WEEI Late Night - Has Ray Allen ignored the last chance for an olive branch? 2-12-18

WEEI Late Night
Tuesday, February 13th

WEEI Late Night gets rolling as Patrick Gilroy is disucssing the Paul Pierce retirement ceremony following Sunday's Celtics/Cavs game and the one guy that should have been there but was't was Ray Allen.  Gilroy is told that Allen was in fact invited and instead he was out playing golf with George Lopez while current NBA player and coach Rajon Rondo and Doc Rivers had no problems being there for Paul at this amazing moment.


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It is Sports Radio WE yeah it is late night Patrick Gilroy Hewitt you guys taking you all the way up it till 2 o'clock in the morning. As always the number to reduce your tonight 6177797. And 937. Detects the program 37. 9378 by me on Twitter at Gilroy on hoops at Gilroy. On hoops in. Look. Last night yesterday the whole Paul Pierce thing. We're gonna take a bit of a deeper dive into that tonight I think it's appropriate and I think that we've got some things we need to talk about when it comes to the Celtics. And the foreseeable future for the Boston Celtics you know. It's been a long day for me I got up at 3 o'clock this morning. I was on a flight at 5:15 this morning the working all day just landed 1520 minutes ago immediately come here in the moment I walk in the door. Hockey guy Tai Anderson grabs audiences say. He was worried about the cast as I am. I know it will get into why I'm not so worried about the Cleveland Cavaliers by the way I had time to ask you Sunday's date we're back this weekend. Phenomenal you're a hockey hockey guys Sundays he comes back to the BI's weakened got a big deal but we'll talk about that a little bit later in the program until then. It's my job to calm down Celtics nation. My job to. Bring us all back to reality just a little bit. Also my job to potentially let out a tear or two as we talk about what took place at the garden last night. Surrounding number 34 Paul Pierce all that and so much more coming up tonight. On a late night as always your phone number 617779. A seven. 937 at this hour the program is brought you by the New England boat show. It's February 10 through the eighteenth at the Boston convention. And exhibitions that are doing the boat show dot com so. Last night. Celtics get their asses kicked we'll get into the game itself. Coming up for the next hour but just talk about for a moment what we all witnessed post. And I I gotta say that I love the way the Celtics do this you don't get this. From many other organizations. Going back to my childhood. Larry Bird night was about as close. As I can come as far as remembering an event like this. When you are retiring a player's number when you are having that sort of retrospective slash partied at the Celtics have last night. For a player to ornery player usually you get something like that at halftime of game. And look the fact it is Paul Pierce spent fifteen years here you were not gonna cram all of that into a twenty minute halftime celebration in if you tried. It would have been. They wouldn't have been nearly as impact full or is memorable. Even evening is what we had because you doc would've got up there and instead of telling stories he would had to because short and Paul Pierce instead of having the freedom to blow up there and tell his stories and then at the end. Having seemingly may be forgot to mention read out back whatever the reasons were the whole celebration is coming to an ended and there's. Paul walking across the court grabbing the wireless microphone. And yearly bringing 20000. Route grown men to tears invoking the name of red out and you don't get that in a compressed halftime celebration so kudos to the Celtics. Really really really well done really good stuff. And you know it had to be killing Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett Rajon Rondo Doc Rivers to sea the Celtics playing so. Incredibly poorly basket by news sites such poor basketball it was shocking to watch help for the played because. You know the one hallmark of the Brad stevens' team you're in and year out has been yeah it's not always going to be pretty. And they seem to win these games despite the fact that all the advanced. Statistics. Say that they should because they debt effort to game inning game out. So exit simply didn't give the right kind of effort after the first quarter last night at the moment those shots started stopped falling it was all over April wise for the Celtics. And that had to be killing Paul Pierce internally Kevin Garnett. Internally. Even Rajon Rondo internally. And it was sort of an embarrassing performance when you've got you're legends in the house the way the Celtics did. Yesterday you wanna put up a good show for them. Animals maybe think that maybe they should have had via the Paul Pierce celebration. Prior to the game instead of after the game maybe it would inspired. These young Celtics a little bit. Little bit more to go out there and and put out a better performance you can lose care if you loosen the cavs the end of the day yet cavs are new look team. Where do you think they are required more talent or not I think is yet to be seen whether you think the long term. Success of this particular edition of the cast is going to be more successful or less successful. Based on the talent that they brought in. Is yet to be seen at the one thing I will tell you is this the cavs got younger they got pastor. They lost some egos which is always good. This lets LeBron James Beebe alpha dog without having to look over his shoulder at his buddy LeBron and at his buddy had Dwyane Wade. Look over shoulder. At an archaic aging superstar. In Derrick Rose all that's gone. You don't have to worry about Isiah Thomas getting here is in and potentially being a quote unquote cancer in the locker room all that's gone right into good guys and Rodney hood. They come in there and essentially they do without ego they work hard. And they're going to let LeBron be LeBron ultimately. I think it could be scary for the Celtics because although the talent drop up is there. At the guys that are outgoing I think are ultimately more talented than the guys that are incoming. But the guys that are incoming for Cleveland I think made it a little bit better. Around the Brian James but it's all irrelevant. You can lose the game if you're the Celtics I don't care if you lose the game I care about the manner. In which they lost the game I hear about the fact that this team continues. Now three out of their last four teams of they've lost. They find themselves. Down by twenty. Yelled this is not a great team when it comes to their ability to come back. From large deficits. It's been a hallmark of this team but that is not. He recipe for long term sustained success in the NBA so something's gotta give your and I think the first thing. That asked to give for this Celtics team and I am so sick of people. Downplaying its. Okay their schedule has been brutal this year. I like it or not whether you wanna use it as an excuse or not their schedule has been down right ruling. And when you're relying like young guys this is Jalen brown second year in the league. Well his rookie year last year he was used to playing. Thirty games. Wrote a collegiate season. Jason Tatum thirty game collegiate season Sammy oh July 30 game collegiate season you are relying on guys. That are already will in two or bowed to surpass a save chilly too collegiate seasons in the last 45 months. These guys need the all star break so bad. This team needs the all star break so bad they need to be able to sit there take it deep breath collectively. And regroup for the last 125 games. Of the season. Collect their second wind and get back to the team that they were. The first three or four months of the year and that as a defense of team first that is team whose defense creates our offense creates Havoc out there on the floor. And it's a team where offensively. They get themselves back in sync with the incredible ball movement remedies with the team that. Molded their offense after who after the Golden State Warriors we haven't seen that sort of ball movement. In a few weeks here that has got to change if your result expeditors Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night I am Patrick Gilroy rum for you guys tonight. At 61777979378. Takes the program at 37937. You find me on Twitter. Act Gilroy on hoops at Gilroy I'm whoop so really Celtics fans are you guys quest it you what the point now where you questioning this team. Is it panic time yet. Are you pissed off the Danny Ainge for not making the move to trade deadline because I'm not. I think Danny ultimately did what was best for this team and I can't believe I'm going to see this. Because those of you guys that have listened to me at this station in the previous station over the last three years specifically. Know how I feel about mark is Smart. Markets and the guy that I think and I've said this from day one that if he were the twentieth pick in the draft. He would be the most beloved player Boston. Because he's lunch pail sort of grind it out hard working guys you need on a team you're gonna win a championship. Every championship team has got a bad ass like mark is mark. Is the problem mark your smarts entering free agency now but one caveat you're the one blessing for the Celtics. Is that there seems to be this market correction. Getting to happen in the NBA if markets Smart and hit his restricted free agency. Next year or last year in the senior were Kelly a limit got beat the million dollars or the year prior. Where a guy lake Evan Turner got 75 million dollars the Celtics would have zero chance and retaining the services of Marc is Smart. But because. Of the contract of a guy like Lou Williams. Who signed for three years and essentially 25 million bucks. That tells me that there is a market correction on the horizon beginning to happen there's a real possibility here that the Celtics could. Could bring markets Smart back and I think that it is not takeaway incident at ball. That the celtics'. Effort went so their defense of tenacity their defense of identity always sell the moment mark is Smart. Acted like an idiot and punched a frame up there in Los Angeles after being displeased. With the way that he played in the fourth quarter that Celtics late game. That cost the Celtics weakens because mark is Smart. A few weeks on the court with the last three to hand ultimately it has cost the Celtics wins so it's a selfish move by Marcus Martin but I think it's also. Sort of highlighted and underlined the fact that this Celtics team needs this Celtics team while they're very very good. They are not deep enough yet to overcome a loss of of the separate rotational players that they have. If they're look to lose any one of those guys for extended period of time. It really hurts this team because what does that mean Abdul flippant Nader has got to play meaningful minutes. We don't want to see that right now your team is competing to it's not with a championship. At least represent the Eastern Conference in the NBA finals on sari. No idle it meters and nice guy. You really use sweetheart of a impact. But that's a bit of a red flag. Would add the animators getting double digit minutes as far as run goes up and that's not what you're looking for. If you're the Celtics we got to fix the Celtics the question is how I think a lot of this is just gonna them dead to rest. Celtics have one game left before the all star break it's the clippers. And they get a bit of an extended rest here desperately need it as they regroup and get themselves ready for what's going to be. Sort of a sprint to the finish here if you can't tell home court advantage is going to be huge this year. Can't tell with teams like Toronto. And teams like Cleveland. Right there with the Celtics all three of these teams are right there home court advantage is going to be a huge. Factor. As far as advancing in the playoffs go and I'm sorry because Brad Stevens has done such a masterful job in recent years. At squeezing the most out of his basketball team Brad Stevens has been brilliant at squeezing every last bit of potential. Out of his group team of players. What does that mean if you the Celtics this year for the first time in a long time this team has gotten very real expectations. Right. The first time in a long time rather than the Celtics being the darlings of the NBA. Going to the Eastern Conference finals medal being gravy. This Celtics team is going to into the playoffs. With real expectations. Let's just hypothetically say it's the Celtics in Toronto or the Celtics and Cleveland in the Eastern Conference finals. This team desperately past you at least put up. A much stronger fight. A much stronger battle than they did last year for the season is a failure they don't necessarily need to win in Eastern Conference finals match. But you better believe if they don't win it it's got to go six or seven and it's got to be a tough grueling series if they go. Back to an Eastern Conference final. And have their asses handed to them in the same fashion in the same manner. That they did last year what's that say about this team what does that say about Danny Ainge. Only brought back four players from last year completely guided the team. But at the end of the day if you get the same result. You have to ask yourself. The hell you doing it is Sports Radio WEEI it is late night we are going to spend the next hour to really taking it deep dive. Into the Boston Celtics what in this team do to fix what ails them as they embark on the second half of the season in oh yeah by the way. What a type while Ray Allen and what an absolute jerk he has. All that more coming up right now on Sports Radio W yeah. It is late night right here on Sports Radio a WEEI Patrick Gilroy Hewitt you guys until 1 o'clock in the morning. Usually two at a low disdain. You were you guys until 2 o'clock in the morning are coming up at one we have got. Olympics coverage here so if you are. Like hanging out he just cannot wait for that Olympic coverage we get it right here live the local. Olympic coverage taking you guys all the way up until perking gallon until then. I gotta get something off my chest and we'll do it together in 6177797937. Here's the thing guys. Wed Ray Allen defected and left the Celtics when he left to go to essentially in my opinion. The evil empire he went with LeBron James Hewitt with Pat Riley. He did the Celtics dirty right. And there's been a lot of back and forth over the years as you well you know he did with this for his career I know that I went back and forth. We Gilani on social media today and colliding in an apologist. And that's okay like. He took the more mature view here and maybe I shooters well. Maybe on. A little bit naive that I shouldn't be have been doing this long enough to not be nearly as naive as an amicable off the year as its Iwuh. As a fan. It hurt it hurt terribly to see Ray Allen not leave the Celtics because the writing was sort of on the wall. Any age it's not a secret he tried to trade Ray Allen more than during race tenure here. And whether that was the right over the wrong move basketball lives. Is really yet to be determined let's not forget the eighty age also traded Kendrick Perkins big mistake probably cost the Celtics championship. You can see why he treated Burke. To bring in a young and raw Jeff Green somebody who's got all the physical tools to be a star in this league and fortunately. He's a mental midget and it never happened right. But any age is not afraid you. Make a move whether it's going to be in unpopular move and he's proven that over the years so Danny Ainge. More than once loaded. The idea of treating Ray Allen and that didn't sit well with a grain and for good reason. The fact is he's probably. A future hall of fame player. And inside every day of the guys like that get traded. There was also. Talks of infighting. In the locker room between ray and doc and ray and Rondo in doc at the plate. Peacemaker between the three of them and there was a lot of ego issues going on there where Kevin Garnett Paul Pierce somehow. We're able to put their egos to the side and I think we saw a window into their world last night. As Paul Pierce was getting his number retired I'm telling you right now go back and watch the ceremony again. Kevin Garnett looked like a proud father. Kevin Garnett. Was soul. In Hamburg would what was taking place last night. He had that damn my phone out recording every last minute and when you look at. AG's face as Paul Pierce is up there talking just before Paul started to raise the banner and polls giving that incredible speech. AG's standing there only one so you got two rows of Celtics guys there you get a front row where it celtics' ownership and leadership. And the broke the row behind them where it was players it was. A sensibly was set standards it was Robert Parish Kevin Garnett. Doc Rivers Rajon Rondo. Very heavy Antoine Walker I love UN's one but it's one looks legitimately like he's dying and next Antawn. Being embarrassed right and five of six out of six of those guys are just standing there sitting there watching was taken place. Kevin Garnett got the phone out and he can't stop recording any is beating because that's his guy. Paul Pierce. Those two did it together. Those two. We're the definition. Move brotherhood. And boot to and you notice when Doc Rivers doctor would have booed and booed too last night they cut immediately. To Kevin Garnett Kevin Garnett. Is mouthing. In boot to and what it means to Rajon Rondo and sort of tapping Rondo and the two of them mouthing to each other because that. Really meant something to this group that was what this team built themselves around. We've before me. Is the underlying theme there we before me. And to get guys as good as Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce and yes Ray Allen. On the same page for that five year window. And to put we before me. Is an incredibly difficult thing to do so yes Brad Stevens is a far superior basketball coach and basketball mind to Doc Rivers but what dot did so well. And where doc earns his money in this league is he manages personalities with the best of them most NBA coaches could not go game inning game out. Day in day out sees it in and season out managing the personalities of those three and then you throw into the mix. A young. And very ego is the goal Rajon Rondo. Mean it is a recipe for disaster for most for most teams the Celtics were able to hold it together. For more than half a decade and a lot of that credit goes to dock. Are you back to race here so rain. He decides. His time in Boston is done that is totally fine it happens it's the NBA yeah you wrote on these guys you grow attached to them and they leave. Teams go to players all the time. So why should players do with the teams I get. I totally do what happens usually when you've got a player that is established themselves in a city for multiple years. And what a championship in that city. And re not only won a championship in Boston after spending five years here he also went to college down the street. A UConn so we know that there's this longstanding New England connection with a break. So we go is to the enemy the Celtics just had. A surprising. Yet grueling. Seven game series. With the Miami Heat I mean the Celtics had no business. Putting up that total war against the heat and what do they do. At one point they had a three games to two lead and get Stephen A Smith that the guardian. Going into game six declaring that he did. Now I know it didn't work out the Celtics the heat weren't dead and ultimately that was the final nail in the celtics' coffin however. For a brief moment. For a brief 2448. Hour window. Boston was once again the center of the basketball universe. All eyes were on the Celtics. And the Celtics blew right people who. Ray Allen and two weeks later decides to go to that team Ray Allen two weeks later decides to be the ultimate front runner packed up his bags take less money. Go join the team that you couldn't get over meanwhile. You don't look Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett we're doing. They were meeting with. They didn't care that they were aging they didn't care that realistically. They're shot was over they were trying to find a way. Because they were that close. And what happens their brother ray not only does he packed up and leave take less money. The Celtics at that point maybe it was too little too late for the rays precious ego. But at that point Danny Ainge did offer Ray Allen. The comfort of being no trade clause would have only been the third guy in the league at that point to have one. Of the Celtics did offer re more money and that no trade so ray could have his precious peace of mind. It was a Nobel ray decided to leave why. He left in the manner that he decided to leave is something that I will never understand. When you do something as special as this group did. For five years together you coming you win that championship you go back. An NBA final two years later. And come up just short game seven. Then in 2012. They go to the Eastern Conference final and once again come up just a hair short of going back to the NBA finals. There is a brotherhood formed there. And how you don't pick up the phone hot you don't have a conversation with Paul Pierce high you don't have a conversation. With Kevin Garnett is beyond me how you play. Chick in you know light and decide you know what. I'm not gonna call these guys on the radio silent here and they go sign my deal with the heat. And to help with the Celtics is beyond me leave the Celtics I don't care rank. But call your teammates. Call your coaching staff called Danny Ainge saying hey this is what I'm thinking about doing here. The same way that Danny Ainge called in. Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. And they had a discussion together as a team as a group before Danny Ainge pulled the trigger on the biggest no brainer betrayed in NBA history. Before he did that. You had to get Kevin Garnett approval because Kevin Garnett had a no trade clause. Any sat Paul Pierce down went through the options when Paul Pierce and ultimately as a group. The three of them did what was best for the Boston Celtics the ship thought KG and Paul Pierce to the Brooklyn nets. Brooklyn thought they had a limited up opportunity to win a championship when you add those guys to Deron Williams to Brook Lopez. Obviously didn't work out but that's what they thought. And the Celtics get set up for their immediate future would this slew of Brooklyn draft picks and look how well those things have started to pan out. That's how. Most. Organizations. Move on from. Their star players and that's how most our players move on from their organizations. You've got to select few that did it the wrong way. And it's. Appropriate I guess that Ray Allen did it the way that he did it in any joined. The only guy to do it worse with a more disrespect in rank he joined LeBron James who embarrassed. A city a state a region a group of fans on national TV when he took his talents to South Beach. With Jim Gray all those years ago. Because at that point you are the predominant best player in the world. At that point you are Cleveland you are from the air that is York team. You had refused to say that you were leaving you left Cleveland on the hook for all those weeks in the offseason where they could have been making. Alternative plans to rebuild their team you left them hanging for weeks and by the time. You decided to take those talents to South Beach the other. Dominate free agents had already signed elsewhere so yep you'll let Dan Gilbert and the cavs with some money to spend on a on a Max level player. But they were already all. Taken up. So you essentially. Were comfortable LeBron James burying the Cleveland Cavaliers a team that you love so much was all your heart. And Ray Allen to be smaller degree was comfortable doing the same thing I'm sure he had the Brian James chirping in his ears and it paid do it it's okay. Follow me. It's okay ray did this and you know why. I felt spiteful. I felt this hatred towards him and this went on for years and I know the Celtics organization. Felt that same spite. It seemed disdain that seemed dislike that same hatred. And then about a year ago it started to lifts. About a year ago. Cooler heads started to prevail here and I thought. Maybe. We are gonna turn a corner when it came to Ray Allen. Paul Pierce traveled would rang out in China last year they. Buried the hatchet in Paul's words. Paul calls him his brother again. Kevin Garnett talked about Ray Allen area 21 at the start of this NBA season. Add Rajon Rondo on Wear them docked about potentially inviting rate the ten year reunion. They're gonna have this summer Padilla Celtics 2008 champions. And talked about ray being a brother. And it looked like. It looked like for a minute. Ray Allen Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett Doc Rivers Rajon Rondo we're gonna put themselves in a position to be remembered favorably as a group. Moving forward and believe me that would have been a special thing for this group of players. What happens for Paul Pierce like what happens after all the talk about burying the hatchet. And moving on in brother brotherhood what happens Ray Allen decides to skip out now. Glen ward went went on the air today and he says that he knew beyond a shadow of doubt that Ray Allen yes was in fact. Invited to the ceremony last night. And I heard the same thing as well from not one but two sources that I've got one directly inside the organization. And one outside organization both of them. Swore up and down the meaning that they know that Ray Allen was invited and welcome and rather than Ray Allen. Showing up even if he didn't mean it. But showing up because it was the right thing to do. For the fans. But he organization. And for Paul Pierce. Ray Allen decided to go golfing. We George Lopez of all people he went golfing meanwhile Doc Rivers is still employed. By the Los Angeles Clippers. Celtics are playing them on Wednesday he's got teams to prepare for and resign Rondo was the only act. Active member of that 2008 Celtics championship team he's fighting for playoff positioning right now play it playoff lives right now with the New Orleans and he decides to fly to Boston and be with his team needs to be with his Brothers. For one night. I mean that's cool you know. Most guys that are still active in the league beat as a coach or as a player they don't do that they send a video tribute message like a lot of guys did. But these guys because of that brotherhood because of moon boot too what do you think it's easier not these guys don't because a ball that. They decided that Paul Pierce was worth the effort. They decided that this was something they needed to be their Fortis celebrate their brother and their Brothers accomplishment and what is Ray Allen doing he's out there golfing with George Lopez. And putting it on instead Graham so the whole world can see. That you prioritizing that. Over this. And this sad sad part about Ray Allen the saddest commentary a ball. Is that Ray Allen was a historically great basketball player should be a first ballot hall of Famer he got his ring he's got his records. Smooth as silk this guy redefined what it meant to be a shooting guards small forward in the NBA. And you know what uses such great shape that it wouldn't surprise me at 43 years old if you wanted to come back right now he could still be contributing player in the NBA. He was amazing. One of my all time favorites. Here's the center of it. He is going to be a first ballot hall of Famer someday yet he's gonna have no place to call home think about that for a minute Ray Allen will have no place to call home. Whether it's Milwaukee. Whether it's Seattle whether it's Boston or whether it's Miami. His number will not be retired anywhere. Because his time in each one of those cities for what ever the reason. One of being cut short he had an opportunity to come to Boston last night he had an opportunity to continued to. Sort of bridge the divide between the Celtics organization the players from the await championship team and ray himself. He had an opportunity to. Create new memories and a new feeling that may be Ray Allen does deserve to have his number go up. When Kevin Garnett has his number go up a year it's duke and instead what is Ray Allen do. Keep this is all over the team once again. And he says to hell would it I don't care. I've never seen a player as talented as Ray Allen have no place to call home. It's really sadly think about it. But no team can retire that guy's number he will never experience. What Paul Pierce experience last night. And it's really a sad bitter commentary. For guy as well spoken as educated as fit as dominant use the complete package. And unfortunately he was too dumb. To realize what he walked away from not five years ago we can live with what he walked away from five years ago. It's what he walked away from last night and the message that he sent to Paul Pierce to Kevin Garnett to Doc Rivers to Rajon Rondo the message he sent to the organization. And most importantly the message that he sent to you the fans he doesn't care about you. It is Sports Radio WEEI. It is late night I am Patrick Gilroy does remove you guys tonight. It's 6177797937. Sports radio and WEI I am Patrick Gilroy if you review guys all the way up until 1 o'clock this morning. We'll continue to take your phone calls at 61777979237. He takes the program at 37. 937 you found me on Twitter. At Gilroy on hoops ads in Gilroy. On hoops and we're gonna continue to sort of unpack what we watched last night. That whole Paul Pierce spectacle was amazing. It was absolutely a thing of beauty and if you are a Celtics die hard like me. It was hard to keep your emotions in check. This was something where I gotta tell you at one point. I'm watching it would might my ten year old daughter who was rode up. In households where Celtics basketball is game she is probably bend to. 4050 games in her brief life. It's just it is a part of our lives is something that it's all she knows right and at one point. I'm tearing up like not openly. Crying where there's volume two opponent standing in front of my TV of watching this all go down and there are Bridget teeters right. And my daughter looks at me and she's like daddy you what why you crying and within thirty seconds. Move. The tears flowing down my face I found her cry it was a crowd I was proud moment for me because emotionally she got. She understood the magnitude and the wait what was taking place that you know the last time the Celtics retired somebody's number it was Cedric Maxwell. Back in 03 this was really the first time that I could think of where the Celtics retired somebody's number and read out back wasn't there helping raise the banner I was in the building in 95 win. The Celtics raised. Where it will raise doubt Reggie Lewis is number my buddy Eric who's now he doesn't hurt him on the program before. He's now a a news and sports reporter for ABC in Miami. He and I went together. No bigger Reggie Lewis fan then Eric yet seat it was his guy and yeah we had to be here this be there for regular it was. And that was a hell of an emotional might win Donna Harris Lewis. Reciting his home and that was at the peak of the rumors that Reggie had been using cocaine. But there was. The one constant the one stapled. That you had for all these ceremonies. Helping Don Harris Lewis through it and helping raise that banner read out back and win Paul Pierce. Invoked reds name. That's what I got to me because most of these young guys across the league really have no idea. Who read our back Hughes. They don't have any idea aside from the fact that this guy's name is on the Celtics home court. They don't know the impact that red had they don't know that read our back really was the architect. Of modern day Celtics basketball without Redd we don't have this team here without read the Celtics aren't. What they eventually came to be right in for Paul Pierce who. I mean let's face it when he was drafted read our back was still an active member of the of the organization and that his. He's sort of help declined rapidly in the early to mid 2000 before he passed away. But all told these great stories about how he used to sit their practice and pick reds brain. And Tommy heights and we'll tell you that red up until his final year it's due. Intellectually he still had as it is fastball so it was really cool for for me to watch Paul Pierce invoke reds name. And really. Include rating in. As a part of the celebration. Because who ever the next guy used let's say hypothetically that at some point next year. The Celtics raise Kevin Garnett number well by the time Kevin Garnett got here read out back had long since passed away. Let's say in twenty years the Celtics. Put up Jason Tait and number. Injuries and paid him there is no connection to read Paul Pierce was the last player that will ever go up those rafters that had a legitimate connection. To read out back and again it was a classy move. For Paul to invoke reds name it was a classy move. Wore red are back because it was unscripted. Write everything else about last night was totally scripted pol had. Cue cards and he had an iPhone created with sort as a note sign it too. This was unscripted it was from the heart. And he really is he's gonna be the last player to hide himself to the previous generation. And again as a lifelong Celtics fan that was really cool the city. And it was really cool to see somebody like Paul Pierce who's a modern day player right. Modern day player cut from the same cloth as like a Gallic Vince Carter Kobe Bryant Tracy McGrady. Allen Iverson that generation to see somebody late Paula here's somebody like Paul. Invoke reds game. That was classy and it something you'll probably never see again for as long as we rude on this team and it doesn't matter who the next guy is that goes up. There will be no further connection. To rent out back Paul was it. And good for Paul. Remembering red and including red in the celebration last night because again for the first time ever. Red wasn't there to help raise that banner it's Sports Radio WEEI. It is late night I am Patrick Gilroy continuing to unpack our thoughts from last night. I think the Celtics did a great job that post game party they had for Paul Pierce last night absolutely first class absolutely. Incredible coming up a little bit later in the program we'll talk about the game and begin that mattered because the Celtics are in a bit of trouble but I think. Working together with you guys we can come up with a plan and how to get the Celtics back to where they need to be. As they embark on the all star break and then eventually in about a week embark on. Their final 25 games old the regular season and head back into the NBA playoffs as odd the phone's. Let's go to Jared Jared in Warwick Jared your first appearance Sports Radio WEI. Pick your current crash taking my call on. You knowing you're actually really hit home I thought about it last night you know watching him where's salt actually fantastic. Also Missouri played there is great it was an event sub him in the mail me in the eye and watch and Barbara give them 3040 at all. Sort of a little bit put me that was the first time as an adult I was able see the Celtics who strives. Byrd Reggie Willits number thing but like. Yeah now. Because it was a slap in the face and it was a normal part of church elect Scott but you know slot but basically what LeBron. The national black slate. I didn't get as much still he says tonight the top disrespectful and you beat. It and in the fact that many see you see our speakers there. KG. Rondo blow my mind Vietnam which is scant. Read because Rondo Rondo eighty still playing MP what's his reputation is is like a jerk right but Rondo put team first. And obviously that team that he was on and await meant to tremendous amount to him. Because there he is. LT whatever whatever personal issues that Rondo had been that team aside. He showed up to pay his respects to Paul Pierce and the Celtics organization. Actually they look it up and up and down purposes employee. He's got other things that bill. And because declined sect double that parts and then you look at the guys playing golf. It's like why you know this is your one opportunity. It would you put a box she pleads for a leads the league for Seattle. And then neatly lower the national socialism one chance and I mean that vocal via a particular chancellor stepped issue establish yourself for the team. He failed to do that. You know much much it would assume yours. Oakland seven any the election. You know is it different things and now we're excited about the season this year I gonna double her home province you know they're going to try to explain that I am. You know financials like now I'm confident that I have talked about urban and Mike. Well one person not a Obama are down by them that much about 2% of what a total slap in the face. Ray Allen's gonna go down in history as the best player may be the only hall of fame player have to look it up that doesn't have a long term home think about that somebody has except. What I mean but somebody as successful overall first ballot hall of fame talent. That doesn't have his number retired in somebody's building because he was never able to establish himself as a member of the votes of a city of a culture. He always last and whether you left by his own merit. Lately here in Boston it was his decision or whether it was a trade lake it was out of Milwaukee for whatever the reasons work. He never endeared himself to a community and what's rape or vote what's troubling about what happened near Boston. I mean people were legitimately pissed off when you left him with a good reason. But he had a real opportunity between Paul Pierce openly extending that all of Britain France to him between Kevin Garnett back in November an area it's when he won saying that race still brother. If he shows up last night. He gives himself a real opportunity to be remembered as a Celtic and to bridge that divide between these guys on the team. And instead that he made it worse or assault right back on that won't. You're actually goes into the bodies suck up I'm going out playing golf and or whatever but I'm sure to cover you know law would save a bit cagey about appears. Probable we got there for a free and but yeah we're the ones and the tickets and we're the ones that led screen just like you reset your family are back my back in in you know that is just like you know what it's like. In L. I don't know it just is it's disrespectful gripe or something like site. And it looked at Boston's seeing him I feel like less political mentor couples like David Ortiz retired Portland control excellent iconic. Took to this mental typical island but I come to like. Blossom I shall consider that that's mice but my account sports. In Armenia and now and Agnes and folic it was just disrespectful to reorganization. Disrespectful to appears himself. In the vehicle and was there hockey match op act I don't know I mean at those pretty disgusting you know listen and talk more ball toward road especially about it. Actually bought. You know it was a total slap in the thirties. It was hills and appreciate the phone call of up against the orbited yet you brought up. David Ortiz his name and if memory serves me correctly. I believe Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter. Took part in David Ortiz is out weekend that he had here. When David Ortiz you know was was walking away from the Red Sox and they had that weekend celebration here. You know so to have guys that played for your biggest rival. Participate in you know you were going away present your going away party essentially and they are Ray Allen a guy that won a championship with these guys. A guy that he signed an eighty Ray Allen knows how he left he knows the circumstances. Under which he leapt by right he knows it didn't go over well here. He knows how awkward it was. That worst time back playing against the Celtics win Kevin Garnett iced him out. Ray Allen made an attempt to go over there and sort of dad Kevin Garnett Kevin Garnett iced him out he alienated himself completely. From his teammates and from the city. Because the majority of Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett in the last year knowing that the ten year reunion was coming up for this group. They both extend an olive branches to Ray Allen to try and get things right and make this team hole again. So for the rest of time this team can go down and sort of be together as the oh wait. World champion Boston Celtics and somehow some way Ray Allen is getting care yesterday and it's really troubling to me yet but they all matured enough. To put ray Allen's. Sort of personal selfishness aside and economy here. Just be quiet sit there on the floor somewhere in between data barrows and Antoine Walker suck it up for an hour. Mr. golf game would George Lopez do what's right for the organization. Do what's right for Paul and ultimately. It would've been what's right for ray. So may be some day Ray Allen is study permanent home somewhere. Some talent some cities some fan base appreciates what Ray Allen did for them. Long after he's gone the right now to meet he's just considered hired gun a mercenary. Hell of a shooter help the Celtics win the 2008. NBA world championship they probably. Don't win it without him but that's it. Our lifetimes Celtic knows somebody who quote unquote bleeds green somebody that's going to be an ambassador for this team moving forward. Somebody who you would call upon. If you're recruiting a free agent he called Ray Allen NC a break can you help me out here you call Kevin Garnett he called Paul Pierce. They'll make that phone call for you help I think Rajon Rondo is more likely to make that phone call for you. That Ray Allen. Ray Allen has priorities he would rather go golfing. With the George Lopez. And be here for his teammates. Be here for Paul Pierce and being here for the city of Boston it is Sports Radio WEEI. It is late night when we come back we'll continue your phone calls on Ray Allen. We'll also get into what. Is wrong when this team. And is something that can be fixed. Before I don't know Gordon Hayward comes back we'll talk about that coming up next right here Sports Radio. W yet. It is Sports Radio. WEEI Patrick Gilroy here reading guess taking you all the way up until 1 o'clock in the morning. Right hero only now it will tickle take your phone calls it and continue to stay here and dissected and analyzed Ray Allen whatever is motivations work the next 1015 minutes or so but coming up in the 12 o'clock hour I really wanna get into. How to fix this Celtics team is very guy of their potentially. It's gonna get bought out I mean they were two guys that were just bought out that found new homes that were both of rumored to be connected to the Celtics. And you know Danny Ainge. If not for anything else you go that he is on top of the stuff right so obviously if he had wanted Joseph Johnson. More of an effort would have been made to acquire Joseph Johnson if you want to bella Nellie. Who now went to the sixers more of an effort would have been made to go require that so. Win the story first broke about 45 days ago that both Belinelli and Joseph Johnson were going to get bought out. And that the Celtics were going to be suitors. That was one thing that was really the last thing that we heard. As far as the Celtics connections to those guys go and both of those guys. Do provide something that the Celtics could use I mean Joseph Johnson is a shell. All of its former self he's a shooter and offensive guys it's averaging. Under seven points a game on some horrific shooting only 26%. Or less from three this year is ages really caught up to and Ellen really somebody that can sort of fill it up. But you never know he's inconsistent there's a reason why bio guys essentially get bought out now the question is. Does Danny Ainge knows something we don't know the guy that he was rumored to be after his Tyreke Evans in the trade market. It was indeed trade that presented itself that Danny Ainge thought was fair market Dow. Gains ultimately. Decided he wasn't trading markets Smart for Tyreke Evans because what you do there your flipping your best defensive player for a damn good offensive player. But I reeks of rental. And I still think that because. Markets is. Entering restricted free agency at what could be a very advantageous time for the Celtics because this market correction it's happening across the league. Where once upon a time. Danny Ainge in the Celtics brain trust probably thought. That there was no chance at keeping Marcus mark long term I think now they think there's the shot so that rocketed trademark is Smart Horry rental. But now they're stories that Tyreke Evans may still. Be available that he may get bought out so the next week is gonna be very very interesting because other guys that we hadn't really heard yet. May get bought out. And if they do this Celtics certainly could use another offensive option if the plan and I've heard this more and more in the last week and it's really delete. It's exciting but it's troubling not the same time. Right so I've heard whispers coming out. Oh celtics' camp and those whispers are getting louder and louder and louder that maybe Danny Ainge didn't. Make a move. For an offensive guy because although he's not going to be 100%. They are more than confident that they'll be contributions made on the court from boarding Hayward. Sometime around the end of march. So let's say Gordon Hayward is 70%. Of the Gordon Hayward that we know him to beat. For a run that last and do marched through ended day. Celtics through the last month of the regular season into the conference finals let's let's just say that and he never did better than 70%. For this year. I mean. Is 70% of Gordon Hayward better than what's going to be in the bile market probably. Like you gotta make sure that if that's the road you're gonna go down. That you're very very careful. In protecting Gordon Hayward because he is a long term investment for the Celtics team. It will be very short sighted to bring back Hayward a little Britain bitterly a little bit premature here. In an effort to maximize with the Celtics team can do this year we'll get into all of those specifics coming up in the next hour until then I really wanna continue to crap all over Ray Allen. Because missed opportunities or something that really bother me whether missed opportunities on the floor or off the floor last night Ray Allen. Had a missed opportunity. Missed opportunity for rain to come to Boston and continue to heal those wounds. And again in my back and forth with the lining. On social media earlier he built these good points about it why should there be wounds and players you know it gets stuck. Byte by ownership this happens all the time. And players should have the right to do so he's absolutely right. He is except you have to take each one of these situations. By themselves in each one has their own circumstance. And what Ray Allen did. What rail did was disrespectful to his teammates to the city. Into himself quite frankly. He wanted to go be. The bigger man I'm gonna go would LeBron James and Ray Allen is the last person I think a lot of NBA fans like me. Whether you're a Celtics fan or not. If you just an NBA fan I think a lot of NBA fans were ultimately disappointed. In Ray Allen at the same editor that we're disappointed. In Kevin Durant because we thought we knew better we thought we knew them better. Ultimately. I never would've considered Ray Allen or Kevin Garnett front runners. Guys that we take the easy way out they just didn't seem like those types of guys and ultimately. I am wrong and anybody that felt the same way that and I felt. You're wrong too. It is Sports Radio WEEI it is late night I am Patrick Gilroy room for you guys denied a 617. 7797. And 937 back out to the phones we go. Let's go to Tim Tim's in Portland TV next appearance ports radio. WEEI. It actually felt like Michael let's let him with an amendment aren't just kind of refuel acclaimed. She people cared Danny Ainge shutdown area are running gun trade for OJ Mayo explainable I. No I don't I don't I I think that Danny probably talked to him but I don't know if he sat down. Explain the ins and outs of life to him but I also think that Tim there was a lot more going on behind the scenes that wasn't reported that the time for example if Paul Pierce were on the trading block at that time or Kevin Garnett were on the trading block at that time I promise you. The any age would have sat down and had a conversation. Ray Allen wasn't the the awesome teammate an awesome guy that we all. Thought he was because of how will's pokey is how well he carries himself. We felt like he was one guy and he really he wasn't that guy at all ultimately the relationship or let the erode that he had with Rondo. Created the major issues in that locker room to the point where somebody had to go. And ultimately do any age at that point was choosing yelled Ray Allen as the guy that had to go if only because of the age difference between he and Rondo. I don't understand I understand but grilled on the great shooters and not and the history and the other time. You're gonna potentially treat approaching now. A tournament or regular point though and I wanna continue to cover station with the that you sort of make in my point you just say he's one of the greatest shooters in NBA history I think he's a first ballot hall of Famer. Have you ever seen a guy that's one of the greatest shooters in NBA history again it's a first ballot hall of Famer in my opinion. Not have a home he's not gonna have his number retired anywhere attempt what does that say about race. Earl ray was focused as far as being teammate but Danny Ainge is always looking for the next move. He saw the writing on the wall in OJ Mayo is an up and coming player. And he bit the bullet Ellen and looked out at OJ Mayo. Because what happened OJ male relatives character. He's a bad he's not a not a very good guy and he got near that league right now ya I'd say re out of a lot better got to look well he can't mail ever want to. You're right but rent let me ask you this to him before ego we re disappointed that raid didn't show up less than it. I don't blame them really. Who the ray was taken out of a lineup. Her. Avery Bradley able Avery Bradley a rookie Rickie point guard Marla. And the writing on the wall and the help achieve that they're the leadership that failed. I did I did I I do I get it then. All of this talk of yell all the branches and everybody getting along in the mall being a family that's what we've heard the last year. For the last year between ray and Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce the three of them burying the hatchet and all three have talked about. Right and they did debt in an effort. For this win it late a later date this year. We prospect in the celtics' brain trust is gonna bring in the entire league championship team for this giant celebration at the end of the season ten year anniversary. And they all did it. Does that include Ray Allen as a part of that celebration because he is they don't win that championship without them. How ray couldn't come there is show up last night and OK don't show up right. Why post the picture of yourself. Golfing with George Lopez it just makes you look really in my opinion it made ray looked really small in this whole situation. Yeah no don't follow Lister gorilla some a picture of Leno about and the post pictures and whatnot but. You know. That would be the bad taste in my mouth is as far as being arraigned on that I was going to be treated for OJ Mayo and and the character of the media and not do any change. You can't claim. You know that he shut down list. Key gene set now appears that you know they're their record trade he can do that left where it. It's a good point Tim and this is why this discussion is one that you know will continue to have your for years and years and years it just it's not gonna go away and you know raise somebody that. Ease. The obvious straight into the program that's the thing right that when it comes to Ray Allen he should be a beloved member of Celtic lore. There have been a lot of guys over the years that have spent less time in a Celtics uniform. And it had smaller impacts. And Ray Allen had in a Celtic uniform and that will always be. Sort of beloved here in Boston and I'll give you a very recent example. Let's talk about Isiah Thomas as it Thomas was here for two and happy years and because. The popular opinion when it comes to eye teeth is that. Game screwed him Danny Ainge traded him. Ed ultimately Isiah Thomas did everything in his power not to be treated Isiah Thomas wanted to be a lifelong Celtic Isiah Thomas. I sacrificed both on and off the court. For his team. They don't eat that stuff up fans love that about ninety so. That was there a little bit of back and forth this year but I team being whiny. Yeah that's just Boston fans being Boston fans the fact is this next that nineties in the building. And every time I tee is in the building he's going to get a monstrous thunderous standing ovation. Because ultimately Boston fans respect and love the guy for what he did while he was here Ray Allen. Is not gonna get that she would still be a certain segment of fans they give me thunderous ovation but it's always going to be mixed with boos. He will never be beloved the way that he should've been. Here in this city rail did that to himself and the most frustrating part of all this is ray Allen's playing days are long over. Usually once your playing days are lie low for you no longer have the ability to change anything. But Ray Allen had the ability a gift that was given to him yesterday. The Celtics invited him to the Paul Pierce number retirement celebration. All he had to do we show up. Sit in began seat any one of 20000 seats in the arena if he didn't want us it would doc and Rondo and Kevin Garnett he did and asked him. You don't have to he could've sat a luxury box somewhere could've sat up and halo level nine somewhere he did and have to sit with these guys he just had to be there for Paul. And for the fans. Ultimately all would have been forgiven and instead here we are rehashing this again because Ray Allen cannot help himself. It is Sports Radio WEEI. It is late night when we come back we'll continue. With derailed phone calls while to talk about the bio market and what your Boston Celtics can do. To reclaim first place in the Eastern Conference all that and more coming up next Sports Radio W ya.