WEEI Late Night - Brady didn't look right in Miami, but will he bounce back? 12-12-17

WEEI Late Night
Wednesday, December 13th

Hour 1: Big Ben Maller takes you through the Patriots lose to Miami on Monday Night Football and tries to figure out what is ailing Tom Brady if anything at all.  Then Ben discusses the rumored signing of former Cleveland Browns reciever Kenny Britt and how he could or mor likely won't help the Patriots for the duration of the season.


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The unexpected. Results. Yes via fallout continue we will discuss and also some holiday shopping. By the patriots welcome in May be gaining. Of late night here on WEEI. Is that we're back at it again if you hear my voice you know it's like we either Tuesday or Wednesday this would be Tuesday. Almost Wednesday. But a lot of bold declarations. About your New England Patriots. It's all part of the fallout from the patriots performance or lack of performance. In my game the Dallas but too much time the top on this because I know what happened last night this is 24 hour rule in the NFL. There's also a 24 hour rule of sports talk radio which is more like a twelve hour rule. A but a quick question. Regarding. That. Last night the performers if you recall that. In this this story which actually came from that dolphins' locker room. Which has been regurgitate it in the echo chamber. Of sports chatter all day it comes from a tight end. Mark he's parade. Is his name I don't even know who that is he played the game last night you do much he had an edge. He also had a hairy one and one. In the Monday night win for the dolphins. But he essentially laid it out he said that with the dolphins the aid in the game on Monday night. What show the rest of the NFL the Steelers the go down the list of the top teams Jacksonville if you think there are legitimate top team in the NFL this year all other teams that what do patriots. Didn't do and what that opens big to. Is exactly what everyone else should now follow. And floors and the blueprint right the carbon copy performance like that dolphins had last night by other teams. Andy your patriots are royally. Screwed. They are done do home. As they say. The the quote. Remark he's gray. Again. You know from seeing his name right there seemed like just an extra letters and I don't know I'm going with mark he's. But he he will be expanded on that. He didn't say anything but this of was all that it just he said. All three phases playing together. Was the the quote gray started with and any sit especially on offense that's how you beat the patriots. That's the dolphins are playing beat the patriots. And he claimed grade that the dolphins had been shooting themselves in the foot. In the past but not in this particularly in the defense was great intact. Tom Brady. Which they did. And frustrated him and it showed according to this guy grade. And EE said only one phase. Was not going to win the game we put out people who pray. On what to do to stop them meaning the patriots this year so art now. If you actually dissect that put that under a microscope that's just a lot of jocks be using it and is nothing. It's football auto water right you win all three phases there's the tripod. You've got to win on defense got a win on offense and don't forget special teams back out. And we are out if you follow football down old York. You've heard this 7000 times listen to sports radio and our new the Internet all you go around social media isn't things get repeated. It it's different than in the 1920s so that the quick question you did that dolphins give the rest of the NFL lead blu brain. I'm how to beat the patriots. This absolutely non that is my knee jerk reaction news are a couple of a quick boss. The train and continues. Your old house. Ate it up. And don't stack the deck. I almost in that will put the mall will basket. And will deliver them really quickly and almost been too much time when the split but hey. That game. As an objective observer. Clearly I am. Active observer when it comes as that game says much more. About the patriots. Than it does about the Miami stall. I am. That's the way it is Jay Cutler gonna play that well again probably amid the numbers to put up he plays like that once out of every what eight or nine games eleven game like that. I just enough to convene some other OP NFL team to bring him in as the quarterback I'm going forward which never seems to work. Pays on the back nine. Of his career but it was a Jacob plays like that the patriots are going to be in trouble quarry go there if your quarterback plays that Julia. Did some unknown Miami defensive backs and out yes clearly. Put that's not the story right that Tom Brady has been. Magical and mystical. But his his perfection is limited when it goes to Miami. And that problem is that we we talked what was that last week when I was in here. We view and yeah I mean you know the numbers would pay attention off the the one. Area. That is eye popping is in the year of record of the patriots. When they have both Tom Brady Bill Belichick together in Miami. It's horrific he played sixteen games there my patriots minister under 579. And the dolphins have had putrid. Disgusting dead fish teams. For much of that period of time. And developed yet fifteen interceptions in those. Sixteen games and last night that you get an interception you get an interception. You'd get an interception. So what happened in the Monday night team. Was really not out of the norm. It really is just trained continuing. And in the the better story the other part is the better stories in the losing locker room as often. I repeat one of mine. My tenants as they need to talk shows one of the truism I must follow at all times. And and that the patriots didn't play in a bad day. And until they go out in. Vomit all over the field in Pittsburgh. Until that happens. That you consider this Tuesday hiccup then in in gambling parlance. That was a trap team. And I you look ahead situation of the Steelers at their own trap game this seems like every game's a trap game for Pittsburgh is they barely get out. Of these games but Pittsburgh was able to come back they were. As they were up early in Baltimore member of the game on Sunday I came back in ended up winning the game what eight. What they were able to survive the patriots they didn't get started eating till the fourth quarter really when they they mounted a comeback by the end. The hole was too big unlike the Super Bowl and they could not. Could not recover by this idea that these blueprints has been saying now. No it's more about cleaning your own house. And avoiding lethargic performances. And the adding of another phrases do people use and I alarm clock not going off all those cliches we get tossed out. Around the star. Maps a limited accuse Davis is to not its act that. Kids stacked the deck right that's the whole point of all issues that start losing multiple games then. That it becomes full on sky is falling it is raining fire. And oh my god this is the worst thing ever but it's not not quite there and I I wish we were there because much better talk radio. It's much better talk radio the reality is that the patriots and control their own. Destiny for home field advantage. We'd all like to control our own destiny when their degree in my idea so you don't stack up. In stink bomb. The rest of the way. Then there's the patriots will end up with a home field and in reality though. Does it matter that much I know you like giving out no one's gonna come in. The Foxboro and beat the patriots in the class we've seen them lose playoff games. At home before. And it really comes down to how the patriots are playing at the time. In the post season how much confidence they have how well they play in this or any of this. I I don't I don't believe in momentum momentum is not the legitimate they have rented about is on the overnight show that I do. For many years I've preached. Like a lone voice in the nights like a lunatic camp I truly believe that and and people that work in the NFL most people honestly coaches will say there's no such. That he probably is is Lejeune. And you feel good about yourself in it whether it's playing in the NF LB and a plumber. Max your plumber and you have no confidence that you can fix the leak. You're a bad plumber and I eat you know you're on any of the job done as opposed to someone's like app does a million times I know exactly what I'm doing. There is no way I am not going to fix the leak. As a bill Belichick's like a plumber is trying to fix the leak is point. I spent Mallory out late night here. I'm done the guy and now. There certainly don't but certainly I will not merely a guy is accounted did very lead by. Story that caught my attachment my radar went off as we got it but one. We got to go it now the pages doing some holiday shopping. You might be doing some polish up in the buys stuff online pages did not make it online personality they went to Amazon to add some help. At the receiver position but if you've been burying your head in the ground and you have not been paying attention bad job by. A less. Then spectacular. Performance by the pass catchers for the nor were pitchers in the game on money right now. I have a feeling this has been in the works for several days this is not it were among about the talk about here is not just spur of the moments. And Dave reactionary decision by the patriots but Bill Belichick. And his underlings. Have decided to kick the tires on one of the more polarizing figures. In the NFL when it comes to. Get control. Get in trouble and they've also try to fortify the depth chart. And the receiver position but if you miss to be the patriots have it's not official yet but they're of they're this close. Cannot see my fingers. And if you can't your stock you're spying inside. The hallowed hallways of of the Debbie I remote studio bad job by you. But. The real close for the patriots they've they've agreed to a deal with Katie brief two year contract so let's let's talk about this because it's. An interest thing. But if you're right it's not a great idea it's an interest in these. So the question on this one. And you watch the NFL a lot you know what's going on here Unita newbie to this a what are your actual real world expectations. For Kenny Britt assuming there's no snapped boo. At the last minute and his does get done and Kenny bridge joins the patriots it will be announced. On I would sit on Wednesday morning the announcement will come. So I go first on this news I don't see. In the united front some golfers now Powell stepping in here and my thoughts and as you've got deception. Reality and police blotter. And Emmitt. Put all these together nice little bowl around the there's presentation mode. I not number one and if you look at the Katie brick news view you when you hereby Putin's breaking down. At first glance. When you look at Kenny Britt were physically impressed. What is deception. Or not people. I the main looks like Adonis maybe not so much right now public when he first got in the NFL the physical gifts. From the football gods that Kenny Britt was David he often plays well like Poindexter. All right that's the problem here and Kenny Britt has been what you want to old boy he'd. In any professional sports he has been. The tees just like when you're dating in you a little tease it's at the bars and whenever you go pick it up the other. Other party the other sex. Or the sense that you want. You want a little flirtation you'll teasing but if the results aren't there. It is very frustrating and annoying and NC a waste of time and for much of Cambridge NFL career he has been that guy he's been the tees. And he rarely has pleased the NFL teams he's played. And as some funding is not as many these days as when he first got in with titans. Directors put Kenny Britt has been. A guide has a lot of scouts and observers. Wax poetic about what he court do. In not what he has. And that's that's in the it's. Here's the Ria. Kiddie parade. Petty cool rear heater with the rams in 26 and I watch a lot of ram for apply I watched. Almost all of Kenny Britt schemes that year last year. With the LA rams and he had eight Dominic year compared to. What he had been doing it the most catches in his career the most yards he's added a season with the LA rams between sixty. Was their top pass catcher. And end on a team that had morbid quarterback play which is odd because both their quarterbacks and last year have a chance to end up in the Super Bowl. This year but last year didn't work Jeff Fisher how you don't but the point of all this is that Kenny Britt was the top receiver the rams have last year and in the offseason. With a new coaching staff. And desperately trying to improve the offense they showed next to no interest. They made Knoll. Concerted effort to bring Kenny Britt back to Los Angeles he was the top proceed what does that tell you. Is that not a red flag. Now I'm not gonna lie when motivated Kenny Britt can be. Lethal weapon in the past pitching game the problems you can't trust him and it's all about a trust in all of this. Bill ballots checked it will assume. In the mind of Belichick views it he's attempting to get any player that is. Obama of stature right 636 or any Brit I east 49 years also in his crime. Athletically but there's all those red. There's all those replies as he bit Bill Belichick and care about any of the second being as we talked about is our bill BEI. Late night the Kenny Britt move to the patriots. Yet the looking Cleveland. And that stench coming out of Cleveland and say well they they clearly botched this whole thing. Cleveland gave Kenny Britt ten and a half million dollars. In mucho dinero there guaranteed money. And a whole lot more and make money that wasn't guarantees and about the time he arrived in northern Ohio. Was about the time that he was placed not in the dog pound in the dog house. And the browns are not only a football team they socked. They are the worst of the worst they are the bottom. All of the cesspool the Cleveland Browns and Kenny Britt could do. We cut eighteen passes last year. For 21 or this year actually I've arrives this year via the brass to. Eighteen passes to order 33 yards you played nine games and was essentially sent home. It's like hey we'll call you don't call us now I would use a Mallard abdominal pull out the calculator use a Mallard Matthew and I believe I'm gonna get this right put that I. You'll overnights usually so. My mask heels I was good at math I would probably on that. Now probably it would. On that Julie's side. So here's what I've determined not 1818. Catches 233 yards nine games that works out to. Are around 45000. Dollars per yard that Kenny Britt made from the brownies. Well over 583000. Dollars per catch. If my math is correct here and up per game he played in nine games that's pretty easy I can do that one ten point five million divided by nine S like one point one million per game. In Ohio even in like Wall Street turns or an older terms outside of football. You know what that's called when you have eighteen catches he paid ten point five million dollars the term for that there is that's our report it's called Grand Larceny. That's the term. So so but now he gets a fresh start right to have a rebirth with the patriots. It it is going to be I would think a tick tick India in the you know why it is the and that's skis. To get released by the the browns and now you get an opportunity to go. To the patriots and it's suitable for Euro failure. A situation you know. So but it also works out in god. Perverse way as a blessing. We blessing of low expectations. Which everyone should strive to strike force is an ending any Kenny Britt. Does for the patriots the last few weeks of the regular season. He's. Greedy and a mother about the bag kind of gravy I'm talking about the good comic. The kind of gravy you want on top of mashed potatoes. The kind of grade you when did everything to Beckham ignorant about the crappy about goods. I if he does anything. And others have pointed out it's not original public Kenny Britt is Michael Floyd. 2.0 the man that made Tombouctou T famous. And was expected to pay dividends last year around these parts how did that work out. I'm not who would hurt my Floyd would be like two games. Got a couple of pass and again at our staff I remember correctly. And if I also remember correctly he was not active. In the Super Bowl but he's a nice block against Miami yeah well you get a good lie that that's right yeah he did have that so. They signed him for the blocked. Producer Chris we clearly did. But it was a Floyd didn't do much if any was in non factors actually in. Isn't donating in Minnesota history injuries and he's got suspended beginning of the year and it and he's done almost zip ball. With the vikings uses in his tea houses and other guys are the last thing on this and we'll take your phone calls. And will open before wiser more within the last week Kenny Britt. Has been she did out of trouble. Is guy is big goal and attacked the game it's with the wrong part of the mall. And this is somebody not fully expect. The guys in the morning perking Callahan to do complete police blotter radio. I would expect that I think they will it got a lot of material here. Lot of material at thing if this is a primer. If you if you will Kenny Britt. Debris has been arrested multiple times including a felony arrest. I he he's got a long rap sheet here. Of accomplishes Acosta accomplishments. On the police water. Amid a lot and a lot to work with here. The most famous. Incident. For the newest soon to be Newman newest member of the patriots. Kenny Britt was charged with eluding. A police officer because of a hard chase he got a little card chase in Jersey. Back into O'Neal led him and he got charged looting of the police are lying to an officer hindering. Apprehension. And obstruction of government function which added that the islands. But he's he's always had good legal representation. Year on the radio I'm sure we'll hear Adobe guys commercials from Reuters pop up now. You've got to have a good boy gotta go let it be he's got good legal representation is always been kind of a half step ahead of any real damage. The guy got into a police chase. And he was charged with a felony Kenny Britt and yet the charges reduced. Because of good legal representation. Now all together. I believe the number is 99. Kenny Brit has been involved in nine. Police related. Incidents. In that was that was in five seasons. With the Tennessee Titans. And nine in five. And when he was playing with the rams they were in Saint Louis up until last year when Kenny Britt was playing with the rams last year. He he was one of those five rampant member that that situation. The the police. Shooting in the Saint Louis area of Michael Brown. Of Mike brown and they had the ram players came running out of the tunnel. A five ramp players' hands up don't shoot remember that in solidarity for Mike Brown. And later turned out that that part of the hands of don't shoot that was a fake news. That that was not legit but to brainy Brett Britain rather. Good rhetoric to a Brit was part of and it even an issue with the bronze he was sent home. While early from the browns. From a road trip. He missed curfew in Houston. And again we it was circle back to the point Bill Belichick does he really care if a guy can play here and and he's shown that and it's worked out. And then. Kenny Britt comes here and is a disaster legacy cost them a little bit of money is supposedly two year contract. But not that much and now the other issue has to drop. You the other issue is if you get at a player you've got to get rid of some. So early and get rid of the obvious guy would be Philip Orszag who's been not only a receiver he's been a ghost. Since you arrived a from the colts. I don't think they're gonna room with that anything you read them they get also put somebody on injured reserve again you can move some things around but there's some speculation from what we're reading here. That dorsett is going to be the guy he he's only caught seven passes and he didn't do anything. He was activated rating in the game on Monday night I only played a snap. Against the dolphins. Saw he was there kind of he was there as much as you were there. Why no old. No contribution that the W tough that be tough even for the patriots. Who are essentially. Invincible would every roster move what you can't. Really rip them too much because it always seems to work out in the end but if you trade. One of Tom Brady's backup to govern both Jews back to you trade. Jacoby percent which are only part disintegrate quarries and average. NFL quarterback. Split okay for him their bad team. You trade him oh. And he eventually trade drop blows you have Brian holier as the Tom Brady. Insurance. And now the guy you've got four Jacoby Brusett one of the quarterbacks that you traded. That guy you gonna release it before the end of the right this is not to topple. That is a tough one out either gonna do. I'll be the guy they're gonna make some other roster I don't think that's going to be I'd be surprised. Now Belichick does blow everyone off anyways. You wanna talk about the let's talk about the Steelers you'll that's house disasters go right you'd you know. I'll take your focus how you feel about all this the of the roster move will be any impact. Have I just done a whole mallet monologue gonna guys can have zero catches and get the court. Where the patriots. You can look at him as insurance also. We have well couple eyes open and operators are standing by now when I say operators are standing by. That means producer Christopher Christopher shine is standing by at and horse and he's actually Sunnis that's been I can give us a call. The number 617. 7797. 93 Seve and also Texas at the detects when you know that 37. 937. Would give us call 6177797. Nine B three. Said it as the patriots. Find themselves in the assiduously to bounce back after the rather pathetic. Performance against the Miami Dolphins are six of phone calls though what he says who's up C news we did have a verdict Kelly. In Amherst who's up next on them and in batting lead off beyond the BI tonight with me anyway what's going on Kelli. Not too much I can Bellic re wrong button or you're saying let's go to Kelly thank goodness I was able to get accurate time. Well good job by you can you save the day you're real talk radio hero. Well true for things occurred what happened okay last year until everybody a couple of going to be the next Jesus cartel leadership up this year he goes over to their training went a couple games he's still undefeated at smoked at. But you know he's pretty okay. I don't call the great officials that's not ever get it all grapple abruptly and Oprah and you know whatever. Now and I think yesterday that they could you know whatever today. All possible occasion I hear people on the radio about South Africa to which Rick Rockwell of Rockwell. Jupiter drop low. My friend who what are these like reading works for guys which by all patriots had. He's certainly know that we should maturity drop below Brady's look that bright future. So to all of those people the well throughout well let me just Eliot Eddie actor Acropolis virtually. Feet. Kris fine he'd be I think I have a mobile you know what it's going around a lot of your hero lack of your Mac are all. It could be exactly but it is the victors does that look right in popular and acting up. What about the flu like cold white out maybe is get the flu whose tour and why eagle with a cold. It's so where you sit up and noted that Electro Rent she's from China and said she took a bit but coming up and looked at what happens in cold out well. You I got a growing up and I said you know what I don't know leader I was born. So that so that's about what. Does have. You know Kelly here's a news like they have the cold and flu in China they do you should ask your girlfriend about shall tell you all about its arms affiliated. Not exactly what they call it like. How are no launch machines and different you know them as. The Butler and that the alternative anybody out there was worried about Grady Little wrap up breezed an exciting. Re going to be a bit of. And until he's not as I I would generally agree with you that the level of concern we'll talk more about this and be as we go through the night but like Kelly how many calls you make a week the sports freedom carries. I also weak Euro. But I do have a rule which is one call per gay hatred and and currently competitors is not stuck up into a lot of. Now what about what about the weekend Zach council also is it just like a Monday through Friday dealer you weekend caller or just a Monday through Friday. I get up super early like the work out in a too early on the yet so I knew it up. And mustard and sharp. Trillion come oxy Alec both those programs rob Bradford do the work. That you know the whole line up you sure you know programming it Debbie hi Kelly I don't know everything here the future. That we've application but I do want to vote you know yeah I know you're not you know like necessarily do. The state. I you cracked my top five and. Five. Outstanding job by Iman PW the I mobile studios Nokia which secret location. 01. Year. Yeah thought he is a way of looking you're looking at the radius if you look at the rate he steered the real people listen on their phones and Adobe apple website if you look at all days. Then I'm right like armed. But when I was a kid that loosened the radio as a radio nerd and OpenId I'd listen to all these far away radio shows and balanced. I just loved. And now's not the guy was in the box in the radio box out of the guys in the regular box. Yeah there are. I thank you can I've come a very long thank you I'd area they skelley. In Amherst must have some very interesting dialogue with the girl that must just be. It's breakdown in the cold that's breakdown flew. And would they call it in China. All of that. It's too we have. I like to spend our way out you here are late night on at WEEI. For meets the Mal America. For you it's just the normal nine to. Pauper. To do was call 6177797. 937. If you would like to be parts of the best that is the BS of filibuster is when I'm calling for the night that's mine. That's my name for the night talk. Yes they're a filibuster like the festival of lights but it's just. Blue beating the night away I will be hitting the nine. Art if you have to explain eight. Is he not work it did not work we'll get to that. And we'll do it. Role in awe and as we goal later in later into the night end there's an old line which I believe is true. We've is accurate that if you have to explain. It didn't really work. It didn't really work. I'm talking about many things in life but in this case I'm talking about. Touchdown. Celebrations. Touchdown celebration now you're paying close attention. As you were observing the patriots game on Monday night you saw Jarvis lane injury. Doing his thing know what did Jarvis landry's do after the dolphins reached the end zone well he. You look like he was giving Sonoma possible CPR to football. You shine do resuscitate the football. And number no that's not the that's not the case he he was not paying tribute to a mouth the mouth resuscitation or pumping the chest. When you are choking on a chicken bones. No instead a driver's Landry. Said he was taking the air out of the ball. And he it was a great tribute here an obvious. Tribute to the deflation. Oh football's right the deflate gate scandal. And delay injuries quote the exact quote on because now celebration was I'm taking we are on the ball I'm deflating it. Oh we ever got hired Brewster enemies just thought you know I'm not lighting let's go to the oddity is a Jarvis Landry on his touchdown. Celebration. What was that the sorry it's always the take that the ball just a lot of flex pen right if it's a risk to the other satanic. Leaving the moment including Paul. I've taken it air out the ball yeah deeply deeply. That was a hard question Landry as I waited over it using what you're asking me question was wrong we view. Just accept my celebration. So. I I I like the touchdown celebration thing I'm into it my favorite is the Minnesota Vikings. Who deed docked up goose that is. Pretty and it's. That's number one still at all there is the the potato sack race has been done hiding go seek. I'll also. When I go duck duck goose some people call it dot dot grey goose but I'm a duck duck goose I was raised. On ducked a news or adopt a great news but I I go dumped on news that's that's all right Alison from a team standpoint the the vikings have the top. Top celebrate their number one and outwit the pitcher is done here what they would rob Rob Gronkowski. And and and what's his name looks at them yet ready cook's doing the over the course. Akron. That was it right that's as MI I missing any else producer Chris by missing anything else your Christopher I know that sounds about it because Robert casket was instructed not to talk about celebrations. Oh yeah he gave that he's an awkward answer. Like a. You wanna talk about a blanket talk about it I'm not allowed to talk about it. If Rob Gronkowski played for I don't know the Arizona card. How much of his week would be prepped preparing touchdown celebrations would be. 30% of his week would be 40% of lead by how much time would would gronkowski spend dead it he'd. To the post game. Celebratory day it's a post touchdown celebratory. I am going to go. Save 30% legal 30% of gronkowski time I'll take the over you'd think the overall that Arctic Leo. Our wage Smart wager is it. He was away from the draconian Bill Belichick mindset when it comes to that kind of thing. And if you zone another team when it do it everywhere on a care free attitude. April who has been more than thirty babble on thirty. Or 30%. Does I heard much earlier weren't quite Gaza into the mud and and he was yapping about the Alabama. Senate race which I guess is override a song that. That the that the Democrat. Indians oh wins over Roy Moore this infamous. Cartoon character who politician from Alabama. Who we've been accused of all kinds of trusting things. And is I was listening to Kurt and cal and yesterday put some audio. From his wife. That was. Is very insisting. The relationship with we've the Jewish people it was a fascinating. On him he did not whip Roy Moore. Unable to so. The Democrats win. That he was got a lot. A lot of attention lot up play and what not the the national. News channels. Which executive change the balance of power in the world that this guy Doug Jones pull an upset in the political theater. Ago. May go no and but it's one man's opinion remains in the who's the other Domino's. Are going to fall on the political theater art meanwhile his WEEI. Meet Ben Mather late night. Activity here on the radio if you would like to be part will take your phone call 617. 7797. 19837. If you would like to be part. And you also get me on Twitter. And I occasionally even read the tweets now my personal Twitter account is paying Mallard mine name. Last name if you don't know how to spell it is MA LL ER if you do not know how to spell bad. As a often point out that means that you were not paying attention. When you were in school it's about job you know how to spell the name Ben if you had so much to injury. Or you've been smoking whatever you could possibly find in the might not know how to spoke that's about use. State stayed arm plane. As space time now for The Who am I gave this is where we pretend to be somebody else thus we call it. The Who MI gain any blatant attempt. To get you to listen a little bit long little bit longer securities under The Who have like. It make you very simple. Is I realize it's it's getting so we will not make it that complex. I here's the way in my game I am the polish player. In the history. Of the Boston self. Again. You think about all these gigantic. Basketball players that passed through the Celtics uniform. Over the years. And I am the tallest player. Who ever Wear the green. In the history. Of the Boston Celtics. That is the question that's The Who MI the answer. Next. Their open off the royal my game go back to a phone calls the whole thing yeah very simple who in my game I am the tallest player in the history. Of the Boston Celtics who am hi and that is the question. A what does he has and I don't. I don't take phone calls on this I've never really got a phone call guy but this is this guy jolt in Somerville called he's dying to answer this question so. So job my break protocol your activists think is a caller are you Joseph you're gonna be good here please. Our question because I ordered regard that was going on July while I don't know what are registered. I'm just asking July in my I don't know you well we don't know each other you that you we don't have relief agency calling from commonwealth. Now listen I I Jill I would you know the answer Joseph. Didn't warn you said the question and will be a true true that you can edit I've worked a deal Boston got him back and he Chapman could be walker to a little lobbying it was like wow this guy had the biggest employer Messina. My Obama he's really the nature. Does not writes yo you know I want not do it up it's not Artis Gilmore. About that all men to put this out yet that well here's the problem he eat he barely played for the Celtics. Yeah you know now how tall Artis Gilmore is right children. No he's not some FTSE. He's not Artis Gilmore he's he's listed at seven foot two. But maybe if we if he did have the hair up he might have been Paula that do you but I. Let's go to our ability he scrawled Mexico. Us is listed height where we are illegal but elusive hi Joseph I don't wanna get an argument over that. The Indiana. Sure is a guy that played for the Celtics all over a decade he got about fifteen years ago in 202. Rahm Croatia. Bruno son off. You remember him Joseph. I've never met him in the penalty box on you Martin who met him that you might everything that I am not. He's seven foot three from Croatia he played only 26 games with the Celtics with. But he's the ads so you're David you worked at the Boston Garden route many years ago. On April a huge deal and yet the real garden the real good yeah. Yeah not to not to cement block that they put up pretty. Read a week of free credit that he. It's cheap it's a cheap rip off and has no luxury boxes in his guy air conditioning unit and heating and it was close those things don't need ago. I got I must you must have some good stories Joba to the people you rated to back in the back in the I hadn't yet altered tremendous opportunity not gonna operation one room. I'll call back you tell me some of those stores next right to get there have a yeah. Joseph sounds like you see a lot of good stuff over the the years but I. Imagine ever watching some of those old Laker Celtic games back in the day and the the aura of the old Boston Garden. And what that was that was latency of note that the eyes of a kid right browser and I was like this mythical. This mystic mystical thing. And an art it's been Mallard hang out with you and I love that who have my game question. Not is it got Joan Somerville the call. But not that he's a bad guy seems like you're good yeah. But that's like the most impossible question ever. By any here's even here is what a degenerate I am when I was trying to find as you assuming the finding Celtic related here. Just arena and question the Paula so the Kabul time so I looked it up now Christopher this is where I need some therapy Christopher Sharma producers Chris. Here here's worries and their because I I went and looked up the bio I was kind of searching around the dark web. This Croatian senator played for the Celtics back fifteen years ago that's never good idea never good idea he's still playing professional basketball today. At age 37. He's playing in the eye rainy in basketball only so he's the Croatian Tom Britt in each day he might be on the TV twelve formula. In the I radian basketball IU graduate must be like in the Iranian basketball league that might that must be something I must be very something respect. Those rivalries they take them very seriously. If you do not want to you know what a mess around with that but I'm surprised that they would David blatt and Turkey. That's your point that they were glad they have the Cheesecake Factory in Turkey is I know they've let the old Castro she was a big fan cheesecake that abducted and I don't I don't believe they have cheesecake in Turkey but I made bureau. Our it is of one who he large portions of a big portion guy. There's two types of uses the quantity over the quality and you know I've lost a lot of weight over the years that was big gigantic effect for years. I still enjoy quantity over quality. I think when you spent a lot of Malia I only out much anymore. I'm married now in my wife's good cook with some very fortunate Ford Shia generally tries to stay home and eat. The cooking going when I go out like get a foot of not getting my money's worth when I go to a restaurant and they give you this little. This big plate in this little finger food in the middle of its its opponent. Taking a very strong stance on mistress very striking talent trust me I completely agree which is why if I go out and go to the local Italian eateries. In nature again Ayman yeah I saw anything like with the bread when they put bread on the table that's another sign like you know in in different parts like. It'll a Mexican restaurant and they have no free chips that's a bad sign Al durable yet you if you go to an Italian restaurant and they don't give you complimentary bread. Or that's about like a free salad that's you know. You know even though it's healthy at least food. Yeah you want to feel like you're getting your they're welcoming you win was something indeed if they don't do that the Manson that's a that's that's that's our it's about the phones. While one might overnight. Crazy people Anthony. Who is in Anaheim listening on the WEEI. App for WEI dot com what's going on Anthony. Miami and the football team Miami had. Not a good Owen. Now anecdotal and equity and buy a few weeks. Week. Yeah well you know to credit that it really Anthony you don't get credit for predictions you all but two weeks you know how this works right. Technicality. It in. Fine print that there. Yeah exactly and that you should you or your news go to the other sports books out in Vegas and and say hey I was right it just was a couple weeks later and see if they give you money. Like you know on that can now low triple side they did give it reflect our ticket. Because of a position. I depended and it did depend on which which. Either sports book or she eighty online sports book or neighborhood book and went too because not all of them gave reports. He was on. You. You know that that well established late India you like that but that. How old you are the patriots couldn't let that Tom Brady is swap out there like a little your shadow war. Interceptions left Iran made this. I can do it. A Utah are you at the U attempting to stir. The pot is that we are attempting new Anthony. I'm one of the blood I would say that. Taco Bell doesn't have ships now for Mexican restaurant the Arctic you know they don't I would make it rich and. Obama talk about fast food and feel fast food isn't talking about a seat down fast service type restaurant and if they don't if you if you if you go Italian they'll give you bread you if you go Mexican with a WB chips that's a bad sign. But my. But yes I you apply we agree yes a one more thing yes that could. That's like you know. Or a good equip it you don't yet 300 pounder walked in Canada played. You better turn around and just about yeah that's the beat. Well the other side is you also like I liked to see I'd feel encouragement when I see people walking out with doggie bags. That means they make too much food that means the portions are too large of people are leaving. By every time I go to Cheesecake Factory is somebody walking out there was that back with a different colors on illnesses Tiki better. Survive if I don't rest I'll see them on a given large in the portions. I'm out I'm done. I agree I agree if you could finish employee when sitting. And that's that's particular. You know what they charge for food validated and better we are now that we. Gave it the food is right that the Oregon you know I didn't. Relate better you are right. We should be like my my old man my dad I take him out to dinner every year our lunch every week my old man I notices anything he's doesn't talk to me bill call him every pass Muster he is nothings in the I guess and tell him as life at all he's throwing a the most boring life in the world or my wife's with meat talks he can't talk enough he loves dog owner hates talking. But I take my dad out to. I take my dad out to lunch every week I you know timelessness. Audio left so I take him out. This venture is alive and I think he's. He orders like them the largely it I think you might it was he he orders a large portion of who he did has food. Entity for like the next four days he's got my my old man's guy he's got to figure out he has it figured out. He's got food for like three or four days after we eagle the. You that you began. You wait for the Indy crack at a record caught the economic an outlet. Pretty much apparently license happened at that level and I'm like crap that the united degree countering. Let's get a couple McNamee I. Dominant story again about how you. He came over to meet you put it on the Internet one day at that I don't know what that. Put it out in your story. Just put on the unity odd or could you thank you. Such as will just end up like I'm that's the nets were ahead. The of the Greyhound that's good. Art it's the the Ben Mather a late night on program here I don't know what I would call late night that's who we call here insomnia X creatures of the night united as one. With one common goal for sports talk radio goodness. Someone like that sounds good right sounds good I think. Aren't at the Mike roll analyzing. All of the Brady Bunch we get two bats and we'll do it next.