WEEI Fantasy Football Podcast –Pre-NFL Draft Analysis,The Running backs

Fantasy Football Podcast
Tuesday, April 24th
WEEI Fantasy Football Podcast –Pre-NFL Draft Analysis, The Wide Receivers:

Jim Hackett and Pete Davidson are back for their 4th Edition of their Pre-NFL Draft Podcasts, this one centered around the Runningbacks.

This is a REALLY strong class.  And though the position has evolved and continues too, there’s TONS of real Football Talent in this group and

some that would really fit the Patriots paradigm.  Analysis on some big names like Saquon Barkley, Derrius Guice, Nick Chubb and Sony Michel whom you may know a little about is featured, along with

some great insight on some deep sleepers that can make rosters in the NFL right away. This is a fun group.  Pair this with Pete’s RB Article and you’ll be well informed.

Tight Ends tomorrow.


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Hello everybody can hack it became its impact data we are now was to be the second of real world. And four of our five and five in like ten days the of podcasts. VI NFL draft it is Thursday it's creepy enough I'm getting all excited. Finally it's been years since the patriots have had some. Skin in the game but with four picks in the first 63 in the first two rounds exciting stuff and getting a lot of rumors and that's the kind of the fun stuff. In the position we're gonna hit today is he's running backs of which there's a lot of fun stuff to talk about so it's good as a crook is as we creep closer it gets more fun. I've had enough or rumors. That's that stuff is just like reality TV but it is running back class scattered while I can watched. I can watch top fifteen guys that tough let's say top. 1817 or eighteen guys that is watchable back yeah from my my latest guys that have sort of fallen in love with this. This kid's so lazy for Colorado on man who he is just a joy to watch. As I say an article that we that's going up on you guys. Probably before this podcast does. He's. Who he secretly good in patriot uniform. Let's go old school this class writing is it the on the running backs that the league was centered around running backs the first. You know two thirds of my life and and it's its start it has changed officially but. It's about it's it is I always always go back to Belichick but this stuff in and talk about with the first part. The the first year of the kickoff of the dynasty when the league is all doing. 43 he set up now the 34 and I get the best of that lot. And whenever I was going with the offer receivers and you wanna spend the money we're those are growth due to guidance and Eminem once has grouping up on tight ends and then I'll go have been slot receiver. And then I'll go running back committee and I'll use them out of the backfield and he just keeps moving and moving it so maybe he was seeing a little bit of a shift. Back to running back and of the positions evolving and these skilled players have to evolve with the game to stay relevant and looks about how to class like this that. We might see a little influx of talent the running back in orbit may be more focus on it as the position of office. I now all that nominal and I left it I mean at great running an epic. I don't think there's any stop. Where. It's throwing league it's become more and more. Injuries. If but these guys going out to pass protected blocked on the field and gets the ball in the Indy have been they've adapted and guys can looks like. Yeah I just I don't think. Rocco back. No I know that I'm not saying that Ahmad since Jim Robinson indeed these guys original timber. I think he's the best for Mac if he steps. You know he just kept balls and autumn but you know like it there arsenals. Class but there's a lot of sport guys to say. On. I think if the patriots won re load the DO Lewis position yen and a couple chance to do if they want to you know. Separate. Rocket make money try to out think Belichick tried to spot. But. If they want a guy who can sort duo wanted the stuff there's three or four strap you feel. Six. Very unique skill set on him you know and very unique talent in hard to replicate by. There are there are some guys will guys out there and making gets the ball in and do some different stuff. The pats looked pretty good their backfield I am not a Jerry meals in and let's elegance prize you want either Arnold thank. Why am I just think he's a guy who got a little lazy last couple years tonight I think he's the guy needs to. I don't think his early success was ample well bite him. Maybe that's the best. If Jeremy Hilton head on right he's in good shape and he's playing hard it's still Wiki can be good impact felt but we're excited about a c'mon c'mon in his rookie year my body is underrated coming in the league yet he had baggage she was one of those guys we knew. Aunts and stuff from the neck up you know by. He came and worked his tail off his rookie year did really well. He's the guy had a three of skill set he wanted to develop and it didn't really happen sorted. I don't know if she struck me as guys start Cadillac yet kind of became automated you know. Yeah but hey patriots I think is extremely spot for him if he can find on his way back. You know to working hard grinding it out who knows I think he conceivably could do great things as a patriot and I think he could conceivably make the team so now you know stats yet but it. I mean maybe I'm wrong and it seems like it's him verse goalies for sleep deals whatever roster spot while the two guys I I think yeah yeah I think Rex Burkhead and James White are rock solid right. And and then later in the draft when they've got like 67 round. Nominee is on talent is running back class that maybe the address something a little competition and the right advocates. Are they gonna keep hill laying Gillis unity means in this competition I don't think so I mean. They might but I don't think so but there's definitely yeah you know. Obscure like. And you know what I can barely products for statement by team Hines at NC state I think he'll go a lot earlier than the patriots span you sort of and he'd be an amazing replacement for Lewis. But I don't think they're going to be cool for him. Ronald Jones could also be filling that role again I don't picnic there or pay those prices. Mark Walton would be a potential fit there could slip but I don't think all the spell check a player even though he's. You know to a two and secular Seaver and the guy I don't seas act watt. Of Iowa could slip you. And he sort of got that Dion Lewis that he's got the heart of an inside runner. But he's got major quakes in passing game chops were very heat keep you tremendous replacement if if if the values right. Well two things on that okay mentioned a couple things that the guy at the top dimension NC state. Hynes in the us had a heck of a backfield question is the guy really like in this class we tuchman will be yes that is Jalen Samuels on anti state com and he kind of smells like he patriot like to me and he's also in that same tier. Comedy what got him actually next year yet here for right in you deserve yeah yeah I just mentioned that Akron wobbly guys and it's into yourself right but he gets it. It sales of big back and the thing with it is I don't go back you know it's a thing about you know signals that he's got in. Basically are running back now to get a little bit everything yeah. But he's he's got to tighten distinction com I'm wondering. I guess is I dealers Egypt's idea I'm not sure but. It might be a little bit of an indication as to where were going future are a lot of these guys. It if you can play running back at another position. You wanna beat the other position yeah because. Just had a better career and now you know. You can catch sixty balls instead of running a 190 times. Most people take the interceptions. You know all day so you know me he's the guy who doesn't. Wanna be originals running back because away. The whole CPA and yet paradigm works against running backs. Yeah for the money right you want to give themselves and versatility in that that's why I think we always go back the pages is middle of those versatile guys into the Joker tight and he can have long coroner. Then you know if he's if he's running back into carries. A year keys he's done a force third you know I am not I'm just guessing but it's. Its interest right now you know it might not be getting the original selection Washington now so that made his his goals that kind of reminds you want to keep buyers tonight write you a big frame. But it was definitely more of mania rat catching the ball on the back field was running yeah I've. Extreme yeah braves. I think he's some more versatile and buyers. I sort I sort hate buyers personally put. You know. He's pretty good the production line I just personally hate him ones so oh well I because he fumbled for the jets and chip out and now again. But that mr. Curtis Martin Keith byers. That honor. I was I was I was slow wrote I was pretty I don't buy teeth by. I just despise him of the tune here and yeah it ours is very good there and the irony is the guy fumbled like once every other year but of course. It's for the jets. From the Testaverde fumbled buyers fumbled Curtis Martin's mobile suits me Lucas. There. But justice suggests to me is seen lead the program back dot. Com. You know another guy who I. Use I think you may have read the columns can be on the suit some one of my favorite guys who just got to couple weeks goes to skip Austin Scott. And I senate it'd be stinky year. The announcers say English is off to Boston. You know for first prom. This kid's pals special to me and nobody's talking about it and maybe there's a reason may be. If I was Italy get twenty use college games on film accounts yeah supports at the end of felt fine but boy in ten minutes or so I was below. I was really impressed of these 56 chemistry I immunities over 200. Got incredible agility burst. It's nice vision football. Very interest player. I really hope that. That he gets a shot at least he's fun nights and I am I gonna pick up basketball agreement amongst the polling senator in that did it at that he liked it that are prepared. Some doughnuts but let's rather than just. Buzz around which follow it stars of which start at the top with here one which. It's one mintier yeah and you know what spark yeah I'm sick apart the but he. Noisy of one in terms of tearing up and running back with Tennessee football perspective but. He's right at the top of the draft is if you listen to the you know that the core local pundits but. If he's new on the skills are merited he's got the size at the whole package. And he's in his own here by himself and I think. No more need to be set up than them what. He brings right while. Others and a it's huge for awful. You know twitters fear and other places. With the football people draft next the political books where. You just don't use for shrimp Dexter hi first topics acts. And rock you know. I'm not gonna be polite and just not right or wrong it's not true you can news I'd pick back and be spark. But it's but it it's a aero. We don't find that type of player com. Sequel Barkley now a running back he's a football players it's important people look at it that way if you sit there. And tried to letters that his name and saying no he's this defined by these two letters. He misses. The boat on so you know. When we analytics folks. Are just analysts expect him for the most part say. Baxter. There redundant there's so many devalued. Well personally united same statement as podcast for light years so first of all welcome to the party second vault. Be careful on which were in action talking about now you're talking about later for natco into early last year. I have a 100% with you I strike up the band seniors don't yet and it I would agree a 100% correct nothing. Bought a traditional running back in a darn good one yeah okay on a team that needed one of them you know questionable quarterback so it made sense however now it did make sense it is too expensive they should not take it later for net it was a bad it would take it was like the four week alone saves overall that's just off the top somewhere between one. That. It doesn't make sense taking conventional running back high draft because of the waiting game is moving. But that also because the market itself it's too easy to get a good running back Carlos Hyde free agency. Look at the patriots in the memorex Burke it was for right angles that job last year and everyone said he's third. Yeah okay while they had. They had they gonna factor in. The third down back to woody give that used to lump in his name is keeping me until the trio and it. For you in but the other rookie to ball he was gone before him. I use a patriot. But. Yeah Burke it's a good example look what he did for the past masters there's still no market for the right. But the NFL saw the patriots did still unconvinced now we'd never liked this guy we don't care how they thought they thought he was initially that short yardage got a special teams guy and an element he pulled up in the slot Leno on the outside and instincts are right and it is better than most school backs here so. Rex he does at all a lot you know but he's a perfect example of what folks are talking about in that. There's just a lot of running backs out there and the market for them in terms of money. It's just not there yet on. So Ford. Mean perfect example that you can even make an argument unseat Kelly because he is not that dynamic type of player. That Barkley but talking about a guy like Barkley. Or like if you put David Johnson back into the runs OK Johnson came from a small school there were other reasons that he slept. A report so we had an idea yeah near Daytona we did you know the people that drafted him first thing in only. But steak on Barkley is like David Johnston where he'd come like you take up a white sport playbook while we can do anything with this guy you like Mexican place slot. He can line up in the backfield. He is a week. You put back on defense doesn't know who he sees you as a real weapon. Huge weapon any creates matchup problems and he makeshift team better that he's not replace you can't go to the split the big pile running backs in free agency and replace David Johnson right if you're using his full scale says you can't do what's become sick while Barkley. So to not throw players like them. In Ohio with guys like Ford or you can girly or even. A girl I was a much more traditional running backs now Dionne team not a meat he killed while last year mr. Not not not like not like this. Like David Johnson. He's a conventional recede and get the ball in space induced yet wonderful thing yeah. But we're talking about guys who can wreak formation and literally play another position yeah. It's a special talent. Not that many running backs habit and we you've got. Traditional street skills and as a runner isn't you can. Literally just play another position. That brings so much added value. You know assuming you have an office coordinator who can ski right some guys that we note there's some sort things out there who. Just don't want change. You know what they're going to be losers for the most part who cares about them but the teams that really have their stuff together you know offense coordinators like. You know the Belichick Daniels combination like Bruce areas like short heat. These guys to use around players like teas and special and it's wrong to put him in that or the basket. Cable at their own special basket they should be values. I agree with the unit that's kind of where I was going. Oh win at the top I said you know in terms of relevance because there are guys coming up they can do more things and they have to write in this that this guy so different. And and by the way just going back to traditional stuff and with the league and we're moving on from that by the way the giants could use a running back. And so not only did they get all this other stuff with this and by the way if you've got O'Dell Beckham junior on the field is as well triple while. An eleven Ingram yeah another got to think of right so. Just offensively systematically in trying to turn a match up against that team it makes sense of I don't think people are thinking about it in the full context that you. I think that's correct now the giants team used park useful skill set don't know. So if they choose him I don't know that's good pick to actually seat utilized the player right. If they you know joints takes a while Barkley used him as a start running back slash. Stood slot receivers last guys go outside for you just. Cree matchup nightmares for a defense. I think they could return value in the we talked last the other day I don't think we should take it to. Because apparently they should be but the jets amicable profit there yeah sort of the Barclays what they want that apparently they should be for the jets but. Whenever I'd much with the giants is what you see with the Q4 oh yeah yeah it up there. I think a lot of people are making a lot of good points but they had done it yet so let's let's at least have opportunities to grow up. Four reduce their grieve yet as we talked a little bit too much about positioning I mean Cleveland. As two picks at the top including the top and that's where it's sort yeah it's fickle posturing right is that it moved to five because right. If it again if they. If they're committed to taking Barkley. They beat him back past correct. So that's why keep go back that the jets. You know it again after the jets and the giants value hang up the phone. I mean. You're an idiot because the giants can call in number of teen yeah you know if it if you sit there to which our marketing deals swap. And it builds up front take your guy and junior taking a guy feel like it's much yet. After giving up 32 renders just for the right about couples those stupid it's it's yet its annualized Panama. Yeah and it was penny wise potentially penny wise Tom erotic to do it anyway if a soccer getting it done on a specific guided the targeting. If it's this kind of like nearly doubled and it says the dumb. Yet like as much at that time if the jets aren't suggest don't long three quarterbacks. It took progress yes they did if they only looked to me took vigorous. I. We'll see how it plays out and got to know you division anymore is ready I'm ready to kill wouldn't flip argument but again as I have to plan for its own fund to think about it you know. But like I supply. Also don't look all I know you're division no. The patriots are gonna leave every actively been dominating you for so long and they've got a lot of draft capital and a lot of holes be active be ready. And tomatoes are reactionary move maybe the jets you know a day tickets a proactive move at a better be righted it have been indelibly. One that's the thing I think giving up. You know that extra capital. To move up for the quarterback when your division with the patriots news perhaps shortsighted. I but I but by the same token if they're doing it because they've got a quarterback that if they're doing it because they have three quarterbacks on their port to change. Whole trajectory of the franchise can pocket too much in but man it humans and ballot check hangs around for six years. It. You can fold the tent for awhile. So you know you better be right. Now better be right in the fascinating pilots moved down the fun draft and it really into these alleyways it starts right from the right from the tip off right Cleveland just. This is what the onus is dumbest organization you have the navy in sports they have all the chips I know. It's like you walked into the world and the worst coach it's like you walk into the World Series of poker. And out pretty new news there all chipped it up it's like got this new laws some. And he really did it's it's it's a fascinating start to the draft and right through the all things that actually the first couple these immune really interest things out what is the first round because you have so people with multiple picks who need quarterbacks. I mean it's gonna be wild because teams have the votes to do so many different things and I think you know the patriots are like the elephant in the room. I think just the Specter of Belichick there extra Amylin need quarterback and a could cause other teams. Over think things panic pay too much move up immediately don't need to that kind of thing. A com. So it's added it's it's compelling theater telling us. I was gonna Disney wanted to dive into and let's get a little deeper into this position people want. Well as he did as a moral properly Barkley awesome yet tremendous and says but everything he can do you know any mean but. What do things I want to say about like you know Britain literally like that necks like ten guys. They're all under six foot. Notice that aren't 615 guys it off 510511. Every one of them yeah I've except a couple of the smaller. A couple who are right there six foot in just I round up or down. Based on traditional and asked the other guys 511 point four round out I'll you know because putting final point four written articles. Very good now so you know race Freeman's. Between five elevenths six foot. Carrion Johnson's between 5116 foot in. Intrigued bigamy is the most in 33 cents a piece that I'm on the phantom of Royce a crisis got some game and there was Ecstasy it rip up to come by you know all of a sudden go office which just happens on the continent you know and and Hines and no one of these running backs who can be pretty much. Whatever you want it to be with you know with the exception of in short our yardage back out all right running back but he. I would love to see him land and it seemed that Scott day. Isaiah crow well we care of one kind of girl down on where he can sort of share early to work and all the passing our key could be. I mean I doubt this happens but he's got the talent to be fringe or B one and keep your fantasy leagues he happens to get the right spot you can have a com Mara kind of him who you know like in the right spot now he's not gonna get it gets the borrower got that he's got that gig in saints game with with that coach and quarterback yes and that's gills and it doesn't get any better for that style running amendment if you put his Charleston. On the saints' final Lanka shield your eyes and a bomb. But I just got at that skill set on that you have let's look at the second tier guys chuck Michelle and get a lot of these guys get a lot pub you know heading into the draftees are you Dylan yeah Buick count guys. Unfortunately there's rumored now sort of floating around in the article that's what it's a rumor. It's like here for a really good source and insulate the actual specific. Injuries that might be there I don't want stating that about Michelle but there's a rumor floating round he slept. Due to injury concerns that. I mean I hope it's just a rumor and use just fine goods. Politics Sony. But Geist Chubb and Michelle big time backs you know you could probably ordered these guys like for mean Geist has been relatively healthy relatively low mileage. I think his passing out abilities are. Really under rated particularly because he's could blocker you please a lot of attitude gets in the field yeah this is not a guy who. He's not a diva. It's the guys might roll up his sleeves and and top football. You know. In the clue where yeah he's he's team player. I I think he's going to be good which. Chubb child would be like neck in neck with Barkley. If he had more receding. Stuff on film yet and if he did at the whopper tree tree yours yeah the knee injury that was bad. And the two ways come back it's a testament. Eight how hard he works these enemies. Use the Skype him Austria for applicants it three out of four replaced. And you know and that's of mes that keys. Running the weight running but now he's done it for two years so I mean. I don't think it's fair. To pick him down that much for the entry because he's proven he's back you know on he's not. In recent people come back many many times. These aren't up for moved and I mean I don't know how many times whose team player come back from. You know Lattimore a couple of years ago I believe it was all for you and I think he had soft tissue damage. To cartilage that kind of stuff. So you know Lattimore injury was even worse and you know that pretty much his career. China seems to have the fact against that the peace deal in there and maybe it's given him more tightness upon his return shortly. Job post injury is still enemies but oh yeah and the fact that he's been able to have two fairly high on seniors back to back post injury. I'm jumping back in the water on a buying back in the picture that you do you it and I ended up Michelle who. At a backfield would be it's sort of ironic that he's now got injury concerns as what's wonderful about these low mileage and has had. That primary workload never. Which you know he's been on top editors forgive me off cares so these that in that 10750. Carry year. Area and you know I think NFL teams like that yep pretty fresh feet you know you can argue that he never prove to handle the workload. How will detect that this guy's strong off. I don't think you have a problem Kerry in two for now yeah hopefully. Whatever injury concerns proved to deal with so many with somebody quarterback's going to be going early in the draft who DCU. A guy like guys who Joba Michelle fall in the draft. In terms of number again city's low that while thicken like in the draft union's second and third round I think all of these guys become viable. Once you get past that point I think they'll probably go. Somewhere in the last third of the first war first half the second something like yeah. Com you never know I mean it's one of those things where it's likely your fantasy draft with quarterbacks. The longer than the first guys can hold off the deeper. The good guys last but the draft sure so it and play like that running backs to maybe dale goes second read somebody slips in the third just. You never know because he's NFL teams just like us like oh well outsourcing happens and take care. A shot yet Alley whose tunnel that yeah right I mean I have legitimately. And Max. Who I think are starting caliber. And and by the way. You can easily make your argument for some guys outside the top like GO NC a full time and at the top and I think that's going to be an NFL player and I. A big fan of Geist is back tomorrow Williams then on you know some people think it will block the next star running back and you know. I. A little bit more if you know him but the talent is currency Scarborough is still out there from Alabama you know it's a patsy player big program he could certainly be early down for something in the we set the crow well. Kind of rule on the guy from BC that the giants and their fanatic on Wednesday we could yet still give me. Now it's it's Jason Williams are now. This is to find why you just you and it. Ask why did you guys but I know it's not all Americans that it was. All right let's just office for a second please Q. But. Not a dynasty going I'll do it go so. You know. Let's let's let's jump into the second oral chip that is elegant nice job on the show was due to write those guys are monsters yeah and then for a guy. I guess the argument the only two arguments I could make against stories treatment would be that he's got a ton of each disguise it. Just and met some out cares bomb and one other thing 100 Williams yes hunter. Bottom yes on Pruitt whose college though was intoxicating yeah just from the state of Italy used. Defensive backs on us at a whole lot BC it was a second tier NCAA team that they didn't know her relative and I remember talking about it came out and you know saying this guy who and so good decade ago yes or through its test. But in the new NFL would have to pass protect them half the field catch. Run routes to and such so anyway it's all of his stiff arm was off a it's a foot accurately Earl Campbell but I can picture in my mind like yesterday com. So what you Wear or item you've come a cleaning up nightly stream moving into the third year which has the running backs rated five through ten rat race Freeman. I've just adjusted to back seen him take a look at that streak now yeah nine injured 47 accurate cares. The social hot cup here on audience to 83 season back in 2015. 244 at this past season eyes of his freshman year to two strategic cares. While. It's like college freshman at 252. And the ducks used to throw the ball on rental prize of the big question about race for it is widely played last year's college football I'd his agent and come yeah that it 500. That's just. On supreme and I think clearly guys group load. Com. You know he could lead back field right now. Kerry Johnson and Auburn. Not sure why. Heated Ron it's forty combine. Sticky about 454. Day state game. He's got more speed the a running back now and what's great about cared that is tough player he can pass protect he catch the football. Three counts skills that. He keep I could easily to vote for the past the first year. Good running back on and Ronald Jones. A lot of people abroad jones' like their second or third pack or at least before an effort to come by U com. You know it's a funny sometimes Portland rallied rawness that's got to do got hurt his front nearly finished. It's thrown that number out yeah definitely means it on you know biscuit flashes sub 45 speed film I'd be shocked at how the Ronald Jones old for 45. Real surprise fast. It's right now though. On the thing about it is I feel like steel growing as a player. On he's one of those guys where's trickier tells story I think your 23. You could see a lot from him hopefully he gets secretly spies. Com I don't think he's going to be. A volume broader but so early times he gets the right type of share and he can have a lot yeah. Didn't catch a lot of pats units even in the article. You know if it's at Arnold's not looking downfield and remember that he has a running back threat to justice the state could easily disabled and I wonder if having like the top quarterback. Yeah in the country. You know on your team helps his profiler. Says the next question could go either win depending on him make a quarterback picked Arnold's like James Winston that he likes. Pushing the ball on the field and I've I I've seen him throw into some coverage we should just multiple chips. You know at some level below cornerback pushed on them but you Arnold's a guy who only had two full seasons starts and it shows yet. The big deal you know if he was a fourth year starter at New Hampshire and Joe's more off your and now he can do and yet let's move or shot and who is in a lot of people's top four yankees get so he gets a lot of does seem like and that maybe it should be very tote the runner I love the way he rose heart. I wish you please. The full keying what kind of hard I don't like the well. I hate him pass protection it's it's I in fact. I stop watching it so tough to watch on and I don't like it is route intensity. I feel like he jogs his routes two off yeah. So sometimes he well a lot of time strikes me as a player where we not the primary focus of the play. He's not as intense the ironic that now now it's that kind of thing where the light come on its pro and all of a sudden. You know his paycheck issues involved. Maybe. You know great it's around the right people on the right program it is on the Angelina yet in the but he definitely as I've said about it he needs to find his football seasons one of yeah because if he'd. You know if you pass blocks. Rock and and watchers teammates and runs his routes the weakness in the state in a pro camp this year is obviously much. So that's why he's. You know maybe ranked a little bit while it is talent suggests he should be ranked. But he still might not says he still guy at the Mets are spec for talent. And if he has a big time Perot would not surprise those important factors though. You know well they are especially starlet Jeremy hill at the beginning podcasts know. Why do you at all. Like I did have that problem with so much LSU his problems and you were more off field stop them and the coaching staff definitely. You know had the light a fire under him but you know. Immediately he says its people yet you know I think the fireworks went into the field I liked his film analysts. Com but you know looks on its. It's human nature right now like salesman. We don't pay sales of flat feet it's such commissions for Tenet you know it what do you know it's fair to stack yet so you know. Some guys need that care and maybe maybe your right media but he needs the right environment and a coach that pushed for a yeah but he definitely. An affair. And when it comes around the rock. He thought why in I generally for a wide base runners to narrow base runner but let's get it back. Speaking of wide base runners the next guy John countless guys interestingly is the month yeah I love you know John Kelly Tennessee so good coast in just does everything well there's nothing he doesn't do well. On now. Fast now. And he's interesting and he showed up at the bite heavier than it at any rate slower figured you'd probably those things are related. On I don't think yeah yeah I think with this kidneys to use find as optimal weight stick with it. I think some acts that they don't wanna be originals small actually coming by and a couple little and performance you might expect. On I think Kelly's probably guys should play about two and com you know you know expert can't wait and yeah Berkett the guy compared to if you look at his skill set he destroys linebackers were routes. He runs incredibly fundamentally sound he kicked it low. To win leopard out of one you know you can also stiff arm spin off yet just stop start can't wait for new. Extreme cuts together but he can also be one cut go to guy he really got a wonderful combination of skills. I'd. And I really tempted. Tenth to move mop and that's the bottom line is this tears really tight and I don't have separation between 56. Or actually really like yeah and order however you know. Listeners order like these guys are all good. Com to a billion in value easily can hit the perception of him is like to run more like ten and if you use them in your honesty on what's at the at a Celtics you know. You know media has come by but it seems off or slices that fifth sixth round area like I don't think should be. But it did it that he becomes perhaps it buys steel announced drastic missile conceivably set even this program for low and option he could really find it but he thought but the problem is slept that late into the draft. Yours you know you'd now yours. You know vulnerable to getting drafted and he stuck behind park early yeah are Zito here you know some monster like that so. He deftly kick it into that luck of the draw the situation. But for a talent perspective. John Kelly. I'd threes have been running. I got it done in the toughest conference to a minute you know right exactly and do what's right there with the running backs Tennessee yeah these these geysers you know. Pretty good for football players couple years ago. Camara last year Kelly this year. Like yeah. That's good that's good good little target didn't think much and leave again and again and hearing a ton about which you know well the focus. It should I hope it's post later today the to sit down and Delhi Crist yesterday and on and he has some breaks for who. Hi and I that was inspired for me I almost moved about. 25 or six like acted the zealots got Italy Italy that for a but I like him almost up to it's the loop yet well sometimes it's nice with some respect. Sort of Fletcher scout out corporate act at your feet and he basically settled stuff I think about Kelly's wells so that's good so that's now meet. Coach and Eliot Ulster fills it as players so. Sold caught confirmation bias but the safety in numbers so. This is a player like shocks people chance. Gerald Samuels tops off the next year this is that this is the fortunate about it clear for a lot of running backs feels like tears streak as part please. Here yet but you know it's the fourth tier eleven through sixteen. Now a lot of talent as we get that at the kind of the top of the pop into will be yesterday tuchman Jalen Samuels. We'll probably talk about it more tomorrow we do the tight ends because he's kind of a mixed bag of both of all you know. Yet yet again that I did it's I'd love to see the patriots find a way to get their hands on this guy that overpaying but because he would just be so great in their scheme. I get where you don't know what he is when what he's in the huddle you're not sure what he is now easier running back is tight end this year H back slot. He can do all these things. So ten at a guy like. Am on a team minority has Birkhead and gronkowski. And Julian element. All of that the the route diversity oppositional diversity that you get with all these players. The patriots ability and three e.'s ability to find the match up pre snap is just can be through the roof yeah. Now he he's got the leisure and all of for a BC he's interior yes literally he doesn't but at the knicks have look at that. The Bronx sog you know keeps kind of developing and I think they're going to be looking. At tight and it might not mean it's this guy but it couldn't get this guy and some context and use him as a weapon I said. As a suggested I don't think so my opera glee when you think of the patriots they lose a tight and that again Ted and it was rescinded young I don't think that way. Clearly he can't please grow up guidance because you're talking about. 3040 pound difference in terms of size. And no more than that does not do a challenge to skakel is on more than half a foot of the sound about right talent to diversification you can use and their often understated it and if it crock is traded on draft day. Pictures speak to draft oh yeah we'll get into hers tomorrow and why it's. That's where I don't know Hearst and replace gras because I don't know about personally for treating Hearst is to meet. Mostly guys did the patch Joker Connick guy in a block freed space I mean. You know like the giants giving you could stick up there and he'll battle for. It was an excuse to give himself to go to state that's the tide and the daughters and other guy that's it yes more receiver than Parker Luke. You know you know. Distortion out of line out of socket on its capital right now on but let's keep going down this list mark Walton. Who's the guy a break after Samuel yet. You know he's guy easily can push down or off a couple spots depending on the mood I'm in. Com I loved Allah this kid's got incredibly light. Quick feet soft hands runs wonderful route is just you know like Birkhead. Kelly and bark you can destroy it linebackers space. Com. But he's a little bit small he's not particularly fast. And he makes a lot she decisions for all we don't. He'd he'd he'd grab bags and goes in reverse too often. We definitely equity seized on deck and one himself under the bench union he's you know he's a guy who's gonna chalk up ought three yard losses. Not my style runner. But having said that if you look in my opinion is just my opinion if he goes to the right team can get his head on correctly he's got talent. Media star. You know he he's one of those he's got a real wide spectrum outcomes I think the right coach the right scheme and a good offensive line. And Kabila while while I too like say cowboys drafted him and Zito went down. It could. They're going over registered just like explode on this. Horry could be a frustrating fantasy downs if you Gaddafi mess is not been night and this guy's talent get him right game right and it is a rookie that probably happen for reasons that said but Canadian a year you know if for some reason he found himself and good situation. You think you could pick. Apart the so again you know definitely depending on the injury and depending what the situation. Here rosters. Could become a compelling in the second round. If he slipped to four yet. Can now. Good stuff that's Marc welcome Miami. The water on line to refresh itself via the for scalable lies and Exel is listen the guy we talked rule literally the people seem to really like into some people while yeah. And don't hero IC all the tantalizing thing today he's fast. He you know he catches the football really well. On his route work. It is really impressive. He's really quick feet for running back he could be one of these next generation running backs that we talked about where. You know he runs the football but he also can split out to all these different things he's dignity 61228. He's wading pool Bob Mays played key. Please release small terrible pass protection. Doesn't really blockers teammates in the way that it liked him blockers teammates. Com. So there's a disconnect between the measure rubles to eat and things CO highly real. And the things easier on the basis you know certainly that baseball player Rory you'll lob them. When he plays against a team that gets treated your team you've seen for a 162 games. You re able to pick now flaw J. D. Drew new energy future and a pick it up that say you had it right there and how it all added to his foot was blown up wrecked so. You know I to me he's got back kind of potential. And although I don't particularly care because I don't know for man and and and maybe he's going to be the next great thing he's got talent to do it IDC. You know IC on red flags Japanese got bust potential but he felt huge. Corporate display it at his size and his skills sent. In e.s rank you know fourteenth annual rankings as a reason for that those other things a problem that we talked at the outset. At the changing dynamic of the position in the league where its goal of those are those important things. Yeah like you know got to pass protect Demorrio Richard is a guy I really like that luckily you runs but it's too slow and he's hoping for six of the column by force and it's just too slow for a guy his size. But when you think about the fact that Arizona State's coaches couldn't keep Richard fields he's getting all of a lot scary yeah. So again as a reason for that and college level exactly so. You know to mean Blige. I think it said in the article I'd be tempted to think positions which. I had to say maybe this guy should just go tight and you just turn into a Joker tied it let's if we can turn into Dustin Keller. Yeah hopefully the massive tree yeah awesome productive player for one. What's your notes and you know made me collage would be upset with that for all the reasons we got into. Which it was him so. That's my take on the player right now there's a lot of sport people thing. Will be great running back and and I could see it. Just to please Wear. Yet at the hole right now. You know I I want a more intense in more. What sort which he doesn't he doesn't diagnose quick enough for me you know and read and process well and sometimes just picks the wrong ball. The biggest fast many NFL defenses in the AF are fast and it's not like you used to be. Like twenty some years ago you'd have to like throw in. Different walks slots the nickel lots of time to get speed on defense like that name mean it. The defensive ends are fast car on normal linebackers Syria means you gotta be able to be decisive in and process the game quickly. Yeah I mean look obviously one of the best backs holes we need is the king of week. You know letting them now so patient is like on time delay right so you know it can be done in this guy's got Libya belt height. But he's not left the you know keep it up but you know. That's legal or running back that kept popping in my mind ought to fill a lot of it as a team is Murray. Who's also a real big back lose fat not a compliment coming from meal well. I have a love hate relationship expert sometimes or like him and he actually well at times last year. But blotches that same kind of thing where sometimes I see it in sometimes they don't. On now he's not as fast as what it is very in terms straight line speed but. By my eyes like quicker and which news story in and breaks. But he's like a team crisper and he's got hands so. You know he could end up having a tedious very kind of career or meat be if he finds the right coaching staff that can teach him off. He couldn't have been so expect it's again another guy with a wide range of out of the day of this in his room in the league for guys like that so then got a guy they'll be all right he's he's getting drafted yet been camp and I. I'd be shocked it make you team yep you know one key is is a rookie I've no idea and how he's going to be deployed long term again and find out coach stepped it. Let's finish had done that here in the wool wrap it up as the couple guys only get to owing to both Scarborough. And you talked a little bit about Boston's got so the other guy in the tears Daryle Williams malice you. But the big. Other big bear and he's one of these guys where Ford that was theirs we didn't get a lot of you know I was gonna say there eating a lot of times. But in the you know that the the limited times were filled in for guys. It looked real good in real good and the thing about this kid is a little on the slow side. But he plays a little bit faster here on games I think Terry's pads early well so I think the 472. Didn't shock me but I think he's a little bit faster than. Additionally. He's obviously a huge hit it big games and he can catch the football really well he's got loose hips. He's good in pass protection. You know that this is Katie she's definitely think it's not Berkshire but. To me he can be can be everything else yet but he's got a fourth street skill set and if you went the right team that gave an opportunity. He could be a Rogen and low mileage do you know him nicely there is. You know I'd like this you go to a team like Carolina where he could leak it to be a puzzle piece that actually could be that big back. When they want it back and tell them that that's how they've done it for a long time and Carolina so that would be seamless fit it if it there's sort of Scarborough but yeah. He'd be a good fit there from Boston Scott what we are talked about him. Tiny but but. But 203 pound five CF 56 diesel tank he's a fire hydrant with agility so. Definitely a guy I am a really interest interest to seat where he's gonna take it. I'm and then we we hit felt Lindsay earlier drafts him mr. for Colorado seven like 190. I have mind blown. That this kid didn't get invited to come by I guess it's because he's an older prospect yeah. But he ran like salt for four scouts watches. And it's come and his pro day now I don't see that kind speed of film. But he's fast he's really freaking quick meanest kid gets in there make subtly changes. In tight space he sat rare. Sort of like idea where yea he's tying hit a ball long between the tackles but for some reason he's comfortable there you on and you know I'd love seated hatred scrap this kind of seventh round as the next mighty B there. New Hampshire when absolutely I think he could go anywhere from say the sixth. So high priority undrafted free. The other guy wanna get two people were wrapping up me and up and up per pretty shortly chart. It is I'm amazed I'm always amazed and received such big programs like our government get like two guys. That it that it that a draft Erica went yeah. And he can still carry on Johnson's and held back from Auburn we talked about him earlier but what do you see in the Ann Pettway. Six foot 235 is big man. He's a big rambler humbler cutting back you know I think he's getting he's definitely gonna have a role as a power back somewhere. Not not super fast but that's not scheme. And you know peace. Pretty good tolerance skills he Sorrell. Apartments Terrell Owens aka and coach like some probably little little more than I do which maybe means which likable. Com so it definitely want these guys where. I think. On typical year. He'd had maybe some bonds. But with this draft class yeah. You know. It's hard to breakthrough of people talking about you the top at this deal lasts is I can wrap it up and accused I can't let this go about talking about the 25 guy. In tier five chase Edmunds from Fordham. Yet you don't I just know a little bit about it because it's a stock elegant sore thumb through it that he was from four. Not not that running you know and so give me give it give the listeners a little bit about this guy flunk committee could be naked in the draft I watched all the film available on him I think about four games. And one thing that's apt to it to me and the coaches that. He's the best player in the field. It was clear in every game iso plays the best player in the field as a little undersized not super fast and play against big time competition right. So you know that's the kind of guy who could conceivably slipped through the draft going to separate or something like that movie you DFA gas but when we talk about. You know running backs where. If he gets chance somewhere someday yeah. Was surprised if this can do really well you know like sort like Justin Forsett where. Yeah Korea right you bounces apparently never really gets a shot but he's always on the roster subway and a and then when he's 28 years old the guide for a goes down starting in afterwards go to an activist Afro yeah he you know he could beat back a guy. Interest in just rights of Pete's article. Is op if not now shortly on the running backs the united be back podcast about the tight ends. That's a very top heavy. Classes be fund can do a quick and we can really get down deep into some of these guys. And in the draft is Thursday yet pictured at the patriots won it. Tonight sounds good. I Pete and I gonna sign off now and we're going to be back tomorrow with a tight ends in the draft Thursday to enjoy the.