WEEI Late Night - Ben Maller makes his pitch for Johnny Football to come to New England 3-12-18

WEEI Late Night
Tuesday, March 13th
Hour 1 of WEEI Late Night gets rolling as Big Ben Maller starts off by talking about the Patriots needs this offseason.  One of the big needs is without question, a back up quarterback and Maller feels like taking a shot at Johnny Manziel could be a great opportunity for the Patriots.  Then Maller discusses Tom Brady's appearance on the Late show with Stephen Colbert and the Late Night crew believes they have discovered a conspiracy.

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It is big ball season is what it is that's that's the week we're in right now the NFL. Taking full effect in need a special bonus addition of meat very very rarely hear in a Monday. As we Romany. The nighttime hours here and it is no wonder is not one thing I Lovelace about a rumor web site back in the day beat exercise. In speculation. The land of just thrown anything out there and an idea of a source in the source could be. Any one could be absolutely anyone. Be the equipment guy could be the person the clean the toilets in the bathroom eighteen source. Eighteen source so we will do a lot of yes the meeting. In the nighttime hours years as it is in the calm before the storm. As days. But it blew we are locked in. And that's a bad night the MBA we get in the NFL when I was trying to find something decent what I didn't watch the spurs. Rockets game which is still going on recognizing blow out. The whispers are shorthanded minutes of the programs like the I I found myself watching the Sacramento Kings in the Oklahoma City Thunder. You know things are not going right when you're looking for some to watching you watching that game. That is not. But I also been monitoring all of the mini. Speculative. Stories about NFL free agency. If you have a hunch. Throw it out there right throw it out there and wide tax go with the eight and as this continues. And we are heading towards that crescendo mall. In the middle weak player movement all over the NFL many of the big names have already agreed to deals are different tees. It is obvious that the patriots. Have not been very active they made one. Signature move to head to the roster. With the Cleveland Browns over the week you bring in Shelton. For the defensive line but that. Doesn't move the meat. Doesn't move the lead over machine. You're looking for some to move the needle we know the patriots again try to upgrade. The defense you don't have to be Adam Schechter to figure that out judging already but what we've done and what they're supposed to do. And Bobby's. But there is news. All first off. This needs to be done and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity rather than getting the Malcolm ball it's a mile this will get there. We'll get to Malcolm Butler but there's another boy he'd. That must be food miles watching. Tom vs time which is great. Because it's it's fifteen minutes less than fifteen is a vehicles so today it was. Fourteen minutes Tom vs time which is just perfect that's the way all TV shows should be about fourteen minutes. Radio show should be about four hours three or four hours TV shows about fourteen minutes. Perfect right it and it stopped there on that FaceBook app for commercial in the middle. But watching that hearing Tom Brady and negatives all positioned perfectly is Tom does he media storm. Around New York. Trying to get people watch this. Is that you that that lag time after the Super Bowl the last episode numbers comet was your take away. If you haven't seen yet. Is there a Tom Brady talking about his family talking about in hinting about how long he wants to go on and these cryptic messages people trying to connect. What Gisele said Ian Tom verses time in with Tom says at the end in sum his comments. Use on in the morning show Good Morning America in New York had so going on a lot of laws. But there there's the board here predict numbers it's time for second. But the 480. Is who is going to back gulp. Tom Brady next season now is that the most important. Area the picture set of course not of course that the defense is much more important the way to make fools a second rate. Quarterback in the Super Bowl was able to play relaxed. Composed. Dot com no concern at all in the biggest spot of his life. Today because now the office alliance good for the Eagles but the page's defense. I'm not so much that is a point that needs to be. I addressed. Clearly liked the backup quarterback for the patriots. Is something that will be talked about as we move forward Hume what's these defensive players start changing teams in the have already done that. You know the drill. Though how this works is that kind of a cadence it is the defense goes first and eventually we'll get to a point between now in the draft. Where will they sign a veteran quarterback for the unit draft someone you all kinds of me in the college quarterbacks are going to be match. And then the warning label applies the warning label is. Don't hold your breath do not hold your read it now if you buy into every single story gets out there. Or or is put out there regarding. The quarterbacks in the draft. You're going to be twist it into a pretzel. If you buy into that now I have read a few books not many a few books and what are the books the art of war. Which is a class act all my god basket you have to have strong battle points it's one big takeaways this is different ways to win about it. And the the new team. That has popped up here regarding the backup quarterback position for the patriots. Is in name that I've spent a good amount of time hyping up. And celebrating and doing many many a Mallard monologue in my overnight showed fox about this guy. And his name has been tossed out. With the patriots. Did you hear about this the name well his nickname is. Football Johnny football. If you've not been. Paying attention now Johnny Maine Zell. Was interviewed on the streets of Los Angeles by TMZ eight pop or rock so from TMZ. Caught up with Johnny. He was out joins a not drinking milk is he's sober when he was in Malibu doing the rehab thing. And Johnny Mann Zell said that backing up Tom Brady. For the patriots. Would be a dream come true. In fact rather than. Let me just say that to prove that I'm not lying. And making this up let's go to the audio tape here's judge said TMZ caught up with Johnny -- Zell. About the page. They've both of them and people were hit by the long term replacement. Very likely not bring up for a couple years I'll go to knowing and enough part in a heartbeat. As much pressure now the average. Odds they were the paparazzi of whoever that was was referring to. And Nate Burleson who on I guess on the NFL network the statement FO network made the comment about John Lehman sell. Or do patriots did not make a comment like a month ago but this possibly just tossing out. I think rid mourning for bonds listen in on yet clearly they must be spying is as amended uses the spying situation going on how dare them. Chris we need to send a memo over the good morning was called good morning good morning four ball I will I I enjoy the show and and it's you know in my but he needs. Its direction and yet he's there you're. I need answers I demanded today what a so let's let's discuss here a man so. Very sad I would argue that if an NFL team offered Jan Johnnie Mae and sell an opportunity. To clean pointless. He would say I would love it outgoing a heartbeat I would love those journals they get very dirty at the end of the day people would bubble garment and it's very discussed. And I would be very happy to clean. I'd so so here's the question let's get into your short the patriots. Gear giant Lehman Zell an opportunity at redemption. Who rear redemption. In Foxboro. Now he's all for. You could tell by the excitement. It was seeks. I say yes I'm all Ford it be great story and I expect I am willing to make an elevator pitch. As I'm sick of seeing that I'm gonna get some resistance here. I'm judging by past. Conversations that I've had have been here and a BI's so I I'm gonna make my elevator pitch. To bring Johnny men's L. To the page. I in and we're gonna package this in the podcast assuming Bill Belichick still in Florida doing their resort. We're gonna send this to Belichick this is mine a pitch to get main Zell. In a patriot you know is you've got diversified. Unorthodox. Long race. Did Plaxico Burress disease you've got all of those things as part of my elevator traditional tie them all the other night number one. Johnny Mann Zell met her a few weeks ago he had that court carefully orchestrated media tore. Trying to drum up interest among NFL teams and he talked about the fact that he was bipolar. This'll these that is the self medicating himself when it was. Was doing the drugs in the booze and that'll thing. And in the late at all out later fallout there it was a a choreographed. Event. And now all. He said he's got that the regal. O'Lakes. He's he's figured out it's mental illness. He's raring to go right that's the theme we have. In sports we've seen. To Marta rose in Kevin Love in the NBA talked about there. Mental illness and in Johnny Mann Zell also old from the the football world god eras and Mizuho has been flirting. With the Canadian football league for several months. That does not seem to be happening. Judging by the fact means they'll sing out. In Hollywood doing his thing and he he doesn't want to play football he just wants to play in the NFL he wants. One more shot at the NFL life. And it's not so far he's this whole thing has not worked out no one in the NFL. Not a one of the 32 member clubs are shown any interest. In Johnny men's and I have no out. That the patriots would prefer to go another direction. I get some hotshot quarterback in the first round put. In the later rounds of the draft the later pick her via trade get an extra pick you're not gonna see baker mayfield. Come to the page is Josh Rosen is not walking through those doors saying Arnold. You don't have to worry Sam Arnold about lowering the whole patriot way to lower worry about that at all those guys are. Common almost top court so is that it at the patriots. Are going to be dabbling. Even the quarterback market which she's a mostly what it's faceless. Undistinguished. Quarterback's. Whole being. That they can somehow catch that the lightning in a bottle as the the cliche goes. And Jimmy your apple was someone along those lines you are not expected to be a front line starter. In the NFL and now he's got a massive contract with the 49ers. Whether he can live up to that we'll find out in the coming years but it's it's the wet look it is is is Mike part of my age I hate it's much like. If you're investing where your 401K. By any financial advisor worth their salt will tell you. You do not. Invest all your money when that you need to diversify the patriots also need to diversify. When you looking for Tom Brady's back. I think we get all agree that that is obvious hit just going draft some guy in the seventh round where the six round seductive as is that going to be the back of quarterback and in. That's it. The the success rate if you look at the success rate of the quarterbacks that have been. Raft lead even in the first round it's very you'll. See yet have to keep your options open. And if you follow what the patriots and I know you do. And and you look at is. Objectively they have strategically taking chances on. Dame aged questionable players. Eat its continued right up until this past year. Which didn't with a loss in the Super Bowl what it is that the patriots have shown a history of being willing to take a flyer on a player. Whose guy issues. Out the differences Johnny min Zell is not rainy moss Randy Moss was he really good player that fell out fell off the wagon if you will success. With the raiders when he Kimi. I would ploy. Meant sell more in light. The Tim empty bowl Michael floor aid category. Not Albert Haynesworth not. Who Ochocinco guys like that James Harrison came in. Alas she's I'd say that man sells more along the lines of like Michael Floyd. Tim Tebow someone like debt. That's a no brainer not a second the year. As we chat. And I would spend Mallory late night on me a special bonus Monday for me up number two Bill Belichick. Consider I just laid out a bush guys that had checkerboard. Situations that had ended up with the patriots and they didn't all work out Brady moss is great. A was wonderful Rodney Harrison. And if limited dimmer knob Rodney Harrison had some questions and who's in San Diego dirty player played great at the patriots. Albert pains with was a boss Ochocinco was a boss Tim Tebow is a boss. A Michael Floyd didn't do anything. So it it it doesn't always work out that way but no budget you go down the unorthodox highway. Because you gotta have options you aren't they if you saw Tom vs time he is going to be 41 next. Next calendar years you'd you're gonna draft a player who your grooming. To beat the maize and as the backup quarterback. But I say you should also do the old reclamation project. Have options. I have Bob's now he does it is argued to judge him as though could be a complete disaster and could get released in training camp. And as sick he could also be home. Right you'll also be hungry and he's a talented EU's. Very good college football player but more than that he did show flashy news. Very brief clashes with the Cleveland Browns. Back in the day the terrible will be on Cleveland Browns and I believe me and they'll still planning on participating that gay easy. Spring football league. Which is coming up in a couple of weeks in in Texas that instructional football. Situation. So. Good luck he had until he's got the skills men Zell to play at a high level in the NFL. Does that mean that he's going to play at a high level Ian bell consistently. He hasn't done day. And I did I go back to the more it browns he showed flashes that he spent more time. In Cleveland studying Scotch whisky in burglaries. Mean he did the Cleveland Browns playbook. Public men's seltzer the patriots make some sense to bring him in as an extra arm with nothing else and see if you can actually figured out and he can figure out. And in that that was the old Johnny football back in the if he does an about face Brett Favre was all lick it up he was a party boy. It all kinds stuff going on when he played for the Atlanta Falcons he sobered up in Green Bay. And he played very well now second B Brett Favre 2.0 of course. Of course not it's a remote possibility it's a long shot situation. What it's it's possible it's not it's not completely out of the realm of pot in. Of of kids and -- sell. You also factor in the age can now just because you're young does not mean you're always get that that's one of the fallacies of youth. How wept. Men's sells 25 years old he's the same age. As Carson winds. Of the Philadelphia egos he's the same age as giant as those 24 days older. The course and winds who's gonna be back is the starting quarterback in Philadelphia. Is and if I'm not mistaken you can correct me if I'm an umbrella is by believe mens are keen to visit the patriots. When he was coming out of Texas in any deity pre draft busy with Bill Belichick it Belichick brought him to Foxboro. I believe that's accurate. Back in the day. The out of the last thing you'll take some phone calls. In a moment on this Johnny men Zell would be you lol race. High reward sonic there's no hole. No risk of Johnnie Mae and still destroying the locker room. Because it be socks. He won't be around to get rid of a mile be released before the season even gets started before training camp to bring him in the offseason workouts. If he ends up to open his finance. With the patriots and they can tell that he he's not gonna be Lockheed inning gauged. He'll end up releasing goal play for some Canadian Football League team and that's you just pain in the pink slip you wash your means you bought. And you move more and and Bill Belichick is all out. And all coaches all about China on Colbert talent and project. Metallica it's been waste by trying to figure that out the the father Flynn begin Mother Teresa. Tight situation where you Travis save this guy from himself. And take a chance on a hundred to one shot. And yell hope that that 101 shot. A figures it out now that. He's clearly going to be an uphill that. Clearly going to be an uphill battle what the NFL if you look at the the list of redemption stories in the NF but a pretty long list. Of redemption stories in the NFL and hardly anywhere I get that hardly anyone wants to see Johnny men's L. Succeed he is on the likable he's very unlikable. In fact he's got the kind of faced one punch. I still. That that's also it's unlikely this is gonna work. But again I would gulf I would go Ford. Much of Johnny men's those issues are because of Plaxico Burress disease these are self inflicted. Self inflicted wounds. That have created these downward spiral for for John Lehman sell. And entity that the whole reach key argument which is he legitimate garbage I mean Zell a rich kid born on third base. Who somehow think seat in twit either triple and he got Pete he did it himself he's. As we started out he started out on third base now though nevertheless. It's clear that with Tom Brady being more and more of an injury risk the further and further along we go here that. If you're gonna look to have a backup quarterback you rather have someone other than Brian where weather is Johnny men Zell. Or whoever and there's a list of available quarterbacks that you hit the market some of them this week in and some of them in June. I ain't back the main Zell plane it's the unorthodox way. It's a long shot situation. What it's worth the risk is is limited race it's limited. Our I have made my pitch if you would like to comment on that you're more than welcome the calm before the storm you can give us call. The number 6177797. 937. That's 61777979370. And also send the attacks at 37. 93. Set. It's 3793. Seve report. Of the of the festivities. It's the festivities have. Commenced. In the national football leak. Lot of rain and active in dot com so if you want Ndamukong and so he's available. Chances Ndamukong Suh ends up with the patriots. And knocked it not not looking very promising. In that particular department there. Judging by the fact even though Ndamukong Suh said a couple of weeks ago that he would play for a team like the Philadelphia Eagles for free. Of those around. Him those people in his posse if you will saying that. That's not the case he's actually a still a football mercenary. And there's going to be no Ole. No discount. Or Donna accounts he's he's going to keep it close to the best but he's. He's not gonna give somebody a discount to go play for some random. NFL team as they happen to be better chance. Of getting to the suitable. That's that's not gonna happen I am available on. Twitter at bay in Malibu that's ad then Mallard if you would like to be part of the festivities there. And as several members. Of the the Mallard militia checking in early. Where the fool Mallard Murrow on late night a Mallard marathon we'll take your phone calls it'd. Eating is eight COLT won. What does that mean what does a cold one mean we'll get to that and we will do next. Argued the phones here in a moment Jonny men's else's he'd love to play for the patriots absolutely go there and hard beat. Mean we are talking about that right now also lol. Coming up here in a couple of minutes. It's a cold one get to that. Jimmy writes in nieces having Johnny football should get into overnight sports talk radio and then now what do you think. Yeah I think that would be grid he should be elected a podcast that Ayers overnight though would be. Absolutely wonderful to be very good. He got to cut back in going out and in in in the shenanigans. Live in the life always says he's doing. The rib man right seizes Ben how sideways. Is the Colin cabernet camp going to get it Johnny men's L ends up returning to the NFL. A as much ship party left the port deal with calling cap predict remain. By it's it's been a full season I had a men's l.s been out also proved four year with the little different. Well different set of circumstances. Between cabernet. And defected. He's suing the NFL right does litigation between capita in the NFL. That is going through the arbitration is the arbitration process where that is right now I think that it's still still in play. And men's am old enough he's just been hanging out in Hollywood in Vegas in wherever the hell's he wherever the hell else. He's chosen to go with the retired art to the phones we go and let's go to Scott who's in Connecticut and Scott is next up on WEEI hello Scott. Ordinary girl loves to do you much. You know what clearly the patriots are not all back to which earned about their backup quarterback. Because Betty just raided the old clip from over the course of her seat and so. I think it would actually maybe the interest. If you could say they'd Charlie lists and that's what's gonna happen remark to pay you are we had a you gonna sleep on its current accurate couch which by the way in the facility. And you gotta do to beat twelfth which by the way as in the facility and the first time you screw up we're gonna let you go. On and to have bill and talk and stare at a mall that day like he's got talent these mean he'd be used means to who did to focus and. Now does he get a blanket and an easy get. Via a pillow when he sleeping on the couch. Other relatives started it. It don't use it. I don't know I've just a nice tell something is like a leather couch is yet there is that these are in the off. Still got explicit but now we're not paying much more we're not what you do much better than we don't want. Apple's media we don't want that's all that's gonna want they're. Looks like they're crazies got none of us got a saga cram a talk show host I need among social media site giggle all legal and that's guy. I can't go look I'd like to see the guy gets it I'd rather see him be the backup than Brian aboard a renegade and he keeps his nose clean why not what do you lose. 00 nice double entendre there bubble can't. Yes thank. You'll our thanks and appreciate our title was in line up for use 6177797937. If you like three point Taylor is in Providence and he's next on. WEEI what's doorknob Taylor. Ever made on. It and from the pole. Comparison between him Embree and I. He has not Truman's whatsoever. At the top level whereas Brady have done it for about seventeen years. Taylor Taylor I didn't compare that sombre guys is that what you bird I think fifteen minutes or twenty minutes you heard that I compared Johnny men's ulta Tom Brady. When that an ugly you're look at them like Q a possible replacement whereas if you hadn't prepared anything at. That I have level. When minister Brian Hoyer who's currently the back up acquitted the fact go back a quarter. He would. Essentially that the fact back quarterback however. What do we do actor Tom Brady is marked as a collection because you can't look at him and say he's going to be helpful. And obviously Brian Hoyer is not going to be helpful as well. What do we do not such featured in the GO way. But Taylor is just as much chance of Johnny mens still keeping his nose clean and playing good football and having a long career. As it if you draft some guy in the fifth or sixth round. And you sign him and then. Assume that he's going to be the heirs to Tom Brady at quarterback. You've just as good a chance of Johnny Mann Zell keeping himself straight as you do some guy from the draft. Or beg to differ on that because. I've ever seen a success rate at have you seen the success rate of quarterbacks. It's not very good. Oh of course not and continental has proven to not being at quarterback. So why we put hand in the conversation with Tom Brady. Thought I think I got Alex got a message that taking Accutane that yet it was apparent Johnny men's Alan Tom break. My goodness. Not doing that I was merely pointing out that using the bull weighed Ed backup quarterback. And idol I looked at the house read some of the mock drafts as I got nothing Gordan. Nothing going up play free Thomas reading these mock drafts and eight so annoyed every year because there's this. Deception. Around the NFL draft. And it is and is media day you know when I was younger I used to buy. But it's you know it's it's the whole central casting being an and you read the scouting reports. I judge you do is read the scouting reports that are out there. For the quarterbacks in the draft and every one of them is like all this guy's gonna be. Amazing this guy's gonna be that you're on the next. Peyton Manning there or this guy's gonna be the next Aaron Rodgers and it's all. Doubled the I don't think I grid a couple mock drafts I only saw one. Report on a quarterback dates say this guy is overrated he's not gonna be very good this has lost written all over room. And it's of these things are misleading. The scouting reports on quarterbacks. In the draft in and it's just it's an all it is is what those guys will likely be a paycheck means more likely not like your T unit you know. Have to draft a quarterback this year. They can it they can fly it. Fast and loose as they say I fasteners which is they've been doing here with this it's giving drop below. Ended up leaving town it's been a fast and was now. I don't Taylor still listening and in your guy Tom Brady let's let's move over this is Tom Brady appearing on the late show. Two nights this is not aired yet this is not been broadcast yet. Was Stephen cold air on CBS Tom Brady popped up and did something. That goes completely against BTB twelve for me. He goes against the teachings about is Guerrero it goes against everything. That Tom Brady has stood for the last ten years. And he DD eight to Seoul. Is FaceBook show he was on there to promote Tom vs time. But we actually have the body to we have the idea I believe we have the answer is we do all right let's get that this let's listen in just imagine Tom Brady's on the set. Coal bears right there Brady sitting next door room. And here's how it went down I take cheeseburger pizza the year things like that DC don't think there rarely. Yeah. Get your shoulder back in the day or did your child her death. Do want to watch out here. One do I do this again this is how we can get easier we just are returner and I don't know if your competitive guy. OK try we have a time of all right okay we still it was not until. It's really really. From the road. Otherwise I would grow bigger. Well. Listen that's all we have time for John. Our I was the a bit cold they're a show late night over on currency Viet dire a couple of questions. Now this is obviously this is radios she couldn't see what was going on but they both appeared to have Beers here's Michael. Right. Was that actually beer. It Tom Brady district could this have been deception dislike you Houdini trick. Where's that wasn't actually beer that was some kind of TB twelve approved drank. How do we know for sure are now quote bear might have been drinking beer. Miami I'll soon Kobe are actually had a beard. Put Brady. Who's to say that was not some kind of near beer or some kind of product that looks like beer that wasn't actually beat your leg may be like in note rules put a little more healthy. Alex and did exactly exactly music there's and now I point out why because. The bodies late night TV shows go like you show up it's not like you just add lived. And you get on television it's impromptu when you're just kind of speaking off the off the hip. All this is scripted ravens planned out they do the pre interview when their they talk about what they're gonna do when they get out on the set all that. So. I'm saying there's a chance. That that was not actually be here. We need to do a close investigation we have to go back and look at the pictures. That's the frame by frame of fear. Actress ally we need that we need to go frame by frame to see if that was actually. Beer or that was some kind of deception and abracadabra. Like magic tree. To deceive. The television view. Is anyone gonna go watch a guy I don't I appraisal and all this to get people watched commerce but outside of this area like if you're sitting in. Lincoln Nebraska are you gonna watch Tom vs time uses. Is this gonna work I looked at the beat page views in the numbers were not. We're not all that. For the amount of promotion it had been going on it's still early similarly people. Calling about the unit as people watch stuff. When they get around. It's not it's. On the main did you watch you when every 10. Out of your way watch it when ears. A regional. Art if you wanna talk about is 6177797. 937. That's 6177797. 937 must I like that name I like a T bones. We got especially guys they empty bowls we gotta talk to that guy hello T bones who's over in Plymouth was going on T votes. We're very rare. Ought to listen. You know preparing I'm partner Robert Frankfurt for our army boots right. RA. And I think they're patriots didn't share a lot and I'm Brit the team show. And bill Belichick's thinking sure. Right I don't know what it's going often with their camp. Brooks something is happening. Iowa tee box they they had the lead in the fourth quarter that you say they didn't show up they had the lead in the fourth quarter of the Subaru. I understand that but what I'm saying is is that Brady and that was cherry seems to connect. Okay an every single scooper bowl Gerhart seen. Then met him eighteen to cut back our right and Hayward and not connecting Gary Null contract through okay between. Didn't Brady says they're new and he played his. And that's often the Super Bowl Tebow you are you. The defense of Libby referred the defense a try to help jog your Tebow is does it wasn't Tom Brady is the reason they lost the game the defense was garbage. Nicholas sliced up. Absolutely sliced up the page is defense. Now and I totally agree to but they're thinking is is that when Brady. And Belichick couldn't equity charter right I don't know what they're dated it's sort. Mean I would woody did I don't know what what this book that is great camaraderie during the game here what do you what are you looking for. Anger at gate eight. Work on to their current pages in the same. Each car as you read should you leave CT OK okay under tang. It is stunning to me. They're pretty. Brady without there aren't so. Are all right thank you to. I'm do we need to belabor a point here oh win. Brady had the big mistake and that we fumbled the strip sack in the in the fourth quarter but. Feel like that phone call was a waste of time. We can do better we we can do better 6177797937. If you'd like to be part of the festivities. And this here's need to who MI game this is where we pretend to be. Someone else any blatant attempt to get you to listen a little bit longer know football this time we'll go with. Gordon basketball. For The Who in my game and here it is it's any Davis. And meat. Are the only players in NBA history with 9000 points. And 900 blocks. Prior to turning 25. Again who MI game. It Danny Davis of the pelicans and need. Are the only players in NBA history with 9000 points and 900 blocks prior to turning 25 and I Didier hit. V the it's in the way my game needed at one point plays for the Celtics. So again or delicate and our current pelicans may be soon before Republican. If any Davis and me are the only players in NBA history with 9000 points. And 900 blocks prior to turning. 25 who MRI and that is the question the answer back your phone calls we get to that the next. Playoff who MI game will go back to the Tom Brady appearance on the late show. We Steven Cole rare because we gladly we've uncovered something here. On dubbed the guys that will be the story of the day. And even if it's not we're going with the eight we will be Tom Brady conspiracy theory from his appearance. Which hasn't even been brought jest yet. Level we've got the clip of Tom Brady appearing on the late show and I believe we are on a two summing refers the boy MI game. If Danny Davis of the pelicans and me are the only players in NBA history. With 9000. Points in 900 blocks prior to turning 25. Who am I that is the question. What is the answer to see anyone get it right. A manic Mike is going with green. Jeans. Green jeans he says who else do we. Of a policy can't read that in the year we have bra Robert Parish. He was guest Kevin McHale. Lot of old school Celtics. Deal Roger there's a good. I was in the locker one time when do you know Russia started screaming at me a friend of mine who news. Asking him rather uncomfortable questions very very awkward that was a good year. Of bad Celtics basketball the crickets anyway in my game told consider Anthony Davis in me the only players in NBA history with 9000 points. And 900 blocks prior to turning 25 the answer is one time Celtic longtime Laker long time. Orlando Magic center Shaquille. Old mean Shaquille O'Neal. Who a sequel for the suns. Beat cavs and heat and and that's wasn't one time named the big cactus that causes that act was out of his nickname Mr. Big when he played that would put it was when he there's. They might be right with a big Aristotle that was that was a big loans with the lakers the big yours bottle. And again Agilent nick it or if you just turn on the race. I this is a big deal so Tom Brady who we play the audio few minutes ago. He shows up on and on CBS he's promoting somber this time the late show. With Steven Kolb where. And Kobe who feel late night TV they're like hey Tom Brady doesn't usually drink beer but when he does it happens to be on the late show. We Steven called their so called bear pulls out. What appears to be a couple of Beers now. Chris my producer Trish I'm you've done investigating on this you've done some thorough research and what have you uncover would you investigation. I had done deep research and I have being a beer chugging aficionado myself. I noticed that you know after they're done chugging. You know normally you'd get a little gas Ian Brady however does not get gas in all where school Barry can tell needs needs super. This Louis suburban and I noticed also. If you look at the clip and I I just reach we unity. Co bear pulls out the beverages and then at about the 122 marquee switches. Any looks offset he looks off to the side where one of the producers is standing. And it seems like he had BV beverages in the wrong place. And if you look at them and I know it's radio C cutesy but. They do look like they're different beverages by one looks like a traditional beer the other one not so much. So. Hole one of the chances Chris that that could've been I don't apple juice. I'm gonna go with it's definitely not be year. So in some kind. Healthy peers that in new invention by TB twelve. Yet that he'll be promoting on the TV twelve web site and all his social media and channels will be in his next book per share. Yeah. And a half the outfits nice we shouldn't judge another man's outfit but that he's going with the all black look like the old Jerry Glanville likes his jeans on but the did the turtleneck. Editor on the exit different different. Angle you know I was a little surprised that yeah. Presented Gisele dress him for this did someone of his people Tom pick out these the wardrobe. Like I should speak I do radio right what am I gonna Wear on the page and do radio are anyway. Are you like to be part 6177797. 937. You can be part of the issue. I hope that was apple juice and I hope comes out in the next couple days Adam's apple juice let's go to Mike who's in Rhode Island and Mike is next. On the late night here Adobe I was brought up Mike. How begala and and all of a quick cape or pretty real quick I don't keeper because he appeared chuck hit it goes down like water for. Nobody doesn't mean he has been doing that I did decade they'll. Under that cloud lie about your beard looked. You know he what the pulpit debit that it pelt he didn't drink beer but I can do earth split the real beard only march LP it yup he's. Have a beer ever. Mike gotta look at the evidence Mikey do the investigation yourself you look at the heavens you love Tom Brady which you've got to look at 88 yeah appears to be apple juice it looks like apple juice to me. Our I'll take a look at the video wanna get a chance but to talk about why property that you could treat old though idol that. I don't plan I think he's had enough injuries and at Grier were that not a you know he ushered. I think Bill Belichick of that to grunt visit the couple casting agent he's a Hollywood but you know WWE. I think they'll take it upon a mop them desperate team. Who's not a noted that rock gonna get traded occurred you know second round technical or and that but that it can hang it out there and there are different. I'll let hot take. Mama what's going on with what do you make the stuff you dream of some like that even dream about is what you create this kind of guns. I'm just saying I mean you know Belgian trade drop below he academic the same trade that they you know he's not gonna hold on a ground out. No the the value and an ability to pull the trigger well it they'll. Mike gotta go 0% chance of that happening are if for two reasons number number one. Every indication now always that grind house he's gonna play for the patriots that he's going to be back next year. And number two why I don't just dumb teams in the NF global why would some other team trade for Rob Gronkowski. With a chance that he is gonna play. The Nikkei ended up in your leg is gonna come back it's about one report that a that the TP culpability but we're. Nine I'm not a gun that I I never thought it was gonna retirees China get a new contract he's trying to get more money out of the patriots. And any loves you loves guys calling radio shows like you might. And being paid it about where is gonna have brought these are the he I imagine brought sitting out cryptic tweets and then laughing as he looks it is notification is coming in. Would always fuel begging him to come back to the pages. He's. Well I hope you're right I looked at spoke by having a little while ground beef back I guess that ability. You know at what he gets the new contract he's got to get treated to a game that rip or they gonna chat talk about a retirement he's not it'll. Well it last time I was in here was it last week we had a guy call up that was convinced as he had Beers with gronkowski brother. That draw was dawn news gonna go to rest that is correct yeah. Is that guy get a call back. I don't know I guess we're gonna have to weigh in trying to L one point out also Chris producer Chris that I. I've been told by my minions here that topic I Tom the terrible that calls up that wants the seat Bill Belichick. Fired. And Tom you know Tom Brady's gonna get killed and gronkowski should retire on like that guy's just a serial radio call. Who really that's what I've been told by sources and I got an email from a guy that he's this this scene shtick that he used on our show. If you were when he's called me he's been doing another issue about that that's that at that that and bad job by him it's the incidents that keep that under wraps meant. His guy writes in the radio loser. A makes a prediction he says Tom Brady becomes a regular caller. TV Ben Matta issue after realizing that beer is delicious. So bet this guy the radio loser thinks that was actually beer. Rio Luther a lot of faith in that the rooster says that he's gone with your initial theory here Chris. 00 dolls the he says it was not alcohol it was actual alcohol in the beverage the Brady was rate as from the the rooster you can definitely notes and attic carbonated beverage but it does not look like Butte and yeah. Have not been a a big of beer guy recently. But I do have been from time to time I will dabble in it does not look like beer and we can agree that there's definitely some separation there. Definitely some separation. Between the two drinks at one of them. Would be appear the other one whatever it is is not it's not civil the same kind of Patrick. Doing a deep dive on Tom Brady when he was drinking. On television that's how we roll and you don't watch it hasn't aired yet rescued Ayers. Like half an hours that Wright's gonna be ultimately that's correct yeah I'd just got right senses unable to stream WEEI in Peru. Is that right. You can't stream WEEI and Peru I feel like if you have wide in May be day you know App Store. You can get the tune in radio rapport our own WE eyes out in the listen via blood I I. I've never actually attempted to do that country so I honestly am not sure. I understand why they do that like. I know different media companies you know block things I want anyone illicitly anywhere in the world I don't. I mean I think you want as much viewership as possible yes absolutely and I've heard that from time to time in some some spots you can gated would have. Now one thing I know about the Internet is if you were really motive. If you want to hear something you can find a way to listen to. The it's the beauty it is a beauty that I got from Rhode Island it's his call up your moment he referenced Rob Gronkowski who was seen working out. It DT B twelve sports. Therapy senator. At Gillette Stadium. That according to that was the NFL network and that was the NFL network that. That was our Rappaport BI Ian Rapoport. Head that. That story and just you have to read too much into rock working out. Is he needs to stay in shape where they're easy wrestler Hollywood star. O leading man and bad Hollywood movies or playing for the patriots he has to stay. In shape and that's where he's worked out before right it's not this is one of his spots so he's in. In the area I would think that's where he's familiar with that's where he's gonna go and that's where is gonna work out. So what's the what's the big deal. Matt writes in and says. Gisele is going to be very mad. Ed today Tom I think that's the case I don't baby matter Rudy war on television but that. Did doesn't look like Deere does not look like. I will press on and what is the play in man what is the playing man we will get to that. Take more your phone calls and get to next.