WEEI Fantasy Football Podcast –Pre-NFL Draft Analysis, The Wide Receivers

Fantasy Football Podcast
Monday, April 23rd
As the NFL Draft nears, the Wide Receiver position isn’t a focus for the Patriots, given their many needs at other key positions, however, there are plenty of names to know

in preparation for your Rookie and Dynasty Drafts at the Wide Receiver position.  Pete Davidson’s pre-draft scouting showcases six (6) tiers of talent at the position, that offers detail

on up to 40 of these Wide Receivers!  This podcast will add a little flavor to Pete’s article, detailing the strengths, weaknesses and skills that players like Calvin Ridley, Equanimeous St. Brown and Christian Kirk have to offer.  Just to name a few…  Jim Hackett and Pete Davidson get into at least 20 of them here, offering plenty feed for the NFL Draft enthusiast…

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Okay great everybody Jim Hackett he skated since that catch you Monday this is the but back to back to back to back to back podcast marathon of the NFL draft and is that it's good you can go rhythm going here pizza we knocked out. One about a week and a half ago that was kind of like an overview and then Friday we did to. The quarterbacks which at a little color to me 4000 word article that you've put up over the weekend which scrape by the way things pretty in depth. And not to be not to be pushed aside is now the 3000 word article the forty receivers as to quote cliff Lavin none of which have been in my kitchen. Hi will there again I will vote excuse you know quote them. No Brooks is king Lou and actually I totally lost interest I don't know that were earlier say before but let them know the back to back to back to back out unwittingly sent I just did it ever did do it again so. We're. Every new variant is by guest on TV you can tweet at wrote a bond that rely on hacks that's me. Intel's feel like this which is the in some of the fantasy football podcast boring. I think are calling it the debt reference aside because we don't know that a lot of our efforts is appealing for our own amusement. And about ten other people but it doesn't look at all. Yeah we have like if a references given in the forest. Yeah yeah it's the same set. We've really got I got people like you is I guess I get likable you know only the shout outs on onto an about Ellis kind of like dead the dead reference aside exist in. Just seeing us to say you know like this. On again that that reference. But here we're gonna get in the receivers OK and this is a a much ballyhooed. Quarterback class which you've gotten into a line there enough temerity and I'm one of about her up and I'm right there with the F. Nominates him is some new news emerging about me do my Jackson which is Kenneth tantalizing for a New England Patriots fans. But is also a strong running back class it's also a pretty top heavy tied in class but the receivers. I guess is one word to describe it beat its depth. There's a lot of them yet death on. It. You know Dramamine. You know I I just. It's not what it's not the most exciting class oral become arrested on a couple years ago like Josh dioxin was the top one that was it seems like there was a lot in I was coming off a great class from an outbreak last. A view was that movie was like thirteen Euro fourteen was caught what team was a glass at him. Guess this is the that this is currently the fifteen class that looks like and a lot of names but not a lot of differentiate as an affair you know at the differences between this. Us necklace there are guys at the top classes early in life. Maybe by candidates to law of Trent well at all from and he's not showing a hole yeah well I mean it's you know I listen I think I had to rank the top four. Like everybody else but. You know I just didn't feel it you know on. I mean I like the guys at the top of the class that just you know. You know if you. You know we're used to having at least one alpha echo again Leo lower AG greener. Somebody like that class in this customs have. One of those guys on do you have an Aqua and Ambien same drama mean from Notre Dame lol what a name. That's a great name and also a big fan of diligent trial when it comes to use as a secular Iraq yeah. On. City Cobbs as they could name first there's some good names costs but. Com. You know and and it's funny like I don't. In some ways I don't like to say so alpha guy in this class because I don't want it I don't knock these guys down yet you know these guys have earned. They're standing in you know there are having their moment. I've done my due diligence it's just it's tough class. I admit it's been keeping me up at night it's not so much that I am having trouble putting greens of these players. I know what I think if each of these players. It's just that degrees or so close for so many yeah that we your breaking into tears when your. Just grouping them and it's here it's hard it's hard to separate these guys. Com. We've also been spoiled too with the receivers and and and it we know it's a receiver league now you know remain in the NFL on this so many good ones. In this so much Dick comes of with a receiver like the way the position as change a little bit and how that slot receivers so magnified particularly appear in new England and you know you need skies you can stretch the field this and that and in this so many different. Great ones rim really great ones in global. You know certainly. Like the slot receivers specialist counties getting close to regular right. You know what you're stuck your slot is almost a starter. On some teams from most I think it's it's like I mean different patriots that's the case for quite a lot of mom. And and believe me I thought about rather than just rankings class literally dividing it by flavor and position style whenever. But I didn't wanna confuse or increased so much on so sort of stuck to the traditional method but on him. It icing in the article where the rubber really gonna meet the road post draft starts okay. Now we have skill set and we office to join it to yet we can really sort of now that the you know it's you know it's sort of let it be chemical reaction can take place. You know put these two things together outfits. You know. Hopefully it's not like the chemistry and what's that smell. On that from ice yes it often happens and you put nitroglycerin and why this leads to this Alex and mom. Kato signs to. Any way on. I really do like a lot of these players they're just not. And you know maybe that's sort of the fact that I've been pulling the football for several years now. And you know I I looking I look at incoming class in terms of how can help me yeah you're looking to differentiation and where you can get the jam in yeah absolutely yeah now profit don't do well I wanna own enjoyment first traffic. And you know if you're in the first round. In a rookie draft this year to tango spot in spots you know it may not be a much foot bomb. You know you're it's leave few wanting. Well it's a different idea than say your article will be up today okay. And the articles deep ammunition or be up and thought this is policy should yeah yeah so you should you haven't attorneys have peaked at sixty years of receivers OK and they go from one to forty. All right so there's a lot there in terms of the way that you typically process the information that we gave you in terms of rankings and how they fit me in windy petition my goal at the skill sets are but maybe that for the podcast you go off you know they do do them by. How did you describe the data rather labor yet to come by flavor I want where we are. But certainly had that way. Yeah we will apple will do that for every guy in and but again where it gets really interesting is when we can actually attached that. You know it's like when you peril wine with dinner right now we don't know what dinners yeah yeah these guys just ball wine without. You know. What's we know that I DJ Moore is being paired with chicken this weekend we can get a sense Smith's. But. I real I don't wanna talk down this class I but I'd also duo tarsala and I do think. We look at the top thirty. You know a couple of years from now going to be a lot of big misses. But I think there's just to be some hits as well and and a lot of it's gonna come down to not just mixing and matching fund replication facilities kids. Thank you Antonio Callaway I mean I love this kids game but he is an absolute nightmare off the field so eat you know which that's sort see how that. Ages. Well Florida is the problem state of America in terms of domestic front a Pulitzer writes up. And we it happens quite habits that's on a shock the only comment I have to set to come with the fact that a Dennis tends to be true but I say this is they re airs every view the article this morning. No one of the names and I've been here a lot about an accident my eyeballs on a little bit that was as no surprise that seem in the first year but to name it's a popular and in a lot of people can grab it did to his Christian Kirk at Texas and I am sure the yemen's tier two guys need to he's a guy. So it dissident conversation as he's a guy where like you look at the stat line. Verses and have been the production verses what the forecast might be. So he strikes me is a guy who gets the railings bunker really be something about it could be pretty disappear he gets that as the Cleveland. Yeah I mean. Kirk is certainly a guy where there too many other smallish. Like slot tight receivers on the team goes too yeah I mean it a problem. Mom. By the same token he's the kind of slot receiver he gets on the race team that can use them the right kind of route designs and so forth. He can handle the pounding he can be guy whose volume player Tom -- and get yards after contact. Tom. You know and you know if he gets into an offense that can get. They can get to blow up football consistently he could be in and catch gotten you know and I mean on and he also is. The thing I like about Kirk is tough accomplished as sort of a good football player in general on you know twenty on the bench for a guy weighs two pounds pretty solid yeah. On so you know. I don't see anyway where he's going to be patriots could I think he's ago before the patriots would even. Remotely entertain drafting a receiver. But he's kind of guy could do well to Belichick profits because I think he can do a little bit everything yeah well you know when he's not the partners Avery can block. He's got a lot of strength to take the pounding underneath that could tough kid I think he's. You know the key for him news. You know finding a team that is used correctly he's he's not the guys just gonna blow you away routes separation. A wonderfully good may be like do you like the Eagles you know any means is they moved on from Gary Matthews and now is you would probably errors you know. You know obviously if they've got a good slot and out like right column. You know Kirk we always are aware of this went out but the saints would be great but yeah on the you know Snead is now gone him. You know Karen Meredith as much as I think it's pretty good football player. There's an injury stuff there but again you know saints probably the same kind of thing I think they have enough needs rather not to use write a second rounder Christian workers third. But but he's a guy like I definitely a guy who the Linux I'll ask him matter you usher. In this a funny year and you hit in the article are at the top as they were doing it W yeah hire New York Boston and throughout the wind which is patriots country. And not that not a need for a for the pats this year on any at all I'll hit anywhere. Rick even more than not because they've just got a lot of talent yeah and drafting a guy. You're going to be cut. Yeah and if so many other needs right so right now it seems like they've got a big group for receivers. Once cheeks out those five or six who compete the best stick yeah and I think they're going to be okay. Yeah it's getting adjusting to and now we'll get into in the in the tie him podcasts looking at people. And yes I was just about to say they're taking something authentic any kind of receiver in the first. Around three area should be yet but the other thing we talked about it in the podcast a couple weeks ago which was you know. People look at the patriots. Roster composition very myopic glee is like to say and it where take a skated down the tide and we need to get a tied him a look at. They they might take coral Paterson dual bunch of fun stuff you know that they needed the featured in the past like that they did with Berkett last year Aaron Hernandez before ruins killing spree. You know there's little and they've got talent they can move around in news I would look at the picture that way although the tendency to be just in to talk about as well yeah it's. Picked up what it's a necklace or yup. So that's you know I think interesting plan if former Notre Dame and other Notre Dame. I capital like you know I thought that was pretty darn good move and nothing is he slots it exactly where they want yeah. Which is a strong blocker a sturdy player. A guy who's. Still is some curve left yet. This is a guy who could hit in the next couple years and if you know god for it crock retired. He could be starting tight it Yankee could sneaky open do you stay healthy and develop a little bit this is a guy with some significant talent. And you know he's. They wanted to go you know crock obviously is a great line tight end. If you wanna use that way but obviously for each is. Actually a good enough yes you need back and complain you know. So let's let's go to the to the for the top tier of the receivers that you have all of right there is tight ends costs just like. It screams feature that's in Erstad and that's that's the guy look at if they if they if they came out with like Lamar Jackson and he'd rehearsed that first round I would be upset. And I'm on stream in rural left tackle and linebacker but you know. If those two guys in there I would get sent there is a lot of excitement to it would be fun although the patriots and I don't think is tight. I mean he could play. He could play an air Hernandez hybrid kind of you know Joker. Yes but I don't think he's and attack. Don't just big enough but it's genetic NC state chips lose I think Kiewit she rocked. House page news sort of the Birkhead of a hybrid H back on just one of those guys can do everything. And as Eliot Crist says on the podcast that record. An hour so we started this one. Allen referred to as the ball accurately excusable like that that that plays well appear to we'll see if I'd love studios. The it sounds tantalizing. Yet so RC and so yeah let's get into some salute to the the top tier I you got four in the top Tuesday count and really kind of going five and almost regretting. And just so I'm not a science has a lot of people are. But it's not like a dog that these guys. Definitely like that one dollars roster like. Oscar. My inclination knows I'm not. The price that is ultimately paint right answers yet. Lots of tennis is all about you know any in football right get the value here it is don't overpay you would megahertz it. I think Sutton will be able to do some reds stuff early in his career but I think he's got. The typical wide receiver curve in that you know I I think. You'll be at his best that problem probably goes there sees you know and that's the that's the make or break year as you've heard a million towel and it's and it's. It's those are tough players taken dynasty dress. Because their market value dips before it actually can rightward should be right and a lot of people don't wanna get involved with these three your perfect players in the first recognized draft which is where sought and gotten so. You know. I'd like him but there's execute laws need. What are some of the things. You know mostly it's that I just he's a big receiver who sleeps like a big receiver for the most part usually likable. Well. While invented as a negative in it and you know he doesn't. Look we got spoiled when it comes as long by receivers. AJ green Dublin editors Julio Jones completely give it receiver Calvin Johnson completely terrific receive these guys. It is out of breaks and do incredible things for long body receivers so maybe I'm just getting spoiled. But when I look at you know I I heard about Cutler could quote sought for years and when it finally put the tape bottom like. This is Corliss yeah you know if he did I what I wanted him to blow me away he did so in a way of over analyzing him. You know it's like it's like rhetoric tells how great movies and you go. Yes. It's been oversold yes I mean I think I had expectations were met him maybe that come. If I'm making mistake it might be holding that against NAFTA it's bad enough charter is open is like and a and a process here. So you know I act I can feel a little bit alone and he definitely. As you know as far as being blocked or place an expletive Clinton but for mean. My number two guy in the sport is more in line with what I notice the from a long body proceeding prospect side. I go with what IC yeah Alex is the same brown from Dan you know it and I'll I'll I'll I loved mister. Colonias be a lobbyist as well the thing is with him into stood before we go to and he's an aunt. And by the way to upstart you laugh but it's important note. I don't expect this kid to come in and just take over the league by a story like that I think I mentioned in the article is the long mark on this guy that really it's yeah. You know and we'll have to see Atlantic spiders and you know these names and will move up and countless Italy and Xbox but again sort of try to make a point that I feel like. The community as a whole feels too low on this. Yeah along to get the same from the minute and then make apparel also but that balloting took a quick parallel to quote once Sutton because that reminds me of a conversation that we add. When we went deepen your receivers that awesome 2014. Class sure and your description of quo when it's. Of course once Sutton reminds me a little bit of the conversation we have about DGB another Akron toward a green Beckham was a big guy was day. He didn't like yeah and its a that's a scary to me as your talking about it until that what talent here a lot less raw but kind of a similar. Yeah I'd like I I'd like to Oreo cream Beckham's ball skills at all yeah I do like some balls yup so. And I definitely likes the greenback. The other problem. Yes use our coach has borne out he's basically Natalie yeah. You know I thought green Beckham had me more upside he was Roy Moore raw. You know like I mean he included. You know get out of a break in showed some types of potentially. Mean he was tantalizing I would and a but I just. He just looked at it I was you know a lot of red flags there. Yeah eyes let's get to look out Antarctica yes sir let's get to my guy. Back when them and it's same brown who like I really like him. And I'll tell you why I asked is a special of about a month ago on HBO sports. You mentioned this yeah yeah out and beyond the man the man crush start I still haven't seen yet you should watch it because it mean in the desert. There's an Earl Woods still out there I've what that's what I know you'd. We can put an office on my heart's in it yeah. Not trying anywhere near this attack that's where it and that's my thoughts later all art that's my that's what most people don't know those chips packet. Biggest heart. Purchase and register so I got I don't plan to have a slice and golf was I just movement stance acclaimed play but slice you know I mean at some arm and why you're aiming at the sent out. I've not right in the middle of the fairway but the. So look at say there's a little bit of like Earl Woods factor with him is their fondness of this three of them. And and ESP is the is the Al okay he graduated from Notre Dame and in the draft now. And is younger Brothers but to all programs pedigree wide receivers and this guy has been like programming these kids. Like it or not until like five or six years old book from my diet to this skill sets but you know it's a dead spot and got mandate. They've traveled all over the world they speak multiple languages there jacked it I mean it there I mean this this kid. Has winning pedigree programmed into whether he will be. Or not I can't tell but I anti I was impressed after the documentary as fatally flawed isn't that the father is. I think it's gonna work a while offers users based football tiger ends are loads. For your tree. Yeah but. He comes up in athletic used to work on. He's put together. I want to see if he. Could be. Four pounds. He's 65 to fourteen ride. Him that she Anders I think he's 64 point six the exact measurement. Which is obviously quite frankly. For. Calm because the long yet. The further apart those guards and bomb so you know. A big fan of long by receivers as long he'll play. You know remember Harold Carmichael easily do ya. You know. Core outside please. Options I'll look at public I was pretty pretty bundle blocked artery fever like he would sort of be the architect. That type perceive currently used along in the game as evolved since that remedy that was a flashy guy needs screening as yet sizes that are apnea. And we have seen 63. Guys. Who. Wraps X dollars. A sorry she once you show. That's what's. Yeah in in in in these guys like to go again that's a big is it like adults felt. He respects the Chinese for stick the toughness. It's like you know they've seen spa yeah it's available through it disposed elements that figures facts that so that's what I it's like you know. I'd seen the spoon yeah what's. Needed now. Yeah it's that it's the dead princess I was. I would still talk coach. Yesterday and talk about. It's important from the standard. And sometimes I do when there are watching. Its case quarterbacks. Like to meet your quarterbacks. Ams. To try to talk yourself like. You and one do when it fine myself and mines that. Is there Rogers. Yeah and you watch it real while I cannot quarterback like you'll watch five minutes Aaron Rodgers he's here all of us here guys. An unpleasant. And it but that's exactly where it because the standards. Like a pocket guy you know lots of armory. You know it it's important I want to Republicans are back out. Like this guy that's what. Yeah. Audited. Acts shoes with it you know it's guys. Like. It's interesting is I can instinctively I can go the other way. So. I'll I'll look at a guy you know on that Celtic repeatedly Josh Rosen let's in my framers Christmas will be pre I'll go back to like Tommy odds you Miller's. And while the guys like 900 miles that's closed the bag you know any of these compares it to me is it an awfully limited and McCain. Well it's me. It's. Via its verse sounds lastly. Com. Yet. We that we need to flip that part of process. But it's it's important to remember why. Good. Looks and a question because that's yours special. That the fantasy football podcast. Were talking about. The effect. By picking up guys roster do you you know might be relatively decent pick for weary take him. But ultimately the solution for. Viewers viewers to write in Europe is so you know. I generally not a four trapped upside yet. It. Interest it's a tier one has Calvin Ridley from Alabama say brown we talked about DJ Moore from Maryland. Anthony Miller from from masses so you know in terms of up adding a little color of these guys you know on the four different guys. Yeah I'll have you know equal in terms of the potential upside to as a with a tiered that separating from the pack. Enough to be in that first year to be a little break down at you we know a lot same brownies big. And he's got the full package but I encounter road do we know it is on TV every week from Alabama yet. Let me look Ridley is a guy who's playing NFL football in the NC six yep okay now the FCC is the closest conference to the NFL yes it is so when you see a guy. Doing those things in the SEC you're like hey I think this is gonna trance yeah. So some people are concerned about his age any result there's no doubt his portly 1994. A case of results. And sometimes that's a little bit of a problem. The thing that it is not bullying but could see an older college players sort of out physically people yeah you'll network news which. Circle. Of guys right. But reduce WP the just flat out running gory routes to operates creating massive amounts of separation consistent basis and he catches the football in those two things folks. Pretty good idea so I don't think it's our but it bikinis. Pretty good NFL starter size and a little bit although very very unpredictable enemy. So that's why he's popular he's predictably NFL player yeah. He's got enough upside right I would have no problem taking. Middle for for a dynasty to hurt about the size on you know he's. You know she's a little bit over six foot for small and a 189. I'd love to be 200 yeah sheer. But that's problematic way you know now. Could he added it's an injury stuff the guys in contact and sure maybe you know it. You know. He's got an accountant Sheila Jackson. On basically playing the same kind of role do you think. A bomb not quite uses. His explosive Jackson but he probably a little better terms of route so. Yeah I mean it's it's it's his way I'd deal now. But I think it's it's okay we'll be hinders him. And his game please. I'm fit enough to get at it and that's why again like it moderately was 61205. We'll that we would have missed aren't ya ya look at Abby don't we got to start count accurately yeah I'm but yes that is the fact he's a little bit undersized. Compared to your average. They're quote quick receiver yet picture. But he still at the top of the animal in tears them. Yeah talent in the production in the program on and on an average here which he'd be number one receiver now I mean yeah. EP 23. Average yet accidents and more of a guy the QVC upside from you know senate where he's I mean I. I I'd say. On a typical year he's. He goes in the twenty twos to thirty range maybe early. Yet in the strapped looks like he could Gorham. 15% so and I've heard and I've seen him mocked in the top. Although after what happened to them across last year hopefully come in when he crashed to a seven foot two what in whom we something. Why we look we it is earner. It's now. But. Rules and in that sense I mean you know definition of stupidity and did define it really well I'm still reeling from these. Pre tax. Uncle. Uncle more than they do that out as it's. It's. It's. Fishers like. I fire. For a whole year well. Hi it was in football turmoil in its. User better not a bad. Passionate. User better. Answer better. The criminals from. From. The longest yard and it's less of rap sheet in the is adamant Ross and last year's screen. It's worth every delinquent traffic picnics in the balance of loans and care takers there. Yeah. Do you guys. On OK so. Intimately it's brown in the other two guys in the year DJ Moore from Maryland. Who's and a little bit more tolerant as Raymond 22 and same night. And Anthony Miller from Memphis little shorter but they'll global as well I'd. Please. Probably. First compares. He titles the seats yeah just in terms. Columns act you moxie it just keeps coming. Up away please. Oh. Actually. Two months or older. And in you know age I think. It's more ridiculous there at age I think I can accept that'll Morse. Because he is that guy who sole physical. Which he scores he's American. Cores are. Right now. Drafted now that's it's a saying when he goes to the next level the culture shock. You know these guys like act. Could yield. Curve. With Wrigley Field and watched dollars. Film. And know he's due to operate. It. It. Ball trees issues but overall pretty. Everything. Should play now. Just need quite. Yet it's gonna work. It's just not quite. Yet. Excellence excellence that he's. Kramer in the karate class at the other thing. It goes to a team receivers. On the two quarters. Boards for copper. On and actually. Elliott. Amateurs that spot first or. Gophers. It. You know orders that. Is. Com. You guys where. Sees. Lot that it sees idol La it's what I do. On that that's because watching broadcast footage. Where let's replay actually out. There catch. So you know. I can see every single won it breaks in the couple seat. So. It's like B 5%. In the darkness players enters. The army beat. Yet. Dipped below the process here. What if you take out the rats and again routes that. Were breaking. Dropped. Yet I don't see. Blood. It's be the ability. Or. Why sports bowl and brought so upset victory everything looks. Com so it's rate system can now. And help expand its route tree. Development nice out route. The senate outs of yeah well what you see when he catches the ball that's Americans. He's topped the touch point for six feet tall. He's waiting to catch point. Part Burkle. Part. Adding that Bible out. So you know. I'm not as high as consensus with the war crimes by. By detractors. It's sounds. Like what we know several on a lot of force yeah it's it's this isn't what we know about Patterson of thousands of bigger guy. But like what he was able to do when he caught the ball and after woods was to sell eye popping. But maybe not in the mid body where he struggled at the NFL level is coming get into the point where he can exhibit those. I mean Patterson. You know. I still up huge hopes for Paterson to Paterson was especially now cultural receiver right part of it is because he did so many other things com. At a considers it vikings. Blew it with him I don't think it's developed yet on I think they started. You know everything you heard about him from day one was what it can't do right. On I think better coaching staffs to fine players by what they can do. And then built around it you know it sort of feels like they were tearing him down a little bit and we've talked about this or but I think the age and look at Patterson's careers. To me worker. He's developed into one of the best owners of football yeah he's you know agree return. And if he's gotten better each year when it comes to play receiver position now he still just okay yeah when it comes as round split. You know I'm gonna go back to that Alex Aqua. I think it was sort of dripping width. All the coaches up until today and blow it with you yes and we're not we're not gonna write that to me that was the subtext of what he said. It is still Horry. Where don't do you know what what was the quote you're gonna be the player you'll which should have been yes suddenly we're gonna make you the player that you always could have been she'd written something like that you know as somebody you. I don't have as I try to keep my heart out of the process. Patterson's of those rare guys who. Mayors to get inside yeah yeah and I can't yet. And it's a dealers that brought that up to d.s with DJ Moore co. Op spot to rock and it's still just go to YouTube ability infuriates me about Patterson's. I think. 200. Pounds he's dude you know and when you guys type of ability applaud stance. Even if he is the worst route runner in the history of that route runners yeah. We have a football yeah up. It's it's almost like the vikings' attitude wise. We're gonna punish. We're not figured year desert into you. You know you can have your putting into the meat you know it's like it's like another brick in the wall so yeah and you know. The vikings were cut off their nose to spite your face again. You know outlook now they've got to add a few days and now has done right they did they dominated they're going to be just fine but I really do think they've. And look part of this goes back workers' long gone from there but. You know I think they missed this kit and a the last signals and the Minnesota thing with Paterson is I think considering he worked a perfect fit yup. Then patents exit for Zimmer he was pre existing furniture so it's I'm not gonna kills Erica you can draft them right but sometimes. We talk about landing spot such a big deal and Patterson's good example of that he landed replace and they wanted to use them to bring trust gets taken out. After the first year and now he's going for a new thing every year of Oakland so hopefully now he he's a place in New England where. They're gonna. Used his positive skills and if there's something good that they'll fines of up to do under way to use a shirt then Nixon's. So evidently got a Carl passed podcast you know I haven't I just violence is because they deserve what you said it was kind of like listening kind of reflect a little bit. Bomb it destruct in terms of what you've seen with DJ Moore and and have not. So so night and so. So let's go let's look at tier two markets we talked a little bit about Christian Turkey was the first guy wanted to mention is that guy I was pretty familiar with. Caught on Sutton at the MP talked about this is so the second tier. Other receivers ranked. Right now I'd into the draft five through eight. And his two of the guys there one is DJ Clark mill a few in Dundee tennis from Washington. And by the way I almost one. Maybe what I should done here is bucks off into the first year and then connected tier two tier three because the drop off from twos threes like nothing. I concede that you labored on it loses and does the tunnel players in the third not just it's that's describes it as a set its commitments yeah. I literally have been thereto in the mornings during the ceiling. You know not receivers but counting second third receivers it was. Just brutal and I because you want clarity yeah that you wanted to listen you wanna be definitively knew you regularly as it was an authority be definitive and but the bottom line is I have a lot of guys with like. Six out of ten greens just taught you how to separate these guys com. But when it first revision next guy Tennessee and right the ship that's to DJ triarc. A cap com. Now here's a guy were quite honestly I hesitated. Putting this guy this high. Here's the thing to shore. He has got the stools that the NFL conferees in a lot of ways it would surprise me if he got out of there round. So I know this guy's gonna have trapped capital on his side. Because it takes top off the defense. So he's a guy who's going to be afforded a lot of chances and guy who's. I've worn this quote out a little bit over the years but is Carol says. A big fat guys refused to me and big fast yeah com 632 wandered the thing that she tries that's about shark it's his ball skills are awful. And I don't analysts at articles that the effect of call me crazy colors yours can catch. And he's receiver can't catch now obviously came catch. But yeah even when he successfully catches the ball it's often venture. You know like the body catches or even clean body catches it. Just his hand eye coordination is mediocre. To worry at the end of an eye with his position coach I would send him. To the eye doctor NC media contacts between. On and you know one thing that always bugs me. And it's not it's not a fatal flaw doesn't ever get good but when it's guys who were jumping up in the air. It is just as soon so they can avoid using their. That's it's now not good that's that's held you don't want to you shore yeah and that's not gut you know that you know it's not a good thing and here's the irony. Win. Shark is put in the position where he absolutely has Steve's hands. And you take the active mind out of the process because he's doing reflects believe me so if you stretched out yeah tactical use fancy gadget. Yeah it's almost better than anybody the ball so like I mean of ironies position coach. I would like literally. Say every time you try to body catch your rotted. You know chemically Willie Mays says in its initial X window you can body catch the ball but you know. That edit I have I'll speak you know the language of his future gonna do it. You know company company contracts to you know does not does have time to buy against the bone gonna get that thing on news is that there. You know you body catch the ball sometimes in traffic when you're trying to transition in the run quickly. You know catch with your body it's too low you'll wanna you know wanna go Obama to catch the ball and their time to use your body reached I think most circumstantially. Understand when those times are yeah. By. You also have to be able to catch the ball outside your frame it and in. People I think sometimes don't quite beautiful map. In terms of what part of one of the larger effects of the body captures the large effect of being a body catcher pitcher kept treaties tiny right. It's the size of the numbering your chest yeah. Well good receivers catch radius is there and higher wingspan puts their vertical Alec rocky takes you right in the shoelaces to the top right would afford overs to feed over his helmet so if Fulmer receiver and I know that I mean a tight coverage situation in the balls out front I wanna catch the ball outside of my frame. Or wait for the defender. Get a grip body and then bring it on. Perception right you know if there are reasons why good hands. Help and we your quarterback and you know that the cat treaties is basically in number their chest. You are going to be less likely try to fit balls and a receiver yet so it's going to negatively affect to target. So you know it's a real thing and understand some people are like to the body catching. I. I'm not saying it's the it it's not son to death knell but it's not a good thing not a fatal flaw flaw you know. And that's particularly now I mean it leaves and the outs of the Sony could receive this now feeling. You know boy yeah right you're right there's more competition at the position. This kid has sought out at 434 yeah. Now for 34263. Wheels in you know Scott do not grow on trees and you know my guess shark goes in the third round. You know early on in his career he's going to be a deep threat he's had some long touchdown passes. On he'd be great fit for a guy like Newton wore Flacco. Winds you know that kind of strong arm quarterback yet com. What my problem shark and the reason. I was willing to push about you hire and the reason why am to be careful about how life draft him. Is that it's gonna take him time to become a receiver. Who can be any type of volume receiver. There's just no way you're catching like 85 balls the way he catches the quarterback center in Boston united and even if they do I just don't. I mean I think your right but it's added. It's just. You know again. This fantasy football podcast where most of the leagues that most of our listeners player and art are at least half PP are most probably full yeah yeah and you know. Catching a long touchdown every three or four weeks doesn't really help you it doesn't pay the bills now. And only helps him best ball and I really can't play those guys right now is at chess piece for a football team annual one guy who can clear out he would deep threat to top off yeah. Absolutely he can be chest X but if you wanna be you know but he's going to be very specific chest she's going to be. You know upon oral horse to be qui what did you mean reference in your article. You talked about like Ted in territories met those guys he can you can. If you can use you know you he would that would be any game in and get some. Separation get a big score by a tough on Tennessee roster and I you'll I've always talked in the front of Oz and one of the leagues and playing you know like. Guys like Devery Henderson Robert Meachem back in the passengers go to great your bench when each enemy to train had some freedom and a lot you know. Henderson's an excellent example act I think. In the podcast that the next step Elliott. Think I've mentioned used yes the Gallic got it comes to shark if you win you for gains but you might be on your benched and lost what it's you know what it's worth. Devery Henderson better hands should they go for its data you know if he if he catches like every Anderson. Yeah and every. So next guy analyst one more guy on the second tier is a daunting pedestals is a guy another guy who. Got a little bit. Little this guy got a legal fees I was gonna say I always can tell when you read kind of Freeman up with the patriotism as an you have. Such a respect as I do pro pro how neat how they go about it in anyone that would fit really it's the kind of the that's right it's like you know I'm not looking at. Article right temperature right that put him as one of the 15 or six guys yen could I mean I think he's gonna go to high with a pickets have too many needs again. You don't patriots keeping his sixth round murderous you know I don't think now I think there's a UD FA is in the ideally do so. But it later but he's got a lot of the stuff that. Fit what they do really well so. If you look at me do a copycat situation you know we're like unity now used in you know I think he had able to Tennessee that's great news in the use of slot because. Braxton Miller has become slot. Now it. So I I'd most that I've given up on Braxton Miller. But some. Yes pets. Texans saints. You know anyplace where others who're with a quarterback for the slot yep com. Pettis could actually may be they'll avoid. If he stays close to home you know the Seahawks duties to Miami you know advocates. Originally agreed that loaded with a slot that they brought. They've brought it now for wells. I don't. You know it goes with the Gulf Coast I'm just think it with a got a little lost like Landry you know I hope we don't go there yeah because I don't like an island and they've got at least four receivers I think. You know who can who will be competing yeah. Yeah. But when a guy who complain that role in the NFL potentially is terrific where you could spot for. I'm ready to meet chiefs. While that's an it would be a good spot for him in terms fantasy value buy com. You know since. I don't. What changed on offense is going to running through you don't really know what to expect to like is almost an hour chains. You know they've got four good outside guys now I don't know there's you know I don't think. He wants. Com that could you please for him. Actually slow rivers but there's no room first. I think accuracy is likely to do. At Iowa. Here's here's here's spot for. Oakland. Just and then you know because he loves fundamentally so yeah she loves team first guys. In the slot so. He. Interesting and it by the weight on tape and it's it is the solid. Gary protest Kerry and former Angel good player so. Who held the lead off hitter Gary that is serious whales might but like blood lines yet talked about that. Yeah I'm I I happen belittled the believers yeah I mean you don't overplay. Because he's so guys speak acts the we've all seen it there's about one family high school and all five sons. Sports stars yeah I mean stop it works let's I think the same around him is going to be like that's why I did read that he's pretty neat the father Brendan. You know. Oh. So I like pettis I'd love I'd love is routes hands of its hot spot. And I'd I'd like a long time too because I'd. You know I spent a lot of time watching John Ross last year in and I still love Ross hopefully. Breaks for me shackles he just because in the doghouse fast and stay and he he he was hurt yet to the yeah. What what sucks I get the feeling that the media pulling against him in the year two EU is typical angles like yeah yeah talked out here and asked for. Let's just stupid because like I thought if I'm gay bullying gets that too and he's got the baby doesn't occur to me you know and as as much as he. Potentially should and you can at least that weapon you know yeah so so is it maybe they're trying to light a fire player but you know gently if if you really is a guy lecture about why would be talking. Within the do is we always say like yeah we've been in bill we trust like you know I trust that the patriot to make. The right decision at quarterback in the film in the is that they have. It's exact opposite of the team like Cincinnati I don't trust the did that whatever they're doing is gonna motivate them planner now. I trust them screw yes. Except. You know the thing about since the can I was running team there's no way it's the dark. Eat like Mike sabers and screw up firing was today so I really think you know it that definitely didn't want. So let's let's let's move into the third tier do lightning round and some guys that you really like is is that because I know they kind of all blend together predict. We wanted to know what they are where we timeless. Looks like we're an hour in. OR yeah yeah it's really fluid did fly on okay. Guys really wasn't what you gotta talk about it Cali yep because he has so much ability. That if he'd. It's as an answer is yes on the straight and narrow that happens if he goes fairly high. And we find out from the teen trapped in the date they really like him in the identity dot spent a lot of time and it really feel like. He's matured over the hump. He's got a sound as anybody in this class you know anybody yet and so he could be your guy. Where his past slide it down to borrow it in your rookie drafts you know if if he's got a currently in the spot. And I got to go out second round draft pre. You know so deftly guy like com. Let's talk about rap guys because there's not a whole of this class and on it's August and with my favorite rappers class it's Ridley. It's Anthony Miller. Doctor at a switches spoke about it and the next guy after College Station on state and who. Is just. Beautiful just beautiful wrapped. Com some similarities to Godwin from last year spoken. You know ifs weren't cut from the same bull not. Probably not quite that is Godwin. A bomb but you know Hamilton bring it pretty well this pro day if if if the information coming up Wednesday can be trusted any actually clocked up 447. That would really be great for him be because that's enough with his route ability that's more than enough speed yeah on any weighed over two major towns. And shade over six foot so this is the guy and talk about a guy and I think I Boston included in the picture had. Technique but it hats there's no way the ages of I could definitely see mr. Ritter as a patriot and on the default. Where they may be if you use on their draft board I know that the need isn't there and it really isn't that maybe they just go dark let's put it this way if Green Bay drafted this guy. I deal or are in for looking at yeah usually worried anyway against him and he he actually since it. He does stay on the field he's not Al theories I have a good feeling about this year actually maybe he can. Act stuff ability to rule out gasket. Yeah starting your secret. Yeah sing and he's also going to be looking to some familiarity I think to Rodgers you know that's the line and go into the spoiler. Yet guys with the with the history yet quarterback. So I definitely like. A lot terms it is his routes. Top shelf outsourced. He's excuse realist to talk. Fifth this if you. You can't have enough space. And naked and he's one of those guys who the receiver room everybody falls networks are off. He really skews. The so I'll root for pressure. Our knowledge of the tear down yet it's just because they know. Is habitable of affinity you have the NORTHERN IRELAND David Johnson jumped off the charts a couple of years ago as we receive it in and I think my catcher rise and. Yeah I know my friend while low as you know bottom but much got a partner coach and a key that's where coach yeah bit coached coached in it. Universe they're gonna and he was that quarterbacks and receivers coach and obviously me before. Even current orders top right but some. Yep sounds a guy we like geez. He sort of an easy Strider to injured 101006 or wounding an you know. You know what he's got pretty pretty good sized by an official measurement. But he ran well it's Prodi four for six. And his weight and height is fine I'm 425. Or cooler freaking kidding me on and the thing years. There's some guys receive a vertical that you never see it on the field. Found a guy where you sought in the field uses it again he confirmed it was yeah article that he's a guy who just sort of just glides up in the air makes nice catches him strong chance to catch points so he might be a little raw. I'd I'd. I'd be sort of surprised if stories fountain was like the big game this year as a rookie but if he wins a spot word he's getting it'll. A he has trapped. Like the guys after a lot Ivy League is another where. You know heard about him. It's like oh. Yeah as an absolutely yeah. I don't I don't like and they're really there isn't this list. But in my defense. I still watched on in the film. So. Blown by. Dave yeah and yet not enough so that's an issue but the thing is Smart kid windows Senior Bowl. Well put itself up against better competition show yet so that's that's huge for another another four port to forty inch vertical 62 team. Those are all attention getters. He showed the network parties it's term. I don't know wings drafted. But archery. At. Saint it and I would rate these guys Meir. Hey a lot of respect for them and be probably more so. How how much in five minutes you know you can't. You basically it's an like that it's important right as it ought to March Madness and like looking at the guards galactic plane you've got a very issue at sample size right so. So yes that'll sort of be sort of item to note they've got they don't happen it's. Got a lot of and they also meet these guys don't test them. Work out all adds up so Watson. Jumps up third fourth round. My suspicions become confirmed in. I. Yeah. As opposed. To it. That's. I got down on either you got into an Austin on our host and we're not you know and we're strong not gonna say my attitude and Kevin kneel and it noted that the maybe you know maybe you know if it you have to stay tuned for another month fluids is not your reference podcast with perfect. And and the other two guys in this chair same kind of thing I love the atlantis' them of course Robertson and jemaah more. On. I didn't have tons of film on Robertson not as much I wanted. And more is to keep who's wrong is a big guy yeah I likeable lot but I see another two to three year curve in terms of becoming what. I think he can become yeah. So. You know in terms of rookie draft should be careful what you're gonna go after jamaat more of fine with that. But make sure you understand you're probably looking at a long play the on and sometimes you leagues are set up where Lowell plays hurt you. Because you killer roster spot for two to three years. So you know he's one of those guys so before. It 111 guy ads throughout the I don't know if you have a lot of film work on this diamond was definitely you have to build the little guys always intrigued me and and the little guy that jumps off the page this year's Richie genes from Middle Tennessee State like I did an excellent 78 electric James quit if it. Com and the other one. Another. Tiny little guy who could conceivably. Become maybe as we said undrafted free agent. For the various out of Miami and you know he's he's got he's got a little bit of that nature being easy quick feet for an hour out scans. Our hope but I mean a thing about it is he when he intolerance a it's like a bureaucracy now. Toy Story. That's an aunt he attracts. He can't hit the joystick and the spoke but at 6 o'clock and enter it every day so you know. The shark starts I've seen receiver prospect for. On its gonna need Brady has thrown thrown right through the button and in his castle I think the short arms keep from getting drafted. But he skis fast jump he's got a lot going for him. It's not a lot of bills either and I'd rather just a lot of checks are it's not just usher. But I like c.'s figures shot somewhere com. So. That Atmel talking about and in the last year. Or all guys that should take its yours which is why they made last year normally go to Jill Scott thirty. All of these guys have some real positives. I like Jeff but yet at Oklahoma bounced a little bit but manic market. Absolutely fly he's an older prospect by. I think he's a guy like just any clock human I. I think he's gonna keep track. I'm also I'm also adjusted the receivers that no plea for the programs and of the big quarterbacks coming you know so you go there and lastly. Speaking what you just said yeah from the silly. Guy wanted to move up and I can easily move my my board. On him you know he's 25 easily put fifteen. Again these guys' height the group. On so you know lastly. Tracks put the ball as well as anyone caught eyes and good exercise to just. He doesn't have that one's still hang its hat on. Com but I think that traffic lately and as sleepers that he's a tier five receiver in notes when he won the thirties that's a guy I mean you can Muster is a Josh grosans pick pick pick. Big producer yeah. You know leninism there they gonna receiver in the bottom tier 31 to forty was USC so let's look at you know and implement it and great quarterback who you know targets out there yeah burn at 511186. He's a shrimp. Yeah I mean I'm not about a huge Burnett fans which you get. Camp denied the kids got espy's that's yet. I'm not that's a wrap on I receive a pod do you we will be back we're gonna gonna do running backs or tight ends next when you wanna do that well I am as soon as we. Sign off here I'm gonna. Pick up mine air quote pan and dom. Start writing. The running back article that's a look at sort of the running backs gasses and it'll be running back tomorrow and then. Wednesday air depending on when your avail bulls or maybe Thursday it will. Will not kept tight ends and I meant right sounds good so this is Ellie listening to it's a you know where it is. And you can give us any feedback you liken that sort of on its feet and move on hassle back tight ends running backs. Beaumont madrassas are still enjoy it.