WEEI Late Night - Has Tom Brady officially separated himself from President Trump? 9-26-17

WEEI Late Night
Tuesday, September 26th

Late Night hour 1 kicks off with Alex Reimer discussing the amount of national anthem protest that happened at all of the NFL games, especially right here in New England.  Reimer then navigates the tough climate that is currently surrounding all of these protests and discusses the tension with the callers.  Alex also parses through Tom Brady's comments prior to the Monday night football game with Jim Grey and compares them to his comments from earlier that day with WEEI's morning show Kirk and Callahan.


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Now. I am always excited. To hop on the errant shot with all of you wonderful people. Out there across the WEEI Sports Radio network. But I'm especially deep depth tonight to speak with you the glistening all today. In the past three days to all the conversation. Surrounding Donald Trump Friday night. Buying NFL players who protest the National Anthem sons of bitches. We know how it all snowballed from knack. 32 NFL owners make a statement. Jerry Jones to not make a written statements but he kneeled. Arms linked to this players before the anthem as mentioned in trending that's the keyword before the them. Patriots responded nearly twenty players kneeled yesterday they were glued. By some portions of the crowded Gillette we will get to that sounding get to my reaction to you know Matt Light said he was ashamed to be patriot yesterday when. You saw the players you know what I was ashamed to beef from this region. When I heard some people blew the players healing during the anthem yesterday acting I was just such a disgraceful acts. I'm so appalling and disgusting. Outlook gets an out later Ryan I am so angry about Max mine I mean it just what start now we have a lot to get tee before we get there. On Brady of course is broken which drop. Made for him a very strong statement on Turkey Callahan this morning. He reiterated those comments to Jim great tonight and Westwood One will play got signed for you a bit later on also bill ballot check released his much anticipated statement. Did not say much brushed off questions with Dale Hall in key today but. I think Belichick made a statement. And you lock the players to Neil. Sort dive into all of that also won a victory Matt light's interview with Cain tee this morning have a lot of reaction now are. I talk with some would they divergent viewpoints but this thing keeps going. Because the president the United States keeps tweeting about it ought to when he tweets and read tweets over the last three days. About National Anthem protests. In teams visiting him. In the White House had to continue tonight. At CNN is hash tag eight news. Just reported CEO last John tally alumni puts puts on parentheses banks banks Mr. President. Just reported CEO last John Kelly chief of staff was opposed to my stance and NFL players. Disrespecting. Flag and them country total lie. Next week. General John Calley totally agrees with my stance and and a ball players and the fact they should not be disrespecting. Our flag or great country. Then again tremendous backlash against the NFL and its players for disrespect of our country. Hash tags stand for our anthem that's the second time today that Donald Trump has tweeted that hash tag stand. For our anthem. They went on to other matters he admonished Puerto Rico for its debt to Wall Street as the ounce has just been slammed by category five hurricane and slandered John McCain for scuttling his health care bill again so. Trump got moved on to other matters eventually. But three tweets tonight. As I mentioned twenty tweets and read tweets. Over the last three days about this issue and I athletes and teams visiting the White House it's amazing not on top of all this we kind of lost that Donald Trump. I'd disinvited step curry to the White House like its Terry. Said that he wasn't interested in going and that today NBA immediate days across the cancer now is over at Celtics media day and can't in. I'd trump was a big topic yet LeBron James and Gregg Popovich. I'd go off bottom as we expected they widen people did so eloquently. I celtics' Tony was a little more subdued. A carrier Irving in Jalen brown did sat right. About it they are planning displays of unity this season and Brad Stevens and Danny Ainge ball expressed their support for those actions so. The biggest topic in the country for the last three days. And with these trumped tweets again tonight it's not going away and this is another report. For Maggie Haberman who's a White House reporter for the New York Times she tweets about half an hour ago. Odd at trump was having dinner tonight with conservative leaders in the White House and this is what she said Pau is pulls dinner guests but it's NFL attacks. They murmured support. He said it is hot line. Per person in their rooms so. Again this is not going away any amazing thing is and it's in the Saturday and I was on with rob Bradford I'm rob Bradford. I this protest story was really on the back burner. It'll drop brought it up until trump brought it up again I mean week to. Just last week there were like a dozen players who did see who did any sort of a demonstration that set a dozen. In this week it was well over a hundred. Including and you saw the whole cowboys team tonight Neil before anthem three teams to even take a field during the anthem of the Steelers. Have expressed some regret about that sell this thing trump. Does does not pour gasoline on a fire rights and again a lot has been sent about is just a few quick general points one ahead on that don't get to Brady in all the patriots specific step as well. I keep hearing not players dealing are protesting America are protesting the American flag. They are absolutely not doing. I've seen this quote broader on Twitter during today's so it's a little bit of a cliche but I think it is true. Picking up players annual during the at them are protesting the flag. Is akin to picking Rosa Parks was protesting public transportation. I mean really Rosa Parks is not protesting public transportation. Is president protesting the fact that blacks had to sit in the back of the bus. NFL players in yield during the anthem starting with contact critic last year. Not protesting the American flag they're not protesting this country. They are protesting the racial inequality. We see in this country they are protesting police brutality in black communities that we see across this country. That's number one they're not protesting the anthem they are not protesting the American flag there in up protesting the United States of America. They're protesting racial injustice and racial inequality that's what it started with can't count predict its continued that way up to this week so that's number one. They're not protesting a flat they're protesting issues in this country. And also the American flag folks I don't know where we got this idea that the American flag only represents the military. We are forever indebted to those in our armed services. And the people fight for our country and fight for our freedoms and fight for my right to be an idiot on the air with you every night. Those people are far braver than die and I will always stand and applaud them in cheer for them and log them they'd deserve it. Graver than died braver than anybody including this president around like five deferments to be the Vietnam War. So I have the utmost respect for our military I think we all deal that should go without saying. It's the American flag isn't just theirs. I can't believe these words or get out leave my mouth I feel dirty saying I am by. Bob Kostis. I'm not beating good point about tennis you sure you're on it's that's awful I know it's hard for me. I don't I don't from gonna make after the shot after saying that now but it's true he was on CNN this morning Bob Costas. And die he made a good point I think about how. We have this weird thing where we only thing that the American flag represents the military in here here's what he said this morning. Yet about a lot where the debate is about right now because you hear from the president you certainly hear from its cabin including Steve edition I'm not sure we have that book with a Treasury Secretary. Went on TV this weekend and said this isn't about race it's about respect for the military in the first responders and when you Neil. You're disrespecting the military approach a spot. Part of what's happened. Is that sports. And patriotism and the lack have been inflated to such an extent. That people can't separate out. Any new wants. If you go to C Hamilton which is about the founding of the republic know what to Whittle it don't raise the curtain until we hear the national went. When you went to see private Ryan know once it turn off the projected Saving Private Ryan know once and turn off the projector until we've had the National Anthem. It's in sports where this stuff happen. Sometimes movingly. Sometimes I'd submit cynically. Because. Wrapping yourself in the flag and honoring the military is something which no one is going to objective we all respect. Their sacrifice we all honor their sacrifice and yet. What it is come to mean. Is that the flag is primarily and only about the military. This is no disrespect to the military itch it's a huge part of the narrative but Martin Luther King was a patriot Susan B. Anthony. Was a patriot. Dissidents are patriots. School teachers and social workers are patriots and yet at Yankee Stadium we can shift sports. Not only do they play the National Anthem before it again. But they played god bless America at the seventh inning stretch 81 times a year at home games. And and every case they say these rise as the Yankees honor a military gets. I have no problem with. Yes so again knots that's Bob Costas today on CNN dot I think again. Simply a Bob Costas putted well off are promised rumor Bob Costas phrase dress the show but he did he put it well. The American flag represents more than just the military. Yes. People fight for our freedom our patriots there the utmost patriots but it also represents civil servants social workers teachers. Firefighters go on down the line. So this idea that we only equate the American flag with the military armed forces. Is kind of scary I mean not like what you see in militaristic. Type societies and you know again and the fact that we played anthem before sporting events. Is random. Eight and totally arbitrary I mean as Bob Costas said why don't we play it. But for plays while we play it for the movies so this whole idea in general is arbitrary. And up until 2009. NFL players weren't even. I didn't even take the field. When he anthem started point so this is even a relatively new phenomenon players being. Two mandated to be on the field while the anthem is being played and on the veterans points that the most common review cue here of one of the most common review to hear. Of the players going forward with these protests is all it's. People in the military find it offensive and disrespectful because of that you've got to stand. I'm sure some do. Find it offensive and disrespectful Matt Light today was talking about dot he was in a suite at the patriots game yesterday with veterans who founded offensive in the widow. And a veteran and nine year old widow of a veteran who found it offensive and I'm not doubting Matt items series tying the truth by. Oh let's not make a blanket statements I mean Bruce Maxwell. The a's catcher who kneeled during the anthem on Saturday his father fought in Vietnam. Any Neil during the anthem it out today is viral video in 97 year old World War II veteran took any. To support the protesting players World War II veteran greatest generation. You know there's a hash tag last year veterans for tapper which restarted by a former US soldier. So don't make blanket statement saying that veterans find this offensive. Cricket think that's insulting to veterans. It's using them as political props. Due some veterans find that offensive yes. But many others do not you don't need to do a lot of research. To find not to be the case so that is a horrible argument. The troops find it offensive the veterans find it disrespectful. Some do but many do not. So that's a common review that I think is just made out of Salinas and you know the whole idea again. That they're protesting the American flag are there protesting the military is absurd so it can't happen except last August. When this topic came out quote. I have great respect for the men and women out of spot for this country I have family I have friends that have gone and fought for this country. And they fight for freedom they fight for the people they fight for liberty and justice for every one. That's not happening he goes on to say. I've seen circumstances. Where men and women that have been in the military have come back and been treated unjustly. By the country they fought for and have been murdered by country 54. On our land that's not right. And again you don't have to be a real history buff to know what topics talking about to go back to World War II we add African American serving. And our armed forces in over two and a half million black men registered to fight in World War II. And then they came back and retreated to Jim Crow. Hey things are fighting the Nazis banks are buying the Japanese. And I got to drink in a separate waterfowl and they got to got to separate school I mean we we've seen as the router history throughout our recent history so it's it's very clear this is this protest has absolutely. Nothing to do with the military and the fact that people. Insist on making that connection that forced connection. Is weak and it's intellectually lazy because it allows you to avoid the argument and they're real discussion. That we need to how appeared that we failed to have as a country for the last year plus. Is the point. Of these protests what are they protesting. Why are they protesting near protesting police brutality in black communities they are protesting racial inequality they are protesting. All of that into pretend that race is a part of it. Like Donald Trump did yesterday when asked about this is absolutely is absurd here's what trump said yesterday when he was asked about out. Whether or not he was making a racial statement when he caught the protesting players are sons of bitches and Alabama. It was on the tarmac in years past us and it was just totally totally absurd. That's nothing to do the race. I've never said anything about right this. Would raise. And if they houses has to do with respect for our country and respect for. No paso just saying this has everything to do with race. These are aptly it's largely black athletes. Until the last couple weeks exclusively black athletes. We're protesting racial equality were protesting police brutality. In black in black neighborhoods so this is entirely about race it is entirely about race. And to say it is ends and to talk about disrespecting the flag disrespecting the military. Is just ignoring the big picture. It's typical trump and easing capable of thinking beyond soundbites. He's allergic to introspection. In its tests it's just shameful. It is that this is the conversation that we can only how does a country and our leader and I know some this is be asking now the president sets the tone for the nation. I know I roll my eyes a little bit money here that kinda stuff to buy. It's not all phony BS. I mean some of it some of that is true the president the United States has the largest bully pulpit in the world. Any any has the intellect of like a bright part comment. I mean really ended it's just grotesque until the end you don't know thinking don't once respected and know its respective no introspection. Nothing of the sort. You know and don't tell me well they should pick another way to get their point across you know he's not lead to healing during the National Anthem we got to pick another way to get their point across. That's a people been saying about protests since the beginning of time. It opt out wasn't a history major in college but I did read a few mystery box. For exactly thrilled with Martin Luther King's march on Washington. Or is some RR Selma to Montgomery march. People were not really thrilled with those methods. Of protest either so talking about the physical protest. And not the issues that they're actually protesting in trying to bring to the forefront. Is a real convenient way to sidestep the issue. And avoid having a larger conversation. That we desperately need to have in this country now I hear my good friend Gerry Callahan every morning say. What do you mean we need to start out in a conversation about race we've been having it since it's since I can remember we've always been having. And that's not really true I mean we've only had it on a superficial. And very very thin level. You know our conversation about race. As a retains these protests is again. Should day protest during Vietnam are disrespecting the military are they disrespecting America are they disrespecting the flag again it's just made up. Forced to stop. We are not talking about the actual issue here we're dancing around that we're talking about everything else we're not talking about what the app beats wanna bring to the forefront. So it's just it's just it's a failure on us really. And right now we're we're taking our cues from the president to justice is incapable of thinking beyond sound bites. He's incapable of doing anything that doesn't include settling scores. And that's all this wives and he had twenty tweets and re tweets about it over the last three days. Again because he just he can't let things go it's all about personal band dad is for him. In it's I think it was it's been a shameful and disgraceful. Few days for our country in and I will continue throughout the week 61777979837. Is your phone number that again. 61777979837. We see you all lined up I promise would get you next and also coming up next place and sound from Tom Brady was on Kirk and Callahan this morning. And that Brady. Distance himself from trump on this one I think Brady. Condemned trumpet and the harshest homes in the harshest tones I've ever heard him condemn anybody publicly ever. We'll talk about that that next with you it's WEEI late night don't go anywhere. Yeah I mean I I certainly disagree with you know what he said in an you know but it was just divisive and and the Republican candidates. I just sort of support my teammates and I'll. I always felt. Under one that's though that's longer that's writer that's. But I do believe what I believe it and I believe I'm bringing people together and respect and love and trust in. In. You know those of the values that my parents instilled in me. And Howard try to live every day and you know I've been blessed to be a locker with guys. From all over the United States over the course recruit some great friends are from. You know Florida you know. A Virginia it. You know New York Montana. Colorado Texas I mean. I think one thing about football there brings so many guys together guys that you never had the opportunity that. To be around where there was and college. In all the way into the pros and world different in world you'd meet. And you know that's what makes it's also special. Does Tom Brady this morning with Turkey Callahan right here in WEEI out an interview that certainly made news there'd there'd been a lot of new AZ interviews we've had. On the station over the last few years Abbott bow and take the cake it was picked up by everybody. I Drudge Report had a immediately. My favorite New York Times reporters were tweeting about might be a new Yorker writers are tweeting its are really. Went across the political spectrum and we Drudge on one side New York Times on the other so everybody. Was latching onto a Tom Brady said today was carrying Carrick and it was not a mistake. Yeah I mean Brady is so calculated. Any so careful with every word he chooses. It was not a mistake he meant to say he disagrees with Donald Trump he called the comments divisive and if you wanted if interview any doubts. That Brady got may have over spoke with the Gerri correct this morning he reiterated his statements with that his pal Jim Gray. On Westwood one's in night out once again saying he disagrees with the president. Saying the comments are divisive so a lot Brady did not misspeak which anchored to make as he reiterated as he points which Jim Gray tonight. Well I disagree with what he said I've been in the NFL player for is my eighteenth season I have a great deal of respect for all the men that came before me as players. And that I'm currently playing with today we played a game we love we've played for the stand. We played per family we've played for communities I think our players is such a great job in the community. And I hate 71 the spears back. So had he did not misspeak he said this morning he disagrees a trump said it again tonight he disagrees with AB now is former friend. Donald Trump I don't now and that as I was saying earlier. I think that's the hardest the harshest. Radius ever condemn somebody publicly and mean he never even criticized Roger Goodell like. During that kind of deflate so take a back right I mean to Dowell who tried to ruin Brady's reputation. Hit over his career. What is life basing his legacy. Never. Ever. Ever condemned it dal and those terms at the height of the plate gate. Like he condemned trumpet today a couple of interviews starting with us again iron curtain Callahan. On edge and I've seen some criticism of Brady. You know people tweeting out it's my pals on the far left my Bernie grows. Tweeting out die that's all Brady asked to say wired he Neil yesterday 20 come on divisive that's empty language. And I mean I gas. I guess I would of white to me and my ideal world for everybody is a radical social activist Yasser I would like to see Brady Neil I would like to see Aaron Rodgers BL. Let's see all the ballots checked yell everyone take any take any. I would like to see all that cross Seattle yesterday but I also. Wanted Hussein eleven reality I haven't some semblance. A reality and I understand that not everybody feels passionately about these issues and understand that Tom Brady. Is an apolitical guy. Yeah and we talk about Brady trump all the time but let's be real with what wise. That was Tom Brady's supporting different. I think it was an implied endorsement. You know I've always said I I tacit endorsement is that is the term. I thought he was tacitly endorsing trumpet and when he fifteen with that make America great again patents saying no would be great if feet. Got elected president then to appraise next comment wise after dot. It be great if trump got elected president there'd be a putting green on the White House line. So. Really when trust candidacy first started Brady was supporting his body. And I don't allow a truck was already disparaging Mexicans who's already disparaging Muslims I know I get backed by. There's a chance Brady wasn't following it all that closely. They're really once I mean that was the campaign was still and it's real infancy and the fall of 2015. Cell. Brady why is friends with trump golf buddies with him tacitly endorsed him as a friend but never made any sort of political statement for trump never even. Has said whether he voted. For trump he still held back to his vast so. I get to eat out an ideal world everyone is. Everyone's a hardcore radical activist yeah my dream world weren T close run and things. Would Tom Brady kneeled ghastly Aaron Rodgers have -- yes but you know Brady I backed condemned trumpet pretty harsh terms today for him. He would waive further than I thought he would. And it was a big headline it was a huge headline it was all over the place Tom Brady breaks with his friend Donald Trump. And the fact the Brady said it twice with Turkey Italian this morning and then Jim Gray tonight's tells me it was intentional so. It out complaining about Brady not being more political at this point is like complaining about the weather in January it's it's it's por. We get the weather in January socks and Tom Brady isn't really about political he's not he's not going to make strong social stands at just not who yet it's. And just as he throws the football well does that mean he's obligated to make strong social stands I'd. So for Tom Brady to go out and explicitly say I disagree with Donald Trump I think it's comets were divisive. That's a neat Gammons is a very strong statement for him. 617779797. Is your phone number and what's lead things off tonight with nick in New Hampshire it's been waiting patiently. Want to talk about bill Belichick's response that's nick what's going on. The hour right here I don't know why not let's let's throw a little bit so thumbs up science I'm a little lake. Some little mower a little tight here. No way we all are. Asked again after. But you know I would just like just say you know while I. I don't completely agree with a lot of issues that really do like they're passionate. You do addressed all sides to do you don't. So your half of the sort with opiate completely disrespectful to the other really do like that you make out our I'm not a yeah I'm not a poll you know right wing for. I'm more independent blood the article for Trout I get like a lot of space she did do I disagree with a lot of excess. I'm pretty sure that do not have. Are we think about Belichick didn't Brady's response tickets as you want to talk about that. Yes and I'm sorry sore Syria so bill project I really wouldn't set you really you know. It's so that he is trying to belittle it almost I really do like that. It's spoke college sports. I think you know. Here at the end you know Mike Tomlin did a good job tried. No or at least wanted to keep politics out of the armed. Whether Mike Tomlin did did a terrible job I mean by keeping his team in the in the locker during the anthem I. At that he needed all politics really I thought Tom handle that poorly in the Steelers of that and a. I don't know I like a way to handle this but the reason being he's just you and I mean I don't like the way that. A little way to handle it the way he went back out. Did you think you shouldn't act that you should stay with as you know is it but whether. Or actually should have decided to do that hole. It'll yet it's it. I you know. It. And odd as it's gonna say you know I vote on a blown away by you know I feel like it he said today in that. He feels like he. Didn't he feels like he was wrong going out so you wished he stayed with his teammates but I also say you know I should be forced into it they don't want to do wean off anti don't know wave and others. Wanna take a loud and put their hands over their hearts money anthem was played they should the dog that's why did I am probably pray but what about some Brady before relate. Yes and number 88. I ER I just I really do feel appreciate that you know liberal about to speak their mind don't act like a lot of the owners. Just cut that you know something to vote. A boat tried a lot of supported them. One of them said they try to had to say that they disagree on because. All other players you know place for the and have really close relationships. I go to go to bed a little. Awkward situation of the guy you know you work for the guys who you know who pays who isn't you know. Is a really supporting what you believe and. Absolutely neck and thanks for the cost 617779. 797 have an open line for you for the first time tonight's a jump on it I got the orders like get to them a little backed off I think. A lot of them had to make a statement as you said nick I think their hands were tied in some respects. I talk what empty language I think a lot of the statements from these owners who guests were trump donors like Bob Kraft to a relatively. Empty statements obvious as Belichick is concerned I here's what he said an official statement released. Late this afternoon. And then we'll play what he said there did not say with dale and holing Keefe. I'd today as well. I've immense respect and admiration for our players for how they conduct themselves professionally as New England Patriots and for how they represent themselves their family is. In communities as men. I've coached football fervor for decades and one of the greatest things about being in this environment is diversity of people. Backgrounds viewpoints and relationships we are fortunate to experience. As with any large group of people there's a variety of perspectives and opinions on many topics discussions occur between myself. Individual players groups and the entire team on an ongoing basis. I'm going to keep the specifics of those conversations private. I would do I feel is the best for my team in my role as head coach in collectively. We will work together to find the best way to proceed so I was Belichick's statements again released late this afternoon and now and when asked to follow up on day on calling key piece said. On Friday the president of the United States made some comments about players in the National Football League in anthem protests. There was widespread reaction around the league yesterday including here with your football team. What was your reaction to how your team responded to what was said by the president on Friday. And when I'm I think Imus thing about that today and mostly. A tax. A backpack and a statement about the today and I'll leave that app okay. I mean you're you're gonna get at the moment that's total ballots checked it out he said it when Aaron Hernandez was first you know arrested for killing noted Lloyd. How about pres comics at the start training camp a drastic boom moves on never to be spoken of began. That's how we deals with a lot of these things. And dot you know again I think complaining about the way Belichick deals with issues like this is complaining about the weather in January. It's it's boring it's old it's old news and I frankly think. Belichick may the strong statement about this he allowed his players to protest. He allowed nearly twenty players to yield during the anthem. That to me is a very strong statement because you know I want to put words in Belichick's now by. We know about his admiration for the navy read his father coach and scout at navy for many years I mean his favorite restaurant narrowing his favorite barbecue joint that played the National Anthem that you know every. I mean this is a man who loves the National Anthem. Really really loves. And he allowed almost when he players and captains DeVon Courtney stars like brand in cuts to me he allowed these guys high profile guys. To Neil and you heard Trey flowers today at all math I mean trade flowers second year player. Criticize the president Donald Trump today he did. I pasted them on these airwaves I mean. When did you think you never hear that patriots player like Trey flowers basically nobody on this team and nobody in this league. Making fairly strong political statement on these airwaves today in feeling comfortable enough to do that and take part in the protest yesterday cell. Belichick didn't really say anything in a statement. He didn't say anything with dale and hauling Keefe and probably not gonna say anything about it the rest of the week but. He made a statement on Sunday he allowed his players to me. Gonna pay gallon Georgia before he had a break big Dow what's happening. The more reality yet Angela from I don't know you know. Look at it I just for the record I know this may be something you're aware of but I agree with your opening monologue about. Like an orchard people do tend associated. Those two things together I'm a veteran air force retiree. Never wants to we've taken note to apply. We do not taken note of what we were beautiful. Views and ceremonies we have our guards. Up the people are aware of but we don't we take it all of the constitution. That the thing that we taken. So some of these people they're trying to sort of used the flag and the orchard true. Further their politics or whatever. Or cynical. At various. A lot of equipment and the military. Are like. Like we have different point of view and we we can see the bigger picture where I went in the papers in the court we are all ranked squabble on base. Cross state across street where I live. Papers fans you are and that orbiter everybody. And you know we were quiet during the match where Tampa march Arctic freeze capped off during the match plant from our world we battled the structure and I'd say about. Eighteen. Out of 45 of my dad had actually no problem. And these are veterans. It. So 825 veterans to not a Republican dealing during the anthem. While. Big Al thanks for the perspective proves my point. Now I'm short some members of the military some veterans do of upon. But not all do it in to make a blanket statement frankly is insulting. It's insulting. 61777979837. Dig Tom Brady's response that thought it was a strong. As a kind of then he went way stronger than I thought. Ella checked didn't say much publicly but again he allowed the players to Neil. He allowed the players to speak freely about this I think that's a strong statement of itself. Robert Kraft also went against his good pal Donald Trump we donated a million dollars to tons of voters and across the league as well. I can smell the pandering there. A bit of pandering from the and a owner's box this weekend lip outs of the story next in continue the conversation with you it's late night without streamer and WB. So yes. In my perfect worlds Mike pre easy you lefty and to keep the world. Tom Brady would be con power predicting Bill Belichick would be Gregg Popovich. But they're not they are not so knowing Nat. And recognizing reality. I thought Brady went way stronger against trump that I thought he would said adamantly with Kuerten Callahan this morning and then Jim Gray tonight for Westwood One. Saying he disagrees with trump. Kinda comments did divisive. I'll check released a statement that really sad thing. But he did include the line I would do what's best from a football team about how we Stan Brand coach. Didn't want to talk about it all day on lying Keefe but I guarantee you. You now wanna talk with the protest the rest of the week in probably the rest of the season. But I got ballot check made a strong statement on Sunday when he allowed his players to Neil nearly twenty patriots players kneeled. Don't check clearly has create environments where they feel comfortable speaking out a little bit. In a dead according spoken out. Even a young guy trade flowers sinking your player on the team has spoken out with a map today made some pretty strong statements against the president sell. Belichick's not going to be Gregg Popovich is not can be steep carts again he's doesn't do you. But the fact that you out his players to kneel and again the fact they seem pretty comparable to speak out about these issues. To me is is is strong enough for me out as a strong statement in and of itself. Now Robert Kraft. Released a statement as well early Sunday morning about his good pal Donald Trump of course I spent time in Air Force One. As dying in the White House has called trumps economic policies great for America. Donated a million dollars to Trump's inaugural committee. Ousted several other NFL owners out of this as Robert Kraft statement. Released yesterday Sunday morning so I guess technically two days ago now. I am deeply disappointed by the tone of the comments made by the president on Friday. I am protecting our communities. Their efforts both on and off the field help bring people together and make our community stronger. I think our political leaders can learn a lot from the lessons of teamwork in the importance of working gather. Toward a common goal our players are intelligent thoughtful and cared deeply about our community. And I support their right to peacefully affects social change. And raise awareness and a matter they feel is most impact balls so okay a nice statement. Al-Qaeda devoid of real. I'm real substantial meaning but a nice sentiment he'd dead break which from Pete did say he's deeply disappointed so you led off pretty strong. Like you know when your Robert Kraft in year. Politically aware you're paying attention. It donate a million dollars to Trump's inaugural committee. I mean this stuff shouldn't be disappointing your surprising to you in a Rex Ryan NE SPN Sunday said this isn't one I signed up for. I campaigned with trump I guess it is. Is exactly what he signed up for mean trumps entire campaign. Is entire time in office has been built on dividing people all. You know calling out scapegoats. Divisive this personal attacks from Mexicans to Muslims to gold star families the media. Miss a man who belittled John McCain for being a Prisoner of War. That that's really all you need to now about Donald Trump you there is no place he won't doubt you'll go as low as humanly imaginable. So Robert Kraft I'm with all that's. By the moment he goes after the NFL the moment Donald Trump starts telling fans to boycott the NFL. If these sons of bitches neo during the anthem the moment that Donald Trump threatens to take some penny is not a Robert Krause wallet. That's when we get the statement that's when he's deeply disappointed. Same with Bob McNair Daniel Snyder stand cry key Woody Johnson Jerry Jones Shahid Khan artery the jaguars to block was standing. With his arms around his players standing in unity. With the jaguars on Sunday and Monday and that's very nice but she he'd con also donated. A million dollars to the trump. And Iger a committee so I'm sorry. This stuff is. A little hypocritical. Coming from the NFL owners who served as Trump's biggest backers I served in on Robert Krause cases some say an informal advisor at times. T the president so. I'm sorry it rings a little hollow when you say you're disappointed. Lawyers surprised there Rex Ryan you know this isn't one I signed up for. It is what you signed up for you should not be disappointed and you should not be surprised this is the Donald Trump. It is the difference now is now he's threatened to come after your bottom line and then suddenly up you have an issue with that pretty pretty convenient. Go to Spencer in Maine Spencer you're next up. Yeah yeah. Go it on about this all. About what that quote oh well. He's out yeah it's. In black communities. Where. Our. When we needed let me read you numbers I have numbers one and you do that's. Though Albert because we all knew police officers who have little bit ago. Hitler thought that issues. We all that let it. Chris Young black men are 21 times more likely. Odd to be killed by police as there white as as young white. Well okay you. We're just beyond black. I'm sorry. What was or what circuit. That it lacked the equity. Partner. All equivalents Spencer Spencer caught. But it does nothing to do what tests. It one that. You are so. What is your cell activity. Which is equal. What what. Was Walter Scott doing something illegal we were shot in the back is he doing something illegal. Other one guy publicly that this deal is he doing something illegal. No he was not you not aware that case that's convenient how about Eric Gardner who was selling loose cigarettes was choked on the sideline that. I'll why because he's being choked to death that's why months. If you watch the video. And what did you see. To cement was selling cigarettes come on who said. There were on his back stroking them outs but Spezza regardless. Finishing second Spencer. Spencer and Spencer got argument won't black people kill black people true but what does it do with police killing unarmed black people. When you don't win you. And you're more. Police say black people are inherently more criminal than white people you don't you can't you can't go out and that's kind of what you said. No what I'm saying. What percentage of black. Black on black card out there are. Again Spencer. That is that is nothing to do with the issue that is actually nothing to do with the issue nothing. I mean that is the other argument that people bring up what about all the deaths in Chicago and protesting to. Oh. There are multiple issues here ill what did con cap critics say that. Black on black crime is an initially when did he say that all day shooting deaths in Chicago not an issue never said. It's just pointing out the injustices we seen our police force and did. Violence we see in the black communities from the police force and in the force is and and you know beyond just force we see. From one sportsman these communities and I've tons of numbers to back them up I want bored with them unless he asked like Spencer dead. But these these are indisputable facts indisputable facts and the fact that again we change the topic well. Joseph how come they're not protesting black on black crime or. They're disrespecting our flag or disrespect the troops it's just conveniently. Changing the topic in not addressing this real issue of police brutality. In black communities and black men are far more likely be shot and killed. Or beaten by police officers than white people need to start ease our backs the FBI have these backs I mean go on down the last cell. It out that that is a deflection not as again avoiding the issue that we have to talk about it I'll let's go to rob who is in Milton rob what's going on. Seeing Alex. A Michael let people appreciate you being able. AL have always been bullied so it's fun to be and why is instantly I. I get it that simple leading your will get the warrior but that your opinion very strong and well try to look at it via. It looked good trumpet known football team in the I US has already helped lead the league in the ground you know I those rapid that I think he has some is Oprah. We're people that you know whatever it Hurt Locker room. And I don't remember quarterback would be a pretty good out don't look at it through. View in the year channeling. Let's talk about your vote thirty years old that are right now. Younger younger. The go ahead did you grow up around here. I did yes Boston born raised. We're. Suburbs Natick nick pride that Rudy. Okay field without nick indicated it OK to look tackle Matt a hand Dorchester. And Roxbury. Can you explain to me why these three areas. Have not changed in crime he'd tell you what's going on there. I don't understand lean mean and so can be recovered. Police aren't police action and opera and I think appalling I had to cut them out of Boston Police officer that was killed by a man of color. OK so and the remove that whole equation out because I never looked at it add color I look at the criminal. In hand. So look it into what are your suggestion to take care rock very. Matta in Dorchester to move that area for what would you suggest. I would suggest a mood to but it to decrease the crime in that area. You know I don't know I would suggest to police doing their jobs and doing good police weren't doing community police work getting out there with people. That's what I suggest in not killing unarmed black man. Bloom how about that and in Boston we don't have an issue I mean Boston Police Department. Has not done their one of the better ones in the country. On by you know as far as what can police do in those neighborhoods good police port it community police work which again we don't see a lot of we see this. Militarization of police which. The president. Pretty much endorses 61777979837. Easier cause there are one more hour ago Roemer after dark coming up next we'll continue this conversation with you. And also talk about the fans at Gillette Stadium who booed. Then dealers yesterday on two I've promised them we'll get that next on going.