WEEI Late Night - David Price is responsible for getting JD Martinez to Boston? 2-20-18

WEEI Late Night
Wednesday, February 21st

The second hour of WEEI Late Night gets going as Big Ben Maller continues to discuss the signing of free agent JD Martinez by the Boston Red Sox and his number one recruiter according to Bob Nightengale, Mr David Price.  Maller sifts through Price's comments to Nightengale and seems to detect a whiff of unlikelihood in the story.  Maller then touches on the man he sees as the Bill Belichick of baseball, Chris Sale, and his excellent interview with Kirk and Callahan earlier in the morning.


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Everybody wants to take credit everybody takes credit outside even an official. Transaction yet it's going to be an official transaction. But everyone wants a little bit of credit were talking about the G eighty Martinis stories we press on here into the 11 o'clock hour. RWE EI. And forget pace of play help but he's of actually completing the freeagent sign. Now I any theory on this the theory was that he hears that there Scott Boras these super agent. He was in. Spring training camp with a potter's they had a free agent signing with Eric Hosmer. Another one of his clients who signed a seven year contract with the the pod. So my theory is that the there weeding. The Red Sox in two hole. Scott Boras can make the trek to have the news coverage to introduce. JD Martina. So. He's he's you only do 1100. Million dollar contract. At a time right that's it. Sold so that once that's all gone then they'll have the pop up news conference in. They'll talk about how great each other in each of the parties are and you'll hear. That the Red Sox have always wanted JD Martinez and you're also getting your JD Martina just on about how he grew up a Red Sox may end. And there are photos of him that popped up on the on the web not the dark wood just the regular Internet. That show him. And a much younger age hanging out and it Fenway. Wearing red sock. Year. So that might not be a bogus story that some of these stores are bogus I always wanted to be. A mirror I always wanted to VO brewer and you think let's just. She could be some lakes and now. As we continue on here now it takes some phone calls it to the calls you a moment before. For approximately. The final four months. Four months this whole Cold War situations been taking place. Back and forth and all that Edmonds. And there were cryptic messages. Lotta rhetoric that was tossed out we. Took some of it rain within on the radio here. Who's unhappy JD Martinez is unhappy not a Red Sox are unhappy. You bet I ousting of back to the stories that we had over the last couple months you let stories floating. You remember the story about from JD Martinez can't that he actually wanted to stay in Arizona. And he was waiting around for the Diamondbacks to move some money. So they can keep him. Any its day in the valley of the sun you had that. And it in my favorite was the one where he was offended by the Red Sox off. That these that the mayor was offended by a hundred million dollar contract offer which is great. You'll also had confidant so the Red Sox. Who were going around saying that. We could trade the Sox could go I'd trade for someone like I don't know Edwin Encarnacion. The Indians. And then have to wait around for JD Martinez. You had Dave Dunn rusty last week when I was in here at WE gave them browse keep talking about. Known vague term whose transactions. Other transactions that could happen. Trades that could have. But we know how this worked out NEA and the parties signed off on an agreement they've also. Signed up. For what is at least going to be a short term relationship. Might only be two year relationship maybe to three year relationship. Maybe it's a five year 110 million dollar commitment. Could be just a two year fifty million dollar. Win here I am band goes the baseball and I am out of here. The have you been paying attention today have you been listening you hear who is taking it ready. For the Red Sox agreement with JD Marti. And you've been. You saw this right you did not see this side in this goes back to the what I use this the end of our last segment here. And it it's a pro or to John F. Kennedy quote victory has a thousand fathers but defeat is more and it applies to everything not just battle. But it applies to lake it kind of transaction anything it goes good people wanna take credit things that don't go good. People distanced themselves from now the person that's taking credit if you've been listening you knows but not everyone has. David Price. David Price. Wants you to know. That he is the guy that helped persuade. Martina is the calmed the Red Sox. As a right. Mr. sour puss himself. He's the guy. I saw one negative is a seven discussion now Bob nightingale. Who is currently one of the league baseball columnist for the USA today he's been there for awhile. He attempt. To float and aired. And he's got quotes to back it up this is not just a speculative piece he's actually got quotes on the record from David Price. And the way the story goes. Eight it's that the wisdom. The knowledge that David Price has from being in Boston the last couple years that helps away. JD Martinez. This direction. Right so and up price and Martina is they played together briefly it was not a long term marriage. In the motor city price was it in the tigers' uniform all that lawman. They were teammates. For a brief sojourn. In Detroit so here's what we're toe we're told that they spoke several times. Over the last couple months and even more so recently. And edgy anymore teenage use the mind of David Price. As like a sounding board yet he's tossing things through David price's head. And if you believe this there. I if you believe this narrative JD Martinez won two Knoll. Whether or not he could be happy playing. In Boston and unity in June that the way it was written here from Bob Knight you'll very dramatic the biggest fishbowl in baseball. The words of night and writes about this and where he says were negativity. Drive news really. Very positive person who thought about in the week. Get swallowed up like copies slots poetry. That's not Bobby Knight deal that is Shakespeare. That it Shakespeare is what that is meant poetry. All right so let's let's get to hear it's does not beat around the bush what dean David Price supposedly said. What did he supposes say here's the quote. Here's what he claimed he told Judy Martinez. Quote only dad he'll get booed. Prices. Pieces I told JD he will love the guys here in the club house. But I also told them hill get booed. He's a quiet soft spoken guy priced layered. But he said it JD Martinez he will handle. And any said besides. Everyone gets booed. I heard big poppy get booed many times in Fenway. End quote from. David. Are so that's what he told night Gil here's the question. Why or sell David Price. Actually being the key and this is not just blown smoke. That he was the key. To JD Martinis joining the residents buyers so I am going to. I am going to sell this. I am go to sell is you've got deciding factor. You also have the old Brinks truck. Which is in play there you've got that. And hope Jesus will throw that into the equation I'll attempt to link all these things together like a verbal magician. Mallard mashup style I will attempt to put all these things together and but wait there's more now all we do what it's a when you give him to cooperate. Nine plausibly even Almonte at night. I I im in talker you need to have a really good BS detector. And my my middle initial stood on my middle names or so and SO my initials are BS. That's that's like my need. Anyway my BS detector working overtime. Win knife when I read this particular stores at all man is this is some. This is great this is completely he. Fiction 101. Guy is is wonderful now do I believe that David Price talked to JD Martina is about Boston. Yes I absolutely do you why I believe. That that was the deciding fact dirt. In whether or not Judy Martinez signed up to play at Fenway. Opt to go win it on a scale of zero to a hundred. Percent Imus say that this is a 0% chance. Of being the case. If anything this is a gigantic stretched now what got GD Martina is the play. For the Red Sox this year. Is the same thing that got David Price to play for the Red Sox couple years ago. It's the same thing that convinced Hanley Ramirez that. Coming back to Boston was the way to go in the Pablo saying the ball could find all of his favorite foods in the Greater Boston area. In all over New England. A and every other top free agent in recent years and Carl Crawford if you wanna go back a couple years as well you can put them all on him on the list as well. It's the same thing backing up the Brinks truck. This is not calculus you were not doing advanced jug is there is math involved but it's a lot of Matt you know numbers put together on a check. This is eight by mid Chile based decision. And he might have wiped the Red Sox a JD Martinez when he was younger. What he's a baseball player he is. White definition. You or a mercenary when you play baseball you go to their highest bidder that's the way that he operates that's that's how it's been. And had the Red Sox let's say that they were trying to beef rule. And then offered a paltry solve. Then JD Martinez would not be going to spring training and thwart. At least not in Fort Myers. It doesn't matter. How great big guys in the clubhouse are which is with David Price. Was trying to. Tell Bob Knight you'll even though there are stories of a rift a chasm. Among some of the Red Sox players last year what would JT and JD rather he's been with three different teams. So he's frustrated with the Astros. Tigers Diamondbacks. At this particular point two guys like a chameleon. I'm excited to it. He Kim that she lost. To Hughes invited you you're talking about. 25 million dollars a year for the next couple years playing in baseball is in a our ballpark which is a pinball machine. I and then. Assuming he continues to rake up great numbers. You can hit the eject button. If those moon shots continued lovable parts of this a no brainer financially it's a no brainer. You can get out of the contract if you're not happy you couldn't make more money. Now part B. The David Price elbit. Which is just delicious only dear price I didn't continuing the trend. He appears to have had this come to Jesus meeting with someone. In the offseason where he is attempting in he is away. The change his reputation. Is why this lady gave the state of the union last. A last week when I was in here is is is to use their wins one of its last week. And price he attempted to change the their repeated said that he is committee aide. To try to get his perception. Changed that he wants to having a different outlook now it's new year on him. Dottie idea idea. And he he says he's got. No regrets right no regrets about coming to Boston to play. But many also said it's been a struggle. So is Lee and I got numbers. Things have to go. The struggles real. The 270 million dollars struggle it's a real struggle. Remember he said the poll was he's he's gotten better. From all this a believe that was the quote. Anyways so here's where we are right. Here's what we are right now as we talked late nighter WEEI. David Price is now trying to take sultan credit if you were to make a high charred. And you would say our age who gets a piece of the pie who gets credit for this particular. Move. Pryce wants a pretty large slice. He wants a pretty big slice of the apple pie. It's it's all part of a systematic campaign. That reputation rehab. Nice he he thinks I'm I'm convinced that this was a total plant job. And that nightingale was used as the messenger to spread the narrative that. David Price is a changed guy he he's on your son he wants the Red Sox to be great again and he's willing to do what ever is report. He also realizes that he price. If he doesn't go out and win the Cy Young this year. And having healthy season. That. He hit go anywhere else. From a financial. Perspective views. He spoke. That's a good spot to be Stuckey. Would you like to be started a job like his dead end street where you have a 217. Million dollar contract. And you know you can't go anywhere else would that be wonderful spot to be stocking and the chances of that is yes that is he rhetorical question the answer is. Yes yes yes so we ease attempting price year. To improve. He's staying in a and I would say not to be a soccer here in based on things. Based on a number of things here David Price is say. About how uncomfortable he has being in. In Boston and we have. A handful of the reporters which he had a a temper tantrum with himself he was very unhappy was pouting. With some of the media coverage last year it was last year. It's a now we're supposed to believe that he's done this sea change do you really think. That this is now part of the chamber of commerce. To bring top free agents the Red Sox. And I don't know I think again another rhetorical question. That we don't need you call open answer. Now one more thing here we will take your phone calls if you would like to be part. I've you've not chimed in on this one swing. In the batter's box 6177797. 9376177797937. If you'd like to be partners the last. JD Martina is. Is not a vocal figure. Is that an accurate state. Now chances are you're not. Completely caught up on on whether or not he is vocal and I don't even know he's got a voice I've never heard all of I can't remember it interview. Where over the last he's been playing the big he's what ten years of like that around there something along those lines around for awhile I can't remember. Ever playing a clip of Judy Martinez. And I I don't recall. I mean so that if he's not you have to. Then that is gonna limit the dip this year rated their price is a he's a bigger punching bag partly because he talks a lot he has to talk after he pitches so once every five days and less expert. He talks in he comes across. With weasel like qualities. What he's talking. David you know if you if he socks she's going to be ripped that is be the way that it works but is this idea of idiots. Different elsewhere. Is not true I mean it's that's a motor. With the Red Sox but it's the same elsewhere is is it's just. A false dared to think that if you suck as a free agent you pick your random teen walking brewers. Where the Cincinnati Reds well they seem join signed free agents but if they did. And players went there ants don't. You think that he would just look the other I guess Seattle they had Adrian Beltre before it came to the Red Sox that year. There was a lot I was. It is boat people who like them days they didn't enjoy him when he played for the Mariners but it's a different environment. But you gonna have the red carpet rolled out for it you're going to be any beleaguered situation if you get a lot of money you go proof that's that's the way it works. Our we will take your phone call 6177797. 93. Set. I just checked my email here in my eight a listing on the cape theory is he is. Concerned. He's concerned about Judy Martinez in there he's he's raising concern here than other people were brought up. About his position his stating with a Red Sox year in 28 I will address that will take your phone calls and also all. The ballot check of baseball continues. The Belichick of baseball continues would get all that and we'll do it next. By the bella check of baseball will get to that and I also I got an ML of from Mike listening. On the cape and he he's very worried here. About TD mark he's not a perfect all the answers is that a microphone I've had phones. So when you have these things you have all of the answers to life's problems I've disservice here. And Mike says he's concerned his Judy Martinez he's looked at the projected lineup would choose. From app from the marriage is from a horse's mouth you were not. We're not to spit balling here you heard Alex Cora. Go into detail about what he thinks the lineup will be in what he's the man he's got actually writes the lineup. Angie Martinez would be batting fourth put in this hypothetical line at Mike is concerned. He says the Red Sox are paying they're gonna be paying Judy Martinez 25 million dollars a year and his protection. He is Zander Bogart's that is not enough. Now protection that's gonna hurt. A TD Martinis are I've heard this from other people like this is not your not alone in the is so maybe your charity and someone else who said this I don't know. Analysts and they're really about I am not buying this argue I I am not gonna buy. That particular position. And I'll tell you what my my my position is that it JD Margie is that the guy that played in the last year. It didn't matter he plays like that it doesn't matter weather's Nader ball hard to bring back pop those Sandoval and he's batting behind. GD Martinez is a road. By an attempt to prove that point my evidence on this. And I'm not being a house man about the tank and get no skin in the game on this. But being objective right this it Bogart's is he's right in this line of Mike's correct in this projected lineup Bogart to be the number five hitter. Behind GD Martinez in his twenties you line up. And yet he didn't play well last year he yet a very disappointing year at ten home runs. 62 RBIs and batted 273. A border guards did for the for the it sucks it sucks but here's my point all right this is going to be that dropped the Mike moment you know who batted behind. JD Martinez and Arizona. For a good portion of the end of last season no you don't because you don't watch the Diamondbacks a guy by the name of brain Indian drew. Now Briton Andrew he's name popped up today because he was traded. To the Yankees but he's the guy that batted behind. GD Martina is quite a bit in Arizona last year he also you know what is numbers were this is right. And it might I hope you're listening he said the little while ago but here's the deal. Rain and Rory. His numbers with the Diamondbacks in that hitters ballpark in Arizona. He batted 267. With thirteen home runs in 63 RBIs. He was essentially the same player for Arizona. That Zander Bogart's was for the Red Sox last you the production was. What you're talking about one RBIs difference three home runs different and six percentage points of the batting average. And now drew he's gonna be playing the infield for the Yankees used traded. In India in me. And three teen. Deal which doesn't have the big names so we don't talk about trades that don't have big names. But I think Stephen Sousa junior who is going to airs on racquets at eight. She did a bunch of home runs. And he's great for the virus is he works cheap they like guys that were cheap. It'll work by based baseball cheap like real world cheap Israel world she is a totally different animal. Totally different and I to the phones league all. And a let's say below us coated Diddy. Who is in Nashville listening on the online and sue. WEEI. Hello old date me here to annoy me. And other about the rumors swirling around about knee mirrored out to LA but upright should be the first and that I might be getting a job with you or Los Angeles Los Angeles Lakers. That's good day knowing chairs. No no no no literally did he Nolan Tuesday. Do you like you you're as bad at the U Diddy has spent this is like we mean it. I think you want yeah. No I don't I have no I have no that would be another bad hire by the lakers that they hired news oh I would that would be appropriate if you work there because they've been a lot of bad decisions so. That would continue to shed. In fact I think you have a very good job rehired because they make a lot of a role he is shoddy decisions in their front office. I thought I was in the pretty impressive to pitched but it in the Maynard and I called does that. In the end this form it seemed more appropriate to say it even treat blind got a pretty pretty poorly. No I'm not that is it that is secret lies guy's been treated very well he calls the show sometimes he hasn't called tonight if he calls up and put them on. He is we've given plenty of air time. On this show per has been on Twitter and your other show has told me that he's been. A look a little salty towards them for one they're not set up. Iowa again no one objects well why isn't or why my junior high school talk shows why is that I did. Like why did you like settle your your disagreements without what do I have to be the the middle man on the slick how do I get dragon had nothing to do with any of this. He got advocate general. Wrote a militia like it Italy and that bigger doorsteps. But it could. Like the mallet militia day that as the leader of the ballot militia like you should be able to settle your own disagreements. Without having to go to the principal's office I got every single night I got to deal with this crap. You're the final authorities say yet that you so much anyway. I don't ticket in the wake McCall in the. Did they don't get the gold empty store apply in this particular show your crossing old murder. The overnight show with WEI show that two different animals here. While before I got it and so Boston's specific but I will. Not you know hey I don't know honesty now hang up when Ireland and when he noticed. I don't want that done okay. I even nobody to take any calls to stop already I have played a filibuster about here. Did the calls of suck tonight but. What the hell's going on Annika hasn't been to Europe them what he actress what do you off did you realize I think ending the Yankees made the streets specifically for the name today because now they have the judge and the jury. If it. You just get a B and T shirts all over Yankee stadium of 100%. That's the script and they nether John Sterling com in the make a law you have. As greats that's a good lie and actually you know other goodies that they're definitely gonna use that the of 100%. That they refused to guarantee. Now do you think that will be enough Chris do we need to go to voodoo ocean I'd say decent and a black magic thing to improve the quality of the people call in here. Would what do I need to do here it may that we need many Olympic cauldron and make a couple spells and even get it get other people or even. Post you know broader call to use the expanding universe. We've got to go deep deep into the cosmos. And I'm not I'm not opposed to the witchcraft I'm not opposed. We have to go to witchcraft them post. I mean you about the numbers I'm done giving up and I don't if you know the number you can call but this is so frustrating days. Which are morons are anyway I time enough for the it's the trivia that this is gonna be good see this a big Goebel fix everything with this. A random question designed to get you to listen a little longer. To hear which person will call up and set me off next I here's the history trivia Darren Erstad. And blank are the only players. To win a gold glove at multiple positions. Eyes we took a lot of baseball a lot of Red Sox baseball. And compelling Mallard monologue about David Price you last arrow all about eighty Martinez 100%. Especially were all in. The baseball category this particular point but here's the it's trivia get. Darren Erstad exports to the angels among other teams Darin Erstad and blank are the only players to win a gold glove award. At multiple positions you have to fill in the blank your state to fill in the blank. We'll give you the answer we get to that in we will do it. Is a final in Edmonton game no one final while ago the Bruins who were getting smoked for two periods down. Tune nothing. To the Edmonton Oilers rise from the ashes at Rogers place the house that Gretzky built. Million years ago was he didn't actually some deals due to construction workers took to put the pros get another win three unanswered goals in the third period. And they come from behind and are now 3713. And eight. On the season. Somalia another big win for the Bruins on the road and it looked over the weekend like they were taking a step back and now they've come back. In back to back games kitty another big mean. On the road the game winner David I create she with a game winning goal there with what I've meaning. Minutes four seconds of leads ago in the in the games where the the game winner for the Bruins tied to pay off the instead trivia here we. Darin Erstad who used to play. Many many years ago for the angels and smother teams Darin Erstad and blank. Are the only players to win a gold glove award. At multiple positions that is the question what is the answer. It's the biggest issue we have heat rose that's not a that a terrible guess. Fred McGriff the crime dog is a terrible guess bad job by you the rest designated hitter. These as far as I have enough I'm fed up with a everywhere the answer. Is none other than a former. St. Louis Cardinals Philadelphia Philly and Detroit Tigers infielder. Plus seat old along goal. Placido Polanco is the it's so that's it that's a list is dead. And a lot go. That's compelling. Baseball. Conversation. In west. Not to to. Having given up the gold glove awards. Since with the 1950s. Maybe around there maybe earlier you're. Somewhere that Hewitt. Our sole. Earlier today I was listening to tricking Callahan. Broadcasting. Live any stereo where available from Fort Myers at Red Sox. Spring training and they had a number of Red Sox related guess even listen we've been tuning in you should be Louis is. Is different though there on a remote that divides holds a whole different if you buy anyway. Chris Sale popped up he gave he's what has become now a yearly he's been with the Red Sox two years each year. He has made the trek. Gotten up early and he is yap on the rating. With perking talents though. There's a couple of things that stood out in this interview number one is the fact that Chris Hill continues to be. The ballot check. All of baseball right this famous bill Belichick's speech you about when he talks about social media. Any league to kids around about instant chat and snapped face and all that which he's done many times. Well Chris Sale again was asked about social media. And he would rather be given the bubonic plague. They go on FaceBook you needs to Graham and all let's. What are your pieces equity to obviously people who are addicted to Twitter FaceBook keeps you people just. When they're do and what do you do with that with that image that time. Well it phoned them and act like real person. That's billiards it's our support I have children you know but it's every bit out of dodge shot here. Out for a bit odd. You know wrote there's wiping out kids took the pool. Cluster plants that promote phone via boat. Yet cat clash of kip of plans if he's a little. But don't think from a marketing standpoint. If you're a professional athlete. Did you kinda have to be on social media like you really think that he doesn't have a burner account like a dummy account. And maybe not even if he's being completely honest here. Which you're leaving money on the table is marketing opportunities. This money to be made. With with social me. You leaving this stuff behind Dan realized the evils social media right. I here's more from that interview with Turkey Callahan and and the the question of the contract now Chris ill signed a five year contract with the White Sox back in 2013 member went when the trade went down what he came to the Red Sox it was. A very. Exciting time because he was locked in to a contract where the Red Sox had several options. And considering how crazy the salaries got a baseball. Chris Sale. Was someone who was not going to me that the total clown what he's making great money. He's not get a beating Robin new rules. Ran like that but he he's gonna earn twelve and a half million dollars this year. And there's a team option for 2019 which the Red Sox are going to pick up in west Chris sales arm falls off and then he'll make fifteen million dollars. In 4090. Putt at 835. Million dollars that's not where the contracts are in the last couple years where they've gone for pitchers not this year but the last couple years. For free agent pitchers. And so Kirk address that Diaz and Presidio about his Contra whether he's worried about contraction many discussions at all. Expect. You know concerned about it. Now. Well good luck with that bloody discussions I mean wait weeks ago one trust home in Austin will be huge issue. No one wants to lose. You'll Tuesday. Years leftists capital equipment both options it's right. I get it done right I can we can do this is that given that there's a number of the guys that I thought our guys show Burton yes sure. So yeah that's Stefano he really get that stuff with no thought that the this is potentially a couple of hundred million dollars. What that means. I'd need a couple hundred million dollars I don't know. Don't worry about the crap on us I have one thing direct and play baseball pitch because teammate. But as a title wrapped in the war on. Thing is what I am as a pitcher. Com. About an agent about a notre amount general managers one of basically nothing about Contra. Also. If and when that happens. All of them can take care of that Mort but they spoke. Are so glad I was Presidio and a couple of takeaways and that number one he sounded. Convincing. He's so did Jimmie ceded the whole tough guy and I'm not worried about my contract I'm here to play baseball. I can't say number two. I would have heartburn. I would have also is not fortunately he's not. He's not making peanuts at you you're talking about a guy get twelve and a half million dollars this year. Which if you invest that money righty and you take care great. That should be an off and fifteen million dollars next year but but you're competitive right you're competitive you can you can't be delighted. Ready to be delighted with the security signed that contract. But there has to be. Uneasiness on some well I IE eight you know you'd only be robotic to a point. It is going to be some level of misery. When you think about where you could be yet right. And you play a painful years in baseball and many more years is Chris Hill page. He's. In a five more years. May be maybe five view more used to go Bauer a little bit early. But either way are you in Iraq and be throwing the baseball around your 45 years also that the that the tying him. To make the money is he's clearly and earned enough money Chris Hill already. Where no that's not that's not change the story he's earned enough money we have to work again. What let's not also get detached from reality were asleep you you could be leaving. Much money he's left the table. Since he's joined the Red Sox. What. 45 million dollars he could've made if he had. Had the option of making more money and been on the market. If hypnotized some team to. Open up the bank account just given what ever the hell would ever the hell he wanted I go down that road it exact. Well. Let's see here directs this is a bet I know the biggest Olympics fan on planet earth has he screen on the side. Playing Olympic hockey right now. Pieces. I'm not sure I know what that. Not an amateur I know exactly. He's wanted to talk about Olympic hockey is that you're trying to get at here. Tripped you already good and I'm not doing that. I'm not as the Olympic thing going. I don't. Robby writes is this clash of plans is a solid game good job by Chris Sale. He's in his. He says good job like Priscilla of yes. Yeah I'm pleased the right game I'm sure of that is that the only game he plays a book she gives in my final play clash of clay clans on my phone zone and having gotten in today. I've got like a rotation they usually have two or three games in my iPhone that gut. To which returned to play need to learn how to multitask. That's what I needed. Him Illinois a regular old arcade style game which is. And asteroids type game that I play. Discount week in and a lovely word word cracked not actual crack avid gun actual cracked yet but word cracked. I'm afraid. Then and statistical alien shooter. Play an active life. When I have a meters at the getting that through that whole thing. I get that me on that. Sweater. On Twitter you can be part of the the show I might even rebuild have been reading these comments here and these are sent in by random people dislike you. And that's at Ben Mal there on Twitter if you have me a question comment or you want us and the question that could be used. Two of a fun fact that might be used for a who admired its tribute you can send me an email it's pay in the dot Mather at WEEI. Dot com at bay and gotten a dollar and they'll be the guy a dot com. And you can also send the attacks at 37. 937. The with a full time and before. Get a headache and I'm like David Price should be where he's you should have bolsters in part bird and all that from the the amount of money that he could have made I have mental exhaustion. From from this from these phone. And so these guys that have called up like my core issue that completely dropped the ball. This just in the been paid in it's been played a good move away from the Red Sox because there is some. Some clothes of mystery that continue to circle around. The patriots we can't forget about that. And even though the symbols couple weeks back that has gone away in the offseason festivities really mean. Gotten go. There are solved. That can team you continue to be mesmerized. By what happened in the Super Bowl and the fallout of that. And this still has Lex. It is good to have legs. It's let's roll out a Bill Belichick at some point is going to come back and he'll have to talk to media guys but the NFL draft and free agency and and Hussein out in the tropics doing whatever he's still in. And he won't answer those questions assay were moved on that's in the past and so it's gonna continue. To be a speculation. Situation but there's another way here to the fallout from the end of the patriots season we will get to that. And we will know eight.