WEEI Late Night - How do we fix this Celtics team in time for the playoffs? 2-12-18

WEEI Late Night
Tuesday, February 13th

Final hour of Late Night is under way as Patrick Gilroy tries to figure out how to cure the Celtics of their horrendous play as of late.  Gilroy knows that guys like Abdel Nader cannot be playing double digit minutes and maybe it is simply a matter of exhaustion, but this team desperately needs the All Star break in order to rest up and regroup for the final stretch of the regular season and into the playoffs.


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It is late night raid zero Sports Radio WEEI Patrick Gilroy here with you for the next hour or so. Room for you would 617779. A 7937. It takes the program 37. 937 to find me on Twitter at Gilroy hoops at Gilroy U I due to continuing to sort of talk about what we all witnessed last night. Just an incredible evening. Over there at the TD garden I understand it was a bit of a buzz kill you know I think that everybody that that building was. Absolutely. Electric. With a about an hour ago before the game started they had all the seats were covered the yellow seats had these white T shirts. Laid out there and I'm usually. Before a playoff game they do is green out effect in their. And they laid down these green T shirts on all the yellows seat that looks great the white book they had in there was un believable it looks so cool. With the essentially was a replica of the banner that was going to lift Paul Pierce is numbered the raptors. Printed onto a T shirt looked really good. It was about an hour to go before the game do you let's go celtics' chance. Were as loud as you would hear them before. An NBA finals game that's how intense it wasn't there. And the shame of it is the Celtics came out and they matched the intensity of the crowd. Right Kyra your Irving came out he looked like the carrier in the UNC. In an NBA finals game he looked dominant those first 67 minutes of the game and he had that swagger and a chip on a Schuller. Eventually. All that went away the Celtics clearly clearly in recent weeks are showing a couple of things. On the court they are showing that they they're a team that what do you love him. Like him hate him can't stand them this is a team that misses the contributions of Marcus Smart. And as a basketball. Analyst somebody who prides themselves on knowing this game as well as anybody on the planet. Right that's what I do that's my only role in Sports Radio a basketball junkie. People respect my knowledge of the game of basketball I don't have that I don't have a job. But I cannot come up with a better way of putting it when it comes to. Marcus Smart he's a winner he's a guy that makes winning plays and it's hard to put your finger on exactly. What he is as a player. Because ultimately you need to do that you need to identify what markets Mardy is because he is due for a monumental pay raise whether it's here in Boston or somewhere else and whether that monumental pay raise is. Ten million dollars a year eight million dollars a year. Or what I thought it was gonna be closer to sixteen to eighteen million a year prior to this market correction. He's not a guy that's gonna give you even twelve and seven. Tank he's not that guy you really isn't. Occasionally he may have a season here and there were used it well 1415 points depending on what else is going on in the celtics' backcourt. But he's not a guy that you get a lean on to give you fourteen points and and shoot 38%. From three. Not that guy. And it's really really hard to pay somebody. Significant money and long term deals for somebody that you can't a centrally trust. To take a big shot now the one saving grace. When it comes to a guy like markets mart is there are other examples. Of guys along the way. That took awhile to become dependable not down three point shooters. Specifically and talking about a guy like Jason Kidd and Chauncey Billups these guys were not. Deadly three point shooters until they reached a certain maturation point their careers and you hope that have marked as Smart and combined. His tenacity on defense his basketball IQ offered up and but this is the guy with a very high basketball IQ you think back to. The Celtics game against hardened. And keep the Houston Rockets what about six weeks ago when mark is Smart. Cut under the skin of pardon in the closing minutes of that game. Andrew not one but two offensive fouls ascension winning the game for the Celtics it's that sort of stuff the Celtics miss. They missed the guy that's always diving after loose ball they missed the guy that when there's a 5050 ball on the floor. And markets Marta on the floor chances are it's going to be his ball. They missed the guy that gets underneath the skin. Of the opposing teams best player they miss markets Smart. And you ask yourself okay and is market Smart. He got hurt no big deal injuries happen we'll get him back but the bigger picture here is oh my god look at the way this guy got hurt. He punched a picture frame. Last three to hand he's his own worst enemy. He has cost his team critical victories he has cost his team essentially first place in the conference right now where Toronto now resides. So. You hope that at some point when it comes to markets Maher at some point sooner rather than later he's able to continue his maturation process. Continue to become a more dependable offensive shooter. And continue to become just a little bit. Little bit warmer shore. Especially if the Celtics are going to commit to him. Somewhat long term and ultimately I think if they get a hold on a mark is Smart they will be some sort of a long term commitment becomes a log side. Signing mark is Smart. You know whether it's three years four years five years they're gonna have to make a decision that says okay markets where we view for the next 345 years. Are you mature enough to be here because this Celtics team fully intends on taking that final corner home that final corner to becoming a true. Championship contender year in and year route and they may already be there. Once you assume held. Or Gordon Hayward once you make that assumption. This Celtics team may already be on the doorstep. Of being a perennial contender year in and year out I think mark is Smart. Inches you closer. To ultimately winning an NBA championship it is Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night I am Patrick Gilroy rum for you guys at 6177797937. Back go to the phones we go. Let's go to Justin Justin is in Rhode Island just that your next here on Sports Radio W yet. And I don't mind wasn't just our. So I just wanted to comment on the right now our situation and I am with. Saw myself being more confused than anything else because. You know bring out of my favorite member of the Big Three and psych everyone out throws. Disgusted when you you know went and chased the ring with the heat you know what kind kind of euro's everything. In house rated forgiven uses the team seemingly was and they really what they did was seemed normal life. Because if they didn't throw mallet and the cures and support he has is his journey doesn't go up in any rappers. And it just seems to me that it's crazy that you wouldn't expect except that in on top of that you know you post this passive aggressive. Our own social media post with George Lopez or people at and it's almost like the lackluster nature of George will open the celebrity's. Was almost insane like yeah I'm not there and I come with I'm with this guy at all. Bought a product they are right right late let's say hypothetically. But you'll and stay on the line of bullets at pathetically that. You know ray was gulping any celebrity golf tournament that helped raise money for his charity or let's say you was out there with the president or Obama or Obama -- don't we could all live with that. But he's out there with a essentially. A C or. You know I mean he had a garbage is this good couldn't have a talk show on EBS ego Eric and and our. It is like you know he it's almost like he caught up the nose to spite its face because it's like now you. You know nobody's gonna accepts it when it's just like out of it almost and to think there's something out that play not just. You know the OJ Mayo trade not just around out. In copied it almost like there's like you know I mean I almost seems like there's got to be another factor. It seems you know upsurge that you would you know not only skip out on the night but make it clear that what he was doing you wouldn't commit not up. Keeping that all that. Here's here's my hunch. Look Rajon Rondo is the only guy left from that oh wait team. That still play aside from doc being coached easily get as an active player. On our roster right now and my hunch is that I know for a fact. Beyond a shadow of doubt I know that Ray Allen was invited to the festivities and the festivities included more than just. What we saw last night. Saturday night all of those saves in the same Celtics used are on the court they were Allentown bring huge dinner at the four seasons a big media event. A big party that the Celtics through. And Ray Allen was invited all of that my hunch is this. Re assumed that. Rondo couldn't make it he assumed that Rondo had responsibilities. With his current team when ray caught wind that Rondo was going to be there race stayed away. Yeah I mean grow up you know. You do you just that he just because you can't tolerate being being in the same room kerrobert during the celebration there's a million other topics. You can power outlet. Now you're literally you that's pretty much you know straight read for him in this I mean up until. It's I don't see him ever getting you know embraced again I mean he just seems like he's got options. Numb when you listen I appreciate the phone call eight India it that bad right there defines the reason why am having this conversation because heat. Was a Ray Allen fans. And the way the collar put it. You put so much more eloquently that have been able to put her all along the Celtics extended to Ray Allen. In all the branch that they didn't need to extend to him but they didn't anyways it'd be go back. Over the course of the last twelve calendar months not only has the organization. Extended that olive branch as recently as this weekend. The players that matter have also continued to extend an olive branch. Paul Pierce extended an olive branch when he and ray hung out in China and said okay let's bury the hatchet. Kevin Garnett extend that olive branch I live TV during KG show area it's when he won on TNT. And ultimately what's what are the Celtics return for what is Paul Pierce yet. In return for being the bigger man what does Kevin Garnett rig get for going on live TV. And being the bigger man what does the Celtics organization. Yet. Out of inviting Ray Allen to these festivities and having ray shove it back in the Celtics face. By posting a picture with he and George. Flipping Lopez. It makes no sense at all again if ray were out there earning money for his charity. If ray had a prior. Commitment that he just couldn't get out of something that was somewhat important I guess something that. I don't know came off a little bit better than a golf by item with George Lopez. Then maybe. Celtics fans can look the other way if you don't rip ray had this thing with the obamas ray had this thing without would Donald Trump ray had this lead he had to do it is very important. Ray had a thing for his daughter his daughter's school. Raise opening a new restaurant because he continues to open these restaurants in Florida these better be restaurants. We could live with any one of those excuses and bad okay with a because Celtics fans like me we are green steamers that we are looking for reasons to forgive ray. We want to forgive the guy we want everything to be hunky dory in Celtic lend. You can't ignore Ray Allen did. You can't do it. We tried to get over Ray Allen leaving for. LeBron James. We tried to get over Ray Allen leaving for Pat. Riley. A ball people say it himself. We try to get over it. There's that picture burned in my mind when member that the sort of media fury that was going on that. 2448. Hours before Ray Allen officially signed. With the heat. I'm refreshing Twitter like crazy. As the safe assumption I thought was that. Ray was taking the meeting with the heat so that he could offer some money and he would have to go back to the Celtics. And get a few more bucks that's what I thought that was the common thought around here. Gang they get the picture of ray at the dinner with Pat Riley and Alonzo Mourning. All off man is he sick just thinking about it but despite all that ray got his championships it worked out forum. And the Celtics still they tried to include ray. In the pulp your celebration. And you know what Ray Allen couldn't be bothered so I don't wanna hear. Anybody tell me that Ray Allen deserves his number retired that is over that is done I don't wanna hear the conversation. It's done Ray Allen had a chance to just what he shows up last night. Then maybe he shows up next year when ultimately I think the Celtics raise number five to the rafters for Kevin Garnett may be. Maybe there's a soft spot. For Ray Allen because if you put two thirds of the Big Three up. You could certainly make the argument. That why the hell not include the final member of the Big Three after all you don't win the await championship. Without. All three of those guys. But now stroke he had his opportunity. He lost his opportunity. To hell with the Ray Allen is Sports Radio W media. Aria where rocket late night. Like. Patrick Gilroy U rocks late night as we play techno music. And whatever it is Sports Radio WEEI it is late and I am Patrick Kilroy. Continuing to dig your phone calls at 6177797937. The text that program at 37378. By me on Twitter. Act Gilroy on hoops act in Gilroy I'm who will continue to. Talk about everything that we saw last night just incredible. Evening. After the game the game itself leapt a lot to be desired. I do think that this new look Cleveland Cavaliers team although. Slightly more dangerous. I think there is some upside there you know a lot was made on national TV today motive. How happy LeBron James looked. And how it seemed as if this big weight was lifted off of LeBron james' shoulders. Just watching this new version of the cavaliers play and yet he looked like he was having fun. You look sort Lucy goose the out there and I give him a lot of credit for that he played a great game. And Billy played twenty minutes or so good for LeBron. Eventually. The bronze act will Wear the end. On his new teammates and I say that because it's continued to happen year after year after year recently so yes right now right now all. Is now willing good in Cleveland world. But I don't think it'll stay that way. Ultimately Rodney hood is a couple of cup games and the bronze gonna get up possessed like that's LeBron James does end. We know from being here in Boston where two guys that we fell in love within this city. Right let's not remembered Jae Crowder for the guys that struggled throughout the playoffs last year let's remember Jae Crowder for the guy that. You guys called me on this program. I don't know I took a couple hundred calls between my first day here December 26 team. Through Jake routers last days here. The end of last season. I'm telling you hundreds of calls here and then if you go back the previous two seasons when I was on ESPN radio New Hampshire hundreds of calls there. From people. Legitimately telling me that you do not trade Jae Crowder for Kevin Love. If they had deals on the table you don't make that deal because Jae Crowder had why would say it together the best contract in the NBA. Jae Crowder was a three Indy guy he was somebody that was coach double. The Dallas Mavericks rotting away on the bench in Dallas and now he was a fringe all star that's what people considered Jae Crowder here. Right and we although when Isiah Thomas was. Those two guys meted what fifteen games for Isaiah and fifty per Crowder before both of them. Were unable to have fun would LeBron James and if you read Jae Crowder is quotes coming out of Utah after his first game with the jazz. He said it was great to be coached again he said it was great to have fun again. He looked like take crowd are out there I'm telling you the weight and responsibility. Of playing with a guy like LeBron James. Makes basketball not bought. For a lot of these guys especially the over achieving guys. The guys Lee Jae Crowder who need to over achieve to have an NBA career. Right and I think a lot of the guys that Cleveland brought back in the deal followed that same category. I don't think. Sort of is good time feeling that they haven't Cleveland right now. Is gonna last all that much longer and it is Sports Radio WEEI. It is late night back out to the phones we go. Let's go to John Johnson Lawrence joining next up here on late night. Our topic is what I totally agree with you about market Smart you know he's he's a glue guy he's trying to get it couldn't get scared and the ref called Q album in the the other cheek a little bit apprehensive. I want to prolong your point of LeBron james' aunt and it's ready to big wider he's credit that he Doolittle and courageous teenage whenever he looted and also the media never blinked and a lot shall great ever being urged all that they lost it each partner or not there aren't we use whereas. And you know it is that they're not doing what they're supposed to do what ever it also want to play it was somebody like that where you can all blame immediate all the credit whatever they want in any car. Now you're right and and that's what makes it look basketball to me. It hasn't seemed on in Cleveland the last couple years like something's changed when it comes to LeBron James and I think that the few years that he spent in Miami. Really cook debt out of control ego that he already has and Ryder up to an entirely new level it's ashamed. He wants to be like so badly. Yeah practice that he got an eagle at indeed Eric and he thinks he's better than everybody in that area. Nobody else can do anything without him and that begins politically between fertility and if it doesn't make it happen that nobody else could make it happen. And then it's not want you to do you won't get credit. But two words go a long way in professional sports my bad if LeBron James once in awhile if he throws a bad pass is able to hit an easy shot. Just look at his teammates is that my bad. Things would change dramatically forum unfortunately. Nothing is ever ever LeBron fault and it never will be LeBron bolts on. Thank you very much got your back like I think you're very couple really virtually. Talk about these strange to you really go demonstrated that Larry appreciate your basketball knowledge. I appreciate the phone call John that's what we do I appreciate the basketball knowledge unfortunately you know we need the Celtics to to get back on track your because. You know I think that the Celtics are competing to I don't represent the Eastern Conference in the finals then. My basketball knowledge may be utilized here more often and not put of the Celtics are struggling to make it out of the first round. Don't know maybe we maybe utilizing ties. I don't. Hockey right is it I was gonna happen here. I mean I'm uncharted psych care away I heard I heard our opinion we carries a lot of weight around I you know my in general affairs await this is I carry away personally that there's a wide open but got back at a get in Sports Radio WEEI it is late and I am Patrick Gilroy you know continuing to talk about what we saw last night but more importantly. You know before. The festivities that I think we were all very impressed by. The Celtics played a game last night and outside of that first quarter it was a beautiful performance from the Celtics and it what really was a shame because once again. There on the national stage. They're playing their arrival and so much. Throughout the first 5556. Games of the season had been made about. Okay this is the year where the Celtics are finally able to LeapFrog the Cleveland Cavaliers because looking Cleveland air vulnerable. And all it took was one game. The Celtics earned that hot take over the course of 55 games and it's 21 game for that to go it. One game and I just what you are the cavs and you got LeBron James. A guy who's been in the finals for seven straight years sure you've got that luxury you don't have to prove anything you have to prove it. The way the Celtics need to prove it. And the Celtics bulls for ever have to prove it in told they eventually overtake. LeBron James I get it and really really do but I think that the overreaction on Twitter today the overreaction in the media as a whole. Over what they saw from the Celtics last night it is strictly a laughable. Is laughable and it just shows how many members of our local media don't pay attention. They don't watch the games so what they do and a speaking you Tony as a righty right what they do is they take their partners take and they say. Agree that if they do that and they look at the box score they think they understand. This has been coming for the Celtics for about three weeks now it started to fall apart about three weeks ago right before they went. Over played in Europe it did and then they went over there they came back and of god eight six in a sense then and as a part of those six wins they were actually four consecutive wins three of which they didn't have Kyra you're Erving right. And you saw their bench step up and play really well. But they weren't the sort of wins that you say okay. Now we're building something here they haven't had the building who wins the building block foundational wins. In a little while here it's been about a month. And that's what they need to get back to. They don't need to win every game you don't even the sixteen game winning streak he did that and that built you a nice piece of padding here to that. Put put yourself in a position to win. I don't know 54 to sixty games assuming there isn't a huge collapse on the horizon. Now this team they need a couple of things right now if they're unable to acquire any additional talent and you are just rolling with the guys that you have. This team needs a break this all star break cannot come fast enough. Because of the injury to Gordon Hayward. The Celtics were forced to thrust guys into you. Minutes at a position where they. Probably weren't quite ready for yet now Jason David. They deserve a tremendous amount of credit because when what happened when Gordon Hayward went down. I know that I felt like this season. I had essentially come to an end right dead in their five minutes into the game and I know you guys felt the same way to a ticker phone calls here that very night. Right that was a devastating injury especially when there was so much optimism going into that season going into that game. The Celtics finally had a ceiling. Beyond the conference final. I don't think anybody was delusional delusional enough to think this team had a chance to legitimately contend with say. Golden State agreed in Houston to win a championship. But the pieces were in place to finally overtake Cleveland Cavaliers they wore. But Hayward goes down. And all that goes away until what it's a wide. The Celtics struggle out of the gate the first couple games and suddenly a sixteen game winning streak suddenly you've got high every Irving. Playing at a level we usaid yourself. While we whiskey alpha dog in Cleveland was he that one of LeBron and number two. Because LeBron on one hand is struggling to keep this team afloat and carry Irving's over Hubert Boston. Legitimately putting up MVP caliber numbers and leading his team all the young guys. The youngest team on paper in the NBA 21 place in the conference and sixteenth straight wins but you knew if you paid attention. To each and every one of those games you knew those winds are perfect. You know the Celtics stole. Quite a few with a wins they had this season think about Terry rosy year. And stealing the ball at half court going hampered dunk to win the game they've been a few games like that with the Celtics have been able to stay poised. And come away with victories where they probably should have lost two games those are all signs of a good team right but those types who wins are not sustainable. They need to get back to playing. 600 basketball. You don't not 500 but not 700 either but 600 basketball play consistent. The way to do that isn't necessarily adding additional talent you can go the route. I Cleveland went and hope that you're able to fully integrate. All of these new players in and do it before the playoffs arrive it's going to be really hard to do Cleveland if there's. Every team they can do it Cleveland probably ten because of the guy that they're led by but the Celtics that'll be really really tall task. To ask the Celtics. Now you're trying to integrate in one guy. You might be able to do it depends on who the guy is. For example if Tyreke Evans gets bought out and that is a long shot but if you read the newspapers read the Internet coming out of Memphis. It's a longshot that is being talked about there as well. They shut him down in January 29 because they thought that they were going to trade him. Ultimately. All trades fell through because no teams were ready to give up a first round pick for Tyreke a guy that's averaging twenty point. What he points a game this year a guy that was a former top lottery pick. A guy that has Andy hard time putting it altogether. Looks like this year he may have finally put altogether. But he's unproven and it would seem funny these guys have hot stretches before right. If he's a guy that comes to Boston he could help. But it's gonna take a little while. Right as opposed to in this isn't gonna happen but I'm giving you for example if beat Kyle Korver. Type were available and you bring him into the pulled here you have to create any plays for a guy like that. That guy just runs up and down the baseline. Corner to corner and gets open eventually ends a few threes and he essentially allows Elaine to be. A little bit more open for guys like carrier ring Jalen brown Jason paid him to attack the basket. A guy like that could really help with Celtics. A guy like that really isn't available that's why I was hoping Belinelli was it was an option for the Celtics and fortunately it looks like he's going to Philadelphia. So maybe the answer for the Celtics has to leave well enough alone. Maybe the answer is. Give your guys the younger guys the rest they need right now that way. They get their legs back decent data Jalen brown get their legs back and you hope for the best when it comes to Gordon Hayward. And ultimately I think we need to remember where this team was where this team is and how long this potential championship window. Is supposed to be. Danny Ainge. Did something very different this time around and let's not lose sight of this. Before we go to break just let's not lose site. Of the difference between this potential championship run this potential championship window. In the last time Danny Ainge had a championship window. Did change admittedly. Because of what happened in the draft. And the celtics' inability to secure the number one or number two pick for Greg Oden or for Kevin Durant ten years ago. Made the Celtics have to go with plan B plan B ultimately netted the Celtics what Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett. Both guys were thirty years old. And yet Paul Pierce here 31 years old you knew you had a three to five year window of opportunity. Really three years was the real window five years was the extended window. This group the Celtics and this addition of the Celtics assuming. Your able to hold on the carrier ring who's going into his free agent year next year it's a huge huge roll the dice by requiring this guy. Without something informal saying that he's gonna side yearlong term but say the Celtics are able to keep them long term. Carrier ring when he five years old quarter Heyward is 27. Years old. Jason Tatum is nineteen years old Jalen brown just turned 21 years old your team is young and ready to kick open a ten. To fifteen year window of opportunity. You don't have to go all in in year one hell. This year wasn't even supposed to be you're one of the championship window we just got here a little little prematurely. Sports Radio WEEI it's Patrick Gilroy it's late night when we come back there is still tight end room. Are you it is really it's your lucky night at 617. 7797937. It is late night right here on sports radio and WEEI Patrick Gilroy wrapping things up here. An early. Sort of exit from the program tonight rather than going till 2 AM. Get a bring you guys the excitement. Of the Olympics coming appear. It just a few short moments than stay tuned following Olympic coverage for curtain talent coming up at 5:30 this morning so I think. Last night's Paul Pierce celebration was great and watching Paul Pierce. It is family out there were on the for raising number 34 of the rafters I always love. The way that the Celtics do this if they do it in this slow. Old fashioned methodical way where they literally lower the banner and then it's out of rope and pulley system. And you watch that being slowly and methodically make its way back up to its home open the raptors and if you watched. Like the lakers when they unveil. A retired Jersey would they do is they literally retiree Jersey so they frame let's just take magic Johnson's Jersey York. Kobe Bryant's Jersey for example let's take bogeys because they retired two of Kobe jerseys one for each one of his numbers because it's LA and their obnoxious. Okay what they do is they frame the Jersey they put out there. In in the somewhere ago upper left hand corner. Of the stadium okay we can see it is it looks really cool up there. And they draped it over with a purple draped. And it lifted drape off it and the place goes crazy right that's that's a nice way of doing it. But it's over and it's done in a matter of moments with the Celtics do is really it's run out. And it's it's cool it takes it takes a certain amount of time in patients. And the anticipation builds. Eddie used to be. It used to be something where rent out back would stand there along with the player go back watch video of rent out back. Helping. Larry Bird and Larry's young son at the time Carter bird and Larry's wife Dinah the three of them Larry's holding his son he's got his wife. And then there's red. And they are pulling on the rope watching number 33 go to the rafters and then watch. From 1995. As read our back. Helped Don Harris Lewis. Raise that number 35 to the rafters. And then watch a frail. Read our back do it in 03. For Cedric Maxwell. And red being a part of that ceremony because after all I think Tommy Hanson is the one that called red are backed the daddy of the Celtics. Right for each and every championship. Before the seventeenth redhead then. Peace and a part of this team. Eighty forever will be a piece in a part of this team that's why his name. Is enshrined in the floor it's the red out back parquet floor and that's why. You know reds got his number retired of there as well. He is for ever going to be synonymous with the Boston Celtics and Paul Pierce really is the last player. Who have had a relationship. With red are back to get his number retired. OK so that being said. Who's next. That's the question. And I think it's Kevin Garnett. KG only played here for what six years. But that number five has got to go out I think he goes up next year. Bolton will talk about this some more coming up on a Friday night when I'm back here for late night and I want you guys to think on this. You have four nights a little bit of homework. If it's not Kevin Garnett may be is Jason David maybe is Jalen brown but we're talking about a decade and after two decades from now. Do you guys wanna see number five Kevin Garnett is one spot left on that banner one. I think the number five would look great right there why the hell not Kevin Garnett page. He deserves to be up there I think about it talk about a Friday. Until then stay tuned for Olympic coverage and that it's Turkey Callahan and applaud the guys on Friday but by.