WEEI Late Night - The Exodus of Patriots Players through Free Agency 3-13-18

WEEI Late Night
Wednesday, March 14th

Hour 2 of WEEI Late Night gets going as Ben Maller continues to discuss the departure of Malcolm Butler as well as Danny Amendola to the Dolphins and Dion Lewis to the Titans.  With all these players leaving for other opportunities, where will the Patriots look to add to their roster?  There are currently rumors flying around about Jordy Nelson and AJ McCarron and so Ben Maller feels the need to address both of them.


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It is a really good day to be an NFL player who happens to be freeagent. The money train has left the station. Core clock on that good luck ever wants to action in here Dion Lewis. The contract details start to come in for the that the players that have left the pitchers the L Lewis to within the last hour has agreed to a contract. The play for the Tennessee Titans according to the do the reporting of CBS Dion Lewis can earn a Max of 23 million dollars over four years with the titans. Eyes got some incentives in the contract but record the ample network the Al Lewis is going to become one of the ten highest paid. Running backs in the NFL and now will be part of an ensemble back field. In Tennessee there has been a raw and on patriots beat the pages of lost Malcolm Butler Danny Amendola. And Dion Lewis. Now every once commenting on this a skip Bayless. He is chimed in with in the last few minutes the provocative war. Of fox sports one and here's what skip Bayless said this is a preview what he's gonna rant about it I would assume tomorrow. Tomorrow morning. Bayless said the patriots lose Malcolm Butler Danny Amendola Dion Lewis and it won't matter. He said Bayless claim because they still have the reigning MVP. Who played 41 next year and make everyone better including the head coach who wanted him gone. But realistically. So that's that's his position my position is that that all of these moves. Oh were. We're either expected or not that big. If you watched even ten seconds of the Super Bowl. You realize that Malcolm Butler was you become back in Danny Amendola that's the surprise. But Danny Amendola had an out of body experience in the post season. If you would say it at some point during the regular season last year they have a goal was not going to be back. On the patriots next year. It's able I had missing he's been around a long time but I understand. If you base it off regular season. Up production but playoff date. Is now what are they called South Beach daily dolphin Davey. Gil de any. He you don't. Is he is exit stage right the dolphins agreeing to the contract terms with the Iranian middle. And he gets was twelve million iffy if he plays the two years and everything goes right but it's it's really eight point two million. Offers for any of those I wanted to talk about him in goal here and his situation. Now what when he is played and it's been spot he. He's he's been. Pretty productive more productive in the playoffs and has been during the reg was so so it becomes a big if on how reliable. Dating him in Dole's going to be if you look at this objectively. And I know one thing I know about the late night Lister. The dubbed the very object absolutely objective I can't eat for Tom the terrible hoping I know the the weather is horrible so I hope Tom that terrible can still listen to radio and call it and celebrate all these players leaving the evil Bill Belichick but anyway. Did any of a dole is 32 years so. He has appeared in more than twelve games three kinds that ate. Since twenty today so more often than not Gainey and handles gonna miss. A couple of games or more. Or a lot more and now that he's gone. And that the Packers have in any as a separate move. They have released Jordy Nelson to make way for Jimmy rips you got it and dole going to Miami. Jimmy Graham is going to Green Bay and Jordy Nelson is now available there are some that are connecting. These two transactions. The Jordy Nelson release in the Danny Amendola moved to Miami and personal. Let's do some math. If this guy goes that way and you you subtract him and then you do so would dish Sheen and put Jordy Nelson. In Foxborough. Salute let's give and his it's a two part question for you it. And first of all are you are you surprised the pages if they did have a chance to match some some people are saying that Danny Amendola gave the patriots an opportunity to match. The contract. Or to outdo the contract the dolphins gave them. Are you surprised ES of that is obviously no. Is Jordy Nelson worth a look. If your Bill Belichick. Is he someone that you'd be interested in bringing in and say hey coming out this seven nice meal. And and we'll see what's going on now my thoughts on Ayman dole and Jordy Nelson you've got suntan lotion. Extra gravy and the resurrection. You got yet those three things as some other stuff will link them all together. A mashup style not a EG not hide it did not seem likely that Danny Amendola as we we pointed out he was was going to come back. Write it once he played the way that he did in the post season. You figured that someone. Was going to try to Wu. I had it in less. He was willing to play for a little less money come back in just disease loves Tom Brady in the of the great relationship and all that. But outside of that. It it seemed. For more opposite in that it was a a loss and I'm in the minority a lot people said Dyson actually the patriots c.s invested in the area and he's been here long enough he's locked in he's not want he's it one restart you wanna go somewhere else and start fresh and all that. In from the whispers that are out there. Depending on if you believe the dark web. And am in dole a deed. Contact the patriots again before he signed the deal there was a courtesy. Message from Ayman dole is ages away. We got is unbelievable. Offer from the baltics we don't even believe it would you like to match would you like to come close to it or out doing it and that the patriots. If you believe the scuttlebutt they gave their blessing which is just Bill Belichick. I'm giving his blessing to dating him until two run off and take them enough that is true. It tells you. That that the pictures were absolutely ready for the a divorce. Situation is not about being heartless and it's been some of the stuff from people. I assume like most women that love. Danny Mandel and they think this is wrong and Emma dole should have stayed with the patriots the recipes. His career even know it was originally a patriot that he should stay there but it was a mutually beneficial relation. I did David cola was a much better player. In big spots. He was during the regular season. The heat he benefited. From Tom Brady inventive Chloe Brady benefited. At times from any of those are really good. Relationship was a good working relationship an instance life's all about give and take. He gets to enjoy now Damian and dole 85 degree weather year round in Miami. The trade off. Is that he has to catch passes from Ryan Andy hill. Too that's the that's the booby prize that you get to play with Ryan tale but eight over eight million dollar. So at some point when Damien Dole's doing some soul searching after things go sideways and they will go sideways with a golf. Isn't the dolphins are a a mixed bag of of crap. They got fertilizer manure in their Miami is not a good spot. At at that moment it might not happen for. Several months but at some point Damien if any medals and that's soul searching. That's self examination. And while he's doing that he will be rubbing suntan lotion. On his arms and you'll be looking at his phone. And he'll see his 401K. And see how much money he has in his bank account but I guess that's about it. I this is eight chased the money situation. It's it's really hard. Objectively would you look at the M until a contract. Think that if he doesn't go bonkers in the playoffs. That this would have happened last summer saying no dolphins they they really wanted Damon goal all along. I don't buy that it that this is a situation where the dolphins were washing like everyone else was the playoffs and saw. In Amendola. White doll the Tennessee Titans Jacksonville. In the Philadelphia Eagles. And we have 26 catches in three playoff games. And of blood she yards receiving. An end Tuesday. A direct. Result of that. The the outcome of that is the dolphins and who knows if anybody else was bidding against Miami Dolphins but they were able. They were absolutely LaDainian go. Now part via this if you project ahead. And who doesn't like projecting ahead why we're here late night and a BI but if you look ahead to twenty team. And you look at the the players the patriots have coming back from injury. Any given dole was more than expand. Right so this is a logical move. For the patriots. Actually logical had given dole a comeback had a little sign a one year contract for five million boxes like that. He would have been. Extra gravy. You've got enough gravy you don't need any extra gravy but it's it's not bad to have extra gravy from time to time a six Oly event all the would have been. High priced insurance. No I would say of all the advertises on radio insurance is like number one. Insurance companies spend. Great amounts of money in average size and we thank them for that. So wonderful thing. What there are different. Price points for insurance register for price points for insurance and at any given dole look considering. How much she would likely have not played it would have been a high priced insurance. Situation considering where he would have been in the pecking order a for the patriots and that's just the reality. Miss the lesser remember most people it's the all white goes most people only want the truth. When when the truth either fix what they want out their ports to being. Liked it and dole would have been what the fourth receiver on the 28 team patriots. You've got enrollment coming back who's the safety blanket for the for Tom Brady and the patriots office. You also have Chris bogeyed. On the other side Malcolm Mitchell. Is there are also seed got Hogan Mitchell and and a woman. Any resize and Kenny Britt I get a mallet monologue and Kenny Britt a couple weeks ago and Pete were falling asleep in the streets of Boston. Because of that Kenny Britt monologue but he's now that the fact dole. Guy to fill the shoes for Danny Amendola he's a cheaper option. And in Newton not to have to go back down that road because that's not a good road you don't wanna go back down that road. But many a coach is salivating. Over the athletic gifts that Kenny Britt has as in the treasures and add other players all's. Seoul NN dole love who is being eaten the infirmary. On a regular basis. Now he gets to go to Miami. He is paid a lot of money and if he catches of passes great. If he goes there and completely flames out he's still got eight million dollars to walk away with as a nice. Parting gift from the NFL letting go become a model full time in a good and good luck have fun. The last five years. He has played one full seized the past five years. And his production it in the regular season his production in those precious now than I was deeply great in the playoffs. Put the regular season. Production is never had 700 yards in his season in moon that the five years with the patriots in the regular season. Five years twelve touchdowns. In the regular season play so it's completely understandable when you add the age element too late in the other players on the patriots roster that they would. They would do the logical thing to say I'll have fallen. Get that guaranteed money in Miami knock yourself out and Albanian Dole's going to be in the dolphins' camp he's that he's the number three receiver behind. The Vontae Parker and Kenny stills. So he'll be number three in the depth chart until he gets hurt their mental and then he'll be free falling. Further and further downward to Olympics and calls him a moment that one more thing. One last thing. On Danny and the goal. I fully indoors. David dole taken the money. Why this is unexpected money is what we call found money you know Pollack did you radio stations soul I don't they run here. But I've heard the greatest digital run. Those PSAs or is it. You might have money that you didn't even know about it's you being captain in the state your pick go to this website recently that get your money back. Especially for Danny Amendola this is eight million dollars of Owens found money unclaimed money he didn't realize yet. Because who play. So good for him it's great it's wonderful thing. And as far as Jordy Nelson is concerned. That's complicated play it's easy to say go unsigned Jordy Nelson. That he fits the kind of a player that Bill Belichick would be interested in. Put a lot of things have to line up. A lot of these zeppelin I doubt I could they lineup in a row Jordy Nelson and a playing for the for the patriots absolutely. But for that to happen that would mean that a bunch of other teams. Aren't going to be adjusted. There's already whispers around the NFL let the Baltimore Ravens for example are going to be. All lean. On a majority Nelson and there's a list of teams Lauren on the patriots are on the list the patriots are absolutely endless. Of of players that. Or teams that could be involved with jordin else. But he he's now leaving Green Bay and coming off eight terrible year. For the Packers IDS to be open to playing for the patriots if no one else wants him and if all the boxes are checked and is limited interest he wants to play with Tom Brady. They get Jordy Nelson would be like an older version of dating him and dole. And just like it game adult he's been here with pitchers the last five years it's always become kind of an institution with the patriots. The Jordy Nelson in Green Bay at the same thing going. And much like Danny Amendola Jordy Nelson. Is injured a lot easy injury pearl. Is body's been savaged. Playing in at Lambeau Field. Message is that it's a mess there major injury copious cookie back at a Goodyear that he saw. Last season. He does have one of those goods stores a few if it's not as good as Malcolm Butler working at a pop ice chicken in Mississippi and now getting thirty million dollars from the Tennessee Titans. I'll put Danny Amendola. Grew up on a form in Kansas and the way he stays in shape in the off season he goes and does hard labor. And is mainly form in the heartland in Kansas. That's that's Celek Geist is in shape. I'm not making it up by giving them line you can go and just bullied. But he he will be looking for that career resurrection. Is it the injuries have eaten up. And Jordy Nelson the last two years and so that the chances that he signs with the patriots. Off I would say in Miami an amateur odds maker. I've been posting odds for many years. On the radio I would say of all the ingredients are there. There's still only 18% chance the Jordy Nelson would end up. With the patriots. It's much more likely than not that what's gonna happen is the patriots will sign. Either a second tier free agent. A faceless. Second tier free agent. More. They will draft some guys some name was player and in the middle rounds and in that guy will come in and be the extra. Extra receive so it's it's highly questionable. That this is some is gonna happen soon and that's the problem is Jordy Nelson. And he's about turned 33 so is get a birthday coming up. And there's team's interest is is a handful of teams that are interest is he he added all up it's not it's not looking good. For Jordy Nelson and up. With the patriots. But that the Packers supposedly did offer him. At the chance to come back any much lower salary. Than he was supposed to make. And it's. Questionable whether that's you know. Our if you would like to be part of this do you recall right now and Chris Schein is standing by. He is survived this Knoll noble effort to come in. The WBI's studios tonight. And they had to buy you a snowplow Chris what they should just give you a slope that Beirut and I sort of Pilates it again here at Leon. All you have to do is slap the WEEI logo on the back of. And that it's a company cars the rate. I think I think I should get that I mean I I trekked all the way in here you know nice long. Hour and a half it took me to get here and all this now. Now college it normally Tiki. About 35 minutes. So is he an extra hour or so to get in here that's correct I was gone a solid 2530 miles per hour behind he. An army of plows and I'm. It's a sounds like you get time it is the best time enjoyable experiences and losses not. Our role with you good job I'm sure Joel to New Hampshire hula hula. Argue this call 617. 7797937. That's 617. 7797. 937. So three patriots have left in the no one is inbound all outbound to Dion Lewis contract with the titans. Four years. Twenty million bought she's got more monies they said three million dollars. In incentives. According to the state run NFL network. So that's that's the money tree. Is there any money left over for like occasional nighttime talk show host that. Two radio Clinton. Very much notice no money left on fortune. We need a better union in radios he clearly we need something we need some kind of fund for the radios. I'd a go take your phone call 6177797. In 937. If you would like to be part of the festivities and join. The fund tonight and get out a very tiny violin a very tiny violin now explain what that's all about get short. And we will do it next. We'll get out a very tiny violin here. In fact what we do that right now as that we continue on and he sees the changing. Of uniformed season. I'm in the NFL. Good day good day to be doing talk great night not a good day weather wise but he really good day if you like players changing tees. It's just wonderful and lot of money being tossed around money going every which direction here. And it's just great one of the names what are the names that has changed teams is not official yet but it's gonna happen. The next day or so and the trees are getting announced. That would be Torrey Smith of the Philadelphia Eagles who helped the Eagles beat the patriots. In this you'll remember him running past a DeVon recording. Consumable 52. He has been traded to the Carolina Panthers know why don't I bring this. Ultimately. Because not only is Torrey Smith a wide receivers he is also a deep thing. And he went on a social media arrange it about his transaction about being traded. To the Carolina Kansas talk about business is business and all that and Vinny said. The hardest thing about being a play you know what the hardest thing about being players according toward Smith is at the hardest thing is realizing. That in this business meeting the business of football. I you are the product and loyalty. Doesn't really exist. It is all conditional. Smith then said that his experience in the NFL has been great except on one occasion. Because he says he's dealt with honest people in history are. Couple thoughts and I don't know what you do for a living annoyed. In if you listen right now chances are you're driving a snowplow. That's that's what you don't your what are you're jobs. Boy buried whatever brings you to the radio tonight listen to W the personable well. Secondly I would assume the position. That what ever you do for a living whatever your job is what are your. Hard working. Blue collar worker here. Stuck in an office even on line based industry would ever heard. The York. No different than towards the I can only speak for myself. In this particular regard them or play in the NFL like dude whoa. I do Knoll that in radio. Eats it's that way and have friends that have real jobs few I went to school with who works in the real world and all that. And guess what it's the same way. For those people soul. For Torrey Smith who says the hardest thing about being an NFL player is realizing. That you are the product loyalty doesn't exist. That is the same way it works in any. Industry. He got to go back to I don't win I've it was before my time before my watch. I know some old TV shows and some old movies paint this picture about. When you work in a factory you're part of the copy in your part of the family he had a I don't get ready and all that. I not experienced that I can radio social effort but I worked at places I've been let go from radio stations I've. Had to move around different jobs and all that. And when I worked at the radio station people love me if that was great in that when I didn't work there is a dead bubonic plague. Let's us not just football. It's just that football players get paid more money. I get paid more monies would get paid more money. It gets talked about no one's breaking down the guide the factory that gets fired. And that unity he can rant about his employer not showing any kind of loyalty to. So it took. Just the way the way of the world. As they say anywhere in the world are to the phones we go. And let's say hello to Blair. Who is paying an out in Maine he's he can't go anywhere he's locked the and he is on the BI LO Blair. So wrong lesson UCLA game. So excited about that. Well they are actually up 4440. So. The firm grip. Saint Bonaventure. I was just testing actually I have the game ends a motor I'm watching. Why haven't on a non working I'm not really watching you did have its it's on the TV out here in the studio I have nots in our right. I it's it's the said the true true TV do you ever watch true TV Blair. Oh I get warmer and so. I'm so happy that I have that can. I'm excited that you watch it two days a year. Are we don't did you tables channels you have and what's what's on your mind. Well my USC trojans got number one. They're not awarded the can't TE. Turn it thirteen. Where because they rather turn it Varian. Well you're right what's what's the name of that sort of what's the name of the tournament that USC is number one seed going. Let's say one here is what that you. Right to. Each each. Yeah. Only got him connection. You're on you're on the idea of Blair you're you figured me out. You've got like she's she's in front of your kids you'll you anymore you you've found a way around that you've circumvented my ability is it talked joke how dare you. I have team. You certainly and I also of spectrum. Where I'm watching the TV side have died so that is go to the guide him. I don't know I don't know I don't know cares about that and Owen Nolan listening most here but the but here's what I wanted to do. Here's what Allen though. Are yelling college basketball it's the winters are listen. Her and I am getting reports from my MI guys in the media for those it and only listened in WEEI. Might my overnight show fox the Mallard malicious Blair's part of the Mallard malicious but I'm getting reports from other members of the Nile militia Blair. That you'll be very very busy today because of the weather and you have been calling several other radio programs is this accurate Blair. Paul crop I've been working all day and I've been Chaplin era there this morning. You did not call call flying bomb that you did not play. Well I called it showed yes and I got. Tool. Sox this one beat Chile called on TVI. They felt that I was what do they say what does it take only. They say you were in mid season for that you'd. It was another blunder full edition of Blair and made. It. Date to appreciate. That's where it. Look I love you then now I you know about Spain eight again and I can vote could be up for. Our doorstep late. Blair you know all that shoveling makes you very tired Lee should go to bed you should sleep and I looked relaxed. Are freer he does not steal from you know why do now my ego then it's just to be more I seem to be talking NFL all he does well I don't. And it felt. You wanna talk college as you wanna talk about it's not gonna ventures. I'll talk about felt so what's gone Alan Nelson now. We're gonna go. Larry I'd just a matter monologue on Jordy Nelson and the eighty him until I combined both those things I know it was a little disordered a little disheveled. But I still big eyes they'll put them all together. Jordan app until it was one of the players have loved to watch when he safe. But I've. What's the guy's name you love the watched. Dora in the bill was its first. Yeah that's right as majority Amendola. No that's right guys that's his name is there yes Trisha I my producer Chris is that not the name of the guy. On Madden football. Jordy aim and goal. Lehman's current. Kids W Blair. I didn't write that I really get it right or that I not. I don't know if you saw Levi two as far as I'm concerned that was better than anything you could possibly said in that. Situation. I don't know I I just wondered if I totally got his name on the return I facilitate getting isn't ideal the players' names wrong. I don't know why you would say no ideally it's. You know what you need to knew Blair you need to go to the App Store and have a bug fix in a performance improvement in the App Store can you do that. I'm gonna call you after the USC none don't you how he would see a really really hard. Aren't I think you yet. Oh. That is. Just. I was worried we wouldn't get our daily fix of players and maybe. Doing something else periods. Low grade entertainment value. At its best. We can just imagine cuddled up with a blanket watching true TV. As at saint Bonaventure New Zealand play in the plane. The in the NCAA tournament that is a tremendous way to Spain. He Tuesday. I can't think of anything better are if you would like to be part of you know who'd 48 Amendola news. Give us a call 6177797. 937. That's 6177797. Night the three set. An all the three players that left the patriots. It's it's if you if you say hey who's gonna make the biggest impact the obvious list would be will mock Butler would be number one. Dion Lewis would be number two and then a distant third would be Gainey handled the ball orphans are going to be three. And the dolphins don't have a consistent quarterback. That's typically the recipe for disaster. Dion Lewis you put him number two. As someone has to be number two and the Tennessee Titans could use him in rotation. With Henry in the backfield so he's not going to be the guy. Less Henry gets hurt. And then you put Butler number one because it paid him thirty million dollars guaranteed he's going to be starting defensive back. Along with a Logan Ryan. And much other guys that the Tennessee Titans have a pretty good second did you assume. The position that it would be bought there would be the biggest impact. Dion Lewis second and then if Ayman dole does anything. That would be a bit of a surprise I am also want Twitter at. Bid matter that is ad then Mallard if you would like to be part. Of the festivities can join us their time now. For the instant trivia a blatant attempt. To try to get you to listen to via a little bit more of the program has also a name that has been tossup finally we have a name. As a possibility become inbound. To the patriots who view the name it's a surprising team that has popped up that would get to that but here's the it's trivia. The first team. In American professional sports history. That put names on the back of players' jerseys in the big sports in America. The first team that put the name on the back of a player's Jersey. That is the instant trivia. Well give me the answer and we'll do it next. I'll pay off the instant trivia in a moment and that takes a more phone calls and there's a new name has come out as far as a possibility. For the patriots but here's the answer trivia the first team in American professional sports history to put. Names on the back of players' jerseys. That is what we are looking for. He guesses are coming in most of them on Twitter. It's people emailing in and Joseph is going with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Has the answer and fix all the people with the Yankees out that's it's a wonderful guests edit the Yankees have done that once Wright did a couple years ago they put the names on the back in uniform for some baseball promotion. I know. Hobby correct answer the first team in American professional sports is to put means in the back. A player jerseys. That would be the Chicago White Sox bill backed the legendary hall of fame. Promoter bill back in 1960. During this spring training game. He decided that you know what I want those dress it up a little bit solo we're gonna do it. And they became the first team to put players' names on the back jerseys they had the new look for their road uniforms in an exhibition game. The White Sox played in the grapefruit league against Cincinnati. And they're the greatest part of this is. The rest of Major League based the rest of Major League Baseball. Protest the aid the innovation of names on the back of jerseys. I. The commissioner's office of baseball in 1960. They got together and a portal rule me in that in addition to displaying tradition numbers each team would have the option. Of using the the names above the uniform. But how how many millions and billions of dollars have been learned since that happened since then in the early 1960s. From teen selling jerseys with the him. On the back. Like in the Red Sox and onto a home but on the road uniforms they have the name. On the back in. And even the Yankees who don't do it they sell launch of of Jersey people while I was like receive some don't want McKee paid roosters he with Ruth with the in the money it's. Mildly. Mildly amused are now to the story which is out tonight we yet we've learned the gossip mill finally. Quietly has cost the name out. Of that could be inbound to the patriots. And though the story saying that the patriots. Could be in play. For eighty JD we here. The report saying if the price is right. But doesn't that go for any of these players AJ McCarron was the backup quarterback. Of the Cincinnati angles. He he was backing up the great legendary Indy Dalton enter last year he had been traded he was gonna be traded to the Cleveland Browns and then. He beat so loading Saddam to become a free agent and he has become a free agent. And if anyone right now is sitting there saying boy what happened to me. It would be AJ we care. I the it the top remaining free agents. Among the quarterbacks AJ McCarron is the top. Free agent left. I guess there's still a chance he goes to the Cleveland Browns but the patriots have been mentioned as a possibility. Two to come in and have him back up. Tom Brady that would be better than. The current backup quarterback mr. holder. For the pitchers would that do it before it would that that excite anyone it's in no way I'd still say that's a long shot because you see buffalo old. Is a possibility for AJ McCarron. You still need a quarterback Greta here's who's available. You won a who's who would jump. Spare parts. Garb by Jewish. That you can have the top remaining free agent quarterbacks. Include AJ McCarron who's the leading the way Jay Cutler. Can be yours. If you offer some pocket lead the great Derek Anderson is available. The one and only flat earth guy geno Smith. He is a free agent. Geno doesn't know what time zone he's in cities and he's not sure about that. You can get Tom savage that'll be great budget setting time 70. Matt Cassel I'd bring him back Mac tests a good back he's a free Matt Moore is available Chad Haney Blaine Gabbert. He'll have a job some were Drew Stanton. The great EJ Manuel. Chase Daniel and others. Our bill. Yet at the age of action must feel like you wouldn't go out free agent. And I were worst might bloody. I look at all these bombs that have signed contracts in the NFL. In and he's. This isn't a much Teddy Bridgewater. Almost had to have his late it mutated. Has signed a contract. Both for AJ we care. Might Kuwait in. Late every two women who was released by the Chicago Bears. Does he stalled. And he signed agreed to a contract anyway with the Wi fi. Arizona Cardinals. So. That's that's a deal and also ball wait there's more. Oh wait there's more there is another story out attache after reporting. We're in the last the few minutes here the patriots have resigning. They Abner the safety UT two year contract. Christine miss the in the last year he had a season ending. Mean injury. That he missed the last 45 weeks of the regular season and so he's he's going to back. So three players of left. One player. Is coming back in and yet the AJ McCarron rumor. Which has been tossed out we we match at beginning of the 10 o'clock hour we talked about the possibility. Of Jordy Nelson. Or Jordy in Amendola as our friend Blair in Maine said so brilliantly. And there's a media report out of northern California tonight that Jordy Nelson. On Wednesday. While you are recovering from the weather Jordy Nelson will be in. A meeting with the raiders he's gonna visit with the raiders. Chief that then I'm also have seen reports Seattle Baltimore interest it's O eaten. Pretty much eliminate Jordy Nelson got to think of these other teams are aggressively trying to sign of the heavy plane I I don't know who throw money his way. And therefore. The patriots and acted up. With with the that Torre knows that pipe dream. Is not going to become. A reality this is he ruled were fastest what is. A nonstop. Rumor fiesta. If you get get heavy on Twitter that's at. Game malware at the end Mallard. If you would like to be part. Iraqi says I am wrong with my question that the first. American sport to put names on the back of jerseys would be thoroughbred horse race. Will ship rock Palestine but the major American. He sports. It was talking about horse race. Rocky must be a much. Does that make much the big news the big horses. I need to get out to have been at the track. With a Kentucky Derby is coming up right it's almost. Be derby time before you know. Jesse that wrong course. Get in the derby it's very important that. Takes more phone calls and all that and could a boy mean so. Could a boy named so. End up heading towards the patriots that has been tossed out that possibility. I want gated that would do it and we will do it next.