WEEI Late Night - Can you imagine where the Celtics would be with Kyrie and Gordon Hayward? 5-16-18

WEEI Late Night
Thursday, May 17th

Big Ben Maller gets rolling with WEEI Late Night and he's talking all Celtics.  After winning game 2, Ben naval gazes at how good this team could be with Kyrie and Hayward playing, or would the chemistry of the team be thrown off by the addition of two superstars.  Would Terry Rozier have still risen and proven his worth as he has if Kyrie Irving was healthy?  Can the Celtics really beat the Cavaliers and then have a shot against either the Warriors or Rockets in the Finals?


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And back at it again in the in the Celtics not back addict as they will be resting up. Until this week and and we will discuss all. All relevant things in a lot of Red Sox talk here the last hour and a half or so Celtics. That is the story here there are two wins away from the NBA finals in a surprise in the NBA tonight the Golden State Warriors rolling over and getting into the fetal position. As Houston. Just. Took it tool knocked them off their the rocker. To that series is tied up and win apiece but the the Celtics. Up too low and you have had eight Congo line. Of mainstream media types. Were trying to defend LeBron James could name. Now that the cavaliers have not yet lost the series that you aware of that. And already we have seen one after another lighting up. Who slop are all Kohlberg LeBron James. And yes it loses the stats you didn't play well in game one game two he filled the stat sheet LeBron James most of it was done in the first quarter. From a well mean way in the second quarter of game two. For the through the extension of acting in that was the rat keel. Situations. And I I Gaza's and it Kurt can challenge and I agree with Jerry Bryant didn't. Played that well he played all right the first score score a lot of points but overall he did play well which sounds crazies are at a triple bubbly and play well it. I think you played that well. I you replay that little. And so now gone back to Cleveland for game three it is good deed. To be in green as good to being green here and we've seen some beer re optimistic as ever I was in here. Was it the day after the carrier me news came down that he was not can play. And all the rest of the year they were shut them down he's gonna have surgery in the general feeling was well so that's a win around in the playoffs. And that's. That's it CO later and what we've seen here. He's given me opportune. Given the opportunity players have loss I'd that you Jason Tatum Jim Brown of the headliners have been spectacular Al Horford. Marcus Morse Terry rosier ball got it on the market is Smart has been a defensive dynamo the though the heart of the the Celtics if you wanna use that cliche the alpha bald. Which is annoying but he's done that it is being in. Mostly sunshine. And lollipops at this point for this for the celebrated that it has been going great. All eyes. And it is a parallel story. And I would like talk about today eat you've got the the forgotten but not forgotten duo. Of Cairo your being and Gordon Hayward. And this was supposed to be their top. May never months and months ago when this all originated in the that the general consensus was. I'm the Celtics can be pretty good. And they're gonna make a run in the east they're gonna do it on the back of Kyra you're being Gordon Hayward that was the popular perception by popular people. That was going to be kiss and make sense. At the time I was supposed to be the way it went in the preamble. To the NBA season we look at it paid. Did he was being celebrated the celebrated because of Jason paid over Jim Brown he was being celebrated. Because you had a pair of all stars. Were going to be the headliners. On this Celtic team for the next couple years. How that worked out. In it's as the old saying goes radio saying is the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry and especially general managers and sports. I'm so so we're at this crossroads. Mall. Where you've got the Celtics were feeling pretty good about its. I NY nine as the confidence is sky high is it two wins away from the NBA finals. They would have to lose four out of an X five. To not make. But you've got this parallel story with Irving in Hayward in order to talk about that because. We'll make this a toss up question. Between Qaeda reader being in Gordon Hayward the forgotten cell. Who do you think is actually more annoyed. That they're not part of what's going on right now that there are you in the shadows Kyra your rings mean. Squeezing on the bench in Hayward is in popped up here in their bodies mostly being. I do with the team during this this particular playoff run. I actually bought my response is going to be I believe it's Gordon Hayward I add that that's not. The mainstream opinion but I invited shoes at toss a question between. Hi your Irving Gordon Hayward on level of annoyance. I'm going to Hayward I enemy split wide they'd get sour taste. The replacements. And Solomon. And called volatile issues together now that. The number one point. The main. Driving the patent. For people view it US that the regular basketball or nobody thinks board says hi every your record they were. Most of us about I every year I could she wanted to prove that he can weaned. On his own outside the shadow of will broad. He wasn't gonna ride LeBron James coat tails anymore they Tyree was gonna go to Boston and he was going to be the guy. And the Celtics were going to be back in the NBA finals it was too because of high rear. That was the mainstream. Story. I that was the fabled that was being sold. I don't. Why did its Khyber here we know tell you like his title he has played in I don't get hurt that first time the cavs were in the finals this this recent run here. But Tyree has played. In parts of three consecutive NBA finals he has to he's beat. Championship success he's had the ball we did. He was. One of the main reasons the cavaliers won the championship couple years ago when they came back. And Andy beat Golden State he was wonderful. In that NBA finals of this is not exactly foreign territory for him. Although it's different when you get away from LeBron and he wanted that. Day in terror rosier has been good. Yes have been consistently good he's picked his spots. But overall that we can all agree that carrier ring is a better player than Terry rosier. Now you. White with terrorists your cool beat but he isn't there yet and so it is frustrating. Why. It's not be catastrophe. For me basketball standpoint and plus. You know Kyra you're being as he's got other stuff he's got the whole uncle drew thing. He's got the flat earth group to worry about those other things she's Jacqueline. Mutation that that flat earth crowd. He's something else. Something else there was there was another room. Athletes. Forget who was couple weeks ago it has been a couple months. Who is dabbling in the flatter thing so I mentioned it on the overjoyed to have fox and I ate in still being bombarded. With a some of these Yahoo! News. I had. Flat earth people is and somebody should let Kyra you know what about the whole earth crowd. Yeah I've had a couple of people reach out to me to leave in the hollow earth. Which amazes me. In 28 to now be one of the great schemes of all time of the earth was actually follow people living in the loss. Great I anyway. I get back to the point police I give my tube so we got Kyra Irving on one side you know I mention why I don't think it's it's it's a big deal was not as big deal. When you compare and contrast. Qaeda read and Gordon hit it in there and much different place is forest level of aggravation. Would this particular situation. This was going to be. Recorded Hayward a Disney esque type of NBA store. It had all the graduate college far. When his old college coach. Who has had success in the NBA but not overwhelming success. Signs of big free agent contract to help team up at his old coach. And they write off into the sunset return to glory for the Celtics fade to black. How is that going. I either eat and we know how that's going so Gordon Hayward has essentially being as image is a ghost. Casper the Friendly Ghost had been around much and only popped up couple days ago. What he's been doing rehab working in the it's mostly what he's been. And the other argument is saying is a fair point. That the sit at the Celtics are doing this without Gordon Hayward. It literally head Gordon Hayward as a self he played five minutes. In regular season action. And I don't even know was a full five minutes before snap crackle pop. Twisted laid bone sticking out battle. Back in his days in easy targets as well as Salt Lake City. He made the playoffs a couple of times mostly led the jazz to lottery appearances or room to mediocre records and it's kind of a middle road team when Gordon Hayward was the man. In Salt Lake City the second thing here as we talked on late night on WEI. We've been high. Pop up the writing on the wall blow. You talk about that graffiti that's been tagged here on the wall for Gordon Hayward. Even when he returns to action he is no longer going to be thought of. As a crucial figure. In this team say it would take a series. Of odd transactions Jason Tatum and Jalen brown have both zoom right plot. You know it. I know what he knows everybody's aware the replacements. Have been indispensable. I emit one. And that presents a no other predicament for Gordon Hayward that's my goal Hayward or Cairo your mute talk about. Harper. You talk about from a basketball standpoint anxiety depression. You go from the star free agent the guy's gonna save the Celtics and push them over the top. Leading minced that is you are now looking at what the Celtics are likely to have next season Gordon Hayward could be beat the if. Et best the fifth option is forest players that you look for your lower office play makers. He's like the fifth Bob that's that's. That's the best case scenario. He he left money on the table I'm gonna sit here and in place sad music in. And all that have a drink because then the guy he left money on the table that was his decision he made a risk. And it's not like it's it's that bigger risk the leaving Utah Jazz. He's now he's on a good team. And he's no longer the center of attention you can't feel too bad movies he's got a guy what's he got a 127 million. Yes it 127 million on the contrary he's twenty years old it was life. A lot other bad vibe of the bad stuff in life. That you can point to NC men that Sox. This is not high up on missed the last thing here. It will take some phone calls or talks and Celtics it would anything else 617. 7797937. The last thing Gainey change. I gazed. He is seeding. A portfolio. Of blue chip investments. It and I hate for a couple years ago when winning was supporting these strapping ex. As we got to do shopping with you've got to turn that into some of just having a much trappings is meaningless. Unless you actually do something. Now the Celtics are talking about the riches of Solomon. And if they want because of the success that Terry Rosie has had. Along with a Jalen brown and Jason Tatum. The Celtics are now it legitimate. Player if they wanna go out and get Anthony Davis if they wanna go down and say well I want someone that forbidden fruit. I'll wanna add another headline install our instead of this ensemble cast and I. I'm willing to trade Jalen brown and Terry rosier and a draft pick you could get if he gives you have commodities. Get their oil gold and silver receding on a socially and loyal old. Jackpot. Is what you've got with the kings pick next year in addition to all these guys that have played. Played so well and you wonder what would the un orthodox move. Take place and I'm a Clinton the the old proverbial cart ahead of the horse year. Would you start looking ahead to see what all these other guys are playing well with rosier brown in Tatum. Is it even possible I've seen the fine print in the contract is I think Gordon Hayward as a no trade clause with the deer trade him that would be eight. A great. Disservice in in violation. Of agreement you sign a free agent he plays five minute to trick they can't trade by the got to bring Hayward back. It would about Kyra you're. No it legally then you get it all rosy you get a bye ended too rosy year. But that's all stuff it's gonna take place in the offseason but you could expect. The unexpected. The thing disease as well be a wonderful story. As far as what the red with the Celtics rather him do. In the offseason I guess we'll take your phone calls. As it talks basketball here the Celtics couple wins away. From the NBA finals you've got two guys that were supposed to be the leading actors. Who are now old. The players. I hear they are big players and that is that's it that's all all they are 617. 7797. 937. If you like to be part 6177797. 937. And you can be part of the festivities here some Smart werder. Some Smart were to get that act and we will do it next I've back yet we go takes Mora phone calls here as talks Celtics right now Celtics. Off until Saturday as photo. The way he in south he. Who I know he always has a lot to say my guy Wayne what's going our way. No I don't I might go out we got to drive real quick now I'm not sad you left knee on a whole new outlook and hurting manager. Well I was real you know you'll be that much weight I know I know you've got limits human gas bag and like a lot tonight. Always have a lot to say when I am I did and what's really swinging. And you don't want me to talk about the red such a you know I don't logic up ordered a mining and the goal by Ingle. And we were doing away we would do little Red Sox reviewing you wanna talk about southern south China. I know I do like that's why we've usually I don't Genoa melanoma I know what malice toward no music and now I know. I don't know what we're on the same day you know. I know we're on the same page you aren't. Then let's talk about the Celtics gonna get a all are. I am really demo. Do you game OP had a mob run came out they'll look like a bull usual mad and he scored 21 point likely not a right. And then out and that we. Yeah I had 21 points the rest of the game and there was that stretch after he he what he rating to the shoulder of Jason paid him. That's what you're talking when he said he. That would not yet you do that well. Yeah dad that each of you guys is there's valued claiming they're claiming that. Why don't you look like oh I doubt that he took a look at got wiping JR push act guy a little bit and packed payback. That's like England or well. You go with the bronze not a staple of marshmallow man he's collected Don is only giving back to edit it all. That put plus how much of that was LeBron China today you know the handed off so he cute. You can make it look different cameras and the fish are. You're no kidding look I happen mechanically it tomorrow night. They'll they'll probably win that one game and then they'll get beat up that pick one and they'll welcome back when the net. Game I know it all quite get six. What are now on the toilet and you're weak. Gold retreated below. To I don't know. That debt leaking now. Now have the war years ago we don't there's going to be an overreaction. Because of what happened tonight he uses all the rockets are gonna come back with. That was a desperation. Situation. For the rockets all the states in a dark. Gold states and end up in the they'll make it they'll make adjustments and they'll end up in the NBA finals people overreact when. I want your reaction to this OK I don't think announce you're angry that I think basketball is one of the most scandal support. One of the most crooked sport because the national odd share point gain on the get go right I mean I'm on email digital. Sometime late when the crowd figure out Megan Mann Coulter camp email account and game thank god that we can know that a Portland name shall call. And that old and it happened on what it would cut late show I'd Redick got upgraded and I today. No I saw they weren't they working tool away Gerris does not getting punished for it he's not. Oh I can't I really upgrading till when they upgraded to a true. Which means for suspension for a. Not I didn't see that we don't pick that's what happened. December that happened happened after I've not seen it so. No danger and a slowdown taking it to all of gold mining reality given the mockery gains were read and because being talked at any given year especially when you're hot streak like the cold they wanna play every other night you know I mean we do but now nick we irrigate. That's a long lay up when you're when you're in your mind and alpaca because acorn began seeing. As for TV way in a way to do it's it's for TV way. And in the word the word you're looking for although I love lead the pack you're going down here is so all objective right. The red tees because it's not all objective we you can actually have measurable facts it is sought objective. Which means you can call a file on every single possession in the India is contact a 98%. Of possession so if you want. Right you can call files on every play and it is subjective. On who ends up getting call with plows and it also matters when they're called right the usually the home team gets the benefit of the doubt because the emotion. Know this you've seen basketball over the years discuss that. Now I got in low paying technical architect while lewd or Billy Wayne Johnson you don't want to eat food. We don't we lost. And when Greek or go. Hey you call nick I public clearly your own and yet want to deduct that don't know I don't know when a tree out or I'm gonna look like a cool. Call me act caught Helen good bet that you'll adult eagle one by they want I want shall Schiavo will aim low you know change that a name is. Wow. All all right come if you battered UCLA. It's pretty pretty good actually out there are great. Yeah you. Know Arnold and I'm joining. During a radio wanted to bike ride but cape. You are. And I'm gonna order yeah like I wrote although it. And only recorded. Would call the critically. And I'm group bought it and got bit incredible we want to go to Australia and I'll bottle wildly usually I don't black hole and I'm manipulative. You. You to go I mean I agree you know what that. Guy. Go bust my balls went way. He can be a hard time. I can you shouldn't email I could open did the in my email irate with like two seconds. And it's shut off I saw like you picture that was it so. I'm telling you what you don't like now 100 that they don't wanna. You know. I believe you can throw a football seventy yards I need to see that as I don't believe it the only one I I've ever seen do that was what JaMarcus Russell and then he. Drank purple I thank you when I got to go defect. Very talkative when he. I did on a rant if we give the Red Sox game had ended earlier I had a whole big range plane about the I'll do it and you that's some thoughts on on Wayne Johnson. And he is his counter diet I did tease. Smart words not LeBron James you talk about cluttering up the appalled. LeBron talk about mark is Smart. He said that mark is smarts. Ability to create. On the court is quote on K the use the word uncanny that you got LeBron ends teammate Kevin Love. Who claimed that the cavaliers. Jane word. From watching mark is Smart and what he's done with the Celtics. We have that we have some audio and it's let's. This Columbia we have on let's go. Are are flying produce. Great creation I'm here has audio to back up these Smart conversation. That we're having right now. Poem I think room you know mark is always America. You know it makes place. The right time. His ability to put multiple positions. But they put the ball in his hand and I trust them to. No make plays for other side because and accountability to. You know good salinity of the career for himself incurred for others and did a lot tonight with a nine assists. And I also have some officer rebounds. And also missed shots and there's always been or the dark dribble. Drop them two thoughts on that hey. Anyone that's watched the Celtics over the last couple years knows. Watching. Markets Smart play basketball is off in. A steady leak on please I it is not it is not pleasing to the guy here. He misses a lot of shots he's helter skelter. And all he gently wanna see players that are great outside she can't shoot. I the other thing is that he is the anti modern NBA player were at least the basketball walked. Has determined. Via a set of numbers whose wonderful who's grade in all that and and maybe I'm missing something here but he doesn't feed into that had a like the the I ball real eye ball test of watching the Celtics is it being marked sport's greats all over the court. He's working his ass off when he's out there he's he's a defense in particular. What he's not bad moving the ball around on offense. And yet if you look at the stat sheet as far as the shootings to said the offensive side of that you're back what the heck is going all year. What is that. Art it is ten valor and you were hanging out late night on WEEI. We'll take some more phone calls all the way up till love the 0:1 AM hour so about fifteen minutes ago 61 said. 779790. 37. It interesting proposition. Interesting proposition. About the Celtics we'll talk about that. And we will get to do next. I've back yet that we goal as the Celtics talk about the Celtics right now as they are couple wins away from the the NBA finals. The level of concern now is listening to some of the the mainstream basketball guys and they're trying to sell the fact. That the the Celtics have been a bad road team and that is not rawness of it have been. In some situations where they've been Molly walked on the road here would they have it has not been good. It is not not been a good situation here in some road games of the Celtics in the playoffs they could win in Philadelphia. And they really only have to win one game and we don't technique we have to win any games in Cleveland but if you really want to suck the will. And the spirit of fighting spirit out of the cavaliers. Win the game on Saturday. And then see the kind of chaos. That takes place says that's just check out what possibly yet takes place there. We we already saw bad body language. You talk about just sloping of the shoulders and all that. We saw that you know slouching shoulders the eye rolls. The bad posture and all that. Imagine what happens if the Celtics are able to hit it close game in the there with a win the game on Saturday. What happens after that. Course the flip side is equally when it's it's likely going to be eight on five. And that any 5050 calls and go the way of Cleveland and you're gonna get. Jason Peyton in foul trouble he was in foul trouble. In game two you'll get a couple of he Celtics who are on the bench. And so the backup guys are gonna have to get the job done in that spot let's go to Brett. Who's listening up and Kate and he's a hang out here on the I was doorknob. Not much been how are you. But much of that so we spoke I apologize I I had and the dump button it was national conversation it won't happen. But at the time you were saying what the Celtics gonna do without carrying this is pretty well documented Perry believe current year. I think are all right but I'm not entirely right and it really gave him ground. I totally agree with you if the Celtics step up and actually take this for me it is going to be pandemonium. The rockets may go to seven with the warriors Jerusalem this could be out and pop in and contribute pandemonium and being not know what to do it itself. I'll give you Brett I'll give you credit that your half right because Rosie has been good about half the time. But he's been really good about half the it. They give him around him way more than I expected as far as like looking abroad and not thinking about it displayed again. And it would Needham. Tatum had a little slippery but he's got the attitude and it it's it's all go I think they really is adding to be done in five or six. And I really is sort of looks that way right now broad based on the first couple games it's hard to push. Back to back it got bingo and Angel I thought that opens would have pulled one out of these first two bit fat people to it switches to them. And we used to the ground again for the door you target for the exit PRD as he went week. Those images of him look at the raps while other plays to get slammed down his the court that is like it at that went looking at a town. Policies and practice there have been no you know while you go play and bring Major League now. He didn't curse the stars that's a good job you thanked Perry goes Brett. Where he goes no one knows. They to our executive producer accretion future tonight keep this up and audio and all elected stuff. And we thank you new Red Sox play a lot of games. So. He's become and once a week I'm not scheduled any time soon to follow me on Twitter at band Mal and I get my overnight show. To do as well but whatever you do wherever you end up keep it locked. Right here and of T have a good night.