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Friday, September 15th

It's Week 2 of the NFL Season and after the usual Thursday Night Snoozefest, Jim Hackett and Pete Davidson of Rotobahn.com are looking ahead

offering advice on good values to target in Daily Fantasy Football within the upcoming Pats game, opportunity from the well-rested Miami Dolphins and

Tampa Bay Buccaneers contests against the Chargers and Bears and other players to target.  Also, based on last night's debacle there is plenty to learn and

avoid in terms of Fantasy Football between Houston and Cincinnati including some sharp  critique to dial into regarding Deshaun Watson and Coach Billy O'Brien.

Jim and Pete also go deep on the David Johnson injury and what that means to his Fantasy Football owners.  All that and some good dialogue about a new app

that Jim and Pete are enjoying called DRAFT.  You can play too and when you do, use PROMO Code WEEI for FREE entry with your first deposit.  It's fun and the boys

offer some detail on how to play and enjoy.  More coming on Sunday with "The Fantasy Football Hour" LIVE at 8am.


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Hello everybody Jim Hackett it's. Since the fall guys here WEEI for our weekly podcast is heading into week two after a typically miserably boring Thursday night football last night featuring the Bengals. In the Texans it was brutal Pete and I were. Tweeting at each other and texting at each other just how horrible football can view and the patriots outline finale to give the bottom est and here we aren't Friday. Yeah I was tweeting last night I was trying to be funny but it takes so it's sort in my office. Let's as the game was so bad. You the one we don't like it's like watching if stable track Tokyo so that's a big interest in it that's right exactly and acts and and there it's like our fire zones and not like sitting there watching it like. Well maybe so and it was so awful. And it is actually in some ways worse than a typical there's been making as both teams to certain scenes. Disjointed what they didn't want it either. Whether you know what to do like I say every time I watched you know Dalton and the reds down. It deceased seems a big guy doesn't know what to do I have an idea. You can AJ green that I lifer you've had GO Bernard each one of them can get open and tight space which you go there I mean that he does not know what to do. He he can throw balls and he can fit things in left and right not pretty good at drop the ball and not doesn't have a lot of touch was very flat all. Citing read don't always really to be an issue for him but that you know attacking the disaster there line stinks bit date they. You know commit to something in your back feel yeah. These teams that play three action there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason that you it's you're gonna do that you'd better be the patriots. Which you better be doing it with a purpose and at that are work. But you know they look more like Detroit where it's just sort of no real. Yes we get one like seven yard run and Jeremy help them Bernard back then and yet likable four yard runs from Nixon and then they just don't go anywhere. Yeah I mean look I understand their three backs that all that talent but you know you decided you wanted exit so. Wanted to do it yeah you know a tournament yet they seem to be sort of stuck in neutral. You know mix is not ready don't play them much at all and what the other two guys get a lather. I don't mix of vulnerability here that I that I certainly would. Prefer that they just played mixed and yeah I. You know this this thing where you don't get to where you don't with any of them back get a feel for the game. Series yeah I think it's a mistake I think. I mean I understand the whole concept of shared back field and all that stuff there's there's positives and negatives that you do need to let somebody. Actually. Get into the game. Somebody needs to know whether it's GO are mixed in I don't think it should be you know that's pled already are getting into credit yeah actually put two steps pretty well that's. Actually think that right now is that offense is struggling so badly and on the sill lost I'd make it GO. Turf right now just because he's a move the chains kind of player and a safety net. I would not usual at all yeah put him on the bench yeah. And I would. You know problem which split mix and they'll let them both get a mix and you mentioned to him of the game but. India and you know like this Marvin Lewis just. The desire ten years ago here's the thing ten years ago gives them the run that organization own it they've been there for. Ever you know how can things be like that. There's no excuse for that seemed to have no options are answers that much talent as if you're paying I you know I don't know exactly what bald making but it you're paying it lucrative number. You're an idiot in the first place right so. You McCarron sitting there as an on 212 national championships like. In the keys. Now I don't know I mean I don't panic if you don't let it is OK I just think that. And the players try to make it again I'm I should note itself left some anecdotal but I mean it's it's it's it's is closing below we've been our quarterback now so we're little short on money all the messed up right you don't. Don't pay into doll. He's. It's a total average starter he'd be great back up. Just out of Boston know when he made a mistake that's one of the great things of the many great things LaBella Jack. Make a mistake upon right away like you know they can do it trading a high draft pick for co really in the that is even make it out of training camp if you need to make our pre season itself. And I don't think Dalton is a mistake so much is I don't wanna hear excuses you know if you thought he was the guy the guy make it freaking work. And like I wanna hear that you don't you can't put a offensive line together. You know there's no excuse for that you know these guys have been there forever this thirteen. So it's immediate it's you know if if if they're sitting there saying we don't have this we don't have that well why. Get about a year. You know like the jets where they came in and messed up another rebuilding the right team they've been trying to build forever. A tennis is in the same stable ownership since Kenny Anderson was quarterbacking. And in louis' defensive pat ownership but. As it would I want to come by and I I have to admit he was one of the things he was so incredibly. Comfortable. You and I remember saying to myself not to sit there and press select get too comfortable. Yeah that's good that he accused talking you know could win when you go through the coach is press conferences. Become my. For the most part you know you consider any new look around it's all the writers for that coach and a couple distractions. But he's so like every single speed guy goes to see every single pressure right. And you know I could just see loosely around seeing the same bases in very comfortable like you to think they're gonna challenge and have my treat elderly care they do yeah. But he I don't want my coach that culture. You want to put junk comfortable. You want a a coach should the always playing for the coaching for the job like the GM. And the owner might have different designs like you know but when you're down on the feel like you've August Rex Ryan credit for this. He he he coached for a lot of organizations who. Should have been punting for the longer term. But he was playing and coaching for right. Now and if this guys is if this is won a playoff game and in ever. He's at a cushy job for over a decade and he's feeling comfortable. Man that tells you everything you need to know about that organization and he could see Boomer Esiason threw his hands up every week. And I you know why. Yeah I think he's just he's he's he can certainly you know Jeff Fisher let's feel a lot of jet but yeah where it's not that they're bad coaches. It's that they've been to too many rodeo yet and they just they're not intense about it anymore. You know that's the thing about ballot check every he's not coaching for life. He just would rather you know had anything happen but a lot yeah but you can't get the competition out of and he. He lives for this stuff you know you know guys what can you don't worry about but Lewis strikes me as a guy who on some level has sort of already retired. And he's gonna keep coaching and say let them. I think he wants to coach in Italy when a playoff game he's so we can get that like offers that cashing the checks yet you have parlux too lenient. Sort of being at church here but I think it is today and hit. Actually Gordon Lewis and up to they went outside and other during the because coaches who coached the colts. But Gado he's. One on the did Leo whatever assures them he's another one where I'd just feel like either. He's sort of been eaten into submission working for that organization maybe. You know he just doesn't feel like there's a lot of hole. And these guys are Everest stopped cashing checks. But anything like I want to thank you the other night and it was marlin Mack. He kept the ball swings around the night nice little move with this heat up so get the sideline. Untouched yeah I'm I'm an election going back touched down you know. If he's in in in fact motion. And Cortland no challenge. He's been around for public what are you doing I mean if you're gonna you're in such a desperate situation. You had a touchdown they're gonna be a challenge that. I think a timeout in law has had your guidance it looked yeah yeah some freak incident yeah he just waited it. And I can play in a team like that where you're gonna be lucky to win the first place. Of the Buick and Buick. Giving the ball to the opposition the entire game you get a break like that you get an opera opportunity for points on the board like that in a game like that. You don't capitalize on his coach. There was a certain element of leasing this to it there's an element of they didn't really evil look at it. I think he's tuned out I still think he's a dialed in got to tell me it's to me he's been unmasked to reach out a guy know them do whatever. Mr. was there a couple of years ago once aryan stick that same team. It took them about as far as a team could go maybe even a little bit further than divisional playoffs. Tickets smoke by the patriots. Did he was on now. Then again you're working up to some he was unmasked and he's a dummy I I don't know I'd pick I just noted what I saw the other day looked like a coach who was at work. He's dialed I you know I don't I think. At a bad code that coaches just aren't focused enough on the it's such a specialized game every little thing matters to eat out. He's big and high school coach we can run the option. Again I think some guys can get beaten down by a situation I don't know which are about auto. I don't know but yeah they add that to me that was just one of those some things are just understandable. And that was understandable. You know you get a guy can't sit there with with with withstood gin and tonics and you watch in the game and why are they challenging this and that the coach. Who I assume this over on the sideline thanks. Yeah I was just sort of lays it fair about it I I can article sent. I would have been picketing the actual. Yeah. And as we're talking via breaking news on the full letter networking or the vandals fire offensive coordinator but Zaria offense of the options Puerto Ricans in the easy. Yet that's that I would I would qualify that as they have to measure. Yeah that is he just got thrown under the proverbial pot yeah. Now an anybody would have a clue knew that they damaged their offensive line and during the offseason. I mean that I gonna. Particularly if you didn't fire him having fired at GM you know. What's in. Yeah I think that's. You know people talk about I'm reading all these articles about the the QB problem in the NFL the offensive lineman problem in the NFL what GM. Yeah there is a GM problem in the well absolutely. How many of these owners just go with the guy that looks right at the guy that looks like what they think the coach shall look blacker. Where the Peter principle were gone public is equally totally other job applicants real political just you don't know who else. There's just so much of that. You really fortunate when you watched NFL and you see you know an operation like the pats in there are some good operations out there outside of them. It's such a stark difference like in in you see it's so much on Thursday night is it's a lousy product usually featuring lousy teams on short rest. But really when you got to look around the league it is wildly wildly in two thirds of the teams distinct. I don't know about that but I think as you know it's a tremendous right now there's no seeds Peco there's there's no way eco challenge. But people consider you know Tokyo and good coaches that coached to a very opinion Carol. But he's engaged. Right away into it yeah. You know. I mean Rex Ryan would challenge it. Challenge flags. And didn't get ultra. Against shoe often throws sought out. I guess I like if and that's the thing about Rex I mean is he's an average head coach but you know at least keep you away. In two I was awake right you know. So yeah an and an I have to say I think you know. Is there offensive lineman shortage yes sure but you know the idea that this is something new. I mean do people really think that everybody had a lot of good up at the climate in the eighty. No it was a terrible don't don't don't spin it which didn't putting five good offensive lineman at all 32 teams has always been an impossibility. And now HR and it notes and having 265. Pound offensive line from the eighties China got. Find five cohesive once and for each one each. Well it's hectic graduate to sixty in the eighties art treatment and that's what it takes care of itself but your system off the side. You and I talked about this in the past we talked about oh. People rest stop playing running back and starting. You know and go play cornerback didn't go all the money it yet and I read an article by Kenny Tate today. Technicalities. And it. And in the on the ringer and yeah he used you know getting into that a lot of the athletes are now going to play defensive line position more money on the defensive line in the office that. And you know that may be true I think it probably is. But every bit door swings both ways. So what's going to happen if that is indeed the case it is. The offensive linemen are gonna start getting overpaid and guys are gonna switch back to the other side and it it's it's going to be constantly changing thing it's always going to be moving target. And I think the poor play in the NFL has more to do. Where it. That coaches. Not yet adapting fully to the new paradigm where they can't have two days whenever they want and they can't hit as many times they want you and they have to teach. Without doing which is a really hard thing to do by the way. And that's that's the charge critical coaches know what you need to get these guys ready to play the same way you used to without beating up on them. And you know it's hard. Especially when you've been able to do whatever the heck you want for you know experience. There's also just like but yeah it but that's it's the same standard for everybody writes and get the great coaches like Pallet Jack can you get everybody else. Because we're ready either you know I know about it this I don't think this is an indictment of any specific coach or the coaches in general I think it's just a reality that. You know people slow to adapt to. You know it's hard if it's hard Akita dog news you know and stripes or whatever they acted expressions. Legged dog is new tricks and a and a tiger would be to strike a letter would be new spots. Uncle Leo like a potato chips are all that took it anyway the bottom is I do think there's a real thing that. Seems you know that a lot of these coached they've been around a long time and there was a way to do it and that way is no longer hole now. And there that are doing workarounds. You know at some point somebody's gonna come in and rewrite the book and etiquette oh team ready they'll probably not what you yeah. You know at least if he decides to stay around for the next decade. Or whatever. But but that's what's going like I think I and so level I'd I don't there's a lot of fans who feel this way I would assume that a lot of the older coaches do. I think there's sort of waiting for things to go back to the way they were. Right. It's when we're never going back. Can't own review can't on reading the seat belt. And you know they're gonna go to waited dinosaur or get it that. And it can be any in between you know. You know it's almost exist within just like the and then a demographic they could do that but if they wanna be a sport where the whole family watches on Sunday. They're gonna need to get with that and you know these people were complaining that the game isn't violent enough anymore you know. First they shot. You know but it's you know BK there's not it's never going to be that game you know worse here reduced tickets to. Quarterbacks on their head in you know guys play with broken bones and you know guys. Occasionally and occasionally and it's not the seven. Known about it it's gonna get further and further and further away from that because. We now have. Too much information to allow people to. Yeah. And so you're never gonna put that genie back in the bottle and never gonna un ring that bell and the way to you know the way this should go down. Is that people need to. Do the best you can with in the new parameters. Them in and one of the things that I I was tweeting with. Actually. Particularly their wrote that article and pat or doesn't do anything. Sure he doesn't preach to our series and but. You know one of the things I've brought up in unit talked about this on this broadcast several times. Is that eventually they're going to come up with ways to do. Mental reps and the right training. For these players that don't involve getting hit it'll be something. Along the lines flight simulator for a space shuttle capped you know where you can sit there and make mistakes and learn. Without using it it would be peace having to get hit. Yet he can't afford to recreate that much reality anymore. There's too much it costs. So. You know it's it it. It's gonna go that way too mean it has to it's just a matter of win and Allie and who does it. And it is listed at this morning it is like you know under the first peace and order of the first he did do an illicit you know what shocked if teams are doing it now mountain Allan anybody you. You know like we have this great software to help our quarterbacks. Yes sir you don't steal. Like if you reject future radical departure check this and I don't vice Versa so this is the kind of stuff it's like if you look deeper. Fantasy source told the other let's tell your opponent detect the sound you bemused because it. Simple. You know I this is this evolution should take place it's just right now we're in the in between. You know and quit so it's I think. And and and I was talking to coach yesterday he says is secure at least passionately. The court watching week to pre season stuff. Set a couple weeks ago in the pre season he was on dale and Holley with Keyes show and and they said you know when you feel like you've got you footing under you in terms of preparations about. Now he said midway through the season exactly out of midway. But I and it makes sense. And Belichick probably one of the people who had the right totally gets it yeah. All all in there and every angle. Engaged. Yeah. Yeah but the thing about Belichick is Smart enough to not sit there and beat his or something control yeah. So anyway I think. All of those lines when you look at our rankings this week. You know I think. The dolphins. And maybe camp is well art targets of opportunity yeah I didn't get that knock the rust and Louie toss yup I agree with him and their opponents did. Now we protester. Camp OK appreciate we were a little bit impressed with the dolphins secondary and we sort of think. Rivers in Q now in. Maybe Travis Benjamin another. This week we think they can do some real damage yeah. So I'm I'm very much and you know this week in. If you check out my start. Totally revamp which starts its cult. Dozens and starts now yen accused opposites. You know it's like this will hurt like patting me on there it's not fun. Talk about this it's. Not that funny but he's an idol I hope they quick kick you are pleased quick kick yet but. But. You know like about it is equal moment really helping here. Our well today and it's just information people can get for free in my ranking anyway. Well not only that humidity gets in guy's got a rough bye week you know he's staring at you know just throw a dart. GO Bernard for instance like that's his hope and then you pull out the I dot com and it's like you know sits GO denied that act as like I. It's it's it's just bombs yacht in. Only give my people the truth whether bombs not right but that outlook first of all you know is. Gailey is a lot of what mapped to about now an in Daly hit every once we don't tell anybody you're gonna. Sydney daily that. It's we're gonna start they know in the dark determined to just sit right you know. So I don't know it seem outdated so for me I'd rather do a couple more starts. Indeed start and sets. And nobody did you guys seemed to care so that's what. Yes I can do that weigh 300 pattern from anxious so get on those charges players going against the dolphins and in whereabouts Bucs bears. What about someone's having opportunity there in terms of the bears' defense. They finally. I've seen good information put forth by a couple of people I think Scott Barrow was one of them and I apologize for missing the person I feel so much stuff on Twitter. But one little talkative than I thought was pretty good respect you know. The bears to have good job handling number ones. And then that might be always saying it but that they hold number one down statistically yeah obviously they're not a good defense and they end up paying for it's our belts. In the debate dvd Jack's right they they do tend to hold down once so they did a decent job with Julio last week. You know not letting them explode all over the place. And assuming you'll have a similar approach with Evans this week. So yeah. The first receiver he's going to be hitting second receiver treatment. On the scene at queens of the war and so he definitely is. You know in the discussion for a long touchdown. Yeah yeah couple of that filthy it would be. Yet I just. Yeah that's good. You'll. Yet he's I think I think everyone's expecting and hoping for a level jump this year I think that's. And that suits him for that that helps in that quality western. Yet. Couple public sins and injure quiz Rogers and obviously Doug Martin's legacy in the week five. And he. Think we can kind of get our arms around for this week specifically or the next few. Well I'd I'd say. Well that's what's this week before we talk with an excuse for them I think but Demi quizzes deftly guy you complaints and to the sweet yeah. I'm not I'm not super jacked up about them aren't. Draft came just because I don't know what I really see the feelings for him yeah I'm concerned that. A lot of his games last year where he got absurd ball. Too much volume. Surprising anyway very surprising to allowing them to go through at that time yeah. Out a couple of those games. That's right Ahmard instance it sounds a lot of them last year patent are always in the mix. There could be saw them. You know not a reality in some of those danger he got all that volume yeah it may or may not play out that way again. I also don't post game flows gonna work for their ground game this week you. It may effect because it but. My feeling is that they're gonna throw a lot and took a partner gets back yet and I do sanctions. A threat to play a bigger role you. So I don't find use injections writers are beat to reflects. Not opposed to having some exposure to him in in GPP yeah I would I personally wouldn't go overboard and a natural that the upside there. There's other guys are just like somewhat more like I Montgomery. Now I'd love and him just the law of the volume you just. Feels like the anchor and this so many weapons of that offense and read a Cobb at thirteen targets last week obviously Roger's if I'd somewhat anti Montgomery this year I really am high on him. I'm from there I don't know I'm horrified semi and chemical this year but umpire in this matchup. I think I I like come on turf. And I I like him against the falcons defense. At the theater box comprise two. Right I I I just think that really get. What true front row majority most of the day you. And so on I think you know cop I don't know it is to try to get average targets but I think he's a threat to get. Maybe open a little bit above normal yeah Adams if you if you don't might take a little political risk I think the ball to come back in this week. And and I think Montgomery in the passing game. You know particularly. The falcons should be able to score points so I think you know green Bay's gonna have to push it and that should open them up a little bit and you know I would say marker early this week eighteen carries in five or six catches is right there. You know. But but as far as protecting him for the year I don't know I like him. But I don't stored and I'm still worried about a guy's never really been a running back before you like what happens when it's 200 carries that the EU. Like I mean I'm hoping for good because I own them. Guess I still relies on shares. But I just sort of feel like word you know. He's he's he's been expect that but you're still its projection to pioneering if you will. I was until pitchers is I think that's a high flying game you know in in that's a hungry. Something about the game and screaming. To me disappointment. Would have but it but it. As it is is it is Jim Carrey's Saturday that terrorists psychological fitness and but ladies and little balls anywhere addressed. Maybe it's just because we by the patriots last week and you know I didn't think he looked. As bad as some folks seem to. Last week on the on the two hour extravaganza he it's a couple lows you know I got to get tickets and the ice which is gonna but. It's a couple of those its toll defense that Alan. Right I just. I just have a real tough time seeing Tom Brady struggled in this situation it just it just it really feel like debris comes out and just like some outcome tonight. I'm feeling rock and they've lengthened filling God's all of this week. Yes sure Garko I mean crooks clearly the guy who could go off he plays really well and that in that stadium. But Armstrong and Hogan just because he's so low price you. I mean it and this is one part about daily Hannity I think that is. I think if people poverty confused and rightfully so because. Clearly cooks is the better play. But if you wanna play to win it cheap PP you need to find a little bit of an alternative route yet. So to me I think stacking these feels better to stack Brady with cooks but if you really try it. And again here's the difference between I want a bank. And I wanna see if I can really go after some money. If you just what we if you just what you came to position the green cooks makes some sense but if you're trying to really go deep. Up into the standings and the GPP you need to find a little bit of the past and difference in the rights to poke in the going to be lower owned. And he's gonna be a lot cheaper which can which you can get a difference. In your line up so if you feel like if you're feeling Michael promise you could go OK and instill fort Michael Thomas. Or you know from the IG and vote and because I want to its Tina Allen. In my lineup actually helped. I don't is that certainly cheap this week and draft things. And as in the SEC's chief dean we talked about it a little bill while as is. The bears will defend the number one wide you know Mike I went right to dish and it looked as price. Forty niner products. There less stuff willow. But you know. He is he'll admit she's going to you know I don't new team that's the sure. You know right. But I mean he did on what you're is Michael. If they're great. I'm not sure what that prices about it would seem to need that you should be at about 55. Under this he eats we're in the public advocate good solid. Like six or 700 dollar discount. You know. Second change electorate in but definitely I think. Is that that that is expensive element makes him that much easier which has a lot of lineup ask and it's liberating number. You know. But it if you play javy is your stack is Jamieson DJ acts. You're going to be a legitimately. Antonio Brown right or wrong. Well yeah. So. There's a lot of waste you write a contraction this week contract kings is I. You know I'm really liking a lot of the expensive options pat. Running back and receiver that not be not not inexpensive options but that the value option the guys on the floor apartment or are out there yeah. There's a lot of people. That they seem to be doing so far. A better job. Pat. Abu that the weekly break out guys like occur when Williams is not 3200 this would. Do little little more attack on. Right so like in the past I've been able to fight a lot of 333500. Dollar as a draft out of play this guy yeah. These seem to be finding ways to keep those guys higher this year which particular good. Com. Don't seem the same pool for everybody so you know there's not a literally took the numbers anywhere it's fair because everybody has the number right. But you know the more accurate they can be I think the challenge becomes like if it is colonel Williams is 32 under which we keep it attract everybody could play every. Right and then and that's what's so. He's a 4800 bucks. You have to do that and I think that's a good value but you know still a far cry from like. I like two years ago are almost positive uncertainty. You know with the price like you know I think some back in the price is also the match up as it's colts community news just. Well this team to beat what was it seemed to be doing is taking guys who would head injury upside in pricing is that the plane like political problems. Grappled like. These precious had a lot these priced over a lot of the starting quarterback yeah and I think that's Smart because of Tom Brady rolled to bank on Wednesday. And he doubtful that we they don't look Rob Lowe before. There's no light up yeah as a pocket and we'll open. We put an over the place holder number it doesn't matter could build up play him in the starting anyway right. So priceless piece starting it sort of makes cents. At. It's an evolution in and speaking of revolutions in terms of daily. I'm excited about a new app that's come out called draft. Yes it's fun and one of the ones I like is the sixth man you know the the the six if you just kind of like a miniature you speak let a little bits though. It'll business entity has its interest if you're and a fitness in my would you be if you listen to the podcaster wanna try this new map draft. It also played you know from your computer draft dot com its weekly Finnessey. But it's not like what you typically used to writes on draft is a snake draft so tonight. You nearest we actually. For a record one of our shows that we can drastic that they're okay. On on a make a big weekend I loved the draft rights at the big deal in the undress is it to do they realize snake after those people. It just like you seasonally in the last is one weeks those no management said forget it. Once you're done drafting that's it you know trade is no waiver wire draft this is pretty cool. Sure you can kind of this beat it to take your last and injuries for use cell. I'm anxious on Sunday a lot of seasonal leagues I do my daily stuff. That helps so. Texting a last minute injuries for you cancel. We'll make that make that substitution for you it starts every couple minutes ago joint when right now so when I prefer you don't briefing as the podcast. All right. Every couple minutes joy when right now after the podcast that's partly for casts a draft started to the dollar is a draft for everyone as a Senna like the six Grand Rapids from don't. There's no salary caps a Plano realized they draft just like you season long week. If you joined draft today you can download the app any time. Surged after the in the App Store and joining in the minutes of play right from the computer draft dot com. Is the promo code you wanna use W yeah all right so for a limited time. For a limited time new players receive free entry okay as if to make a deposit make it first deposit. The director of the free when used promo code W yeah all right so again play for free WEEI pro look over your first deposit. Insert shots in the App Store or play it on draft dot com I will be doing that to gain. Yeah I've I've I've done several drafts were then and I I I like the site I think they've done a good job of like. Making improvements as people make suggestions. It's it's an interest in concept it's it's a concept I've actually. You and I talked about this that I that I wish for an attack yeah because it's a daily league. Where it daily concept. That that we since seasonal concepts which I think is really cooled yeah did you actually trapped against people. And not just there's the prices I don't know that people made out of pick this up but that you'll know there's no price for the players are trapped like mystery trapped met thirty seconds to clock. It's critical. It is cool I enjoy in your in and out. And you can do it you know it's it's it's not a long process like Saturday weekend five hour traffic trap I actually did. You know they got. You can do it all you along so it's a lot of fun so that's draft dot com when the app you can and I. Before she certainly did they they do that they did best ball and get yeah. I think I think these guys is not my personal take is I think. They're getting better. Like it's it's they've got open mind I sort of like a like what they're doing. I get a listening to what people are saying in the kind of tweak in the product a little bit which is and I. I just there's a lot of new places you can play daily yeah. And they're basically just the same thing as drafting it and handle. Just you know Lawrence under the radar deal lower rate but you're playing for the most part against more experienced players. Where you know draft something different trapped is. Totally different they keep you do draft kings. It's not an analogous at all to doing draft draft right so like I think that's cool things like particularly if you're gonna do something do something new. Yeah and also to the levels are and if you and I started a fantasy football web site. We do these might draft format archery or standard option right but I would make the program a program the one we used to use an hourly yet the best. For a I would love to see somebody do that did this. Yeah yeah stop talking settling in but he is you try to get symmetric you'll hunt for. Not talking now but the public as. That would be I mean I'm just kidding but we do a draft format we literally did it for the right to make it yeah we offer our players we did on the expenses. It's a shame that everybody in our league has gotten old and moved to different states we can't be in the room together anymore. To doubt there's no simulated over the phone in a web site that the. Well what's great about it is this is it allows for human error. In here and anxiety that that's the best parts of what you know you might Felix sipping a beer kind of strategically so that you look like. At the line draft Jakarta and everybody else be trying to deal with smarter if it in a not to drop. Where someone might be getting drunk and they might say 454647. And did on that they dislike bank. And and gets stuck and don't know what to do. As a human element and I loved it does include any strategic global right. I can bid for anything I want I grew after the first two pick I let you know David Johnson yeah. Now. I was on them to a brief segued into view and I for a state which it. Yes we did I so an auction draft and I picked as favorite on the one that we recorded the show to attend. I went daddy of 200 dollar salary would draft 25 players it's twelve team league to the math 300 players will be drafted. Plus you know we've while the rest of the year so it's it's a big week. And I went eighty bucks happily that was my exact. Cap number for David Johnson I got on and I enjoyed him for exactly one quarter of the seat of us have one game in the season thank you what. That trust. The trust. It's you know for me this is the second year in a row. Where my week one was watching my most expensive player. Last year in the same exactly key now yeah that's right that's right it's an empty feeling. You know it's. You know I I'm worried looking at that team and it's like I've. And I I should probably point out I actually won last year even though I lost you know the first. This season will part the reason you want is a great. Keepers one of which is David Johnson at a cheap price and you know when I can remember the other one is another stud running back chief. I'd Cilic you'd do under Hopkins actually actually brought Jordan out for a book that's right yeah. That was the game that auction but. Yeah this year I'm gonna have to try a similar it's interesting thing is Johnson could be backs like Michael strategies. Not really cliche that I sorely get I am hoping. That we get some kind of feel on them. Because I know he can be back for week thirteen yeah seeing. You stand in my judgment I'm not I'm not dumping. No I'm not I'm not gonna cut I'm not so analytic heightened by. My strategy will change based on whether I think I'm getting him back or not. Right. In terms of the moves you may or may not make. Leading up all the from week to all the way to we thirteen. The gavel and say it is. If I if I actually fairly confident that David just going to be there for the plan yep. And I'm probably gonna move so don't buy it because I I but I. I think that it did best in the auction last week I added more keepers to my team I got Kumar really cheat and that's where he had been better it yeah that's enough early. Right and so I mean I could probably Selma four dollar Camara right now. At least to people Smart. That is the thing is the thing that I need I need people feel like they're out of it and don't feel like they're out of it yet yeah. So nobody wants to buy a keepers at this point of this stolen truck when the league in. That's good on them for sure. But I also got key rank sheep that court Coleman cheap I got lost in Hooper like. Almost not saying. I got a bunch of guys can be moved. An and I mean conceivably I could move Johnson although it will. So that's right now I'm trying to figure I'd do I wanna keep my keep I don't prepare and really cheap yeah that's deliberate. That's probably the best. So you know I don't want to give away Henri Camara by. You know if if if I think if it did just that in the back for week fourteen. And I feel like I'm one really good player away from still playing week fourteen yeah now I'll move entering Camara for. You know seek whatever you know. It's interesting it changes things and it's fluid and we says that all the time we two least intelligent. Without knowing that David Johnson again her around Robertson and could be out for the year that. The waiver wire would be active anyway just as of them the town on the plane airport the skill positions. Yeah it's time to get lucky and drafts like I mean it somebody you know just probably because they're trying to get under my skin really early in the draft throughout occur when Williams. And I sat derelict you know what I probably shouldn't I probably shouldn't waste a roster spot currently in the that's you know what out for two bucks a kicker. And at the end of the draft a little bummed out that I had done it. Because there were other guys who were really did keepers but I been able to go after yeah but now I have curling I did have to drop thirty bucks on and create yeah. And exact opposite happened in the I drafted David Johnson. Number one. What little hold on but that but I did that Lleyton that your late did you like midway in the draft. When no one should have been looking occur when Williams I put a one dollar player for a blocked. And some Jack wagon and now league went to bucks on crow he's our guy go to box on. And it's of that I was like do that's trees but we we have been talking since draft night a bottom on exchange. And then you know like a day before Johnson Madonna goes I'll do in the in Denver now Kurland straight up so I'm not there any accepted it. So. Good on me. So yeah you're in trouble in that league for sure which sucks. Who knows maybe you can. You can redeem your way out. I can got a pretty good talent can I can stitch it together you know for a while I mean good news did you stay with that. Ought. Look at that I got up and down on the. It's up on him and then I don't I don't see good things for you but. Because this league isn't like I got lucky Abyssinian keeper league. So I am I I have other assets flying around but you're in Sri re draft. So when you pay I UPD Patrick Johnson I think 21 yen and so I caught a real break that you know. You know verses. But this isn't town in the stint in the do you get to. Donald Ross Russell Wilson now occur when Williams Frank Gore. Let's see Dez Bryant you like Hilton Decker Richardson. Tyler Lockett. Martellus Bennett. That it appears ET Mon man. It's a particular problem is that. You have guys who are going to be good in two weeks. That you need to find a way to somehow like got a winner. You're on one and although. Though you know laugh on the full lieutenant I get like. Aetna company mean look at that guy Austin Johnson. Don't care about your team so I can be very honest about it's not that the that that. If your team ends up in a fiery ball on the side of the highway it doesn't tell me out at all for the. I'm gonna bump a ban on my team this weekend. I have a tough match of this we expect to lose it. Although my partner opponent was up to a tough start the ball real tough. That then you'd episode that's I think you've. I think it's going to be tough to do it like. With what the leading edge so yeah but I think you never know I came in this week you can go your way. You can you know down history so you are. Someone and well and I'm playing someone this week who as a that he hasn't beat me in six years by the day but a a bug in it that I got a mental edge on. Mental edge which is a boy and sometimes it. Homers yet. We tune them out rule out anyway so those guys we talk fairness if you guys all the time without penalized. DC's. It. Haven't they had a tough night last night he would Nixon Lamar Miller and the dangles diss it like eighteen points in total from three from three positions off to a rough start. That we revisit this next week yeah but now we will you did this we'll. So yet David Johnson type stuff. Obviously it and it's sort of it's. You know like we said the great thing about auctions you can spend a lot of one player in that are that are you know this is the downside that guy happens to freak and to the whammy yeah. In the first half thing is David Johnson I mean you. I I I thought he tracked it really well I got to look after it's over without a yeah I think it was. David Johnson Dez Bryant to you by Elton Russell Wilson I came out strong Eric Decker I think and it did. Now but now the problem with Bryant's early schedule and Hilton's lack of yeah. Now that becomes an issue yeah if you don't have Johnson secured water yeah. So it was a good paradigm when you put it together. I I feel when that happens when it's like all right this team works unless it's one thing about it yeah and the one thing happened you know I hate that. Army navy uncle Kermit will uncle kirwan Mohammed there currently in cells they. Yes you know maybe I might come the first of like a week for two into. Let me in the 83 and one of equal equal and out this week. I'm all right. Well listen I don't think. You know it's. There's the they would colonel Williams is that he's like a one cut and go runner yeah. And he's good on turf and this in the culture looks so bad last week so. The boat this thing that bums me out about Williams is that got out snapped by Ellington last week. And the fact that they don't have Johnson could get them into bad games scripts and then they're gonna go to the passing. On and yeah. So that's that's what my concern is at a distinct and stay on its winning. You know posture as well. They lost last week but an assistant to win games I think Williams can be valuable lesson three behind all the time and then yeah. You know going to be keen to be kitchen by six balls. Yeah in the Chris Johnson's actors and picked him up from zero dollars and I. I tied him for grown and so I mean you know. No I mean Kristiansen did really well they're but it was when they were able to really stressed people he was running against flight boxes I don't know if that's communicate yeah. And I think they I don't think Johnson if factor but who knows you don't know. You also picked up his DJ Foster the patriots and and it's a contract full with. I think for a reason he's been here on their their practice squad for a couple of years in the BBE surfaces you know at first guy yeah. Yeah. It I let's have a couple Marat starts no sits and then we'll look forward to the F Tennessee football on Sunday so alas it was fun. I enjoyed being in studio at 3 o'clock to 5 o'clock and side analysts on those fun show we're back on Sunday at 8 AM. Ideological than what's out. Yeah. The complete content the solicits okwu we need to false. Yeah when we disagree we re just started taking tax in the final ten minutes past second hour is plenty content we can now Tom Brady an hour on C yeah. You know yeah. Ending get into. If you know. Doesn't match ups and there's not it was Oakland that. What we're hitting the Johnson thing it's. You know it's funny I heard somebody was a world it's not broken a poster boys missing games. You know Patrick Ewing missed second part years career to a wrist injury it's that they can be serious we're talking about a player. The balls right a lot of his value our in our in his hand. It is an excellent catcher and the sky really kept football well. So if you're you know if if if if the cardinals you do what you do what you think that this step back to 2%. You know you don't cut any corners. So I think you know they're doing the right thing yeah. You know I tested the interesting thing is going to be. When did you actually get back practicing with them. And is it going to be one of these things were we have to wait and NC a week before we know we can play. Right thanks. Think again that option near what a bit when he scheduled to come back it's week thirteen or it's the playoffs you know front runners are. We. Thirteen in Europe can expect okay well. I can I can see it being used in this week in and hopefully claim that left him next week. But if you you know he comes back on a must win week that's going to be a borrower can you put him in your lineup and then you know. You played like half the snaps yeah you know whatever. So a lot of it's gonna have to do with how the whole thing shakes out you know is because now it's it's a wrist injury so there's nothing that's gonna prevent him from keeping a lower body in game shape. Right he says he'll he'll put it you know you should have the wind when he comes up. The equipment the question is. What can actually do it in February and in his hand is going to be fumble prone noticeable Austin's. Khatami of that big club the gronkowski winners in tournament. That would definitely harm as yeah. If we. You can't have club and pursue. You see it baseball at time of the wrist you know Dustin Pedroia went from may. Slashing line drive hitter. Two dead whole slashing line drive hit into a ground ball hitter. When his wrist got hurt is not a Suzanne to vote that's all you this year was across from a book that's what is rusty and bad wrist. Hope that came in on them the ball but that's strikes the ball in August. There it's extension of the bat got one of those things you don't think is important but it probably yeah I struggled with my right wrist all the way through college so. It's it's. One of Italy when it was low mileage relatives limp wristed throwing style he was able to win the javelin contest and nerds are we do Angela in the land has yes of worms that are index or more losers. We is an hour dynamics. That that the I wish for all the effects of it. And if field this year off the clock candidates. Or eight scene. Opt phenomenal. Revenge of the nerds of you guys and oh it's not a. So a friend of mine just texted me. That. It's. Yeah they're always there. I know yeah and then blasier lasers taken over her ex Cincinnati once again be put Jamal yeah I was out I was on the in the podcast studio Agassi. The full on a network on in the in the big boys do you know and I Soledad and bill plays it was the Diana believe is currently is in the global jemaah. Is now. And Michelle. A ship at. The reflective. You have a user laser back to deal help maybe you'll help our ad right I mean this is pathetic. Dangles confidence in the rule nine points last. You know people about why that is well. I thought the thing I suffer additional Watson last night more than anything was happy happy happy feet he could not wait to leave the pocket and onetime worked out form in Basel touchdown run. But dies it's a little was long but he heats in the his mental clock instinct surely is about two seconds and you let's think about it run its pork or. Yeah I mean my my problem and there's always going to be that in electing him make tight when they're pros I don't believe it. And yeah it's I think he's he's been he's an odd reaction to pressure. Is he did Jeter. Yes that's not normal for and so I don't know it's something that will pass. But you know as bad as it played he's clearly an upgrade over what they're trying to dobbs averaged. I would I would just keep him out of the pocket a little bit more. Albright let it stand in the pocket more than I would want it at least on the about a pressure coming from both sides you know I wouldn't rule don't Mort too. Attract all crushed yet. But. If there's an Opel. We talked about doing O'Brien tonight just I don't you know I love the line that you use like frogs in Medina greatness doesn't degrade approximate the Smart being spun it doesn't make you Smart. I felt good about coaching. Yet I don't think Helio and his act could have a coach I'm not sold not sold soon enough. So I soul I've seen enough to really question. His capabilities. Act gale classically Houston but. You know I'm from a fantasy perspective. I was up all into avoid the Houston offense and Ivy League plan and I did. The one I did take was Wilfork is just you know no awaits him to get healthy and economic people leap from block. Oh did all day but. I am not a believer not unbelievably. Yeah I don't know I'm I don't feel strongly one where the other night I do think. There's a limitation as to how many times you get to spend a whole lot of organizational assets of quarterback can be wrong. He's never been right he really Compuware it was Ryan now last year an issue with lawyer you know events Hamlet a lawyer was too late. He's always. Well lawyer at the melt well sickness that was if that sort of the end of the line for him and O'Brien but. Yep I mean it's. The us why we are staying. It's kind of thing where when they did I went there'll I was like OK that's include a lot for Barack Rottweiler. As it turned out it was even it was even worse than I anticipated yeah. And then they actually allow him to move up. For Watson which again it was a move I didn't quite comprehend the you know I had him as the fourth quarter back right before I think Jack you're the one guy who wasn't like he didn't make my top. You're right he he was his own two year remember there the pre 3COM by rankings. What you know and I it's nothing. That he against slots that I just don't see Emmett is he reminds me a little bit of Jake Locker where I like everything about him until I watched for. And then you know it's like not as accurate as I wanna yeah he com. And but you know. In the locker did play a relief get a flock could never heard that he might still be playing in the league but he probably still be missing open receiver still and 500 that. Quarterback. And you know. But in you know you never know you never know when the the guy might find it rates system. But keep inflation actually had a quarterback who needs to be out like a team with a good defense applicants. You know played its strength on offense and win games popped out. But you know based on what I've seen for him like he's got kind of quarterback. You know who's gonna like lead Compaq. Yeah I would agree he may get lucky on a couple runs like you did last night but I think that's about the extent that the vaccines and quarterback a guy who can drop back. When they're down low scores yeah LU he's throwing yet and still be able to make the throughout the. Right they don't like you know fart can do it writers can do it pretty at least could do it probably still can't you know Manning could do it. You know there's the you know Drew Brees. Can tell you what's coming install excuse that's a big factor. To be a big time quarterback in the league and I mean even guys like Joseph Flacco. Can do it yet. So that's you know edit you know that's why you know I think when you look at guys like Robiskie it's like okay I could see him. Bust thing for sure yet. But if you and it's I'd like what I say the and then. Just been kind of thing with Holmes maybe he won't be a tight window thrower. But he's gonna give it ago yeah yeah but. The attack sites and I still don't know what to make. He's got moxie of tomorrow it. Among business model yeah areas in canyon. And closing on the Houston office is real quick gains and that is absolutely time shares and running back now. About that. Looks like to make sure about that I mean guys it's premature Miller owner disturbing I think up on the hill Aurora Barry I'm very concerned. Actually this shirt I'm not Miller owner but I would be. Yeah I. No I just decided. I don't understand the people excited about oracle performance I've I'm maybe I don't know I'm missing it what what. If you curatorial last night you would have thought that for a rare for 200. I know is that Eric Dickerson and I don't see that he's a straight line runner and. Agreed fighting a running back position based on the tweets that people were sending out citing get in any argument stability in the mood but what did he do that was impressive. Are there have been doing since solid power running sure part of the problem and you know patty that but any type of big fat 240 come back we knew that. But I mean what's been QQ in the field is being able to do a lot of little things and you know axed another sign of big you know bill back what you said about O'Brien. Why are you gonna put the guy in the field who's generally loose. Like I would play Miller yeah who knows the offense who can help pure rookie quarterback but no we're gonna play a rookie running back with the rookie quarterback to the scene of I don't know I'm not sure what they were going for there. Afforded have not informed of the future and I think the dog open about saying at all play. He's a very incomplete back yet. And you know it is Miller is anything going forum if they'd been in the system. And finally when Miller had about Camilla looked at peace and it was bad he ended up getting by which we want what you. It and you're right he did I was surprised like it in the nom I can halftime I'm like while he's gonna. He's as kind of bossy and it total bust this week is nothing going against them in the league is talking about end up of what's six U six rate yet. It was in good yet but in any game literally featured almost no offense at all exactly it's not. Yeah that's the point. On. I I I don't rip on O'Brien too badly it's not even ups and O'Brien is so much as people acting as a like changing of the guard and a couple of. In TDs on Twitter everyone wants to be the first to see it that that I think that's a product of what what you're talking about it because a product of that people who. Forwards on the performance and is playing he's got a lot of rescue you know. They wanna be first and they overblown that's exactly what happens in what's your first look at it. Think that's that I think it's I think it's people who own them being excited it's I think it's more that these people who. Got formulaic and didn't take Miller and now they just wanted to be real and what they mean. Yeah I listen to though that the that the Twitter wanna be first of wanna be right to have the stuff I do. There's. No of course but I mean anybody who's. It's it's a little bit too late first for minutes at a point yet if people were first informant were saying it in January. Let's dummies. Like you don't need it a lot of dummies and yeah he. It's at least similar driving cars but doesn't. Yeah I. And again I'm not trying to dog down form and I you know and I'm not I have a dog in this fight is the one place right drafted Miller I performances so already either way yeah. But like what I want this to one of them to take it I really don't care who. You know it's missed it here's my rookie quarterback. You would give him as much. Calmness. In readiness care you. Need for this year. Action Miller yet it is you know the rookie I hear him you know they don't have as you remember what's going and asking for its out. Also redesigned pentagon out for you know the foreseeable future. You know they're outside weapons like limitless. So I'm putting as much familiarity in the field like. Yeah we'll see how it plays out but I I think I think people would jump. I had last thing before we wrap up these that in a while it's gonna get your take on Sam Bradford. Who is popping up you know on the questionable listen I want specialty. No idea about the new you'll find out they've been there in an MRI on but it sound we play. Services. I mean to magazine last time. I nursing ever played better. And I think that's going to get excited about is not always making accurate throws but he used tropic frozen the levels yet he was sitting things. In between linebackers and safeties and he's doing consistency in me it's equally nice. And deep throats. You know that that you flopping between defenders that one wrote me and you'll win. About the art. Well. And you know. Have to be excited about human digs. And that is and also yeah yeah I mean if you read by mice mice start on this week. I highly offered an apology about last. Yes not that do and l.'s take of Tennessee being last week Oakley was just me if I did I took a wallop last week on. But I think a lot of the. My my deal and if so I hope we be ever I don't screaming at me and so maybe you happen to everybody played like you and recommendation blossom at least at the let nailed Theo and I got out all right. Is a weird week I think people are I think people you know understand it was a very odd week one. The count is up and yet you're absolutely. And I think you know. What you said that what you said they think it gets better every week. September kind of like an extension of pre season terms of the execution that's an I've seen. Yeah and you where. Your car entry. Yet. I don't think they can stop them I see him lumbering down the middle of the field and early for a while the but the back. I it but there are certain weeks where I feel like. He talks gonna garrote unity we can get that. That play up the seem a couple times gonna get a couple touchdowns. Go for over a hundred I'm feeling Barack in a big way. Yeah out I'm definitely on this we took. I think it's going to be interesting is a how I think both backfield predicted he wild. Who's gonna play I mean I I. I wouldn't bet more than like ten bucks on anything in the back. This week and X so many different things that happened. And didn't just cut a hole in bread thing with cook's. Like. I mean I don't know. I hate to get like into narratives and stuff because they're not worth that much. There's so much talk with crooks and say. You know so much you acting. He decide on Monday with like you know with Peterson going back to Minnesota was a big big mouth and you don't mean it so yeah I am. Lot of chatter has always mean. You're gonna see that it's in the game. I mean clearly cooks wants to do really well. And has the tools. Like that who know him they know he likes that feel its I I guess it's going to be interest thing in terms of what does. You know what do the saints decided they're gonna try to stop yeah. I mean it's I don't think you can. I don't think you can send extra attention to cooks and drug test now. So. But the pats it you know they gave no matter what new loans comes up with skin radically. Their soul. Light on personality just the guys have to execute they just have to. Depict the guys that they think have the right matchups and just you know execute on the field and in the game could be there is. Quite early in quite easily ethnic. And Belichick is boring does not care about our good time. No he does not care about it he does if they're sitting there and they're they're dropping a lot of guys in the coverage to deal a protest in cooks. We can end up seeing a lot of Q do you know he could a lot of Birkhead you know white. My New Zealand who knows you know after this excludes loans it and it is so predictable and I was actually has to say in the bunker so. Lewis' is clearly imply that it actually adding anybody should yeah. So interest in it for the pitcher off let me heroes can come from literally like all corners. Yeah sold to a second day ticket allotment. I don't think he's either he's it's not looking good from the news that seems. It was a practice today in today's Friday so Lon that's usually a telltale sign. And he's can cost is not a bunch of bombs and a bunch injuries that actually need them. If you don't need him to win this week that that's that's the biggest point you do not need game and they'll win this week. Heck they can get to the door sat involved along touchdown on that carpet there are new loans that would surprise milk. So Ronaldo I I've I've I don't have a funny but you'd like how many can I get a technical sense apartment it and goes out. Do we have three receivers on the roster. Cook's hello I'm miles looks old and endorse that right last I looked at it Eminem and all of that was those were the only receiver on the entire rob yeah. Cook cook told underside so it may maybe does you know today use Rex Burkhead in the slot to these. You know Dion more I mean I think those are the those the answer is maybe doing now has a bigger role I think that's how they gonna try to do it. So Matt you later. He's there to slippers and a way to. World number I guess they just care about. Now Matthew Slater is hurt mean right now. Right now they go and it's Brandon cooks Chris Hogan Philip Doucet that's only half. Right so yeah I mean I mean Dorsey had almost actually get. 20s30s snaps you'll have to. I think you will. Other golf for running backs are getting a lot of Jews of the to announce him in the field a lot. Basically all. I know which may be which makes you wanna get them to the as of the date knowing Belichick right. Well I'm I mean I've always liked the tablet. You know hey he he. He'd keep sort of had a little bit of sort of an act of war existence with the cold nothing ever seemed to align for him at all know what's worked and then I mean some of the problem clearly is him for sure. Just ridiculous and I galore but. I sort of feel like a clean slate and a better situation it could help percent I really do think he's got. And knew we would coach integrated and second round. So you know we we weren't there with but whatever it was when he overall yeah bat but we did truly had a lot of talent so. You know is an interest enclave for the patriots what as I am seeing this yesterday what he really allows the patriots to do. Is they can be liberal with moving cooks or poke into the slot right because dorsett to replace and you can church. Feel that you along even if you don't use of the agency could just stretch the field. Right so I don't think he'd. He doesn't he doesn't impact their ability to play tree light at all. I agree again. I'm Dan let's get to more on now on Sunday for the Tennessee football our. Tuning guys we're going to be taking attacks at 37937. And I'm telling you try this new app try draft that can't you wanna do it when you use draft. He's promo code WEEI Siegel on draft. On your mobile phone and device go to the App Store download point to a new computer either draft dot com you do that. You putting your deposit use promo code WEEI and you made. Marie and I said if you deal vice I don't know in the dark try a six man that's the one minute and kind of toying around with and now we'll drone out this week. Yeah I think it's it's I I also recommend people give it shot especially into contrite for free and the thing that's really cool about the draft is that. You know don't go in the perspective it here. It's gonna take time it goes a lot faster in the bank like I literally did one I'm almost positive lessons sixteen minutes. It is extraordinarily Kyoto addressed the team. You know our tournament still dinner yeah and do it. Attitude to the sixth then to be done twenty minutes you know you get that's an extra feeling that snake at feeling. So it's draft. Meeting next week we can set up some type of draft for our listeners that be cool maybe we can set something where you and I tracked it. Yeah and the the little tutorial on how to do it you know veeco mechanical it's pretty it's very turnkey. But again I'll give you kind of the details the app does draft the website is draft dot com these you know that. Think it just because I mean I love doing drafting plants but sometimes you get into that paralysis where staring at the same thing twenty minute this is. It's certainly it it's an actual just sucks you in yeah yes so afflicted if you miss August. This is a way to get a little bit of that. Yet kill more Jews at PF he missed if you missed the office pool whatever three fantasy drafts get involved so again. The app is called draft the company's college draft the website is guess what draft dot com use promo code. WEE. All right that's it for now boys and girls we'll see you Sunday.