WEEI Late Night - Enough with the tribute videos for every player that's ever left. 1-2-18

WEEI Late Night
Wednesday, January 3rd

Hour 3 of WEEI Late Night gets going with Big Ben Maller as he breaks down the Patriots biggest achilles heel heading into the NFL playoffs.  Then Maller shifts gears to discuss the Celtics and Isaiah Thomas's comments about not wanting a tribute video when he returns to Boston for the first time Wednesday night.  Apparently the Red Sox have offered JD Martinez a 5 year deal, but there has been no signings lately in the MLB.  To close out the night, Maller updates the people on the Bills Mafia's donations to Andy Dalton's charity after defeating the Ravens and sending the Bills to their first playoff appearance in 19 years.


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As the patriots wait to find out who they will play. In the divisional round of the playoffs get what you coaches go around doing their thing there is one statistic. That sums up. Just where the patriots are defensively that we talked I've only been here for a few weeks that would new last week. Who's a very delusion it took some time off but since I've I've come on WEEI night we talked about it audio shows that as well page's defense the front seven. Is a weak link this is an Achilles heel. Of the patriots but there is a statistic that sums it up be mix Jane's stacks. Of the NF thoughts Doral always go I always go to the next year and stats get all the answers to life's problems but the pass rush. Of the patriots now James Harrison. It is debut. It is it is week seventeen performance there for the patriots. And the indie game where let's face you more concerned about guys getting hurt. And whether or not you're actually gonna win the game in week seventeen which James Harrison. Ended up with five pressures on twelve pass rush. That works out to wait over 41% almost 42% pressure rate. Producers which the stat geeks just love I mean these these these the guys like the next year and stats they worship is and so anyway what does that me. While to put in perspective how all week the pass rush has been for the patriots the front of the defense team is serious in that pressuring the was the highest by a New England defender. All year. All season and an Austin who'd been with the patriots for a few days goes out. And dominates. As it as it turned out by by a comparison to the other major defense did just that. That could help Matt Patricia. If bring that up to look at us it's the message that's what it. We picked the guy up who do you play for the Steelers is a thousand years old and has got a terrible record as a human being James Harrison and look what he did. While ha magic. So imagine now wondering and it's and I I am going read here about the the pending return Osaka play of Isiah Thomas who will take some more calls we'll get to that year momentarily. And now let's say hello where shall we go. Let's say hello to Mike who's in Maine and Mike Europe first this hour on WE I was going up Mike. Yell it out about Manuel bring Nowitzki to gun and that the energy midnight east coasters. You're bringing it ban on what you know we've. I have been out there. Mike I've been off for like off from work for like a ten days I'll I will be terribly boring the rest of my time don't work. I well Amy and your brain at night I appreciate I'm not yet not all apple Pontiac. I'm gonna ask your tradition attribute that you do want to start op but all we watched. Shame on you. Will be twice. Shame on me right yeah looking you know how I'm doing pretty good so far might in the don't know. You're doing great and only three times you must be pretty hot right now that. All of you gotta be like yeah yeah I'd be elected nine or ten minutes the U dock at Sony Gilbert and get back under the craft where it looked pretty well right. So that's that's a promise to witness coaching it's gone so let's do that pocket or are you okay you ready to be out pretty B Robert Kraft. I love to be Robert Kraft that I have several houses that have beautiful people hang out there that I summer I'd be in the Hamptons it be wonderful yes. Put on aircraft after the immediate journalists not question our that is you know it cuts right will lecture be Patricia app is the incident not media wrote here's your question. Mr. Kraft. Yeah I noticed that you know not Patricia are in the running apparently there are coaching job but it had another you know. Ian what route do you plan proactively talked to mr. McDaniel any additional costs are our bonds are in fact it's. Not to stick around considering the fact that you know in other teams are out to deplete your culture. Well listen and I I like Josh I don't wanna hold them back now I want Josh to go allowed me and have his own T Mac. What why would I want a blockade Josh McCain's growth as a coach. This guy needs controlled his own franchise that's what Robert Kraft is gonna say my right might you might correct. Dog week on skis. Your phones go on skis it sounds like which sucks if you had some energy to. It's I hate when that happens sucks when that. Let's go to Mike who's in Vermont and he's an accident I'll be ranting and raving. On on all things Celtics was gone are Mike. And another month. Well I won't. Wind picked Walter is certain. Movements at all well. If the ball. He's willing to go. That's what the but it won't Warner hall in big golden moon. Could bottle that we'll own it won't need to at least in recruitment could choose Clinton that would. Because if you can pool or not. It's tradition would the and we can you are all right did you. With the wounded when a fourteen with kids. In uniform open wheel has been confirmed nick wouldn't say so they can and that there was the cook I know. Circling gold. Flaw it's also a coaching fraternity and that's how they've done it in the NFL are you want it makes the head coach look better. To get his assistant head coaching jobs and give them opportunities. Elsewhere so they've done it in the NFL in that in college football works the same way or ID need the coaching tree the guys that are need few get opportunities. Well we were critical and you gotta swim good current boom looked in the curriculum. And then. You know. I don't want it to can work there remembered. That it in Boca. There's no better group earlier. He's made him one more importantly could you look at it and you'll. Fallen in the computing com. In. All. Yeah but those those words. Of a problem though. I think I might loosen. We will occurrence from did you. What the coach of the we're going on. It's impossible to palm Mike outlet you know don't look at apple cider you've been drinking I guy I got a guy out now please. I believe a lot. Ridiculous golf America month on late night radio for a long time but do I believe that Bill Belichick. Is is board. With the rest of the NFL and all the sorrowful franchises. In the NFL where he is systematically. Making questionable moves just to give him some competition to give himself competition. No I do not believe I'm not buying that. I'd is that Mike calling back that he wanna make a final a final statement Mike in Maine the other might juggling Mike's here. Believe I believe he's there and they keep you there Mike Mike you there might. Now he's not there. Right now Mike is I don't ot that let's press on his I want to get to the bottom is not I've attempted. Attempted to talk about the Celtics and I've had limited. Positive feedback it's typically when I start talking about the Celtics is you should go back to the patriots what the hell's wrong with you about this Celtic. Again I understood but I am mildly interest. In the storyline. Coming up on. On Wednesday night here and in the page the unit itself trying to pick his moment that the Celtics. And and Cleveland and LeBron is kind of out that it's not about LeBron verse and I were your ring in this. Re Max and all that that's not what this is about this about supposed to be about Isiah Thomas. Coming back. EA go to play though he's not gonna play in the game on Wednesday. He made his debut. Which rightfully has been called a cowardly act. Which is a very powerful word the use the word cowardly. But Thomas could have played. Could have absolutely played in the game on Wednesday night. What he decided. Timidly. The day you wanna Mickey's debut because he wasn't. Confident that he would put up monster numbers I would assume that would be the position so in the NBA where everyone's treated with kid gloves. God forbid you play back to back nights in the NBA in the regular season that's such an outdated model. That's it's like an early 90s1980s. Type model. The played back to backs of Isiah Thomas will not play I saw a little bit of the cavaliers game. In Portland. Tonight. Which was on the state run NBA. Channel they picked up. That particular free pubs spotted Hewitt absolute fine but I'm curious about this may need for NBA the fought her storyline. Of Isiah Thomas and to some degree Jae Crowder was just blows me away. As they come back in cavalier uniforms. For the first time in this particular. Scenario is this matchup and Thomas had missed the first. 36 games because of the hip injury he had back with the Celtics in March any claim that he's not quite there he sees hip is better. He's been out for so long knee he claimed the quote was which made headlines Isiah Thomas said he felt like he lost. His powers. He felt like you expect this is a lame that he's not playing in the game when and his. A lot of monotony. In the NBA regular season like he and I I'm willing to admit that. Part of a twelve step program at like the NBA. There are few nights that stand out that you look forward to this was supposed to be one of those. And the fact that Thomas could've played. Should play. And chose to go down. A different path. Right accuracy that he was frightened by this team in Boston all that. But he pulled back. And that's pretty weak. And is pretty weak if he's not plane in the news in this particular game on Wednesday. And I life goes on its forget about this and all that whole tribute video story which is going around. All day. Is it would go. Corny hokey video thing which. They eighties there is supposed to play video tribute like you've been in the dark here you have been paying attention. And they were the Celtics were gonna give this the snappy video tribute to as it is it some. Good moments. And played well in a Celtic uniform. But he told them don't play the video not play in the game my family will be there don't do. And so enacted. Meanwhile you've got Jake router. Though this one blows me away. If you are Jake router he's gone back for the first time of the cavaliers uniform. And it sounds and I don't I don't know the way the question was. I was not there. And I'm assumed you were not there either. But it certainly reads like Jae Crowder would like this celebratory pack. When he comes back to the garden. In the game. On Wednesday night that he he needs. The quote. To the Boston Globe from Jake router to Celtic means. Here's the quote was from Jake Trotter quote Celtic fans have cheered for opposing team's players before which he was referring to. Gordon Hayward. Crowder declared I feel like day meaning you should do the same for me because. I gave them meaning you a lot. I hope bay meaning you give me a little shear Inco. Now while. That's that's that's quite the very most full position. I'm from Jae Crowder so wanted to talk about this briefly. Now again we're gonna assume that Isiah Thomas makes the trip. That's the NBA maybe he won't even do that. Or assume that he shows up he's in the arena on Wednesday night and will also assume that Jae Crowder is there and he plays. Now be the reception. What kind of reception. Is this going to be. For these two guys not. I am. I'm not gonna be there among assume I'll be here I go beyond the VI. For the end of the game after the game. Maybe you're gonna go to this game maybe you'll be at the game I mean you watched the game but my viewpoint on this I I would think common sense tells me. Mixed. Right you also got. Drawn with self important. Hurt feelings. Is also part of this on a bind all this together real quick because that the first thing is I am not buying into a completely wrong risen just oblivious to it. But I am not buying it Isiah Thomas is going to be. Overwhelmed with shoulder massages and bubble. Some of the stuff I've been seeing here you know 98%. Positive. Were for Isiah thomas' is going to be a love fast. And you're gonna throw rose petals at him. I find that hard if not what will it be more positive than negative. Absolutely. App so I would expected to be more positive than negative I think. That's that's of course the case. But there's more at play here. I am is more play ad because. The the expectation. I have more of a mixed review. Of the mixer into Crowder amendment act quotas wild as I said this is a guy who spent. And he was with the Celtics were. Like less than three years I think. And he was like the grinder defensive role player type of a guy. You're not typically gonna give those players a median of Eddie that he. When they come back you might give a pat on the back you it also is so telling how upset. Prouder still is over that whole Gordon Hayward fiasco. And that love best when he was with the jazz. And Abbie you've certainly come across as drunk. With self important in both Isiah. And Crowder are going to be wire I believe what the wrong laundry or it may be Thomas Bjorn rice. A nice suit and that abuse is deal. But the biggest roadblock. For the Celtics now we're talking about this summer by the time the NBA play else really get going here work. You we arson in early January but the Celtics. It's going to be Cleveland that's going to be the roadblock to get past. The east and get to the NBA finals is not exactly a state secret. So this need for applause. In the case of Crowder in part to I get the Isaiah Tom listening to some degree and on not not a big hero worship god but Jae Crowder. Just comes across as smog pampered. It title I would think in this situation. You tell you I'm wrong on this but what are you feel more pride. As a a professional athlete to be booed. Right that would be a badge of honor. Rather than the whole little raw raw we love you my god we've the issue life will not be complete without you type the. You know I'm saying you feel a mile. I know second being on this side Isiah Thomas story. Real quick. The second deal on this Isiah Thomas has been very outspoken. Very outspoken. Since the trade went down it was a wonderful trade for the selves and news it is ultimately. Isaiah Thomas what he's good very damning if one player watch. Hire your Irving is a better player. I adds that the reality is that's the the situation here. And so you analyze this tree you break down the trade all that stuff and you're like well listen I Isiah Thomas good player. And the guy that Celtics got. Better player. So that's a away when we are go through all that again but at the bottom line. On this in the reaction. Is obese and applause of mixed. Reaction whatnot but ultimately. When the playoffs. When the playoffs come around and all these teams on a collision course in the post season at that particular moment. He's going to be a much. Much different. Situation. Out of it goes without obviously the keys are to the phones we go. And though let's say hello to him. Who is up next year on WEE what's going on ten. Mark and a warm. Do you best know what you got for me. All right go out spend hours with with the red spots they have they have any every every play against. Coop you Wear them out very rural law is now are not sure what would be your local boy here. No lock and I and in your ear. Okay and your review of that article Barack I'm current on all your. Eighty that's what we want little pot. No lack I would I'd on so record album that's. I'll be lucky kid did you know averaged waited at. You're quite critical. Stop when we went where it relax watch as the game wallet while ought to. There and LeBron James. Watt portable on the bench in oh I who believe it. It is. It took us you know I I like this is great pact I completely agree ya I get so annoyed with these. I called the hero worship package we get the number retirement the ring of honor the statue. I these victory laps. They've they've all been cheapened because as you point out rightfully so to him. You've got mediocre. At. Average ball players getting the same thing the true legends get. And it waters down the whole thing it makes it it's all stupid it it is an everyone's getting them not every one of these players is unmatched without equals. Not. Like something don't make the plant a totally out now let's bring back the top. A regular Americans respect a couple copy whether or yup we sure are out on an immigrant appear in well. Well it's a great marketing gimmick to marketing gimmick to majesty via the recent comparison in LA the lakers. Had Kobe Bryant retirement neither retired two numbers form. In one day they always pop up there always that bicycle they always pop cans. And I selling merchandise they cleared. I believe it was 800000. Dollars. In merchandise. Close to a million dollars by the time it was all done in one day it was one of the great. Money grabs. Of all I'm not too I think that the Celtics can do that with a visit no of course not because he's still an active player and all that people allow them they like watching him play at a mobile. They were takes him a more phone calls on this you know the drill. If you would like to be part. The number 6177797. 937. You'll also text me at 37937. And the Celtics gonna bring back. A couple four players although there won't be the big rob rob video tribute which I'm fine with. But the Red Sox. You talk about doing nothing but are they about to do so that we get to that. And we will do it next. A whole lot and often. That's who you have reviewed the Red Sox in this particular point and the the baseball movement beginning again right now at the holidays are over baseball pretty much shutting down the last couple weeks in a lot of people shut down. Last couple weeks but the the Red Sox still waiting. Still waiting for JD Marti is there anybody. That come walking through those doors. At midway don't talk about dad I heard much at the end of his show lamenting the fact that tomorrow or now today. It's Wednesday they have in the hot stove. And he was complaining because. The Red Sox. Have really done anything. But there wasn't a nugget from Bob nightingale. The purveyor of dirt over USA today and he threw out that TV Marti news. Has received a 58 year offer. From the Red Sox and it it's still on the table. And that another. Brief red sock targetable not realistic. Eric Hosmer has he said your offer. To play for the San Diego Padres now keep in mind. Neither of these players to sign a contract yet and they are both represented by Scott Boras. These super agent of the stars would JD Martina is in their cost her a broad kind of hanging out there wait. And you might say well who the hell cares as the baseball offseason is January 2. And nobody's nobody's paying attention this spring training starts in a month and a half. Pitchers and catchers will show up the start working out of a plane spring training games. By the end of February. We'll be playing spring training game so it's. It's now time to get back into business the rear view mirror if we look back at Christmas in two years and all that so this is now beam down brows ski. That has to come up with a master plan. To get this the question. Real quick you shoot the Red Sox. Continue to leave this offered dangling. For JD Martina. Though my position without knowing all the ins and outs is it just on the service yes. I absolutely. And by all accounts you there is no other bitter here there's no other team knocking down the door with a battering ram. And the swat team trying to get in to give JD Martinez a contract so the the observation of this on this you've got upgrade. Goliath game and. Enlist cash. And was scheduled to begin with Judy Martinez. Would clearly feel they. Gaping hole. In the Red Sox. Power report. And I know there's some naysayers here have heard some of them that is out who cares Judy Martinez is that good about. You're not gonna make any kind of real voice. In the post season baseball unless you have some power the Red Sox lineup. Is fool's gold because you can win in a bunch of regular season games with the the starting pitching. At the Red Sox had last year and figure to have a game. This year. In the last couple years has been proven in the post season. If you don't have a little bit of power. You're not gonna go very long way it is even about keeping up with the the Yankees. Because you're not going to keep up with the area judge and John Carlos name. Outside of those guys both having season ending injuries in June. You're not going to hit more home runs in the Yankees that ship has already left the port inning come back but compared. To what the Red Sox currently have JD Martinez is. Power in the middle lineup you he would be like a go I if this particular it's active or king caught or whatever Scott Boras called them. Given that nickname. Now for marketing which is clearly. Clearly not paying off. Shall we say it is the result of not in their as far as. The fact here we are January to one side of that eat your country or seven year contract whatever the second part of this. You did this JD Martinez really wanna play. Any Red Sox uniform as you wanna play at Fenway Park that is up in the air and that's a question that. I don't know the answer you don't know the answer you'd like to think did Dave Dombrowski you get that answer. If you are truly a baseball mercenary. And EU is all about the money. Then you would think if the Red Sox offer the most money you'll take the deal it's not like he hasn't played as a visiting player. At Fenway Park. Over the over the huge series there are many times of the tigers. And that there are believed to be no other serious bidders. As the only other option number Rouse he's got over just pulling the offer is you can play hard ball. And and play a chess match with Scott Boras typically that does not end well. You could throw an ultimatum on the table. And say if you don't sign a contract biopic and arbitrary date January 15. If you're the Red Sox is that while he offers off the tape. But there's a lot of fake stuff going around about GD Martinis he's a one hit wonder. Not true. Yeah he hit 45 home runs. For the tigers and Diamondbacks last season. But two years ago. He had 38 home runs when he was playing for dumb browse these tigers in Detroit it's not. As it is not my money. And is not your money. And the Red Sox because of television when they seem to have endless amounts of money. The throw out a big free agent every. And is Martinez getting as many home runs is John Carlos Newton. But he's not gonna have far away. He's not mean it's it's clear that he can be productive in their scoping is noticeably in my five year contract. You pretty much give him a two year deal and in three years of a tremendous golden parachute. It is Judy Martinez is thirty years old you the math on that. And your time only a couple of years. And and then there's just not mark you're not in any team get after that is a beat give. Surprised who will keep and I. On that art Ben now there and you were hanging out late night fun on WE IQs sneaking in. For the top all of the out as they see it work. Before 1 AM I give us call it nickel. Or Chris our producer crush 961777979. 376177797. 937. And never. Listen never underestimate. The mafia. I'll explain we'll get to that we'll do it next. Well never underestimate. The mafia. Or in this case the bills mafia. If you well because that they have out done themselves here the the money train is a staggering. All because of AMD Bolton throwing that touchdown pass for the angles to eliminate the ravens end. Hill had a pool the terrible Buffalo Bills. In the post season the same Buffalo Bills who could be ending up. The opponent of that the patriots in the division around depending on how things shake out here. And the NFL a policies and but how much money has the so called self entitled. Bills mafia. Giving in to a charity in the name of eighty dog how about over a 100000. Dollars. This is bid documents amount of money bans are flooding. Andy Dalton's foundation. With donations. Because of gratitude. All because of gratitude in fact. The last report I got. On the the dollar figure to well over it's closer to 200000. Unity is a 100000. The bills fans have chipped in. A 170000. Dollars. To this foundation. Insane amount of listen. If I vice said on some random day in a disputed days that are right it won't what would it take how much would you give to get the pages in a plastic. You give nothing. The patriots in the playoffs every year just about right giving your. Yeah I'd donate money back and have it it's like that the bills' locker was like a Super Bowl situation. Now we may they got past the dolphins and they found out that they were go to the playoffs because it would happen within legal. That's it that's that's ball Foreman as Western New York they are rallying around that's going to be the most well funded charity. In the entire NFL. Stick your charity or act security. How about this Tom Brady out these these steps keep popping up and and everyone's more amazing the next but this this last regular season which just ended. On Sunday. Tom Brady's fourth season where is not over 4500. Passing yards. 32 or more touchdowns and eight year fewer interceptions as a lot of numbers there. What he's done it four times he's reached those plateaus four times. 4500 plus passing yards 32 plus touchdowns. And eater fewer interceptions in the rest of the NFL if you go back. To the year in 1920. I am assuming you're not around in nineteen I to a 1920 as a big assumption. If you go back to 1920. How many other seasons combined. In the NFL have quarterbacks put up those numbers the answer is. True the answer is to eat up all that happened in somewhat recent years yet Aaron Rodgers. With the Green Bay Packers back in 2011. Who put up a similar stat line that Tom Brady's done four times. In his career. Bought it. If you eat you are all ears the only other quarterback to do it Matt Ryan. How did that work out for Matt Ryan in the Atlanta Falcons that goes that Ellen well. Not so well yes I did not did not go particularly well. For the Atlanta Falcons in that particular. Suitable there's there's in the stats like this I get I get my my inbox. And of people on Twitter is they send mean nothing. And that's not just all Tom Brady's stats but it's like connecting Brady in bella checked. And this particular Iran. With the patriots but there's mean it's just that it seemingly non stop the title wave. Of statistics that is keep piling up every every year the patriots make the plays every year the pages would playoff game. You know wreck of record here record there. A record literally. Just about everywhere. As far as the at the record books. In the NFL. Continues on. And known panel which is not that. Which is not. A bad thing. At all will look like my time is up you're tonight and they'll be. But I will be back. Tomorrow to my mind is not excite that many many hours of talk radio but here Ryan and zip my mouth. And be very quiet a Chris shot a great job producing this he's the executive producer when I'm here on. Our Tuesday into Wednesday show we thank him for his assistants and whatever you wind up who were everywhere and keep it locked right here on WEEI. Have a good night.