WEEI Late Night - Gronk got exactly what he deserved, no more no less. 12-4-17

WEEI Late Night
Tuesday, December 5th

Hour 1 of WEEI Late Night gets going with Alex Reimer following a brutal Monday Night Football game.  Alex kicks off the show reviewing the intense and physical game that was Pittsburgh vs Cincinnati, but shortly shifts gears to the big story of the day, the suspension of Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski.  Alex breaks down the suspension and also curses out the national coverage of the suspension for their complete lack of supplying the details of the incident and what incited Gronk's innapropriate reaction.


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So wait truncated version of late night tonight take you up to 2 o'clock. A precedent you yet Sports Radio network at 617779. Seven night threw seven miners are extremists so is always in the screeching voices behind the Mike at this hour we debit. Roemer after dark. Lots and lots to get into. God with the grind suspension. Tom Brady's Stephen Smith made a lot of noise on Monday on first take. Saying a Brady's outbursts on the sideline would be viewed differently if he were black and channel beat big topic on the station. All day tomorrow and tomorrow night when the moment mutt from 72 and so whatever we don't get to hear. Certainly a dive into that tomorrow night's. By as I said in trending just a totally wild. In vicious Monday night game. As our lead in between the Bengals and Steelers it doesn't matter how bad the angles are the always seemed to lose to the Steelers which they did tonight but what am tough. And hit him hired I mean wow. I tweeted this out. Anybody who thinks the NFL has gone soft or isn't as violent. Is absolutely. Crazy watch that game tonight it's nothing you'll see on TV is as violent as that. That was absolutely. Vicious I mean these xenophile players man you know. That the absurd this before the NFL complied and all of the players' safety rules they want they can have concussion prone to laws they can have the independent spotters they can say after missing game ending with thinking cashing you have to miss as many games as possible. You know as needed until earlier contesting heels. They can do you all back and put all the rules in place and has spread all the awareness they want. But until the players start respecting themselves. It's all going to be for not until you get to a point where Steelers linebackers. Are and diving at the helmet of Joseph mixing who missed most this game with a concussion. It's not gonna get any better and tell you have you know a guy Bengals safety George. Op. I will. Chris like camping since I woke up I woke up that he enjoyed I low. His helmet to helmet smashed on Antonio Bryant. Antonio Brown rather in the end zone. Until George I yelled I woke up. Real lot easier I got it I got it baby and told George I welcomes and keep saying it to prove that I can pronounce and now George I look. Until he says in his mind you know what I'm not gonna lie helmet first at Antonio Brown in the end zone. Intel guys like him change the way they think. The game isn't gonna change the game is still going to be dangerous. And I think now it's more dangerous never. The players are faster they're stronger so DOS when they collide it's more vicious notice. I did not include EGG Smith Shuster block on Vonn has perfect. As a one in my examples as a dirty hit tonight as I don't think it wise I think it was a hard blocked now standing over taunting him that's the DB move. It's it's Schuster may be fines because of that. But it's. He doesn't deserve suspension for an up Wacom sorry folks he doesn't. In my bucket out streamers buck. That's a clean block from Judy Smith Shuster on Dante has perfect he loved what he led with his pac ads and it's also Montana's perfect. Nixon atomic ensue perhaps a dirty is dying game seek him too much sympathy for him by a guy. He did get taken out so you hope in all works out there but I'd just. Brutal brutal game. Brutal game tonight between the Bengals and Steelers and also shows how hypocritical I am. And okra Burkle and a hypocritical many football fans are out there. We talk a lot about player safety the dangers of the game concussions seats. Is this bad pretty and a thousand striving viewers away from the NFL gonna make a prediction tonight's Monday night game. Will be one of the highest rated contests. Of the season for ESP I'm. Pop partially because it was so brutal. Partially because it was so vicious partially because these two teams were in each other's faces. That's why I stuck with that until the very end. That's why I was watching it makes are in more entertaining. And more exciting product that is the sick. Hypocrisy. That. I have. And that many football fans have as well so you'll see the ratings tonight or the Bengals and Steelers played. A vicious playoff game a couple years ago they put in a litany of broad changes afterwards it was so wild and violent. That was a very highly rated playoff game. And as the violence escalated in the second half so did the viewership numbers. Why because where barbaric. We like to see that stuff. So it's not the end of fouls at a crossroads that this player safety. Issue date can put in rules they can talk about awareness they can spread awareness we as fans and media types to talk about a concerning it is deceit. But the truth is it all us for not. Until the players start respecting each other until the players say OK I'm not a flight helmet first into a receiver in the middle of the field. Until the fans stopped turning out you know the players and teams don't have much and amp is an impetus to change either. And fans don't really tune out with the stuff they don't. Know why aren't as and a lot of time reading talking about CT concussions but I'm hypocrite charge me with it. First rate hypocrisy. That's the first observation from the game's second observation real quick the officiating. Is so awful. It is so dreadful shot McDonna I thought was terrific tonight. And play by play. The fans don't come to see the referees. They come to see the players but tonight is Saudi officials say after the game. If AJ Greene's touchdown. Holds up the Bengals went. They went by instead it's called back with a weak ask holding call on TJ watts. -- by Bernard got hosed it was a holding watch act off. As the Donna senator in holding on now you can caught on every single play in the game. That's number one and yet a week face NASCAR peppering expect marte does Bryant. Punt return for the touchdown. CF two long touchdowns AJ green one pass. Marte is bright and you got one punt return both called back. Because of sticky tack calls. Awful awful awful. We talk what Neil Lane we talk when all this other stopped. That's the real long term issue with the game and this has been going on for several years the officiating is so bad it ruins the product. So tonight's the night game it got really encapsulates a lot of the major issues facing the week the awful horrendous officiating which is not. It's doesn't seem to be going the white. In fact it only seems to be getting worse the replacement refs at this point. Reported disaster they were a few years ago it would open up green on tonight's current on the crew for most NFL games this season it is that awful. So the officiating it remains one of the league's biggest issues that was on display tonight. In the violence to you caught you seaworthy NFL guys they have all these rules in place technically speaking yes it's safer than ever. I told the players stop with these helmet to helmet hits until they starts to get stops standing over each other. Hitting each other could cracking stalls. Toll start respecting themselves. You're not gonna see much of a change in the NFL. Is helpless to stop it. There's not much stake in view so it was a wild game tonight and don't involve the patriots by. If any thoughts on any of the issues we discussed feat they'll forgive us abides 617779. 79837. I know violence and viciousness. Of tonight's Monday night game of course ties into. The biggest pitchers story today Rob Gronkowski. Suspended one game for his late het. And those quarterback for devious whites I here's the money line. For Metafile vice president of football operations. John Runyan who I. Wrote the following your letter to gronkowski explain the suspension in a Fella. Published this in a press release Monday. Actions were not incidental. Could've been avoided. In place the opposing player at serious risk of injury. The competition committee has clearly expressed its goal of eliminating flagrant hits that have no place in our game. Those hits include the play you're involved in yesterday's that's NFL VP. Football operations John Runyan I'd chastising her and how risky. For his late hit. I'm Richard DV on to dvi and whites on and there's no doubt that there's no defending this tent I mean gronkowski. Rammed another player. For Dave beyond whites in the back of the helmet. After the play was over. He won his elbow into the back of whites head will white was lying defenseless on the ground that is dirty. That is cheap in the words of bill ballots Jack. Did this to Sean McDermott after the game. It's BS. It is complete BS and it doesn't matter that Rogge was being held on the we've previous play by the white. It doesn't matter the ride has been angered the officials all year lying or if you listen to him since the start of his football career. It doesn't now the frustration was building was a cheap hit was a dirty hit with that dangerous hit. And has no place in the game he deserved the one game suspension. And you look at that and you look at the history with this you look at past examples. That's what it is one game each for bait then bears linebacker got one game for his vicious head shot. I'm Dovonte Adams earlier this season. That's right dale. Understands my McDermott so upset of politics as it's BS patriots fans you can say it's BS don't worry about it. Mike Evans got one game for seven Marchand Lattimore earlier this year to leave and Michael Crabtree eventually got one game for not think I. I sought some people tweaked Gasol. Rockets one game Kirk for adverse bashing white and a packet they had by. I you know Aqib Talib gets one game for stealing Michael Crabtree is gold tape that is not like he Talib was suspended. Mean AJ green got one game for basically choke slamming Jane Ramsey good point exactly yes sir this is that going right into leaving Crabtree started a brawl. And countries helmet fell off during the broad picture of your members only two weeks ago I mean cell. That's why they got suspended you mention AJ green and Ramsey and other Goodwin Chris so that's the going rate for these kinds of pets one game. Maybe you can say Evans is was milder since he pushed a lot of mourn the back wasn't going for his had a fine by current Huskies had to same as danger they thin or in the same ballpark. In the same ballpark is AJ green Jim Ramsey. Similar to the cleats it to you to leave in Crabtree draw so one game is the going rates. That's what I was expecting her casket to get that's what he got rats what he got he's appealing yet. I don't think the NFL should repeal the suspension because again. One game that's the going rate for this kind of punishment if feels like this kind of penalty out and consistent on anything right these kind of penalties right. One game one game suspension I'm fine with that it's a dirty hats and other dirty hits like it one game that's the going rates. It's not the dirty is hit L history afoot by you saw this reaction on Sunday. And again today when the suspension was announced this is Gary Myers New York Daily News 19 tie an item for today to weeded out. How Kenya thought expect anybody to believe it takes head injuries seriously when drive get to spend just one game for that hit yesterday. He should have been suspended for the last four games. Of the regular season. Just on whose grandmother wasn't. What's. The last four games of the regular season. Are you see here yes. We are quite regaining your bait then to get. A four game suspension after the dividing items that. Urge AJ green a four game suspension we are committed to leaving Crabtree suspension going down from two to one. As if you were Gary Myers Muir hypocrites. The grunt it was about it was vicious it was cheap it was awful it was again the court Belichick be asked. But it was not the worst hit that's ever happened it's in line with other bad hits yes it was a bad hats. In bad hits like back at one game they'll get four games. Jon Heyman tweets out. Now Jon Heyman once respected baseball reporter lost all credibility to meet. Earlier this year when he sent all the Red Sox victories against the Yankees should be vacated as a result of the couple wide scandal. So that's Fuzzy where Jon Heyman is at this point mentally not sort these all there. Is what he had to say NFL justice. Causing a brain injury and a cheap shot draws a one week vacation. Off. I guess current Huskies take it held a vacation because. He's gonna lose 281250. Dollars in salary if he misses the game next week so. Kim is like to connect this 280 grants can lose out on the adds an unpaid suspensions or all of expensive vacations on payment. You take vacations I passed 280 grand. I don't think so. You don't Max Kellerman I think we have that's on Chris is not first take a Stephen Payne is Brady racial commentary got a lot of the play the Armand. Also went out on grunt calling it the worst he's seen all year all the outrage. Well that's the worst thing I've seen all year the worst now I've seen all year because the play was over it was defenseless player and rock. Comes up and hit some hard at least that's that they were hit them hard in the back that in boxing Kennedy won the back of that it's called a rabbit punch you know why. Because it's extremely dangerous brain stem injury. Is extremely dangerous the worst thing I've seen all you metal obviously suspension minimum one game and you got to figure out based on precedent how much more than that. But that's the worst thing I've seen all year and here even rocks reputation which I actually think is a good ones you today. Gronkowski for whatever reason. But it is seen as as big fun loving guy who's able to get away with things that some other players would like for example could imagine. If Martellus Bennett hit someone like that. The outcry when Evans mentioned is the outcry that would occur after that after that it was Brock at all like some good doing everything fine. Good that he apologized it's the worst hit I'd seen all year I would have. Thomas get a changes to now after seeing that angle Steelers game Abbott that storage. I look. How that George I woke ahead on Antonio Brown in the end zone. I straight helmet to helmet shots. Brown is the toughest Deaver receive driver's seat got right away dating ad doesn't matter touchdown things you elaborate on the ground celebrating on the ground and I mean I am not not the worst you've ever seen maxed army and police are again to bait them on Adams watch that again what happened earlier this year estimate to refresh your memory. Worst you've ever seen bad hit yes not the worst. And won't gripes reputation. He's never been suspended before he's been fine twice in his career for unnecessary roughness. It's not a spotless track record but it's not we'll look at what are you talking about rep you to get so they would stop. That is when he get away with this is the first time ever be suspended. For anything might ever be suspended ever period in seven years of the leak. So I'm not sure what Hartman as talking about there and then you add the creme Della cram a dumb takes John King now the intercepts. Formerly of the daily news outlets Murkowski arrested for assault. Got arrested for assault on my question is I guess you could say that after every late hit it right after every elated technically if the play is over. I missed them all first sought out c.'s John King calling habits and I mean. Look at the entire Steelers team but the entire Bengals team dorm all the slammer for insults. After tonight's game out the linebackers are good job Nixon lets throw the prison first sought its worse. I'd seen all year we are losing their minds. It's about it it's a vicious that it's a cheap hit. Gronkowski rightfully apologized rightfully took blame took ownership. Belichick says it's BS bad. Again to dvi and white was on the ground the wind defenseless on the ground. Gradkowski. Elbows him in the back of the helmet that is that that is bad. But you see a lot about hits in the NFL on a weekly basis. Point day tonight's. Angle Steelers so we have lost our minds hurting with crime it's driven me crazy. They wrote about this and WEEI dot com Monday is that most of the national articles about his. Late hit on whites. We've bouts the context between bouts. Now white was holding him on the previous play. That explains why Gradkowski. Acted the way he did explains why Gradkowski. Exploded would do that next with your phone calls at 617779797. It's Roemer after dark WEEI. I don't Fowler heroes and it was a big hole and him and took a look forward thoughtfully. I mean. I feel like. Pushing a little bit. Am in the play and I just don't understand why there was no flag and just do that is a couple times in the game in their call me for the craziest. Craziest stuff lever it's like crazy and like why am I supposed to do. Well he could not. Give guide to devious white the people's elbow in the back to add that something to do it by again it at the frustration. On the national press didn't provide the context and writing and talking about their Gradkowski hit today odd couple corrections. The first segment at Texas have chimed and Chris I'm blaming you for that's AJ green was not suspended for is a headlock punch combo on June Ramsey. Whose minds geez that's a carry the techsters crush our aim is his name Chris Schein re America shine messed that up. League out number one number two. My math is completely wrong I said that if AG Greene's touchdown instead of angles when of one. Dexter says Roemer. WT app. What he's talking about it in greens he stands and Bryant's T stands. And the Steelers to win. And you text or icy you're rights. Honestly rights but my week hotter argument would be well let's say to Greene's touchdown goes through it now holds up. Perhaps it changes the momentum of the entire game. That is promising in my defense it and get suspended because they got rejected. That's right serve to get rejected you also don't get suspended well yes of Crockett guy and rejected and on to the NFL with suspended. But he was that badly it happened don't like four minutes left in the game so he misses like four minutes of blood so why the Mike Evans. Penalty happened in this week they're currently our borders while he was suspended again the Mike he's been eating it rejected. Op that's why and tonight there were no rejections I've exactly. I'm rights is a year with a real brutalize situation as well as Barack the about when he was. In the mr. delivering hat he has a spinal counties and swelling is involved so that will be big story. Throughout the day and Tuesday's launch is absolutely vicious and brutal Monday night game again the bigger picture pointed out is. You talk a player seat chilly wind to talk about the NFL putting all these protocols in place that's a Welling guide by. I until players stop playing this way until they stop having. You know so they start having more respect for themselves. It's not gonna change not in a change in jujitsu that Shuster is while amass correction I set and understand when I was considered dirty hit it is illegal. Any offseason he made the rule you can't have a blind side block in lead with year helmets shoulder pads which he did. But I don't I've watched it a million times once again during a break at Buick he led more to shoulder god then the helmet but still borderline and you can't stand over the dot even if backed ideas. Montana's perfect odd but I thought that. Tonight's game Monday night game really ties into the group house key topic because it shows that. Yes the Gradkowski hit was a dirty hit it was it got hit it was ET pets. It was not the worst thing it's happened all season was certainly got the worst thing that's ever happened on and about field and happens regularly to the defense. Defense but that's why one game for Gradkowski is writes that's like Gary Myers he doesn't need to missed four games. That's why Sean Kane does need to be arrested that's like Max Kellerman is that the worst you've ever seen the no bad hit yes. And unfortunately also and fortunately here in not out of the north this stuff happens all the time across the league has again you saw tonight. Ott and also you heard gronkowski heading into the segment back cut there. After the game complaining about the officiating. I was frustrated all afternoon long. I do devious white was holding a multiple times on the previous play to Brady interception. Earlier in the game Murkowski got called for real cheap offensive pass interference. At Tony Romo weakness in the broadcast but that's a pretty weak costs though. When NFL broadcasters never there on the officials likely timing greeting where tonight I you know it's really been Romo in Nantes. Both laid into the referees a couple of times on Sunday especially with back wrong offensive pass interference so. I'm not excusing any actions. But I'm simply explaining why Gradkowski did what he did you know you re dead spin. On Monday after an interception from tree Gaby as whites. Murkowski ran up if for no particular reason decided to plow his elbow into the back of white helmet while defender was still on the ground. No not for no particular reason again grind it's been upset with the way he's been officiated. He got like that awful offensive pass interference in the first half. Our white was holding them. I'm not previous plate he's been. Held all season why he feels like it hasn't been caught so again. It's not an excuse but it's an explanation the way that Ted's been framed it. And the way that a lot of other web say it's framed it Bleacher Report edit calm about it today that this win makes the patriots more capable than ever. I totally didn't reference history in his gronkowski diatribe on first take Monday. Go one down the line. On. The context is current house he's been upset he's pissed off with the way he's been called with the ways been officiated. He feels like not taking tack fouls are called against him. In opposing defenders can maul him and hold him an assault and during routes and you don't get called for anything. To devious white held Gradkowski at least twice on the previous play. So afterwards grant had enough and he snapped. In sometimes that happens on the football field when tensions are running high. But if you were to read the coverage of this today in most places they don't mention any of that history didn't even mention what I was doing to grunt on the previous play. All they talk about is the aftermath they make it sound like Gradkowski. Is crazed lunatic out of nowhere decide to pick doctor Gaby is white. And wanted elbow into the back of his helmet for no reason whatsoever. Now the reason is going to house he was fed up he snapped. Not excusing the action. I'm not saying Gradkowski did the right thing I'm not saying any of I am saying it's a little more complicated than I white was on the ground gronkowski just randomly hunted him out and during elbow in the back of his helmet. To understand why Gradkowski snapped to understand why gronkowski did what he dead. You have to know the context and you have to know the history not just this year but the last several years for ground. So they're league you know I know that when a patriot player does something egregious. It's very easy for people to pile on its very tempting. To pile line. But it's disingenuous to me about the context. Where they're going house to eat it so bad hit yes cheap pick yes to grow up Bill Belichick the gas. But not the worst that that's ever happened not worthy of four games and certainly not worthy of an rats I can't believe that John king and others were actually making a point on Twitter Sunday and Monday. Are rested you could say that I would tonight's Bengals and Steelers game put them on handcuffs. Please 6177797937. So it's a little uncomfortable for me. I am defending the wall with a grunt. The other big patriots story commanded this week was Tom Brady's sideline spat with offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels Stephen A Smith says. And some others have said as well. That if Brady were black his sideline outburst would be viewed differently. I think Tom Brady is a poor person to use as an example for this kind of argument because winning trumps all and sports winning even trump scholar. But. There is a double standard with how black athletes are perceived. And white athletes are perceived I'm not sure why it's hard for people to get will do that next late night rolls on WEEI.