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Friday, December 1st

Jim Hackett has a conversation with the former six-time Champion, Roy Jones, Jr. to discuss the fight Saturday night; “The Last Stand for a Legend” as boxing Superstar Miguel Cotto steps into the ring for the final time, live on HBO World Championship Boxing.  Cotto will defend his Junior Welterweight Title from Madison Square Garden against Brooklyn native and top contender Sadam Ali.

Cotto vs. Ali.  LIVE!  Saturday, December 2nd at 10pm Eastern, only on HBO.


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On Saturday December 2 is the last stand for a legend has boxing superstar Miguel Cotto steps into the ring for the final time live on HBO world championship boxing. Total defense is junior welterweight title from Madison Square Garden against Brooklyn native and top contenders Saddam Ali. Joining me right now. Is the six time former world champion fighter of the decade of the ninety's my favorite boxer and current HBO boxing commentator. Roy Jones junior Roy to make some time to talk about this fight. If they get tired. Yeah sounds like you know it's coming back to pass this or gardening Coke photos spot. Quite a bit from the Mecca of boxing and you know Ali is a local kid but I've missed the sense that Saturday nights and Dakotas and. Let's just elaborate. That it does the vehicles right to armed men because they have oil and what ultimately what we have to bring it to that you GAAP. That's what the right way however I've been on the back of the battle in the post Saddam. That party. It doesn't matter as those who vote in this news I am Borussia Abu. In my purpose active. So clearly all of Lebanon where Opel isn't a bit there that are played great crop by. And now would be a blue suit by the you have platoon is what causes it about these masters career well all the political reform to get global. Tools that we really need to go fight it could look at the two combatants in the new book is a great article both by the. Tell me a little bit about Ali's style wanna get it heavy into Miguel Cotto champ because he's been is that such a great career and it's really one of those if you watched the the special on in the retrospective on Miguel Cotto it such. It's so typical of boxers it's such a a life journey and it was just filled with ups and tragic downs and resilience to come back he's such a brilliant fighter a person I don't know a whole lot about Saddam Ali I don't know that audience does either is easy young fighter. But he's got some upside anything that you would glean about his fighting style that we can look for on him on Saturday night. Really quick air when you go on to power that a bit it would probably be quick they're we'd. There are pretty dotted box that they looked look people will chip in terms and I forgot who owns what you'll have a very prompt and entered. Didn't at a very probable that future and they do Rio also budgets and more liberal only long period. So we'll firefight there. Is this guy get a little room over there will be a good book experience that we have seen did. It that are worth being you can learn about the earth about what to these. There's a lot of courses to be answered are by that I beatle said it's that's why should they attempt to McAuliffe. He himself could be worse than they could cause in this little box because these are blocked field Kamal you don't know where we'll buy that a lot about their competitive match. You know it's interesting chimp does when I did some research on these guys and seeing. Codify the time I haven't seen on the go but did some research on it but the both humble kids you know it's and doesn't see that the press comes the press conference and to be a whole lot. In terms of you know drama that you get sometimes but they're gonna do this speaking in the ring that's my guess Cote has been like that his whole career. Coulter that order we've is there more than there have been about what we didn't shoot it. He opened it all that. No question about it Haile talk a little bit about you know that the elephant in the gulf photo is being Antonio Margarito fight. And yet the illegal wraps and Europe are decorated box or copper on one of the best if not the best of all time you get my vote champ. I enjoy it like in on a yacht when Joseph watch in the ninety's. You know what the illegal raps like I just just in specifically your perspective you know one or whatever you do research on it here the analyst what you're in the ring in the into the in the game basically your whole life. What's your thought about that how do you prevent it how does it happen and then just talk a little bit about what Cotto did. When he you know was his resurgence in his revenge fight against him which I think all of fox nation off the. Are there laws ought to all of them very big thing are it is very big problem embark. You what we have we have commissioner of the war won't be brave men should be and I did not happen. All the old guys are grateful that they didn't gain angle and a little. Arm out of Iowa while forced to go out and I began a little bit off say even Bradley years. Illegal out so you put them out of David Cole. Edit video board should draw out our plan but now with the bark and conditioners. Aren't turn it to be 2000. Yeah and so and then we come in it was very very strange to see Cotto and that fight taken me such a tough guys its rightful guy. You almost knew something was up and then time goes by. And then you see it yet and any idea yet and then you get the vengeance which is great I think the entire boxing world. Was so happy that that happen and it wasn't pretty it was a pretty far Margarito he did a pretty good. Or nobody out we word. Art. I agree I agree that don't Miguel Cotto 41 and five with 33 K o's it's his last fight. You have been in the fight game for a long time. I have a question for you and as a boxer I don't want to take offense this I'm just curious is just to spite your based on what you know about this guy because so many boxes come back the it seems that retirement is always right in the forefront so many guys come back your gut instinct. On following Miguel Cotto for a long time the career he's had. In where he is right now does he retire Saturday night and then quality data that retired yeah. A level that they apparently whoever they think they've each vehicle outlines goals there. We bark for a fool all of it caught our everyday life that comes our way of but I didn't come wire. We Al what is our our. In that regard you complete the world that the world it will. Look I can look toward law that way Peerman would have been stated we retry him. We wanted to that it actually get the opportunity on you former dean of great out English league basically cheered me. Eventual winner how global inept our coaches. You look politically because desk they live in Beijing composed the smartest thing right so it ought to say that a guy will they need to are very close case. Our opinion only the combat Al that you have no desire to come back I think they're paying at a big patent gives Spain only you know. Lockheed toward more lol he can give it the way you want to do it that it is in Korea so when you look you get all are living doesn't have a bigger comic who. Don't know lateral that you didn't calm but now I'm going up against the number. Probably EPO box that you of the war when the whale all the way up toward the present the bill ought to preserve all also was just a great year. And it gave going to be that they're that it won't bark and yeah I think he's I think he does. Don't they do typically in part because there as well look we have quite. And we get to right which addresses and the labels that duo would go. Yet that's is that human nature in the instinct that a player has and that's what it's what fans love about boxing it's what you know it's that resilient tonight and talk about that resurgence amendments in the Margarito. You know revenge fight I just love that. And that's a finds it. When I when I did some video on down on Toto and you know I am talking about Stanley Stanley talking about him he does seem to be the grounded type of guy that could say good night and spends a day away. But I figured that you hit it in your Europe boxing expert your boxer he is and you just never know you just never know when I think it's gonna be really fun for everyone in Madison Square Garden everyone watching on HBO on Saturday night. To watch him in his final what his position that is as as final go. What can we look for from code or not he's had five fights under his hall of fame trainer Freddie Roach since you know since even the loss against Margarito. And then the subsequent loss to Pacquiao has been nice comeback. What we look for stylistically from caught what does that left hook that this has been crushing people's ribs. For a long time that bet that about a sort it is vacant americorps Wyler and that would mutual of that I did call. He believes that there are here in awkward typical of the Carter or severity could be a problem possibility is not come merely that you've come mutually Detroit. He has. He's a local kid and that it's it's it's a total crowd but you know Ali is a local kid a lesson support local guy Arnold. The local looked a little little warmer bowl me over and over here. Footwork reported aboard that we look. It in any thing I know I know I don't put anyone in the prediction business Roy but you spots in terms of what we can maybe expect from your perspective on Saturday night in terms of the fight lightly out. But they'll let go by I think we are he was quote shall build quote. The presents. Are opened and already built or are we. I think our development or ultra about belt Fargo wait. Look and it would you know. How Cold War period we they're called where they await. And I thought he'd. Arm in America and our respect but there are about where we are lol what you know now we know bark and bark you know are well. So badly at the ethnic coral community in the cart presently dollars in the if you'd look and try to knock it down. And they'll have blocked coral and include YouTube alone is indeed. Yeah. Makes sense it's gonna think it's gonna be a lot of fun I'll be watching why have you Roy's one of the transition off of the Cotto fight. For Saturday night just just ask you in terms of your own career having six titles in you know starting as a middleweight. How did you get up to the heavyweight. On the middle Winnie are and become aware of it. They elected to broad. We don't know back as a local guy so often amazed that you have been banned book or be. I'll be here but a lot of strength and imagination. I never had a crew relates to a browser built into the garbage you that way. Out of the president of the January and move speak about the color. But you know I of which you know the moment it was. And I can't be your weekend of the war. It would do it eats strict carves you impostor every damn how do you make that jump and it's hard to do. Figure out where to go to class it's hard to do like and I'm I'm an average Joseph like 220 pounds on tomorrow but. Yes but are there are guys that I really arbor to Beirut and he. Personal about a man what America should walk through what they look like it was that we need so maybe deadly to do. Untraceable. And what we do business with the do we know what we'll wrap around more immediate. Yeah unbelievable and the heavyweight title in 2003 after being fighter of the decade in the ninety's. That's a long career and it's hard to do I salute you on that any other is there any other quick thoughts on the on the Corel Ali fight that we in the points or night. I don't doubt tripping circuits because they're too violent and too and kind though it was bad. You won't want to move in fact that you pray you do that is really really built by non recourse to prepare your. Kept Saddam in duo how vocal role because of the dark and look cool I'll look. Now gluten really interesting parts. McCormack appears soft very probable. There are a lot of of an old at the very Dubai World would not want to miss and when you edit. That sounds good so again. It's total I'll leave lives Saturday December 2 at 10 PM eastern and Pacific only on HBO you've been listening to Jim Hackett WEEI. And the great Roy Jones junior right I really appreciate the time thanks Mick in time for us and have a blast on Saturday night. Barbara thank you thank you so much.