WEEI Late Night - Brandin Cooks vs Randy Moss 11-21-17

WEEI Late Night
Wednesday, November 22nd

Hour 3 of Late Night gets under way with Ben Maller briefly touching on a change that could be coming in the NFL that would force players to stop protesting during the national anthem.  Then Ben addresses the idea that Brandin Cooks has been as good as Randy Moss and could be just as good as Randy Moss was during his time with New England.  Ben immediately tells people to slow their roll and explains why the idea is a little too crazy for him.


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You know eventually. Eventually there was going to be change. In the NFL it is a story that is put on the back burger I saw him. But not everyone involves the protest movement that has been sweeping the NFL. And clearly has had some impact on the bottom line we'll get to that welcomed me and the beginning of another hour we are in the air every where the vast power of WEEI. Late night easy insomniacs playground is we are glad. To be here. And I want to read for us anyway get to the of the patriots here because news did Betty that I believe is a premature debate. But not 1 that I am against going into involving. Brandon cooks will get to that momentarily but. The distort which I spent a lot of time on my overnight show yapping about. Much of the dismay of many people. Who called the all kinds of a terrific names how dare you there you this and that but involves the protest movement among the NFL players. And the fact that the NFL allow this to spiral out of control Roger Goodell completely screwed up. And that alone. That alone should put his job. On status subject. He knocked Jerry Jones. Is likely going to lose that battle put the ineptitude. The futility. Of the NFL able to control. The the story if you will and just. Keep things focused on what it was. Evidently tried when it didn't work but you're clueless people there. At the NFL was absolutely absurd and it's it has come down a bit it that the storm surge has gone back. And now now there is chatter that we might never at the end of this year might never have to deal. We've political protest. At least during the National Anthem NFL games up you have not heard about these days maybe you missed this particular story but. There's a group of NFL owners. That is campaigning. We're Cheney. When change is gonna happen in the offseason and happy right now happen during playoff but. They don't like eight change to the mandate on the National Anthem policy in the NFL. You know are going in or we're going with the the protesters the nationally at the which have considered. Continues some teams more than others. But they would like to go back to the the good old days if you will and have the national let them have the fanfare have the pomp and circumstance. Have tributes and all that but they wanna keep the players in the locker room. While the National Anthem is played thus cutting them off at the pads. And I I Amal force is an idea I had public dopey radio guy like nobody any of this. Put this would've should've happened Roger Goodell should've done this last year. And the the fact that he didn't do it. And allowed these spy rule to continue going round and round and round around spiral doomed if you will. Is on him minutes on the other people the NFL but this isn't that this is what should have hacked. The fact it is going on for what a year and a half two years now. In the NFL is in Paris. Now it's not a guarantee this is gonna happen to the report. And he started in the Washington Post that they claimed its tour Lee. I to tell whether or not there's enough. Enough push to get these Dolan that would absolutely. Should have. Slowly should happen. And the NBA's gotta rule where your you have to stand for the National Anthem. And we have not and thus I've missed it we've not seen any NBA players. That have taken in the during the National Anthem. And so it hasn't been a story of what you outspoken players politically. In the NBA LeBron James was campaigning. For Hillary Clinton in the state Ohio and she had the biggest defeat for a democratic candidate there. In Brazilian elections in a way back. A book book book the bronze political activist. In what offer for the Democratic Party boy. When the games are going on the National Anthem anthems being played. It is not an issue. It is not. And is that a horrible thing is that terrible that the NBA players are actually standing up for the National Anthem I don't know. I am gonna go no here and in some people downplay this is it was not that big deal. I disagree I think people under estimate. The amount of rage and anger. At the NFL players. Over the pro. And even now I know it doesn't give much play on the radio this panel is played out topics you know we've already been down that role what more can be said. I get that on the surface I understand this there's still I hear it all the time. In from people on the on the over I should you apply to your all the time from people who who is it like I'm sort of I'm not watching in my own. You know many in my money analyst. So it's still it's over this seems like the right thing to do it also seems like it to wait too long. Wait too long. To get to that particular point they should've happened. Many many months ago a year ago. And and yet it's that you islamists don't play nice and it still might not even a arts Ben Allen hang out review on WEE. And now I would like to address a a narrative which is starting up but it's been going around you last couple of days. And it involves the receiving corps. For the patriots it's it's all. The pats news. That the better stories of losing locker room. We'll talk radio the better stories and whose locker room but the and teams all all the teams around here early Newsweek. Which makes my job very difficult when they come here. But not so does pages just in they were the red hot right now you know. Play well a lot of confidence and swagger and all those. All those things so we didn't load dig a little beat one of the narratives here today ideas saw this going around. Is focused on Brandon Cole. No you know what this is about have you heard about this as some of the of the mainstream points. Are trying to drum up. The at the point of view that brain in court to try to squeeze Ximian. Do the same rarefied air of reindeer moss. And I want to talk about this to get this is something that falls into low hanging fruit category. But again. I'm very consistent here I'd like low hanging for it is easiest to get to taste the bench that's what I. And of all receipt. Of all the receivers. Tom Brady we needed an inventory of the guys that Tom Brady's head. The pass catchers he might say his favorite Wes Welker road Julian Edelman. As force the wide outs are concerned. But the biggest headliner. Was clearly or any more clearly Randy Moss is the big east Atlanta Randy Moss is up for the pro football game. Right now they just announced the latest wave. And Brady's among the the first year eligible. How leading the way there. These among 27 semifinalists. Is to get it lacked balls the right word here but is he going to be Shaw had been off for size Randy Moss because of the fact that. He did a lot of zany crazy stuff. He just. The only problem he's got it would be great receivers he's not Jerry Rice good but he far behind Jerry Rice. The all time list of receivers the the impact that Ravi moss said. I you don't voted in for the Pro Football Hall of Fame on the first output then. Though they just going to a smoke filled rooms like the it's like at the Vatican when they're naming a new Pope. When they announce who's in the Pro Football Hall of Fame it's a very disjointed. Very disjointed and technique there's a bunch of former patriots. Better on this list is not to Randy Moss Richard Seymour is on there. Believe that's a Thai laws need them a couple of guys there's only a few that actually end up giving him. In the pro football fame but but Randy Moss. Hall of payroll all Mayweather gets in now or is gonna wait. A little longer he's going to win doll. You can't Ohio he'll be immortalized. So yeah Brady if you look at the receivers all Tom Brady is number one guy's got to be really moss he's the greatest hall of fame player analyst. And it together. The greatest combo is probable time Spittler Joseph. Greatest and that's perfection. I don't know anyone that doesn't like peanut butter jelly most people start to QG Agassi and basically got a peanut allergy. That would be the person doesn't like peanut butter jelly but all of that. It's the greatest thing and together those guys moss and Brady. For the most part that my memory maybe you'll remember the good stuff when these guys were together that was number. Anyway you know brief minute drive moss and and Brady and some record breaking stats and all that did not end up did not end up winning the Super Bowl. Did not happen. So how does Brandon cooks measure up into this conversation here and I saw the spit it out this way the question. Do you Bo lot due buys the the merit of its summer trying to spread here that brain and quotes of this season he's only been here for a few games. Just this year they're braving cooks. Is each coal. To Ravi moss. When he played back and now the obvious answer the easy answer the knee jerk answer is no. I and I would add on don't be ninety I would add on don't be naive in my perspective on this you've got. Right yeah his story. Fear factor. Stylistic. Which doesn't matter. And unfinished business you've got all those things not only the ball together here. As we talk about this would branding cooks in the the patriots this year I'm a a branding cooks. Has not wet his pants with the patriots and that that's important we re seeing guys are coming here. When you follow the patriots some big names shout out Ochocinco. Who have done a face plant that I cannot handle for whatever reason. Wearing the patriots uniform dealing with Pallet Jack dealing with the war what you have to do to be a patriot they just don't handle it and they exit pretty quick. That's a pretty fast so overall. The fact that he's just been able to handle. Being a patriot he's really productive player he fits in. That's all further. He's only played ten games that's it very used a very small sample size if you look at the raw stats it is where you can spin stats. Depending on your side of the argument you wanna spend stats in favor of Brandon cooks then you will point out that he's only played ten games. But he's averaging over seventeen yards per reception. He's got four touchdowns he could have more touchdown put over seventeen are deeper reception small sample size but Brittany coast is still. Writing he's stolen or. And it's just going to be a fat. Or is this going to be trained. Is he a patriot. For several years as they won in dog situation will it. End up having a happy ending. But even with this seventeen plus yards per reception. Might observations and you might watch the patriots much closer than I do I have to watch every ridiculous game you put them all over the place. But as far as the pictures themselves are concerned we're not what I've observed here. Is that Greg cook has been a hot and cold player. That he's dependability. Score. Is not. Met yet the overall numbers again because he's on pace to have over seventy receptions and 12100 yards receiving in. I think he's on pace for a couple more touchdown estimates and six touchdowns. But he's also had three games with less than fifty yards. Where he was a complete non factor. He's only had a couple of games this year with a over a hundred yards receiving so. He's 44 years always a play time left to dominate this year and years become. What it has been spot. It's been spotty in the flip side of that as yet here at the VI. We need to Mallard Ravi moss. Is going to be near impossible. To knock off the throne. For the patriots. That the touchdown stats alone our. Mind boggling when you look back at how productive he had been. In that brief running it played 52 games. In New England for Bill Belichick create fifty touchdowns in 52 games. A 52 to at 52 games fifty touchdowns he had eighteen games Randy Moss. With a hundred plus. Receptions. A hundred plus receiving yards or that we some previous unopposed reception. You know it typically I do give the player right now all the age over the older player. Things get better they don't get worse players get better and don't get we at worst but in this particular conversation this is the outline Mavis just between Randy Moss a brand folks I'm not there. I'm not in the main reason I'm not is because Ravi moss provided. The fear factor. Proposing tees. Well guys that were. Game planning defensively against the patriots would Brady and moss were together. Had heartburn they had headaches they get about Randy Moss in that period of time in the mid may also is because of the height. The speed height combo. Backbreaking moss six foot four. And that is a match all night in your situation infamy stylistic. Approach. Randy Moss is gonna win that the Paula guy's gonna win that April branding coach he's. Diminutive. As they say it why would dead. And he's got Sonic the Hedgehog. A speedy uses you'd fly over the field mall that's wonderful. But the taller guys than we Paula guy's gonna win in and then the last and you parting shot on this. Even if the patriots go on and win the Super Bowl this. And they are the favorite of many. I here locally of course in the nationally. Brimming coats would still even with that. Individually not be better than Randy Moss out of the team award you'd say yes but the Super Bowls a team award that's it it's not an individual. But I do like the the style that coach plays well I liked. He's got these that's what rocks got that went wrong those ridiculous things and gets to the attention. I'd like those type of players as some guys don't pay they get annoyed by that is accurate age I find it in joint. I like the razzle best I enjoy the razzle dazzle you get a good amount. With frantic he's only scored a couple of precious what is limited. You got to score. Yes or. Are right it spend out there and you hear as we hang out together on WEI and we will re engage. In the form lines in the as one line open if you wanna be part 617. Said he said in 97. 937. The text line is open for business at 37937. That is the the dark web version of the VIV. They use the text. It is the no no fly zone from it managed to stay away. Who do not go down that road. As these are let's go foes right now. And violence ends and let's go to Steve Steven Miami Steve you are next. On Debbie I was taught us the game. All right thank you are very entertaining and tea that. Night against against Steve thank you and as I said last the last conversation that we we have it. Use you butter up the host to get more air time. Well be the finger as you get some strange caller for me where I mean I feel bad that bad that I bet I did a lot people. As such and I am still always count on. I don't know this is the place discussed search and that is that I thought he couldn't name a entities agree and. Aria he called up he all of this and he's one of my overnight guys did any in Nashville he's up he's a test that guys the past. Well one end to what he said that it didn't to box and cooks I mean I love corrupt. But one thing I'm opening out and I I without a doubt martians. At this point in both Korea is losses the better. And he made some spectacular catches or you'll remember. I think it against the jets the one hand that touched down in the end though I mean that was great but then. About march I don't think Brady has many. Good receivers. Are Mac T I mean I know he had locker. But I mean this year he's got a hole in one night that he's. Danny Amendola he's got the clock and I and I if I remember correctly Rockwood not on that he'd in 2007 about correct. Believe you're correct on that but not. It would if you kind of answered I senator early these guys are still writing this story this particular team. Rough to a really good start after just stinking up the joint the first couple games of the year. But the they've figured out they've righted the ship as they say. Indy Iago Stevie usually looked back. And years down the line and you only remember the good stuff you don't remember. The bus stop today is that that brawl wired the same way as part of the human condition you remember the good stuff you can block out most of the bad stuff. That's generally how it works. And I must not forget that the guy who you talked mountains earning more money which I knew the answer either. Strahan was a major factor of why mosque never got to rank. Well I think he I. I think Strahan was on either one of those teams I don't I don't think on what was. He heard the arguments on the giants when the first time grand. Was it. A bit cheeky does it Tiki Barber that retired before. One of those guys as it was a part of a stepped away before the with the giants end up going on Super Bowl win and all that seat again. Who are yes men and without a doubt and would get to Manning and Danny. Just its moments but. Because of the defense of the giants that's the only reason I like Eli Manning had an opportunity to either become and BP at all. Well you know that meant the patient and play well he lets you pay the patriots who play well they would have beat energized they were the more talented team they didn't play well. I know I am into the punt that was also giants beat cents. Without a doubt I mean that. I can also say everybody UN nit pick here you you can say a news there was also the fact that the ally is remaining as I call him. I should've been he was in the grass but then they didn't call it he wiggle out of it and then he completed that ridiculous. Plate threw to David Tyree are so I gotta go ST Virginia get me is that they're real quick can you say what you want to say is I have to out of important timing yet. And Peyton Manning turned to commenting in Nablus new career he had many more cultural type receivers. Then Brady average rating that this big difference and make is that 88. Receivers out of nobody's and won championships and Manning has all been totals. Receivers and couldn't get there and the only two aren't you got there was eight when the pictures choked when they had 22 to reach. The lead in the history championship and then beat. Because those who defense and Denver Broncos so that. I got our eyes that are here are thing up near my thanks. Approach arts. Long he ordered me up so and I am I'm a soccer man I am I am easy please write it's not that are not that extra. Not live in the ups upscale life here just butter me up a little bit at five minutes or. So late at night here that's how we roll. Our willow takes more reform calls they stacked up as as we say here but the keep trying to get in and possibly hangs up the usually do we. We pause for the cause he can get in a we'll call this one be careful what you ask for be careful what you ask for would get their act. In doing. It is stage of life advice be careful. What you ask for be very very careful what you ask what is sometimes you might get a and then it blows up in your face. And this is the payroll. Of a former patriots spend Matta ring and out as you know your late night then action late night Radio One year. I'm WT guy I'll be careful what you ask for though this is a tale of being stuck in purgatory we were talking about former. Patriot quarterback Jimmy grapple. Who wanted to beat the man. And he got his wish he was traded away as you know few weeks back from the patriots. And he mild surprise some say a major surprise he goes out to the northern California to play for the 49ers. This one problem. He hasn't played for the 49ers. And the assumption had been in that this was going to be the period where Jimmy your apple O. Ends up playing it week twelve was going to be a point where Rob Lowe gets in the white is a toll. Because the 49ers had to buy we can drop blows supposedly stayed in northern California at the oh over the playbook for the 49ers and all that so use. He was getting some last minute seasoning if you will. Trying to avoid a collapse. And implosion. I would guess I don't feel well John Lynch. Has spoke the forty uniter GM you know Joe's mantra yes John Lynch refusing. To confirm. Refusing to commit. The Jimmy drop below is the 49ers starting quarterback. He. Played it off be passed the buck if you Willy said the decision will be made. By head coach Kyle Shanahan. And today it it expects most since this is the most ridiculous that the 49ers are they've been scraped and bloodied and bruised. The teen is wrecks you generally just beat the giants but they're terrible. Not quite Cleveland Browns back. What do you waiting for. I you gotta think that Jimmy drop below. Yes to be in the morgue doesn't mean he gets traded what's the point what's fun is it to be with the one's the right word. About when you play a team that is miserable. That he's just horrific. I only words I can use to describe the same thing but you get the point right a lot of confusion. Fortification with the 49ers and here you're leaving the patriots and always do was win if you Jimmy G. And you go out the door to California and you don't even get on you know even sniffed the field. I get hey let's let him learn the playbook and all that I understand that completely got. As from both sides if York. If your drop below don't you want to play and at least you get out there and show you what you can do I realize that it's limited. The ceiling is limited because it is the implosion around you is already taken place years is that you crash from beside the road. There might be some setbacks doors to want to be up with I would think the obvious answer is yes. You would like to be out there playing and have the opportunity. Two do you think now this might be just bait and switch. And that the niners are saying no no we're not doing is they're trying to help the the Seahawks octave and a drop will keep kind that. I know there will be a lot of curious. People in these parts that will keep an eye on that have now grapple it does a face plant. And that's not so bad right that's the like OK just another unit of Brady guys that struggles. Well what if he goes out plays really well. What if the lights the world on fire and then people we call on this radio station screaming like lunatics who Belichick. Having the answer is yes I think that is the rhetorical question the answer is app so. Now 100%. If you are if you wanna be part of the radio program. Lying there is open for you you can sneak in. As they say and a operators are standing. The six point 777979. The 376177797. 93. Said. This Brian Hoyer end up getting any playing time. And last game of the year one of those that we Barney wrapped everything up situations the patriots have nothing to gain. They throw. Roll boy you're out there. Underwhelming results for Brian Hoyer when he's been with these other. Other random random NFL teams. Typically is that that you would usually do is they they'll play Brady for like a half. I know we're getting way ahead of ourselves here. And this is not that this is not a problem that we should be dressed in red on this just spit ball. As these this merely. Merely spit ball so it's that's the point one. Bio one other thing that caught my attention here that I wanted to. Address. He is what's what's going on over at the ES PNC we can talk about these in these parts that the supposed to be a post Thanksgiving. Firing session. That's gonna take what this other stores on WEI dot com and it's making the right loans are around here that they are supposedly gonna cut. 6880. Million a sixty minute eighty million dollars in salary. And it's going to be all over. The chilly at night just had a bunch of big lay offs. A few months back in there getting rid of a lot of the high priced executives. And whatnot but it's birds and I know I heard a little bit. And it was yesterday who's the the other day when the curtain challenge they were yapping about this and the problems and and they got into with Scott van pelt. And I thought it was great what they were saying I agree with him this guy you've got guys hideous Felix got them publicly to a ton of money. That are saying the reason no problem everything his grades did nothing to worry about here. Everything is cool it and it reminds me of that scene from the I Norman beat myself it's an iconic movie naked gun. And Leslie Nielsen. Right in that in the get the fireworks going off in all these explosions in the police and firemen running in all is that. And he stating this and move on nothing to see here please disperse. Nothing Torre about. And you let it wind and this is. There's a lot to us a lot to worry about there's a lot to see here. Generally don't think amiss speaking you with things are going well you don't have mass layoffs. At your business that's a general rule on him. Not mr. business one a one guy worked in broadcasting my entire career I think that is generally case when your. Your company has lost a billion dollars in in revenue. And they've lost with thirteen million subscribers or something like that over the last couple years of not necessarily go in the right direct. You did admit you can say things could be better. Not that good right now you can certainly see it. It's bad now hang out it it and you and they'll take some phone calls are also hole. We get to big these bizarre world the heck is that we'll get to that would do next. It further further we go into the nighttime hours here in the via the witching hour. We're late into the witching hour right now in. It Syria a segment. Of radio that we we could keep you know it's it's a new thing. To do this this whole experience here at the B guys is no look at the the other show here I love command and hang out with you at night a couple times during the week in. Benny is bizarre 00 world that will call for lack of lack of better term. But it these these are stories that we we could've worked and earlier we did not and we save them for this portion shall we call things bizarre world. There's a story I was reading about involving. Trains cranial magnetic stimulation. Now how does this tie in to a sports talk radio. If you don't know what that technique used I didn't know before I'd I'd read a couple of stories about it a trans cranial magnetic stimulation. Can change your mood. By its brain stimulation can change your mood. Why it. They claim also that he can also change your. Taste in music. As well. And and and here's what I would they know that's a claim that's being made only it's been verified yet there's group who wacko scientist that are claiming that maybe their commitments from exact. Here's what they got to figure they wanna solve. Obesity. In in America they wanna fix it they have to find a way to mess with the brain. To get. Used to think that broccoli. Tastes like. Talk right if they could do that I I mean if if if you get people like your mess with a brain know the wiring all witches and it's a slippery slope. It also works in the sports world. Is this a handful of athletes. Painful athletes that are. Let's say out lackadaisical lazy. Sluggish for any of those to any of those terms. They would if you can can mess around and you put the the right trains cranial magnetic stimulation in the brain. You could potentially then get those guys actually don't work hard. Plus the rest things like that not be a bunch of dogs. So it could work that. Went. As at the fifth ring of hell for some people messing around like that. But did that did. It get my attention it did get my attention until late night WEI. A and it's sneaking in. Another focal Sean. Ease in New Hampshire on there and Debbie I would. And on John. They I don't. Sean if I if I was any better I'd be sleeping but I'm not guess what's going on. Right now much as a sacrament league hockey we were kind of talking in the locker room about the of brewing goaltending dilemma on and you were on the radio accurately be called get your thoughts on it I mean obviously route coming back and how to use see that dynamic working you know with. I mean captain he obviously is really loving could open right now. What art I would go back to arrest I know I'm I'm I'm I'm not mr. hockey should I'm not only incident pertain. But. IIA I know there's some some drama here I was reading some of the stories earlier from Cassidy and in this. People speculating he's got his favorite I think that's a fair statement today but I would go back to the rest I would give him the opportunity but I generally and you that you play hockey Judd. In any sport I think if you've got two guys you don't have anyone you've got to you've got as did a goaltending position. You got to settle in on the onion guy in just go with it. And he gets a dangerous that's dangerous road to go down for the Bruins if they're going to be juggling. The goaltending if not are at that you shall call literally a man and I hope you won your hockey and it's just practice. It was a surprise. Event have been. Our that they several here at WEEI Crist or shine two and a heck of a job producing this radio show maize. And everyone else that made this. Somewhat. Somewhat possible again you can follow me on Twitter. At bay malware that is at Ben Mallard and no matter what you do no matter where you end up. You can always keep it locked right here in WEP guys every night.