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Tuesday, March 20th

Hour 2 of WEEI Late Night rolls on as Big Ben Maller takes a look around the NBA and discusses the Golden State Warriors injuries, Ty Lue's medical leave from the Cavaliers, and Isaiah Thomas's comments about "Anything is possible" in reference to a return to Boston.  Then Maller discusses the warrant that has been issued for the arrest of former NFL Lineman Johnathan Martin.  On top of all that, Maller looks back at the Gronkowski burglary and the accusations and response from one Big Baby Glenn Davis.


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Baghdad it. And they continue to fall apart NBA players beaten and broken all over the place and a much maligned. NFL player now going to have to lawyer up we'll get to that as well as we begin in new this hour. On they'll be the guy in. Can you go home again we'll get to that too monopoly couple minutes but first. A story that's developing here tonight in the NBA the playoffs to start in a couple of weeks now the Celtics are having their own struggles. Trying to get a healthy roster. And how much of this is manipulating. And Jerry rigging the schedules of guys get extra rest. Guys that could be playing right now they're not playing. A well in in the NBA in Monday's action. Drain mine green of the Golden State wars the favorite to win the NBA championship. He suffered a conclusion in in his midsection. And he is out he is injured for the Eagles they were so that now meets with the post season going to start. In a couple of weeks they're all gone. All of them before stars of the Golden State Warriors. Are all danger. Kevin that rates got bad rigs that curry he's got an ankle injury Klay Thompson has a hand injury and frame on green. Being examined further for a meat section conclusion. He took an inadvertent knee. Below the belt in the main region. Green on green crime Dini marine. Of San Antonio. And is so dream on green is out to all four of the stars were I made a joke about that. Now the other thing that's what's what's up with three Monday slack. What's up with ray you gotta get with the program and it's time to take some rest. Got to rest up freshen up for the NBA post season that's the way it works and sure enough here we are. Look at Walla. Dre among green and relax a little. And he'll he'll be back ticket take a week off. Come back fresh. Composed and all the that that's the general take it from all of these injuries in the in the MBA. Is that. I would say the majority. Are. Being puffed up embellished. Make those these guys are gonna come back for the playoffs and that becomes problematic. Like that becomes an issue but for the most large. These players that are playing with house money shall we CIA and unconcerned. Laid back. And just care for me as Lucy Lucy did little extra time off fear rest up be ready to ago. When the playoffs. So all four warrior players. Are out and they'll they'll be back Clinton calls we'll be back with time left and right now what took away from the BMW back. We give back there but there is a story out tonight a developing story. Within the last hours so that has broken. Never Jonathan Martin's. Number that guy from the dolphins. They have their own scandal down in Miami they had the the bullying scheme to re cheating cog need uh oh couple of the guys in the dolphins with Jonathan Martin. You also might remember last month. A job and Maarten was to team. By law enforcement is of a photo that he put on is to. The photo oh certainly imply. That Jonathan Martin had some thoughts about shooting up a school. That he is all high school and it actually caused his old high school with temporary close temporarily close. In Southern California will TMZ tonight reporting. That's the former dolphins lineman Jonathan Martin you're about this he has now been charged with making criminal threats. Possessing a loaded firearm. The district attorney's office in LA has pressed these charges on Jonathan Martin. And there is currently a warrant out for Jonathan Martin's the rest. Of the story sick days. That Martan to go loaded shotgun he had a large knife he had an ax. Cost them all in the back of his car. And that's when they found him. Last month at the end of last month they found John tomorrow and all stuffed in his car. And and so here we are. Now sitting at a coat that he charges are a big U right we don't have all the details on this but he's he's facing charges. He's also in the past he's talked about I suffer from depression Indian. He he attempted to commit suicide as a is a lot to this is a lot to this. For for Java Marten. But it's this is a new new development the chances of him actually going to jail. For this I would say are slim what he did to have an ax. Oh loaded shotgun and a large knife in post paid. Thread eight threatening message the implication was that he was gonna cause Havoc this high school hazel eyes. You sure face charges if you if you if you don't subnet along those like you dessert making sure. Now bid if it does go to a courtroom situation. EC TE. Defense I would assume would come out right that that's the ultimate you're gonna say in all my problems all these. Four decisions are because of concussions and that. This is an issue this is it is it is the a byproduct of playing in the NFL for a couple years I I was on the all I got bullied in locker room for a couple years and all that by. Re Chiang Kai need or might policy and some other people as well and all this. Good luck lissouba of a court. If he gets at that point if Jonathan Martin that work. It's a need some help I think that's a fair statement isn't that that's that outrageous statement the two of the board needs some help. I've meanwhile as we happier late night on WAT guy. There's a story that caught my attention. And so I went up about it in and that they say that nothing good happens. On social media. Really late at night I disagree because I'm on the radio and I think really good stuff happens later. First for example. A late night micro blog. Has been a god. For gas bags like myself were looking for content. Looking for things to discuss reject. Isiah Thomas he had a late night tweet session. In the last couple of days. And a friend and a quizzing Isiah Thomas about. His future of freeagent the end of the season currently playing in Los angels with the lakers and Isiah Thomas was asked. About a possible return. To the Celtics. Still waiting to get that video he's going to be waiting a long time to get that if you do not see this you've not heard about it Isiah thomas' reply. When asked about possibly coming back to Boston he said quote. Anything is possible. Angle. So I wanna talk about is not it doesn't seem like a big deal that does seem like the big guilt three words ending as possible big rewards who cares. That is all it took those three words anything's possible. For this to act like. In the basketball. World. To act like deep paint ball bouncing around right bouncing around announced it's reached the echo chamber here. A basketball chatter to Q Isiah Thomas at ease he could go back to the Soviet Isiah Thomas at this as they decide to Isiah Thomas said that it's a game of telephone. And it's only three words by the time an audience thought he gets twisted around. Spade all spit out an all. But he's certainly worthy of some chatter here. Why not it's it's intriguing possibility to Liggett and realistic possibility. But. And it is not a guarantee that it couldn't happen. So. I would like to set the odds what do you think the odds are what are the sides on Isiah Thomas playing for the Celtics again. Am not outside by the end of his career which is who knows it could be right now the way he's played this year a book. Let's be realistic. In the next calendar year. In the next calendar years since. Now between now all. And a march of 2090. The chances of Isiah Thomas playing for the Celtics you know I was at the odds the odds are not here are the odds are they're better than zero odds. As a book maker opposite the odds lol Albany goal 7%. Ominous it is a sin is a chance. I'd say there's a chance now my perspective you got the Brinks truck a therapy dog. And you also have desperation. And we were able to attempt political easings the other not pay Isiah Thomas is still hoping to find. Some dull who happens to run a team. That will give him the power bowl winning numbers. He doesn't bode yet. Any might not find in fact you would say based on his performance this year that that's not going to happen. Rats are about means it'll losses we're talking about. For old one K. If you look at the recent years the MBA. Even this past Aussie Euro was and is. Were announced this past offseason. We watched a Congo line. Of players get paid and players of. Let's say suspects. Performance as it Thomas would now be on that list. But his opportunities coming up his chance to get in the batter's box and hit TV. He's straight ahead he's 29 years old he just had a birthday in February. He's about to become an unrestricted free agent when the regular season comes in and his lakers don't make the playoffs. And so when he needs right now he needs some hail that. NBA franchise to burn money. To burn baby burn that money into give it to Isaiah Thomas now who would that. You gotta look at the usual suspects and unfortunately for Isiah Thomas he's actually played for a couple of them what you look at teams like the Memphis Grizzlies. The Phoenix Suns the Sacramento Kings the Dallas Mavericks the Atlanta Hawks teams like that. And Isaiah is bounced their ass who's already done a stay in second no he bounced through. Phoenix. So he's he's played for some of these teams that have to bring him back but this is a Brinks truck situation. It is the NBA decided between now and the start of next year I won only adds an expansion teams putting team. I don't know for what team in Baghdad. Or Siberia or Afghanistan. Isaiah Thomas if the check wasn't right he'd like you know Siberia is not that bad in the wintertime. It's not that bad you can get a nice heater there it's OK there's nothing to worry about end. Endless. Minutes endless minutes I can play as much of that. A wonderful situation. Now second part of this. As many NBA players many NBA players. Try to fatten up the reds and this is the time you walk year your fattening up in statistics. You're going to get that big contract has there been any one in professional basketball. The has done more damage. To their free agent value Isiah Thomas. If there is I kid big event. An outside of being a rest deed with strippers and blow. I don't think you can ahead of a more. Open they combing. Free agencies in terms of boss Isiah Thomas went from heroic leader. Playing through injury. With me at all start Celtic team. Who battled back against the cavaliers granite Isiah Thomas get hurt that series he's gone from bad. So what a horror writer. And essentially a poor I traded for hire your being. And his tenuous. That you script hawks' six. With the Caylee it was so bad. It was so bad the cavaliers. Essentially gave away Isiah Thomas. He's pretty quick fifteen games we've. Any dead run means with Kevin Love and there were. Issues with low brow and James. Pretty much everybody in the in the locker. Attention. Lot of tension going on and and so he was the new guy anyone to read decorate the rule when you're the new guy you don't get to re decorate the room. Can have cannot act. So we we saw that the cast looked in the lakers last month so. So how's that to how how's it going right now he's he's with the lakers that the results have been mixed. The results have been mixed he's he's also played fifteen games in LA and Isiah Thomas who's come off the bench mostly. Is averaging fifteen points in five misses that's the good. That's the good guys averages up his assists per game the bed is Isiah Thomas is shooting 38%. From the floor. In in thirty and he says he's shooting 37%. 30% with the lakers with 37%. Overall so adamant. A typically. And I only speak for every NBA team just the most of them. You'd don't toss out a ton of money to five foot nine guards. Word dim aged. And can't shoot straight. That was the big last year with the Celtics Isiah Thomas shot 46%. You'd take that you pick guard shoots 46%. A U payable good amount of money you're not gonna pay a guy shooting 37%. A time that is they fall down the mountain situation. Is what is that as they fall down the mountain situation now about the parting shot on this. It would take some phone calls you a moment that a lot of stores. A lot of stars have to line up perfectly. For Isiah Thomas to walk back. In did dean leads his life into the celtics' she beautiful it's. A very small T as it is not security it's not series out since 7%. You can't totally discount the possibility a wise. Couple raised. Assuming that the Khyber your being knee injury is not. Being embellished that there's actually sell them there this is a legitimate deal. And at some point cut every year he's gonna have to go to the knife and he is going to miss. A giant chunk of time. If that happens that then opens up the path. If Irving's gonna have to miss half of a season or an extended period of time. That opens up an opportunity for someone like Isaiah Thomas to commit the majority of NBA teams. Would have to say no they have to close the door. To any possibility that Isaiah Thomas would would come in a big kick get oil wells long term congress even like a three year contract. For big money. Which the way he's played this year you would say it is this very little chance that happens any realistic. Scenario. And even at all that happens even if the Celtics have an opening because carrier reassert and Isiah Thomas can't find the contract. That it's what he wants it's still launch like is he has been. Eight drama qui he has been extended drama queen here. In Cleveland and with the lakers and even if Isiah Thomas. Even if you brought him back. Danny age would he really wanted do you thought about in Indy movie of spoiled brats any league gospel of self centered. Stars which is pretty much every sports league is. You really wanna toss that dive back into what is going to be a secondary role. And the answer is probably not this is probably not but if the price. Point is right. And if Isiah Thomas can't get a concert somewhere else than the uncle 7%. On like a one year contract whether you with the Celtics or someone else. Try gain name when he's thirty years will often give this back in the batter's box than. At age thirty just to see if there's a possibly just throw it out there and see if someone. Will show you big contract at that point. A good luck on that. While also highly unlikely are if you would like to be part the number. And there's rule wide open for if you would like to beat port six want a 6177797. 937. At 6177797. 9837. And you also sending a text at 37. 937. And on Twitter. And that's at bay in malware. If you don't know how to spilled in this badge WU. Should not useful now by now but if not it's just MAL a New York. Don't think it gets much easier than it. I think that's about right. Yes and X. I deadly peanut gallery is checking in. On Twitter and of people was strong opinions here. City can the you know read that one on the air. Several people still referencing back to our who MI from last hour. We've who it is Pat Riley for those that missed the I don't know how you would miss the answer. It occasionally people usually. That doesn't mean as was Pat Riley the the last hours who MI game all right it is a cold case situation. Could the story of a crime. Have been sold by someone seeding by a pool. We'll get to that we'll take your phone calls well it's a late night we'll get to all that we'll do it next. Well it's a cold case situation we'll get to that we have to dueling stories year. That caught my attention will open up the crime files late night here on WEEI. A the first story is. Rob Gronkowski. Member when his house was burglarized. While he was in Minneapolis Sobel. No thing has happened following that storm. And let's say misty. There's been no follow there's been no update on the investigation I bring this up. Because a reporter for S being nation. Claimed. That she he's in Miami she met. Some people from Boston. At a pool and she senses. That their state they told her this is the only update we have on the Rob Gronkowski burglary while he was at the suitable. That at this this these people in Boston who were in Miami told this reporter from SB nation. That Rob Gronkowski home was an inside job is home robbery was an inside job. And that's it that's all it. Now is he really go by that as a reliable source. Probably not. Probably heat effect I would say no you can't go way that is he reliable source. A couple of thoughts. Hey he. Is there any yet have the police reached a dead end on. You'd think they would have put something out there by now and say you know here's here's the latest enough. Did I also wonder what's grind house keys level of concern doesn't seem like he's too worried about this. Seems like he's he's far. He's not letting it affect. We device jury of the offseason and he's he seems to have everything his priorities are lined up properly that. That everything's are right. So it was an inside job there's like there's there's to try him. Prime suspects are the people that that are bodies of of drawing toast. Or their friends somebody that. Some has connected to that group of people. The issue. Put me on the case I follow all solved the case within like a week. A week investigation inconsolable. I've watched enough of those detective shows in commodity it's less likely. I was like you know arts and that's one story get that the current house he Holm. Burglary. What happened and why is there no update and is this actually something or nothing. Involving the of the people from Boston who happen to be in Miami who told a reporter for SB nation that it was in such apple white. But wait there's more now Rob Gronkowski but he former. Celtic Glynn. The baby Davis. Last couple days of not do it for Glen Davis. He was a rest need in Maryland. At a hotel last month on drug possession and distribution charges the story came out. He was arrested in early February at a Hampton inn. In Aberdeen Maryland. According to stories biz but all over the place acorda story. There was a smell of wish he'd from the heat the room at the year Hampton inn so bad job hiding in the we'd. Sedan the police showed up they found a whole bunch a week. Ago 126. Graham was a weed. And a briefcase with a much cashing in and that. Laid to one of the more. Trusting in its program post this happened over the weekend here is. If you've not heard it yet big baby Glen Davis defending himself. For these scandalous charges that have been directed his. Her partner her. Probably our zone it and then. I know how much Dave Gordon. It is natural black and get them. Started to Baghdad now. I hope all of the American mining okay. My legal mind a lot of jobs jobs. Jobs. How about chicken. Yet so blended it just need to give me the visual to the norm audio platform. He's eating like a big giant bucket of pop ice chicken and he's got what appears to be just tons of cash. Later and he's in his private plane now my favorite part is he doesn't appear to feet in the private plane our partner. Yeah that last good chicken popping up biscuits CB beneath Popeye sticking gotta go with biscuits. This gets a great if it's a solid biscuit it and it just it it works so well. With the chick I'm a huge fans of goodness yeah I I'm right there with. See the the difference like between pop lies in KFC's like the KFC. BS ski which is good it's dry you need to great. If you don't have the gravy doesn't work the pop eyes biscuit you don't need degrade. But wake you moist. Biscuit is just the absolute. Goodness the word is good news. So so a lot like what's going what do you figure out what's going on with with big baby here and what's what's going out. Does this is the game video help or hurt. Big baby Glen Davis off. Say that's that's not helpful but I am not an attorney and I can practice law on the radio. Esther that night at what point did you decide to amen to go to pop eyes get like the and the biggest order of chicken I can get in and I need to go to the banking get all this petty cash. And and I'll I'll get my private plane and then all I have my my buddy Esther record is in there we're gonna post this it's going to be great. How so much thought actually waited this. Via the level fought there. For three Glen Davis. Say a very small and legally very very small. But good. He was trying to get in the sports guessing last third after his career fizzle out. He last played I think it was with the clippers at the end of his his playing days and he is trying to be trauma a talking head he had some auditions at fox. On the the TV shows those those morning shows like this skip Bailey show and and those things and he was a couple of times. I guess it didn't really work so well they didn't bring him back. So that's that's the deal are. Policy can't read that. Irish guy here's a super hawk who. Moose is always a delight listing years here in Chicago. So super super okwu man. That could be the real lock on who might say he's listing on meet the WB I had. Possible. You ought to prove it's not the real lock them in. You have no proof yes. Absolutely are we are on Twitter that's at. Bain malice that's at then now there Jamie right cities is maybe these these same paper that vandalized LeBron James house. Robbed. Growing to host these. Being the same person as that is at all yet be the phantom. Will be unverified story that LeBron James mansion though anyone's. Was tagged even though there's no photographic evidence no video. And everything was covered up before the police showed. Yeah. That's. Spears say. Absolutely something's going on around without the bronze star I don't know what else I know I also get a kick speaking of LeBron James. I've seen a number of quotes from LeBron James about tie Hulu. The coach of the cavaliers who is outright. It's taken a leave of absence it's the in thing to do right coaches players whole thing. And LeBron James he was asked about. The coach of the cavaliers not being there and he said is the quote from the project is like losing one of your best players. That is how LeBron James described. High Iran little. The coach. Now. I don't think this is anything like life threatening for for coach Lou include adding we can assume is it's he's got issues. He's getting medical attention by all accounts he should be back in it in a week or two weeks will be back kaposi's. But is there any mean woman or child that knows anything about the NBA watches. What's going on in Cleveland and says that the cavaliers are in any trouble. Because they don't have. Their coach. There are very few coaches in the entire NBA. That use say actually. Matter. Matter of extreme importance that even those handful of coaches. And we put Brad Stevens on that list you'd say Gregg Popovich. In San Antonio is on that list. And and who wells how many other coaches I like Tom Thibodeau. In Minnesota I think he's pretty good coach. What even the ones I believe our vital importance. Ultimately it comes down to player performance and certainly it is disingenuous. Is the word. Four will run he's got to play the game right LeBron got to play the game. He's got to play the games Ohno he's our coach we desperately need this guy yeah blab blab blab blah blah blah blah. He also called Tyler movie captain of our ship. It in talked about how everyone has to step up now. And my argument which I think is the right argument is that the coach of the cavaliers. Is also the general manager of the cavaliers. And his name is LeBron that Jane's. Bob Brown that's the guy right. That's the you know that and I know that and and it's one of the reasons LeBron likes having coach Lewis as the guy. On the sidelines. Is because LeBron trees and like Silly Putty you can pretty much any direction he wants to go he set that up. LeBron is that the pantheon. Of a celebrity in the MBA and he's the one that is there is no inner circle. It's pretty much just LeBron and then whoever else is like around LeBron account on the whole ship. A charmed circle it's 81 man wrecking ball. Is watered so it's it is cute though I do enjoy when LeBron. Since these will messages on a get a get a kick. Not cavaliers did win tonight for what it's worth it beat the the blocks the running of the box any random. NBA game on a Monday night we'll take your phone calls the number if you would like to be part these 61 set. 7797937. You can also send me a text 37937. End. Available on Twitter at bad amount of time now for the instead. Question of the night a blatant attempt. To get you to listen a little bit longer now if you've been paying attention. If you've been paying very close attention to WEEI today. And you've been following the new lives in the NFL the should be read Dick Cuba sleep easy you should get this right away. If not. Then you'll give me some goofy to jump finally I like goofy answers I enjoy goofy it's to have no problem with goofy answers most of what I do was just reading grouping games. That's pretty much it by securities. Since the start. Of the 2016. NFL season there have only been two. Two receivers. Too wide receivers. Who have eighty or more catches. And eight catch rate of 73%. Or better. In the regular season to get going back. To the 2016 seasons as the start two years ago. Since the start of that year. There are only two receivers who have eighty or more catches. Any cash rate of 73%. Or better. In regular season activity now one of them is Danny Amendola and the other is blanked. The other is like fill in the blank would give the answer. We'll take some more phone calls and do all that and we will do. I've back till we go time now for the instant. Trivia is the question whatever you call it since the start of the 2016 season only two receivers have eighty or more catches. And cash rate of 73%. Or better. In the NFL regular season detainee Ayman dole and blank unifil would like to see who has the answer. Miguel on fire he's appeal when he store in the form dollar marathon. He says the great fair hooker. Is the answer that's incorrect. But I do recommend. Just Google in the fair hooker. I'm baseball card a get a careful look at a lot of interest in things will come up a few global fair hooker. Think you might not want to look at or maybe you do look at them Reche Caldwell was guessed by James. That is incorrect we also have who else do we have ordeal Beckham tossed out by Mike. Another Mike is gone with Michael Irvin. Steve checks in with Dini would head. No he didn't retire though an award anyway. An odd time to retire frighten you retire on Friday night. Tires on Friday night no one pays attention to you when you retire on Friday night that job by Danny would. Macon and asked me what people accuse you rest militant kiss your ass you retire Friday night I job by him. Senior nick is going with Irving Fryer is his answer. And and Matt checks in with chubby Cox which is another great baseball card degree chubby Cox. That's Kobe Bryant's uncle. His uncle's name is chubby Cox imagine the laughs that young Kobe Bryant had. At the Thanksgiving dinner when uncle chubby came over no who last fought a house is gone with Fred X. Freddie Mitchell my guy Freddie Mitchell. And that is incorrect. But I do love my Haynes I do love my it's the correct answer. Would be none other. Than the newest member of the patriots scored Darrell Paterson. Is the answer to how about that for bizarre world. Doesn't seem really catch the pass and all that much and get the ball thrown no ball that much in passing situations. And he's become a niche player with the raiders he was in his player Cordero Madison but it's Paterson and Danny Amendola now that is proof. That you can pretty much put any group of statistics together. If you dread it should the date or debt and throw them together. You can come up with some set of scenarios some said of statistics. That make it seem like any two players are good you can find a way to make Cordero Paterson. As good as. O'Dell back but I if you want to there's some statistic if you slice it up. There's a way he had special glasses you can figured out. I capsule. I know meanwhile I wanna get away from all I. Because there's an auction going on have you seen this is that this has been been mentioned I've not seen little while ago. But the upper east side. In Manhattan at the a private all boy's school. They're having an auction chided generates and it's one of these typical schools to this'll time. Typically they're not private. Upper crust schools but as usual your your neighborhood schools say I've raise some money here. Sell some lemonade whatever it takes you name it. But this private school seen David's school on the upper east side. They are giving salt one the opportunity. If they've got a ton of money to hang out with Tom Brady. Recorded it to the story the they're offering up for their fund raiser. It's this year an exclusive afternoon which includes what does that include. A with tiebreak you get to have launch. In two hawks sports. With Tom Brady. And this is supposed to generate. News of thousands of dollars. Tom Brady's kid Jack the ten year old. That would be the this the saudis cap would Bridget Moines me you're keeping score almost that's the child would pretty good morning and as if he's a student at this all boys school. In New York. And and you if either raising money right now financially they're gonna cover amenities and all that. Etc. etc. etc. And they expected to generate as much as 20000. Dollars and maybe more than that. For the high full gluten. Upper east side. Types that than me viewer to go to lunch with Tom Brady the question must be asked. Would you have to eat it TB twelve die would you. I would go to lunch with Tom Brady and I'd say Tom we're gonna have cheeseburgers are paying 20000. Dollars. I have nothing but might kind of food cheeseburgers French Fries biscuits from pop eyes and you are eating. You are going to eat this is going to happen. And and then when Tom says no us who I want moment. I would like to this is a VIP experience I want. I Watson. Is getting happens all the time these private schools. In New York in in the rays. All whole Lotta money photos some of these people I was reading this story. In the New York Post that over 30000. Dollars. For certain people's how much is Tom Brady gonna gulf. It's at least. When he. At least one eagerness to simply for the patriots they're hard core patriot in happens to be. Paying out on the upper east side and even more. So big old big box. Course if you wanna have lunch with me if you wanna have once with me and talk sports. All you have to do is call while eating ice you have to have dinner. You can eat dinner. Any and all I need is some Taco Bell gift cards all I need is some gift cards to your favorite fast food restaurant. And then I'm good your good. World. It's amazing how that. I know there's another story that I wanted to to yap about here and we'll take some phone calls in a minute in this involves. Taxation. With transaction. And it it comes from the wacky world of professional basketball in professional based. And involves the tax code now it's never a good idea that the spent too much time on the radio talking about taxes. On sports talk radio she ought to stay with. There is a tax reform bill. That has been passed by the house this happened actually last year nor was paying attention. And even that particular. Bill. At Capitol Hill that passed last year it is going to force. The manufacturers. The farmer is. To end up paying more in the capital gains tax now do I wanna sit here and do way a special analysis of the capital gains tax audio. I do know. But essentially what it is is for manufacturers and farmers. They would have to pay more in that the tax. When assets or trading in now for some reason this didn't come up until. Today. The story has been released that professional sports transactions. Could be part of and there are concerns. This according to a story in the New York Times or concerns from. Major League Baseball in the NBA if at the NBA sent out a bunch of emails point of the story here. Chronicling. How this particular bill that passed the house could affect. NBA entries like with the Celtics make a trade with the Brooklyn nets. They have to pay more in tax is not why personally care whether that NBA teams in baseball teams at the pay more in taxes no I understand. Why they would have a problem with the and they would be upset and all that. But is there have been emails have been exchanged in fact. From what we're hearing now there is lobbying. That is going on officials from both Major League Baseball in the NBA. Are attempting to get their buddies in congress. To port they provisioning. And yet eight provisioning the that would allow all yep not having to pay more in capital gains tax. The the tax law this was re we re written. And they replaced the term I don't get the legalese latest it will and on this one its interest in him they just a simple change in a term like kind. Would allow the trade of certain assets without paying taxes on the of the capital. Until the asset was was later sold so they changed that. And so because of the new language the old IRS to come swooping. This is not pretty good week especially for baseball. I had a story on my overnight show last night about. The possibility. In Major League Baseball also lobbying to get a special prove vision. So they can violate the labor laws in America. This minor league baseball players go to Minor League Baseball. A game. And you watched about the new few Miley gives up front I'm proud to announce I've closed down a couple of Minor League Baseball stadiums throwing out the first pitch. Thank you very much up but my early based. I'm Molly baseball. Gets away with paying ball lol minimal way. And baseball is facing a ton of litigation. Others as a group lawyers that are there on the heart if they smell blood. And they're trying to get Ashley small one. Spell hope that they smell a whole lot of money in their attacking the masterminds. Oh baseball though I hate you gotta pay these minor league players into a fair wage at least the minimum wage. And baseball's pushing back on that of course and they're attempting through lobbying. In Washington DC there are attempting to get their special exemption. So they can continue. To pay minor league baseball players below. Minimum wage I think the baseball players make like a little over thousand dollars a month. Your typical. Non star Minor League Baseball. And so they want that to continue. And they also want to circumvent essentially cut off at the pass. Litigation sizzled kinds of stuff. All kinds stuff going on with. Warriors in baseball and tax laws. Minor League Baseball labor all time good time and less is not. And less is not politics of phone calls it a number. Again if you wanna be part 617779. Set. 937. At 6177797. 937. And also on Twitter at. Paying map. That's at then Mallard. Is it beat Tom Brady of ball not football. Poll we get to that. Who do. Our partner.