WEEI Late Night - Does Kyrie Irving strike you as pompous? 9-19-17

WEEI Late Night
Tuesday, September 19th

In Hour 1 of WEEI Late, Alex Reimer breaks down Kyrie Iriving's interview with First Take on ESPN from earlier in the day.  Alex strongly believes tat Kyrie comes across as pompous and ridiculous, but do the callers agree? As the first hour of Reimer After Dark winds down, Alex also dives into the Adam Schefter report that Jerry Jones is impeding the contract extension talks for NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.  Does it rub you the wrong way that Jerry Jones is trying to stick it to Goodell when Robert Kraft never did?


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It is the calm before the storm the streets are empty there's a foggy mist. Jose is on his YE Annie gets battered with some rain fog in the next couple days puri here a few tonight until 2 o'clock. Here refute this morning actually excuse me. Until 2 o'clock money is not streamer 61777979837. It's another edition of WEEI late night or as we've been dumbing it. The last couple of weeks Roemer after dark lots to get into tonight's top always welcome to call up and share your Red Sox got a big win. For the Sox tonight Donna Camden yards in eleven innings injured and intensity with a big two run single in the eleventh. To give the Sox the W I'd not a great start for Doug Fister now and if you're going. Big picture take away from this game a couple of things number one the ball and a real solid effort six scoreless frames to knock this wind down. On the offense had a big guy hats and big spurts in this one as well move you bad had a big night. An intent he had mentioned it to you run single and when it's so that's the good stuff. For the Red Sox did not step is. In other lackluster start from Doug Fister his second consecutive poor outing. And I'm sorry folks we can talk all we want about David Price pitching out of the ball pat in how exciting it may be out this relief ace. I haven't this relief ace won't do me any guide if you're starting pitchers I don't get out of it and third inning which Doug Fister failed to do tonight and not with mr. struggling like this. The Red Sox are about to start a short in the playoffs you start off with Chris Allen we have concerns about him given how he's pitched down the stretch. Op big start preponderance tomorrow night's but we're at the point where. Some people are terrorizing that Rick pour sell out to be the number two starter on this team come the playoffs and given the amount of home run ball as. That Purcell has allowed this season. That's not a great sign. If you're the Boston Red Sox so. David Price for that 31 million dollars would love to see the highest paid pitcher in baseball history. Actually try to starts in the playoffs even if he can only go. Five or six settings that to me way more prefer a ball. They tried to pitch him out of the bullpen so of course always taking your Red Sox reaction. Again up to 2 o'clock at 61777979837. Bout we start off tonight. With Larry Irving who made headlines today I mentioned and trending just a bizarre. And I think at times captivating. Interview on first take and we're gonna spend a lot of time tomorrow. Analyzing. Carry Irving's appearance. Dissecting what he meant trying to read between the lines. I'm here to tell you just as we are officially kicking off Tuesday. Don't waste your time. Don't waste your time trying to Parse through every single thing. Harry Irving said on first take mind. And that's because most of it was just nonsensical. Words. Really most of it did not make any sense it was nonsensical. Pieces of words solid. That he tried to pass off as deep wisdom. Are gonna play a bunch of cuts for you momentarily. Will break it down but let's just get that out of the way first Harry Irving came across like a massive deuce. On Thursday today. Honestly up pompous. Ass who just talks in circles. And you can talk down to Max Kellerman and Stephen A Smith. Those guys are making millions of dollars a year there on ESP I'm. Doesn't matter not hear that cried first Stephen. But if this is the attitude. They carry air he's gonna take with the media. I you know the beat writers who are out there in Milwaukee in the middle of January. You know make it might forty grand a year in fees and it just talk around now mean. Beat them down an act snide. I'm not feeling you now and that's not goes to my critique with Bill Belichick acting now like I get it he doesn't like the media. The media annoys him that's fine but. Why do you have to be set to do you should you know these are guys just try to make of bock. Trying to get some quotes to putt their game stories and they're trying to go home. Why do you have to be such a decent about it bell. Come on really alas I'm not dishonesty Christine knocked down the microphone. I didn't. I'll miss that I was very funny you where it was all over Twitter yes it looked it up in the NFL network Mike was you know at the podium in Belichick to slapped it down so I was funny people. Really enjoyed that doesn't care about the media does not care about the media that's why you not to care about the media media Sox hate the media to a power player coach but. What do you get beat when he got to be so too did she know these just try to do their jobs and. Yeah well look at what you're nuts I can well Max Kellerman Stephen anywhere prepared. They had tons of notes retiree Irving. And hand Irving was just annoyed from the start you know they asked him a lot. About LeBron James did you communicate with LeBron. What's your relationship with LeBron and others that if you're Harry Irving. You're going on first take. You have to imagine the relationship with LeBron James. It is going to be topic number one day. If you don't wanna talk about it don't go on Michelle. But again Irving seemed incredibly enjoyed and the subject came up and he gave a series of one word answers when asked him about that his communication or lack thereof. With LeBron prior to the trade. Did you speak to LeBron James and talk to LeBron James before you before you and your representatives. Met with a ownership let them know that you wanted to. One. While. If you don't speak to somebody about it they might take it personally the do you care about that at all you know now. It's funny because it's Stephen writing mean Stephen made I guess deserves at its comeuppance. I don't added that kind of a little much to become markets are right. Your right. But still I mean Steve today I don't care I treat Steven Mason police. Again I'm not here to bring out the added that the the small violin for Stephen named Max talent but. Honestly your carrier. You're going on first take this a long interview. Multiple segments. Year really don't think your relationship with LeBron James is gonna be the number one topic come and if you don't wanna talk about it that's fine. That's understandable. But then don't do this inner cell. I think Erving just came across as a massive huge right there. And it it continued to continues he talked about they asked about whether the LeBron story. Will be distraction form if it was a distraction form this summer and that this is I think when Annette. Oh if you're very much wolf there is no such things tribal. If you very much woke there's no such thing as distractions stay woke state woke brother had a caller. Couple weeks ago Tommy and what sells like a highlight of and that's kind of awesome it was awesome I've never callers never compliment he's announcing at the millennial snobs someone's I'd that's I hear they're important there an important demo that's that's that this thing got a real the colonials and so yes I'm woke. Tyreke but he can't call yourself what right I mean that's kind of can we can we call the show with is that is that it is so let. I I would assume that I would hope that woke. I would assume that the show is their fourth win I would hope so they go one and one that they do this show is lit and where woke 61777979%. And we ever knew tag line. Her Roemer after dark don't they gonna throw that the intra. Right what do you you hit your here all night Chris so if I wanted to let you know I got a lot of time on my aunt got the timing it's if you wanna do it feel free so. If you're very much woke. There's no such thing as distractions like shut up. Honesty do you go is you're flat. Is picking the earth flat is not a woke opinion. Absolutely at that Denton do we need to welcome you wage woke opinion I'd like to now. Perry also talked about whether he has any Galley they're staying out will definitely make the eyes rolled back at inside your head there was no deaths. The type I know that type of person I am I know who I'm developing into 11 become never came from the fact that you want to be. Absolutely selfish and absolutely. Putting myself first and wanted to be the man I don't really have an ego I have a presence in or about me that's very real shot up. It didn't come in the form of living in this fall's world and not being able to tell the truth to some my looking I don't want to do this and I'm ready to move on them and to be. On my home I'm ready to try out a new situation and be in an environment where I felt like I can happen. Once I don't have an ego. I have a presence in our about me that's reality based. Talks like apparently that's called being woke that's called being walks you caught yourself woke. And then say I don't have an ego I have a presence and are around to me. That's very much reality based what that hell does that mean does anybody know what that means. Nobody knows what that means if you do please decipher I think this season we may need a high read translator because I have. Absolutely no idea. What that means I'll study up overnight we study you have lots of time here crazy I know I had some millennial connections can get some help find some woke Peter woke people in this Kenny Kirk is coming they're not their woke and they'll I don't know about that I had but there's got to be like a book some American re either something somebody please so that's off. In this but the words odd continued. Parry Irving was asked about his relationship. With LeBron James in tests at a bunch of sentences that I work dramatically correct by made very little cents. To be about one guy. Because if you're playing on the Chicago Bulls it was about Michael Jordan you're playing on the Cleveland Cavaliers right now could you about the relationship the second best player on the team. To LeBron James might go wrong and. If that's. I just think care and tired and I get it asks questions. Relationship here it is here it is. But they keep forgetting that passed on the team sport and around different players all the time I understand it's 1221. Hour you wanted to slices. In terms of there's no personal issues there is no like let me figure out what's going on the side being in need we're missing something here. I made the decision as a man and as a man over there I felt I'm in this respect and leave it alone. Carrier ring said decided Celtics press conference area this month and I was there and it's it's sounds nice spite. This crap about all the LeBron james' relationship is an important. Well Ron is an important because basketball's a team sport. Not really. Really I mean I area I know you want it beyond this new picked a guy you're trying to find yourself in get out of LeBron shot held by. You're not fooling anybody. Basketball is not a traditional team sports. The Cleveland Cavaliers were about three people last year LeBron James. Parry Irving and to a much lesser extent to have a month. So when people ask you about its relationship with LeBron James where the communicated with LeBron James. Don't give us this lip service be asked. About how basketball is a team sport and Emma are on different players all the time I mean please enough with. Enough with it's it's it's complete garbage and nobody's buying it and it just it just. You just say that to make the interviewer look stupid and silly and again wanna make Max Kellerman look stupid and silly. Fine you not to try too hard to do. Brady clip out has not going certainly ball fell off and on Sunday so you don't have to try hard but again look at this is pork Steve bowl pac. February in Indianapolis. You know looking out for the beat writers here Crist or get the deal with this guy. All season long we are taken up arms to those mean we're taking up arms Steve are already there and Mark Murphy. It was the globe I Campbell's block out of Apple's pocket. We're looking out for you. We're looking out for you guys cut mine this is where you have to deal with all year I thought Harry did give one truthful answer now. But actually did make sense like you could listen to it and say well. That's what he meant it was another question about. Why he wine out of Cleveland I believe it actually was the same question in which he. Talked about how he has no ego we need as a presence and ours so he did that Denny actually. Dove into I think the real reason why left Cleveland in this that there is one take away. If there is one think from this high reaper stake in every that's worth. Dissecting and analyzing and picking apart I think it's this I these few sentences about why he did request a trade from the cavaliers. I'm ready to move on and I'm ready to be. On my home I'm ready to try out a new situation and being an environment where I felt like I can be happy. And my intent was still the same and always will be the same as that. To be around people into. Interact with the model of doing that and to do that through basketball that's even better. But to be happy every single day I've come to work of perfecting my craft. And I can't wait to skip that season started. All right so again unlike the other cuts that we played so far this segment. You can listen to that and say all right. I can I can I can feel what I tiger is saying. Yeah I can understand that I'm ready to move on I'm ready to be on my account I'm ready to try to news situations so he wants out of Cleve. And to me it's it's pretty simple right any carry Irving. Wanted out of Cleveland. Because he was tired of playing in LeBron shot. End not sick and not the message that he said it is press conference earlier this month. That's a message that he sent right there on first take Monday. So if there's one big take away from nick hi every year being interviewed doubts. You've just heard it knocked. He won an out of Cleveland. As he's tired of playing in the bronze shot and now. Are you Irving is under no obligation. You tell LeBron his plans. None whatsoever. Because guess what. LeBron James can opt out of his contract at the end of this year. And let's put the shoe on the and let's say carry Irving is still in Cleveland's. Do you think there's any way that it's LeBron James. Would have consulted with high re. About it launched an ice station I go what should I do the course not LeBron when he consult with high re. And nobody would expect him to. Sell I don't blame parry yearning for not consulting with LeBron James I mean he's his own man. As he said he doesn't owe anybody anything. Doesn't oh LeBron James an explanation or consultation. He wants to leave peaking leaked he can put his request out. So. Another problem with Tyree Irving not telling LeBron James not communicating with LeBron James. Out of a problem at all in fact I get I totally get. Just my question is. Why do you have to be sent to dealers. Like why you have to be such a clay deuce. Why do you have this call yourself woke. Why do you have to say you have a presence and are around you that's a very reality based. Why do you have to act perturbed. That they're asking you questions about. The biggest story around you LeBron James in your relationship with the best player going today. The why why acted no I mean why do an interview if you're gonna be annoyed with questions like so I understand carries. Vantage point. I totally understand why. He didn't feel I need to consult with LeBron James even though he want explicitly admit it clearly our relationship is gone downhill clearly he wants to be on his own. And that's greats. But again why you gotta be such a pact about it YO if you're very much wolf there is no system is shut op. You're very much woke shot op. Can you a lot of fun to watch carry on the court love watching them play that's not. Along your polian might think what's bad for those beat writers be you know what it's good for us. It's good for us excellent content so I'm hoping I'm hoping he gets a due sheer. As the year progresses 61777979837. You guys are you lined up you wanna sound off on this. Pitcher cause next and also coming up next we'll dive into. A national football story Jerry Jones. Trying to you impede. Roger Goodell is contract negotiations. Story came out last month Roger McDowell had agreed. To a new five year contract to service NFL commissioner. Robert Kraft sits on the and a thought compensation committee. Apparently Kraft and no problem with pushing up through the Jerry Jones said no now. I'm gonna make your life difficult rides. Yeah Allah that's dirt Jerry jones' job sticking up for his team. And that's what he's doing something that Robert Kraft has failed to deal with taker can recalls and it's about next Sports Radio WEE. The type I know that type of person I am I know who I'm developing into one wanna become it would never came from the fact that he wanted to be. Absolutely selfish and absolutely putting myself first and wanted to be the man I don't really have an ego. I have a presence in or about me that's very reality based. It didn't come in the form of living in this fall's world and not being able to tell the truth to some my looking I don't wanna do this anymore. I'm ready to move on I'm ready to be. On my home I'm ready to try out a new situation and being an environment where I felt like I can be happy. Does carry serving on first take Monday. Saying something. Understood the last part of it made it tried a new situation and being environments. Right felt like I could be happy I get. Now they sat I've no qualms with Ari Irving wanting out of Cleveland. Totally get out. LeBron James probably gonna leave at the end of the season. Harried tired of playing LeBron shot now LeBron probably would not have consulted Tyree Irving. Before making his free agent decisions so I've no prob with high re not consulting LeBron James before asking for a trade. I have no problem with Harry Irving requesting a trade whining to the tried on is on wanting to handle a new challenge he's 31 A championship meeting game winning shot in game seven. A couple years ago so I have no problem with Tyree Irving and the way that he handled his exit from Cleveland none whatsoever. Angus going to be great to watch him with the Celtics this year. By my helping with the interview to a scum on and you're trying a bit too hard to sound the sound Smart I mean and he's a duke guy. I think in of the earth is flat thing I think Al is more of a joke anything else I think he was jabbing at the media. Talking about how you know anybody can say anything and it's reported it's backed need to little dig at trump which you know like cell. I I it's there's a lot I do like about parry Irving by this interview today. Not a great and he just came across like a pompous ass he det. And in says that they don't have an ego they have a presence and an. You would roll your eyes at least. At the ads at the very lead at the very least we don't want to incite violence here chorus that's why when the owner I don't know I would if I would've suggested more Avaya laughing a lap short you can laugh I mean he's belly laugh a nice belly laugh yeah I mean just silly test is complete Salinas and and an all day today you know Tuesday am sure that. Hi res quotes will be analyzed then. Now there's some depict through. We played at last segment I'm ready to move on amended to be on my own animated try to news situation. Ready to be in environments might feel like thinking I can be happy I get I understand spiked. Calling yourself woke. Saying you have a presence and are about you that's very reality based. C'mon save us towards 61777979837. Let's go to Bruce in mute his first up tonight and lovers. I don't know doing well it is an additional ninety thank you I think it listen the bottom line uncover the military wise I look at particular crushed. At least usually it'll totally understand that you don't know the world at all in his background. The community grew up and he went to do you. Okay. I just think it was trying to say these reality you know all these talk horrible horrible that he's he just little world of reality used and finishing land. Basically that it is editing kind of poetic that the way it's just his way of speaking. Maybe the typical what it would if I told you Bruce that I ever present his arm around me that's reality based when you go Iran's. The bullet holes I would look at chula suppression as a an athlete or in general I'd look at every truck when you're stretched out console. I think the important thing is to look at what is attitude is going to be when he's Dutch player on the court with DR of course. Is he gonna need stop around the cameras focusing just on hand or Kenny work as a team and the Celtics plan he's certainly like Reggie Stephens. That's what's important to me he says he'd like Brad Stevens which created a wears it on us. A male a lot of hot sure this guy I've watched this guy wager that. During the Cleveland series against the Celtics he's a good player there's no doubt about our currency or they wanted to. Where and when net abroad game to a loft at. Republicans where you can greasy totally and yes well properly bottom line is not. It read little thing that he has and I realize you're on the radio and got it to about. Sometimes it's the bottom line is. Policy get along the other players what is his attitude could be if you can work with the Celtics and he's gonna gratitude and all of that. And this guy can really did kind of social. Yeah I agree Bruce and thanks for the call and holding and holding on 617779. 79837. I agree I think Irving's gonna be great this year I mean Isiah Thomas. My ya until the all star break with that hip injury carrier brings 25. Multiple time all star again game we we forget he hit the game winning shot. In game seven of the finals a couple of years ago to bring the title the Cleveland so this guy is ball season Olympic gold medalist. He's awesome to watch any it's gonna be great to watch but just the interview Ted that. And you go back to his press charges while the subject to re how to a lot of this and I guess it's also the at the content. The condescending tone as well you know when you go line. ESPN first take again you have to understand. You're gonna get question after question about LeBron James it's a pretty big story. You don't wanna talk about it fine but don't go line. Don't they don't give these one word snooty answers don't don't tell me what basketball's a team game I don't see why everyone's focused on meanwhile Brian. Because you're the only two players on the cavs who matter you're one of like ten players in the league you're LeBron James Tyreke. Are two of like ten or fifteen players in the league who matter. That's set to everybody also in the NBA except the top ten. 1520. Players are ancillary parts basically so you're one of like cool hand that the forehand both the players at most who matters so don't. It's all all surprise indignant. That people want to find out the story behind you LeBron James and knots. That's the vibe I got from and who's gonna be a more fun to listen do this year until christmastime Belichick irk fire here. Irving gives you more. Good Irving gives you point about acting and he needs to add it for like 1617. Irving gives you you Belichick would never gave you words sound like that he just gives you nothing sports. Cardinals you know American man and not what brought query from carries well spoken and will say now on let's go to Mike in Providence Mike what's going on. I yeah you know hiring basically that the site on act to eat and ultimately won the NBA champion last year and you know like. After he realizes the plot was gonna go somewhere else. And basically do the Cleveland again would be physically on four and at Miami he said you know I'm not a wait around for that started while my title. On the nickel look for something different and I mean you know. It be that pop art fair but I mean honestly I can careless the boat back element in the Stephen may medical care about it directly or. And that he was sleep in and Michael Jackson's hyperbaric chamber and Bob hamper. May I add. Careless about that he's the ER one. Now I mean this guy is an axe murderer on the court yeah Indians and I think he's going to be a great fit for the team honey what are the bubble and forward to is the end out between books despite tortured 59 point guard six to shooting guard or 63 point guard and 67. I agree. I grow and yes it's gonna. It is and Mike thanks for the call ends and die much better than at times much better player I think this year. Isiah has kept not coming back into the all star break we thank. And dies carrier and the top ten player in the league top twelve at worst I mean he is back guide. So it's going to be it's going to be fun to watch him on the court. Just to study the interview my like my skin was crawling listening to some of those sound bites. Then he played for you to. 6177797937. To taking year high re reaction up until 2 o'clock also Red Sox on the table. They do wanna introduce. Another story that I came out yesterday. I'm I'm Cheryl get more play as the week goes on here. Last month. We found out that Roger Goodell was close to finalizing a five year contract extension. With the NFL the compensation committee of course decides to Dale's and decides his status. And Robert Kraft is one of those six numbers and not report came out I said. Are right we know that Robert Kraft isn't going to sue Vienna now or do anything ridiculous he opted to not know road which is the Smart move. Right wanna be Al Davis that does nothing for you no one wants to via nobody wants to be as exactly so we get. In that spot and anyone expecting Robert Kraft to sue the league it was just being. But when that news came out. You know the crafts on the six pursing compensation committee. Any year any reports or any story about Kraft offering any dissent. About the Dell's new five year extension. Should really I mean. Really can't can't put up a little fight. This guy major life so difficult to make Tom Brady's life so difficult. Four game suspension for inflated football's slightly inflated footballs at bats. And you just kind of roll over. And give this guy the five year extension he's coming. And it just to medium bodied big contradictory behavior. We've seen from Kraft during this whole deflate gates sag. Talking tough at times in public. Saying into when he fifteen after debris suspension has reaffirmed they should've never produce beaten the league. Saying his recently at this summer two year post. He'll never forget to play. But then. He goes around and says things like Roger Goodell is doing a very good job. That's accord verbatim from Kraft last spring in the nest of the Brit I've Brady's legal battle. With the NFL mine. So just when I saw that story last month. It tests in bodied contradictory behavior from the right so sometimes he talk stop in public. Other times he bonds overdo it now. And to our knowledge privately. He hasn't offered much resistance. Contrast that would Jerry Jones. Do we know has had its issues with Adele over the last few months with a weighty Ezekiel Elliott situation is played out. Jones has reportedly furious when he NFL suspended Elliott's six gains for domestic violence even though. The leagues the only lead investigator who interviewed his accuser Tiffany Thompson. Came way recommending no suspension. Even though the Columbus police department dropped charges against Elliott over a year ago. Yep I'll drag this thing out slapped a six game suspension on Elliott and Terry Jones reportedly furious about act and apparently. Apparently Jerry Jones is now acting on its report yesterday from out of chapter and Chris mortenson. But Jones is trying to impede. The gay Dell contract extensions that we how backpackers beacon played out and set this thing up. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has slowed down. If not impeded. Contract talks regarding a potential expansion. Burnett though commissioner Roger Goodell one person involved most talked to direct knowledge those thoughts and that if it weren't for Jerry's involvement. It builds extension by now could be done and so there are people who still or pushing that he'll right now. There's some opposition as well. Out Jerry Jones is not on this experts in compensation committee but he's reportedly acting as a con to he is and he technically the game and honorary seven men may be I think so right he's supposed to represent the interest that the other owners who are Don it's so whatever the case. Jerry Jones not technically on the six person committee Robert Kraft is. But jones' making good Dell's life difficult or at least according to show up during Chris mortenson now Jones. Kind of denied the reports Sunday. Saying all of that is without any substance at all I've always supported Roger let's just leave it at dot why this is that sentence that caught my. I wouldn't dare get its nuances. They wouldn't deny anything that is written whether it is true or not. It's oh. That's kind of like hi every Irving word south. I wouldn't deny anything that is written whether it is true or not so that's Jerry Jones to me saying all. Did the now disputed some of this report but. I'm not gonna get into hypotheticals whether they're true or not and this cannot let this linger out they're not exactly a forceful denial. From Jerry Jones the NFL of course not this report Yahoo! Sports is Charles Robinson Tweety died on Monday that the Wiig. Vehemently denies this after. In Morton's and report so. I just think it's in telling contrast. Between crafts in Jerry Jones you have to owners to have the highest profile most powerful owners in the league. Clue where screwed by give Dallas heavy handed disappoint or at least think they were screened. Brady four games at the plate gate patriots lose the first round pick all of that and did domestic bonds with Elliott which. Is a better case then the NFL hot against Brady and isn't the first time meeting that Jones feel slighted by hand did alien right in the RE salary cap are absolutely good point Chris yes so. It's not the first time John to spot slighted by get down here. If they began a week has a much better case against him in the ever hot against Brady. Tiffany Thompson Elliott's accuser pictures of bruises that matchup with the timeline of when she says the beatings occurred last July cell. The NFL is a much better case against Elliott in the ever did against Brady but still. The only investigator interviewed Tiffany Thompson came away saying. Not so credible I would recommend no suspension Columbus police department did not charge Elliott. Over a year ago this charges were dropped. I activity Thompson allegedly told one of her friends to lot. About what happens. When she said the beatings took place so long story short. On not a lock solid case in stallion at all. Jones has stuck his middle finger in the air up against the weak constantly. With all of this saying this summer there's nothing to the domestic violence allegations and he's fighting in public infighting in private he feels like he was screwed he feels like it dealt with out to get him. Perhaps to shore up his awful reputation with domestic violence I mean just last year at this time we were talking much Josh Brown. Was only suspended one game for abusing his wife on multiple occasions. Of course couple weeks he would you know Paul goes back in retro actively suspends brown for six games even though it's way out of the league I am sure that's really affecting him. So Jones. From his mindset sees through this and says okay. What's kids are doing is this about what is he Hugh Elliot allegedly did. Or is this about saving his own apps and Jerry Jones is saying that public. And it seems like he's taking the fight to get Dell privately. We know that did Dell's contract is thinking it held up. He's gonna signed this extension. But it's not finalized yet. In Jerry Jones is making it Dell's life. A little more difficult than it needs to be and when you talk about Robert Kraft and alleged expecting to do would deplete did you expect him to sue the league. City out of it out sued all this other owners know no one was expecting crafted do you. How about legally get dealt a little bit help out whenever possible making it tells life a little more difficult. Just like Jerry Jones is making adult life right now reportedly. A little more difficult than it needs to be something Robert Kraft has failed to deal. If you're patriots fan attic get right to be a little upset about Jerry Jones is getting up first team in private. Some and it doesn't seem cry like Kraft has done at least this extent. 61777979837. Is your phone calls will continue with this next. And talk about got more the parallels between Kraft and Jones as people say well. Robert Kraft and and go against the NFL because well. He's getting handover of the team to his kids afterwards. Don't get into the same bank so will continue to break done more with your phone calls its Roemer after dark. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones as slow down. If not impeded. Contract talks regarding a potential expansion. Burnett though commissioner Roger Goodell one person involved most talked to direct knowledge those thoughts and if it weren't for Jerry's involvement. It builds extension by now could be done and so there are people who still are pushing that feel right now. There's some opposition as well. That's out interceptor. Reporting on Sunday wide. Like many patriots fans where should have been hoping that Robert crafted. When he came to this game down contract extension. Came out last month Roger get down close to finalizing a five year extension. The compensation committee decides it Dell's Bates they decide how much he makes they decide whether he gets to stay on they hold the cards. Of course Robert Kraft to many most influential owners out there sits on the compensation committee. And there's been no reports that Robert Kraft is offered any sort of dissension. There's no reports the craft is tried to impede. It Dell's extension none of you get this report Sunday that Jerry Jones to. Isn't even technically on his compensation and maybe an honorary seventh member but he's not on the six person board. Get our report from septa yesterday doubt Jerry Jones is trying to slow down. Big dollar extension one would assume out of retribution. Forward he deems to be heavy handed and unfair handling of the Ezekiel Alley case and when and I've been on crap for a couple years width. Is contradictory messages with a fleet doing stuff that. Isn't really just pandering more than anything else rightly changing the patriots Twitter avatar during draft last year and that. Or eighty juries need to memorialize the loss dropped to connect to the wells reporting context website which is still up by the way I enjoy that. All this stuff that apple is nice that it's her bra are gets a war out of people by. Of the day really means nothing at the end of the day Robert Kraft to our knowledge. Has not done anything. Anything to make Roger Goodell is life. Any more difficult and we know why he told the herald's Karen Greig in this a couple of weeks ago when the big sit down interview before the season. Talking about how he personally will never forget the plate gate but. He needs stick continually business relationship with the Dow for the betterment of the franchise and I totally agree with writing mean nobody. With a sane mind was asking crap to Syria the NFL a couple years ago where. Go road in the Al Davis reincarnated nobody was expecting out that would have been down. Why why can't you do you. What Jerry Jones is supposedly doing why can't you just try to needle can doubt why continued to show gave dal. That hey you're gonna come after me and my guys what I think is an unfair and unjust manner. I'm not in a forget it. And I'm going to make your life a little more difficult than it needs to day. And that apparently is what Jerry Jones is doing. And you know what the big arguments that people are out there as to why Kraft Foods. How to lead down in front into doubt privately not offered any sort of resistance is while. You know the families connect continued on the team once he gives it got beat John in crap does that factor CEO. Crafts can leave the patriots to his kids dearly want to alienate his kids. Well Jerry Jones is doing the same thing and mean Stephen Jones is BC EO of the Dallas Cowboys. So much like the patriots. I going to stay in the crowd spam only one after Bob is gone we assume. Looks like a support thing is happening are going to happen. In Dallas and Jerry Jones and keep in mind Jerry Jones. Has been incredibly influential. Over the last couple years I he helped orchestrate. The rams moved back to Los Angeles. He played a big role and moving the raiders to Vegas is well and what I like to. Is Terry Jones is company one of its companies has licensing deals. Pour the luxury suites and the rams. You LA stadium coming up. And the raiders new stadium in Vegas a couple years so what do Jerry Jones is companies. Is going to make money. Off of these luxury suites off of branding these luxury suites so. Jerry Jones may have helped orchestrate the ram easily relocation and the raiders relocation to stop zoned properties and he did it in good for him. So I mean Jerry Jones doesn't seem like he's concerned. About losing any power about losing any influence so that's all I'm saying when when I. Read that report Sunday from chapter and Chris Morton's and when I thought more about it I said man you know the patriots ban. I'd be a little peeved here at my peak high is Robert Kraft. Has sent contradictory messages publicly about the late gay. One day he says I was trying to put my eighth in the league. That in the midst of the NFL's legal battle with Brady last spring he says and this is direct quote did Dallas doing a very good job. Officer Robert Kraft has enabled Roger did I mean remember the Ray Rice to. You know Robert Kraft saying that he thinks that the Dow has done a great job on Ray Rice a few years ago. And I get it Jerry Jones wanted did calpers handling at the plate gate. You can say while I outlets and come up and now now Jerry Jones is experiencing. The heavy handed discipline as you mentioned Chrissie had the salary cap issue as well it could also. He's been on the receiving end a couple of times like get it you know these owners talk up to doubt that item on the back. Until it comes down hard on them. Elkhart punt that sheets is also on this compensation committee did she say now we're screwed last year with the tampering charge and Jeremy Maclin. Had a third round pick taken away from them can unheard punishment for tampering. We Johnson just got find a couple grand expert campaigning for Darrelle Revis to return to the jets. We still on the patriots a couple of years ago so I get dot Kraft isn't the only one in Clark Hunt is on this compensation committee is well liked. Again it would just be nice if Robert Kraft. They'd needle Goodell a little bit deprived you know like Terry Jones is doing not only down. You know this extensions gonna get done. Nobody thinks that Jerry Jones is gonna force Roger Goodell Latvian a bow. Terry Jones probably doesn't even want to force Roger get out of the NFL OK del. Takes the bullets for all the owners and that's the most they can ask foreign business continues to boom all of that. Why did just make it dells like a little more difficult than it needs to be. That's what Jerry Jones is doing here standing up for his team not just publicly or privately and on the patriots fan. I'd be annoyed that my owner Robert Kraft hasn't exactly done. What are rod and points Ron what's going on. In that manner or air and well let me just say that it Tom Brady and Ortiz to handle it good but needs to love the truck craft some. Except a million adult content. What was in order to pressure Augusta one's first round pick yet and which is which has huge yes yen down. Could also vote before audience's attention. Well I think most accounts. There's really no question in my in particular guilty of trust essential. Book now miles strong you know an oil. I think that there was successful at what he did. On nine. Real quick Ron it's almost 1 AM so I will ask you follow up here why aids eating the patriots were guilty sixty sack in your top argument. Well it right on your radio station. Agent in an issue mourning that had this story broke that's right that they did and it if you look. With Tom Brady's it was a about a month before and he said yeah don't do Umpqua spikes above it's absolutely a conservative that's a good thing that. Or on shepherd it was a mix it up Brady was admitting guilt on Dennis and Callahan. In the morning after. Yeah but that was way before. They just product and if you warning that it broke anyway everything. You know to the total real opportunity to do that addictive. That in America. I Iran. Not quite sure really where you are going. I'm have to go back and reviewed a cough. Now I love you read the play it's so deplete its one as a I think it could be like. Ten years from now and I'll still know like all these stupid details about depleting football's. Really what is the natural gas I don't ever forget the idea again with gas and once we don't tires lose. Air pressure and cold weather just like the up on course but all that we know might have been sold Jeff asked these are all household Kessler. Jeffrey counselor Brady's attorney who is involved in the easy to Eliot cases well and that one guy that was weeding out everything from the courtroom and just asked thousands and thousands dollars yet in light in New York court reporter so many. What these days are gonna make it to placate movie and I guess I'll watch it I mean on an. I was contested the plate it was great up and tell. The legal okay so I Berman now they're not one will never forget judge Richard Berman in New York on. You know overturn the Brady suspension. Any plays then goes to Court of Appeals then it's reinstated. About the reinstatement the rule last summer it got very boring and tedious I get by up until then. It was the best drama going because it was a it was really. It was a scandal without a crying real mean out worst again we're not taking domestic violence. Not talking anything serious and he took a few his is of air out of the football at worst they'll make like an American troop crime series on Tom Brady yeah they. Right exactly it was a scandal about a crime so Netflix series where. I need why I'm the Emmy last night I need to catch up on my Netflix through the Emmys what are the one with a Z is are that shall Aziz ansari master of non master of none quite entertaining I am one I'm not a big TV guys Satan like to stare at my phone instead of watching TV. I'm on Twitter on what in my head disordered. State dating announcement just buried on my phone now might come out and this and that come on and like I mean I know you don't have grinder probably Chris but it is I don't have them you attend there. I didn't can't cede its ultimate times exactly. Am I am not meeting up with 95% of these people but I'm economic and talking to 99 I could be reading. I could be bettering myself to be Benson my phone is buried in receiving torso packs. I'm griner that's on spending mine it's 61777979837. To carry surveying. Robert Kraft laying down for good Della Jerry Jones standing up to get down that's on the table. Go to 2 o'clock we're coming up next hour. I going to sift through the I think final file out of the gym Al hill's story this is becoming a case where I think everybody's socks I think ESPN's socks and I've handled us. I'm leaving Gmail allowed to drive we covered that extensively last week I've written about it extensively. A WEEI dot com but. I also think now BJ Mel health supports. Getting a bit too much and we need to change our avatars to Jim now hell like she's no longer with us spine still getting paid millions. They're better causes take up the engine now helpers show a terrible as a terrible sell you did that those are mutually exclusive you'd think that. To know hill got screwed here with the public condemnation from ESPN. I and you can also think that the show is terrible. Which idea I hope both those ideas and also at these guerra Moochie. Was on TMZ Monday. And may have given us an answer as to why Tom Brady was not at the White House. Scare Moochie clinging onto those fifteen minutes of fame Mikey wouldn't believe. Mayor breeds some fresh life into it today with these dot. I would call him Chris so late borderline salacious claims all I like about Tom Brady I liked it too was play that sound for you next it's late night with yours truly Alex streamer Sports Radio WE yeah.