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Friday, October 13th

Jim Hackett & Pete Davidson of WEEI’s Fantasy Football Hour are back for another podcast and as they are known do, spend a good amount of time killing the NFL.

BUT the robust Fantasy Football stuff heats up to close the final 30 minutes featuring conversation regarding Nelson Agholor, Jerick McKinnon, Jordan Howard, Amari Cooper

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Welcome back studio of the principles. Football podcast Jim Hackett and Pete Davidson back actually been. Live and local on Sunday mornings that's been great I like the freelance in the studio pea in the pod cast a studio. At WBI headquarters on line. I'm good particularly fearless (%expletive) idyllic and talk a hypocrite before getting it. Without a video it's MI say it and I if you. You enjoyed it I here's what I I liked I enjoy not having to worry about knots. Yeah. Michael Horowitz of imported a road that was afraid it's it's it's it's just get a cup and it's also sounded. Tired I. Right and it will be point you'll be seeing at about somebody right it'll be like a stub might oh. A lot of table it's it comfortably and doing this in the likeness of a couple of silica and right now. We have a little bit of a break from the podcasts just for different reasons I was traveling units and things happening its studio headquarters I it's it's it's it's one of those things that it just like we thought who's your quick job yet our our house bill doctors and it finally started trying to get off the team has warned it could win. So they basically the sand aren't higher house down. It to get it Stanley properly jackhammers. To. Use it's it's when I'm when I'm up in the crow's nest broadcasting Booth again. It's like being way. And the bomb orchard. It's it's on believable how loud it gets inside your head I've been writing my articles with these guys in walls really. Two weeks now finally got. God. On its but I mean it's an epic and I I've been able to do the brutal on pods are. I was listening couple waiver wire or the label like when it. Yes exactly I I get 45 minutes X it's squeak the recording it and I missed my window. You can't do it effect on the pot next week this week are actually recorded what it sounds like in my house. I committed armed to put it on the public to see you folks. This is what I've. But once Sanders bad but it's when there's three at once you've got heart ma Harmonix. That's it is a lap and now as I can't buy. I was crying we have the room at the roof and abuse that's. The root. Out and it goes quick right in. It well it's just listening tour I you know I had support ago. But I've pretty much at stake here could have been acting stuff in a round house. But anyway moving on moving forward and go to one wells football podcast. And action. Is pretty good so less sloppy penalty glued a competitive game in the person that football we've good matchups yeah. And I'm just huge upgrade answer Romo is to it's it's stole. Much better in May out who by the way. Decent compared your average put up after so you know. Yeah you know it's the Romo think actually I wonder if he's gonna eventually the run out of cool things to say the common normal brought sort of I think he well when I think eventually people dislike him just there but he is. The one right now fragile. As those actually. Now how now ironic as an analyst he actually excel things it's. Yeah I don't know like he's been unbelievable about global audience inquiry and I mean I literally watched second half last night even though I was tired. Because almost immediate and now he's great how all amassed I mean. I think we forget though in the past we've seen other players command and really start out hot. And eventually. I can think. Eighties. I mean when Matt first came out. He was a revelation people remember uncle backlighting teeny. Mr. In the thirty for thirty union remembered much like long adamant for all YouTube because he was amazing at that far yet because you never had another comic not discuss that a guy who's just coaching football he's telling us real thing. And then ten years later he beat caricature that he's the standard. That the person you're talking about now that was like Chris sperm and a lot of people all we saw him at the end and define it that way we're Berman also become a caricature himself was funny. But in the ninety's. And it ought to go back to the early eighties sports editor for some. He was great I love department I the nicknames were fresh yet they were new you know you bring you an attitude never heard before sports television was great. Twenty years later. Older fatter boring Chris Berman yeah you know all there yep and not that it is not that favorable matter but. You know he just never sees them thinking of the bush saw the crisis that the ticket. The voice and it'll play salts became so grab ratings guys had like a reason Bob Dylan album and lose in the ass. At summit don't player is it without the great but it did little. Defined format. It's the it's nice guys who are agreed to. -- work late. Paul Simon's other examples Ministry's staff actually. Robert Robert Plant the bombs got marked out for us now realize. And I did that yeah that's kind of for your great and I see something chip. And the will to go with the greens if you will Tuesday's. That's sort of live couple months ago. If was you know it's a life. Tiles to use OK I think that I would have enjoyed more it's it's fairy. Musically strong. But like that fit the festival outside and use just outside of the feeling the fast. He's theory. Eighties. You know he's he's he's a classic showman. Oh yeah I mean that's a Rachel and this is much whoever roots he kind of festival announced at the word. I mean his band was tight. He's a good singer but like. He's out there or elect a leopard skin vests with hairy chest. It's and had the black leather pants it's like to learn dad that worked in the middle of summer day. That thing I've bit of a lot of I didn't wanna get closer to him that I was a natural. I'd about how about a hundred feet away I was comfortable every one of his feet it does with it goes rather sickly and a few things about the world would agree one. In a guy I'll show a few years ago like this you know I'm not want to dance I was dancing in the aisles that's Alec energetic ones it was great Hewitt tonight. He was awesome England that's that was a key key key fits your style more than nine when he. He has some Paul Stanley item party rock and he's he's giving the classic. Patter back and forth with the crowd. You have days is for. We're not there it's it's not quite Austin has not know. Balls don't but he he was he's a great children in and they were really to add that that's the good policy about about the you'll. The only thing I have against them and and this is the only thing and sometimes it really works out with Andy in the Springsteen's up. But there was a period of liken my friends that they listen as the lap there was a period of like 1517. Years. Where you couldn't go to a prominent concert at the guard near Boston went out fuel coming on the stage like all right enough Nike you know. Mean you know paddy and I used cumulative that you watch rating from a dual for parents and it always be there you know it means but that's fine you get on stage it would be good. Most of the time. But thirty dad it's obviously on yet they're Boston area thing and and a professor cause that is in the Berkshire's so yet. You know he definitely had some fans there. It was okay. But like I was going in I was thinking it was gonna be really good and it is just. I'd say you know what else has been okay. Justin nice segue was that a football which we me because it's not good for the players Russia he product right but it's been better and better yet. It's better this year it helps when you have better teams yeah who are obviously people bring up the first game obviously I have no problem with the first Thursday that's that it's on its right to expect the teams that make like weak for pre season import players don't play everybody's well rested. Belichick a lot of time to prepare well that that shields split. The first one like it they wanna start every season off on Thursday I got a problem. Astute and it's the subsequent Thursday that I don't like and and again we. What's the just one quick comment and it's very simple. Don't tell you care about the players helped me complete Thursday games and economic plight of freaking. Out here full full of (%expletive) swore at your full of it and I don't hear and you know I if there's one thing I've had more of that and possibly take its corporate speak now guys I'm so sick of corporate speak I cannot tell you east and PR releases that have five paragraphs in say absolutely. Nothing I can't take it anymore. And Lundin and Thursday night here's the NFL's rationale nothing but corporate speak. Screw them here read your line. That are listed there Joseph Isuzu. They are lying yeah that's so you know. We go to religious some times there are other ways they can go about this money there's other options. Thirst Thursday's really the worst possible one. Which you couldn't come up with worse than Thursday and Wednesday I guess you know if or that it our Tuesday scenario but it's not this week it's the next one day off now hey let's hear about a double header. Tuesday is an extension of the current weakness the next. Don't stay like it yet I suppose you could do that Wednesday and Thursday and play two games in the day Portland. That's play without helmets. Let's let the actual the net from. Yeah I mean within reason it's it's about as bad as it could be. I think is talk to. You and I are pretty big football fans like I think we've got our finger on the pulse a little bit and I mean come on bond. Twitter a lot I talk about the stuff lives there or not that many football fans who like. There are all eyes. By my map girl a lot of football fans can do so Thursday was the thing is a fantasy football. It's definitely. You know ball you know it is war again but. I just don't have time to sorted out the way that one of my first Eric extinct. I'll be the first person admitted I've either boats rushing how can you possibly are ebony players in the day it's not. You know I mean yeah. I get up Wednesday I emotional recover from. Although waiver wire aircraft plant to jam through my head picture out and it's like I'd like to get element operate the man I gotta get those Thursday rankings and you know. And actually people but that's. So bad that it would put a thought that's it for him but it's just it's. It's a rush for no reason yet. And it's bad for the players calm and you know what good that the products but this year we have to watch his sock yeah bullet Phnom. Leaders as as is almost always the case at the end of fell. There's a better. But that it was a bright spot of bright spots last night a game and until they got hurt again. I know what shoulder pads then I mean yeah he got his shoulder again it's it's concussion and nobody went in our shoulders and and now. I don't like calling people. It music guy. There's a guy out there who. Use a so called injury expert. Carol. It. If you lose some of them actually trying to load it on your. Words about that are accurate. Room. If I can fight back and put program pop sixteen candles you know there is like in you breathe a it's it's Willis its listings where. The most talked about him. Key clues. Such saying you know. I. That's the scary. Adam nations should play again and he's doubled the I think yeah right com. So you know and and and and and and somebody came back with essentially you know why you know what's the big deal wise this injury different in other. A lot different that's exactly. Right program. I think. I think you really get there heads concussions but NEC you know he writes. Right that that was the argument you know it's it's it's it's essentially. Which Carroll saying how much is too much like. Partners with summit spivey seals in the same thing. Eilat right right right the first answers yes it's on at five he seals I would say it's probably yet. But not for the same reason right it's not the gravity of the situation and the same mean. You know you can live life in a wheelchair and find a way to me meaningful if your head. And senior marine is inescapable. There's no measure there's nothing that people can do for we seen what happens these guys can albums. Because like even with all their money is not livable that's powerful. And it's it's it's not something to be taken lately and it's not it's not kind of thing you wanna make a point to make a point. I think that's an estimate to. Stop and pause. There he is probably these guys. Whatever but. I you know. One thing I it it I have to say it's sort of amazes me still have these freaking. Meat heads out there. Who complains. That football's coats off like the president. I mean he's he's. Yes the president eye to go to reach that what you read don't wanna get started on this are up but just I mean like at what point. Every please yours every. Yes and at what point if you love football. At what point do you wake up smell cough Wednesday. Forget what I like what I think is good I think is that what gets me office apple off of whatever it. You've got to start thinking in terms of if you wanna watch football for twenty years your life you're gonna have to embrace the changes because the game's gonna disappear. Change. So that's in either football either gonna involved. Or it's an end up being like boxing. Where only a very small select audience watches it don't. It's like hunting you know talent but he pitched. It's good that if you want football to go there. But if you want to continue to be the export major sports it's gonna have to keep undergoing changes and not even halfway there. Don't and don't kid yourself here's what we've seen so far in terms of whatever. It's called the speculation for Opel. Yeah it's it's just the tip of the iceberg for aunt and a lot of it's beautiful these coaches because. You know at a Minnesota Kutcher contradiction or paradox were college. Like we are seen injuries now. That are directly related issue. Lack of traditional preparation. Where players marketing type of hitting that thing up in a box designs can handle it right so now you're not getting type training music yet you're going into the scene. Destructive environment football game is still seem violent car wreck it's been for a long time. Even with the rules protect the players those rules are mitigated by the fact the players are huge in faster than ever been can addicts and while they. So you know. This thing if it has to keep evolving and changing and I don't know what they're gonna do. To cut down injures and have to be something there some. Smart coaches maybe ago it Belichick maybe somebody who's coaching. Are gonna figure out ways to get these get the players are prepared what faceless. But I mean we are in need. There's a lot of balls here football there's things are changing. Things that are related that we see right now so much going on and were in the middle. And I think if you want the game and you can embrace it just an idiot. We've talked about it before icy embrace inquiries that change. Isn't this an easy solutions and I wanna get that there's probable one who's you know some of them and there isn't football would be pleased to start. But that is why it was all the injuries these new roster XP you know any roster expansion huge that's how you. That's how like. That's how you get. Meaningful. You need help teams be able to pull players out of these games or dress it. And having more players on the sidelines waiting do that and you know I've discussed the roster expansion in the past huge benefits of rosters pitch and to me that's helps everybody. More players on the teams that means those players that get kicked from city to city. Guys change teams a couple times here's a stable place right to be good for those players yet additionally you'll have more players that. Actually no you're system in order to bring guys and teach the system and twenty minutes right LP around. So yeah having another running back having a third fourth quarterback who actually knows the system. Having more than one guy who can collier defensive signals at a position. These things have value to both lead to the east teams to the quality of the game that you watch. So I mean. Yeah I'm sure that NFL owners don't wanna hear about having to pay another. Group of players but we're talking about playing Mort pay more stars here we're talking about adding more into the bench players don't make that much money yeah. Furthermore if you do it right and you got in you have talked about this there were going through all conversations as we should get out of this but. You had a bye week. You make your money offering there. Add more what you can add a week of football without making any individual team played more football right so still a sixteen game schedule but it eighteen week season. It makes all that makes all the sense in the world more profits and extra Monday Night Football extra Sunday Night Football. And an actual week of rest for teens on it if you. Have to keep Thursday at wishful football which you shouldn't. It gives you more by weeks of play which means you know IRS you can a higher percentage of teams playing Thursday before coming off by yet so it's it's it's a winning thing if you do right. Com on the change the game needs to change the way it's gonna he's just changing the structure. Not only now would be you're gonna to change game. But yes in this particular case should make improvement with how changing. On so that's that's always a plus. But sing and well and I mean other than our show a couple of bright people have heard on Twitter. You don't hear this talked about amber and to me it's remarkable because it's such an obvious facts. You know Kofi got people who have been commissioned fantasy football leagues for twenty years have better ideas figures about them. You know the new groom do Bozo in Sharjah. Amen brother. Good grief if it's too that's what thing trump is done he's made good don't look better so good Dell looks somehow less evil. But he still excellent army I don't you read. About you know what's joked yeah it was a wonderful pocket as easily as it is a radical social last night now one of the players benched it's shown very well recently showed re a touchdown last night which is analogue what I mean what are on him that was nice to see opt out in a guy. A guy that you know he's wrote about guys look at you I drafted in several leagues and god you've been. You know supportive. While people kind of gave up on them from one might well guys to shoot me that's yeah. That's true I mean I was I. Anglers and inching cased by a sec angry at him with the first. On and I gave him even a little more love after back that we have to respect for Africa Kenya you know what is an NFL team successful in a guy and you need to you know. They be given level look at that judge well why it. I didn't change might look at a player but. Timmy has value went up when you take in the first round because that commits eighteen networks mortar getting complaint that's going with a fierce struggles. Com. Circular draft capitals is a thing it matters. But the thing about Hagler he's a classic case of pay attention to the details. Because while his struggles were absolutely real. I mean you're dropped football should drop couple's right yeah. On he was cute drop the ball all year last year committee writing any dropped a lot of footballs routier's well yellowish and Jason of actually had his role when he was like. Rating get put out the stud the moment I do eagles' long time to be drafted to replace him and get on with an amazing catcher of the four yes. On but the thing with hagel or if you go back actually look at how this whole thing went down. He comes in the league is his first match up. I don't forget our industry but in his first couple match ups he had Trufant in Revis. Welcome to the NFL but it isn't Revis could still play that's OK and up and operate as we saw last year this was 2015. And and Trufant. And and I think he had another really bad matchup I'm not mistaken and that he rolled his ankle. So that means that have way to start out right so his rookie year was bad bad bad matchups. Ruled ankle. I mean he wasn't even anywhere in your right into like we tend. And then he it'll bad patch drops couple balls that snowballed on them and he had a lost rookie year but it was one of those lost rookie years was sort like Corey Coleman's last year. Where we rights if ice at their Twitter watch people posting Corey Coleman stacks like. Really had this when he catches in this many yards would you have more and I think I missed eight weeks. If you're gonna sit here post poll numbers for a player. At least point out the only actress is it for crying out loud. So it's so easy to roll. People's perceptions off. On and so act or had that awful rookie year but that before it could even get its feet on the ground in his second year here that awful thing Greek encrypted at the strip joint and I don't remember that. It was in July. Going to second year where people thought he was basically being accused of rape and it turned out. He's being crafted by like an owner of club and in one of the people that worked for so that I think got his head out of the game a little bit sure. And I don't think he was ever right after that and and people are seen in a bad year earlier maybe rapists and all the stuff. So I think as a young kid that probably really mess them up and you know finally. He got his feet under in this year they put him in the slot which while I think health battle to keep him right actually I think. You don't think hands were related lining up outside gonna quarterback is a little bit more comfortably in the coaches seems to and the goods you don't with the players that. That's adding up against so and now you're seeing the talent that was always there yeah. Yeah so. Yeah IC quickness and he's always since he's very quick and that's the hands on that touchdown with a with out instead extended and running and still having some soft this year and yet. That's the Nelson are we saw USC yeah making plays like that. That was commonplace. He felt so I'm happy for the kid. A little bit happy for me that you know. Stuck with them and yet but it it you know looks good looks Smart now and again we didn't have. It's tiger Adam has the Eagles did but you know. He. Has ignited no command of the draft it's fair it's weird when players start doing things that are totally. The opposite of state said he was right you know and that's what was happening Bakalar never made sense so. Yet they seem implant right. And I had adult seniors like sports pop but yes you can although that's stupid falling into the hands of the data and we five c'mon at and dance talking about some great things and hell's wrong if you. That's what it was live when he did yeah and a shock that you know that's showing up reported I don't use for that craft named by the way by the onion is real quick back to global real quick the only thing I'm not joining about the remote broadcasts had a success and it's and the new economic here and it's getting old woody and the in the boot. I mean it's like foaming at the mountain. Romo next on believe you can have a significant and conspiracy Phil Sims like. It's sitting at home how to Wear high heels lipstick nonsense I was gonna say a big big box that she goes like what Goodman. And it would not only their guards are right. Jim never sit still flicked it on into Augusta and now that. It's. Well that the you know screw things exactly the I was tired of listening to EU Motley years ago I I. I'd muted their I've I can't dynamic times a muted cents or yours you know tell me anything I don't hurting though he's. Violating my programs yeah. Go work out when we're going to watch the game was an ex exactly. I'd hate just speaking of ankle was drops. Of the day camp dealt with his first two years. And Emmerich who. Got some. Is it. Well. First of all I think. You have to acknowledge that his town is still real. Of cool that this isn't some players all the sudden mark Coopers and Marc Cooper anymore on the big play guy just down and play. My guests. Is that he's battling some physical stuff. That problem yet you and I talked about it during the offseason I think Hugo I'm. 90% sure if you go replant trees and more about him I said you know as well as the back is probably be very good. I think it's possible that that back is still somewhat of an issue and I think anybody who's ever had yield back trouble. And I had it I had neck made back low back in all fairly serious. This is something I know little bit about. On any sports. We are trying to use your hands like I I used to be setter in volatile back sending it back problems can't tell you well. Just how hard it was to do a bomb you know I'd ruling might serve in tennis politics to kick serve ruling Milo back literally changed my serve. Com. The ripple effect from real back issues soreness I mean the real kind of back issues like I mean I'd amid back things that affected my heartbeat you know India it. There's nerves involved okay. Now if he's battling something like that and they're just telling us now throw that would explain a lot Tom I've also heard that you know he if you look at his. It was back Rex just to give credit where credit is due here. On who. And it's it's a Twitter right caught a bit of it. But he was if you look at his. Practice sports this year he's been limited early in the week almost every week and this week he's been an industry through. It's possible he had injuries that they're not full. Letting that's my guess I don't think this is just a case of a guy pulling that fast and parts UP is he's bought tickets to an audience that's so that we talked about when he came out yeah it's a guy who. He's never been a guy with the hands of the you know is calling card yet his calling card is being the great athlete and getting open. He's on the ground football players called on the guy gets open and I felt like the body catch and that is it's symptomatic of having. Medium confidence and it's not good attic yet you'll see that go along plea deal. He hit some of those it has in the past obviously that's his value as you'll see you Bobble then he when he's in stride Neitzel concerning particularly if he's injured. Yes I look I think Amara Coopers are really good football player I think he's turned around and actually I think right now it's goodbye and dies duties as long as you can handle taking what's going on a couple weeks because this thing doesn't necessarily and tomorrow you know this thing could go bottle while but he's a major talent. In less there's really significant injury like atlases extent no Cisco something like that. Com you know I think he comes out of this is probably superstar who support them. Right now I lost the week with him on. Easily damaged in the played one and at one point yeah he's tough right now and he's at these allied receive accurate count on him he's that. Picky probably is cars back I think that helps him outlet right now. He's my actual tease them. I think if you have good solid options put in there instead of him. He spent two the question. And he's also the number one graphic for the upcoming Turkey gobble episode next month. I'm very much looking forward to that as people on you'll be I'm on some kind of figuring out how many gobbles began on the it's just bottle at the southern on this that's our shot of us is they. It's art you know as I. I know it necessities of Thanksgiving. I do remember gobbles Hillary you guys are but I don't server it light out. So he's dealing with it. That's that's that's. That's our under underwhelming fantasy football reformers get X number of golf are OK okay so it's pickings get sucked a Aaliyah. Sorry yeah. It's awful slowed it would get up. It's the EU more of the kind of polar types of players that we should. You are married top of the list at this one. Is the guy who while one might doubtless they're out all the guys who a lot of people signaled it is Marie Cox. Yes let's get your MacKinnon in there I'd if you read my com article last week I literally I now. I think exits on the effect of our no Ehrlich don't wanna pick up hurry and do what you wanna do. But consists sit here say this. Macinnis. Yeah I know it's going against logic it's going against history's going it statistics. These better he's the better player at a football right we said pre season though. And everybody's like politics is Marie like people are actually thinking Marie we challenged out and cook. I like what players are it would have been watching. And it's enough against the TVs Murray he's not a guy without benefit each time he has some things to his game that you like. But he just doesn't he doesn't break enough when he gets goal when I let you get if you Murray with some. You can about space I mean he's an ironic back he is that he like if if with CBS Marie was center in the NB AE be that center who sets out three point. You know lender right yeah I mean he you know he's big he's strong but ultimately. You know annual rebound on defense yet. But on offense he doesn't want you be doing a little man. Right he like grouse answer originally Beers like that so you know you have to sort of understand that that you can't judge him based on the physical package is that. He he built like bloat but he'll play like. Though not to go crazy on this just to get the 1%. I forget who played really well last I guess it's I could eat some crow on blood although in my defense I was dead right about this whole eighteen touchdown crown but he looks good give credit. We'll have a say so I can't remember who were talking about earlier he asked those types that we were talking earlier you said he has a tendency to stop. The all its app to root root on the MacKinnon in December conversation. Yeah mimic kittens issue is like he's too patient. Sometimes yes and I think I think it directly comes from being a quirk in made me think of blog because there's never been a guy who's better at being patient than what Garrett one he is so good. He's got such good vision he can he'll actually come to a full stop. And week and it just timeless it seems to stand still and he finds his way Fiennes is that is really fun got to watch run he really news and its targets. It's so much fun to watch him. Cut away from small quick players right is that they're so afraid of him going over them that they don't need to think about maybe they'll cut. So when he does cut you looks like it Barry Sanders sometimes it's very dramatic because guys are so afraid they're gonna get knocked over that there are bracing instead of beat getting ready to move it's it's it's. It's so funny how that works when I hit it would air its dramatic. Right but if he was 210 pounds that cut doesn't where exactly. It it's it's an it's an interesting thing it shows you. Like sometimes people forget the power of the day and what does it does a lot of things you don't actually sees. You know I people who were. And again. Are you know apps on the back. Up like go back and read the things just. One month ago go back and read the things people say about Rico and short hours. Go back and read these so called fancy experts would go to school had not caught anybody by name is the most people like yet but go read the nonsense people were Tony Butler. Talking nonsense. Let's absolute nonsense he's gonna lose his job he's not in it. I mean just nonsense to recall this revelation all of Allen. Who by the way I really like to rig company public. I'm up big fan of that kid I could have it and replace. It and teach it and it should be twenty packet by line and had an honest I don't picky offend parents are you that you'll. I ones that do with look at our yet it's you know it's it's amazing now. Reality doesn't count for anything I guess it's trump America but it. I'm hearing in it in the same span of a get a ten minutes at a time on Twitter I'm hearing people saying that Krishna characters too small. And to recover and the next coming. McCaffrey's got a 42000 gallons but it. But anyway. Size is a big deal when it comes to running backs it doesn't always jump out and scream look I mean it means. But it it makes a big difference in terms of how especially in the second level people approach tackling certain player. Like Carlos Hyde Marshawn Lynch these guys like sad like yeah I knocked couple people early tonight and I'm able Connolly from the late because they're so paranoid about being knocked in the Marines lose that they're not ready for whatever moves them. It's it's it's it's all back you know it's it's 101. For for old school big style running backs. Works yeah it beatle weeks will. If that's it's it's it's you know it's called nature's call. Size and addicts what's fascinating science would. Not to. Look it if you skeptical. About Jordan because of the offense he pleaded no quarterback there all good. But but if you're even then though I think last year you have to at least give it a green salt notes did it last year in bad team situation at a bad no question but it's it's it's what he. Sees. In Italy. We give up on an intersect is two weeks and weeks gave up. One. We were that it was like one quarter of football bailing that's right at. And again I you know what I I'm comfortable with this conversation idol like. You know. Put it it's if you do go back it was that might might require pop the first active. After I was idle little bit of a tournament. I admit it. Be it just because I don't like when non reality is going. And like this idea. That of dominating power back it's giving it to the current trees because some and knee and it came in and lit it up week one and absolutely did yeah. A bomb. And it's. All been watching the last what it's 11. Like him against him all the time. Like two good players exist that's a couple that are getting another separate arms which also sort of you know everybody's talking about the evolution of a running back but there were we talk about new things happening back you'll get to that is the position evolving. Not if it's evolving we can do more things the running backs and the idea. The Chicago is gonna have their two best players and rotate them. In a company's packets. Paper word meaning by topic yeah kind of way appreciate it's just crazy. When you bring colon out into the field. Can tell how yup and it can help calling these two guys and we've seen with McAfee and reflection sweet that are able to create. Openings on the other side and missing thing with a lot of these teams now that are corporate a lot of these. You know plays to get that running backs. It's it's it's a good thing not a bad thing and Colin. And Howard can coexist the issue now I have also co exist for ever because someday Chicago have a receiver on their team for this year. And remember if we go back Chicago rookie quarterback director of your quarterback right so you know. Howard is he is the rudder of that off. The two best players in the and you got the quarterback Michael and passing that supports two rookie albeit it light them. You wanna lean on each of any Max. I actually what might America calls for by name like much but some voters actually compared now but I'm not. I'd summit actually compared Robiskie smaller. I lecture I liked Robiskie. And Hughes I think he's sacked quarterback someone up creature rankings. Does not have hours arm does not. Really good talented player like a lot. Farmers preached for the bridge too far. But so that the it would it would need two weeks in one week in this time I like comparisons but they need to be. On somewhat in yet that I just I I just think it's right. I think it's a little bit disrespectful. To get a six weeks sample of incidental one week's implicit musicality I can judged. I can judge you guys that's Cali off to college right now what. I I like a lot of what its future this yet he's got an NFL single set but to me Yates are much better version of Mark Sanchez. Not not for. You know and I don't mean that about lately extension Saturn of skilled teams wanted to draft of the top ten inches it was not devoid of steel. Used to avoid and yet he's he's got high school wise that's a problem and and and it middle school bringing. Blood. You know if you if you could make Mark Sanchez five pounds bigger and give them like 20% more arm it's pretty good skill set physically and I think Robiskie has that. You know he's he's like Mark Sanchez with a bigger. More accurate or. That's a bat. And wanna sentences. Mental midget and work it. He can. So we added that it negatively. On women and week seven minutes at a buffalo head. He had seven minutes and so he has to welcome. I do you wanna hear some of the high points that you it's the sort come out later today in his content although by the time this this pod posts. The article maybe as well mature less it then. Let's let's start with the patriots. I'd like Brady is playing a lot yeah. Which got pay. So it's 8300 bucks and trappings. That's about where he's been a Korean yes you're gonna have to you're gonna have to pay up. Now there I think there are ways to do it this week because there's a couple running backs early like. We get that second bomb. But the Brady thing it's interesting I I I hate going narrative but I did it. For just like once here because I really do feel that Brady about tickets that's what does the question I've crook I don't have an automatic. You know but I really think that it would not gonna go all Jimmy Mac and on moment there but they definitely know. I think we've seen in the past that Belichick and Brady more than willing to throw an extra touchdown or two in the jets they might not for all but don't edit they get off on his right. Yeah a case about you know if you don't agree with me acting you can Alter my state feel free but I sort of feel like if Brady and a legitimate chance to stick it to the jets a little bit delegates and so on and and in this particular year double four so. It's torture column. So I think you know if this ends up being game and throw the football lot and and pass and the touch downs or passing touchdowns. He can have like 45 yeah. On that because the jets defense while it's not bad. It's the perfect defense for the patriots to light up because they've gotten major weakness. Some teams are good going after week it's it's the patriots are like. I'll the thick of like a EH seed going after releases the outline new record Downey and so on gay rights that are gonna throw away from Claiborne they're gonna killer on the court they're they're you know media growth is that a focus this week with the jets safety plays probably one of their strengths among the whole extra men but on Boston but at the same time their rookies gold so. I thought. I think Ron Katz. Plenty of upside. But yeah big guy that I actually pick an article and actually got ready yet. You yeah yeah Hogan while league what I have written on. Choose your pre stack weapon and again you can also. Wait for Barack. The best move might go haute in cash over cooks the jets will probably let there one good corner Morse Claiborne run with Coke. Cook's most of the day that draws. Actually Hogan which Beatles single coverage if you disagree and think Hogan draws Claiborne in flip cooks a mean to me it's that simple yeah wherever Claiborne is breeze and ago played it yet. On I think. Cook's speed is good demand Claiborne. I think if you clay towards the point 5050% of the field which means to me he's following the best receiver right Tom so I think Hogan is the guy. But it's totally dependent on our clipboard and I know Brady Brady are I don't Abbott's injury can't throw a noble Morse Claiborne. What does things that pre game Belichick are Smart enough to just throw he's your guy like after that's how they do it so calm that's my thesis on them. And added pieces on the patriots sure well here's my one emblem won last picture recommendations. Which is sort of a hedge on the briefing. Thom Hartmann every lineup and I think Eminem at least that the scores coming close. And as a sane thing. You know. That being said after watching more patriots jets game that I can count there's one thing I'm now going full Kate met lawyers. Doing and we'll spend plenty of time on the doorstep and as the yen and they always do and it's it's worse when they're in New York Gillick always on the one. Yeah they like live on the jets up and you could see any any one of Gillis league Dion Lewis an expert can James White all of beauty. But at the ones probably yet. And so I think this is a week where he could. Q2 to three touchdowns. So I think any Zoellick 5500 tracking cookies had a look at you so lucky early announced artistry of unlucky yeah but we all know the truth is that it's random. Some weeks and get them some weeks he's not but the bottom line is this is a week. Hatred should score five yes yes the odds on him getting a local anchors are very low so to me. I'm an have a breeding meticulously lineup so which way whichever way this week goes I've got one good player. Put of this where it was last year and yet blunt you'd be in write notes and getting a lot on his the prediction I'm gonna make this is that had nothing to do with Tennessee football this is football. This is the week that either James Devlin Allard RO Shaughnessy get a touchdown. That's happening gray area that's happening so. I wanna be on Twitter and out. I will be. Don't look so real fast real fast my other quarterbacks and it really like you know probably play these guys debris because they're cheaper and everybody on brief. To Shawn Watson. Then you can say what you want about as far as being a real quarterback. I think he's proven that probably ease I mean I have pretty decent grade on the Mike but yet shot to be an average and QB. They do better that. On but this July agency monster couple of this guy because he wrote flick for easy and he throws the ball down field and he's got beat. This team is so perfect for hip yeah. He's got exactly the cutters usually give them willful a lot of public clips are for crime lab and and any any. And he's playing the rounds this week though and he's only 6700 so I'm definitely peace shall watch it now what's interesting with Watson's. How do you wanna stack and then secondly do we ones that lead. Because he's quarterback where there's less synergy because a lot of his productivity doesn't involve a second player. Like nobody uses is he exactly so. I don't wanna run like an onslaught stack of camera putting a lot of guys with him I wanna meet you pick one guy couple willful. Well I think for I think if you wanna go for winning AG PP probably Fuller who's going to be laurel but Hopkins yeah. If you wanna play it safer pulling cash game or something like that I I think opted to move could she's being targeted like just trees. So I think go either way. If you wanna play that that long game and played EG keep the game Fuller's probably a week ago. The thing news. And it would get this in a written a quick second running out of time. But there's some cheap running backs of elbows with which means it's really easy to force yeah. So it's it's a tough decision and I don't think. Taking both access. That again because I think Washington passes to support this on the other court but that guy or dot Croats yeah yeah. Here's the guy and look at all the rankings and the the best sites to Monday one problem. And I'm here in his name and sneaky feeling that each distribute a big week for Shane Vereen comes. One hell I'll subject you and Mangini. I don't Olympic week see me beat please against that defense but I do you think you're right in it he could capsule balls yeah I think in light when you know when Munis at least keep your plea in a regular world tennis league yet and I think if you're playing catch. Like if you don't need to put escort the moon but. But the good solid value running back yeah yeah I think X yes I think you can catch separate I'm taken like Eli Manning did the rest is going to be dumping five notes that animals are I think you're right I think the issue is can actually make some plays to actually put his number 25 area I don't know about. But the movie yet right. On OK the other quarterback and his record his cousins. Now let's. Face it team coming across country that it's pretty obvious yet from it. Well move quickly that short hour we hit I like him against the ravens 15100 Marines are a little bit of a full towards Ron yeah. And the vast right and then. The two seats facts that other Peters has gone it's classic you actually your name is in the articles. On Macs do yet Jim Hackett. Jim Hackett and Diallo solving value that it has this week and also Camara both of them yet on incomes of 44. Electoral. At home versatile line blows to but he brought it back out well and talk about the chock having everybody's account again com. So a bit and the other side escobar's here for five. That's pretty good yes so I think you know. You don't put these guys in the same lineup obviously but I think having some Ingram lineups and also some Camara lineups. Makes sense of drafting you know with PDF format Camara the right. Yes so I think both of the saints running backs their two remaining running backs. Our interest and in the other when we also what. Can you a little bit on it. On I don't talked about before there. Jerks like 4100. So horizon yet this is a guy height float along time finally. As a hub router notices the irony of this is his wont last to cost game and totally. Assets would kill me but I you know I didn't care our side executed finally getting. So what is his just desserts yeah its it's a really good football player and I'd away for a dynasty league. You know be careful about moving him I don't discuss free agent on I got them from blocking keep he could get in Dublin new gig somewhere like that interest that's interest he's going it's the Packers in game. Sure the Packers to get a three score lead in this game they're playing well that doesn't hurt chair dedicated folks. So which it is in good shape with a clear head even or behind in this game 42 bucks. So we're sitting here running back police he's 5500 powers for you know and entered the saints' backs were 45 and 44 and it's 41 who's so. You get an expert QB I suite you can get all the titans receivers you want if you would please. So. Calm so the other some good action after this week and then. We're we're out of time there. And as a seminary these recommendations are gonna see I don't WEEI dot com and yes it is what it is blog of him as he PH and I will I will read twos. Ryan Hannibal was nice and so. He was good news very good about that we will loan be talking on Sunday morning for the fantasy football. They student folks and catches. On the mice on Sunday. Well.