The WEEI Fantasy Football Podcast - Week Two Edition - 09-14-18

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Friday, September 14th
Jim Hackett and Pete Davidson preview week 2 in the NFL and get you all the fantasy football insight.

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Hello everybody Jim Hackett beat Davidson it is Friday September 14 that he Tennessee football podcast will bonus special boy you'll be back on there. On Sunday live at any out last week we an hour to hour extravaganza on Saturday night. And happy now we're joking it's been like since Saturday night radio's Alex you're spinning classic rock classic rock and we had a good show with a lot done. But we're back live in the studio lie eased to 9 on Sunday morning and you know be a lot of questions and that's 379%. Rate reported the light on him know he's good company. Thought further ado mr. Pete Davidson all right and stuff but I'm good mentally do. Just along the lines of what you're saying I'm in the process right now keeping my sleep cycle back early mode. Yeah last week or so I I I I altered mice he processed it. To be an old guy is actually awake it'll cost you consensus within on Sunday as it's been rare in that part was Iraq. But. Yeah I it was it was fun being done on here and senator I was. Army had two hours ago we can leave you got to yuk it up a lot and we actually were able to talk pats like the first. You know it's a right quarter to a third of the shell and then we walked the whole NFL slip Gilliam and get to as the last Monday night game so. We had put anytime we can really we can take time we could yet off recent data we should skip the jets entirely. Talk to a Republican that did the jets the jets is that they don't come looking back on Monday night I refuse to buy. A not happen and I area and you know like a Red Sox fan before 2004 you know. Yes that's true of your absolute right of our patriots and the like before role on that date today for Parcells took the job yes. Because that's you know and that's. Probably talked about this before but that's what I think. Maybe one of the under. Appreciated parts of the whole patriot. Sued venom Mort I his value right where I was the guy in the students on an ominous and in a podcast unionized if faces the main studio are right. And Dale Arnold enrich Kiefer in there right now legal line it's about 130 in the afternoon and I was new I was on route 128. In Burlington coming off of that exit 33 B and when dale gave Mondale as the mid day guys he is now. And he announced that Robert Kraft bought the team I was like hump in my fist thought our guys. I get because I thought because at that point you know they'd won their last four games. And in. It would take James north wind who. Was from these and united bush guy. He was gonna bring in the Saint Louis it was like. They just didn't Goodling think they've got Parcells that just getting good they've got Bledsoe who won four row. They're gonna (%expletive) in Saint Louis tonight as the Sox. And out of the season ticket holder and then. But dale announced that Greg Kraft with its aircraft as a serial Kraft bought the team and then off they went in it was just unbelievable and so yeah that's a big we we it gets talked about around here is like the you know that the kind of the patriots like gum. Now mount Rushmore the likeness like up like a pie you know in terms of like. Where the most value is like Belichick's got probably the biggest piece in Brady's got the biggest and pieces because Belichick and Kraft and Parcells gets. Parcells gets piece of that pie as well as does what itself in the paint as at and here's a here's here's get that this is going to be an unpopular take. Here my whole not get a little earlier well unrepentant but but. Pete Carroll's compartment. Which is I know people won't agree with that name just because you're seekers before west practice approach. No no no that's that it it's here's here's what appears opposite is that what you're depart social office in 1990 glory and a degree in 93 so here's here's my point. Starting in 93. And from that point till today. The patriots have always had a tough like coach now we didn't know Pete Carroll was back then but this turns out he was and as a jet fan I knew it. Because he never should have been fired. I remember you saying that he's like a football nerd I was environment disguised soft I don't like a man. What that was his rap coming at New York yes he'll have a team play basketball like a barbecue. Slaw. Which was of course stupid but you know doesn't went fishing and shakers exam once those like Paul it's the New York media. Anything but. Com. But here's my point my point is the second they brought him Parcells. Professional coach. Maya and and and and the whole organizational shift occurs and as Jeff and I saw it happen Parcells came to he starts firing people all are all over the organization yeah he has no tolerance for fools no tolerance for people who aren't. On board. I remember his famous quote when he came to the jets was the complete departments on the fourth floor. And it's a three floor build the kind of on and but. So to me the patriots becoming a great organization started in 93. And win no question what Parcells. Laughed and Carol came in for what was two years. Now he was approved the use of mystery as the leaders Pete Carroll it was a ten and 697. Neat neat you went right and coming off of eleven and five and suitable parents right right so Carroll didn't light up. But. All the players and organization we're going to coach. So what happened for the patriots from 93 to Belichick started. You had good coaching yet so you had players in the system knew how to work hard who out of the polished who. We're getting the proper information technique yet and been Belichick comes in resort it seems that that could. What Belichick was first year he went five and 115 and eleven Belichick comes in installs a system does a little bit going back to go forward and it. Oh the big into that the big thing in 2000 when he took a moment went five and one was. On there're couple things one. That that team was still. Kind of looking back at the Parcells team that went to the suitable for years ago. Right and it helps that team when you bring in a bunch of those old guys yet so they had some of those remnant of those like remnant hearts yeah I'm talking about coach guys yet. But dumb but in terms of players right and they went five and Lenin and and and other forget what the full back to the pitchers have always had the good strong. Impact there's a fullback right now it's Jim James Devlin you know adding insult and run and pass as though but Batman. Parcels of service those Jeremy yeah yes he does you know enforce islands thousands sides does that you know. Is the irony that is Jeremy Ohio hustling his ass off yeah and that's what its annual like kill them to be lazy at W I I yeah I think he Ike. I don't like use of that word black in laws he was playing electric I was satisfied yet and not a good thing for him because his film his rookie year is ushered out you were the opposite views hungry player yeah. And he looked like a hungry player for the patriots this year it's playing country received that Alter mean Elvis got a lot of talent. Com and it's a shame that. You know news Sausalito and if so is Devlin then calm and I saw that I do with a I don't the first sought like yeah that's the way around you know you can you can see it there's no way that was definitely it's a surprise it's powerful guy. But where it was going that would as we've always had guys like that in the think Kevin turner and Sam Katyusha Belichick brought a lot of those guys from the jets guys like Robert Rudolph and yeah. Victor green. You know autos like climate or sexy but they get it done right you know. So whoever is willing to commit they're gonna market. Woods and I'll never forget elegant and all one when they started winning and he was on. On the big show and the like is the guys you guys are just the way you'd just winning you just when you've been people miss that first miracle you know the pictures from the personable and you'll. They weren't a comeback kids are winning in the last minute like crazy plays David Patten like powerball on his head went out of bounds like also it's stuff like that it's 2002001. But market was as the fullback than he exits that the problem of getting as you know I would tell you in the last year were five and eleven. He goes every game was like that is well it's the plays didn't go away. And in in what what changed from those two years was parcels when. These are Belichick went out any got a bunch of like really impact plays and he started to change the complexion of what was the remaining. Cold War. Of 96. Right and making given them their own identity in 01 but keeping the core pieces of law. McGinest. Troy Brown rice Vinatieri right and then on the pieces in in in our order but an infant but that also like those guys. Dated pat. I just you know he was that the Bryant Cox you know yet. Well I order a short article like that cannot August 30 that it's a few clues and on the pitcher's approach the QB of the future is that basically what they're gonna do is again do they always do. So I don't rattle off in all one you mentioned a guy Patten and Patten wasn't one of holdovers. He was when he was one of the free agents so right then that's yet to yes I hear anybody here in the free agents they went out and got that year and there was a some of them okay you know one. So he had the core guys here they need to kind of forget that they with a Parcells 96 of noble loser but they kept the core guys that kept title Willie McGinest. Troy Brown Adam Vinatieri made a couple of thousand Tebucky them I think about but here the freeagent guys again. They got Mike Vrabel. Roman Phifer. Brian Cox Cox was huge. Antoine Smith. Bobby Hamilton but about DM was there aren't. He's littlest guy Anthony pleasant Anthony pleasant perfect except yup. Those guys didn't even notice them but that was sort of a point yup but don't make mistakes. Yeah and and that's really what that's really what kind of change so you're right the foundation was built back in 93 went all the way through. You know in the Guinness finally second healthy teeth and that was a big deal he was never healthy and it they had what I think is all favor. On that roster that wasn't named Tom Brady which is Thai laws that they had some pieces. They had those pieces were a little frustrated came off a sheet a year in 2000 anymore. It is seem they drafted the next that that you write use a drive to excel right now doesn't those additions you know enemy and so it was. That's kind of how at all starter role and in and. Yeah we've talked about this but that was back when the patriots were the only team in football point 34 yes yeah all those hybrid linebackers they were able to get out tonight. Where you action to pay for those guys now right but back then when Parcells left chats. Belichick is that the only guy I've football running scheme. Yes so it the Russell league was doing a 43. Right and like the patriot you know so it's like okay well Mike Vrabel was like free right. So we can get OK what we could go get the twentieth best. You know 43 player or we gonna get the third best 34 well let's go that way and they did in the one. And management but yet Belichick closest he's an opportunist yet zig when he's back he has yet. All right so we took a trip down memory knows fund that's actually we as a country a launches I. But we should we should cut and paste that in put it in the dead the dead reference society and it's and it's gonna be we gotta now we love the debt rougher decided yet sweet but. There's a reason that the reference again. But it did tweeters and at at WEI hacks on that are a lot of the if you wanna hear that the dead references ID podcast I'll I'll do it every week. I'll do it every week and even your reasons it is a veteran doesn't that reference that there cook it. At that out because pack this. For those who kept that subtle reference. The jury Michael this week after I've added all the golfers haven't thrown some references and like all my calls and they are eligible got one eye through. I mean you know what here's something interest through coupled. I have always thousands and. Okay I've not seen your column this week and here's something that I realize and that's it ticks me off but twitters algorithm. Used. Like I count on senior tweet and article an adequate tweet read your article yet. But I don't steal your tweets. As the algorithm is keeping Francine. And it's something that I've been learning about the last couple weeks when it but Twitter news. Showing you the things that they think you won't see things that so last two should follow. Nobody it's it's it's they aren't there prior to prioritize like to be counseled her little account. When I first got on Twitter anybody that I follow tweets IC tweet me that's not always the game I I don't it's doesn't work that way anymore I I I set myself back through the what do you call it must know I think general oil's not because they see on her tweets. That. No comment com. So. Actually I actually Irene tweeted this yesterday that there's a site that plan on checking out. And apparently will reset your time going back to use to be where you'll see everything. In chronological order without giving. Actual weight to the big accounts. But I definitely kept my account fixed like factors. It's important and use humor articles and and I actually you know yes I mean in your case I'll just thought I'd give you just tell you wrote an article I'll go find re yeah. But it for other people like to talk to him. You missing it's not the thing I liked about Twitter was that I control my feet I don't want Big Brother ham and McPhee went to this change. I think it's changed over time. I think it sort of slow rolled it and sort of talking it acts as a techie and you're right. Doug is on there's definitely stuff I used to get that I do I do not see in the single item eyewitness one with this guy's saying about this unity and right com. Willie dislikes of the articles makes recovery radio NASA took the cult of the Congo yesterday due to the name of the was. It's not a good people people are talking and are all stupid. And and and people liked it again I got on a class act that's ever Corey. Out what that's the only thing it's like good people to just say stuff would no doubt plagiarized me crazy so that that the if you look at the theme in my article whether it's Red Sox patriots yes my progress is a Fatah. But like that's kind of where ago but they they what was driving me crazy he was the narrative this week. About the album about the patriots coaching tree like how quote unquote none of them can be successful as a head coach and I'm like. Stuff it in means. It is like is that there's a lot of the profit. They might write a veteran but offer any doubt find it so I went into my article and well that's see that's what's lame is what it's just and there are a statement like Max Kellerman like that cliff is coming from break. Just back it up huge bag exploded it draws the trend that is code for ray I mean it but but the thing is about three years of well. You know for years he's awesome he's obviously locked it someday he's going to be ready like before an agreement every decades old and he's wrong well. Look if you know. That's the media and then. It well everybody wants to set up their little I was right moment on their capture until now for the mechanical the tornado is Kellerman sucks he's you know he's talking I could give a flying. You can see it there I don't like to say. You know her in a condition to swear if although I promise you Sunday live on air caucuses you can bank on it. And parents relic along assure an effective and our our our producer will be there probably going to lose tax he'll miss the Senate's second though it. Then all of doing it occurs but. And you know like for example occupied missed it yes but but anyway. Yes that that bullet thing on twitters. It's getting a little messed up yet and it's. Like my old the other mean street option is FaceBook so it's not like him the Twitter use. It's FaceBook it's just it is I I don't know what it's like a bomb. You know. You know I don't like the fact that they're starting to. Put it put their thumb on the scale. Yet clear how how we got on that was like there are some live Michael's always have like a new movie references in this alike you know at this week and did like I was saying that. You know that narrative is genuine frontier gibberish and in the comments section on the active like Iceland blazing saddles reference and then like I know eat it at a new puzzle owner cup that of regular people got that. You can listen to the directly society that's gonna go we are the better from. Like then Obama's. If it really just means that world that we if you let's go. Alaska oil like I don't want to go to school in the state that do you all right so let's get in this event has evolved off. Sixty camps yes. It was. I held a week for injuries from week one of his right prominent guys I mean you know we saw. Greg Olsen go down women for net Dovonte Freeman Rogers on Sunday night with his amazing performance after that. You know Delanie Walker Doug Baldwin knew in his my marry Oda. Some big ones you know I mean that people anchored you know a lot of their lineups the teams to ball it's a good example. We see a guy who maybe shouldn't be playing and they get her. The wet balls and you know he he did that means in the middle August they were sort. Initially it was sort of 5050 whether you get back for week one yeah he's back he's been questionable and all throughout August right boom significant knee injury and need it just makes you wonder. Was he out their claim when he shouldn't you know and you know and and welcome to turn accuse Seattle wrong. But I do think that. That whole element exists we sought RG for a couple of years ago yeah patient put out there. And we you're playing an NFL football game. And your compromised. I I think your chances are culturally that you and I think that's a team we Taiwan Carole little bit earlier but he's. Yeah I think he's gonna do whatever it takes to win doesn't think he's got a tough road ahead of him this year and lost a lot on the defense they did lose a lot you know I was I was I've noticed that Seattle fans at. It's funny how quickly basis turn the best thing I've ever had him calm but if Imus affair. The idea to Pete Carroll is seen. But it's not because they're talking about I'm sure in 1980 carols a bad year people gonna call for head and you just wonder. Like. How many years to spend days have to lose. To appreciate winning here to create knowing it like I mean to suggest I'm sitting here going. Tina's been to a Super Bowl. Since the sixty's yeah. Since the league emerged and and I was the year right I don't even know what a Super Bowl feels like I don't know. I'd never been there stroke and so it's it's you know it's like a foreign concept to me and the idea that I my team would get a coach. Who whipped. Take us there twice. And win one and was one play away from winning another. And that. You know worded down cycles so now we're gonna get rid of them. Is seen that yet also. The way did like him he's a very innovative he. I I like like a guy like Belichick when you Wii music whenever browser aegs he had those you know I've only gone for quickness right in the in the in the secondary yet those the legion of boom we don't. Big strong tough guys that turned out where these guys were acceptable. They were quick to you are no they were out there and no question about Carol Moseley he's looking for he knows the athlete that like I remember what I talked to him to come by. I put the quote the article it's the quote that he said which it doesn't make sense but you know it's what those coach things work. He you know doesn't necessarily make grammatical sense finally met you he said. Big fat guys of the few restaurant yeah. But it struck yet they're you know size and speed is very rare and that's one of the things that they target out there and it worked for them. Big time and it's they've had they've been striking a little bit the last winners and there are the contract's up he couldn't keep everybody some of these guys got old. And now they have to rebuild it. On an outlook meeting Pete Carroll's retire at some point he's getting up there in 66 is it written so he might be done soon but the idea. That you would wanna push him out the door yet. To me. The tigers and he actually tried to do he actually tried to do that. You know big and fast secondary thing receiving drafted the Bucky Jones not to buck. Took a little time. Then a quarterback and that's not really what it was that they moved to safety and he was a monster on those early Super Bowl championship. Teams for the pats him and so. You got a clue of what he he was interested in all the way back then when he drafted him in the nineties music. Let's carols are feeling good defensive coach yeah Rahm you know some of the players Seattle exquisite speech got coal all day. If you coach the same team for. The how bella goes eight years and a bomb. How do stories get old hatreds are married you know you in the right amanpour alive as are my stories a thousand times I have like match. Four way so but that you drove it on a cluster I but I remember. That happening with the X. It was like pat Riley's fourth or fifth season and Rick before he left and it but he thought it was a good idea in New York yeah way to go as a carbon oh. As McGregor. Are well I mean she has the right piece of the team. He's like a one a little bit he's like I want to be involved in ownership heated one of the older right but he won't he'll activities and so now all New York Quincy that is bad right right like oh Pat Riley wants to actually. Get a part of our city was actually. Get a part of the knicks like a Smart fair and a Smart writer would say that's. Right that means we're gonna. Run is going to be here yeah. So don't know the Dixie that some type of threat. Indexing you know Pat Riley joining me yeah how'd that work and I don't work out next month and give for the that's what happened organization goes to apron. Protective attitude yet. Mercy proactive attitude. You know Robert Kraft etc. so yeah you know what shall I finish with what would he want. Because I remember what it was like before the coach. Pat Riley. For the knicks was a before and after that he was Parcells for the patriots it was that scene. And it capitalists in time. Right now Riley early ninety's yeah ninth a rally came in 93. I was listening to tune in atonement so. Heavy it was literally before and after that like. Pat Riley was not on our radar 48 hours leaders at the podium and saying your going to win yet. It was that blunt yeah he's like you've been losing. Your not gonna be losing. Anymore you know that's what comes and says and I totally confident and he's like we're not switching couple players we're not getting rid of anybody. He wouldn't take the players that the losing and weren't Whitman. And that's exactly what he did it happens in the into the slot pre season yet as the only god would play defense. The only got Ewing's blocking shots what's going yeah. So he took you know a couple split but essentially he. Pulls John Starks off the street pulls it that meets off pitched Wheaton. Nobody even with a guy wanna remember fixing you know we spinning up against Pitt didn't play. So I think that's the value of Greek coach yeah. Apparently like celebrities like will the next it was Pat Riley as you know we need to on the court we need to. We need to be fast break team Canada. He went from the Jack rabbit lakers running up in court. To. Using the entire shot clock playing defense limiting possessions he could he coached the complete polar opposite easily you know of one of what you did in the eighties he easily and then Derek Fisher it was pure Alex yeah he's like oh this is what I have. Okay well this title to let you know right exactly so. You know that's how quick it happens and it that's how valuable. Coaching yet or at my articles. When it's that kind of nice that you radio's two more years a couple of the couple months ago when I was pissed about the people think. And but I wrote you know lap I remembered it was like in some people don't know what it was like it was awful here for a long time to thank you for it thank you for awful. Thank you for bringing me back to the point at which was. That those seem affiliates who sought Pat Riley Walker Cup podiums say. Losing is over we're gonna win it and next thing you know like a finger snap later were dropped fifty win seasons one after the other yeah. And you know who anybody with just a semblance of a clue hacks Tinto. That it's the guy with slicked back hair Stewart yeah. It's clipboard guys out there it's not that the players are doing it but if we just put John MacLeod where Riley's standing. Everything changed a question right so. Within the but it what's the team's winning for a couple years. And somehow there and start making this connection that its arts. Will we get it bigger great fans and this is a basketball city idiots we have got a great team and who needs pat rightly it picnic big effect in if you if you don't win and if you win. Can only you know kissing a winning against more fickle Coakley the tapes of the 48 hours. Probably morally. 400 dollars. I WEEI after the Super Bowl last year. Now this is a must not Armageddon people what do burnt out truck you know. I put Belichick on the post to light a fire not easy it's freezing. I was I was firm on my feet in the Belichick always will be changed and battery. And it's just it's just it's. I mean there are irate conspiracy theories that Belichick wanted to news. I agree Jim about that stuff Malia and this is like fairly common on Twitter yeah I'd obviously like. Well when it's hot and what's wrong with these people. You've got the best coach in the history of football in his your coaching and I think. Yeah like I think in American sport I don't know whose coach immediately you're in basketball you've got our back pat rightly and Popovich. It football you've got Lombardi. Now all polish ballot check yet a bomb you know. Any baseball managers to fix up and shut the Sparky Anderson he was the guy not known others advantages in bad but I. If you talk to release more peaceful utilitarian managers can maybe you went through your streak but Francona in there now because I know is not others at a bad managers the idea that. Your manager can't do for baseball team coached and mr. McCain CN it's just yet he argued that it. Baseball's an individual sport dads that's the strategy in the game plan as the CE sneezing again. Yet there's still you know you don't have to make the collective functions one and you know baseball's analytics. Finesse shift yeah. And it in the American League. You don't need too much attention right now for years the managers baseball is to be drunk and right and he's you you set the lineup and you count the depictions. Of he's or attend an average of you know that's notes the abacus as on it that's. Look let's be honest you know I could manage. Yeah it'll be days. I think a good you can do it might not be the best managers. But we could fill out on a clock. I can walk out to the mound take the ball raise my right and it's pretty negative political pitches I get to 74 wins a British company. About trying to take care about it but. But there's a thing in New York like last year might have been here before where for itself society commands the Yankees. And you know while I think he's a gas bag yet you know. Does not deserve his audience com or is. You know mark cronies and knowledge of the but it the blows my mind the point is he published does he probably could manage yankees it would be would be as good as Joseph Girardi or boot now. But like if you could just convince everybody that Mike had managerial experience. No one would notice. Like others there's a fat guy in the best for the cartons and that's a Major League manager Erica. You know Jim from go see it there but if I put a fifty pounds I can do. But but but for you and me to even run in the first twenty minutes of football I don't know. We beef we would be seen as fraud Somalia. Within ten seconds a question. Should I thought well wouldn't you need me who gave me the coach's shorts and socks and clipboard union in hockey is somewhere between. Baseball basketball closer about hockey that he definitely. Yeah. Net just just as lying cheetahs Waller. Yeah I like I gotta watch document life I still understand now like a slight changes. That then that they do on line. Which you don't immediately like like how I mean I got to know how important that mean no one courts is important obviously it's definitely ball yet not like football coaching hockey deathly important and and and coaches really. To set the tone shore on but the one thing though is both right about hockey is how they're not caught our changes more. You know happens fascinating and of an over those Boyd's and off the ice pretty quickly in what US and that you gain teams don't get caught and changed more than maybe Watson night yeah it's like that right exactly. So. Their debt I'll just say there's definitely some high level stuff. That is. I mean how many people on the guys it's sex yet eyes and you found inside Google right so. The idea that your literally like shifting half fifteen minute time yet. That's pretty impressive yeah. When you. Look at a how much hockey watch. The Bruins a couple of two week in and I mean how much Flickr yeah. But once about three yeah about it. I chicken was I I rib pop like where would football season's going on. About global put this in the Celtics and obviously were not talk about the playoffs where you get every evidence that staffer put his his and I am. The Bruins of ruins of my clear fourth if the Celtics and the Bruins are on the same night I'm watching the Celtics a 100%. A 100%. If the Celtics aren't on I'll watch the days. Once you get out of football season was to get past the Super Bowl in the parades and all that stuff -- to check in on the Bruins more but they lose the Celtics for me a 100%. Yet that's not odd I'd definitely the same way although it's. The problem is now likes Phoenix so like it's almost in the plea now. Yeah of course I was raped or lost their last year what happens forcing this race to spur. But but but suck to have to playoff hockey. Most phenomenal it really. Play hockey. I remember when I was in college Olympic hockey in the nine months and yet exactly but I mean like those unit gentlemen it's time. When Sanderson was announced in the games and at level and it move Kenya in new team Janie you know those guys. Those some of those playoff runs on the phenomenal house matadors lost. Boy I mean eventually. Well there it went deep the it was gets like that in close look at it work goaltending but they never they only stale it's much crime area. They're very debt does not act. It is very site. They devastating is that reference I've added it to ever did and you know they always one play issue. You know they just screw with if finish any always had a concussion yes the Bruins the Bruins the Bruins to the music died from U the Bruins it's because I just know too much or worked over the for seven years. And they don't give a (%expletive) about you guys that they you know stated they did a good job in 2011 aren't in 2009 of them naturally in the kind of change that. Old Jacobson didn't come on makeup that the organization have which is beat. Competitive. You know make the playoffs make a ton of money and do we can do the we have vs really going for it. And you know I just to overtime like sometimes a look at next girlfriend likeness. You know I just got to get tired at a happy when they won eleven I was upset for them and friends I have over there when they lost the Blackhawks and twelve below was a great Stanley Cup. But you know the music Canada and then you get older and it's like how much can you tell what's in it. Absorbed you know on you can immersed in Tennessee football Boston sports and it's like you know they're there. There are a stepchild to make. We can't exist in the Boston market. Without making them. Maria what winning begets winning like it and that's the thing I view we will but I mean if you're in the Boston market like the New York market the Yankees compete with the Mets. But in the Boston market the sports are alone once preached yes of the teams are competing with each other yet for corporate money right. All the time he's right so like if you're what forties if you're the broad you'll look like you look at the patriots. Look at the rights tolerance and the Celtics the Celtics are this great organization raise the standards really you know it just sit there please say that some say winning begets winning a big gap to be competitive for sponsorship dollars and to be competitive. For ticket sales after being audited are ending our search that means waiting on the field begets winning in Iraq everywhere and just keep is gives goal would not that's why we're in this Ron. The the biggest reason we're in this room and we talked about a comment the outset. With Kraft buying the team think about their ownership situation. They've got the good you know craft local guy. I'm owns the patriots great stability with Belichick and analysts guys. You've got wick prospect you know who who owns the Celtics local guy actually wanna make a run at the Red Sox from my interest in many years ago. Was the Celtics has great stability with any engine is group. You get the Red Sox ownership they are all in our care what anyone says about the Red Sox guys. You know Werner and Lucchino and Henry you know those guys and they came in and around town as those guys made this that made it big guy. Free squeezed every possible penny of opportunity out of Fenway Park the media experience that they've done nothing to put winning teams on the field. Great situation there. In an hour and a boat or even the other Bruins will want to have candidates of it they've had stable. Ownership for years. They can have a fix that situation like you know Jeremy Jacobs on Charlie took it over but he was Smart enough to kind of break out and Syria to get on Bruins he brings some new blood in here and they've done that so what you're to do what you're gonna box at the Red Sox ownership change. 02. Yeah. An unbelievable dissents you had one bad year. There are 22 they've finished if this last a couple times the Farrell and you were sent atlas. They won and third twelfth 2012 OK I was Bobby downtown actually 2000 at a downtown experience like three wreck. 2012 how much of that. And a lot of vision of an hired that's the first thing you know we've ever I think everybody agrees on that yet but there were some. Did they won the World Series the next year I put like right nearly a 100% in two. Even thought I don't know that he felt last count so. They've gotten some big nice pieces you know that were under the radar like Gomes and Napoli and and was. And who's the guy in at poppy had that one downturn Marie was good for like seize it for something new now is now long you know without him a couple rough starts you know and people Mahan and he just exploded by the average came down. A little bit the denim thirteen he was them on. Their team I've ever I've never would also start adding yet. I thought back I was done aside he's like you kept him out now. But it what he did that the Yankees looked particularly fielders on the funny girl loved a piece. I'm blanking on a blanket on the right field use rate he was on the Phillies won the World Series in two. A line guy comes in the played every little things going to be RA was his entrance along with. A blanket and all the guys. Richard I'd I've I've slept days subsequent to the post got a alternates to understand it. Anyway aren't Sunday while Boston sports revenue going up unless I've missed living up there because spots of sorts for how funds passion. Yeah it's you know it's it's a different vibe in New York which which I think we talked about the sums pod at least a couple times by. In New York no matter what team for even if it's the Yankees. Most people don't care. Which you're a big yankees and the executives were in the World Series walking outside yet person you bump into odds are not going to be yankees. Idea they're gonna eat Vietnam baseball and the union method to be a Red Sox and don't give a (%expletive) yeah there's more Red Sox fans in New York in real. A little odd because it was that comes from is when when on to welcome the book Brooklyn the Brooklyn Dodgers into the in the Mets the heat of each other unity means so. A lot of the price of our fans adored ago. We used to be three teams that way back there com. Brooklyn Dodgers New York Yankees. But but the Boston tea that I know most emerges people who grew up in Austin. That's when the job and you know. Com says there's a lot of Bostonians living in the area. And you seem to derail it. I little. A notable except if spoke well on woodsy area I think you said it just for. Yeah victory goes off idea is that I short stroke could you know tactic on the field and there at the penalties owner and yet it's a real hustle and energy. On it and it's real I like. He took to be going on baseball my favorite thing in baseball player. It's good to strike that are yet I love good future a gallon now you know the most valuable things you can in the playoffs. And it's like with the Mets traded day Murphy I was done. I public. That is because it's not to treat itself which is awful doctor. Wrong but it's the fact that ownership on any level would think that that's Smart yet. When you've got the best pitching staff in baseball just in the World Series. And your gonna take your best two strike hitter stupid and goats sheep. It costs which so as a public you know I can't I can't. I can't give you my heart trampled if you'd be stupid yeah and that's rifled of the Bruins years ago but it's like going back to date that girl who's cheated on fifteen yeah. And that's like flight. You know but that's what atmosphere is doing at that point if you continue to let these people hurt you. After they're gonna be that stupid yeah you know and it look. Our dedicated right they've moved Jose Reyes to second base for Kaz Matsui lose which is like a baseball crime. You know that's like moving three to fullback. Okay. You know it's a while you don't look at this on the quarterback. He's such a value. You know the met's director of the Metzner. QB offseason marketing effort to. You guys are believed Kaz Matsui. Ironically correct that we didn't believe it. But you took an all star gold glove shortstop. At second base he can make a splash. With the guys in Japanese leagues. Who as it turns out can't place immediately let. Them literally couldn't. So anyway. Real quick on Tuesday in the reds examined and I think the best you strike right seasons Wade Boggs and it's. And right in when your employment to strike it is because the minute you get into playoff baseball everything changes. Every at bat as crucial. Vote the only thing that's bad are outs. Right yeah like in a playoff game or walk. We unveiled a walk is good is it a lot can bet is that they don't know that in a broad enough in a playoff game and then on out is used Tina. And Daniel Murphy keep you out he hit it and here's the other thing yet. The ability quality pitching. Mistake hitters are worthless in the playoffs they're completely worthless because the mistake when he goes. Around. Because the teams in the playoffs with a good pitching yet they don't have mystic pitchers so you know guys like Lucas do you know who the mats on. You get a playoffs he can get to 21. Home run in the class and that's it. But now. They get it to humor it's the best contact internationally for him anyway. About the you're proof counteract. The only other thing that's what yeah it was fun. Gilligan and I am I'm cognizant of as a couple produces a walk down the hallway like a few times so we should Bobby's gotta get into our stuff and let's do let's do like a football now let's do it. So we kind of were talking in before a little historical rants on sports is just woman and a regret that a law. But it's such as some of these except that I wish we hadn't done intimately through some of the some of the injuries though on a week while rough. And it leaves fantasy owners you know and you know its message in have been tough spot and billions of a free agency. You know waiver wires Ochoa on the side but Axl goes right you know what's that stuff media. It wasn't about record for injuries. It's typical want it bad but a music prominence of liberty this typical woman right is his writers are you there that wasn't that require that we lost a couple finance. You know. Yeah put Hussein liked the Abbott I mean I don't know none of the first bout. Normally a first round running backs combined. We'll Freeman's on the plane and when it's. Probably wouldn't be yeah not talking about David Johnson last year is on an island Jamaal Charles I'm talking about Jamal generally Jamal Lewis went through. And the other Jamal member who's the dirty bird Jamaal Anderson Jamal Jamal Anderson Downey's you know week one like every year it seems like. Some chests soul crushing injury absence one. You know Aaron Hill went down and using you know he's not right Kilmeny component not even remotely so I mean I'm sorry if you honestly walker I lost Olsen on a couple teams that stinks yet. But will global figure that out yet will rebound from that. They want they want to point out on on the Twitter sphere today that I just and then now and you know you of Quincy you know one and why would you are jets fan and I lab as a player. But Donald that's a nice comments to say about and I think what I liked about them beyond just these you know was great to throw to but. He gets some like he gets what he does like darn strong and he goes for the ball like he got. What the things that we like about a normally Donald concede very quickly and clearly I think right. Yeah yeah. But stands out and it startled does have that. He's got to advise. He gets. They look gets he gets in well but he gets it yet I think he's I think he's a legitimate he doesn't know quarterback he looks at always. I think he's more than that if it here's the problem percent Arnold. You say it descendant. He went on the jets yeah. Yeah that's prop him so that literally the question is considered to Arnold. Transform over a talent yet building accord with the jets are getting get that cheap camera coached to do. We don't have the Pat Riley Bill Parcells or about. We've got an. The GM has been. Treat you so you know except for the Arnold thing. You know yes after three years he figured out that we need to get a quarterback it's we'd go Telecom fell on its new at the neurotic you know what. Look I give him full credit for giving up three number she perhaps did the did I I think he deserves credit for that and I was skeptical when he did not fully admit it. Because in my mind we didn't get Arnold but the move does work the thirty Andy's. Number one of my board right so you know as it turns out it was a great move but. We were relying on the stupidity of the giants. Same date they gave you you need it boy did that and on top and they showed that he would. A litigant Obama it's like to that's a lack of to focus lately in him we talk about this yet on the off season by a lot of I think we might have talked about this about a month ago podcast I have. I have a theory that the giants to jets. That they said were taking Barkley. You know like the jets do. Yeah maybe if they didn't they got really lucky because GMs not delicate Smart if it's Rosen. Rosen is not Donald yen in mid may feel the eyes and I think I don't think they're interchangeable and now I don't think you'd be in a bad please and all the news about I like I would be dancing. I would because stated that dancing through Central Park with the the gloves on his fans got a hand modeling you know integrity I would be yet I've because stance that's it if we got mayfield and a mayfield would be phenomenal but. It startled me feel unhappy its current world have but when you move up to the truce the three spot. There should be a really good chance you're not one yen which at the two teams for your doing and this is the most again right exactly and an and by the way out of fuel oxygen arguments are hookah is deeply sequence. He's all that bag of chips but. As a running back. But you know. Running backs don't last tenure you know all in on them it's like you you're the giants you've got each and Eli Manning who arguably has done. But if he's not done he's certainly done so he would Dunn played two years ago in some ways you know there are a lot of things. There are a lot of very Smart people who think she's watched yet. I now I don't I think he still okay Haney. But either way. You've got a chance to get on a player at the most important position he's got it in your shelf life. Or more if you look at three Ian some of these other guys but let's just say Becky. Or you can take a player at one of the most replace the positions he's got six or seven. That should be an easy choice. Right. You would think I mean I can beat faster beings yeah means immediately gave can't. Its morning backs what you need. This is an incredibly strong running back class and you've got to set the second pick of the second. So they could have gone pick pick up good startled child. Immediately yeah that could've it exactly the committee it what what we didn't make sense to me with with that whole thing was just how. Transparent unnecessarily transparent they were it's like look at you you. What are right exactly we're not taking phone calls look at look at eagle and went fall trader to keep following. And morons it's like that idiot your fantasy league who decides to deal their best players there 02 and only talks to one yeah I mean makes a bad deal added everybody ultimately it's only got back I was available like if you are out of giving you two guys right here in you that. There in position to really get that players so much. And show up in get something important to get the guy you're on. What it's a few club whose stupid. I mean like. I don't know it's it's definitely possible that cattlemen. Said that what was. Working the phones. Also maybe like like he might just saying that say that I don't know like I have trouble believing in GM could be that stupid. To literally not find out the value of an asset that you'll. Yeah right like I imagine having a used for Rory. And selling it without looking up its blue book about. You don't have saying it like the first thing you ought to find out when you're an asset is how does that work. You know and if it's a house you Q yeah you get an assessor him out if it's binary ticket to a jury story of the guy with a little. Magnifying things right at Atlanta Lemony carrots and you determine how much misses were accompanying news right. If your team like the charts you get the second overall pick like once every the thirty years. And then when you get a he just don't know running back. It's it would be a colossal stupid thing to do to the point where I still neutral believing that that's actually him and it's it's not admitting to play and they did. Win it would about it we unit talked about it in the podcast after the draft that appear at the bare minimum nation turn suggests giving your third rounder swap with yeah. And you know because we're not much for century taken running back and if you're the jets and he just gave up three opportunities to move up to three. A badge of the jets adult enough to say now we're gonna stick here yeah and then the giants traded to to the bills. At the bills take Arnold. Globally. Like I did but that's my point like if you were the jets it would it would it's almost like just. They have no choice yes here's what they're proud I don't know Joyce I have to say yes yeah and after the giants at least. People go all the giants did something they got their guy they backed up one you know. They're they they Google lowers rookie salary slot saved a couple of 2000 dollars a got a program at least they were pro active. Right. But they're you know they're they're GM looks like trump he's sitting their arms pulled it refused to say. But remember at the summit. And he's like so. It from a giant on infuriated just by the lack of productivity and a blanket like an action right like it if elements of look we called. We called the tenth inspect him behind us none of them offered anything significant. We don't like these quarterbacks as much as consensus. And we're taking this guy because of XYZ. At least. It makes them so you never rationality and a right we kick the tires we talked we don't like the offers we've got it would go this way. But his response that's that's what he's. It's not an end of illicit business you've got pictures of UK. Give us some delegates from the lesson of all this is that always know the value of what's your team yet. Like if you're a dynasty league. You should always know what start up AD PS. Because it's an excellent way to gauge the trade value of all the chips in your. Hold it yet so you know if you're sitting there you guys. And you've got to calm. You know this rookie running back you've got say nick Chubb and mixed jobs being going in the ninth round of start up drafts. You can go look at the other players going in the ninth round and that's roughly what you can expect to get for him and refrigerator right yeah right so somebody's calling you up and offering some guys. Being taken in the fourteenth round of dynasty startups you deterrence and your five rounds like. You know you're gonna have to give me a second round pick to make this work is not much you come back with does that strike they're from a well that's the one thing I like about trading dynasties when when it went. Like in nearly apples to compare you can really yet they don't have to because you can backfield like if you're re draft league like well. I really like your RB two and you really like my wide receiver for. We can't move those two players and but it dynasty league we can do the deal and in addition to the receiver. You can include such a competitive balance it out yet that that's one cool thing about institutions. Com. To be able to do that you have to know the valuable chips fall. So. You know endeavor to do that if you're not doing now which dynasty deals and and it to the other thing we said if you if you are that team whose own history and you spend ninety dollars. You know to get David Johnson. And you're gonna trade Johnson. Make sure you tell every single owner and man he considered him. Yeah right you and everybody in the league you know you're talking David Johns treat it gets not just the two people who know best. Not just the first meeting could deal with last year. You know not just the one person called you. But put another message board. David Johnson available. Well a lot of it's important. You a lot of web sites also making easy now only got like the trade bloc they can you actually just say hey look right did he is that you can actually communicate one shots though. That makes level of the use Uga put on the block and you should. That's another thing you should probably update your tree block every week. Season. And things. Always optics trip like even if you just go in and reach set it at the same exact thing that you have to change information which is going to hit. Except yes and you know everybody nearly equals C that you're gay you keep refreshing it's a people can see is right we'll only have Pete's like guys those lockers. All like that yeah. You know every conversation and you know into it and know the leader right what in some leagues the best things to just put the guys really want to move on the block. But in some leagues just put everybody yet easy to bites and I'm writing I'm gonna right you'll find out who people interest and find out which. Players on your team or the most marketable and you may end up getting a trade idea yet bought. Yeah and it I riverboat gamble was we replay in the WR. We've played in leagues that train line you know in you know treasure Jim yat movement whose historically true ABC don't trade. Learn and in leagues and good drafters of sometimes you have a hole at the fix in the streets of those illegal about it. One analyst. The best thing about tree packet. Novels that you care and intransigence but yet the IRI are pretty sharp got thousand word trade offers. Like a like phones Pete let me tell you about why this is the I get a lot of you know in the general wrap doesn't make sense. There are supporters who have who like actually read the diatribe and they act that makes sense like Joan Jolo which Thompson knows he's going to salesman. Pete how can quickly how can actually Hewitt dead Obama. Like seven snaps last week on the field I actually side and on the field on my television screen that'll dummies not play it. I got to wrap and I am I'm winning. Aren't let's let's let's do a little bit alike so people don't feel totally. Blow Jack and what you want is well let's let's talk about the best games of the week. All right all right there. Well let's let's start with you are there any gains honestly. That really just jumped news. And you you can froze to me if you have. Picked up I'll give you argued you might it might be I will I'll I'll start as I see three games. That it really wanna be involved in it. You know taken in and it. It. Are you to agree with. Us couldn't. Oh well we'll start so the the first game. If it should be obviously Pittsburgh. Yes and again that's that's agree one I've run mostly novels berg is going to be OK you know he's going to be yet everybody's going to be in this matter I mean. There's no way Roethlisberger sitting in his game now it's a league game on offense and game version I faded bid last week I don't like that on the road. I'm glad I did that but there's no way in hell of treating him. Against the mad bomber. Because we've got attack Ecstasy Darrell LaMont on dude he's yeah he's on Mo but Holmes is exactly what we thought he was so far. On put the ball there is nothing down field. And com. Pittsburgh I think his candidacy so this is going to be a fun game. The over under is over fifty points. Implied total for Casey 24 applied for Pittsburgh. And I could see more these teams are out of divisions are not gonna have a lot of familiarity. I think both teams can be aggressive early. So there's definitely involved. The other one another one that I really really like. Is saints I was gonna say the saints yet is the gorilla that that's the one that was that was one connect economic Malayan. OK so. Wolf obviously the saints for sitting there 29 he talked total Oman now. But the only way that really works is if Cleveland shows up. And based on what I saw last week I think we can do pretty well. But commended some talent there you know in denial allegedly tyrants one in you know all we didn't do it's comment a little bit of all of their plight total we don't need thirty point Sutcliffe and if they can just give us. 24. I think we can have fun with this you know. So like to me that game is just like early like if all we music could start from the browns yet acting can increase down so I definitely want some action packed game. And Ireland where I can't but about Carolina's win it beat them could be there. Definitely into account can Atlantic amount ugly last week but yeah I don't like the familiarity of that game he menagerie division games or scare me. A bomb and I don't like. Newton has been able to throw for opportunity darts against them and their corners are so strong. Like I could see and and it looks like Freeman's going to be out. Like they're players alike in the scheme but I don't walk by like trying to like keep in Europe yet so I can deftly like McCaffery. As a floor play against the falcons to the falcons give up a lot of receptions to running backs. And you know they basically put their linebackers and chasing situation intentionally. So I think McCaffery could have one of those. Nine or ten catch for a 120 yards receiving in anything you get as a running back is bodice and scores. Today. So I'd like McCaffrey. On the chalk everybody's on the Hutchison's Clinton because fudged gets a lot of targets rolls out totals out. I don't know I'm not really feeling functions but I see where but he likes them. And Italy other site Julio Jones targeted. Almost twenty times but actually medium over towards arms inspectors such. It's 23 targets two games all against the falcons masters is off. It's gonna be tough to say Julio this week. To keep them on the field and the reds yet. Now the other game that I'd like sort of leaning in and getting a little. Would you yeah a little excited about. Well there's two of them but the one that I'm really in on I don't think anybody's gonna be talked out of its alliance partners yeah I think the lions are going to be really pissed off. I think the jets have Paris. They did and didn't like the lions have a good offensively rice in it and even if you like. Agree and I don't we don't have time for attention but I think it's really lame. That the media is arbitration this quickly you can read my article minute and I think it's really lame. That the quotes that are coming out I think it's cheesy week yet taking any player who's talking right now out of the media about Patricia. It's PO ass. I was asleep I mean you read my I could care less about Patricia this is not like. I'm just saying like. It's just. Anything they're saying about him now it should be coming up for the game yet that that's what routes and regional and read read my article pilot jogging and in their all stupid and I'm gonna get into that I would definitely your article but implied point total for Detroit is 22 and I think it's low then implied total for sepsis was 255. I think it's cute cottages at fifty. And and here's the thing even if the Patricia people are right. You hit the key point the office is Patricia office yeah it's cougars offense and I think. The receivers are really good college teton Jones and they're really good end the 49ers don't have defensive backs emblem. So I think Detroit's gonna be able to score in this game and I think. I but the writers a good enough last week revealed just fine against Detroit yeah so I think this game has a lot of vertical capability. And in the one of the game that I think his interest. At Rogers has to play that's very important but. Vikings Packers I think this chance to go. Well that's its divisional decades as it is a game which runs a worry but these two high flying teams yeah they can I don't see how Green Bay consumers so that they can't they don't have the defense that I don't think that the agreement to. Thank you so there's those of stood there there are four games and it accurately interest but this is that this is a strong slate there's not that much bailout like last week. There was so much bailout price draft things. There was so many ways but could fourth output as prices come out so early to write yeah exactly exactly this week the pressure trappings as much tighter. So I think. If have to make our troops you know. I'm cool let's wrap it up we're gonna get gonna walk the slate Logan to a pats as we always do and 8 o'clock. In the first hour on the first us segment on the tennis football on Sunday June is there ends tomorrow morning in August when. For anybody who feels like they got short changed on actual fantasy football on the spot to which she did and just forget it if you didn't let us sing it because that's that your. I'm gonna do a solo. DFS wrote about pot tomorrow morning school. It every single game honestly. And I'll talk about my. The two plays on each day so if anybody wants that stuff it's going to be there for free network and get your questions and admirable on Twitter and get you that W yet aqsa. And I read on the article that and I'll have an article coming up. Saturday at problems as well tonight's owns good night Tennessee football hour on Sunday 8 AM join us.