WEEI Late Night - Malcolm Butler has signed a deal with the Tennessee Titans 3-13-19

WEEI Late Night
Wednesday, March 14th

Hour 1 of WEEI Late Night is off and running as Ben Maller breaksdown Malcolm Butler's departure from New England amidst the snow storm that has struck all of New England.  What's worse than losing players to free agency for the Patriots is the fact that no free agents have been funneling into New England to improve the roster.  Maller also addresses the unbelievable 3rd period comeback of the Boston Bruins tonight against the Carolina Hurricanes.


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They hates baiting kind of a day. In the national. Put all week activities if you enjoy sightings if you enjoy it means being moved around. It is a glorious. Wonderful day. A lot of quarterbacks chief teams. The patriots. Active but not adding players are losing players. Eddie Iraq rate we'll talk about. All of that all of that can chip speed if you've not been. In lock in. He captive audience to what's going on in the NFL all it started last night I do an overnight show in addition to a filling in your occasionally. I do is chosen Debbie I saw I was on the radio overnight and the news came down. That he's keen on was going to the Broncos. Which was kind of like awarding flare going off just issue was not that gourd. Night which Stevens the first quarterback signed the first domino to be tossed down. You know there's some oddities and they're gonna happen and sure enough. It did not disappoint the oddities have taken place. With Kirk cousins. Headed to the Minnesota Vikings Sam Bradford going to. Arizona. Teddy Bridgewater. Who's now got to do walk of Xiamen put on a jets uniform. It's. Good luck and good luck on that. So but he beat and the main point here will talk about the the patriots angle on all of this is there's still signings trickling in. In the 9 o'clock hour and if you assumed the position. Not it was actually got called up and he was was it last week the days just run again. But I was in you do a show on WEI and a guy called up and say hey there's a chance Malcolm Butler. And Bill Belichick. Will make up. That. They're both adults they'll pull realized that they need each other in the Malcolm Butler doesn't really wanna leave the patriots in that he wants to come back in the work it out. As grownups. Whoever that guys are not remember your name. Good luck on that and Danny Amendola this admin is so you don't have a when he was soon. A lot of by media people assuming that Danny Amendola we decide with the patriots or he would retire that there were no other options. There was no other avenue for Canadian idol. What you thought those guys have your and that caught an act crowded assumed they would be back playing in New England. If you are a lose lose. So that that the story here daily Amendola exceeding stage right now stage left stage right. And he will get to play the patriots couple times a year paid in the Miami Dolphins. It's. So who get to put on that teal. In Miami I'm sure that'll be wonderful. The Jersey looks fine. The football team not so much and also headed out the door Malcolm Butler. Who can now work cowboy boots and he can listen to country music and actually go down and record. Country music as he is headed. To Nashville pure of thin of the transaction. This is a BDF. In the big F India's of the titans agreeing to terms of market Butler. He leaves the patriots for a five year contract 61 million not works though. It's not the overall value it's how much money's guarantee is that we actually get. And even now. Impressive. Malcolm Butler thirty million dollars. Guaranteed. American currency. To play defensive back. For the Tennessee Titans are let's discuss it now. The question these moves are happy we're still waiting some other. Late night activity here put your initial reaction I heard much. And Brad troll on earlier as us and those guys they were talking about getting some reaction the pulse of the people here don't know your reaction. Today's in the fact that Malcolm Butler is headed off to the two volunteers to Vegas will focus on that we get to Danny Amendola. A little bit let us focus on Malcolm Butler. Is that has been a point of much. Conversation. We spent a good amount of time. Dissecting. Like you're in junior high school and we're dissecting the rat. Or that role. Anyway a couple of thoughts on this that just the Malcolm Butler will will get the aim and goal later you've got. Fast food. The last laugh. Clearly relationship smattering and the whole. And it's a good hole that we get some loose lips. I will put always easier and a number one not two Butler. Has Eddie. To the record he is now believed to be the highest paid. Former fast food employee. Remain chicken based restaurant. I had do you think they'll when Malcolm Butler was was hanging out at the pop by shaking. In Vicksburg Mississippi. And he was a model employed members those stores that came out after the the Super Bowl 49. Performance and you were. They were doing a deep dive in the Malcolm but whose life we talked about it were to pop ice chipped it in Mississippi was undrafted all the the guy's got thirty million blocks. Thirty million guarantee. Up pop eyes as pretty good biscuits and defend the biscuits optimize. Put thirty million. May like chicken there is a lot of chick how it. How many about pop eyes meals yet he won by 230 million books brown thirty million it's. That yours is at jet man used yet man yeah. Not one dollar permanent. Though it's one dollar per meal if it's like a half of half of a breast of chicken recently that are fliers like that. Is it an all talk about me being arranged consumable 52. And all. This is the death in machine. Of giving the last laugh. It end. The idea that some people had tossed around that there was going to be some kind of stigma that some people reaching at that during Alice probable that in play. In the Super Bowl and clearly there's. There's something that I do believe there's something there. What you can totally discount any kind of stigma reference. That is not the case. At all the clip so into the Tennessee Titans the sign. Malcolm bush it was a good for him. Great and really well done. What bill gone. And at some point you know a lot of stuff we're still retire be old guy who come back and patriots who bring him in. I'll give him the red jacket no. They'll celebrated women. And further in his old age you'll be brought back is the conquering hero. He's got that's a lifetime package. Based on sue global forty. That is the A lifetime. Situation. After that in inception of Russian policy get a pass. Yet fasten. Laugh about being benched in suitable 52 now the second thing here. The big take away from Malcolm butler's free agency journey which wasn't very long drive freezes and even start until Wednesday afternoon. And as Wade Phillips weeded out there will be no one left. By the time the official beginning of free agency happens on Wednesday afternoon there will be no no one standing maybe Johnny men's LB laugh but he doesn't really count. It. They all got everyone signing it once during the Contra and it's eyeing yet they're all agreed country. What if you look at the teams that were most even. On Malcolm bought the teams were invest fully invest the in Triad Malcolm Butler. There. All. Tied in one. Think one thing they have in common. They're being run by disciples of Bill Belichick. Every one of that the Big Three on the list. Yet had that the Houston Texans. With bill O'Brien. The lions. That was the hot name yesterday team yesterday it was the Detroit lines from that didn't happen. With Matt Patricia. Any NBA and welcome Butler goes to play for another one of Belichick's old guys Mike Vrabel. And now he's the head coach of the Tennessee Titans who used to hang out with him and then. Another. Former patriot. Guy John Robinson who's running the front office. In Tennessee so it's pretty clear the titans strategy here is to poach away. Players some new and remember lashes and Logan Ryan. To a contract at the time purely what the hell was at thirty million dollar deal. Four for Logan right now guaranteed. To go hang out in the lane of country music and so now Logan Ryan and Malcolm Butler are united again. Unite again and they can hang out in their own corner of the locker room there for the titans the old were old patriots go to hang out. The other thing to limit the the that did take away from all these disciples of Bill Belichick is at the relationships again it's a reminder relationships matter here. It obviously Butler. Had a good enough reputation. With the people worked for the patriots it worked under Bill Belichick that they were there crawl only you know. And now this does not our because this does not discount. This not discount. That that the situation in Super Bowl 32 this something happen. And some people I've been reading some stuff has been been posted on. Social media which is always a dangerous indeed. But there's there's. People claim to know he users well this. This shows. That nothing at all happy that nothing took place and that. Bill Belichick just simply lost he lost his way on Super Bowl Sunday. When Malcolm Butler was put into purgatory. And not allowed to participate in any meaningful way. In soup will book 52 I would push back on that. And I would counteract to say no it does it simply means all is signing of Malcolm but with the titans means. Is that the teams were willing to either overlook that. Or they thought it was trivia. You go with the biggest yard will be forgive and forget. That whatever it took place. Wasn't that egregious. And act he wasn't that agrees inactive and how how was how good is Malcolm ball actually going to be. In eight titans you. He's he's certainly not belong in the two it is not a guy that's a thousand years old it's that passes crime that's not the case. However I would say that it it's not. Clear cut like this assumption that Malcolm butler's going to walk in. To Tennessee after leaving the patriots and is just going to castle. And that's going to be the case. Good luck the week we've seen. Funny guys over the years that have changed once they get the ridiculous money buck up and what has been making by an ethical standards. Not that much right play NFL's them on now in the real world a lot of money put play an apple stand is not that much. And players wants to get the big contract. Shout out to Albert Haynesworth. And some of the other players that passed that through the NFL that got paid a lot of money in the end that was the last. Yeah ever. And that's why I'm proud to say. It works say when radio you see some guys get paid a lot of money and they just they just lose their way. They just go off the off the rails and is set up the word about that. Because my deal. With the B guy in my other job at fox Sports Radio I get paid in taco bill gift carts and that's when I get. And if I ever really good week the radio they Paulson a couple of extra give cores. If I have a bad week the radio and I have to give back some hot sauce packets. So that's. That's how I avoid losing my edge and it blows my so I make should I don't get the big one is the key to a successful career in broadcasting or the NFL. You just try to ward. You should avoid it now it is Malcolm Butler gonna haunt. The page is this a case were Butler is going to. I shall we say. Annoys the hell out of every one that remembers him from the glory days which were what a few months ago. When he was playing. That require a resurgence. I that would require a reserves now Malcolm Butler. And Tennessee. Are going to play. The patriots in 2018 that game. Pad is Sunday. Or Thursday night Friday and time football. Written all over. All over it. For the games in Nashville's. Pictured road game but you'd be shocked at Al Michaels is in broadcasting decade. And did you know we've got some other touchy Feely is it that the good news about all these players and coaches leaving the patriots it's that sets up television. See there's a negative and positive they've restored the negative is the patience of losing some people what they like the positive is is great for television. The cedar the drama. Right get to see at the the the big emotional sappy build up as the patriots putting hedge against Matt Patricia maligned sec teams in. In Michigan. And it's why he's the any Amendola. With the dolphins get the game in Miami who cares about that with day in image goalless whom he's not hurt by the end returns. To Foxboro the take on the page in addition to Malcolm. Not is we continued its it's a little earlier edition of late night Kindle it's not officially lately yes but here. So you got thirty million. Gold bars remarkable. Thirty million. Oh dollars to play for the Tennessee guys that remember during the regular season last year. If you gold by the he'd be its statistics who brought this up around the Super Bowl effect of it was that. Couple days after the suitable mark Butler. Was not cool it. Last year a couple of years ago he was good. And sold this state downgrade situation from last year according sixteen it was seventeen. He he's on the raw aggression. Over the course of the regular season in the post season Malcolm Butler in 2060 was the 23 rate quarterback. If you value the pro football. Hokies. Report 23. In the NFL and in last season it was a free fall. He was ranked ninety sec team. Out of a 119. Defensive backs in the in the season. The the only add a couple of of really league. Handfuls. If you if you do the math on this and I'm not pleased yet from the use Malamud. In a human element that's up 27 players. I believe that right at some drawn to me boy you get nineteen plus eighty. That's twenty in the 27. I'm just guessing that throne and now I'm on the map was my were subjects now. Don't rely on me what was your best of what did you do on history. And journalism. Is it went past. Just the five w.'s. That's only. That's that's a good point and I did indeed pass journalism math however I did not pass. You're not yeah I site is that a couple of shots and it was a couple fails. But the cool thing about like if you're really young guy going through school like you have spell check if your bad speller. Most words are corrected a Mac if you. Matt basic Matthew get to calculate everyone's walking with a it's hard to mess that up. We're not talking about addition and subtraction notes it's like algebra I and that sort of stuff ultimately it's how often in life does when news culture that's what Swanson want to have to take that college doesn't seem sincere right. Just a huge gold which you should have done is done in the corner room where the people who go to radio. Does that mean they give you coloring books and you just have to color between the lines in the east okay. When I was at the University of Oregon and I didn't know that corner existed you receive it and I'm proud duck alarm. Answer. That. I visited the school I liked it and I just came back the Boston afterwards. A I'm like Blair from the unite hand in fact name all wealth pac twelve teams. William Blair and even though like these guys all its. In its. So like you hear you now now now on its it's a regular. Boston. Sports fan Boston howdy type person at all. Eugene or campuses it's. That's a lot of ex Grateful Dead followers in city you genius is is very much known for the hippie culture there. Apps will have you been to these wonderful city of Eugene I have my travels I have asked me. The Koreans the best place to watch college football game not since the union. But now. On fanatical that's because I'm not there anymore. So when we knew it was I was there during the height of Dennis Dixon markets Marietta. That's just. Not all of this seems like longer. Anyway just the right image. In the math math rooms organ you received organ. Am pretty. It's like that 27. Worst 28 worst defensive back to your other producer Chris shines as he's very good at math so he's the winner reach you can't quit. Left chick which. Should I match. Witches which is better my math is fantastic. That's good. Are so so that's due out this too shy mad if Malcolm Butler was ranked 92. In the NFL out of a 190. Now I say. That if you do the math on that in their 27 players worse than my right arm. That is correct. Policy that. And I look back pretty proud Mallard Matt pays off yet again he was using his own character or saw I was not a modular that your. The have a calculator on Twitter everything else that everything brought a calculator into they don't want you to do map and that is asking for trouble. Now you just have to send out offensive comments in and that's. Yet and negativity that's exactly. Aren't so just to get back about Butler though the opposing quarterbacks. Patty has re winning when teams last year the quarterbacks threw against about Butler. They had a quarterback rating double hundred in 3.3. That is not. Oh we level defense this is not marked his views of the achieve series even Aqib Talib who went in Denver last year. That's not the case. And it ends so it's not was not complete garbage because knocking both of the U before it was great. But even if you put it in the garbage category clearly the Tennessee Titans of looking at this is it as treasure. It is what to look at that and I look fourteen at the better question you we talk about Malcolm bought. The more. Compelling point of conversation. Later this week Malcolm Butler is going to be welcome to nationally titans are going to have eight pep rally to celebrate. Is arrive. And will Malcolm Butler. Do anything if he does say anything that we as a single loose lips situation so what is going to inevitably acts. What the hell happened. What the hell happened soup wolf fifty. He will be asked. How he might not be tested at the Cody when he sitting up there putting on his titans Jersey Malcolm bought and all that but at some point. Someone is going to quit is mark Butler about. The CIA. Saying no comment. Does he BCA. Go ask Bill Belichick. Or seat. Does he actually is so the question. And goal all gain on I'm hatchet job of the patriots. And Bill Belichick. I would say it's more likely than not the Malcolm Butler will not take that low hanging fruit that this is going to be a day of celebration. Guy's gonna get thirty million balks did Iran T. Malcolm boss it's easy to use diplomacy. Is what it's gonna use I would say the Smart money is on a little diplomacy here that we won't get the full loose lips rating raving. That still could come but it's not gonna come at the news conference has more likely to happen in some one on one interview. Or to write some heartfelt story to the players Tribune recently like that. The last thing here. This opens up a whole different. Hold the for net. Bill Belichick day. EU's blanked. Over losing Malcolm Butler. You can't say he's upset. Right give c.'s upset because. The door I would use is that this is all inevitable that that that Bill Belichick is not surprising is would be the word if you play that. That QBs clearly. Belichick was fed up. But I mean we we all reached that tipping point with. Different things and allies but in this case Bill Belichick. The fact that he didn't play Butler even when the Patriots defense was getting sliced up. And bludgeoned. By nick holes and still remarkable that didn't get on the field. That tells you that time that we we we reached the water who won't. Go both checked and then he wouldn't go back. I I believe there had to be something else it wasn't just performance based there had to be some announcement but every out even if even if Bill Belichick had not changed Malcolm Butler. In the suitable and they were great on a wonderful relationship and no bad blood there are no tension. Do you think you did not Butler would have stayed with the patriots. That he this distort would have been different that he played in the suitable maybe they win to gain enough about the decides to come back. And sign a three year contract to stay with page of course not. He wasn't going back even if they got along and they were BF that's what's gonna happen. So Warren. In this case it was the Tennessee Titans with some it was an out with the patriots and not what was gonna take them is not a hometown. Discount situation. This was a chance. To gay. Generational. One. Pass that up and I would gotten good money if the patriots at. It motivated to go down that road but there are two things. It if you you'd try to get the mind of Bill Belichick I would say there are two things that Bill Belichick. Is like hey this in the bad situation was a good situation. Right. Hey now when he's asked about Marcum Boller. Bill Belichick can give some corn ball standard answers and I don't wanna talk about muck bowl is not here anymore I want to talk about the players they're on my roster he's a former player. I wish him well what I don't talk about last it's over we've moved on we've turned the page. So you know you're gonna get that kind of answer when Belichick at some point here does is next round of of media which I guess would be you'd be in a full wrath. Most likely and then at the patriots will also gate. Eight top draft pick via a pick for the loss of Malcolm. A compensatory draft pick will come away of the patriots have thought I was reading is likely going to be a third round pick. So if you think of Malcolm Butler being traded to the Tennessee Titans for a lol. Third round pick that's essentially what happens. And that's just covering yourself to Pixar can be till next year. And C get 20193. Round pick the patriots already traded between 193 round pick. To get gaining Shelton from the will be gone Cleveland Browns. So essentially they just covered themselves a gut Dini Shelton. And they don't lose the third round pick and you just lose. They lose Malcolm Butler and now they're dep chair if you look at the secondary for the patriots you've got. Stephon Gilmore Eric role. And what blows your job in Jones what guys like that CIBER is Jones is that doing FOIA. It's it's it's not like they're gonna science and it has been a run on defensive backs who have changed teams in the in the NFL here in the money is there fury defensive back. You are good your your set up pretty pretty well here the the money is a flight trimming Johnson. Who played with the rams he went to the the jets he's got like fifteen million dollars a year to Maine Johnson. Was okay. That Thackeray. But the jets it to about. Free agency and was kill all that excitement about all the money you jets had and they signed Teddy Bridgewater Isiah crow well. He went to the jets. A true main Johnson. Is and they brought Josh McCown back. And is that's hot mess. Is it hot mess but as far as Malcolm but this is so what do you think about all this. You're hanging out with a senior U locked in on WEEI the number 6177797. 937. At 6177797. 9837. And you know also send me text 37. 9378. And the old email. Working as well to bend dot Mallard Ed WEE. It's been in. Mallory and they'll be the guy dot com magazine not there. Patriot about to exit would go stage left. And as he headed to the heartland will get done that in and we will do it next. Well actually there's going to be no one left no one is going to stay that's I guess that's the lesson here as we continue. On WEEI. Is the the movement keeps happening. In the NFL. Yeah another patriot is gone. Dion Lewis. No longer a patriot a free agent has left. He's going to join Malcolm Butler with the Tennessee Titans 84 year contract. And Dion Lewis who's going to be a complementary player for the Tennessee Titans. Good for him he's gonna play with Derrick Henry in the back field. In Nashville. And says he's now according to the NFL network Dion Lewis has become a top ten to aid running back. In the NFL. Wow. He's top ten in the entire National Football League for DO those who played well this he put great down the stretch for the patriots could bring him. You see maazel told good luck have fun no player had more rushing yards in the second half of last season and Dion Lewis. He had 625. Rushing as it was tie with Marshawn Lynch for the most of the NFL and so now he runs off the play. In Tennessee. So that the type that division with a bunch of former patriots. Locking together with the Tennessee Titans you've got that and then on the way in Tennessee Titans of one of the rivals the Houston Texans with bill O'Brien. And that group and then he got Jackson that's a pretty competitive. Division the rule or during the David been that that Dion Lewis was gonna head. It's in the Indianapolis Colts that they were in on the L Lewis but it turns out that according to the state run NFL network. Dion Lewis is going to take his talents. To the Tennessee Titans which it's savior. And Derrick Henry who's the wrecking ball. On that team can't be too happy about that that it's another Ortiz moves of you look at the patriots. And who they thought they were gonna keeper who the people around the patriots assumed they were gonna keep regain even Paula. You assume Damon dole would be back. Malcolm Butler Knoll. Dion Lewis that wasn't gonna happen to try to shock the DM Lewis. Is the good for him. So the beat poaching continues. Of patriots. And outbound. And other than Danny Shelton no one's coming in about what's going on wood and eight. Sold. What's up with that. The word out of Cleveland. Is that the browns have met at some point they might still be meeting with. Joseph Thomas there weeding for Joseph Thomas. To decide whether or not he's going to retire. To become a Twitter commentator antagonistic some dopey media jobs somewhere. And so that happens. Then the browns are going to overwhelm meat sold through with ridiculous. Cartoon like money which they like we already have done anyway. He's you've got the the giants the browns is a couple of teams that have been. Snooping around. Attempting attempting to get Neitzel let's. See where he. And so let's go to the phones are right now. And see who's as the go to bill. Who's up next year and WE I would go an op bill. Welcome all of these so I'll play that the patriots. To the ballot would send out there to catch their chair. No mention a thank Bill Belichick. All in all the big name started. Coming out pretty. As known names coming back to the patriots though. Well again. It gets them out that your can build and I'll tell me Belichick's not the steps you would rate it network stopped and work. No we're not that it's just a multiyear building on three obviously. Still foundation. So you're not concerned at all bill your your fine this is all good. It's it's it's like the stomach and whenever but instead regarded the defense and I am different and the killer amendment nerd but I mean. Now I'm not I enjoyed this government's. I want you'd talk about Malcolm story a lot this story. You know Popeye now will that the guy he. He. Slept for life. He changed our dynasty and legacy. I kept him that our law because they were asked again. You know the story is a whole different story now bought let's change our lives we prepare ball. Has it you're not wrong billion of them Marchand with they've run the ball Seattle wash on which scored a touchdown it's much different conversation that. That prestige is not the same with the Havel's losses not. And you don't know what happens beyond that. I. I again. I don't know. Well enough but that I need to get the pulse of the people ball bill and you're you're the pulse of the people who support you wanna see the patriots give you don't that don't show the apathy I know what. I don't had been dormant and so I want him to glare loud and stocks bump on people. Out there hey yes. Why why not just keep our own without the I don't care this point bring Eminem. 01 year contract. And have them Obama mocked. I don't really at some unlistenable to get their bill I I completely agree that's that's the way it should grow dollars to remember. Yeah. Yeah it's every great if you play for the patriots you know if things don't work out financially they hit the Tennessee Titans are just a phone call away and they'll toss a bunch of money that they'll throw the piggy bank yet. So I beg you Daughtry Shiite led number 61777979837. If you like B ports 617. 7797. 937. Did you did you guys see jet did you see the Tom Brady heartfelt goodbye post on Nancy Graham to Danny Amendola. Yeah I can't imagine Tom's partner and really happy about this. I I. I don't like heartfelt goodbye messages it was up from players to cities and it's again ads in newspapers they feel about all that's so stupid and it's so dumb. It's always annoyed me and especially now like in the age of the and I get if you oppose something on on the unit okay fine. But even that ease. Is it's it's in the holy. If you if you have the biographer I've worked in radio on top I've had good frames that I work with in the media business. And may have changed. Jobs they've worked for other radio stations other companies in what. You nor do I send them a text message to back in the old is that actually called them I say good luck it was gonna work we via. Like even now Ali I have worked in radio you the last couple years and social media's become a big thing a neat. When someone leaves that I like I don't typically several also allow do it but I don't usually get a go out of my way mile guided. I got to post some heartfelt message today. It's just it's I find it. I don't disingenuous. Is the proper word for that. But it's I'm annoyed by. Well you leave the hawks Harry supposed to put the whole city of Atlanta know that you miss them yeah wasn't in the creditors with national and then. Exactly exact I just. It seems like the opposite of genuine Italy because you really if you really feel like somebody a lot you reach out to that you like a post something publicly. And and it's just it's in this. Lackey. I guess would be. Peter would you sue the one the the tissue left the cubs Jake Gary adding he went to the Phillies he wrote this whole hand written note all that posted those eaten. I'm not not for. It did anyone read that that posting by Tom Brady on and its gambling Wallace's. This is absolutely marvelous this is this is great at that he saw David eats that up. I feel I blame I blame number one I blame the eight. I can a lot of this stuff comes in the is not not the case Tom Brady proceed because that was Tom Brady's own don't. But. I'd like when players change teams in the NFL. It's the age is okay I don't do taken out out a newspaper a full page Ater have page added. You know you say your goodbyes to think every because that's what you're supposed to it's all like it's all scripted realities would. And Alec not a anyway I tell enough for The Who am I gave us where we pretend to be somebody else as we call it The Who in my game much more. On these developing stories with the patriots. One day three players have gone we're still waiting word and he sold there. Mean. As far as the players outbound three of them anybody coming inbound. That would be no no one has agreed to any kind of a deal with the patriots. As of this hour here's The Who MI game this is where we pretend to be somebody else to be blatant attempt to get Cheadle is a little bit longer. And here it is I am the only player in NFL history to return spot. Five consecutive interceptions for touchdowns. Who and why again. The the NFL world I am the only players in pro football history to return five consecutive interceptions. For touchdowns. Who MI that is the question we knew the answer back still falls will go well Duhalde at all and we'll do next. I saw the moves keep happening in the NFL the pages of lost Dion Lewis tonight that's the third. Patriot to leave in free agency has not even started. Officially get started though Wednesday is the the time players can actually change. Teams in these deals can become official would Dion Lewis going to Tennessee Titans of four year contract. And he's going to be a top ten running back money wise in the NFL so a couple days ago Tennessee Titans released DeMarco Murray. And as several stores were posted by how Derrick Henry was going to be the guy and instead it's going to be a combo with the former page read the L Lewis. And Derrick Henry. Teaming up teaming up and if these scouting department for the Tennessee Titans pretty good this scouting department is. Watch the patriots and whoever's available. Offer them a ton of money. That is that's the approach year. I could this guy out for the the Tennessee Titans I I can come with. Us some of the other. Signings in the NFL tonight might cool aliens. Has a new team the former Chicago Bears quarterback he's going to be Caro to the Arizona Cardinals rather. And so cool about that you got C Bradford and Mike landing. As to the quarterbacks on the roster Mohamed will Christen. Is a Green Bay Packers the former jet. Surprise the patriots were not. Mildly interest needed Mohamed will proceed and I didn't play that well. Last year but in the pages did not contact him at all as we hear about it they're the Redskins the chiefs. In the Green Bay Packers in that go into the Green Bay Packers Packers also signed Jimmy Graham. As he goes there. A two to Green Bay and Teddy Bridgewater analogy at the jet said. Great anticipation and and essentially got. Need in the groin. They got to meet the balls the jets. Teddy Bridgewater. Threw me Johnson Isiah crow well and Josh McCown. I would argue that the patriots who stood and watched. Three of their key players leave with Dion Lewis stadium in Dolan and Malcolm Butler. That that is not as bad a day as the jets who assume right to jet thin assumed that they were going to improve the team. And it all this money they're gonna say these big name free agents and they were sincerely interest paid. In Kirk cousins and that was not some kind of I'd disguise in the all these these cryptic stories about out about how the the jets were gonna sign all you know several big name free agents. And that is what they end up. Its. It's it's pretty back you you'd rather be the patriots in the jets'. With that hole. That's it's a wide ranging hot mess. Is what that is. For the jets are gonna pay off. Mean who am I game and we'll do that right now is where we pretend to be somebody else in the blatant attempt to try to get you to listen a little bit longer. And here it is I'm the only player in NFL history returned five consecutive. Interceptions for touchdowns. Who am I that is the question what's the answer. Jamie is Cohen with the carriage sharper. Enters the mill that is is in. Incorrect. If we head. One of the wood since was guessed by Steve no it's not one of the would see in solo it's never wrong exist to really good what's since. The played in the secondary back in today that's not Troy Polamalu that is incorrect that was guessed by Steve's not Rodney Harrison. I'm Mike toss that out the correct answer. I'm the only player in NFL history returned five consecutive interceptions for touchdowns. That would be none other. Then. William Gay. Every infinite the Steelers he just got a big east less that the Steelers I'm not mistaken the only player in history to have five consecutive. Interceptions. For touch to be rather nondescript. William. That would be. That would be the answer that. And meanwhile. The we we mentioned the B hometown discount which you've been talked about earlier. Danny Amendola. Some people thought he would have taken a less money to stay with the patriots didn't happen that way. He ends up getting over eight million dollars guaranteed from Miami Dolphins it was never up for debate that Malcolm bought there was gonna take less monies they with the patriots and certainly Dion Lewis. If the patriots had wanted to keep him they would have franchise tag in India that. One player. Who did sign a contract today really did get one of those hometown discounts and that would be Drew Brees. Who's headed back to the saints now out I'm skeptical. Whether right I'd buy a this or not but the story that's being real laid around. Is that Drew Brees had an offer for more money. From outside of New Orleans and instead took less money. Stay with the states. I am skeptical whether or not that's true that sounds like some spit. That that sounds like some spin to me from someone in the the Drew Brees came. Is if you look at the quarterbacks this assuming that the vikings were actually. All invested in Kirk cousins that they didn't actually talk to Drew Brees there were some some people speculated that happened. Who would be that T like what what is that mystery team in the NFL it's opposed offered. Drew Brees more money. It was at Arizona who did peek I don't adults on the dozen. Does that make sense and I'm looking for that T. But they're they're claiming the reason these have been the good soldier took less money. To stay. With via. With the saint accuse every week. Otherwise that the rumored been tossed out because he gets people to click on stores are now there was a zany zany ending. To the the Bruins did tonight I read the meat talk about let's go to Tim. Who I guess he wants is was he acting game I don't reason he's in north to allows you talk about us right now anyway Tim are you there at him. With John right now we about the game did. Our allies Fella that was in Chapel Hill I like it tonight. And you're you remember that 2013 playoff series against the maple peace they came back games that in doubt for a lot of third period. What does it would I haven't talked about yet site I need to explain what happened for those didn't see the game the Bruins were down 401. In Raleigh tonight and they then scored five. Consecutive goals to end the game and team back in beat the hurricanes. Six this was a six before it was the final. In CN aiming their for the Bruins. It was beautiful they've scored these goals in such rapid succession. I think they scored. Or goals in three minutes or something like that it was unbelievable. So what percentage of people left the arena that will through these the home fans but why would you stay the game was a blowout that was just the game was love site. It's true that you can can heal it like the way the Bruins looked at hurricanes players. They were just kind of like we can score goals and anytime you don't care it's 213. Logs or want okay or wide OK let's start school or. And then it just it was just an onslaught is. Disgusting. One yet you enjoyed every second. Look. Aren't a thank you so via the Bruins treated the hurricanes like silly play. Is what they did. That's a sprints at the how many times is that happened. You remember those games. Down three goals in the in five consecutive goals tonight. In in raw. Are disposed to be shorthanded nine I was reading story was it two days ago or yesterday that the Bruins added. The dreaded peaked too soon which is what MIA at peace. Peaked too soon. Very annoying. Habit you peaked too soon. That's it's something that's used to explain. When a team doesn't win in this post is that there's no such thing actually is peaking too soon I don't believe. He's supposed to try to win every single game. And some teams that have great records in the regular season do not end up winning in the post season doesn't mean he ran out of gas. You're not better off losing. IE is you know I better off loses idea that you're you gotta get hot at the right time. Making himself during the regular season. And then eventually in the playoffs start you this there's the a button underneath the the stadium and just hit the button and then all of sudden year it's terrible time. You're on your way. To idea glorious championship. As these aren't the number of you like to be part 6177797. 937. At 6177797. 937. And the tale of the tape so for three players gone. And so far no one. Headed back towards the patriots yet. Malcolm Butler and Dion Lewis headed to the Tennessee Titans the eighty in in Dole's gonna hang out. In Miami. Beach she'll have a friend in Miami I get a couple of prison miners have Danny wants and also word hang out right back you'll probably be calling now. In the 10 o'clock hour that we man hippie who harass is. He will the putt I was I would assume he would offer him in goal like space to hang out. And then and do battle so. It's all up Florida palm trees will get to that and we'll get to do it next.