson had the opportunity to see him on the field doing something in someway this year to get some about that and politics what didn't give in two years of he sits and watches the greatest. The player over his quarterback and the greatest coach grooming and that's when I'm excited about it I said about twenty AT and sucks backwards logic I hear people say well take up after playing ice I disagree like whoa wait a minute because you spent so much on people. Wouldn't that be all the more reason to make sure the investment works out long term exactly. Right particularly if you're built in a way that you gonna be competitive at the top. Anyway different pitchers are always right in the final four felt the final to have not follow. Here's what's that about. Agents and other factors hugely compelling. In general. He is player. Can't do things I hope you right now. So patriots can have him grooming him to be future quarterback by. To be active player to some fun stuff because we know who pitcher for office that he can you got one week. He's on the field for what place yeah you know and in another week you know play at all. You know but it is as like say clot or bad yeah. That you may you know what we use here in tax differs or they just show him in May block to prepare for that well the president and I absolutely. To your point I guarantee you play. Right just shocked yeah locked in place we autistic child check what's the tournament every defense court yeah mine. I think about this spend a few dollars on this while we do something else and the union. But here's the other thing about Jack's. Because of the way. Because of the type of player is the type athlete he uses. Yes you wanna group that wants her. And yes you're Dimitri Hitler's all the things he needs to learn to jet. Some of the stuff from its conscious mind imbedded into a sub conscious that's a big thing for aptly do you want things to become naturally to think about them anymore. That way you can suck in the whole playbook is not thinking about technique. Hypothetically and power saving. Knock out but if something happened Brady. Says the patriots were 121 you and Tom Brady had a high ankle sprain. 68 week injury yeah. He's done it and number what seed in the AFC he got home field advantage and Padres are to be available to you actually offseason you. This kid could step it. You could. Steve and offered him make it as simple as he needs to be at that moment and we've seen him do that and win the Super Bowl yeah fit or you don't say yeah probably a little bit with Brian Hoyer right. But this case you're going to flip everything around also the patriots are sort of different office and they're just kicking your ass hole the way. Yep that's what some meat is sort of compelling about Jackson whereas if you take Mike White our Kyle will let up. Players going and yeah that's that you are now yeah so. I haven't heard anybody sort talk about it that way as what make that point. Where there is sort of like added value Jackson because it's such a monster chest piece. He can help you the way we talked about gadget put teens mines but he also sorts sitting there. Just in case any you know break glass that's area as the quarterback position god forbid something happens to use it to the goat. This guy is now. And it would be pretty exciting. And you know that to be ready and I I look I go back to this reference a lot. But the the one time the Jacoby percent played it was a Thursday night the it's very short time to prepare for that near ready and they want so. Days that Belichick and these guys can get ready right in and get ready fast in the Yemeni Ari and you do it properly so right so the idea that. Maybe it Jackson there would take him if our patriots I would say you know bomb. You know obviously they've you know they've got to and needed tackle. You have to come out of personal left tackle amendment on the justices so thin and it I think you're right but how many times we've seen NFL guys not do it. Including the patriots. You know they may know more about somebody you. A later on it yet deep down or or some guy that's on the roster that we ultimately I see him like I am in audience knows the patriots but the thing is they're very confident in what gas. And I would view. Looks to be left out now it seems pretty obvious but you know I remember streams and gentlemen. For years like which traps offensive linemen and hand in every year. Everything but. You know up and he just beat it at him he can move right under the wrestle with that there in the Super Bowl I'm okay well that's were out in. Palm so. I'm with you and hey if if they pass up on young quarterback take a left tackle. Boots. Per active. On but it would shock to the miscue and you know try to pick up if there's attack while. We'll be tantalizing would be if you if you did go for Jackson for all these reasons is talking about early. And then you know one of those two tackles and let's get first round pedigree is there at 31 or. Like 29 in you move up unity mean in any kind of satisfy both needs. Andy interest although the needs that they have that I have right economy just over I want not one play making linebacker I want to war. A play making linebacker and an edge rusher they need some combo too with Rios. Now it's factually accurate it. You know. Making chicken salad out of chicken poop yet he's pretty good that sought out. I have believed that they figure this linebacker now. Whether these first routers that are not there. To abuse it if Jackson somehow slipped twenty threes and equities with the natural peck. And for that yeah. Then you've got to second round pick you have your quarterback you could try to move up yeah etc. because that with the late first rounder because. You no longer need the second rounder for a long latter white or whoever you love yeah. So. You know as usual they have the assets to do a lot of different things. So I'm sure they're gonna attack report the right way and that would. The past our rate. Assets it's going to be fun but it was so much fun to watch it isn't any time the patriots are looming like that yeah to pencil. Notes section even if I buy it and he could do nothing. But just the Specter of and narrow will cause other apple. To sweat and meet unique moves it now otherwise it made because the patriots because everyone needs quarterbacks and the patriots quarterbacks and Anixter next. So I mean. I feel the jets have already done their thing I'm not too worried about them I mean there's this rumor they can. Give up next year's first record it's history in ice I think they have their settlers saw it like it via scanners rights but it. But it did that to the people aren't really sure about the port bills fans and the dolphins. Because. There's talk of these guys moving up and it's if your hatred for example of the so much because all the teams here division overpaying to do things. And you just apparently and yeah you know if if if the dolphins and bills both move. I mean think about it for renewing a perspective they're chasing you. But they're paying a premium to do it up yeah it's so they're they're they're running standstill if they're lucky. Yet we don't know sung Manila the it's just it's just funny how that all you know they're the teams in the division keep making the same mistakes the patriots just keeping in the picture. Well what's interesting too is that this is the one year. Since this whole thing has started effort for the patriots where. You could conceivably. Have all the teams in the division with with like. A solid quarterback position you know and that you could come out where we went theory yet economic may mayfield could go to the jets and and buffalo Miami again a guy unity mean sounds like if it's one he might which mean which makes feel little service that can get Arnold to you know which are being nice well. That's right I mean. The jets or religion for what could happen yeah but I'm you know as the jet fan. Always works for what is yes mom and if if if if if it's me feel Arnold. And in the jets sit there. Now acts that are ago. Please don't take Allen yeah. And I you know I'm not the biggest Rosen in the world I mean I would be fine if the jets stayed at six and got rose yeah nice Fella right back but. At three feels a little early for me attorney Kenneth feels like a potential boss just giving up to six pick yeah 32 rounder to get them. Wanted to because now you're taking the guy who needs the most in terms of pass protection up and you. Gut it'll pick she refused to give him that night jets' offensive line is it's not awful but it's not great depth we need to. To improve yourself on the edges. If you can get out grows so. I'm thinking it's Sam Donald's you guys and me and Arnold speaker yeah it's startled. Is bill. Sort of deal with. Jet jet life you know he's got the he's got to get the whole package that we talked about earlier in the week I don't know if here's the meat Hugo's one. In less the giants are sold. That's the blinders on to such established with the only take Barkley and that's it. And they'd be lewd text itself panic and now everybody splits and Arnold the two of the giants have a as a group that. An ideal temperature yeah I think it's a salute it. They could take Barkley and and we've been talking you know. All offseason about the patriots looking at guys like Mike Leiter Carolina or Luke Faulk and muted maybe that's what they do you know. The giants yeah now that certain well I mean. I. If I guess the way it stacks up is if they don't take the quarterback they're saying it's. They're buying in to be Eli to whip transition maybe so maybe they would need to lightning needed. Her. Quarterback that's funny transition I don't like the the the former ruler of the latter on did you know right now well I I. I actually feel. My web personally I think he's nice. Block away. But he is just the clock clicked the thing is I'd I was does that Twitter. Yesterday. What weapons coming out I thought third round Davis webs per attack yet on you know I would want that in the first round ice time. But. He's the tall six foot five really good Columbine throws a nice deep ball Scott. You know it's for position rose standing. On means he's got some issues treating defense team work but. You know they've had a free year we don't know how Davis whips progress they would put him on the field last year by Bonnie. Analysis that was a really good move he was the guy you want to throw intuit on eighteen that was dysfunctional with a wide receivers. And it head coach who's fighting with management is about to get fired. It was good that dated but wed in the middle that that was perfectly you spent that much yet you know stuck in junk on it. You know. The giants there second over that you second rockets. It's a pretty good position in Gaza what they do but I think it. I would flip which he said and I would say well. Instead of waiting of quarterback what a way to running back like they in my ability to Arnold ice. Yeah even better right yeah I think I would play it you know I I I spent a lot of time spouting. You know. You can't take running back I podcast yesterday com. Conventionally it's not the right thing to do yet. I mean you know. 99 or 95%. Of the time somewhere in there should be taking a running back I'd still be a really compelling reason you know fully integrated it was Barkley too yeah everything that you can do with him on the field right right. Erick Barkley I can understand. Ezekiel Alley I can make an argument for. Johnson little capitalist. David Johnson small school guys let's listen to what but the Florida reckless if I'm. It's silly old school. Report that I look at running back by. You know I can find that later on or at least the guise of reasonable facsimile yeah on like pictures of child at the top sector yeah. You know I had in my opinion for it got up and Cho Nam so. You know if on the giants I would probably going to Arnold John Arnold writes. I was. This is the rare and thinking I can place your greatly liked lightly and let him group Arnold. So you don't have to throw to our rules that's awesome and if you lies like crap and Arnold's. Totally outplay him playing practice that you make the switch whenever it's the right to do it. But no matter who the rookie quarterback is the way it works days if you can keep them. Down for September. Even a couple weeks huge difference yeah. You know some teams need to win it and do it. What's gonna. What's going to be great to ninety is that the drama starts at this is the bell goes off and on the stories like these days yet but the first pick in the second tank. In the third pick it also compelling it's usually not that way usually at the top it's gonna take Andrew Luck and on you go so. It's really got that out of the race is fast and faster races to go along goodness I was saying the opposite I think. I mean is there with the exception of the jets. It's their team early that's run that Annika. I think we've Houston and tiger clocked. Gonna take calls. You know know what to give accessories at the anticipation is going to be great from the start that's and I mean yet I mean the drama starts students and about what you and I. Finish this I've I've I've. I'm watching traffic. Yeah exactly like I can't take all sides tell me to turn off a little odd that I still. Those are right that it was so. But at least now have not yet known. For you know 45. That's cool. Stream. On. But yet so I'm. I I don't know anything but I think you're a lock clock running. At least until. Most quarterbacks that's the drama that's that that's on it that's the serial killer in the movie that's doing your hide in the closet upstairs like him we don't know he's gonna you know. Did he's gonna make an element atop beating a billion out of there it's it's got drama right off the odds out and it's into the giants. At giants here's just a little bit of advice. To Tokyo atlas. If you're taking Barkley. Use the whole clock and even if you're not actually making phone call put the phone up your year yeah. Just because it's. That wave the next day you can say we talked to people we thought we looked at what we can get for Mac and rejected because it is a top Barkley. Yeah yeah but I it's up enrolling so many chips at least plausible C about how we. We looked at all our options you know little run up the market yet again they they need to play poker and they're Smart they will watch if there's yeah there's. And if they're Smart. They make some kind like witnesses. Sport is at least package. On and it caps and cuts. Back to five. Yeah if it would I it it's if it's it's really Embarq which so far ahead of the pack it's unfortunate for then because it was huge opportunity. To play Davis. Like him master you know I mean like if they had sharpen Barkley has co equal. They can do that pitch back five. And if you get bird that means you. You meet profit at stake in courts in Bosnia is literally no we will lose back now staying pat is the way that they potentially lose right I mean. So I. I feel bad for fans but you know. Not that does not fix it up and you're gonna wrap it up and hope you guys have enjoyed all the way we can't wrap up why. Because I'm gonna go out it would. Barak took it one more minute I'd. Because I think we each have to at least it casts a look at Nicole yeah I think that's a good idea let's let's first three picks each day. Read 123. Congo where. I would. Go with the draft it hurts me the most news amigo me field for the browns. And many go. Darn old to the giants who. And rose. Up. On that's not happy for that. I have no faith in the browns looked so I think they're gonna have an up the way. On ten did this age but you know now I'm tempted to say they're gonna go to Josh now it's a Davidson and Ali along but they won't. Did that day the the bronze are gonna take. Sam Donaldson cash that's a good call as the browser it takes him Donald I think the giants won't have the balls to trade. And I'll take Barkley and the new quarterback of your New York Jets will be taken me feel. A man I like your things so much. But you know I had to do it my way Lucas. I had decked I have to reverse jinx the jets have to and now when router to Iowa and then on a throw my patriots to excel for oh okay good yeah do that. The patriots are going to in history the rare occurrence are gonna and there are going to move. Up a little bit attack they're gonna take Lamar Jackson a quarterback with their total and a top first round pick dig in a trade and try to go. They will grow old too. Twenty. You know go to pick twenty. And they're going to get him so it loses they lose a second round pick a buffalo does not take a quarterback of their first pick they preempt buffalo by moving ahead of them. It gets to one unity Jackson. They move 31 back into the second round and they get lucky and they get the offensive tackle project from UCLA Colton. That's his. And then it's all defense. Career yup. Brian actually that's I think I like it you know I don't think that's a veteran like yeah you're a guy that I felt that was worth it that was aware that. All right so I hope you guys enjoyed in real because we enjoyed the five part. Three NFL draft podcast you know be held out. Wrap it up probably next week when all the dust settles I think dining spots out an article up on yeah I dot com tomorrow morning with a round winners and losers school and if we can somehow. Sheikh Hackett reform is scheduled tomorrow we we could do an impromptu Mika pot we'll see. States of the that enjoy it off folks in the gate everything out content lies on Twitter as we always do that. Enjoy the night cancer in that they get into these he comes.