WEEI Fantasy Football Podcast Week 9 2017

Fantasy Football Podcast
Friday, November 3rd

What a week!  Garoppolo to the 49ers & the future for the Pats.  The NFL & Zeke Elliot.  Deshaun Watson goes down for the year giving Fantasy Footballers more reasons to mourn during an unprecedented year of high profile injuries. Jay Ajayi to Philly, Kelvin Benjamin to Buffalo and Josh Gordon has been reinstated.  Got questions about what this means to you and your Fantasy Football life? Pete Davidson and Jim Hackett have you covered.  Listen right here for answers and c’mon back this Sunday at 8:00am for “The Fantasy Football Hour” LIVE on the WEEI Sports Radio Network.


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Is this the fantasy football power. With Jim Hackett and Pete Davidson who grew. Presented by Dre. Clark Chrysler. Dodge Ram. Well ladies and gentlemen enacted the Davidson here in the sequel often view them you guys Friday podcast remember the third. We have a tight window units and you can Celtics podcast and you know 1 o'clock that we are gonna hang out a quick thirty to thirty it. Extravaganza in what might be the busiest we've got to remember that now. Unbelievable as much time as we can I think the end of this podcast should be dissent be being forcibly removed against her well from the studio. Yeah well and it's a goalless at the forcibly remove me do this in other news this week it will get it to off off off off. Up top off cam drop microphone where Gloria. Let's stick to football for now. Our rights of the biggest that the bill lot of fantasy news this week people that obviously I like. Sport is about lawyers. Scurry by just like it from my lineup again but the good dealt thing if you had a chimpanzee. With a wall at that yeah 35 minute. Extravaganza in what might be the busiest week I can remember in the NFL unbelievable. Make as much time as we can I think the end of this podcast should be December BB forcibly removed against her well from the studio. Yeah well it's a goalless at the forcibly remove me do some other news this week it will get into off off off off. Up top off camera microphone where Gloria. Let's stick to football for now. Our rights of the biggest the the bill lot of fantasy news this week people that obviously. I love let's say I love when fantasy sports is about lawyers. Only screen I think it's it's great. I just don't like it from my lineup that again but the good dealt thing if you had a champions the with a wall at that yes and all that said no it is the use directive was that both theses at the law. You get better decisions at least 50%. Well it you know Austria best players were often referred to date traders Russia. I think I hit a little bit more of this and we're just gonna be gay drinkers yeah. It. If you break breaking bad. And I got a note from debt draft kings earlier in the week it's that if Phyllis out and you know get it out your congressperson so that we can keep DFS up Padilla says players can certainly I will I'm glad to give them my cell phone number but. I complied a given moment. Like my home number would have been an old by the way but pulled a lot of foam. They writes let's get let's get into and the topic of the top of visual art when Jimmy go up load to the niners Boyer in a number two pick. It directly coming back to new England and look we conceived out so. Good is because we're going to talk in this podcast for a long time I said this is going to end massively. Its either gonna and ghastly that you gonna lose Brady earlier than you want when you gonna lose drop below because you can't hold onto it was going through. To lose one of them right. Yeah I mean it's the here's the reality that some patriots as I guess to their and adjusted to the nature of these things on line. Google apple thing goes down and all rational people to crowd out in your area from two groups of people forty niner fans and hatred but yeah. And all of those books are blinded by their passion for their teams. So you know it's either blow out for one side to the other. And you know you'll be completely unrealistic ideas about how the patriots kept drop below and it's because of the psychological thing that happened. As but the longer he sits around becomes heir apparent the more he becomes this mythical thing that he's. Some people already have to give all pain. You know and have you know Egypt aren't big candidates kids I sincerely like to be a problem always have for from long before he was a patriot. The bullet. Still unproven quarterback no doubt so. Six quarters there are really good quarter as they always looked good in pre season he's got the tools things that we like. Here is patriots fans quick release that we've gotten so used to for sixteen years of Brady throws a nice long ball has got good instincts like the packages there. But. It's unproven beyond six quarters and pre season that's at. Well yes and as it is what it once but I talked it is position coach the guys working with this whole. Like football lights went out that the come by and he was very. Blunt about. You know what changed that what you're not good that and his biggest concern for Virginia was taking it up. He was very uncertain as to whether he's going to be able to hold up physically as an NFL quarterback that was his big concern. Whether that particular play was wade violently. And I think I think same thing for the patriots still think they have audit doubts as to the problem complex. And how this becomes a huge factor now please don't go into a bad thing yes with a bad line I was only kangaroo up like this it's gonna make it to the patriots know how to protect the quarterback right. You know how to give the idea that team needs to get ill conceived it he can get the ball out of his hand economic businesses are all the politic a lot of unnecessary hit. And can the patriots got a coach. Him opting out of puts a random act but you have a great spot. Now he's going to place the tree building now we you know. Which is good football she had into good coach I think you know certainly this could work out very well for them wise. Beat interim going to be Dicey. We got the line we got you know nobody can throw too if you could start game this year. You know it's so funny to people always say oh boy you know yes sure is gonna struggle this year there's nobody around them but. The minute it actually happens in you have to get people throw that out the window and I don't like the way it looks that looks bad it was a bad decision. Everybody looks bad which it is melting program yeah. Look at golf last year. People thought he couldn't. You look you look terribly look at he didn't belong in the league right. So and so that's the difference between bat putting in good footing when you're at the center of an NFL put. Football game the quarterback when it's all going south it's really hard to look good at lecture like Brett Favre. Right who tell you did just created in madness utter madness. Who control and a tiny window to create windows and and headed dissident anticipation you know it's in you know are obviously got his own problems and pushing those awful copper things but the pats. Stepped up well. That whole other story in tight scene muscle thing it's funny I mean there was no. But it its interest in the economic picture and this have to be good right I have to because it did it's what they said this publish your quarterback next year. Yeah I look at I think I think. Yeah if you if you take a step back which he did a couple days says as a fan right to take a step back and take a breath. He is the breath you need rob below is a second round pick a later second they're getting an early second round they have been there. Right the last couple drastic basically punted on and making trades that the got you going to see. What the patriots did between Michael nine and 2012 which is really stock stock copy gonna see some trade down to get volume of picks back. In this humble and you are valuable. What do they do what they do with the pick in the thirty area last year Brandon Cox yeah throw it. If they take their natural first round pick. And turn it as something that looks and smells a lot like Brandon Cox yep. That's a pretty desperate to back it up to you know use for alignment or whatever they deemed in need. I think they did okay. Yeah no question about it and then and then like you know. Looking at you have as I said it was going to end massively OK you don't have the security blanket of go Rob Lowe you don't have the pretty sure war the pretty short succession plan that we all wanted. That doesn't mean there won't be another succession plan and I think. Well that's the other thing looked like I think you look at it this way. You were at a time drop yeah. I'm sure when they brought him in second here today we think this guy can be the future they're looking pretty good two or three lawyers for on the we go to this kid or expectant. It was five or six years. And time is running out and you have to choose and as much as they like this kid there's just no rational way to get rid of Tom Brady less. Clearly about to go component there's just no way. He's playing as well as he's ever played and he's always doing really well. You look you have to draft its speed but quarterback this year. So what they have the ability to do and they may have already gonna pro we know they may already have five names circled on their she'd go oh yeah. Becomes our next go up well yep we're gonna have two years to get it up to speed. You know that they just brought themselves and I remember how the first twelve works so now they have two picks very close together so they have back quarterback that they really like. And you can do not see in the the first round they can take with the first round pick and correct me if I'm wrong but I think you can you can get a fifty year. Yes and out of control over the player so they've put themselves in a pretty good position. A better salary for the cap purposes to. Bakley yeah exactly so now you go and yeah I mean yes it would have been nice if you could have made that perfect transition. But I think they reset the deck pretty well given the situation. Yep idea to idea to me you know what and you can expect you can expect them to compile picks it if not trade for them that for a guy like cooks like you said. And start to rebuild because they have some holes there that some holes they need to fill it at some injuries Bryant and growing. Not be a wide receiver this time he might be allowed tackler exactly or order a middle linebacker. Or cornerback or whatever. Yet Dana. It ends and now what you've done you've actually giving yourself an opportunity to franchise Malcolm Butler and give your secondary you know the luck in another shot. And you know no way to look at. There's no missing the team that. That that wins that's the team that is serious about winning. Teams that are serious about winning don't lock down thirty the forty million dollars for two players at the same position. No doubt there's there's just move it if they were gonna make a commitment to drop below. Moving up from Brady at that same time had to be part of the transaction and I can't blame them for saying we're gonna take another year to free its number eighty. Yeah and it's just the waste fight you know I set this very studio we're using in the and another studio in this studio. In 2014 you and I had a debate we set up gag this is like you know when they when they started. 14 that'd be excited I win against the vandals and everything turned around were on the Cincinnati that'll thing. And we talked about is how long would you would you go over under three years and I went over. You know I went over and dead in anticipated this being a messy problem at some point I think they did I think they did as well as you can do. Trying to drag it out as long as they could and now they move on and done that. And I think there's a fair chance the patriots have been burned on that but he usually. It. There's not a lot they can do about it right you know center. You'd walk away from Brady to make this clean and you know I. I give the patriots so much credit for being able to bite the bullet they do it all the time they make a lot of hard decisions yet. But walking relief and Tom Brady. I mean that's. We look back like that that that national credit card commercial where party operates on himself. Compete economically speaking part of your own pot yeah bureau body yet it's a well I I. The of the witnesses I think if finally reached their breaking point do you know doing cold business with Tom Brady's. A bridge too far even for Belcher that's much. The last thing I'll say on this is at a very fortunate to get me back up quarterback becomes comes in here with a couple things one he knows the system to. But too he's also got some real NFL game experience under his belt recently. You know yeah popular if Brady where it tragically get knocked out he's not gonna take in the promised land but he's screwed up an app and not too much I think he's going to be our guy. That's the thing I mean you what you really want her back up quarterback what you want as a starter goes down for three to four weeks you need to go to kings split. To keep you have got to keep everything on the table. You can do that you know two and two weekend. You can't tell you got your back up quarterback who wrote yep no doubt about you know I speak speak of the quarterbacks. Big bad news this thing just yet apple and a lot of people criticizing them but it didn't do the deal in August. The thing is deleted. It. That would and they don't know what he's gonna look like right in October. In August right because he's at that point now where did just that that's the thing with DH cliff. It's one minute you're on the good side of it up and the next minute you're on the wrong side that's why they call the cliff. Face he's you fall off of it right. All right so no debris and it is amazing but. He's human being until proven otherwise and to consider the clips where everybody gets it eventually and so. You know now they're in jeopardy yes ability going over the cliff and they might have to scramble a little bit. But the other option is forcefully over the put you right so you'd. It's. The right that you. The only way you can have the problem that the patriots have is to have one of the top five quarterback in history. It's been nice problem to. And yet that's exactly know that that's exactly what they. All right I think that's well well documented that you and iron agreement on that by boat but different points of it which is good so glad we got to discuss that. I don't know you know. For a couple of days ago. My. Or bring up another quarterback in things got really dark on Thursday night before the game with you Shawn Watson and like you know when this event. As could I do I just kiss willful or go by my little my little baby wrapped in a in a one dollar auction president was so proud of you know now what we're learning from and Tom savage can find them. I had it my my team there's a league you that I play and where might he was. It was all built around David Johnson yet. And that team right now as the one seeded Nathalie. Which you know one of my better achievements this year yeah. But unfortunately the core of that team is coated it because it's such as DJ. Because at Hopkins he was a big part of what was going on and divide they Adam's big part of what's going you and you know. Now I'm you know tethered to a you know I humbly. And savage dog like it has been savaged. Yes it. It took a savage beating and in additional Watson this doesn't I was talking to mom. Nick Stephens at WA AF he's one of the afternoon she guys over there comedian he did a lot of stuff in New York you might be familiar with the human recognized face great guy. You know the Matty nixonian if he's a big fancy guy was since the show he runs he listens. We talked Tennessee all the time and always. And and he's like he's like the fun you know any need we having this conversation like on and on Wednesday. While his we just say a saint but his point. As if on this years ago we go through all the injuries and all this all the nonsense of suspensions all as bubbled up. As you know is a couple fun stories like one as the shy and lots in the of this willful we named a couple and then come a day. According cheers ACL and practice like come on what is going on so. I. Had to show consulate one of the best of young stories to look forward to giving some oxygen. For each he has had this is like its fourth significant injuries so unfortunately this. I just hope this isn't what his career ends up being about but you have to say. And you know in it but with all the injuries like David Johnson I have an anomaly that we competed at exactly five minutes of the first quarter of the first game and the need to address that. Terrible but like. So we're talking about additional what was that guy was mostly on the waiver wire and gave a big boost to teams that lost players early it's like RI can make this up a little bit. And now he's gone is polish its image for instance as a California. It's I mean is that a lot Rogers. Kasich John Watson. Now lots it's just it's it's one big long sad story and then you know at the middle you've got you know he delegates and is. Saying we're you know I've talked about this before it's like you know I'd really like to focus on is whether he does it creep or not right. We don't know you know we don't know whether that woman was really trying to play him or whether there was something really awful going on where he's. That dude that and the NF that was a really good job of not cleaning up at all doing a shoddy. Investigation with all types of like compromised. People on both sides of the thing you go giants fans involved in the legal process it's just. And you can't make this stuff up only the NFL can run stop this way and think it smells clean. Right. It's unbelievable because yeah of people but it is serious situation which you give out. What this woman abused or not right now it's about that. Yeah it's about it's also about. You know it puts fantasy football people in a weird spot like Jack are celebrating a fact that he's going to be like or orb to be morning effect is not gonna play and the real story gets Barry because it's such as shoot shell it's taken so after the long neglect. To figure in the important ones that I have invested money in and Iowa and even hopped in January was play right it I just want closure to tell me what the heck is going and I do like concordia and so I felt. We can debate about that. Is that what's going on board sunstone yeah definitely I think and I think it's just. I feel like forty I felt like an outlet and in the doctor's office it was my wallet it's it's just it's. It's awful and and and the NFL. Should be ashamed of themselves because you've got to know that your process. Can go a round in court. Which it is this is the ultimate outcome of the suspension wires suspending people. And a it just missing police again the chip into crazies on the wall better than an animated. Edits in it. Kudos brutal and I'd you know Jerry Jones is it is an apps it's human excrement as far as I'm concerned that a huge evidently people in charge security detail. The enemy of my enemy is my friend yeah exactly. Autumn is it is to Google have to go by as much as we wanna make are about to demo it's also about the players' association about these two groups not being able to get together. And come up with this system but it doesn't end up with moments and moments of process. Before we actually get to some kind of conclusion at least it was example one nothing got cleaned up this is pulling out the same exact wayward just hanging over everybody's head. Yeah you know again in other Arab insists so tiresome. And finally you get some closure on a three year Odyssey this week with Josh Gordon there's another one group. That. I would guess of course closure. But yeah I mean he's gonna get another chance. And we'll find out. You know the big it's for anybody who's ever known somebody who's got real substance problems must run. Its. We don't know anything right now the real answers are gonna come when this guy starts. Catching touchdowns in his own sports center and has microphones in front of them and all that adrenaline comes back and people calling him. You know of football again and all the policies are surrounded on the run that Greg actually and I supposed to do that in impenetrable impenetrable healing comes back anything in. Do away with anything yet so. Or he feels the stress and needs to trick or whatever the heck happened and so. You know. An addict is never out of the woods. And yes it's good that you're. Maintain some level of sobriety over the last couple months and given them another shot. And I do you think in spur certain fantasy teams seem expenses and as a as a pick up. Bullet. I mean this sort of a long shot even though it does help to this year. Yeah no doubt I drafted him in one of the big leagues that we played just hoping to take a dart throw but. I was gonna hold onto it forever waivers you know you have bags I Elmo yeah I just. And that's illegal my receivers have been killing me oh you're my running backs are Kris it was worth a shot right I've got Russell Wilson quarterback would yet one more possible. Guys who don't kill me at receivers is were were the roster spots what we've got. Yeah and I the same the thinking on Mike Collette good for a good. I would like Google didn't bring it up and from Iraq and let one digital stunt he considered for a I'd. Ultimately be justified and not so much. Our. Now it's a given deluxe another one in India but so if gore was a guy was gonna stash say maybe this guy can win the elite that I just couldn't hold on dorm. So long I decide doesn't hold onto until about mid October and then I just dumped from the get some and I needed during a bye week you know. Unless you are leading the charge in lectured team that has got like an inside track on the buy right now Gordon really isn't that appealing right. Did you not to have the guts to play in week thirteen years on the field. You know but if your team where you think you're next meaningful game as we stick king yes. Well then and I don't have to ability to go about lights up in week thirteen of fourteen early to help but the guy in the game and might result. Right but I've I've been holding until all yearlong in the Scott fishbowl because. That's all about catching lightning in a bottle. You know trying to get through those playoffs so I don't know following up ever playing Gordon that leaguer not but. On them on the chin and he was seeded in the eighties of them happened. On the bench. It is it's the old curtain which it's the only steel Robert Meachem dynamic activities go the current events parade and you can't. You know going to get up lamb best ballplayer but. John Mitchum you later. But obviously. And he may yet we get we get the fifteen minute warning but and. All right so let's get to. A little good news is some good news now rookie that. We've been excited about you know all year along with god is in the week seven in the week it was the bye for the titans but we nine. Is going to the arrival of and Corey Davis that it is going to be fun to see now Erica an awful but some of that has been off Ontario has been Miree mediocre so maybe as some some oxygen out of. Banged up his office and then look you know one good thing about coming out of Tennessee right now is it the continues to go bad. Maybe they'll fire Malarkey. The because I mean an offensive coach coming in would be so good for that team. So I'd love to see Malarkey gone but. Apart from that. Marietta is slowly getting healthier and now he gets back. Somebody who can actually be out for receiver for them yeah that makes everybody else slide into roles that they actually did it. And maybe that offense can McCracken. Yeah and you were shot Matthews has been. Pretty good he should only get better I wonder if Decker might actually be something now. Decker lefties were sort of exposed. As. Trying to get a number one receivers they're not up to deny. That are good professional receivers but they're better at this point working against number two corners yeah. And you know Delanie Walker been banged up. Mean DeMarco Murray's been banged up and Marietta itself is that stuff so. You know. And obviously David Paula you're banged up with a hamstring sort of keep stepping on the field really ready to go. If you can this be wet this week and look good use this to be a guy where you're excited putting it into your fantasy lineups as soon as we type. Yeah and you might be if you navy picked up marry owed on the cheap doesn't buy low. Or is up until we have allies student who picked him up you might reap some benefits of the quarterback position to with him being injecting scenarios should have done I know he's on sounds crazy and he's like. At worst top fifteen and a bad week of the bad matchup but. He has talked to someone yesterday about that so that it just pick them up like get him yeah thankful. It's still he'll have a big game and everybody to be right back on the best way yep. That's the way it goes by it's acquitted it's important got to watch this week and next. Next up like it's not vote what what what what happens. In buffalo either Tyrod Taylor a nice night on there isn't a football loss against a jets. Team definitely looking neuroses against their own films right livable right but like you know tiger gets over though I think in media one more win and yeah schedule actually it's real now that yeah I think teams yet are gonna take about they want to end up five and eleven. Has got to see six intent feels about right for the jets. If they get there it's probably one million Sudanese side of the quarterback went out you just yet exactly it's 121 win do many. But but I odd tale has been playing well has been a good decent. Where in the jets' front office right now someone's going to complete other to like in the camera yeah. A Democrat he's actually played pretty well. Well yeah the policies I mean he's a decent quarterback I'd just shocked that these last this long I was almost positive he would. He knocked out with in the first three games but he keeps getting up. He's for dealing yeah yeah he's been the league Jason. Freddy Kruger it's a convenient you can keep coming but. I do wanna talk about title of the because he's a very good little fantasy player com and his passing numbers have been decent. Enough but that you're getting the touchdowns in the rushing yards he's putting up big big numbers. And now he's got a new little toy in buffalo with Calvin. Yeah big big. Big tall toys. It just submerged underwater. At the right back. It's a little bubbly but that's again we're gonna wrap. That's right yeah. Yeah I think that engine didn't is a critic at for them didn't pay anything definite article on the State's help if I think that attitude develops with Taylor. And that's not a good thing for it but I think it would it would. Except that particular. Pete Davidson broadcasting live from the past from the showers brought to you by colors. You just came back art good. So that's not yet. That that particular Benjamin is that when they get inside the 28 it's gonna really help because now there's a guy that he can throw that. Even when he's covered. Right verses O'Leary's at a big target and he's not what you wanted to look at and charms. Yes. Going to crap. It's so yep that's it's a great move for buffalo give them a lot of credit. You know I don't know why Carolina did what they did. Probably just because they were gonna payment they wanted to get something. And there's an interest in stat means they've actually won a lot more games without bench and sun. So one of those things you know whether it's. You know it might it might be sort of just one of those things but it. I don't think they're fearful playing without him this allowed them to maybe you McCaffery mores of to a receiver allowed them to get more snaps percent annual. NS and they must feel fairly confident that Greg Olsen gonna come back and a couple of weeks in the CEO coach. And they mice and they must like that they seem from DeVon phone system you know maybe they think he can deal Mormon now for a guy obvious to simulate the guy who. Probably gets the most gain in punches is rob obviously is the same half. That's something a lot of a lot of interest people were spiking the ball well the problem and I'm sort of a credit to get up the proper. Order be getting a lot of snaps already getting a lot of targets. And I think now the number one corner swing to him yeah. Yeah so I don't know. It'll be interesting to see if he gets a nice when that bomb. It's you know the step on May end up going to guys like shepherd. You know or work. Or mechanical apprehension. Yeah I think you're right they hope we find this can keep his value in the red zone yes that is of that to the giant target that he has. Yes I'm not serious value good down I don't think I you know I think my my guess is that you'll get. A moderate on been snapped some moderate on been targeted and hit at targets and it'll probably be offset by facing tougher coverage. Yeah I think you're probably right let's get to more situations towards the wrap up in the rule of a dandy Visio ones and at the Tennessee football clock. And publisher for more time pizza we're gonna gonna stay tuned on that. But the 201 again and yet before we get kicked out. JA GIE to Philadelphia like I mean that it all sorts of fantasy stuff going on there so preach. That was that was preaching to do every week is one of those things are just gonna have to watch it play out I mean obviously I don't trust the coaches when they say it's still wants jobs. IDC retreated on that and wrote their wrong. So at Philadelphia's. Wrong wrong I mean I don't but at the same token which I hadn't been running out well. And now we have to come in and run a different scheme now the other sorting by the better offensive lines so. This could be a real bummer for fantasy people who are excited about it jockey it could just be it the kind of thing where. And don't be shocked if it's small would still a factor impasse. I know he's got released. He got released a lot in the in the fantasy world and as he was a role worlds and I could drop you know. And rightfully so I don't think small it's going to be saying but you might be just opened up of the patent the quiet right you know to tick off which I feel that you so. This might be the kind of thing where it you know. Nokia and care about intensity will be the other very happy to creating a very cannery DeMarco Murray kind of packed field. With a twist of small wood up just. Absolutely like Pat Hill like the pitcher. Exactly exactly. And so you know admitted Peterson was there in Kansas City you know. Architecture with Aston I think it like the idea of you know. Moving back in and after the game that it indeed conformity with it musical and that more than people figured they would yeah so. Incredibly if you offer people have they're running backs ticket I. A question. You know. Let's all I Micah would be that's so important it goes to a jockey and he could really go nuts. Bullet I would bet outside that. Yet you don't want to sit and watch it a little bit and think matchups you know think matchups until plays itself but the big the big story in inaccurate piece that happens in Miami. Which is kind of exciting you know that the notre. Big part. Jim but it's all bark and rated. And you know. Injury. There's always been a disconnect. Between the obvious physical tools. In the field. But there's also a pretty nice little highlight reel in injury if you wanna watch it you know this guy can do a lot of things. He can take a long shortly and turn it into along plate got you know pretty good hands. Reversal players and you know everybody's sort of has its its a weird Williams is the big back streak of smaller back but it is converting it and assuming that Williams is going to be passing them back right because he has been in the past. My gut says they want these guys to be interchangeable. That they don't want to be they don't want their tendencies to be. Known just because of which back in the game at different times so I think these guys I think both of these guys to be multiple. On and I think they want Drake to take it you know now I don't know that well. Like he completed at a point where this guy is getting 45 snaps in fifteen post such as that we can. He's going to be interest being for fantasy you know could it PP only seem to be fifteen cherry. Street fight catch every week at a guy. Devaluing injury no question don't and the other thing I think is that people are sort of just. Assuming that he can't be big time I think that that's not a good assumption I think he could conceivably be Dick. Yeah one I don't know why it's as if seeking these out there grab bomb. And see if he can't as now when it's all about regulating and abolish the death. As you know the other day I I you know everybody or everybody's patting me on Twitter saying which Dallas I should I guess I'm going Kendrick. To get that and look what happened you know back you sit literally under without fully backs go in our public thirty blocks back. Yeah. You know people that trait for a little bit less probably so. A rod Smith for the goose that just white not navy and I mean you know again thank you NFL. Yeah now wish crude week free. And now. If it I mean it's it's I mean how many people this week a lot. A lot I'm a two minute warning that 12 minutes does the scene despite angry at the top acquitted at I was gonna say Jacksonville you know mark Easley is questionable. And one DUS human yeah sure that. We didn't mean he's got a lot this week I hit it's hard to say that he's gonna come out and just light it up from the Deco but. You know he was the guy who was disrespect into the draft process never really understood it. He was a guy who clearly and I mean cook clearly at a NFL chops. I think SK and so on now he's a little bit of no off field thing you know he's a little bit. You know there's been some stuff with him from the neck up but in terms of talent. I mean. He's you know an above average NFL slot talent there's no doubt in my mind yet and you know that's. Really what put the world needs right now so. And that gets tracked on the outside yarns and only a good and it should create some space.