WEEI Late Night - Are Ray Allen's social media skills the worst of any athlete ever? 11-21-17

WEEI Late Night
Wednesday, November 22nd

Hour 1 of WEEI Late Night kicks off as Big Ben Maller takes you through the absolutely bizarre story of Ray Allen being catfished.  Another man was pretending to be a woman and talking with Ray and he bought it every step of the way and now finds himself in court fighting a stalking charge due to the catfish.  Then Ben closes out the hour discussing the enigma that is Tom Brady, he ages like a fine whiskey.


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While some as a good some days are bad and some days are wonderful. Depending on which side of the story you're on and that we got a good. We got a good one for you welcome it is the beginning of late night here then Mallard. As we are in the air everywhere. As the line goes and I are cola a week ago and I hate began the maiden voyage year. Late night and sneaking in and and hijack the year ways that the guy. Who drafters Celtic into things are going very wealthy were reacting the Celtics and continued their winning streak it was very if things were going well. And then I looked around and it is anxiety. Today when I. When I was looking as well it's kind of a slow day it's now last off the economy well. But the hell's not there's always something to talk about his own so we packed worker radio show together. But some days are better than other days and mace. Is a really good day is I like CIU. Joy CD and we got to see story here. That he's just marvelous it's just fabulous and and I wanted to get into that. And in yap about double waiting for this right when I saw as it does get on my radar as I this is right my wheel house. This is wonderful. You play. In the spotlight here in the limelight there you are a high profile all that. And then you no longer. Are in the spotlight you're no longer in the spotlight you know things can fade away there in it's it's rare that a former. Former player. Who's retired he's not in like the media business it's much. Much attention it doesn't act and output Ray Allen. Part of Boston sports lore writes from from years back and he is that it. I know you've not heard about this and I hope you have. You're in for just amazing you're Katie this is just marvelous. As I said now Ray Allen. Had the curtain pulled back very bizarre story. There's a lot of legs that is is a lot of arms to it it's just all over the but it's a personal story for Ray Allen and hence why ruled. All over the place and is in your face. So again there's a lot of layers dual peel back the layers here will start and analyzing does that to weed. But the argument condensed version. The start. And of Ray Allen who is Mary he was sex being multiple women. I'll online and while that is morally wrong depending on your moral compass. It would not have been a problem and certainly not a problem that we would've. Talked about would have been to our attention. Head the woman Ener1 only supposed to women here. That he was chattering away with not actually turned out to be dude. See that's the first plot twists and that's the beginning of the plot twists and so. That that's just the tip that's just did so so Ray Allen and supposedly has the story goes. From our friends over TMZ a couple of other places Ray Allen paid. Some hush money to keep. The dude he thought was a woman. The catfish from going. Public I am getting this out there because. Why should this go public premises of personal situation. Well clearly that did not work because here we are. United together by the radio and we're talking about it turns out that Ray Allen. The not only did he pay hush money according to be at the various reports here he's alleged to have stopped. The guy. But if you believe the narrative going right I had a good reason do. So this is a a real life high agreed. Of when the Twilight Zone. Meets the soap opera when you get those two things together and are now Allen ended up filing a gaggle. Of legal papers of his whoever's attorneys is doing very well. Lot of billable hours you re ounce attorney and the the effort was to keep this private information. Friday. I believe that is going to fail I believe this will fail splendidly. And just just wonderfully so let's discuss who now the question. That I would like to kick around what you. What do you make here of ray Allen's. Predicament. This is an awkward. We're DR I'll give you the tip of it but my observation as you've got bored him. Sloppiness. Skepticism. Historic failure. And you also have the makings of a Netflix original series you've got all that tied together now. I'll toss it out oh lead over these Ray Allen. Can we determine now that he is a lot of things he's a good shooter. When the greats of all time you argue the greatest three point shooter. In NBA history of the staff period of this generation would argue now what about the year. Reggie Miller's goal old school Larry Bird. I'm so is Sosa this of what appears to this year. But but Ray Allen great shooter no good career hall of main actor is everyone gets in the basketball men and also Ray Allen. Really bad at social media. This is not his first rodeo you were a call. Back when he was with the Celtics. That was in the early days of Twitter win now raid array. There that you remember the sexting tweet that he sent out his main putter company. Was trying to slip it into his DMZ accidentally hit the the wrong button moves. Yet so clearly this is a case of not learning his lesson right. The thing about ray Allen's. My advice and I give a lot of advice I am an advisory that's my job. My advice to Ray Allen is to debt develop a case of techno phobia. Old dudes have techno phobia. And they just can't in any new technology they just can't handle it sits above them it's got. How can you not have a strong dislike. For advanced technology if you're ray Allen's point is it's consistently blown up his base. It's got in hot water multiple times. And technology continuing to a ball and thank god for that I think I've read but some. And it looks like ray Allen's in this category. Falling victim. As collateral damage. There again it's all about the deal like this cannot beat. Yap about enough Ray Allen claims that he eventually figured out that he was being attacked missed by this guy who was paid people what could. And in any hint he'd. The cyber relationship. What that guy who had been dating Beagle in the catfish. Behind this devious plan there he did became obsessed according to the the court filings year with Ray Allen and begin posting a lot of the personal stuff. That Ray Allen had. Let this person know putter on social media and all about Reyes family and that it's all laid out in the court documents which are never that excited to read on the radio this might be the exception. This might be each episode in the documents Ray Allen claimed. The big guy would go to his wife's restaurant it rails wise restaurant in Orlando. And then post about race in tag random mainly. This is why go whack if you believe that you believe that to be true. And so it embrace says that he guiding got the guy assigned some kind of confidentiality. Agreements we talked about their. And any agreed to stop posting and all that then the guys pulled the violated. The BST elation situation. And that demand eventually filed a restraining order against Ray Lewis is a restraining order against realist claiming. That it was Ray Lewis who was stalking him. If you believe if you believe the chain of answer and there's a lot of line going on I would be done. Both sides or embellishment offering would be the word here. But if someone's harassing. Your relatives. That you would. I think confront them right that would be something that he would do you would you would mean taking your hands I don't know what language Ray Allen you Tuesday. Through that will come out here we'll find out what is things escalated here and get that restraining order a Cuban mine. You can pretty much get a restraining order against any one. Were pretty much anything or they're handed out. Maybe not like he would be on Halloween but pretty close click T pricked the close enough as we advance the story here's late night on WEEI with me. Ben valor and we will take some calls here. Little bits of your Nicole open up lines right now 617779. 937. Operators are standing by mr. Rashad is die to yap with what he's 6177797937. But the other parties I put his a lot of layers like really big wedding there's a lot of layers as a Ray Allen. Clearly suffering from board. Almost four years since he played the Ambien play the Miami Heat at the end there. He's got more money to be in Spain he's made almost 20184. Million dollars. Just complain that doesn't include. The acting gigs that he had that doesn't include. The other income when he was in play for the Celtics in the at Oakland Portsmouth and all I've. When heat of the Sonics in the box other teams that he played for he never asked to work again and obviously Ray Allen suffering from the curse of free time. If from the info that we have from this from the the sources that we have here Ray Allen was very sloppy. Now I don't you do online dating. I I I have I was I met my wife. Online and I I'm mall bottom of the arm like daisy. But I do know the labeling. And I estimate merry for a few years now maybe lately has changed you can help me out of that. But I'm acidic and at as a cynic. I think just as a guy in general. You go to approach every online communication you think you're talking to warn. You got to approach this as he potential pet fish situation. And I always had skepticism. In in in my approach here I think skepticism is required. Right now. I was look at this what I'm I'm in radio Dooley might read my entire group and overnight radio mostly I get the nighttime radio here. And and sold off I was good looking I'd be on TV I'm not a radio. And always look at this like this I approached these things like. Any woman. That Florida with me. I suspect he'd. Was either looking for money thought I had a lot of money had no ulterior motives or. Was dude. It's the wild wild west minutes the cyber land. And yet. Here's the other thing. And if the story's been taught and I'm skeptical about this I'm sure there's some truth and there's a lot of exaggerations I said there. You cannot be sent an out private information until you are 100 locked up. Double and triple check sure. Now you're in catfish I. I've never. Knowingly. And cats both sides of as far as I know I've never been divers have European attack. That's if it's much more likely be much more likely that you would call a radio show. If you were the one doing the cat fishing rather than be the cat thief. I EEU would much you wanna tell that story you'll wanna beat the one likely tell a story they agonized talking this. Beautiful woman in the night on. When and then turn that was. Does it work at all the other way out of I think it does not as I a 100% guy you should. Does it what does the women and that didn't bamboozled by this. There were written were focused on reality here. And in the word is both Boone. For not learning from past mistakes like we all make mistakes sport if you were in human the human condition make that. But this. What's being laid out in these court papers using his glory. What is the most famous cat finish. Bolt on the cool thing is that we've all for the most part been alive unless you're young pong ball but alive. Pretty great era of catfish. But the greatest catch fish of the mall. Have been not that long ago. And it is a current NFL player who happen to play a high profile college at Notre Dame yet you know. You know right yeah may have Taipei now. And his fate dead girl part that one got so deep that Brian Kelly handed the made up girlfriend a game ball. We're noted it but there it's 42 years old then he got a. You've got to figure out a little as a bad job by Jesus shuttleworth. It's a bad job by him now the last thing. What do you think the reaction was. All of the old Celtic guard guys that he played in that that run of success. He you know what's going on expectation was cast of this isn't sparing going on they don't like each other at least that's the public. Position privately they might just be laughing at guys like dawson's. We love each. Imagine the text message exchanged must've been going on between Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett Kendrick Perkins in some of those other guys from back in the day. Giving Rondo got in on this maybe it James Posey. They've just this guy. You've got to think that this was a big. Big back and forth exchange. On a positive note. There is positive. Depending on how this plays out depending on how this goes Ray Allen has just laid out. The ground work for a wonderful. Netflix original series coming 2018 you've got to think. It there's no new ideas and entertainment it's all the same stuff just read your urge to aid. This would be really goes what they've done right with the proper budget and casting this could be a wonderful. Original series. You that the drama the plot twists. It and ball wait like a good infomercial but wait there's more. Now we know the name of the accuser. It's arm moved the legal papers teams he had it it's Bryant colemans the guy's name. And Jesus pose a staffer. In the communications department Eddy at University of Florida University of Central Florida. So he won't Newark city a university is he ready for the plot twist you wanna see this is where this is a complete game changer this last. So what's the guy's defenseman ray downs making all these things the guy who attended the woman's cat finishing him. You found out until you stop paying them hush money I was stock you re balance bam the so the guys defenses. Palin as in I mean I did some of his stop when I was a gay relationship with the Ray Allen. So might drop situation. As a guide claims that these allegations. That he was pretending to be a woman knows that he says this is not true. He claims this is erroneous information by Ray Allen. And the true. Will come outs. And according the the guy is guy Coleman. He claims it was Ray Allen just through all this information out there are pictures video private stuff. He he claims the guy that Ray Allen knew he was good news. And as says that this goes back several years. Well the great thing about the Internet is there is a massive. Paper trail you're gonna have. Loads of fingerprints. All over this that is that you're gonna if you wanna dig deeper and investigate. Get out the microscope and go and dig through all the stuff you can get to the bottom my my head is spinning. When I this is a wonderful sports is great. Yeah I think the evidence if they really. Dog around them. It means is pretty deep and raise raise get a pretty good and as big as they say no 184 million with the Celtics and those teams. He played with but this is going to get really weird but you're gonna need take two with three showers by the time you get done. And going through all the the minutia. In all this put ray Allen's attorney and you know how we feel about attorneys but there are ray Allen's attorney. Claiming that that he is the bit. That this is all a bunch of BS this the latest to claim by the accuser here. Gay relationship that this is all just an effort to. You know cash. And it's a money grab the situation and embarrass. A rain out well I would say if that's the job if that's the goal. If the effort is to embarrass Ray Allen. Mission. Accomplished that is a wean wean with the way I would think right. And yeah I don't know would be the wife's thoughts. On this a bit and open relationship who don't item needs might have all kinds of of fun times. Who's to say I if you would be part of it here's the number 6177797. 937. You can Texas a 37937. And also. You get at me on Twitter I monitors that. For me it's an hour marathon you just get the first half as the insomniacs get together here. That that's just via that's just the way this just the ways. As the Celtics back yet tomorrow in Miami. Trying to make it the seventeen year old now. For the but Celtics is they. They they dig a little deeper into the used to in the history books year. Against the Miami Heat and Kyra your being and it's on my list we get to analyst at it is on my list via the player of Paris telephone right now. And that Jeff is in a car Andy he wants talk about Rleal what's going on Jeff you are WEEI. Guilin. I guess I don't know probably shouldn't started at its targeted at a white not a I don't ultimately who are. Well I don't have any idea why we would be talking about hey Alan and in this ribbons puppets and a bit of a seventeen game win streak. Is a great story reds' deficit wonderful stewards about it. A great so did them a few years you'll you'll see that joy in this story. Yeah it's a wonderful story it's a great story. Not that it if I don't want paper and a knock out there I did I have a hobby it's radio did I let's go to new it that he. Who's in a Southern California actually he's a colony and on WEEI but my guy Antonin and I was going on Anthony. What is going on and learn and I'm running fairly happy giving. Your boy Aaron Ray Allen and they're should be teaching the classes on. That you've been down that those immediate skills. Yeah I I don't think that's gonna happen. I should teach him a classes what I should I shouldn't I should give him some advice. He should be the example of what you should never do on social media. Explicitly. Put out on your timeline which you wanted you to another woman in a checking up with the ping ball or restaurant. Than good. Internet he'll there. Ellis I was a man anti tea out and Matt who could we have we gotta have what Anthony Weiner. You've got to put leaner with man died today and now Ray Allen can beat the table. They can have their own. Their own party. Be quite the party everyone beyond their phone though they'd all beyond social media doing their thing. Method yeah that. That little lives that are. Very interesting churned out there and you've been. We're now that's story. A couple of weeks to find out we'll actually. That's it you'd. Nobody batted. And you're. I love you read that you're you're rambling in the how dare you end to the union ring. Over here in our I don't I did I expect you are right now I know you'll harassed me later died and we're off to a flying start with terrible phone calls. That's to a foot maybe it would be slightly better. But the I don't believe I've interact with my my instincts as a gas bag here that this reality story is wonderful. That it's great I do and I read how we how many ways do you can you slice up the Celtics winning streak and I will slice it up and I I had a guy email me. Yesterday after the Celtics game with the mavericks who was convinced. Convinced that because of that performance that. The leader in the clubhouse for the MVP after the first like three weeks of the NBA season. Is Kyra you're being which is not the case. Which is not accused lot yap about that. But later you'd. You guys. Listen dubbed W I'll the time you're late night typed purse. I'm assuming you've heard a few stories and whatnot about. About Ray Allen I mean what do you think about and and I am like completely opposite I don't believe I'm completely off base. We would all because. This could be just the tip of the iceberg you know how this stuff. On plays out of this is different than most Hollywood. Scandals are evenly the political Al Franken scandal because. Ray Allen was the one who was trying to get out in front on this or Ray Allen was the one. Who wild these legal papers he was the one that felt like he was the one being sporty. In all this 6177797937. If you would like to join the magic carpet ride. But. Let's there have been some tales. About Ray Allen and some stuff back. Now in play for the for the Celtics but also and he. As planned for the Sonics used. So uses this could be just the also the beginning because the beginning of the embarrassment all that was back on social media. Back in the day I keep and I like a hawk. I'm going to keep enough. Honest is Ray Allen to his credit he is one in my in my humble a page he's won the he's won the prize. This is a solidly for for Internet. And then an arm he Sports Radio this is just. Instrument. Apps which are there's more a phone calls also again get as a it would you can text the show here as we rule late night on WE the insomnia act creatures of the night. Of the night you uniting together. As one. Another is a tradition. That I have had room for good about it here and and it involves this week. Because this is the beginning about the real holiday season. In sports talk radio to some life in general when sports talk radio so I will provide us the public service to use the list of the loyal minions. Of WEEI I will provide the team boy. The themes that you must keep an eye on. Regarding this week the the handbook too lazy Sports Radio how to spot leasing news. In Sports Radio get to that also more of Ray Allen. And of the latest twists and turns the roller posted as we get all that and we'll do next. What is the holidays and Thanksgiving week which is a big. Big drinking week. And I I do very well in that department. If like a moth to a blame. When I'm on the radio for some reason I is guess is the hours. Location location location but now beyond your tomorrow as well late night. And isn't that traditionally Christopher isn't that traditionally the the big drunken night the night before Thanksgiving yes it is 100% the big drinking net of the year yeah so that I look forward that. As to why we will have an open bar years and they'll be and the the pocked tree that is gonna take place that is because that's what else do you do Redmond I know some some games tomorrow there's no teams in the NBA on Thanksgiving. The players that hole in one act when they went through labor negotiation there's not much. Get the NFL but the night before Thanksgiving when you Stan Utley and it's still about. This is the place is going to be a party here. On the BI that morning not it's not a party now but the big story here Ray Allen. I am telling you this is the greatest story every one is good yep but about this over the next couple days has Sports Radio WEEI. And Hampshire. Resemble a Mike guys in the more. Curtain and Callahan those guys will they rule they will they would collide. They are going to. I would think the although all over the says this is right there will house also has been restored with. With Ray Allen but. It's not just speculation it's on the record it's in an Orlando courtroom. He announced. Via the court that he had been catfish that he was the victim of that Beijing. And he added though the the plot twist with the Guidant was involved in this claiming that it was gay relationship. And and and so that's the spot where in the right now we've with Ray Allen. And you wait at least become microphone from. As Paul peers would be the first guy is he's working medias in some he'd be the first to get in my. In front of him to the talent on this in the well Kevin. Durant their Kevin Garnett rather he works it it TNT. Does that terrible she'll. With I don't know what the heck it is an area to anyone yet area my god is that awful. It's hilariously awful. It is so disgusting. Like. I don't think he must have like some kind of evidence against someone AT&T that is eight debacle it it gets worse every week. And it's like he's got like random people on any Ed he did that WNBA players a couple weeks ago. He had the coaches that he was last week dot I thought the record to show that I do not watch this but I do try to watch like the Charles Barkley BS with Kenny Smith most guys. And then. You can't help but watch it a little taste. Of Kevin. Kevin any company doing his thing 120. Kit with its white in your face and it's just brutal. It's absolute brutal and he gets paid. Too much that's your point whatever it is. The in the price slightly too slight too much. I will take some more phone calls if you want to be part of his radio show it is a line open phew right now. It 617779. Said in 93. Set. And much to Midas mouse hoping that we get some good catfish stories. This dialogue a good temperature you have to be the one that was the victim you could be the one was doing and catfish. When I'd I'd like to hear it in honor of these tawdry. Story about about Ray Allen. Let's go to the phones lol let's go to Joseph who's in Providence and he is next it's. WEEI late night action would be bad now what's more not Joseph you want my guys jump. What club management. Alone been lobbed. A lesson that you and I need to make me proud. Yeah. Don't agree. Oh that's right that's it that's a famous Mallard things. Giving story the we really Thanksgiving debacle years ago. And my by a younger brother there the degrade went flying in the air everywhere. We spent. All look Thanksgiving night in the day after Thanksgiving cleaning up gravy off the ceiling. In my mom's kitchen. Though it was all over the behind the behind the walls of his everywhere. It what what's what's got former GO. Well personable and take your small business as still in Arkansas. The whole state of Arkansas that to me. So the guy in Anaheim you wanna call up the child Lee got the worst one. Aren't you guys busy over there like wasting my Trout career why you call in Boston Sports Radio. Keep keep Roland Jered Weaver of these great. Utley right now is already down saying I think everybody is looking at from the wrong light. This to mean something the classic romance. Story of the century. I mean it's a modern day Rome. It is that guy. Making claims against ranked. Saying you know he was as gay lover raised thrown back in the states and no you weren't now to go to court they're gonna fight over a house or two and a car. And this is this is low and 2070. And it this isn't a VH one behind the basketball I don't know what has. Well you got everything yeah he got the the drama yet the plot twists. And just wait till more stuff comes out too because it's all. You know be thrown around in that courtroom and Orlando. So that's. 21 of things are telefrag job here I'm here everyone's so Rogers who couple couple nights a week OB got to the. Happy then given Ben do good data voice. All right thank you Joseph appreciate the ringing endorsement from my guy GO. It was way back with me and the overnight show. In in Providence. What like this is the perfect opportunity is being Thanksgiving. We in the lead up in a lot of production getting done this week that's beyond mrs. de. A week to be LA's like he was taking a whole week off if you get that time he. It's a wonderful. Up but since I work in the radio business and I've been doing this want them I have noticed. Some tendons. And some tendencies that must be brought to your. Think of this as a public service if you will. The the listener to sports talk race. Because there is. This is a lot of lot of options and this is the week usually get that to be in the C list guys that end up your favorite. Radio guys don't usually work that much because it's the holiday week and get the vacation time so they're not here. And so that means that to get other people feel it occasionally the people would do the shadows. They just go through the boat. They don't put any effort into it so. We love being REI it's an honor to be on WEEI I'm a big fan of the stations great that I get to come in here in the overnights for a long time at fox. What one might pick p.s. It is being lazy news. In the radio business this week highs of the time of year when there's a lot of like false front. It goes up so it was a public service announcement. Who use the WE IA Lister consider this the audio handball. To negligence. And lazy Thanksgiving. Sports Radio. Now I am sure that no one's. That works is radio station will be right my the people I work within radioed to not do this kind of. However. If you happen to hear someone. You're stating your consumer of sports talk radio when if you happen to hear someone that is casualty of any of these sins than him about the list. I would like you to report to me. I would like you to give me the deepest desire and the like a proud father when I get these reports I beam and so excited it's just wonder. Aren't so the first thing here. You have to look out for the cookie corner regurgitate eighty year after year. Topics of conversation. They're notice evergreen because they never go back it's like honey. They sell honey to honey never goes back. And they re packaged year after year they have an internal shelf life. And it's just lazy yes you know what they are at the Big Three are and if you keep an eye out for this Thanksgiving we. You know they are number one what in sports are you thankful for. If the person doing the show. Gives that doubters questioning gives out the phone number. At some serious level package. Another one to spin off. What is sports do you think before. Who is the biggest Turkey in sports. You know that the person you listen to on the radio has not on any show prep. That is just merely going through the motions. If you hear who is the biggest Turkey in sports injury. And then the last one which gets carried over to Chris ms. some of these they twist these things around for Christmas also but since this is Thanksgiving week. The big one that also annoying who would you like to invite to Thanksgiving dinner. Gordon sports would you like to invite now again if any of these things pop up. If any any any of the host commit these these mortal sins. That's radio malpractice. And I am again very thankful. When these people get called. I and I'm not good this at all I mean I'm not just the media chatter away. Few hours and what. That the primetime patty Sheehan says don't usually get involved in those things Israel villain. On a day issue. But I've never. Never been that load down. Where I have to dig into the bag of cookie cutter cliche topics. I do and I've never once been a show the biggest Turkey in sports and I cringe. I inquiry didn't shortly here. Right now I do realize that there is in over saturation. Of gas battery. I eat and that some deny wanna put in an honest days work. I got that but we we do have this week about two games on Thanksgiving. And we have this game written just for example that the Ray Allen scandal that we were just yapping about there's a a wonderful story you dive into little deeper. So it's not like you have to sit back and wait for years your local newspaper to arrive to find. Different things talked about is an endless amount it's a sensory overload in the echo chamber. Of sports conversation so that is my handbook. He but I doubt that's my public service announcement the handbook to exposing lazy this Thanksgiving week. In Sports Radio you heard any host doing those things. Then you know that they have committed. One of the mortal scenes against sports talk radio. And they should be called out. Absolutely should be called out port there's Knoll. Excuse no excuse. And all are 61777979837. Yet Celtics more. Phone calls that we. Yap the night away and like it aged whiskey wine and cheese will get to that also The Who where my game you who in my. People were complaining and do the women. Do women purity. Who am I in the NFL's active leader in receptions. On Thursday gates. Again only on Thursday that day of the week all time in the NFL I'm the NFL's active leader are not even active leader Eric who do I want to actively to act. And the NFL's active leader in receptions. On Thursday games. I'd get the answer you know the answer go to Twitter. And you tweet me your Texas but then my Twitter feeds at band Mallory again on the NFL's active leader receptions. On Thursday games who am I the answer next. And we will have the answer The Who MI game right about now back to the phones also in a moment as we go further and further in the nighttime hours here at the though in my game and honor of a he gave big festivities of football on Thursday. I am the NFL's active leader in receptions on Thursday gains. Number one among all active players in receptions on Thursday games who am I that is the question. What is the answer and guess is continuing to fly in here most of moment Twitter account on the text line as well. Prius is going with Antonio Brown is his answer. And it did he. Who is trying to he's read cities article on the guy and soak up he wanted to push back against the the trash Douglas get the war. With these guys listen you do VI he says grand mom law. Is the answer Larry FitzGerald has been guest buys the in Maine. It doesn't I do not believe anyone got this right. I don't believe anyone Derek that's a bad job. A bad job by you the correct answer I and the NFL's active leader receptions on Thursday games. It has to be cowboy or a liar right is they play every Thursday they're guaranteed at least the Thursday game the cowboys were usually a couple of thirty games. The answer is yes at Dallas cowboys' Jason Witten. Of the cowboys 902. Yards leads all. Active players. In in in that. Particular category and Brandon Marshall. Of the giants followed by Antonio round of the Steelers. These next. On that particularly so Wheaton. Marshall. Which he's monster is it somehow ended up playing a lot of Thursday games and he's he's hurt after the giants in a Tony Brown. Of the Steelers. So a measure I'm fascinated. By this this story involving Ray Allen which witnessed in the beginning part. Is gonna get even better. As we follow the hog three details of Ray Allen who claims he was the victim of being catfish the guy involve the acclaimed non. That's not the case and already knew exactly was gone he knew that wasn't a woman he knew that I was a guy in. So as a lot of players this but that level pressed for us go to Cain. In the Providence who is next year it's WEEI late night phone with me. And now what's going on dead. Then what club worked out a long time remember you from the drive over Hugo. Coleman thanks a little luck which got just. Acted. Guy got a little Gloria about what to look look at pictures O line but it caught on pretty intricate story don't try to make it quick off February. Few years back I was married went to the store to get my lovely white from call batted in came back home David about it and woke up the next day there was a box of condoms on the dining room table and she could probably be about it well it turned out one out in line at PV the gentleman before me was buying them. And didn't have his money with them told the clerk inadvertently put my call medical and in the same bag the content and I brought it home and had to deal would be out about that non current so. Obie can appreciate that. Yes or no was. But the box wasn't open I can it was. Yeah dollar look at all and a cool cool food bishop of our OK and I feel like an idiot I felt like region into the bag you have a call at that and I don't about the content of merit and that when I woke up to talk the next day. I just figured that they were hurt on you know commute the teenager Aaron in order to what about it but of course they get all the accusation call I had my tail between my legs and do it shouldn't lose I'd look into an Ivy League shady. Went up to the CVS and you can imagine a black armor issue while with the manager and he via element that I needed to look at the video footage to show find out what the hell out. I'm sure that that was an awkward that was not that was not awkward at all Ken Wright is no no not at all yeah exactly. And are well I know now when you go to the store though I you're gonna double check when you come home you know pictures. Everybody is aren't everything is good yes aren't I thank you can for issues in. In the province. I I've had that have Ivan had condoms and robbers put in my bag would have gone the storm they have that stuff. Pop up is never been hitting good. Yeah I'd like to be the guy goes the story has some big coup would output in the back toys like. Crap you don't really need that here. I'm I mentioned like in aged whiskey. Why her she's now. The the NFL has seen here a declined. In 3000 yard passers. Typically through detained gains there are eight. Bunch of quarterbacks. That have crossed over that ref. Then that have done. Amazing things. In that department 3000 yards but here we are their it was played ten games now the bye weeks aren't done skis were armed to the home stretch. Of the NFL regular season. And we have all seen a decline this is the first year. Since the year 2000. That only one cornerback. Has thrown for 3000 yards through ten games. First you back ten years. And the part of the story which ties in to our conversation here and room like an east whiskey wine or in in cheese. Things get better here the last quarterback back in 207. You are going missed the last cornerback Antonio seven. That year that they did that was the last time there was only one quarterback to throw over 3000 yards that was Tom Brady. Tom Brady this year. Is the only quarterbacks so far to throw through ten games. The throw for 3000 yards. Silk. So it's an innocent it's an odd. Odd court but continues keep. He went in at some point this cannot keep going at some point Tom Brady's gonna have to. Take a step back he can't play it that's you're you're flying everything involved in sports you're going the way. It's gone of for Brady at age forty. But hey there's there's no evidence of be a slowed up if you look at the other quarterbacks who have a great quarterbacks in NFL history. Typically what happens is they go from driving 85 mile an hour and then they drive about ten miles an hour it is a rapid decline. It's not a slow graceful fall. From the top. But there's no indication at all. That that's gonna have a Tom's eating a lot of avocados as the as the Joker knows. And he is on pace now for his fourth season. With a passer rating of over a 110. And looking at the cupcakes the patriots have outside of that Pittsburgh game. The rest of the year. You you're eating a lot of sugary foods and the biggest concern. Of that would be. Would be what diabetes playing all these weeks that we teams here but there's no no other quarterback has more than two seasons with a passer rating. Of of over a hot a 110 and Brady's on pace to do it for the fourth. Consecutive cart let's go do it John. In Dartmouth who's on WEEI their net John eat you actually have a legitimate to have the story this does not involve condoms at CVS. No I approach your air Oreo Oreo. Give it to. Well. That there are the only cure the whole lot here you know what they're now oh. I don't know and so much so let's let's shrink Ray Allen probably all of our PS. Yet stricter but. Iowa is about seven years ago pressure in college. I'm certain merit and you know I get a random advanced. God. Aren't cool this girl was smoked. A bit. We have twenty mutual friend. On Facebook's well regarded obviously one of my buddies martz don't work you know yet. Erin. So it's it's you know which you know what's going on on. And you apart. As have Albert pumps and Ernie yeah. Well she she direct gone. Serbo. Two weeks until I realized. That is not going on here. Air and I called blobs are added up given her all. These lights are carried. Are you real or not. Would your protocol. Mountain. And then about. A week later she rarely called. It and there's so. Want. Who lose I found out around four. Told him how old yeah. Eighteen but it looking at. Hero of Kruger. It really bigger yeah. Two yards. Right back here. You know use service we are I won't say I'm not elect carrier and while low block. So he told M raptor truck I IQ limit down all my friends. Now on you didn't you didn't continue to pursue that is just some guys some eighteen year old Gaza be like hey I just won the lottery here about to go down that road man this is great. All of throughout. Struck out but on the other married married actor award bowl lottery what he's up forty you'll learn but I'm I'm I'm Garrett. I got. I got to Iowa thank you John did you here's via the video. Again this is a solid piece of life advise you young. Any time my theory on this and I have a great grass and I got my dating. Back in the day massed in Mary. Beautiful women. I Christa were you all those beautiful women generally do not approach guys is that still true that to 100% true. Yeah like if a woman contact you online and books just amazing Mike at 89 or ten. You know a key there has to be something on. Exactly. Exactly there's no way. I mean it and that it this much competition right women have a competitive advantage in this area. And in so even like the ever look. And women they got guys that it dying to get their attention so. C'mon are any it's a little late night but here were on WP guys you know you're locked in with me he paid valor and we will press on. And what is it too early for the end VP debate we will dive into that it's a basketball related sort. We'll get that we'll do it next.